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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  April 15, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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our message was crystal clear. the united states is locked and loaded. >>ings were targeted by 105 missiles. they appear to be heaps of rubble. >> president trump's decision sparking reaction from both sides on capitol hill. inspector general released an explosive report regarding the firing of fbi director andrew mccabe. >> you have people calling the number two guy at the fbi give hillary a pass. that's in tirks g report. a real bombshell. >> as james comey gets ready to release a tell-all book. >> one of the most anticipated
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books of the year. >> comeydy does not mince words when it comes to describing how he feels about the president. >> here is a guy who only found his conscience and point of view of he got unceremoniously sacked. . welcome to " fox and friends" this morning. brand-new video comes in showing a u.s. attack submarine launching missiles striking targets in syria. >> this as real estate action continues to pour in. >> connor powell is live in jerusalem with the latest. good morning. reporter: obviously there are mixed reactions depending on
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where you sit on the side of conflict. israel praising the move by president trump to order the strikes against assad regime. iran and russia condemning the move by the pentagon with the russian ambassador to the u.n. saying that the united states and its allies continue to demonstrate the blatant disregard to international law. it was shameful to hear that an article of the u.s. constitution was mentioned. we're starting to hear military reaction from u.s. allies starting to appear in newspapers here in the region. the images on your screen show the before and after pictures of a site that was targeted by the u.s. in syria. the pictures show a completely destroyed building and facility, there are comments her in the
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region questioning how effective the strikes were. the question is they were so limited in nature, according to u.s. military commanders who are allies of the united states, they were so limited that they may not be all that effective in actually preventing the assad regime again from car carrying a chemical attack. politically it's being praised by u.s. allies but military commanders of u.s. allies are raising questions about what more could have been done and should have been done as well. >> con n conor thank you for tht insight. you see the pic churs pictures . there is it. the a ambassador to the u.n. on the left, sweden, the uq and the u.s. voting down this russian attempt to make it look bad. ultimately only three states voted for what russia
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introduced. china, not our friend and bolivia. >> and the language of that resolution, just so you know, condemns this in violation of international law and u.n. charter. >> you understand to conor powell's report there and the question that remains, we talked a lot about this yesterday, was this enough and is it possible if for the same thing, the chemical attack to happen a year from now. we heard more from the administration yesterday doubling down on the success of the air strikes but also they're locked and loaded. we heard that from nikki haley, ambassador of the u.n. and also from mike pence, being on the wrong side of history districted at russia. >> our message to russia is you're on the wrong side of history. it's time for russia to get the message that president trump delivered last night. you're known by the company you keep. >> i spoke to the president this
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morning and he said if the syrian regime uses this poisonous gas again the united states is locked and loaded. >> when our president draws a red line, our president enforces the red line. >> and ambassador haley there you see standing firm in that body just a few blocks away at the united nations where really reality is sometimes just divorced from, when you look at what happened there in so many countries not really standing with the u.s. >> of course. i don't care -- these are the nonpermanent members of the u.n. security council that voted. i don't pronounce it. >> quazic stand, kuwait, poland, sweden count me as don't care. what i want is what is in america's best interest. i don't love the phrase wrong side of history. obama used it all of the time. but in this particular case usually leftists like to enforce
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international norms. in this case president trump enforced this international norm because without doing so you can't be credible with north korea and china. so he limited the me sition strike. it's net going to get rid of all of assad's capabilities. but if they're not waking up that america will act, then they haven't gotten the full message. >> not even is on your same page. when you look at the lawmakers on the hill, there's a lot of confusion between congressmen and senators. some people say it was great but ultimately what is the long term strategy when it comes to syria. is this going to prevent assad from using chemical weapons in the future. if you're on twitter over the last 24 hours, there was a different message from every single member on capitol hill. >> senator lindsey graham
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saying, president trump deserves credit in working with our allies in ordering this strike against assad but when the dust settles this will be seen as a weak military response and assad would have paid a small price for using chemical weapons again. >> senator bill nelson saying, a democrat, i support the attack because assad must be held accountable for the use of chemical weapons. >> i've read ours and nowhere is it is presidential authority to strike syria. >> lindsey graham is a thoughtful guy on a lot of levels. he wants regime change. so you don't want to go that far. open then bill nelson is running for reelection in florida. he wants to be seen as
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thoughtful. he's run in a tough reelect. and of course thomas massey, article 2 shows that the commander had the latitude to take actions to defend america. and then you go back to congress for authorization. >> even if you go to congress, what is that going to result in? seems like we're not going to get through anything if the president was waiting for congressional approval to launch the air strikes, i don't think that would have happened. you read these responses. no one is on the same page. >> and we have to look back to the obama administration for which failed to hold the syrian government accountable. there was broad support amongst democrats for enforcing obama's original red line. so now you're having this mixed reaction because the democrats and the republicans. to your point, pete, that the president struck the right tone, he was stuck between not getting involved and yet another bush extended interventionist war and
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not appearing weak like obama. i thought the most telling moment we had is when lieutenant general mackenzie said i've got three words to describe this, presize, cover well ming and effective. >> you to think about the advisers behind closed doors with him, mattis, dempsey, sere people who take the threats to america seriously. they want to make sure we don't overprovoke russia but knowing we have to send a signal to russia. russia yesterday saying they've got a planned response to what we did. >> they have to be careful about their response. >> nikki haley, we're locked and loaded and we're going to respond if we have to. >> absolutely. >> if you read about the context of the decision that was made. it did come from president
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trump. but last monday seeing what happened to these innocent young kids, he was so heart broken and went to his general saying what do we do about this. >> and he has a series of deliberate meetings. the left wing attack that he's chaos and does what he want, he went through a deliberate approach and chose what was best for american interest. >> before friday night everyone was talking about this james comey book being released on tuesday. and the interview that everyone has been waiting for with george stephanopoulos. it's airing tonight, the "20/20" special. we're continuing to get more pieces from this book. one in particular where james comey is talking about releasing the e-mail for the clinton investigation just days before the election. reopening the case. george stephanopoulos asked him about the decision to release the letter and here's how that
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went. >> hillary clinton is convinced that that letter be defeated her. >> i hope not. i don't know. i honestly don't know. i sure hope not. but the honest answer is it wouldn't change the way i think about it. try to realize that i'm not trying to help a candidate or hurt a candidate. i'm trying to do the right thing. >> at some level wasn't the decision to reveal influenced by your assumption that hillary clinton was going to win? >> i don't remember consciously thinking about that but it mows have been. i was operating in a world where hillary clinton was going to beat donald trump. i'm sure it was a factor. and if i hide this from the american people, she'll be legitimate the moment she was elected. >> if you knew that would affect donald trump would you still send it? >> i would. if i ever start thinking about whose political intentions will be affected by a decision, we're done. we're just another player in the
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tribal battle. >> so if you're like me, you'll be watching "life, liberty and levin" tonight. >> here he's talking about an institution that should be above any sort of politics. and you look in the recent months and the last two years of people who have been fired or demoted in the fbi and the doj. clearly there are some serious issues that were present there. and the institution i think a lot of people are questioning that. >> i had a chance to look at an advanced copy and peruse 50 or 60 pages of it. it's going to be interesting how it's perceived. a lot of people are looking for a setting-the-record-straight from former fbi director james comey but what you end up with is sank sanctimonious part. one part he talks about being on
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your death bed open wanting to do the right thing. there's not as much record and fact setting. >> not a lot of policy and legality. if you read a lot of the pieces that have been released, most of it is tabloid, how he feels personally about president trump. >> that's what sells books. he's trying to hold two things constant at once. one, he's above everything but i i was living in a world when hillary clinton was going to be president of the united states. doesn't really work. >> well the media is up in arms after the president tweeted mission accomplished. >> mission accomplished really not a wise thing to tweet. >> does mission accomplish mean? >> that's an interesting choice of words. >> we'll break it down ahead plus, a damning report by the doj inspector general blasts andrew mccabe were misleading
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investigators. ron desantis is here next for a cup of coffee. we'll be right back. >> tech: at safelite autoglass we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. ac
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. in is a fox news alert, mixed reaction from congress following the u.s. strikes on syria. some lawmakers accusing president trump of failing to get congressional approval ahead of the attacks as others claim he didn't need it. >> joining us now, ron desantis. great to have you with us. good morning. all right. so there is a lot of mixed reaction from congress about these air strikes, some saying he didn't go far enough, some saying he didn't have the authority to not get approval from congress. where do you fall on this? >> well, seems to me that the strikes did what they were intended to do. they seem to be proportional in response. but they seem to be effective. i think we'll get more information as time goes by. i think the larger point here is that this president is somebody,
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unlike president obama, who when he says something she follows through. it's not just in holding assad accountable for using gas. he's done it in other areas, such as recognizing jerusalem as ilisrael's capital. i think the president helped himself with that. i do think it's important that we not get mired into syria and i don't want the president wants to do that because there's no real victory there given all of the disastrous things that are on the ground there right now that obama basically left president trump. but in terms of the strikes, i think they did what they intended to do. >> duke h.>> do you think he ned congressional approval? >> probably not in this interest. we have troops in syria. if you have chemical weapons being used, defending people we have in the region is enough of
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a reason under article 2 for him toaf acted. >to have acted. >> let me ask you about this scathing report. >> it's devastating. remember we're going to have to listen to jim comey with his book and do the interview. what did comey say two months ago, praising mccabe, said he stood tall, an example of everything he wanted. this report demonstrates that mccabe, not just that he lied but that he lied repeatedly to fbi officials over and over again. and what he was doing, he was the one involved with leaking the information. and he actually had the gal to reprimand other people who were underneath him trying to act like they were the ones leaking it. his firing was ab absolutely justified and this whole comey-mccabe era has done a
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lot of damage to the bureau. >> do you think the ig will criticize mccabe? >> i think there will be criticism of comey. he claims that loretta lynch was conflicted in dealing with the hillary clinton case. and yet he took it upon himself to make the decision to say yes, even though she had classified information on her server, even though she was grossly negligent, we don't think a prosecutor would take this case. that was not his decision to make. and i think the consequences that flowed from that have been very bad for the country. and oh by the way, look at how they conducted the clinton case. they went doing grand juries, pursuing obstruction of justice, they didn't per sue false information by cheryl mills. i think the way that case was handled was disso disastrous.
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>> this report raises questions about loretta lynch. your thoughts? >> big questions. were there people at justice telling mccabe to shut this down, saying we shouldn't be doing the clinton foundation because hillary is running for president. we need for investigation in that. but that was a strr troubling although unfortunately not surprising come poe nebilit come report. >> thank you congressman keith ellison is at it again. >> women are dying because we are losing elections. >> yes! >> yes don't have the right to lose a damn election. >> what is he talking about? and president trump taking evil head on with the strikes in syria. why is it so important to take down the rogue regimes. we'll ask two retired military members, one a double amp tee
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that lost his legs in afghanistan. a conversation you don't want to miss, coming up after the break.
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. quick headlines for you starting with extreme weather. cities across the midwest are under snow emergencies. the storm claiming three lives in minnesota. stattroopers responding to moren 300 crashes across the state. blizzard conditions forced the nebraska governor to declare an emergency, expecting 18-inches of snow. this same brutal system heading to the east coast. and thousands of americans fighting fir their second amendment rights with a nationwide protest. >> second amendment is the reason the nation is still free. the ownership of guns provides a balance of power. >> once that's gone, then there
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goes the free speech next. the national coalition of americans held peaceful protests. and boston is marking the fifth anniversary of the marathon bombings and runners prepare for tomorrow's race. in just hours a wreath will be laid on the finish line in remembrance of the victims. 30,000 participants are expected to run tomorrow. well, president trump leading the charge against the assad regime's chemical attack on its people with a strike in syria. >> the evil and the despicable attack left mothers and fathers, infants and children thrashing in pain and gasping for air. these are not the actions of a man. they are crimes of a monster. >> so why is it so important for the u.s. to take a stand and fight evil head on? here with their take, staff is
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that correct bartlett, an iraq war veterans and rob jones, a retired marine and double amp tee who lost his legs in afghanistan. robert and rob, thank you for your time, your service and sacrifice. you know these levels first hand. you've seen them. robert let me start with you. you were hit ultimately by an iranian made weapon on the battlefield. you know how dangerous iran is. iran has a stake in syria in propping up assad. what's the best thing for american to do for our own interests and to deter iran in. >> the policy change. the policy change of engagement. we watched over the years, time and time again, whether iran, saddam, any of these nations stand back and continue to destroy their own people and we've done nothing or wait too long. to include hitler.
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we wanted too long and millions died. it's important to strike hard, strike them quick and try to take the regimes out so there's a regime change and deal with the new one after that. i'm sick of watching people die. they say we don't care about muslims or other people but then we watch them die on tv and they o make, rob. >> i agree with that and that's the go-to. but how is it any worse or different than we have now. assad is more organized with what we're going to have to deal with past assad. you can try to say okay, isis is going to do better or going to be worse. well, they're all bad. bad is bad.
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>> they're all bad. no, rob jones, that's true. these are no good options, all bad options. the trump administration would say but why do we want to get bogged down in occupying yet another country when the other options haven't worked out the way we want them. rob jones. >> we can have rules and say these are what the rules are but it is what you allow people to do that matter. we can have geneva conventions but if we don't enforce the conventions, what purpose are they really serving. i think we had a responsibility in this particular case to act. >> rob jones, do you think it was enough? was this the right signal to send or should we have done more in. >> i think's so many different considerations with something like this that i think general mattis made the right decision
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here and i trust what decisions me makes personally. >> no, i think a lot is invested in ultimately our leaders. and believing that they've got the best interest of our country. robert, what is iran's calculation here as they seek a nuclear weapon and russians. are they doing to double down in their support of assad or will this force them to walk back a bit from propping up a regime that's gassing its people? >> i see russia as a big problem here obviously, because iran and assad and syria are basically pawns in the big game, right? since collapsing the ussr, they're the new pawns, these other outliers causing trouble for the united states. and anything that causes trouble for the united states is a pors for them. positive for them. they'll always support them. you can look at the weapons and see where the support is coming from. >> as you know all too well,
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technology, support, people, it all matters. and for assad he's clinging to russia, no doubt. thank you for your service to this country. >> thank you. one democrat unleashes after attacks on james comey, bob mueller. >> let's have that conversation about whether jim comey made the right move in talking about the hillary clinton thing. but people will rot in hell for beserging the history of these two men. >> rot in hell. responding next. we've grt a big show, former senator joe leiberman will be live onset and sara carter all here live coming up.
