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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 24, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> imagine he comes in the other side and they're in the back. >> everyone will be confused. the state dinner for 130. melania put together the menu and seating. it should be mute bull. >> stay tuned. >> bill: thank you, guys. breaking news on a horrific attack in toronto. at this hour the suspect will be in court. officials saying he is 25 years old. rented a van. drove down a busy street and killed at least 10. they haven't ruled out terrorism. we're watching this story closely. on a related matter. watch the relationship of these two leaders. first a bit of history and busy day at the white house getting underway as we speak. president trump and first lady officially and formally welcome the president of france emmanuel macron and his wife for their first formal visit to the united states. good morning. i'm bill hemmer live inside of
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"america's newsroom." >> sandra: good morning. a beautiful sight at the white house. i'm sandra smith. we're waiting the macron's arrival. big topics on the agenda. foreign policy, north korea, syria, the iran nuke deal. >> bill: meanwhile the president's nominee for secretary of state mike pompeo making it through a senate committee awaiting a vote on the senate floor. drama in that as well. let's start at the white house. john roberts joins us now from the south lawn. hey, john, good morning. >> we've seen this many times before with previous presidents but this is the first time in the trump administration a foreign dig that tore will be honored with a full state visit. we expect the pomp and ceremony to start momentarily. military bands, 21 gun salute. national anthems of both
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nations played. podium set up. we expect president trump and president macron to make statements. at 10:00 they have a bilateral meeting, restricted. which may involve just the two presidents, one or two other people likely in the oval office. they'll get together for an expanded bilateral meeting with all their deputies as well. a press conference this morning at 11:30 and tonight the macrons will be here for a state dinner. it will be inside the state dining room as opposed to in a tent on the south lawn. while it is still a big event in terms of diplomacy it is a relatively small and intimate event. there could be fewer than 100 people there but there are thorny issues between the two leaders despite they share a close friendship. macron will try to convince the president to stay in the iran nuclear leader. the iran ran leader warning of grave consequences if the united states pulls out of the
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deal. macron will talk about syria and how long u.s. troops should say. he told chris wallace the president needs to understand if you just leave syria wholesale it will leave assad and the iranian regime start to foment violence and terrorism in that part of the world. that's not a good thing. macron when he arrived said there is a lot on the table. >> during the state visit we will have important things to discuss bilateral issues and discuss about our security, about trade, and a lot of military initiatives that are important for our countries and beyond our two countries. and i think a very important state visit given the moment of our current environment. >> there was a little back and forth between the french president and white house after
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the latest attack in syria where we hit them with all those tomahawk missiles. president mcron saying he had convinced president trump to keep u.s. troops in syria. a brush back from the white house said we plan on taking the troops out. sarah huckabee sanders indicated that negotiations between the two may be tough. as she said, the president is one tough negotiator. listen here. >> certainly was not commenting on president macron's ability. just stating the obvious we have a good negotiator at the table for the united states. what you do have are two leaders who have a great deal of respect for one another. who have a great friendship. certainly both have a great deal of interest in doing what is best for their country. >> there is tough negotiating that will take place over the course of the next few hours but right now again bill it is pomp and ceremony. we see some of the dignitaries from the french side pulling up on the south line driveway of the white house.
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we expect that president macron will be here soon and it will be like two old friends getting together. these two leaders have developed a deep friendship. macron said maybe it was because we were political mavericks. president macron did afford president trump sort of the highest honors of france and now the president is going to return the favor this morning. >> bill: it will be a remarkable day and and a half. >> sandra: as we keep an eye on that ceremony at the white house mike pompeo moving one step closer to becoming secretary of state after narrowly landing a favorable recommendation from the senate foreign relations committee. rand paul switched his vote to yes at the last minute after being reassured by president trump himself of pompeo's stance on the iraq war. >> i met with him in person at the president's request last week. talked to him on the phone today. we talked about a host of things and he assured me he
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does get it. he does get that there were mistakes made in iraq and the war destabilized the area. he will have to say that and i think he will hear that publicly over time. >> sandra: catherine herridge is live in washington for us this morning. >> thank you. a lot of high drama and high expectations and gesture of goodwill. the nomination was deadlocked to be the next secretary of state 10 for and against. at the 11th hour dem cal i can senator gave his vote to pompeo. senator kuhns does not support pompeo but changed the vote to president for a friend. >> it changed the hour of a vote and an opportunity for me to show a small measure of kindness and respect to a colleague in the senate.
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>> senator isaacson was delivering a eulogy at a funeral and calling what he did was coons -- then the vote would have had the same outcome if they had waited for isaacson to return. >> sandra: what happens next in all this? >> the vote could go to the senate floor as early as wednesday or thursday this week. the administration would need to secure 60 votes to get him through. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: so much to discuss. james freeman is the assistant editor wall street editorial page and here in studio. good morning, james. let's talk about the relationship between macron and
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trump. you could characterize it as essential in the current world when you look at syria, iran, trade relations. >> yeah. another fascinating part of this fascinating trump presidency where this is probably not the guy you would have guessed would become donald trump's best friend in europe. perhaps his best friend overseas. but they each views himself as a political outsider challenging the establishment and i think they have a lot in common, although serious disagreements on climate and other issues. >> bill: we'll tap dance for the next 15 or 20 minutes. ride shotgun with us as we get ready for the arrival ceremony. the president and first lady now outside and here we go.
