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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 13, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. >> this is a fox news alert. president trump announces the joint attack against syria i am jackie in new york. >> and i am kelly wright in dc. sploegszs lighting up the sky over damascus. this comes as the last weekend attack in the town of douma. the number of dead civilians is 75. that includes women and children. >> the purpose much our actions tonight is to establish a strong deterrent against the production and spread and use of chemical
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weapons. establishing this deterrent is a violets national security interest of the united states. the combined, british and french response to these atrocities will integrate all instruments of our national power. military, economic and diplomatic. we are prepared to sustain this response until the syrian regime stops its use of prohibited chemical agents. >> the strikes were carried out by u.s. navy ships and b1bomber and british tornado fighter jets. >> this evening we conducted strikes with two allies on multiple sites. and hit the research and deployment of chemical and
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biological weapons. the infrastructure was destroyed. they will lose research and development data and specialized equipment and it was a strike to show the regime it was inexcusable and inflicted massive damage without risk to civilians. >> this actions not unexpected. this follows meetings at the white house and with prime minister may and macron. the president said he would respond. >> he warned that russia or any other nation found to share responsibility will pay the price in the complicity in the todayly chemical attack. when asked that putin bear sfnlt he said that he might and added
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that putin and others will pay a price. >> and we'll go live to at this time jerusalem bureau. conner what is the latest. >> the sun is up over the middle east. we are beginning to learn more about the strikes that the u.s. conducted in syria. we know they took place in capital, damascus and city of homs. they are mange assad regime areas. and already progovernment supporters are cheering and celebration for the assad regime and the u.s. fired hundred or so missile in to syria. and the reason was to defray the capabilities of the assad regime and carry out the attacks. among the target was a chemical research facility in damascus
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and homs. but the pept gone did not target syria or russia air capabilities. this is what they did last year. they took out a runway and air capability of the syrian government. this is important. most effective way to carry out and prevent chemical attacks in the future is attack the assad reyeem -- regime. it was a limited strike. lebanese reporting that scientific research centers hit in damascus had been targeted by the israelis in the past and immediately buildings and so far, the reports are three civilians injured. we'll get more information with the sun coming up. and so far, it looks like a limited and as you would say
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a surgical strike on buildings in syria. the question is, does it deter the assad regime from carrying out the attacks in the future. that is up for debate. >> thank you. and joining us is ed henry. the president wanted to send a clear message ta bashar assad. stop using the chemical weapons. >> reporter: that's right. president trump campaigned he would not be the interventionist. but this is the second time he launched u.s. air strikes after horrific chemical weapon attacks. and the president addressed the nation and declaring he had to act in this case because bashar assad in the words of president
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trump is a monster. and called out iran and russia for being part with the mass murder. and stim in keeping with the president, he would not get engaged in long- term war. u.s. officials said it was a targeted strike to chemical weapon facility. they are trying to limit the civilian casulties. and mattis saying in the pentagon that they used over double of the number of weapons this year compared to last year. and they are trying to turn up the heat on assad if you will and specifically targeting those research centers and mattis stresses it was a one- time shot unless assad does not get the missage and lufrns more chemical weapons attack. nthe president made his case saying the chemical attack was
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evil. >> this massacre was a escalation in the pattern of chemical weapon 'use by that very terrible regime. the evil and the despicable attack left mothers and daughters and infants and children thrashing in pain and gasping for area. they are not the action of a man. they are crimes of a monster instead. >> the assad regime did not get the message last year. this time we struck harder and together we'll send a clear message to assad and his murderous lieutenants. or they will be held accountable. >> he expects in the hours ahead to be a disinformation campaign by syria and iran and russia.