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. president-elect trump's first question was to confirm that it had no impact on the election. and then the conversation to my surprise moved into a pr conversation about how the trump team would position this and what they could say about this. they actually started talking about drafting a press release. the intelligence econom committs inteintelligence, the white houe does spin. >> that was james comey. we'll bring in dan bongino. you've seen what we've seen so for which has been publicly released, the larger interview tonight. so far your takeaway on how comey has tried to position the impression of himself in the media. >> well, it's funny that he says, well, you know, the intelligence committee does intelligence and the white house does spin. there is no bigger spinster out there than jim comey. he is spinning.
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this guy is the founder of the feast when it comes to political spin. let's just walk through quickly the case about jim comey. it's crystal clear how horribly he handled the situation. he failed to notify congress, pete, this is on the record, for eight months about the most sensitive investigation possibly in modern u.s. history, the spying operation on trump. and in case the viewers are thinking you have to wait because it was sensitive. no. there were quarterly meeting where he's supposed to brief them on that. he screwed up the fisa investigation. screwed up the flynn case, screwed up the hillary case. this guy is going to be remembered as a cautionary tale for future fbi agents on what not to do. >> all right. so i want to get your take on this, representative jim heinz, a congressman from connecticut
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had strong words about people who attacked james comey, robert mueller. here he was on another program a couple of days ago. >> you're seeing a classical washington in-story where when the facts are bad you attack the character and the personality pushing the facts. i was at the department of justice one hour ago. jim comey is a legend there, a legend within the fbi. let's talk about whether h he ws right about handling the e-mail scandal with hillary clinton. >> dan, let me add to the question we're asking you to react is does andrew mccabe then go straight to hell. in the inspector general report put out by the doj, it appears that mccabe, the counsel put out a letter beserging comey's of him.
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>> who is really going to rot in hell is the people who spied on innocent american citizens in order to affect the outcome of a presidential election. we're talking about the democrats. heinz knows this. the lights are coming on and the cockroaches are scurrying around trying to get away. heinz fully understands that when the light is shown on this process and we see the democratic operatives paid foreign intelligence operators for information on a presidential candidate in the u.s. election with the intent of besmernlging his character and team to alter the election, the american public think it's because they've been pop gan diezed by the media. both british and russian. heinz knows that and that's why he's saying that, trying to dissuade people from looking into what really happened. >> there are a lot of interesting nuggets coming out of this book. the interview is tonight. but in the book comey hints at
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some damaging material involving exattorney general loretta lynch still unknown to the american public and according to one article, saying it's sparking inside and outside of the beltway. what is your take on that. >> i have some pretty good contacts on this one. i think it could be a series of e-mails on a private server, which wouldn't surprise anybody. we know hillary clinton obviously had hers. there's a hist history of doingt the obama epa and other places within the obama administration. i'm pretty confident it's probably a series of private e-mail between loretta lynch and her office on a private e-mail account that don't make the former attorney general look very good with record to hillary e-mail investigation. >> more behind-the-scenes tilts of the scales toward the hillary
3:40 am
folks is what you think this may be? >> you're darn right. absolutely. yes. >> james, very quickly, do you think we learn more about lynch in the horowitz' report, the fuller one, we've only seen the part about andy mccabe. do we get more of this? >> i think the stroke -- we have not seen all of the documents. remember there's up to a million potential documents in this case. we've only seen a small fraction of them. yes, i think loretta lynch -- that's why i said in this show last week, i think loretta lynch should get an attorney and and good one real fast. >> more to come. good to see you. thanks so much. turning to other headlines we're following, apple is sending an internal memo with a strong warning to leakers. the memo leaked said the company caught 29 and had 12 arrested. these people not only lose their jobs they can face extreme difficulty finding employment
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elsewhere. this comes six year after ceo tim cook claimed apple would double down on secrecy of products. steve ellison is at it again, the minnesota representative making this claim. >> women are dying because we are losing elections. we don't have the right to lose a damn election. >> well the vice chair of the dnc referring to maternal mortality rates while speaking to a group of so-called progressives in washington. steve scalise is backing kevin mccarthy for speaker of the house. scalise is focused on keeping the conservative agenda moving forward. >> i fully anticipate handing the gavel over to the next speaker of the house after this term. and i think kevin is right to step up. >> ryan will retire as speaker
3:42 am
when his term ends in january. >> keep an eye on a jim jordan dark horse. a lot of conservatives frustrated with leadership. >> so before ryan's term ends? >> no. at the end when it comes up. we'll see. still ahead, the world watching as action is taken in syria. so how will it affect the marketmarkets . >markets . >> we'll breaking it down. >> plu, joe leiberman and sara carter all here live. that's coming up. roundup for lawns has arrived
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. welcome back. america and our allies firing more than 100 missiles at three military targets in syria this weekend and president trump warns there will be more in assad dares carry out another chemical attack. >> what can we expect when the
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markets open tomorrow. professor brian brenberg joins us now. always good to have you. such an important topic. you think about tomorrow morning and the reaction that will have in this markets. what do you think? >> you know, in the short term you might see markets drop just a little bit because of the instability. but if you look at history, what tends to be the case is marketing correct pretty quickly, get back on track. these tends to be things that don't affect markets over the long term because they're limited. the administration has been clear talking about the limited precision of the strike here. they're trying to do one thing in particular. not trying to create a big conflict and that's what markets get a lot of comfort out of. we've been entangled in the middle east because of if oil. and you say that's changed. >> a decade or two ago the issue going on with anything in syria or the middle east would have been oil. but today the u.s. is producing
3:47 am
so much more oil than we did a decade ago, that issue is neutralized. when the world gets nervous about oil, the u.s. can step up and meet the need both here and around the globe. i don't think you're going to see oil price spiking the way you would a decade ago. >> what do you atib attribute tt to. >> the shale oil production coming online, much more supply than ever before. 80% of global oil growth is going to come from the united states. that is the thing that will stabilize global markets when you have conflict like this. from a u.s. perspective, this is great news. that technology has made a big difference. and it's the kind of thing that can make a big difference in the future. >> i in particular think about russia. the reason they have any power is because they're so oil independent. people rely on russia all over europe for that oil. a reminder for us to gettin' our game. >> russia, iran, all of the big
3:48 am
actors has oil as their level e. the u.s. gets to play a helpful role in that regard but it's because we have this strategic asset that we've cultivated. >> i thought we had a future with solar panels. you're making environmental heads explode right now. >> they should be very very happy that the u.s. can play the stabilized oil. oil is helpful when it comes to peace. and the u.s. can play a big role there diswhr suc. >> such a great point. the media quick to mock the president for saying mission accomplished yesterday on the syria strikes. >> mission accomplished really not a wise thing to tweet. >> what does mission accomplished mean. >> that's an interesting choice of words. >> all right. is this just another attempt to create controversy where there is none. next. plus was the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail botch snd laney davis shared documents with the
3:49 am
doj inspector general that he says proves it was. he joins us next to explain.
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. welcome back. well, the sanctimonious media was quick to slam the president for tweeting "mission accomplished" over friday's joint air strikes in syria. >> president trump calls it mission accomplished in syria. >> the tweet declaring mission accomplished because saying that always working well for president. >> misaccomplished not a great historical reference. >> not a wise thing to tweet. >> what does mission accomplished mean tharchlts' an interesting choice of words. >> our producers are good at gathering the info but is this another attempt to create controversy where there is none. >> here to weigh in, katie. thank you for being here this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> so mission accomplished. we all understood that george w. bush stood on that aircraft carrier where a banner behind him vis-a-vis the iraq war. this mission much for limited and yet he runs with it like he's declaring the end of the
3:54 am
iraq war. >> they're trying to describe traits to president trump as if he's a seasoned politician that should have known about this thing 15 years ago and not tweet about it. he's not a politician. he's a businessman. he's going to say what he wants when he wants and that's exactly what they did. and this just seems -- you look at it and you go really, guys. it's two words in a tweet. calm down. >> and if you really want to think about it honestly, everyone knew what he meant when he said mission accomplished. the frustrating thing for me and a lot of people, then most of the day yesterday for certain folks in the media, this was their focus instead of the actual strikes that happened. an issue that is far more serious. >> i think you're completely right. it's not what he meant by mission accomplished. it's what they could spin it as meaning and it's how they could use those words to attack him. and if we're looking at the narrow scope of these strikes with britain and france, then yes, it was mission accomplished.
3:55 am
but with syria we have to be extremely careful with what happens. but you look at the headlines and say, is that all you got? >> i'll restate it, there was a mission to take out the chemical weapons sites and that mission was accomplished. he's not saying we've gotten rid of assad, not saying the rebels have been emboldened, not saying iran doesn't have a nuclear weapon. could he also be start of trolling this, even george w. bush saying hey, mission accomplished. there's a lot of reasons why they shouldn't take this absolutely literally in every moment. why can't they figure that out? >> then they would have nothing to talk about. we're not talking about a rational apreach where you look at the president and try to be fair. they look at everything he says and does and say how can we attack this and make it a headline for the next 24 hours. >> at the same time you think about national security and how sensitive and serious that is. it's a time the think more careful about what you do tweet? >> i would say with the
3:56 am
president we've seen in the past that he's going to tweet what he wants when he wants and how he wants. but i would agree with you this is especially a time to be careful with words when it comes to american lives and a potential war involvement overseas which i hope doesn't happen. >> thank you very much for your time. still ahead, the u.s. standing firm against syria. >> if the syrian regime uses this poisonous gas game, the united states is locked and loaded. >> well the strong message being sent around the world after the strike disbloos plus, david bossy, ed henry all here live. got a big three hours still to go this sunday morning on "fox and friends." stay with us. house. 'cause that's no average family. that's your family.
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. our message was crystal clear. the united states is locked and loaded. >> the buildings were targeted by 105 missiles, they now appear to be heaps of rubble. >> president trump's decision sparking reaction from both sides on capitol hill. >> the inspector general released an explosive report regarding the firing of andrew mccabe. >> you have political employees calling the number two guy at the fbi essentially saying give hillary a pass. that's in the ig report. a real bombshell. >> james comey gets ready to release a tell-all book. >> this is surely among the most
4:01 am
anticipated books this year and it's certain to set off the president. >> comey does not mince words when it comes to describing how he feels about the president. >> here is a guy who only found his conscience and point of view after he got unceremoniously sacked. >> he does get petty. i don't think he need a book where he's kailg out the president for his height and the size of his hands. . this is honestly, i think, my favorite song. i'm actually not kidding. >> we have a lot of similar tastes in music. do you know what movie this song was on? >> no. >> "a walk to remember." it was mandy moore. >> amazing song dt dare you to move ." >> happy sunday morning to all of you. >> fantastic if you haven't
4:02 am
listened to it. it's april 15 president have you done your taxes . >> no. should i? >> due today. you have two extra days from what i'm told. april 17th is the actual deadline to get your taxes. >> i would get going on that, griff. >> taxes are a sore subject for me but i will be ready by tuesday. but i've been caught up in the news and that's what we have to talk about. >> a lot of reaction still from the air strikes on friday night. nikki haley ambassador of the u.n. ripping russia over the syrian chemical weapons attack. here she was speaking yesterday. >> the united kingdom, france and the united states acted, not as revenge, not as punishment. we acted to deter the future use of chemical weapons by holding the syrian regime responsible for its atrocities against humanity. a russian-disinformation campaign is in full force but russia's desperate attempts as
4:03 am
deflection cannot change the facts. we obliterated the major facility it used to. the united states is locked and loaded. when our president draw as red line, our president enforces the red line. we call on russia to take a hard look at the company it keeps and live up to its responsibilities as a permanent member of the council. >> so that was nikki haley yesterday at the u.n. you see that picture there. that picture is a vote that was taken because russia brought a resolution to the security counsel -- there's the russian ambassador to the u.n. on the left with his hands down. everyone else is voting against it. they were trying to condemn the united states' strikes >> what did he think was going to happen. >> who voted with russia? china did and bolivia. >> nikki haley speaking to kazakhstan, ethiopia, peru where
4:04 am
vice president pence is because they abstained. they did not have the guts to stand up and vote against condemning the u.s. for this precise strike. >> you named the four countries i couldn't think less of. when is the last time i squaredd they thought about what america did. obviously the u.n. proves how utterly irrelevant it is on the world stage. who cares about the vote. the other ones voted, kuwait, netherlands, poland, sweeten. s. resolutions are silly. i think we should talk before we shoot. but without the united states of america, chemical weapons would be proliferating around the world today. president trump stood up saying i'll enforce your norms. think about the optics of that. votes don't matter. what matters is what happens on the ground. they should be thanking the
4:05 am
world. >> messaging matters a lot. watching nikki haley, i think she's done a great job, reminding america and reminding the world that we are locked and loaded. a lot of people are concerned where this goes. was this enough to pressure ba sar alassad. are we going to see another chemical attack a year from now. if we do, with will react and potentially do more. >> reaction in congress as you can predict has been all over the map to the president's decision. here's three examples. chuck schumer democrat from new york called the strikes in syria appropriate but dot dot dot be careful. lind si graham fearing lit be seen as a weak military response. and another one calling it unconstitutional, illegal and reckless. >> had he gotten congressional approval, where would that have led to. >> tell me how he would have gotten congressional approval on
4:06 am
a timely basis. >> i think it shows that the administration, the president did something right here. if you read the full statements by most members of congress, none of them say they don't agree that shg had to be done. it was a delicate balance to get it right, to mike sure that the mission was successful and none of our people were killed, and they weren't as being reported, but that the chemical weapons plant was destroyed and we were able to deter assad enough so that it won't happen again. there are so many groupings of f people on the ground and we could have hit somebody, like a group of the russians that were there and that would have resulted in a very bad situation. >> we're seeing mixed reaction in congress because there was broad support against this atrocity under president obama, he drew the red line, did not enforce it. that failed. and as i mentioned before, that
4:07 am
lieutenant general mackenzie mentioned, precise, overwhelming and effective. >> exactly. you can't let rogue dictators run wild. president obama set a red line said he was going to enforce and never did. we're going to need red lines in the future whether it's the south china sea, whether it's north korea and nuclear capabilities, whether it's iran that we're about to schwab that iran deal i hope. we're going to need to set red lines there if your enemy doesn't believe they exist, they will never follow through. the left wants to enforce chemical weapons because they're obsessed with the hague and the u.n. trump understands international norms because without america enforcing them, no one else enforces them. lindsey graham doesn't like it because he wants regime change. that's not what trump ran on. i think trump found, as you sai. >> a balance.