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>> bill: this is a relationship that's certainly building. you could point to the bastille day in paris, france, for the parade president trump attended in paris. >> they have done great lines both to build the relationship and signal how strong the relationship is. we usually think of the u.k. as
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our preeminent partner overseas but macron and france are taking that role here. you mentioned foreign policy. syria and elsewhere, macron wants to stay in the iran deal. president trump has his doubts and they'll talk about it. >> bill: sandra, an interesting comment with macron and chris wallace over the weekend when he talked about his relationship with president trump and talked about the handshake where president trump is known to shake your hand and pull you in. that was really one of the lasting images that came out of his visit last july overseas. >> sandra: and the car carrying the president of france macron and his wife arriving now at the white house 9:10 a.m. eastern time. the president's first formal state visit. the state dinner will be held tonight and there you have the french president, macron, shaking the president's hand along with the first lady melania trump. at the beginning of what will
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be a very long day of events and as you were mentioning the military band playing and the patriotic moment. they'll be led to a serious meeting on pressing foreign policy issues between these two world leaders. as you and james just said so much on the table, whether it's iraq, syria, north korea. this will all be the topic of discussion between those two in a couple of hours. >> bill: we'll have a 21 gun salute and the national anthems from both countries. this is a remarkable image of the south lawn of the white house for a world leader to get this reception. when you consider the relationship that's critical between these two men. it is fitting and appropriate not only today but tonight for the state dinner and joint address before congress tomorrow morning. >> it is.
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i think the president wants to say to the world how much he respects president macron. president macron is not someone who has simply chosen to deal with president trump. he has actually made efforts to build the relationship. he compares himself to president trump. this is maybe a little startling for people. they think of the domestic political opposition to the president not wanting to normalize him and not wanting to treat him as a legitimate president but overseas at least in france it is a very different attitude. >> bill: we have secretary general kelly. before that wilbur ross, commerce secretary. steve mnuchin to his left and mike pence as the greeting continues. >> sandra: the state dinner will be held tonight. the president will be hosting about 150 people expected to attend that event. it is expected to be much smaller than those held by former president barack obama. but we are watching the
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president and first lady, the president of france all arrive there outside of the white house and greeting members of the president's cabinet. what a moment this is, though, for this country, bill. at such a crucial time for foreign policy matters. you've been mentioning, there are solid agreement between these two on many issues but definitely areas of disagreement that will be discussed between these two today and we'll hear from both of them in the noon hour. >> bill: this relationship continues to grow between these two men and women who are are at a unique place in history in their countries and the world. stand by one moment for the national anthem and we'll get on with the program from the south lawn.
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♪ [band playing french national anthem] [21 gun salute]
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[band playing the united states national anthem]
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>> bill: quite a remarkable time at the white house. kevin brady with us in studio. you picked a good time to be in new york, sir. chairman of the house ways and means committee. we could talk about trade, economies and i know one of your main focuses is making sure the american people are aware the tax reform package you passed is heard loud and clear. for an election that is 6 1/2 months away. do you think it has the staying power to convince the american people to keep your majority? >> i think it does. at the end of the day americans will have a choice. do they want washington to take more of their earnings or paychecks being stagnant, u.s. jobs leaving .
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we're seeing jobs and investment come to the united states and new hope where there wasn't before. >> bill: there is talk about going back for a second bite at the apple. 2.0 tax reform. how real is that possibility? >> it's real. we're trying to change the culture in washington where they used to wait 30 years to fix the tax code. america fell further behind and so did our workers. every year we want to make our workers more competitive. grow paychecks, make america stronger and more innovative. it is about a new way of looking at it. >> bill: why would it be necessary if the first plan is so good? >> it is but never settle. our competitors around the world won't stand still. that's what happened last time. there are areas where we can do even more like helping families save more and earlier for retirement. generating more innovation here in america. my point is never settle, always look. >> bill: you have a big job in
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november to save your majority. how tall is the challenge? >> a big one. we have our backs to the wall, no question about it. the president has the right policies for america. you see it in job growth and paycheck growth. i think we offer the best hope for the country moving forward. >> bill: i heard you make a comment this morning with our colleagues on fox business about we need a better workforce. if i quoted you correctly what does that mean? >> we're chasing customers around the world and we think we need a more skilled workforce that allows america to maximize this new tax code and grow the economy in major way. i'm convinced we can. we have great workers. we need them off the sidelines into the workforce growing america. we need them. >> bill: you also need a new leader because paul ryan will leave congress. who would you -- who do you believe is best suited right now? >> look, i think we have some
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great people here. kevin mccarthy the majority leader behind him steve scalise. >> bill: he gets your vote? >> when the time comes i believe so. right now let's focus on delivering, uniting, working with this president because we have to make sure we have a speaker to vote for come november. >> bill: can you keep the majority given the head winds against you? >> i believe we can. look, conventional wisdom says it will be difficult but i believe that we're not voting in april, we vote in november. i think the american people will -- >> bill: thank you, kevin brady. you have a big job ahead of you. come on back real soon. we're getting ready, sandra, in a moment to hear from both men from the south lawn. >> sandra: a remarkable moment to look on at the visit of macron and which is wife.