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that is not true. and "fake news". and we expect to get more details. and there is a pentagon briefing on saturday morning and we'll get more details about the advantage. >> how does it play out politically in washington. and what are members of congress saying. >> you get a even the democrat leaders and senate minority who is at autopsieds with the president. he said he supported the mission but provide prodded the presidents that he needed a long- term straj straj. and this is what president trump was criticized from all sides. but democrats on the left who
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said that she didn't do that you have and e. and remember what secretary of state john kerry was saying on the way out of the door and that is in terms of chemical weapons out. and that's why the p.m. p.m. and some of the blame am obviously fume on russia sunshine they were even the numb and that's you for what the are. njoining us is lestonun condition >> thanks. >> the president address the the nation and what did you make of
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his comments. >> they were short and he took no questions and fitting for the solemity. moment when the u.s. takes action. his hone was right and he read responsible well for him. it is fingerprint and it a from we saw that the u.s. attacked syria walk ever chemical upons. and confer twrchl.
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we say the people in yiria and that's the yes north america. . and the u.s. is acting on behalf. and foreman and use of military force. and that's-ing. and that's is not nochlt. and if you wanture ookts loy am. and iran has said in there is deputy action there will be a reaction from rush yoo.
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>> what do you coy. and the reason that this strike was so narrowed and focus on fanatic roy it was to nade and pee and ice upon inform. and will president will impocketment this. and speaking of the mideast he had to do sea. n. no, and it's eye and the date of the roamingion skwluch. and pfrpt to note that the u.s.
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cannot westbounding wooshgs woi twch. and that's is a region and europe. bow are genocide. and attach sflo and they have gone from syria to europe. and dear a new terrorist threw in much and that ingifrom frchl ichlt and you the freshman and sighing he, i i are not figure to be the this much. and me wants to get them out neft. and what does it mean for the fut for positive upon>> and theee to. and they are there to fight
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isis. and mostly in the eastern halfiost that is where the strikes occurred and are whether hem chemkidnap develops and the fight gones u.s. troops will have to remain or enough. and we saw the attack a week ago and poosh eyivy. and what are your thoits in >> i deter to general mat i guess who is the pest of the west. he did a very good job of making sure the options preponderated to the president were reasonable one and smart fons and in the u.s. interest. i support what happen.
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given how long it took between the chemweapon's use and the response. it is likely that they moved assets around and were less effective because it too long a few more new says. >> and it and hive for us. we mreesht it and hopefully you can check nothing laefrt. >> thank you. and is this enough to stop the syrian regime? stay at a for continuing coverage.
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>> time will tell how effective the raids were and whether it will deter syria for carrying out more chemical attacks. joining us is judy by phone. it is good to talk to you. this is an important move by the trump administration. what do you think will be the fallout from this and will it deter mr. bashar assad? >> that remains to be seen, kelly. i looked at the strike a year ago and tonight. i was struck by the differences in two military actions. last year, a year ago, the
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united states against a single target. it was our own initiative and not coordinated with anyone else. it was launched against a air field that was in a rural area and limited part of the air field and the russians were given four hours notice. >> and this year it was a strike against multiple target and research and storage and equipment production centers and coordinated response with britain and france and other nations that provided intelligence and the opposite of last year. this year, the strike involved not only missiles which last year's strike used against the
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target but aircraft and as we now know also the ships that are offshore. this year, the president has made it very clear that this strike is part of a basically coordinated and potentially sustained action that involved not only military but economic issues that are yet to be spelled out. i was struck by the seriousness of this action by the extent of which it was an escalation. i have been a great critic of the president for not being tougher on russia. and the president basically laid the use of chemical weapons not at bashar assad's feet but russia and iran.