4:08 am
>> -- the exact balance to enforce american leadership but not get it bogged down and hopefully send the right signal. >> some of our best conversations with our guestst happen in commercial break because we're getting to know their perspective. buck sexton said something he's concerned about, bashar alassad being able to recreate the chemical weapons program within a matter of weeks because nay have the material and the support from russia and other countries. how do we prevent that from happening. you hear from a lot of the lawmakers, who what is the long term strategy. >> we didn't bomb every chemical facility. it's not difficult to recreate the chemicals. the idea is -- you can't bomb everyone everywhere. it's to deter them. >> lieutenant mackenzie saying they had degraded, set back for years their ability to reproduce. we'll find out if that happens. but to your point, it's stuck in
4:09 am
a perfect balance of not getting bogged down in a bush war and not being week like obama was. >> before this happened on friday night everyone was talking about james comey and his book released on tuesday. and the interview air to night from george steph lo stephanopo. and we've been getting snip ne . that. remember when he reopened the investigation into the hillary clinton e-mails days before the election in october of 2016, asked him about that decision and sort of what ultimately prompted him to make that decision. here's how that went. >> at some level wasn't the decision to reveal influenced by your assumption that hillary clinton was going to win? >> it must have been. i don't remember consciously thinking about that but it must have been. it was operating in a world where hillary clinton was going to beat donald trump.
4:10 am
i'm sure it was a factor, she's going to be elected president. and if i hide this from the american people she'll be illegitimate the moment she's elected. >> he was operating in a woarld where hillary clinton was going to be president of the united states, based his decisions based on that assumption. just let that sink in. that is effectively, whether he was doing it consciously or sub consciously, he baked in political bias in our institution and doing it to make her look legitimate as opposed to illegitimate. >> he said his decision wouldn't have changed had the polls been different. but it's hard to really know. >> he writes about a conversation he has with president obama about feeling guilty about possibly costing hillary the election and it's a very interesting read i will tell you. >> you've read a lot of the book, chris. >> i'm a reporter. i'm looking to see if there's some facts. if he's setting the record
4:11 am
straight. i didn't find much of that but i haven't read the whole thing. >> there's a lot of tabloid stuff in there. >> here's trump trump trump. trump sells books, newspapers. he helps a lot of things, comey doubles down on that. i do want to bring in other headlines we're following closely this morning. starting with extreme weather. cities across the midwest are usheunder snow emergenciries. thiemergencicies.troopers respo0 crashes across the state. the snow canceling an entire three game series between the chicago white sox and minnesota dwins forcing the nebraska governor to declare a state of emergency. the same brutal system heading to the east. >> not welcome. the justice department sending more letters to sanctuary cities.
4:12 am
seattle, ohmland, california and the state of vermont have until next month to happened over the documents or they could be subpoenaed. and a powerful rocket launch blasts military satellites into space. >> three, we have ignition, two, one. and lift off. >> a combined 2.6 million pounds of thrust pushing the 20-story atlas 5 rocket into space from cape canaveral carrying an air force satellite. the satellite will probably 22,000 miles above the equator. i'm glad to see our military is launching rockets into space. that's all i took away from that entire story. launch a few more. after the air strikes in syria, will isis terrorists retaliate? it's a real threat that has law enforcement on high alert. how worried should you be? where is melania, are
4:13 am
editors turning a blind eye to the first lady since trump took office.
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
. well the nypd stepping up security in and around new york city in the hours following the air strikes against syria. so should americans be on ie alert for terror retaliation? let's ask founder of the jenkins group, chad jenkins. thanks for joining us. obviously when you strike in the middle east there's a potential for blowback. but in this particular case we're striking a more or less secular dictator who's been fighting against isis
4:17 am
imperfectly but really fighting for his own power. should reworry about islamic groups striking us back as a result? >> it shows the complicated situation we're in in syria and all of the middle east, pete. looking at this we always have to be -- every american has to be keenly aware of the potential terrorist attacks that come from those that are a fundment on their belief that they're doing the work of, you know, of mohammed and of islam and conducting the attacks which would be completely false. and isis is going to be the group that try to do that here at the united states. but specifically looking at the attacks that we conducted twb are strikes on friday against the syrian regime in douma who targeted innocent civilians as well as the rebel forces, the rebel forces located in douma really would be more like-minded with isis than they are with the syrian regime. this isn't going to be something that motivated isis to conduct attacks but let it be clear that isis would always want to attack
4:18 am
the united states if they could. >> exactly. the concern would be if you go even further with strikes and topple the assad regime, we've seen what a call fat caliphate . did the president sphriek the right approach by sending a single without toppling the regime? >> yeah. it's such a finite -- it's so so detailed, so precision. i think we -- yes, the precision strike was definitely where it needed to be. i'm always -- i'm a former raininger aranger as well. the more death we can bring on our enemies, hey, i'll all about shock and awe, right? in this specific chase, we have 1,000 isis-inspired domestic you know fbi investigations that director wray mentioned in december of 2017. so that threat is still there as
4:19 am
well. you've got to look at operation inherent resolve. march of this year we demembershippished -- 50% we reduced the air strikes against the fight of isis. targets are being limited now. we don't have as many targets. but the syrian forces backed by the u.s., they took some of the forces, realigned them to the northern border of syria and turkey. it's a fluid situation. man, it's difficult to make the finite decisions and evaluate it. >> you talk about death and destruction of our enemies. i'm all with you. the question is which enemy? as it pertains to syria, there are almost no good options. if you want to tap out isis, which this administration has said is the focus, then not toppling al-assad may not be part of it. what about iran that supports syria and wants to destroy israel. what would be the next step you would take if you had a chris
4:20 am
calcrystalball? >> very difficult to answer. i always go to the word of god, pete. i love your word about iran and russia's influence in syria. at the end of the day, god's chosen people are israel. we in the united states of necker need to keep that at the forefront and rec recognize thas our biggest ally and we will defend israel at all costs. that goes to your points of striking the balance. with striking syria because of the influence of iran and russia but then also having the fight against isis and other islamic extremist organizations that want to do harm against the united states adds well. >> ira their eye is on the ball. thank you very much. appreciate your time. >> have a good one, pete. was the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail botch snd democrats noed?
4:21 am
democrats not looking forward to comey's interview either. next.
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
. come news by the numbers for you. first, $250 million, how much the committee is devoting to the election strategy. preserving the party's house majority for the rest of president trump's term. strikes me as the right approach. they're going tore impeachment if they tyke the house 206 million, how many eggs farmers are recalling after salmonella films and finally $890 million, toy tycoon submitting a bid to
4:25 am
buy toys "r" us, looking to buy more than 200 of the locations in the united states and most of the stores in canada thank you. well in the heat of the 2016 presidential election jim comey calling this now infamous press conference regarding the clinton investigation. >> although we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive highly classified information. >> well now in his new book coming out this week, the former fbi director explains his thought process at that time. >> but our next says says e kree nows move was one of the many reasons that the fbi botched the investigation. joining us now, the author of "the unmaking of the president 2016". laney davis. good morning. how are you? >> good morning.
4:26 am
fine. sober. >> you say that we have not one but two violations of due process. this is what you shared documents with the doj's inspector general. >> correct. >> explain to us what you've laid out. >> that quote is a firing offense. there isn't a federal procourt or a state attorney general or a state prosecutor that would say that a detective or an investigator, much less an fbi director is allowed to characterize evidence without an indictment. there's an expression in the justice department. we don't shame without charges. james comey violated that rule. she should have been fired then by loretta lynch and president obama. >> you were calling for james comey's firing back under the obama years. i want to read to reminded our audience the james comey letter in 2016 to congress which was the reopening of the clinton e-mail investigation. it says the fbi learned of the
4:27 am
existence of e-mails that appear to be the pertinent to the investigation. i agree the fbi should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these e-mails. you say that is one example of violating due process, right? >> more than -- yes, it's a violation of due process to reveal what an investigator is doing in a federal investigation. it is also a firing offense to publicly reveal what you're doing in a v criminal investigation. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein say it's a false choice to say conceal versus speak. a federal investigator must be silent for an indictment so someone can get due process. moreover, mr. comey is lying when he says he was quote obligated to write that letter because he promised congress. that's a false statement and knowing a falls statement is a lie. he knows all he said to congress was i will quote look at new
4:28 am
information. he never said i will turn over something to you where i haven't looked. had he looked first we now know it took six days to determine there was nothing there and hillary clinton would be president. but he's now lying on all of his television interviews, including tonight on abc where he says he was quote obligated to do so because he promised congress. that is a knowing false hood because he knows the facts and i call it a lie. >> let me ask you, because james comey also raises some questions about attorney general loretta lynch you actually say that she should have fired comey, is that correct? >> well, she recused herself because of the unfortunate visit that occurred on the airstrip in phoenix. but deposit any general sally yates could have picked up the phone and ordered comey not to send his letter.
4:29 am
she knowingly chose not to and for the rest of her life she will know it's on her hands that we have donald trump as president because she could have ordered comey not to send the letter. and comey himself knew that he violated over 50 years of justice department policy by doing anything within 11 days of a presidential election that could impact the election. but you know what? comey gets to decide which rules to follow and which rules not to. you know why? because he's james comey and that should not be -- he's an fbi director reporting to the deputy attorney general, the attorney general and the president. he's not a power unto himself. >> all right. well you mentioned that interview on abc airing tonight, george stephanopoulos accepting down with former fbi director james comey. and in one of the questions, i don't know if you've seen this specific part, he asked james comey about the decision to reopen the clinton e-mail investigation and whether or not the polling or thinking that hillary clinton was going to ultimately win had an impact on
4:30 am
his decision. let's play some of that. >> at some level wasn't the decision to reveal influenced by your assumption that hillary clinton was going win? >> it must have been. i don't remember consciously thinking about that but it must have been. i was operating in a world where hillary clinton was going to beat donald trump. >> what did you make of his answer though? a lot of eyebrows have been raised from that. >> only a narcissist who thinks he's above everybody and he gets to decide what to do would answer that way. and it's disgusting that we have an fbi director who puts himself above the law, above the attorney general and the president. he gets to decide what's best for the country that he didn't want hillary clinton to be elected without writing a speculative letter that six days later turned out to be about nothing. i respect comey for standing up to donald trump who asked for personal loyalty, an offense against the constitution in my judgment.
4:31 am
the only thing i respect about comey. everything else is a renegade narcissist who is still a, and s well, above the law. they get to do whatever they want to do to protect themselves and what he was doing is protecting his political rear end with the republicans because he thought the hillary clinton was going to get elected. >> lanny thank you very much. still coming up. where is melania, the first lady has only been on one magazine cover since taking office. are editors turning a blind eye? >> and david bossie on comey, syria, there he is, much more coming up. of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra.
4:32 am
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4:35 am
. and we are back with a fox news alert. we're getting a better look at the targets hit by the u.s.-led air strikes in syria. >> this as the pentagon is revealing more details about the operation that crippled syria's chemical weapons program. >> lucas tollefson is live at the pentagon to explain. >> over a hundred ally missiles landed within minutes of each other, launched from warships and jets stretching from the mediterranean to the persian gulf. >> we've successfully destroyed three buildings in metropolitan
4:36 am
damascus. >> this is going to set the syrian chemical weapons program back for years. >> the satellites photos show three chemical weapons facilities obliterated. storage sites also destroyed neanear homes. a pair of b-1 bombers fired 19 stand-off missiles for the first time in combat. and launching tomahawk missiles from the me mediterranean. the monterey fired 30 tomahawks from the red sea. in the persian golf, launching 23 missiles and about 23 missiles in total were fired into syria from french and british forces. and general mackenzie said russia's air defense system remains silent but assad's
4:37 am
service fired missiles wildly into the air after targets were destroyed. we're going to bring in david bossie, author of the book "let trump be trump ." >> first time on the weekend show we've had you on the coach. >> it's awesome. my daughter played at carnegie hall last night with her high school orchestra. >> and your father is right there. >> yeah. >> we're going to wave at him. >> great day to be here. >> we want to get your response to the president's approach on syria. folks on the left, folks on the right have different views. he says this is the right approach. >> it's certainly a measured approach. a show of strength by this president. he's enforcing obama's weak red line. we all know what obama did or didn't do. this president is saying enough is enough. and it goes to -- and i get very
4:38 am
cautious about this because the democrats have played politics with our relationship with russia over the last 15 months and it is a dangerous game. they continu continuously say hs coordinating with putin. he is coordinating with the russians. it's really dangerous when you get to this level here. because missile starts flying and you know, the president has to now prove how tough he is to the democrats and it's a dangerous game. the democrats are irresponsible and have been for the last year and a half. >> the president tweeted in response to the air strikes yesterday, in the beginning of it really thanking the military for the job they did. a strong tweet i thought for what they did but in the end saying mission accomplished. at that point as you can imagine, the media went a little wild over this. watch this. >> the tweet declaring mission accomplished because saying that always works well for presidents. >> mission accomplished, not a
4:39 am
great historical reference. >> mission accomplished not a wise thing to tweet. >> what does mission accomplished mean. >> that's an interesting choice of words. >> we can talk about mission accomplished and whether or not he should have tweeted that but more important by the t focus of the media. >> it's all they have. the media, the mainstream media hates this president and it is -- it just -- they continue to show it. and so he says mission accomplished for that exact mission. it wasn't a bigger, broader tweet. it was something about the attack on the syrian chemical weapons operation. and our diminishing of it. and i think that's really what this is about and they want to blow it up into something it's not. >> we're both from washington so we got to talk about james comey. front and center. >> do we have to? >> this is james comey referring to president trump as a mob boss. he says this president is unethical and untethered to
4:40 am
truth and institutional vales. his leadership is transactional, ego driven and about personal loyalty. i had flack backs to my earlier career of a prosecutor against the mob. a boss in complete control, the us versus them. goes on to compare him to bravado. >> this is a disgusting display by james comey. i worked with james comey back 20-plus years ago. i know mr. comey. this is -- and he knows better than that. because back on a case that we were working on together, then fbi director luis free had almost 100 people who took the fifth amendment or fled the county as it related to an investigation of bill clinton. it was a case i was working own and we had -- it ended up being 130 people takin taking the fifr fleeing the country. that's what the mob does.