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this is a three-day visit. the state dinner will be held tonight. the first of president trump's presidency. he is joined by cabinet officials, lawmakers, military families, military band playing right now and others to greet to french president with, as you have noticed, much fanfare. beautiful music, flags flying indeed. what a moment for this country. >> bill: what a sound. [band playing] ♪ >> bill: they began their good evening last night with a helicopter ride down to mount vernon. had dinner down there. as i mentioned before these two couples seemed to grow in their relationship and necessary given the events around the world facing their country and our country at home. you'll see a lot of them over the next day and a half. the ceremony at the moment will
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have a bilateral meeting between the two of them and we'll watch that together in the 10:00 a.m. hour. a cabinet meeting follows that with members from the french delegation as well. then you have a joint press conference around noon today followed by a state dinner tonight and then again the address before congress tomorrow. >> sandra: the world will be watching to see what sort of influence the french president has on the president while he is with him on such pressing issues such as the iran deal. he wants the president to stay in unless there was a better option there as far as keeping military force on the ground in syria. we have heard the president say he has intentions to not have a presence there anymore. macron believes we should. all of this is going to be a huge discussion between these two leaders. >> bill: since the last time they've met there are new names surrounding the president as well. john bolton new national security advisor. he has long advocated ending the iran deal. he did not like it from the
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very beginning. you have the news on mike pompeo to be the next secretary of state elevated from the c.i.a., one could argue. with regard to the news and importance of this north korea summit that will happen, we are told, at some date soon. >> sandra: the two couples got together and planted a tree on the south lawn, a gift from the macrons. it is from the historical landmark the site of the deadly world war battle that left 9,000 americans dead. it began with the arrival of the french president. let's listen. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. [applause] >> president trump: thank you very much. president macron and mrs. macron, members of the french delegation and distinguished guests, welcome to the white house. [applause]
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[interpreter speaking french] mr. president, melania and i were hon areed to visit your majestic country last summer. now we're thrilled to host you and your wife here in america. the wonderful friendship we have developed over the last year is a testament to the enduring friendship that binds our two nations. it is truly fitting that we are holding our first official state visit with the leader of america's oldest ally, the proud nation of france. [interpreter speaking french]
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this morning we all send our prayers to the bush family as we wish former president george h.w. bush a very speedy recovery. i also want to express our deepest sympathies to the canadian people following the horrendous tragedy in toronto that claimed so many innocent lives. our hearts are with the grieving families in canada. [interpreter speaking french]
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your visit comes at a critical time with our alliance. along with our friends we took decisive action in response to the syrian regime's use of chemical weapons. i want to personally thank president macron, the french military and the french people for their steadfast partnership. they were absolutely incredible. thank you very much, mr. president. thank you. [interpreter speaking french]
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the long friendship between the united states and france began 241 years ago this month when a 19-year-old frenchman named lafayette set sail to join america's fight for independence. he quickly won the trust of george washington, fought bravely in the battle and helped secure the aid of france for the american cause. decades later president andrew jackson wrote that the memory of lafayette will be second only to that of washington in the hearts of the american people. [interpreter speaking french]
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the beautiful friendship between the united states and france forged in revolution has changed the course of history. exactly 100 years ago this spring, americans fought side-by-side with the gallant french in world war i. a generation later, in the second world war, hundreds of thousands of young americans and free french sacrificed together to save civilization in its hour of greatest need. [interpreter speaking french]
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60,000 american service members rest for eternity beneath the peaceful fields and hills of the french countryside. and in the soil of virginia and georgia, french patriots whose names are known only to god lie in unmarked graves. today we meet to affirm this friendship that has flourished as an example to the world for more than two centuries. [interpreter speaking french]
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our two great republics are linked together by the timeless bonds of history, culture, and destiny. we are people who cherish our values, protect our civilization and recognize the image of god in every human soul. this legacy has made us who we are and given us what we hold dear, the blessings of faith and freedom, the marvels of art and science, the love of family and community, and the defense of home and country. [interpreter speaking french]
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this righteous calling, this sacred heritage, is what moved a young frenchman to risk death for american liberty at yorktown. it is what spurred the americans to storm the cliffs of omaha beach and what drove the farmers of massachusetts to stand at concord bridge and the citizens of paris to man the barricades. and just weeks ago we added a new name to this chronicle of our great heroes, a brave french policeman named bell tram. he stared down evil and did not flinch. he laid down his life for his neighbors, for his country, and
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for civilization itself. a great man. [interpreter speaking french] and through that immortal deed a son of france reminded the world of the true measure of our strength. [interpreter speaking french]
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president macron, people of france, people of america, now is the time for strength. so let us be strong, let us be united, let us honor our past and face our future with confidence and with pride. and let the united states and france stand forever in solidarity for the nobel cause of liberty and peace. thank you very much. [interpreter speaking french] [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the french republic. >> [president macron speaking french] >> mr. president, dear donald trump, dear melania, dear bridget and distinguished ge. thank you for your warm welcome and welcoming france with this state visit, the first of your
6:35 am
presidency which bears witness to the bonds that unite our two countries. [president macron speaking french] >> but first of all please allow me to extend condolences addressed by the french people to the canadian people and to express our deepest sympathy to president bush and his family. it is in this sad moment as
6:36 am
well and in these terrible circumstances that we stand together. [president macron speaking french] >> two centuries ago it was lafayette who was welcomed here back to the united states. 30 years after the war of independence. at the time he spent almost 14 months amongst you. and unfortunately my stay will be shorter but it is of special
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importance to me and to all my fellow citizens who for a long time have had powerful and sincere feelings for your people, mr. president. [president macron speaking french] >> in america, i -- indeed, acknowledge the shape of democracy itself, an ideal meant to guide our statesmen to inspire the functioning of our institutions, and to acknowledge the place of free individuals. [president macron speaking french]
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>> dear mr. president, america represents endless possibilities for my country. it brings about hopes that overcome determines and described destinies. france is renewed with optimism. france shares with your country an ideal of freedom and peace. [president macron speaking french]
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>> over the last centuries we have weaved our histories through our common struggles where each time together we have forged the western world and inspired to become universal. [president macron speaking french] >> throughout revolutions from the very beginning. yesterday evening we were at mount vernon at the residence of the first president of the united states, george washington, on whose tomb i
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wish to pay tribute together with you. in five dimensions we saw the key to the bastille prison which was sent to him by lafayette as a symbol of this unbreakable bond. [president macron speaking french] >> this year, through our struggles for free development as we celebrate the end of world war i, i wish to offer you a tree, an oak. from this forest north of my
6:41 am
country where in 1918 u.s. soldiers and marines in particular displayed courage and devotion. [president macron speaking french] >> i am pleased that this tree that grew close to the famous bulldog fontaine in the soil where your soldiers shed their blood to defend france can now take root here in the white house in front of us as a symbol of the sacrifice and the common battles that france and the united states have led together.