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and if you look back at the two weeks. you have seen the rhetoric against russia. >> to your point. the president's statement as the strikes were conducted. in 2013, president putin and his government promised the world that they would guarantee the elimination much syria's chemical weapons. assad's attack and response are a failure of the promise. russia must decide whether it will continue down the dark path or join civilized nations as a force of stability and peace. hopefully some day we'll get along with russia and even iran, but maybe not. it is up to these countries to decide what future path they will take. >> right. kelly, i have to say, it is
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very, very important that we stress the point of this action which is to restore the redline against the use of chemical weapons which bashar assad and russia and iran are using with impunity. and restoring the redline against the use of chemical weapons is a long- time goal of people who are against proliferation. and a long- time principle of foreign policy and in keeping with international law and i find the action encouraging. >> encouraging to a lot of people, judy, the nations much britain and france and united states of america, watch the words and how he stated have marshals their righteous power against barbarian and brutality. he is making a moral delineation
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of good versus evil. >> exactly. and after the civil war that raged on now for years, with 500000 dead syrians and 11 million refugees at home and abroad and an international catastrophe, the likes of which we have not seen in the middle east in modern history. it is finally time the administration took action. and president trump even though he was instinctively opposed to getting involved in syria and doing something about the syria crisis was drawn in by bashar assad's callous and illegal use of chemical weaponless. and i think the moment of truth came to the president and a line was crossed for him, too. >> thank you, judy. getting to your point, he call
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would assad a monster. judith miller, joining us and thank you for your insights on this. we'll continue to follow all. breaking news. the u.s. and allies sending a strong message. >> stay with fox news channel for continuing coverage. we'll be right back. when trying to save for the big things in life,
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>> this is a fox news alert. president trump along with great brittin and france has launched strikes in syria. >> it is in response to the chemical attacks on the civilians. >> a short time ago, i ordered the united states armed forces to launch precision strikes on
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targets with chemical weapon abilities of syrian dictate oar bashar al assad. >> he said it was not the action of a man on those chemical attacks but a monster. >> the evil and despicable attack left mothers, fathers and infant and children thrashing in pain and gasp for air. these are not the actions of a man, they are crimes of a monster instead. >> president trump said the united states would sustain the military response until the assad regime stops using the chemical weapons. and warned russia and iran about their continued association with syria. >> to iran and to russia, i ask, what kind of a nation wants to be associated with the mass
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murderer of innocent men, women and children? the nations of the world can be judged by the friends they keep. >> for the latest let's go to conner powell live from the jerusalem bureau. what are you hearing in the middle east there? >> reporter: we understand that the u.s. fired more than 100 missiles in syria. targets are chemical facilities and in damascus and homs. these are regime areas that the regime has control over. this is a strike that is double compared to the missiles fired a year ago when the u.s. fired missiles in serria. the sun came up and saturday morning has begun. there are pro assad people in damascus cheering for the assad rep regime.
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we heard from arab media that the strikes carried out on the chemical facilities and production plants and pentagon, that people are staying this was ineffective and limited strike. two of these strike locations are places that the israelis had struck in the past. and we are hearing from arab tv in the region that it was a limited strike and they are not doing much in the way of damage to the capabilities of the assad regime or even for the assad regime to carry out the war against the rebel and opposition forces in syria. what type of impact this has in terms of the willingness of the assad regime in the future is debated. the u.s. carried out 59 tomahawk
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missiles fired a year ago and that struck ought assad aircraft and capability. those analyst believe are more effective and limiting the assad regime to carry out strikes. the pentagon going after the production facilities. whether or not, kelly, whether it will limb his ability to carry out chemical strikes is it a question. that is unnamed israeli official told fox news that last year president trump made it clear use of chemical weapons crossed a redline. and today under the american leadership and france and united kingdom enforced that redline as well. there is a lot of praise on
10:35 pm
president trump's action. we are waiting to see how these strikes are viewed kelly. >> what do you hear from the arab neighbors of israel? >> so far not a lot. but i can put you in context of why it is important. it was not just united states comtemplating this. this is pushed by the israeli government here and also the leaders of saudi arabia, and other gulf and arab countries. this is about bashar assad and chemical it is even more about iran and gulf irab states have about a shia presence over taken the middle east. this is a message to iroon and russia that the united states is going to be engaged in the middle east. there is it fear here that under obama and trump that they would