4:41 am
and he compared the clinton white house to the mob, that's what they did. make people flee. how many people have done that in this case. exactly zero. there is no comparison. this guy is doing it to sell a book. it's salacious that he's talking about giving the president an apple on his desk on inauguration day. it's full of garbage. it belongs on the fiction shelf and i'm sorry that james comey has really lowered his stature and his standing and the standing of the fbi in my opinion. >> and the timing of it. he used to run the fbi. you think about the release and the timing of this book while the investigations are still going on. >> it's dangerous for the prosecution. the prosecutors have to be looking into this book saying very -- with some nerves. because they can -- books like this can put convictions in jeopardy and that's the one thing. why this book doesn't have a lot of facts in it. it has a lot of opinion, have a lot of bravado and his own ego,
4:42 am
james comey's ego attacking the president because he simply doesn't like him. and that's unfortunately what this comes down to. it's an ax to grind. nothing more. >> and he said out loud what the whole establishment thought, he assumed hillary clinton was going to be president. >> and i like george stephanopoulos look at where he went to go do the interview. george steph nobody loushe was . >> that's james comey. has nothing to do with george. has everything to do with what comey is doing and how hi's doing it. his whole rollout is political. almost like a campaign for a politician. >> thanks you for being here president trump putting putin on notice with the strikes in syria. so are we on a collision course towards another cold war with
4:43 am
russia. plus, reverend franklin grand, marra ey maria bartiromoa carter live, all coming up live. don't go anywhere.
4:44 am
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4:46 am
. welcome back. well the white house putting putin on notice following the strikes against syria. >> our message to russia is yen u ooh oreyou're on the wrong sif history. >> russia has had four years to get this out of syria and failed to do that. >> we call on russia to take a hard look at the company it keeps. >> putin firing back saying, quote, the u.s. makes the already catastrophic humanitarian situation in syria even worse and brings suffering to civilian ps current escalation around syria is destructive for the entire international system. so are we on collision course towards another cold war with
4:47 am
russia. here to break it down is harry. so these strikes, are they narrowly tanarrowly tailored? >> they are. but anytime we're striking targets close to russian forces, there's a danger of e escalation was worried about an accident where precision-guided missions that we use would accidentally kill russian soldiers or mercenaries that are operating there. and we have to remember, the russians have a large force in syria. we're not just talking about troops. they have air defenses. even have super sonic bombers in syria. so the amount and different types of way they could escalate would have been dramatic. >> a number of russians there helping to assist assad but also helping to fight isis. it's a complicated delicate
4:48 am
situation we're dealing with. and president trump having to find the balance. what is the best advice you have for the president understanding this situation. he's made it clear he wants to work with russia because there are important issues that we need them on, north korea or syria, for example, but at the same time they continue to lie through their teeth. >> all of the bombs in the world are not going to solve the syrian civil war. syria is a destroyed country. there are millions of refugees displayed within syria. the casualties are so bad that different international monitoring groups have given up trying to figure out what the casualty count is. what the united states needs to do is work with russia, iran, anybody what would be willing to sit down with us and figure out a way to end the civil war. this is a cancer among the middle eetion and disstabilizing the region. countries have more refugees in their population than their citizenry. there is a challenge that we need to figure out. >> do you think russia will respond other than their political statements?
4:49 am
>> they have top russia at this point has to make a choice. they want to be a responsible stakeholder or a rogue nation. not a position they want to be in. >> vladimir putin, his biggest regret is that the ussr was dissolved and this is a guy with a lot of ambition. thank you for your time. well, what happens when a gun right rights advocate gets d to speak at marjory stoneman douglas high school. he gets turned down. at least that happened to charlie kirk. here next. and reverend franklin graham is here live next hour. another two big hours to go on this show. >> always goes by too fast.
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
welcome back. good rights advocate. >> you got it. >> charlie kirk invited to speak to students at marjory douglas stoneman high school about the second amendment and their rights but then school administrators stepped? >> kirk writing this it seems there's been a decision to not let me on campus. however if i was advocating for gun co confiscation, things woud be different. >> here to tell us what about, executive director charlie kirk. dagood to have you on. you were invited to speak about gun right rights and then what? >> i was invited by a group of students at marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida and you know we wanted to have a conversation, not just about gun rights, not just about natural rights, the constitution. but also solutions. my mission would not have been to offend. i didn't want to make anyone
4:54 am
feel uncomfortable. but instead inform. here's what really troubles me. every since that horrific shooting, the national conversation predominantly from students at that school has been about gun confiscation, taking people's guns away. when in reality we looked at the failure of the fbi, the nail your of the local police. there's a lot of reforms and conversation that needed to happen around this and unfortunately the administration interceded and said that i would not be allowed to come on campus to an optional after-school event where students would not be forced to attend and i think that's a little disappointing. there's another side of the story that needs to be heard her. >> you thit key points, optional after-school event, invited by students. we all understand what happened at marjory stoneman douglas. but if you're going to have there a conversation about solutions why would you be blocked when a gun co confiscatn group or anti-second amendment
4:55 am
group wouldn't be? >> it's the philosophy among the teachers of a gun con fie occasion left world view. fi was ad vo it kag for the gun narrative, i don't think i would have been disinvited. it would have been optional, after school, and i was invited by students. i'm not trying to impose myself upon the students. i was reached out to by a group of students. i communicated with students that messaged me and said charlie, i don't agree with you politically but i want to hear your perspective. more speech is going to solve it. not disinvitation of speakers or the blocking of ideas. >> let me turn to you my topic. some antifa folks stormed a conference in chicago and started a fire. what's up with that? your conference, right? >> antifa started the fire yesterday.
4:56 am
protesters and thugs came to our conference yesterday and started a fire and some were charged and arrested. look, the left hates the idea that there are other ideas. and we were just trying to peacefully train our student leaders from all across the midwest and the spoiled brats had to come here and tried to disrupt and cause commotion and chaos. you look at what the left is trying to do. they feel so uncomfortable in their own life they try to ruin conservative's capacities to be able to train our advance ouredr ideas. they're supposed to come back today and we're going to use local police and every tool that we have at our disposal to keep them from preventing the event. >> they're so tough that they wear masks. >> only cowards wear masks in public. >> good luck today. appreciate it. coming up, president trump tweeting moments ago and once again calling james comey a slimeball. ed henry will weigh in and tell us about the growing rift
4:57 am
between comey and mccabe as well. reverend frank lir franklind sara carter, a full hour to go. stick with us. because looking good on stage is one thing.
4:58 am
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♪ abby: a brand-new video coming in showing a u.s. fast attack submarine launching missiles from the mediterranean sea striking targets in satisfactor. >> our message was crystal clear clear: the united states is locked and loaded. >> some lawmakers accusing president trump of failing to get congressional approval ahead of the attacks as other claims he didn't need to it. >> i think defending people that we have in the region is probably enough of a reason under article 2. >> a damning new report by the d.o.j. inspector general blasts andrew mccabe for misleading investigators. >> you have presidential political appointees calling the number 2 at the f.b.i. essentially saying give hillary a pass. that's in the ig report. that's the real bombshell. >> ousted f.b.i. director james
5:01 am
comey gets ready to release a tell-all book. >> and we're continuing to get more pieces, some of them are raising a lot of highbrows. >> i was operating in a world where hillary clinton was going to beat donald trump. >> this guy is the founder of the feast when it comes to political spin. abby: welcome to "fox & friends" on this sundays morning. we begin with a fox news alert as the world reacts to the u.s. and its allies for striking syria, u.s. ambassador nikki haley is standing strong on that decision. >> the state is locked and loaded. when our president draws a red line, our president enforces the red line. we call on russia to take a hard look at the company it keeps and live up to its responsibilities as a permanent member of the council. griff: this as the united nations turns down russia's proposal to chemical the u.s. and allies for the air strikes. pete: the missile launches targeting three chemical weapons
5:02 am
sights in syria punishing the assad regime for the chemical weapons attack on its own people people. here to react this morning we're going to bring in heather nowart nowart. heather, good morning. thanks for being here. first of all, the latest message from the state department on these strikes in syria. >> well, syria and russia can become responsible members of society. syria can first and foremost avoid further action on the part of the u.s. and its allies by declaring and getting rid of its stockpiles of chemical weapons. we have watched and seen for far too long as bashar al-assad has continued to use chemical weapons on his own people, 500,000 now have been killed since this war started. pete: heather, the previous administration said 100 percent that they'd gotten rid of it, the chemicals were out, that russia had helped them do so. did that never happen or -- >> russia was supposed to help them do that. russia and syria, by the way,
5:03 am
along with 192 other countries are signatories to the chemical weapons convention. that means that countries are not supposed to possess chemical weapons because obviously we can see the deadly results when those weapons are used against people. so russia and syria can stop using those. russia can stop backing bashar al-assad. that needs to happen now in order to avoid further action. and they need to stop attacking their own people in syria. griff: heather, what is your take, then, on russia's response response? clearly the syrian regime got the message loud and clear in the form of 105 missiles, but what is your take on whether the russians are going to get in line now? >> well, russia needs to do that that. this administration has been holding russia to account from day one. we have had many rounds of sanctions on russia for its meddling in the u.s. elections, for what its done in ukraine and other countries around the world world. also, the united states has imposed sanctions upon russian companies that have provided her
5:04 am
parents and other materials to the syrian regime. without russia's backing, syria would not be able to kill its innocent civilians. russia is responsible for this, and that's why we've tried all the diplomatic options, there are still more diplomatic options ahead of us that we can employ three the gossamer haley at the united nations but also through the european union and getting more allies on board with us. our acting secretary of state has spent a lot of time on the phone working with our allies and partners around the world, and they agree with us. many other countries agree with us that this has to set up now. abby: the president made that clear in his speech to the nation on friday night directly to russia. this is a moment where you need to make that decision. as you know, the president likes communicating oftentimes through twitter, as he has about what's going on in syria. he tweeted earlier in the week, and yesterday in response to the air strikes. and part of the tweet that's been getting hammered by many in the media when he ended it saying "mission accomplished."
5:05 am
your reaction to all that? >> yeah. saying that is an acknowledgment that the strikes worked. not a single loss of american or allied life. taking out three facilities that not only hosted but tested these chemical weapon, that in and of itself is a success. talking to our many allies and many other counterparts around the world including turkey, china, and others is an acknowledgment of the success right now of this. there could be more to come if syria doesn't get in the line, if it doesn't stop killing its own people, and if it doesn't get rid of its chemical weap.ns pete: heather, you know, time and time again we herding the administration yesterday say the policy is not regime change. they're not looking to topple assad. at the same time this morning, you're calling on the russians to stop supporting assad. what is, then, the policy in that region to bring this violence to an end that serves american interests, which this president ran on america first? >> certainly. and let's remember why the united states and its coalition
5:06 am
partners backed by 73 countries and entities, by the way, is in syria. we are all together in syria for the sole defeat of isis. but when you see a monster attacking his own people, it is incumbent upon the united states to act. so that is why we did this. now, in terms of solving the entire problem in syria, how do we do that? the united states and many other countries believe in the geneva process. that means that it's backed by a gentleman called stefan demastur demastura and that means a political solution eventually for syria. it's a lopping way off, but it means eventually syria can rebuild itself and that the syrian people have the right to decide who they want to lead their country. we're not calling for regime change. we believe that syrians need to make that choice. hard to imagine that syrians would want to choose bashar al-assad, but that's the overall process, the geneva process, something we abby: it seems like medicates is all on the same page when it comes to the mission and air strikes in syria. but you listen to members of
5:07 am
congress, and they seem to be all over the place map. i want to just give you a couple examples. this is chuck schumer who says, "appropriate be be careful." lindsey graham says "i fear this strike will be seen as a weak military response." justin amash says un unconstitutional, illegal, and reckless." and finally representative massey says "i haven't read france's or russia's constitution, but i've read ourselves, and nowhere does it say presidential authority to strike syria." your response, mixed reactions? >> a few words about that, article 2 of the constitution, the president has the ability, the authority, and the right to defend american interests. and that's exactly what we were doing. and we were backed by our allies as well. i mean, that has been clear all along. griff: heather, the message that was sent was that president trump is not going to tolerate bullies. and we have seen that under the obama administration's failure to bring syria under wraps, it has emboldened north korea,
5:08 am
china, others. what is the message and how does this impact players like north korea? >> well, i think this is a great example of the world acting together to say "you know what? there's this thing called the chemical weapons convention, and with 192 signatories, countries better start complying with that that." that is something that's become very clear to countries around the world. we saw how north korea used chemical weapons to kill kim jong-un's half-brother not that long ago. the united states found them in defiance of that, north korea, that is. and so i think you see the world coming together on that, and of course not long ago we saw that russia had used chemical weapons on our ally, the british, through poisoning of the gentleman and his daughter. so this is something that's really come to the forefront again. and we hope that other countries are watching. we think they're matching. abby: heather, you think about your job every single day and the challenges we face internationally, whether it is north korea, whether trying to denuclearize iran, whether it is trying to find a solution in
5:09 am
syria. in the work you do every day, what is the number one issue you think that keeps the administration up at night? what scares them the most. >> i think you see these rogue actors, rogue actors continuing to create destabilization throughout the world. and some of the chief parties among them include russia. also iran. we haven't talked about iran yet today. you see iran's backing of hezbollah and other fighter groups in syria causing further problems for the syrian people. you see iran involved every single day in yemen, where people are suffering there. women and children so badly. and it's an issue that we don't talk about enough in the world community. it's something that the united states has sent a lot of humanitarian aid to the people of yemen as a result perform so we see iran as a destabilizing factor, and that's one of the things that this administration has chosen to do. other administrations failed to do this in the past. look at iran through the totality of its bad actions around the world, and we see that clear every single day in syria, what they are doing and
5:10 am
the misery they're causing. pete: and potentially a change in their policy toward iran and the iran deal. another deadline coming up. what is your hedge, heather, this morning to supporters of the president who say "we elected him for his america first foreign policy that would mean less involvement in the middle east," yet they see these strikes and entanglements. how do you balance that? >> i'm glad you asked that. look. this is america first. keeping america safe. but america is not safe when there's destabilization across the world. so when you see someone like bashar al-assad acting, there are things that we have to do about this as the united states of america. not only is the morally right thing and not only does the united states and her allies have a responsibility to lead, that's what america does best, but this ultimately keeps america safe as well. griff: heather, you keep mentioning our allies. this is prime minister theresa may's first such action. she did it without the approval
5:11 am
of parliament. emanuel macaroni standing with trump. what is the message there? >> that's funny because some people around the world say the united states has lost its allies, that the united states has not taken a leadership position. this shows the exact opposite of that. we can have disagreements with our closest allies, the u.k. and france about other matters, but when it comes down to it we all stand together. you saw that in our actions in the united kingdom. you saw that when the united states kicked out 60 dip- -- excuse me -- spies from russia here in the united states. abby, your dad knows that far too well and the sacrifices our people have made at our embassy and posts in russia as well. the united states stands behind our allies, and that is something that's very abby: a lot on your plate, heather. great having you this morning. great to see you. griff: have a good rest of the sunday. the president asking the nation to join him in prayer after taking diving action in syria. reverend franklin graham says the president understands the power of prayer.