6:42 am
[president macron speaking french] >> these values inherited and shared by our two countries are the foundation on which we shall continue to build and right together side-by-side our modern history. forge the western world and inspire to universality remains our challenge today. [president macron speaking french]
6:43 am
>> it is together that the united states and france will defeat terrorism. france and america are both confronted to it in various forms on our respective soils, or in africa. it is together that we'll counter the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction be it in north korea or iran. [president macron speaking french] >> it is together that we shall build a new form of prosperity for all peoples which means innovation, free and fair trade, and the protection of our middle classes. [president macron speaking french]
6:44 am
>> it is together that we will be able to act effectively for our planet. i'm not just referring to climate but also to the oceans, biodiversity and to all forms of pollution. on this issue, we do not always agree as to the solution, but in the end such as the case in any family and in any friendship. and it is also where the fate of our children is at stake. [president macron speaking french]
6:45 am
>> it is together that we can resist the rise of aggressive people that deny our history and divide the world. it is together that we will build a new strong -- in the face of ill winds. [president macron speaking french] >> for all culture, identity has always been to work for all countries while aspiring to universality. [president macron speaking french]
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>> our friendship has constantly grown more solid and the challenges we have yet to overcome. that's where we stand today. history is calling us and urging our peoples to find the fortitude that has guided us in the most difficult of times. france and with it europe and the united states have an appointment with history. >> bill: strong stateman here by the president of france. the point he made at the end toward terrorism, remember during the campaign of 2016 how much of an issue this was when it came to american policy and what the president ran on in terms of the visa system, the
6:47 am
lottery system, and how we vet those coming into the u.s. and when the attacks occurred in paris, france, and in nice, france, it had a strong ripple effect from the european continent here to the united states. as that address continues, there is other news that we want to get to and for that, sandra, we will bring in senator bob corker. >> sandra: we're thankful he stayed with us as we've been listening to the world leaders. it has been a couple busy days for you including the big vote last night. we need a new secretary of state and that vote now goes to the senate floor. as we watch these two leaders and we know they will be heading into a noon hour meeting together bilateral meeting. we'll hear from them both later today as they conclude their remarks. your thoughts as you look on at this moment. >> i talked to the president this morning before he delivered his remarks. i think both leaders -- i
6:48 am
probably would not have listened if i wasn't waiting for this program to come on. i'm glad i did. i thought both their comments were outstanding. i think it bo*eds well for the future. i think -- >> sandra: what struck you, senator? >> i just think the aspirational nature of it and the bond that we have and the difficulties that both of our nations and the people that we all are have to deal with. so again i think they both have delivered a great speech. i thought last night moving to that, you know, mike pompeo i think will be an outstanding secretary of state. as i told the president this morning, he will be the first secretary of state since i've been here that actually has the kind of relationship with the president where it's one of trust, where they listen to each other. i think that will bode well for our country. >> sandra: i can probably speak for most of the american people when we looked on last evening,
6:49 am
senator, and saw that much-needed and welcome moment of bipartisanship in the senate. i know that was a moment that affected you very much. >> it did. still does. look, chris coons did what senators are supposed to do. i'm so proud of him. i talked to him multiple times yesterday. he came to the senate like myself and many others to make a difference. he did so last night and i'm really happy for him. i'm sure he will catch some grief by members -- by people on the left but he did what a senator is supposed to do. mike pompeo now will move with a positive recommendation to the senate floor and, you know, it would have been historic for him to have gone with a negative recommendation. so something good for our country happened last night. it was done in a bipartisan way. our committee, as you know, is
6:50 am
an island of bipartisanship here in the capitol and i'm proud of the way it operates. >> sandra: some of the issues we have today. the iran nuke deal, as we look on at macron and president trump, we know they have forged quite a relationship. there is a warmth between the two of them but they have disagreement on several very important issues including the iran nuke deal. it is expected that macron will try to convince the president, who says that is the worst deal he has ever seen, a horrible deal, he is expected to convince president trump to stay in that deal. >> yeah. i think the issue, though, is the sunset clause. we're working with the french, german and u.k. leaders to deal with the ballistic testing issue and also the inspections issue. what the president wants to see happen, though, is doing away with the sunset provisions that really after year 10 calls iran
6:51 am
to be off and running. and i think if we can get some work done there, maybe the president decides to stay in the agreement. but it will take macron, merkel and prime minister may to come along with creating a framework that's better than what we have now. >> sandra: syria will also be a big discussion. the syrian civil war, french president macron has weighed in on this. he believes in keeping a military presence there. we have recently heard the president say he intends to pull our military from syria, although he circled back on that. >> he did. >> sandra: what do you expect that discussion to be? >> i was really glad mattis intervened. we have 2200 troops in area that are giving intelligence, logistical support to the kurds, which are doing all the fighting. we have lost one soldier, which is one too many. the kurds have lost 4,000 soldiers. they are now being attacked by both turkey and syria.
6:52 am
and we need to finish the work that we got -- we need to finish the work there. you heard them both talking about terrorism a moment ago. if you think about the 2016 race, sandra, it was all about isis and now we've taken their footprint down to 5% of what it was at that time. we need to finish that work. we do not need -- our troops do not need to leave until we've completed our work. otherwise it will be like what happened in other countries when we left too soon. we'll be finished with that activity hopefully in the near future. >> sandra: we just saw the president of france, and his wife, the president of the united states and his wife wave goodbye and head back into the white house where serious business will be discussed between the two before the formal state dinner tonight. senator, north korea, the upcoming summit will likely be discussed between these two. are we making progress on that front? i know that you have said
6:53 am
charming north korea into getting rid of nuclear weapons is not realistic. >> so it is going to take a lot of work. this young dictator knows that if he has a deliverable nuclear weapon his fate will not be the same as qaddafi's who gave up his nuclear weapons and is now a dead man. it won't happen through charm but continued pressure on our part. that's the policy of this administration, which i support. i do think that mike pompeo, having gone there, i think people now realize our back channel to north korea has been through the intelligence community. that's why pompeo being there was the right thing. i think with him on board, with john bolton on board, i think we can do some realistic things there but it will take some time for that to happen. i'm glad the two leaders are talking. i think that's progress. obviously kim jong-un has learned a little bit about public relations and putting
6:54 am
his best foot forward. the administration understands what it is and understands there is a lot of tough work ahead. >> sandra: if you don't believe that negligent -- negotiations aren't possible with him because we can't charm him out of nuclear weapons, the two leaders will be meeting. but is it possible to make real progress with kim jong-un if he can't be trusted? >> he cannot be trusted but i think he also has to look at his future. this administration, we've put pressure on him through working with people in the region and our allies. he is very pressured right now. don't get me wrong. i think we can make real progress. all i'm saying is it's not going to be a one and done kind of thing. it will take a tremendous amount of work, study progress and increasing pressure. but again i'm happy that these meetings are taking place.