10:36 pm
not confront iran. they want the trump administration to take on iran. and this is seen in that context as a first ever for going after iran in the entire region. we haven't had official statements, there is no doubt there will be support from these countries. >> it is a growing concern. thank you, conner powell for that report from jerusalem. >> kelly it was a busy night in the pentagon. kristin has the latest from washington newsroom. >> we hear that the strikes are over for now. mattis call would it a heavy strike and starting 9:00 p.m. eastern and quick to point out key differences between the strikes last night and last year. last year it was a syrian air
10:37 pm
base. one target elt. last night three targets and all chemical weapon facilities and they were all hit. two were storage facilities and third target was a scientific restefrp from allegedly used to produce and test chemical weapons. and secretary mattis said the u.s. and allies used more than twice the amount of munition used on the strike last year in which 59 tomahawk missiles were fired. sfshgs apparently the assad regime did not get the message last year. this time our allies are striking harder. we will send a message to assad and his murderous lieutenants and they will be held accountable. >> secretary mattis made those remarks and joined by general joseph dun ford who said syria
10:38 pm
air missiles were trying to engage. but there were nope ally loss says and they did not give russia heads up about what the targets will be. listen here. >> with regard to russia concerns, we scientificly identified these tashingets to mitigate the risk of russian forces being involved and used normal deconflicting channels. and we did not coordinate with the russians or prenotify them. >> the french defense min ichter contradicted what the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff just said. he said that russia was warned ahead of the strikes a little bit unclear if he is saying the u.s. and allies warned that the strikes are taking place or if they warned russia what the
10:39 pm
targets will be. either way, how is russia going to respond? russia said there will be consequences. but it remains unclear what those consequences will be. >> we are told by the trump administration not to expect updates throughout the night. when will we hear them next? >> it is unclear when we will have an update from the white might or press secretary, but we will have a briefing from the pentagon and that would be i expect the first big update. >> we'll check in later. >> and the u.s. is allies sending a strong message. it is four and are half-hours since the strike there in syria >> we'll be right back. canned cleerp experience a blend of refined craftsmanship...
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>> joining us now from washington is waly phares. good of you to join us. it is a serious situation. usually when we talk it is a serious development in the middle east. at first blush what did you think about the fact joint military strike against syria because of the use of chemical weapons last week and on an anniversary of what they did a year ago? >> well, first of all, the first good news is that the fact that we are coordinating with our european partners, mainly the uk and france. this is something we haven't seen for a while. and specifically with regards to
10:45 pm
syria. remember the trump administration and majority in congress have a problem with iran and iran deal and hesbollah. the europeans support the iran deal but don't like assad. and for a few hours, we were together and delivering an important message. what happened tonight was not a regime change in syria. it was not basically engaging the entire syria army. it was a message to the assad regime not to use this kind of weapon. it could be in fiji islands or syria, those weapons are not permissible. and it was a message to russia. because russia is providing the umbrella to assad and we don't see eye to eye on you. but that is a redline. >> let me ask you on that point. russia was given the task in
10:46 pm
2013 to dispose of these chemical weapons that bashar assad had in his weaponry. apparently that didn't get done even though john kerry under the obama administration said all of those weapons are gone. we find last year it was used and this year it was used and inflicting a lot of pain. and this shouldn't be happening. so what is the message to russia with all of this. >> we'll go back in history very, very quickly. the past administration unfortunately was outmaneuvered by the coalition of russia, iran and hesbollah. the past administration signed an agreement sending to iran $150 billion. and many billions will be sent to russia to acquire weapons. and so it did not work out.
10:47 pm
russia is not in the business of weakening the assad regime. at this point in time moscow wants to maintain assad and stay as ally with hesbollah. these are the only allies that they have certainly in the middle east. we need to pressure the russians to make sure they drop iran. >> president trump when he was speaking earlier to the attack, or the strike, he said to iran and russia, i ask, what kind of a nation wants to be associated with a mass murderer speaking of syria and mr. bashar assad. the president did not give an ultimateum but put them on notice. the president has been criticized of being soft. clearly he was not in the strike. >> he was not soft at all.
10:48 pm
and he was confronting the russian and we are waiting to see if they fire back against our missiles and units and it appears they understand that their position in the eastern mediterranean could not hold if they want to confront us. but the principle is simple since the cold war, two super powers have nuclear assets can't clash with each other. and that is impossible and that would be end of planet earth. we need to not use the nukes or chemical weapons. >> talk about the deeper issues was what is going on in syria and why it is mired in a civil war. can you explain what bashar assad is doing to keep the conflict going? >> at issue is the assad dynasty that started the problem.