5:12 am
he joins us just ahead. pete: and the d.o.j. inspector general report revealing explosive details on how andrew andy mccabe lied to investigators. but does it also show a growing dispute between the former f.b.i. director and his boss, james comey? ed henry to weigh in. he's been every. ♪ and could be on the journey to much worse. try parodontax toothpaste. it's clinically proven to remove plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums. for healthy gums and strong teeth. leave bleeding gums behind with parodontax toothpaste. we're finally back out in our yard, but so are they. introducing scotts turf builder triple action. it kills weeds, prevents crabgrass and feeds so grass can thrive, guaranteed. our backyard is back. this is a scotts yard. i had a very minor fender bender tonight! in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane.
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5:16 am
in other words, he was making decisions based on the fact that he thought she was going to win, and he wanted a job. slimeball," exclamation point. abby: the big question in comey comey's badly reviewed book aren't answered like how come he gave up classified information, jail, why did he lie to congress jail, why did the d.n.c. refuse to give server to the f.b.i., why did they take it, why the phony memories, mccabe's 700,000 and more. griff: here to react, fox news's chief national correspondent ed henry. good morning. ed: good morning. abby: ed, you are no slimeball in our ed: i wanted to be there in new york, but i was tired of winning against pete. abby: relax those muscles. pete: he's going after comey hard this morning. ed: yeah. remember when i was on the couch with the three of you on easter sunday and i predicted to you from sources inside the government they were telling me that james comey's book tour was going to be interrupted by something very important. inspector general reports by michael horowitz at the justice department.
5:17 am
we saw round 1 with the report about andrew mccabe. we could talk about that in a minute. but here's the point. there are more reports coming from michael horowitz, one in particular that looks at james comey, f.b.i. officials, what was happening with the clinton email investigation. and so the manuscripts, he's going to be out there kicking things off officially tonight, james comey with his version of events. but there are a lot of people, not just the president, going after james comey, challenging him on the facts. and remember, he's under oath before chuck grassley and other members of congress and the senate in recent months over the last year or so saying things like "i had nothing to do with leaks." he said that under oath when even andrew mccabe, his former number 2 is saying that's not really true. griff: we're also talking about faith in institutions, and what does it say about the f.b.i. that its director was baking in an assumed political outcome and making decisions, at some level consciously or subconsciously as a result of that assumed outcome
5:18 am
outcome? >> it's completely unbelievable and shows why what the president has been doing is attacking the leadership of the f.b.i., not the men and women who are on the front lines fighting terrorism, fighting crime. they shouldn't have people at the top who are lying and are making decisions based on politics. here's another thing. james comey admits in the book that he didn't tell the president that the dossier, the anti-trump dossier, was paid for by the d.n.c. and the clinton campaign. why did he omit that fact? unbelievable. griff: ed, let me clue our viewers in. as you all know it's often in the footnotes in these reports where we learn the real truth and actually we'll juth put up on the screen a quick quote from the footnote wherein we see mccabe and company at odds over who's lying about what. it says "in a letter submitted by mccabe's counsel after reviewing a draft of this report mccabe argues that the oig should credit mr. mccabe's act over mr. comey's and complains
5:19 am
that the report paints director comey as a white knight carefully guarding f.b.i. information." ed: what's interesting is that andrew mccabe the former number 2 in his defense, he's saying i'm sick and tired of basically of the idea that james comey is this, quote, unquote, white knight couched and cast in the mainstream media as this perfect individual, when andrew mccabe was on the inside and seems to know better. how is it that andrew mccabe, james comey's number 2, and then lanny davis on the left, and david bossie on the right, are all coming together on the idea that they don't think james comey's portrayal in the media is true and they don't think he's been truthful? how is it that from left to right, people in his own office, the number 2 at the f.b.i., all challenging him on the facts? that's pretty remarkable. abby: i don't think i've seen anyone so loved and so hated by both sides of the aisle. it is fascinating. so president trump up tweeting this morning, and his next one is directed at loretta lynch. and remember that tarmac meeting as he often talk about between bill clinton and loretta lynch. he writes, "comey throws a.g.
5:20 am
lynch under the bus. why can't we all find out what happened on the tarmac in the back of the plane with wild bill and lynch? was she promised a supreme court seat or a.g.? give us all a break." we don't have information from that ig report. some bad stuff might have come out. actually james comey alluded to that in the book. ed: yeah, we want to know what happened on the tarmac. we still don't know. loretta lynch did an interview with nbc news this week. what did she say among other things? she challenged james comey in telling the truth and said that when he claimed, oh, i had to go out there and claim that loretta lynch called it a matter, not an investigation, she says he never complained about that privately, contrary to what he said, but he never made that an issue. so why is it that all these people on the democratic side are saying he doesn't tell the truth? pete: it's always difficult when you find courage after the fact. abby: still a lot more to come. ed, good to see you this morning morning. keep winning. ed: all right, i will.
5:21 am
pete: keep winning? i want to win once in a while. still ahead, former president obama drawing a red line in 2012 when it came to syrian chemical weapons, but it's president trump who's taking decisive action. former senator joe lieberman here to respond to all of this coming up. you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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5:25 am
pete: use often. here to react a sage himself, former senator joe lieberman from the great state of connecticut, former presidential candidate as well as and chairman of united against nuclear iran. senator, thanks for being here. >> thank you. abby: a lot of news this morning morning. great to have you on the couch to get your pete: you have been focused on american intervention and interests in that region for a long time. what do you make of the president's approach in syria? >> well, first i'm appreciative that he responded, because part of why we're in the trouble we're in in syria now is that president obama drew a red line on chemical weapons, assad crossed the red line, and then nothing happened, and that was an invitation to keep it going more. so let's say first thank you, president trump, you responded, you did it with the english and the french, and it was twice as powerful as last year's. now, in that sense -- i'm not going to quibble about "mission accomplished." i think it was pretty clear that the president meant the mission that he gave at commander-in-chief to our troops
5:26 am
in this case was accomplished. obviously we didn't wipe out their chemical weapons. so this is in a way giving them a third chance to prove that they're not going to use them. and we have to be ready to go back in if they do. the one part of this that bothered me was the statement from the defense department the one time that these raids were carried out in a way that would not affect foreign militaries in syria. and that means iran and russia. well, in my opinion, we complete the mission. in other words, we get their chemical weapons facilities, and if it affects, if it hits some russians or iranian troops, that's their fault, not ours, 'cause they don't belong there. pete: great point. abby: you hear from a lot of lawmakers in reaction to this upset that the president didn't get congressional approval for these air strikes. i'd love your take on that. do you think the president should have asked congress? i mean, i hear a lot of their
5:27 am
responses. they're all over the map. i'm not sure that he would have been even able to get their approval at the end of the day. how does that all play out? >> no. ivan through that, i was 24 years had the privilege of being in the senate. there was a lot military action. article 2 of the constitution makes very clear that the president as commander-in-chief can act when he deems that our national interests is at stake. can you imagine what would have happened if the president went to congress, congress would have to debate the resolution -- abby: didn't obama do that and he punted it to congress? >> well, in a way president obama said that he was going to have to go to congress, and then they kind of reached a conclusion before debate really got going that congress wouldn't be supportive. i thought that was a real failure of leadership. in my opinion, if president obama had acted then and struck the syrian chemical facilities, it would have succeeded, that mission would have been accomplished, and it would have
5:28 am
been very popular, including with members of congress. i mean, if you're president, you got to be a leader. and so you can't wait for a long congressional debate when somebody like assad, supported by the russians and the iranians has used chemical weapons. it could have taken weeks. pete: weeks is fast for congres. >> weeks is fast for congress. griff: there was broad support back during the obama administration from democrats and republicans to enforce that red line. let me ask you this, senator. one of the things that it appears the administration tried to do is to strike a balance between getting us entangled in another quagmire like the bush years for which a lot of experience back in those days when you were senator and on the foreign relations committee. >> right. griff: and also sending the message that president obama didn't, which is you got to stop this, and that message goes not just to syria, it goes to russia and iran. >> so this raises a larger series of questions. and they're not easy ones.
5:29 am
i mean, the fact is that at the beginning of this, seven years ago, 2011, the syrian people rose up as part of the so-called arab spring, unlike in tunisia and in egypt where there was also arab spring uprising where the military didn't turn their guns on the people. in syria assad directed his military to start killing the syrian people. that was before he used chemical weapons. and almost a half million, probably more, have been killed. millions of refugees, including a lot of those flowing into europe over the years since then then. so the question is, can we avoid trying to -- and then russia jumped in, saw an opportunity to get back in the middle east, as we were laying back, which is a terrible situation for us. so -- griff: so how far does our engagement go? >> look. i think this should end with assad out and russia and iran push back.
5:30 am
president trump has taken a real strong -- abby: how do you get us out? doesn't it become our responsibility? and we've already seen how that played out in iraq. >> well, that's a tough challenge. we don't want to get involved in a ground war. we can use our air power more to totally obliterate assad's syrian air force. we've got to really talk strength to the russians. the iranians are impossible to talk to because they're our implacable enemy. president trump's taken a real strong leadership role against the iranians. he's got a decision in may -- pete: is he going to scrap the iran deal, do you believe? >> well, our allies agreed to work with him against the iranians to change it. cutting out the sunset which says after ten years, less than that, they can build nuclear weapons. the second is they've got to agree to let the international inspectors go into the iranian military facilities, which, if there's someplace they're
5:31 am
cheating, and i worry they are, that's where it's going to be. i don't think the iranians are going to do that. i hope the president will pull out of the agreement. it's a bad agreement. and we have to confront the rest of the world with a choice. do you want to do business in the united states, or do you want to do business in iran? that's an easy choice for the rest of the world. griff: we'll see if that happen. abby: with a book out "with liberty and justice." >> right. basically and briefly this is very different. it's about the importance of law in a society. and i base it on the bible. abby: that's good timing. >> the trip of the children of israel being liberated from freedom in egypt but it takes them a mt. sinai to get the ten commandments. and it's a message to us, freedom is not enough, we need good laws. griff: it's going to be a great read. senator joe lieberman. >> comey is facing the fire from all sides like from former
5:32 am
clinton counsel lanny davis. that's coming up. so in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at" who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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5:36 am
be apolitical, but this is such an interesting person, because he is so loved and so hated by both sides of the political aisle. you just look at the show we've had this morning, we've had republicans, we've had democrats all giving their reaction to the book that's coming out and the interview that will air tonight on abc. one of those former special counsels to former president clinton -- pete: one of the clinton lawyer. abby: we asked him, because he called for comey to be fired under the obama years and he had some very strong years, and we spoke to him earlier on the show about james comey. here's how that went. >> only a narcissist who thinks he's above everybody and he gets to decide who to do. it's disgusting that we have an f.b.i. director who puts himself above the law, above the attorney general and the president, he gets to decide what's best for the country, that he didn't want hillary clinton to be elected without writing a speculative letter that six days later turned out to be about nothing.
5:37 am
what he was really doing was his political rear end with the republicans 'cause he thought that hillary clinton was going to get elected. griff: what our viewers may remember is back during the clinton years in the nineties, lanny davis was one of the most fervent supporters of the administration and a lawyer at the very center of the special counsel, and now he is saying -- and, by the way, i don't know how many times he called james comey a narcissist, but he's really speaking out and obviously making the point that not once but on two separate occasions in a press conference and in the letter revealing the clinton investigation that comey violated due process. really, it's not just weighing in on an opinion to get yourself on tv. this was a strong position by lanny pete: and the president is commenting on all of this as well this morning with a new tweet. he said, "i never asked comey for personal loyalty. i hardly even knew this guy. just another of his many lies. his, quote, memos are self- self-serving and fake."