6:55 am
>> sandra: senator, if you could just wrap things up for us here as you were listening on to the two world leaders meeting at the white house here. and sort of what this moment means for the country with the few seconds we have left. >> look, the europeans have been our closest allies. the french people have been the longest. and i think it speaks to unity that is good for our country, good for people of the west, good for people who believe in democracy and human rights. and strength. and i'm happy that this meeting is taking place in the manner that it is. >> sandra: it has been a rollercoaster couple of days. bob corker, thank you for your time this morning. >> bill: interesting to hear the comments about terrorism when you think about how the scourge of isis brought our two countries closer together from syria and france and here at home. angela merkel comes to the white house on friday. it will be very interesting throughout these debates over the next three days to see if
6:56 am
there is a change in position on behalf of the president. sarah sanders said the president thinks it's a bad deal on iran. can he trim some of the edges on that? this is part of what this visit is all about. watch all that. we certainly will. remember, the parade in november in washington was born out of the visit to paris last july, too. that was a macron idea handed to president trump. >> sandra: an interesting meeting today. >> bill: a lot of other stories. awaiting a court hearing. the toronto man accused of speeding a van down a busy street mowing down pedestrians leaving 10 people dead on the sidewalk. we're leave on the scene with that story. >> sandra: after a 34-hour manhunt the suspected waffle house shooter has been captured. >> bill: also former president george h.w. bush back in the hospital intensive care with an infection a day after the funeral for his wife of 72 years. we have an update today on his
6:57 am
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>> sandra: the suspect in the toronto van attack due in court at any moment. the 25-year-old man is accused driving a van down a crowded street and leaving 10 people dead. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," good morning, bill. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: good morning at home. investigators saying the suspect rented a van before carrying out the attack killing 10 people on the sidewalk of toronto. he then took off on foot before police caught up to him a short time ago. now they're working hard to piece together a possible motive which at this point hasn't been made public. >> we are looking very strongly to what the exact motivation was for this particular incident to take place and at the end of the day we'll have a full answer and account as to what the conclusion of this is. >> sandra: molly line joins from from toronto.
7:01 am
>> we're to the side of yonge street where the massacre occurred. it went on for several blocks. working to unravel this mystery and we are expecting the court appearance for the suspect to begin at any moment. the key thing we expect to learn in the coming hour or so as things get underway is what charges that suspect will face. it is alleged he rented this van and used it to mow down a multitude of pedestrians hunting them in a high speed attack traveling a mile before being taken into custody. a 25-year-old from a toronto suburb of rich edmonton hill, alek minassian. 15 people injured and 10 killed. leaving some dead at the scene and others fighting for their lives. >> he went on the sidewalk and started hitting everybody, man. the bus stop, everything got shattered. a lot of people got hurt.
7:02 am
i've seen something i've never seen in any life. >> the van was front end damage bearing the logo for a truck rental stopped at the scene and the driver was taken into custody. prime minister justin trudeau spoke this morning. >> we cannot as canadians choose to live in fear every day as we go about our daily business. we need to focus on doing what we can, we must to keep canadians safe while we stay true to the freedoms and values that we all as canadians hold dear. >> american leaders have expressed solidarity. vice president mike pence tweeted the american people stand shoulder to shoulder with our neighbors in canada. we are expecting to get further details out of the court here in the coming hour. we have a producer standing by there to bring us any information that she can get out of that courtroom.
7:03 am
>> sandra: i'll take it from there, thank you. >> bill: more updates from toronto. watch this story from the southwest. homeland security gearing up to block a caravan arriving -- expected at the southern border vowing to detail, process and deport any one trying to enter the u.s. illegal. the president tweeted this: >> william la jeunesse on the story live in l.a. what is going to happen here? >> there are two ways for them to enter the u.s. at the official port of entry which is legal or between the ports which the illegal. for these central americans, their goal is to find a border patrol and customs agent and
7:04 am
claim asylum. they trigger legal rights for the immigrant that the u.s. must follow. a week ago in mexico immigration attorneys advised the immigrants what to say to stay in the u.s. by citing violence or persecution. >> if we're heading north seeking a better life. in honduras we can't live there because of the gangs. >> as long as i'm given an opportunity to reach tijuana if time allows i will try to reach the united states. >> unlike catch and release policies of years past dhs vows to detain them while adjudicating their claims. >> administration is dealing with this much differently than the obama administration did. first they send the signal that you are not going to be able to get away with showing up and making an asylum claim and being allowed into the country for an indefinite period and secondly we expect more effort on the part of mexico to
7:05 am
address this problem. >> officials expect around 500 central americans as part of the caravan to be at california this week. texas sees that on a weekly basis. >> bill: what role was mexico play. i thought they were trying to diffuse this matter by offering visas. >> no one wants to stay in mexico at $5 when you could make $100 in the united states. the visas were temporary. those fleeing persecution are supposed to register in the first country they enter outside their own. last week mexican officials found 200 central americans jammed into a truck and bus. half had gone two days without food or water and 55 were minors. >> they can tell you as parents and children abused and sometimes left for dead by the very cartels and trans national criminal organizations they
7:06 am
paid to smuggle them across the border. >> the u.s. is sending more asylum officers, attorneys, judges and prosecutors to the border to handle this. what happens next? it is important. it will send a message then to the next wave of individuals in central america whether they should come or no. >> bill: we've learned that in the past. william la jeunesse. it will come to a head one way or another. >> sandra: for more let's bring in marie harf and fox news analyst, josh holmes, former chief of staff to mitch mcconnell. what do you think of all this? josh, something the president is clearly showing he is not pleased with and calling on mexico to stop these caravans from reaching the board. >> it is sad situation in a lot of ways. previous situations have sent mixed signals to people in the caravans coming across the border that they'll be safe in the united states. i think the president -- it's amazing that it's news worthy. the president is saying you
7:07 am