10:49 pm
it was a minority and totalitarian and occupied lebanon for 15 years. assad's father suppressed the opposition and classed with the sunni majority and muslim brotherhood. not everyone is the same. when he passed, his son took over. and there was an opportunity when civil society oarose. but the bulk of the revelation was sichil society. we failed in the united states and obama administration were not able to change. we have windows and when we failed basically, the soft opposition or moderate opposition of syria is gone. it doesn't exist any more and why most of the opposition are
10:50 pm
islamic or jihaddist. most but not all of them. >> it is a pandora's box and heard to put a lid on it. particularly the situation that is unfolding now. it is daylight there now. and we'll see how the response. we know they are cheering in the streets because of the limited strikes tonight. we'll be back with more developments. you won't see these folks at the post office
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>> welcome back to our continuing coverage. joining me is congressman garramendi. congressman you were briefed by
10:55 pm
secretary mattis on the chemical weapons attack there in syria that led to the air strike this evening. can you walk us through the process. we are not in the meeting. >> it was a public meeting. secretary mattis and chief of staff, they were both testifying and the issue came up about the president's tweet in which he threatened a strike. i asked secretary mattis, what is the legal authority that exist for such an attack on a country. he said it was article two of the constitution. i picked up article two and i read it. there's no such authority. the authority that the president has to be commander in chief. the authority of launching an
10:56 pm
attack on a country resubpoenas with congress. that is article one. the war powers act fits in to this. it is just not clear. beyond that an opportunity has been missed here to literally force the administration in coming to congress to explain what it wants to do and develop eye coherent policy. and strategy and goal and lay it out for congress and this is what we intend to do and go about doing it. and these are the rescourses. and that didn't happen. we go back in today and push back with syria and russia and iran without the next step and clarity as to what it is we want to do. fortunately we do have france and britain enveloped with us but that is helpful but there is
10:57 pm
no strategy and the attack is outside of the scope of the power. >> and congressman, we are waiting with baited breath right now. in 2013 president putin and his government promised the world they would guarantee the elimination much chemical weapons. this response is the as a result of the failure to keep that promise. russia must decide if it will go down the dark path or join civilized nations for peace. we are waiting to see what happens with russia and iran. >> we are waiting. partially is correct but not entirely correct. in 2013 there was an international agreement and it did victim of russia and other countries. chemical weapons were removed
10:58 pm
and the ability to make future weapons were dismantled. they were disposed of on an american ship operating in the eastern mediterranean n. the intervening time, this is where the president is correct. assad did reinstitute his chemical program. mostly using chlorine gas and quite possibly seren. and going forward, russia clearly has a lot of blame on its shoulders because they are one of the two countries of the principle guarantors of the assad regime. another guarantor is iran. they have a serious implication in the chemical attack and yes we should homed russia accountable. how do we go about doing that. we need to build a coalition. turkey, israel and other
10:59 pm
countries in the area, iraq and all of those countries have a stake of what happens in syria. we need a strategy buildum. and we need alliance with europe and nato. and one other thing, the people that were talking here. walid was going in laying out part of the problem that exists. clearly the obama administration fame would in its attempt to deal with the syrian situation. they did have a strategy and it did not work. they were unable to identify an organization or subsets of the resistance to work with. and turned out most of them were bad actors and so yes, that was a serious problem and a failure of the obama administration. we don't need another failure here. it is it pretty clear going forward we'll have to deal with assad sometime in the future.
11:00 pm
how can we do that? >> all right. thank you. >> thank you very much and have a good evening. >> we appreciate your time. this is a fox news alert. >> congressional leaders backing the president for his decision to launch air strikes against syria for its purported chemical weapons attack on civilians in the town of douma. house speaker paul ryan praising the president's decisive action adding we are united in our resolve. >> chuck schumer calling the air strike appropriate but adding the u.s. has to be careful not to get involved in a bigger war in syria. precision missile strikes hitting various locations in the country. the attack coming in response to