5:38 am
so a lot of people feeling like you wrote memos when you met with president obama, no memos when you met with president obama, you assumed hillary clinton was going to win. even if he felt like he was doing things right, clearly felt above the law and his finger on the scale. abby: so the memos that you are referring to members of the g.o.p. and lawmakers are asking for the release of those memos of what he wrote down after his private meetings with the president. interesting reading that tweet from president trump of how few times they actually spent together in private and how much was written about in the book even personally about the president, against the president about his appearance, about things that he said to him. and also remind you there's no such thing as a private conversation anymore. no longer. griff: a quick note about those memos, the f.b.i. has only allowed a few republicans to see them, they can't get a copy of it and they can't even take notes when they're showed the memos. the president is really striking a tone that we should see in the name of transparency those memos approximate to put them .ut abby: more to come. pete: a gigantic counterpunch in the form of tweets this morning against james comey and his
5:39 am
offensive. listen, the so-called mainstream media is going to go wall to wall on this. abby: i do want to bring other headlines this morning. house majority with steve scalia is reportedly backing kevin mccarthy for speaker of the house. representative's office telling politico scalia is focused on keeping a conservative agenda moving forward this as retiring house speaker paul ryan announcing his endorsement for mccarthy in a meet the press interview airing later this morning. >> i fully anticipate handing the gavel over to the next speaker of the house after this term. and i think kevin's going to step.up abby: paul ryan announced last week that he will retire as speaker when his term ends in january. well, magazine editors appear to be turning a blind eye to first lady melania trump. actor james woods getting a lot of attention after tweeting this quote: if the trumps were democrats, melania would be on every cover of every chic women women's magazine every month. pete: true. abby: so far she has only graced vanity fair mexico back in
5:40 am
february 2017. that's it. back during barack obama's presidency michelle appeared on at least 30 u.s. magazine covers during that tim. the left finding it hard to believe that chick-fil-a, a company that prides itself in its christian values is popular in the big apple. dan pifenring a bell, writing an article "chick-fil-a creepy infiltration of new york city." he bashes pervasive christian traditionalism. writing this: when did becoming christian become bad? michael writing, is this a joke? what is creepy, the waffle fries or the chicken? pete: sometimes i just have to lean forward. abby: can't we just appreciate their good chicken? pete: of course. the chick-fil-a sauce is what is to be loved the most. i lick it out of the container. abby: i pete: so good. those elites like the guy at the new yorker, they're running all the tv stations in this island as well. just so you know. abby: and i bet they eat a lot of chicken. pete: except for here. they probably do, hypocrites.
5:41 am
anyway, the president asking the nation to join him in prayer after taking decisive action in syria. >> tonight i ask all americans to say a prayer for our noble warriors and our allies as they carry out their missions. griff: reverend franklin graham says the president understands the power of prayer. he joins us next. ♪ [burke] vengeful vermin. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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5:44 am
pete: following the president's action to strike syria in response to chemical weapons attack, president trump asks the nation to join him in prayer. listen. >> tonight i ask all americans to say a prayer for our noble warriors and our allies, as they carry out their missions. we pray that god will bring comfort to those suffering in syria. we pray that god will guide the whole region toward a future of dignity and of peace.
5:45 am
abby: well, the late billy graham spent decades praying with friends, and his son franklin continues to do that to this day so what does he think about the president's call for prayer? griff: reverend franklin program is the president of samaritan's purse and the evangelistic association. good morning. >> good morning. good to be with you. griff: what do you make of the president's call asking for the nation to join him in prayer? >> well, i appreciate that we have a president that understands prayer and solicits prayer. our country is in trouble, the world is in trouble, and the perplexity of the problems that the president faces every day at home and abroad is just incredible. and we should be praying for him and he asks us to pray for our soldiers and for those that are in harm's way, the syrian people that there be resolution, and at the same time we pray for the president. and the bible tells us to pray
5:46 am
for those that are in authority, not because those that are in authority are perfect people. they're not. they're the gear ember, and that's why god wants us to pray, to pray for the president, all those that are in leadership, and then the president asks us to pray for our soldiers and those that are leading this charge and for the syrian people people. and i just appreciate that we have a man in office that understands the power of prayer and the need for abby: well, and it goes so above politics. you think about prayer at a time when this country feels so divided on almost every single issue. prayer is something that can bring all walks of life together all political backgrounds, all religious beliefs all together in one place. >> no question. and god hears prayer. and if a person, a righteous person praise, the bible says god hears that prayer. so it's important that we do pray. and whether you're a democrat or a republican, the fact is donald trump is the president of the united states.
5:47 am
if he does well, makes good decisions, it benefits all of us as a nation regardless of our political background. we need the president to succeed succeed. at home. we need him to succeed abroad. it's not about winning or losing losing; it's about succeeding for all americans. and so i pray for the president, and i'm proud that he's our president and that he solicits prayer, wants it and understands it. it's a -- well, it's refreshing to have someone like that in power. pete: reverend, your father has prayed with presidents, you have prayed with presidents. i was struck when i watched the president give that speech, he didn't just mention prayer, he didn't just say blood bless america. it's almost like he led the nation in prayer for 30 seconds at the end. is this something you typical see or do you feel like his associations with religious leaders has really emboldened him further to invoke the name of god in the cause of this country. >> you know, the president has not been ashamed of the name of
5:48 am
jesus christ. he hasn't been ashamed of his faith. that's refreshing. and he doesn't mind pastors like myself mentioning the name of jesus christ. and president trump and i think some people have questioned his faith. i'm not going to question his faith, he says he's a christian so i have to believe him and trust him. but he is i think a man who does want god's help. and he wants god's help not only in the presidency, but as he deals with all the world problems and problems here at home, he wants god's hope. and we need to get behind him and support that. i don't support every decision. i don't understand some of the things that he has done. but at the same time he's still my president. and if he succeeds, then my wife and my children and my grandchildren, they're going to benefit from his success. so we all need to get behind that. abby: a message you don't hear
5:49 am
often enough, reverend graham. great to have you on this morning. we all need to hear that. >> thank you. abby: if you read the headlines you'd think that president trump bombed defenseless syrian civilians. so why are some barely mentioning what sparked the strikes to begin with? we are going to report. you can make that decision. griff: and is joe biden closer to a 2020 decision? he just revealed something moments ago. don't move. we'll tell you. ♪ every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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5:52 am
pete: the so-called mainstream media headlines taking on the president for his strikes against syria with barely a mention of the regime's gruesome chemical attack on its own people. griff: here to weigh in staff writer for the federalist debris
5:53 am
paden. brie brie, what do you make of this? >> i think it's very important right off the bat to recognize that the syrian people are very afraid and rightly so. i would be afraid of air strikes in my town even if they were taking out a chemical weapons facility, that's obviously a very scary and terrifying reality that they are living there, and they have been living through seven years of horrible, brutal civil war under a maniacal leader who has no qualms with using chemical weapons against his people repeatedly, even if it snuffs out the lives of children, which is what happened very recently. and so, you know, in perspective i think we have to remember what's going on here, that we are talking about chemical weapons, we are talking about very, very high stakes here. and, you know what? it isn't just chemical weapons. if we zoom out, we can see that, you know, until friday, until president trump started taking this stuff seriously, the only help that the syrian people, you know, had to look forward to was russia potentially helping them and we know how they feel about human rights violations.
5:54 am
they don't care about them. they're notorious for doing this every single day. so, you know, i think it's very important to zoom out and look at the fact that russia has been trying to gain control of this region and say, you know, this overall is not a good thing. pete: brie, you look at these headlines, the usa today headline, "syrian americans worry for families after trump orders air strikes." so syrian american families, these families are already being targeted by the bashar al-assad regime, in addition to being targeted by isis. so wouldn't you welcome american action at some level to try to turn the temperature down or find some resolution in a civil war that sees no end in sight? >> right. well, if i had family over in syria, i would be terrified for them, not just because of the chemical weapons, because precisely because of the air strikes, because of the seven years of horrifying war that they've been under and all of the other brutalities that you've mentioned and the threats that they face from all of the
5:55 am
other parties. overall it's a boiling pot over there. of course you're going to be worried about your family and their safety. and, you know, i think it's perfectly reasonable to be worried about those air strikes that are happening, and it looks like the assad regime is not going to change their tone or their course on this, so i think we can expect more air strikes as was promised to us by, you know, donald trump, by the state department that if they followed through and did chemical weapons again, we would see more air strikes. i think it's perfectly reasonable to be scared of everything that's going on in this situation. overall it's a really, really bad thing. griff: brie, do you see any hypocrisy in the fact these headlines don't mention the fact that president trump is taking this action after president obama failed to enforce his red line? >> yeah. you know, i think a lot of the media coverage has been really reductive, like this is the entire picture of what's going on. like i said, i think we should absolutely zoom out. we absolutely should be talking about the use of chemical weapons that have been used against children.
5:56 am
i remember last week when the media was completely outraged about that. as you have pointed out, that has been put on the back burner to further the media's agenda. but i think we should zoom out further and also say, look, russia's been trying to take control of this region. it's perfectly reasonable for president trump to say, "no, we're not going to let the axis of evil take control of this region that's of strategic interest to the united states." i don't mean to be reductive here, but really we are talking about good and evil. we're talking about the u.s. we're talking about england. we're talking about france. you know, these are three countries who have historically saved the world from tyrants and oppression. and we're talking about russia and we're talking about iran. that's really what we're talking about here, and it is frustrating to see the media focused on the most recent thing focus on the most recent tweet, instead of having any sort of ability to question a perspective on what's really going on. pete: we've got to leave it right there. if you want to be worried about air strikes, should be less worried about the laser-guided air strikes dropped by the assad regime. thanks for your time. >> thank you.
5:57 am
pete: president trump moments ago calling james comey a slimeball again saying he never asked for his loyalty. we'll talk about at the top of the hour. griff: plus a damning new report by the d.o.j. inspector general slamming investigators toothpas. it's clinically proven to remove plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums. for healthy gums and strong teeth. leave bleeding gums behind with parodontax toothpaste. was a success for lastchoicehotels.comign badda book. badda boom. this year, we're taking it up a notch. so in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, ... who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at
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abby: a brand new video coming in showing a u.s. fast attack submarine launching missiles from the mediterranean sea striking targets in syria. >> the president has the ability, the authority, and the right to defend american interest and that's exactly what we were doing. >> our message was crystal clear. the united states is locked and loaded. griff: some lawmakers accusing president trump of failing to get congressional approval ahead of the attacks. >> i think defending people we have in the region is enough. griff: a damming new report by the doj inspector general blasts andrew mccabe for misleading investigators. >> they shouldn't have people at the top who are lying and are making decisions based on
6:01 am
politics. >> ousted fbi director james comey gets ready to release a tell-all book. >> i was operating in a world where hillary clinton was go to beat donald trump. >> this guy is the founder of the beast when it comes to political spin. >> ♪ ♪ abby: you're looking at a live shot of fifth avenue here in new york city, a pretty cold day today. yesterday was beautiful. pete: better than a blizzard in minnesota. griff: true. pete: my flight was canceled so now it's tomorrow morning but that's one of the songs you haven't heard for a while and you're not sad that you haven't heard it. abby: adele, don't criticize her pete: i'm not, i'm criticizing the song. i don't miss it, but it's fine. abby: i've never seen griff just radio silence. griff: because i'm looking for any segway to point out i've
6:02 am
waited all show to point out pete's socks. i absolutely love them. pete: well they're our british allies. the brits are with us on the syrian raid so we're with them. griff: i never had personalized socks but in light of that. pete: they're my breakfast socks still leaving the european union abby: your socks are a thing like when i go and travel the country and go to diners and things people often talk about pete's socks. pete: well what a thing to be known for. abby: it's great to be known for something. griff: appropriate today in honor of britain standing firmly with president trump. pete: that's right we'll start with that fox news alert. taking on the enemy. our own u.n. ambassador nikki haley rips russia and syria over chemical weapons attacks. abby: we are just getting a tweet this morning coming in from president t saying that the syrian raid was so perfectly carried out with such precision that the only way the fake news media could demean was by my use of the term "mission accomplished." i knew they would seize on this but felt it is such a great
6:03 am
military term. it should be brought back, used often. pete: i love that point like we used to say mission accomplished all the time and then one banner with george w. bush and now we can't use it any more? his point is they had a mission, it was executed well and accomplished. abby: you just compare the importance of talking about mission accomplished in a tweet and the air vibes and what happened on the ground in syria and how distracted the media can get today in informing the american people about what matters most to them in their lives it's unbelievable to me. griff: critics saying you shouldn't have said mission accomplished because what if they did it again. well it was made very clear by nikki haley just down the street yesterday what will happen if syria violates yet again chemical weapons. here is what nikki haley said. >> we obliterated the major research facility that it used to assemble weapons of mass murder. the united states is locked and loaded. when our president draws a red
6:04 am
line, our president enforces the red line. we call on russia to take a hard look at the company it keeps and live up to its responsibilities as a permanent member of the council. pete: so russia and along with syria gasses innocent people, then they try to go to the u.n. cash cash abby: they called for the meeting yesterday. pete: russia did to condemn the u.s. , uk and france for taking this action there is the actual vote itself the three voting against it was russia, china and bolivia, a client state of china obviously the u.s. , uk and france who took part of this permanent members of the security council voting to reject an absurd condemnation of what the president did. abby: well we've heard directly from the president now from general james mattis and from the pent yesterday all saying this mission was a success they believe this will hopefully deter bashar al-assad and they say they wiped out much of the
6:05 am
chemical weapons program but lawmakers on the hill are all over the map to give you a little example of this chuck schumer says appropriate but be careful and representative says unconstitutional, illegal, and wreckless so we spoke with heather now income under secretary of state about the mixed responses on capitol hill and whether or not the president should have gotten authority from congress and here is what she told us. >> the president has the ability, the authority and the right to defend american interest and that's exactly what we were doing. look this is america first keeping america safe but america is not safe when there's de stabilization across the world, so when you see someone like bashar al-assad acting there are things that we have to do about this, as the united states of america not only is this the morally right thing and not only does the united states and herbal lies have a responsibility to lead that's
6:06 am
what america does best, but this ultimately keeps america safe as well. pete: the last portion in response to a question about hey , how is this america first foreign policy and i think the reactions from lindsay graham shows you that the president hit the sweet spot so lindsay graham would like to see regime change which means you break it you own it and america didn't vote for president trump because they want more in the middle east. this president has shown he is willing to act, so by enforcing obama's red line it's not just about chemical weapons. sure international norms are important but he didn't get elected to defend international norms either, what's on the horizon a nuclear north korea, an iranian bomb, china building islands in the south china sea? our enemies have to believe when we say we're going to do something we'll do it. president trump inherited a terrible situation from obama so now he's enforcing those red lines in a very narrowly tailored way that hopefully has that result and if assad does it again we'll strike him again.