can't just come across the southern border into the united states and form these caravans and expect the united states and taxpayers to deal with it. what he is doing is sending a strong message to future caravans that this won't be something that will be fruitful in terms of making a better life. >> sandra: marie, the president going back to his tweet showing he is not pleased with this calling it a disgrace saying we're the only country in the world so naive and he is yuntion it as further reason to call for funding for his border wall. >> that's not surprising. he uses everything to call for funding for the border wall. we can't put aside the possibility entirely that there are legitimate asylum claims in this group of people. as of right now our immigration laws still do allow for an asylum process for people fleeing persecution. i'm not saying of these 500 people who show up in california may have legitimate
7:08 am
claims but we have to leave that possibility open as long as that process is still on the books. but look, donald trump thinks this is a winning political argument for him and it is clearly something he ran on and in part i think why he won. we'll see what happens legally with these cases, though, once they actually get to the border. >> sandra: we know homeland security secretary is promising deportation. and once these groups flock -- josh, going back to marie's point about the politics of all this. politically is this something that works for the president and his party? >> well look, i think good policy is good politics. one of the things that marie said that there are asylum seekers with merit across the globe and certainly to our south. the problem that we've seen is that as we've seen in this story, there are entrepreneurial attorneys in mexico who made a living trying out how to game the american
7:09 am
system and wedge people into and underneath the umbrella of legitimate asylum seekers. where the politics leads here if you have a stronger border you have safer communities and that's a good thing for politicians in charge of keeping them safe. i think the american voters will respond to that. >> sandra: meanwhile, marie, another big news item for this president involving immigration. tomorrow the fate of the trump's travel ban heads to the supreme court and this issue is now before the supreme court. what are your expectations there? >> it will be very interesting to see what happens with this third iteration of the travel ban. it is really a question of presidential power, of national security, and also how to keep the country safe. i think what's interesting is 55 former national security officials both republicans and democrats, including intelligence officials, have filed friend of the court briefs with the supreme court saying this ban does not make us safer, it actually makes us
7:10 am
less safe and arguing against it from a legal perspective. there are a lot of smart people weighing in on both sides here and it will be interesting to see what the court does during arguments. >> sandra: last word to you, josh. >> i think a lot of the early iterations of the travel ban have received the criticism that marie is talking about. there is a more important fundamental point of executive power as marie alluded to. this is about whether or not president has the power to keep us safe. there shouldn't be a court in the world that has an opinion what keeps the world safe if it's constitutional. that's what's underlying this decision. >> bill: we'll get back to the white house in a moment. a lot more to come on the state visit between macron and trump. first a white house press secretary sarah sanders saying the president is not naive when it comes to north korea and kim jong-un.
7:11 am
>> the goal is denuclearization of the peninsula and we will continue maximum pressure campaign that has been ongoing to north korea until we see concrete action. >> bill: how does today's talks between the president and his french counterpart affect a meeting with the north korea dictator? we'll examine that. >> sandra: will french president macron convince president trump to keep troops in syria amid that country's brutal civil war. we'll talk about that and much more. >> bill: republicans working to avoid an upset in today's special election state of arizona. the latest on the race for that house seat and the balance of power back in washington straight ahead. e it. it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you okay? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day.
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>> bill: 15 past the hour. from a toronto courtroom moments ago the suspect 25-year-old alek minassian is before a judge in a zippered jumpsuit standing inside an enclosed box in handcuffs now charged with 10 counts of first degree murder. 13 counts of attempted murder. he is 25, lives in a suburb north of toronto called richmond hill. asked if there was evidence of a terrorist link the police chief said the following last night. based on what we have there is nothing that has it to compromise national security at this time. suggesting they do not at left publicly have a link to terrorism.
7:16 am
we're watching that story from toronto coming up on "america's newsroom." >> sandra: fox news alert as president trump gets ready to hold an oval office meeting with his french counterpart emmanuel macron. big policy issues on the agenda. the syrian civil war and mr. trump's planned summit with north korea. the white house saying the president is not naive when it comes to kim jong-un and will keep maximum pressure on the regime. let's bring in gordon chang, author of nuclear showdown, north korea takes on the world. what a fascinating moment to have the french president sitting down with president trump. a big discussion to be had there. what do you think is first and foremost on their list? >> it has to be the iran nuclear deal because president could de-certify it under that corker legislation. i think the president has every right to do that because in that certification he has to say the iranians are not violating the deal. he can't do that.
7:17 am
the iranians are saying you can't inspect our military sites. de-certification is the way to go. >> sandra: macron is expected to urge him to stay in. >> you can de-certify the deal and stay in and push the iranians to get out of the deal. all sorts of things the united states can do to push tehran around and we haven't been talking about them. this is a technical issue about the ability to inspect iranian sites. they are up to no good on a lot of stuff. >> sandra: let's talk north korea. there are questions. i just spoke to senator bob corker chairman of the house foreign relations committee as to whether or not we can trust kim jong-un in these negotiations. you said that was a crucial question. why? >> you can't trust kim but we can sanction him and certainly inspect him. the reason why kim got to the table and why he asked to talk directly with president trump was because he needs sanctions
7:18 am
relief. so trump is the only person in the world who can really give it to them. also this whole idea about inspections. previous deals with north korea failed because we could not verify their promises. for instance, the 1994 agreed framework was really great in a sense but the north koreans violated it the moment the ink was dry. when we look at all this it's a question of inspections. it's the same. both iran and north korea. you can't trust them but you can inspect them. >> sandra: defense secretary mattis talking about how he is optimistic heading into these talks. >> now i think there is a lot of reasons for optimism that the negotiations will be fruitful and we'll see. >> sandra: we will see. >> we certainly will. this is a question not of kim. we know kim is a villain. the real question is whether president trump will use the elements of american power to disarm north korea. we can certainly do that with force. but we can also do it without the use of force.