6:07 am
abby: you'll remember it was just a week ago griff: president trump was talking about pulling out the 2,000 troops on the ground in syria and if you watch his remarks to the nation on friday night you could sense he was torn that he realized how important it was for the united states to act and if they did cross that red line a number of times now and we needed to respond but at the same time it's not the u.s.' responsibility to solve all the problems of middle east that ultimately said it's up to the people in the middle east. griff: and clearly he campaigned on saying listen i'm not an intervention it's, not going to get you tangled up in the war under president bush but at the same time it's now pointed out in president obama's administration what he did is he unleashed the bullies, he unleashed north korea and unleashed russia to invade ukraine, unleashed china to even take a tougher stance to be aggressive in the south china sea something we don't talk much about and now was pointing that out that what he tried to strike is to assure us we're not getting in another long drawn
6:08 am
out war but at the same time we'll stand up to bullies and say no to syrians and send a message to those bullies. you better not be feeling under my administration. abby: by the way this is not an easy thing to do. it's so easy to criticize from outside when you're not actually making these decisions you think about general james mattis and folks that were involved john bolton and president. you had to get that timed so perfectly, right? they're all different types of people on the ground including russians that are helping isis but also helping to defeat isis but helping to prop up assad. if you were to hit a russian on the ground could you imagine what that would escalate into? pete: possibly or tell the russians how about you stop helping assad and if there are russians at the base where you are shooting our jets or gassing people those russians are going to die. tell them up front because you're helping an evil animal assad. that can be donald i think we can punch russia even harder. did russia shoot back at our missiles? nope. because they don't want a show down with the united states of america and i think putin for
6:09 am
all this riding on horses with his shirt off, he knows he can't win a standoff with america today and by reassure setting ourselves we reassure setter the free world's perspective in a place where it hasn't and guess what if america doesn't stand up against chemical weapons and their usage who stops the next deck tate or from doing it? not the resolutions at the u.n. that mean nothing because nobody enforces them because its ultimately and our tomahawks. abby: speaking of escalation so there is still a lot going on with james comey and this book coming out on tuesday and the big interview that's airing tonight on abc. well the president is tweeting about a number of things this morning but one of those is directly about james comey who he calls again a slime ball and says unleave aboutly james comey states that polls where crooked hillary was leading were a factor in the handling stupidly of the e-mail clinton probe in other words he was making decisions based on the fact he thought she was going to win and he wanted a job. slime ball. he continues on and says i never asked comey for personal loyalty i hardly even knew this guy, just another of his many lies
6:10 am
and his memos are self-serving and fake. pete: you know as the president does, and is able to do, he takes an entire narrative of the media this book was going to overwhelm the conservation and this is comey's time to tell his story and president is saying no it's my turn to counterpunch as well and i'll use my twitter feed to talk about the ways in which james comey, this is a guy who democrats called to resign because of his handling of the fbi who a lot of people feels like he's been playing a double game whose memos were written about trump but not about obama. there's a lot of answers we still don't have andy mccabe stuff even more, a lot of people looking at combing sand feels not very rounded. abby: well he's been loved and hated by both sides look at the past two years and when he closed originally the investigation into hillary clinton, republicans hated him and then he sent that letter and reopened the investigation. democrats hated him so this is someone that has become a very politicalized figuring in a
6:11 am
position that should never be politicized. griff: well we have a brand new tweet coming out here the president writing slippery james comey a man who always ends up out of whack, he is not smart, will go down as the worst fbi director in history by far. that's a sentiment we heard from a democrat essentially. pete: that's true and you hear the sound from george stephanopolos, himself by the way. abby: but he did ask some very tough questions we'll see the full interview tonight. pete: you can be fair but it's also interesting to point that out this is the guy that exonerated the clintons in james comey of the gate but he said james comey said i was operating in a world where hillary clinton was going to win, that was my assumption and that is what informed my actions and why i did them. why is the fbi director assuming that a major presidential candidate is going to win? is he reading polls making decisions according to polls publicly or blind to polls and focused on justice? how is he doing himself any
6:12 am
favors by admitting that the assumption was hillary clinton? abby: how is this book doing the doj any favors? look just more broadly in the bigger picture, griff of just the number of people who have been fired or demoted over the past two years, i mean there is a real distrust when it comes to doj in this country, and now, you read pieces from this book there is reasons for that. griff: and very quickly as ed henry pointed out in previous hour, this report by the inspector general michael horowitz just a very narrow point we're going to see a much wider one but in this narrow release we've gotten on andrew mccabe it turns out comey is accusing mccabe of lying. pete: do you know why you can count on griff jenkins because he doesn't just read the report he finds the footnote. abby: you say the best material is usually in the footnote. griff: it is always in the footnotes. abby: well a lot more coming up. pete: standing watch for you america of course. all right coming up a damming new report by the doj inspector general, blasting andrew mccabe
6:13 am
for misleading investigators, sara carter has been following this story from the very beginning and she's here to react coming up next. griff: plus anti-trump histeria keeps growing on the left but is it only strengthening the president's support? we'll look at how his numbers are standing up to former president obama's that's just ahead. helped put a roof over the heads of hundreds of families, he's most proud of the one he's kept over his own. brand vo: get paid twice as fast with quickbooks smart invoicing. quickbooks. backing you. and butch.aura. and tank. and tiny. and this is laura's mobile dog grooming palace. laura can clean up a retriever that rolled in foxtails,
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6:16 am
pete: a bombshell report by the doj inspector general blasting andrew mccabe for misleading investigators even revealing a growing rift with his former boss james comey. abby: moments ago president trump tweeting the big questions in comey's badly reviewed book aren't answered like how come he gave up classified information, why did he lie to congress, why did the dnc review to give server to the fbi why didn't they take it and why the phony memos mccabe's 700,000 dollars and more. griff: fox news contributor sara
6:17 am
carter is here to weigh in. sarah good morning. >> good morning. pete: so sarah, all fair questions. he asks why did they get away with things that regular people never would. >> well because of partisan politics and you know, i would take it one step further than what president trump said that he would go down as the worst fbi director in history. i hear that from fbi agents, former agents, current agents who are so angry and fbi director former fbi director james comey should be ashamed of himself. he played partisan politics and was probably one of the worst leaders and took the entire 7th floor into this partisan investigation. look the ig report on mccabe is just one of multiple reports that are going to come out. this is just the tip of the iceberg and what we've seen in mccabe's report, how he lied, how he lied under oath, how he played partisan politics even to the point where comey wouldn't even let him into meetings
6:18 am
because he didn't want him there and he was angry and had to push him out, but comey himself was doing the same thing. not only was mccabe leaking but look comey leaked seven memos to the professor, to his friend, four of which were classified. those were classified memos they belong to the fbi i think we're going to hear a lot more about that in the upcoming ig report and one which is coming out in may actually on the hillary clinton investigation. abby: but use think about the timing of this, sarah. all of these nuggets are beginning to come out from these investigations and from this ig report we'll hear more as we go, but the timing of james comey's book, he is now ready for his close up has that big interview on abc later tonight. his book is out on tuesday. you can only imagine members of the doj how frustrated they must be as there's already a huge lack of trust in this country with that department. >> there's an enormous lack of trust right now and it's so concerning because one of the things fbi director christopher
6:19 am
wray will have to do is take a step away from any kind of partisan politics or protect those within the fbi and he will have to come out and clean house and the doj will have to do the same thing. everybody is going to have to put their cards out on the table all the evidence before the american people and before congress so that they can conduct this investigation fairly. look, american people are not stupid. we knew what was going on. once this started to unravel it unraveled quickly and it's still unraveling. i've been told there's so much information out there that we still haven't been privy to that's going to be explosive. griff: sarah when we learned more about attorney general loretta lynch comey throws her under the bus in this book, not much new there, but that is new. what do you know? >> look there was evidence that he presented and i wrote about this last year, that when he was the fbi director he had gone to loretta lynch and he had shown her documentation and i was told there was silence between the two and that she asked him to
6:20 am
leave the office. she just basically said "leave." this is coming from numerous sources and what that evidence is i would like to see. i think congress deserves to see that. there was partisan politics here to such an extreme because he did say one thing that was true. they all believed hillary clinton was going to win and that should frighten everyone that the fbi, which is supposed to be non-partisan which is supposed to be objective was playing this political game, leaking disinformation to the american public and i want to say one more thing. when he went to president-elect trump with the dossier and he didn't tell him that hillary clinton's campaign and the dnc was paying for it, that's incredible. that is really incredible. he was the president-elect. he should have known that his opponents were paying for that. pete: and more to come. abby: a lot more to come as you say always good to have you on. pete: thank you sarah. abby: well anti-trump histeria is growing on the left. is it only strengthening though
6:21 am
the president's support. we're going to look at how his numbers are standing up to former president obama, that is coming up next. excuse me a minute... hi dad. no. don't try to get up. hi, i'm julie, a right at home caregiver. and if i'd been caring for tom's dad, i would have noticed some dizziness that could lead to balance issues. that's because i'm trained to report any changes in behavior, no matter how small, so tom could have peace of mind. we'll be right there. we have to go. hey, tom. you should try right at home. they're great for us. the right care. right at home.
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you'll want to tap out of your regular life and go binge while someone else stands in. blargh uhhmm. good luck. blargh uhhmm. pete: welcome back. some quick presidential headlines for you. first president trump planning to visit miami tomorrow for tax talks. the commander-in-chief leading a business round table to promote the administrations signature legislation, the $1.5 trillion tax cut. and, the president is hosting japanese prime minister this week at mar-a-lago. they're expected to discuss a variety of topics including trade between the two countries, investments and of course north korea. abbey right on down to you. abby: that's an important meeting thank you pete. well the left maybe continuing their anti-trump agenda but it doesn't seem to be effecting the president's approval ratings.
6:25 am
reports show that president trump is now up two percentage points from the shape date last year. meanwhile in his second year in office president obama had dropped six percentage points so the question is is the liberal rhetoric actually strengthening president trump's supporters? joining us to debate this morning democratic strategist jill pain and kimberly classic good morning to both of you. >> good morning. abby: so these numbers kimberly this is one of the first times i've seen them you'd think they would be talked about more but they're not. >> yeah, so president trump, he is the under dog, a hero for so many. i think he speaks the language of the general population so often you'll hear that trump supporters are either racist or stupid, but you're not racist from wanting to enforce immigration laws. you're not stupid for wanting to lower your taxes and you're not a homophobe for wanting men to use the men's room and women to use the women's room. what democrats successfully did is they actually alienated and they shamed trump supporters and while doing that, they actually
6:26 am
shamed independence when they should have been persuading them for their votes because they were on the fence for trump. i thought it was fascinating that bernie sanders was champions free college, a simple google search will show you that only 40% of working age adults actually have a college degree. the majority is hard working americans, and president trump supports us. abby: the frustration i hear from a number of my friends and they are on all sides of the political aisle is that when it comes to president trump, he's never given the benefit of the doubt, that no matter what he says no matter what he does there's always a way to criticize him. i'd like to get your response to that. >> yeah, abbey i into life has been very hard for donald trump. he doesn't get the benefit of the doubt. one thing off the top the poll that you site, the reason why you haven't heard much about it is because it's historically an inaccurate poll and poor polling method that's used. those are not numbers that are in step with most of the polls publicly that you've seen, polls that are not bias.
6:27 am
abby: you're talking about the r asmussen poll we talked about at the beginning of the segment that was actually one of the only polls closer to being accurate during the election cycle. >> that's actually not. we can agree to disagree there but i think that what kimberly talks about with the president, what's interesting there is this this president is not just los ing with people who did not support him. he's actually losing with his own base. you look at what he's talking about with china tariffs. those are negatively impacting his base. there's a reason why conor lamb won in pennsylvania. it's because trump is losing in trump country. because people who made up the heart of president trump's baseline of support are actually running away from him. abby: well let me ask kimberly that because you are apart of that base. you have been someone that has supported president trump. do you feel like he's losing his base or does the anger against the president only further energize that base? >> absolutely uenergizes. i don't think he's losing his
6:28 am
base at all and i thought this was very interesting and i took to twitter last night and asked some of my twitter followers why it is they're local trump supporters and they said because they're so happy he's not for political correctness. people don't like that he tweets on the left but to me that makes him the most transparent president of our time. he's not losing any ground and i can't wait to see him win again in 2020. abby: joel, kimberly we'll have to leave the debate right there. i'm sure it'll continue on. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you. abby: still to come on the show is joe biden closer to a 2020 decision? what he just revealed we'll bring that to you and the syria strikes may be over but the stakes are getting raised even higher in a world fight so where do we go from here? our foreign policy panel is all here to analyze that so many important questions yet to come. your brain changes as you get older.
6:29 am
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>> the united states is locked and loaded. when our president draws a red line, our president enforces the red line. we call on russia to take a hard look at the company it keeps and live up to its responsibilities as a permanent member of the council. pete: well the strikes maybe over for now, but the stakes in a world fight raising higher, so the question we want to ask right now is where do we go from here? here to weigh in our panel, fox news national security and foreign affairs analytic and former political director matt s hlap and americans with americans for a free syria he's a policy advisor there gentlemen all thank you very much for joining us this morning. let me start with you, the mission accomplished with these strikes was meant to send a signal to assad and his the folks that support him in russia and iran, but how did they further any sort of resolution in that region going forward? >> well, number one, mission
6:34 am
accomplished means that the tactical mission was a very large tactical mission. was successful whatever was the objective of the tactical objective was achieved. now beyond that we'll have to wait to see the reaction. will the syrian regime understand and start using chemical weapons and will the russians stop supplying whatever they're supplying to the regime is the next phase. certainly we need to be on the initiative not just waiting for assad to decide when he's going to use chemical weapons or not so in my view and i've made it public many times ago, eastern syria is where the football game is going to be. we have 2,000 troops there. the russians are not present there, and it's very important to be able to connect with a border that is secure for us which is a jordanian border so my call would be close that gap on the iranian link between iran , iraq and syria. pete: matt you know the president ran on america first foreign policy doesn't want to fight stupid wars in the middle east as he has used so he's hit
6:35 am
this strike this tactical mission accomplished but what do you see as the administrations goals after this? >> yeah, it's a great question, pete because this is kind of like the swirl of everyone. this is where we have i ran. we have russia, we have sunni, we have the destruction of isis and the president has this terrible thing that he's inherited which is how does he make sense of this region and i'll be honest with you pete. as you read and study and talk to people, it's hard to determine the right path forward and when the military outcomes are not clear, it is wiser to pull away. i think the president did the right thing in trying to strike chemical amunitions and stockpiles but that's a tricky game as well and i think that he needs to make his point on the use of weapons of mass destruction but i do not think it would be wise with these facts on the ground for the united states to get pulled into this very strange compellation of forces in syria. pete: a strange compellation of
6:36 am
forces indeed obviously the president has empathy for these innocents being gassed by a dictator but he also has limited on what he wants america to be doing there as someone whose knowledgeable about what's happening on the ground in syria what is your expectation of the future? >> i mean, absolutely no one wants a never-ending conflict in syria and never-ending u.s. president in syria, but the president said he was going to put a cost for the assad regime for russia and iran for their use of chemical weapons and their slaughter of innocents and it doesn't look lick this was that cost. it looks like secretary mattis has undermined the president's agenda against iran, and we saw that with the iran deal and we're seeing that now that the president is unable to have a real cost on iran. why do we have 80,000 iranian malitia in syria? these are threatening the united states, they're threatening our allies and just today the assad regime launched new air strikes in homes on innocent civilians,
6:37 am
so the assad regime feels that at best, this is an invitation to use any weapon other than chemical weapons and i think at worst, we have not sent any message that's stronger than what we did last year and assad regime will continue using chemical weapons next year. pete: well we'll see. obviously the administration has said they won't allow that to happen. answer that question though. will tehran, will iran read this message and as a result recalibrate their pursuit of nuclear weapons? does this have that ancillary effect of sending a signal that when we say you can't have nukes you really can't have them? >> it's a different game my friend in iran. iran is a much larger country. it actually has a much larger military and actually, iran is now deploying in iraq in syria in lebanon in yemen trying to penetrate saudi arabia so for the next round i don't know when that would be. if we want to confront them the price will be higher and as a matter of fact in terms of choices for syria, fine. if we don't want to go against
6:38 am
the regime it's a good choice but if we allow iran to stay in syria next crisis will be on the jordanian border and the saudi border so it's not something we can escape forever. pete: matt where do they make that balance? you hear the saudi borders jordanian borders, syrian borders yet most americans are worried about our southern border. where does this administration lay the focus to put america first, is it on iran, on sending signals in north korea, where is the biggest priority? >> look our enemies overseas are i ran in the middle east and china globally including with all this ip theft and everything else and i think the president has to stay focused like a laser on who the true enemies are. a nuclearized iran is unacceptable and he's made that clear and he now has the advisor s he wants like ambassador john bolton to de able to decertify the iran nuclear deal so that's the next step but i think you're right, pete. it is about what is in the american interest and it is not in the american interest for us
6:39 am
to be over pulled into wars all over world especially between radicalized sunnis. some of these battles are not battles american troops should be in the middle of. pete: we only have a moment brief answer please. do you see assad using chemical weapons again? >> i think he's going to think about it and i think when it comes to the american interest, american interest is will stop the assad regime to get a political transition there so assad regime which is harbors isis and extremist iranian malitia can be brought to justice and stopped from commit ting these atrocities. pete: well shall see. three smart guys thank you for your time this morning really appreciate it. we've got a new more headlines abbey over to you. abby: pete what a great conservation thanks so much to other headlines we're following this morning joe biden still not ruling out a run for the white house. the former vice president telling al sharpton that he has to make a decision soon. >> i'm really hoping that some other folks step up. i think we have some really good people. i know i've got to make that
6:40 am
decision by, you know, by the end of this year. >> but you're not ruling me out no i've been honest about this. abby: well the 75 year old has been on outspoken critic of president trump saying he would have fought him in his younger years. also this starbucks is now apologizing after his video goes viral of two black men arrested inside one of their stores. police say the men refused to believe after being told they couldn't use the bathroom because they didn't buy anything but witnesses say they were waiting for a friend who ended up showing up during the arrest. >> what did they do? someone tell me what did they do >> they didn't do anything. i saw the entire thing. abby: they were released hours later and will not face charges but the city is now looking into starbucks policy after an employee called the police. and the nfl is throwing a flag, the league is calling for a special investigator to look into fake concussion claims and the wall street journal reports the nfl thinks about 400 claims
6:41 am
from former players should be rejected. one player reportedly showed up for a head exam hung over and intentionally failed the league has paid out more than $150 million in claims that's just so far. pete: all right, well, griff's relaxing. griff: [laughter] pete: on this sunday morning because that's what sundays are for. abby: if only the weather were nicer yesterday it was like 75 degrees, beautiful finally in new york adam and we wake up this morning and it's winter again. >> and it's my fault. my eyes are beginning to water this wind is getting up to 30 miles an hour temperatures have been plummeting before the day is over in new york we're down into the 30s once again yesterday we urine the middle 70 s across the country, take a look at the system that's going into the upper midwest at this point. this is big snowfall for this late in the year. we've got a couple blizzard warnings, yeah we're talking about blizzards where visibility gets down to a quarter mile for three hours or more that's in wisconsin, stretching up into
6:42 am
the u-p, all areas talking about really big snow today, these are your snowfall totals widespread getting up to a foot some spots getting up over two feet with this mid april snow on top of all of that, we've got severe weather stretching down across the country. real quick, i know you guys were talking about socks a little bit earlier. pete this is for you i met guys from the atlanta area who wears the best socks on fox news? >> adam. >> there's no way. >> that's all you guys needed to know. pete: i can't win a single contest. abby: adam we can't even see your socks. >> show the socks. beer and pizza nothing more american than that. abby: pretty good. i like that thank you so much adam. all right, well rod rosenstein en stein has until tomorrow to respond to the requests for the unredacted memos, maria bartiromo takes us inside that fight. good morning maria. maria: thank you, good morning guys. happy sunday. how you doing?
6:43 am
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pete: well the house judiciary committee giving the doj until tomorrow, monday, to release those mep os detailing james comey's private conservations with president trump. abby: earlier the president tweeting i never asked comey for personal loyalty. i hardly even knew this guy. just another of his many lies his memos are self-serving and fake. griff: sunday morning futures host maria bartiromo will be interviewing the judiciary committee chair this morning and she joins us now. good morning. maria: good morning guys. abby: so much to get to maria. maria: there really is. abby: unbelievable. maria: i think once these memos from comey went to this professor and then to the new york times, you would think that congress should be able to see them. pete: yes. maria: incredibly congress has not seen these memos that's point number one. point number two is why did james comey take so many memos about president trump than president-elect or candidate trump and no memos about hillary clinton?
6:47 am
is that extraordinary? not even her interview right before and the exoneration note was already written but not even that was recorded and on the record. abby: you'll have the head of the house judiciary committee what a great person to have on with all of this going. what will you ask? maria: three weeks ago bob goodlatte broke the news on sunday morning futures he was going to subpoena for the documents. they've requested 1.2 million documents and they've only gotten 3,000 so 4,000 documents out of 1.2 million. the next question for bob goodlatte is where do you go from here? how do you get these documents and the next step frankly is putting them in contempt of congress with potential impeachment and what does that mean? that means you are impeaching senior members of the department of justice including rod rosenstein i guess. i don't know where this goes but they are getting stonewalled now going on a year. abby: yeah, but they have security clearance you think about goodlatte and nunes all these guys have clearance so why is it taking so long to get
6:48 am
those documents and much are redacted as you said. maria: exactly and the question is what are you hiding fbi and doj. pete: what are they saying publicly? maria: they're saying there's a lot of information and they have to go through it and redact. pete: in the comey memos? maria: well these are two different stories comey memos as well as the 1.2 million document s that the judiciary has requested no the comey memos are not saying anything. james comey is all over tv, and he's going to do this interview tonight with george stephanopolos about what he's with trump based on these memos and congress hasn't seen the memos. it's extraordinary by the way i want to come back to something you said security clearance. isn't it outrageous that people like peter strzok and lisa page who have clear bias and they have security clearance. so they can go and put anybody's name in there and have all the information that they want. data on people they have security clearance. griff: and also on the show you've got congressman ratcliffe who if i'm correct has actually seen the comey memos not only to
6:49 am
take notes, not able to take a copy but he's seen it? maria: he sure has only one of three congressmen whose seen the underlying data so we'll talk with congressman ratcliffe about that and also what he's expect ing to come from the rest of the ig report. this is not only it. this is just about mccabe but i think after this whole comey blitz you're going to hear a lot about james comey from the inspector general as well as you'll hear about the handling of the clinton foundation. abby: well comey even hinted there is more to come about loretta lynch that could come from this ig report. pete: all pointing at each other right now. maria: the phone call that mccabe said was so aggressive from the assistant attorney general basically telling him to shutdown the investigation, which some people say he did move to shutdown the investigation. griff: all right abby: so much to get to. maria: we're fired up. a we're just warming you up. griff: here comes maria. griff: the joint air strikes in syria drawing mixed reaction, but steve hilton says they
6:50 am
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abby: welcome back with u.s. led air strikes on syria proof of a powerful show of allied unity with the uk and france and our next guest argues they also deserve strong populous support. pete: he's here live in the flesh in new york city the next revolution host steve hilton served as a strategy director to david cameron and he's on the couch. you've got a great program tonight, but before that your reaction as someone whose observed both sides of the pond, to the strikes in syria. >> look a lot of people who support president trump thought, hang on a second, why are we doing this? the whole point of donald trump is we're not going to get involved in all these overseas wars and so on and they look at these strikes and think this isn't what we were promise but
6:54 am
actually there's no contradiction. these strikes were vital because first of all they're not entangled in the foreign war. there's just a one off strike as general mattis said but the really important point is that if you take one dictator you encourage all dictators and the really big message is that if we would have been weak on assad here, that sends a message to the people who really met a lot in china that really effects our future or our economy, jobs in america, he would pick up the facts that we're weak, we're battling him over trade and technology, we've got to show that we're strong and that's what these strikes did without getting us bogged down in some civil war. abby: it sets a real precedent we will follow through if we have to. so the james comey media blitz begins tonight on abc with george stephanopolos and you have the show the next revolution on at 9:00 with a special tonight the trial of james comey. i can only imagine the resurge you and your producers have put into the show tonight. i wonder what the biggest takeaway you have from all of this. >> the real point here is that
6:55 am
underneath all the politics and the personal insults and the attacks, there are serious grounds to think that james comey personally committed federal crimes, and that's really important to investigate because if you've got our most senior law enforcement officials potentially committing crimes and nothing happening that undermines our whole democracy so it's really important we investigate. we're going to be very specific. we've got lawyers on both sides, a top team of legal experts. abby: that's the thing, this is someone whose loved and very hated by both sides "political aisle. we had lanny davis on a forker special counsel to bill clinton and had very tough things to say about james comey so it comes from both sides of the aisle. that's exactly right and why we have to be really forensic looking at the specific statutes , what the language says , compare it to his behavior and say look should this guy actually be investigated and charged with actual crimes. that's the point of tonights show. griff: steve you get into a
6:56 am
little bit of comey has a book coming out while an investigation is going on and possibly puts himself in jeopardy from what he does on this media blitz tour and perhaps what comes out of your show tonight. >> that's exactly right and it's so inappropriate isn't it to be coming up with this gossip y revenge attack on president trump that actually includes material that is relevant to an ongoing investigation. it is just unbelievable that he's done this but as i say, has he committed crimes that's the real question. pete: you get all of the details in order to determine that. >> exactly and once all this passes and the media blitz is gone you're still left with the question did our most senior law enforcement official commit a federal crime and if he did what's done about it? abby: well that's a great tease for your show tonight next revolution on 9:00 p.m. eastern on fox news channel. pete: if you do watch this before at 9:00 you'll know the real news. griff: thanks steve. pete: more fox & friends on the other side. abby: wow you did that together. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
6:57 am
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7:00 am
not eight hours it was nine hours. abby: nine hours and i shout out to our amazing producers for the job they did and thank all of you for spending the weekend with us i hope you have a wonderful day. pete: have a great sunday pay your taxes. griff: goodbye. maria: good sunday morning everybody. president trump takes to twitter this morning and james comey kicks off the pr blitz for his tell all book the justice department's internal watchdog says former fbi director andrew mccabe lied to investigators, and america's future strategy in syria in the spotlight. good morning everyone i'm maria bartiromo welcome to sunday morning futures. president trump unleashes on twitter as james comey's new book is about to hit book shelves, and powerful lawmakers are asking why congress and the public have not seen or get access to the same memos the former head of the fbi used to write the tell all book. house judiciary chairman


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