7:19 am
it is these coercive measures we've placed on north korea. we have a lot of things we can still do to push kim around and one of them is to go after his big power sponsors, russia and china. we haven't really begun to do that yet. so there is a lot of tools in the tool box, as they say so we can get a good solution not only for the united states but also for the international community. >> sandra: sarah sanders talking about how we are going to in this administration is going to learn from the mistakes of our country's past when dealing with north korea. listen. >> certainly we aren't going to make the mistakes from previous administrations. and we're not going to take the north koreans at their word. like i said before and we've said many times before the maximum pressure campaign is going to continue until we see concrete actions. >> sandra: it sounds like you are saying that this administration is on the right track. >> it certainly is. there are a lot of -- there is a lot of complaints about what we were doing in the last year in the trump administration but
7:20 am
i think the most important thing that the president did although he didn't often talk about it was this maximum pressure campaign of putting on american sanctions and going through the u.n. and getting the u.n. to also restrict what north korea could do. now, china in the last month or so has been violating u.n. sanctions openly and it doesn't really matter if the talks between trump and kim go well. we can ignore it. if the talks don't go well we have to start imposing costs on chinese banks laundering money for north korea. >> sandra: with the little time i have left your expectations for the discussion in the white house today with the french leader and our president when it comes to syria and leaving a u.s. military presence there, macron wants it. the president has shown recently that he wants to pull our troops out. >> there is a lot of pressure in washington to keep the troops in. this is one area where i think trump can make a concession to macron. the most important thing when you heard both talk on the south lawn is just how overwhelming the american relationship with france is. it is our oldest one and even
7:21 am
if you have minor disputes today, they don't really matter much when considering the centuries of relationship. >> sandra: fascinating stuff. gordon chang, great to have you on set this morning. >> bill: confirmation for the secretary delayed indefinitely. why is ronny jackson's future of the cabinet for the trump administration suddenly in jeopardy. >> sandra: two top public lawmakers reaching a deal over the clinton email investigation. the d.o.j. will turn over its documents. we'll dig into that next. this is no ordinary coffee. it's single-origin kenyan coffee from the nyeri highlands, 6,000 feet above sea level. but how do you really know that the beans journeyed to the port of mombasa and across the pacific? that you can trust they're 100% authentic? ibm blockchain.
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> sandra: a setback for president trump's pick to lead the department of veterans affairs. the senate delaying confirmation hearings for rear admiral ronny jackson over
7:25 am
allegations of improper conduct at various points in his career. here is what senator mike rounds told our shannon bream last night. >> chairman isaacson had a phone conversation with a lot of us on the committee over the weekend. indicated there had been some unsubstantiated allegations made and he wants to do it right. we want to get all the facts out. we have to do our due diligence. i had a meeting in our office with the admiral. he presents himself very well but at the same time as members of the committee we have to do our due diligence. >> bill: ronny jackson is the president's personal white house physician. president trump nominated him last month after firing david shulkin. john tester said they will investigate and look into these allegations. >> bill: reminding our viewers. as we await -- two house republican committee chairmen striking a deal with the department of justice to give
7:26 am
them documents on the f.b.i.'s handling of the clinton email investigation. committee chair bob goodlatte and trey gowdy saying the deal comes after months of repeated requests. mike emmanuel is live on the hill. >> the chairmen sound pleased saying the committees have reached an agreement with the department of justice to access the documents we have been requesting for months. we look forward to reviewing the information to better understand the decisions made by the department of justice in 2016 and 2017. congress has a constitutional responsibility to ensure transparency and accountability of actions taken. this comes after those key lawmakers expressed a great deal of frustration with the d.o.j. >> i think anything times zero is zero. if it's 26 agents and we are getting nothing and if it is 52
7:27 am
agents and we're getting nothing, the result is the same. how many agents working on it. it is simple, you gave a million pages to the inspector general. take out the grand jury material and gives us what's left. >> that frustration has subsided at least for now, bill. >> bill: mike, what has been the argument from the department of justice on this issue first? >> the relevant officials essentially said that their guidance was to produce those documents as quickly and efficiently as possible but their argument was it was a very time consuming process. >> based on my experience both as a prosecutor and private practice, document reviews can take time. one of the reasons they take time reviewing all the materials to look for relevance but to figure out what materials need to be redacted out of there. and so the additional folks that have been added will be helpful. >> after firing a lot of letters back and forth it appears the relevant committees on the hill will get to see the
7:28 am
paperwork they wanted. >> there will be news from that either way when it happens. thank you. >> sandra: busy morning. moments from now we should get a live look inside the oval office where president trump holds a bilateral meeting with french president macron. a big topic on their agenda the war in syria. one top republican senator says better to fight them overseas than here at home. >> when it comes to syria we need to stay to protect america. you may be tired of fighting radical islam. they aren't tired of fighting you. i would rather fight them in their backyard than ours. >> sandra: macron is warning it could create a wave of terror if the u.s. pulls out. we'll discuss that and more.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
>> bill: 10:31. the white house now, fox news alert. the first state visit for the trump presidency is well underway. you'll get a glimpse into the oval office meeting during a
7:32 am
bilateral meeting with the french president macron and his visit at the white house. we watched the arrival together. anthems played from both and the kiss on both cheeks and a 21 gun salute. a day after he and his wife enjoyed a helicopter ride to washington landmarks including mount vernon down the pot om act and president trump hosting his first state dinner. the two issues talking issues of trade, defense, spending, syria, iran, north korea and a press conference that comes your way at high noon eastern time. >> sandra: one of the biggest agenda items for that meeting is the iran nuclear deal. european allies are working to convince the president to stay in the pact as iran threatens severe consequences to any nation that walks away. rich edson with more on this. >> good morning.
7:33 am
french president macron's visit to washington begins a week of european pressure on president trump to keep the united states in the iran nuclear deal. he set a may 12 deadline where he wants to agree to changes around iran policy. if not to his satisfaction he will withdraw the u.s. from the agreement. the french president said on "fox news sunday" that he believes the current deal is the best option out there. >> for nuclear what do you have as a better option? i don't see it. what is the scenario or plan b? i don't have any plan b for nuclear against iran. >> iran yun minister said european leaders should encourage president trump not to just stay in the deal but implement his part of the bargain in good faith.
7:34 am
angela merkel will likely reinforce that message friday while she travels to washington they are trying to saef the administration of iran. they have agreed to bolster inspections. the major sticking point the u.s. wants to extend pro bigss on iran's nuclear program beyond the deal. the u.s. argues the iran deal gave too much up front to iran and continues giving iran too much in benefits. they argue iran's behavior has become more aggressive since the nuclear agreement. whether the ballistic missiles and cyber activities and interference in the wars in yemen and syria. >> bill: republican senators tim scott and marco rubio. welcome back to our program here. you have a joint operation together. we'll talk about it in a moment here. senator rubio, we may be interrupted by trump and macron
7:35 am
in their oval office meeting. first on iran what do you think the president should do with this deadline coming up may 12? >> the iran deal is a bad deal. if our european allies will increase missile sanctions on the ballistic missile program it's something to look at. no matter how you feel about the iran deal you cannot believe it somehow grants iran immunity to do what they want on terrorism and anti-israeli activity on cyberattacks and on developing ballistic missiles that can reach europe and the united states. and so i hope our european allies will step forward. they are the ones that like the deal. we hope they'll step forward and sanction all the companies that help build the missiles. otherwise i think the president should get out of the deal. >> bill: get out of it. senator scott, would you encourage that also for the president to get out of it? >> the deal was bad at the beginning. we need to look at the sunset provisions, the nuclear verification is week and the ballistic missile testing.
7:36 am
pathway for more ballistic missiles over an eight year time. the sunset provision is something we have to focus on. important for us to find a way out if we could. will our european partners go along with that? >> i wonder between president macron and angela merkel coming in the later part of this week if they can talk the president out of it and changing his mind. sarah sanders says he believes exactly what you two gentlemen just said. >> i know he does. campaigned on it. and so i think he has a good relationship with president macron. france is an important ally and they worked in conjunction with us on syria recently. there is a lot we can work on together. president macron shares the president's concern about iran. france is one of the strongest people at the table when this was originally negotiated under the obama administration. the french government was stronger than the obama administration was on those negotiations. the german component is
7:37 am
different. nonetheless we want to have these strong alliances. >> let's see what happens here what the president decides. to both of you and senator scott here there seems to be discussion about american troops overseas and now the conversation about syria and president macron will try to convince the president to keep our 2,000 to 3,000 troops operating in eastern syria. do you join the chorus of those who say we're involved in too many places around the world and it's better to spend money at home that overseas? >> we cannot be the world's police force. that's without question. the ultimate question is what is our national interest in syria? if that has been satisfied by the defeat of isis we should move forward and move on. if it hasn't been we'll continue our presence there. we have to first define what it is that our role in the globe as related to national security and international security and peace. >> bill: there is where we've got a two-minute warning for the tape play-out here. you may want to stick around
7:38 am
and listen to it. senator corker did last hour and i know you guys have busy schedules. this might be an opportunity to hear what the two presidents are saying. there is a project that you two are working on for certain parts of america, inner cities. it's called opportunity zones. senator rubio, what is that all about and how do you think you can affect change in these parts of america? >> that project was a brain child of senator godette in the tax bill. attracting investment back into distressed communities left behind in all this globalization and the global economy. creating incentives for companies to do in those communities in america what they've been doing in other countries because of the tax code. >> it is an opportunity for us to align potential and making sure that they happen in the same place. 50 million americans live in distressed communities. the one i grew up in. the goal is to bring private sector capital into the areas through the opportunity
7:39 am
legislation. the fact is the government can't solve all the problems. >> bill: thank you. scott and rubio, hang on. >> president trump: it's a great honor to be here but we have a very special relationship. in fact i'll get that little piece of dandruff off -- we have to make him perfect. he is perfect. it is really great to be with you and you are a special friend. thank you. >> thank you. thank you very much, mr. president. i want to thank president trump and your country, your people, for this very warm welcome. it's wonderful to reminisce. indeed both of us just remind us how great our common history is and that each time we work together in order to protect the liberty and freedom and our peace. and we have a lot of challenges
7:40 am
ahead of us regarding our two countries. terrorism, security, and a lot of other issues we'll discuss. we have a lot of work to be done together but i am very honored and pleased because what the context could be, this relationship is stronger. on top of it we have an excellent personal relationship so i want to thank you for that. >> president trump: thank you. >> what would you like to say about iran during your talks with the president? >> president trump: we'll be discussing the iran deal. we'll be discussing probably the paris accord. and various other things. we have not much time to do a lot of discussing but a lot of things we'll work out. we have got a very special
7:41 am
relationship. i don't imagine it's ever been closer in the history of our two countries. that's a long and beautiful history. so we will be talking about a lot of different subjects. the iran deal will be one of them. >> are you interested in staying in the iran deal? >> we'll talk about it. people know my views on the iran deal. it was a terrible, should have never been made. we could have made a reasonable deal. we paid $150 bill and gave 1.8 billion in cash. that's actual cash. barrels of cash. it is insane. it's ridiculous and should have never been made but we'll be talking about it. >> mr. president, what about michael cohen? >> president trump: thank you very much. stupid question. go ahead, anybody else, please? >> what would you tell the president about the iran nuclear deal?
7:42 am
[president macron speaking french] >> i just stated the iran deal is an important issue. we'll discuss about that but we have to take it as a part of a broader picture which is security in the whole region and we have upcoming things in iraq. we have stability for our allies and we want to contain
7:43 am
the iranian in the region. >> president trump: it seems no matter where you go especially in the middle east iran is behind it. wherever there is trouble. no matter where you have it, iran is behind it. now unfortunately russia is getting more and more involved. but iran seems to be behind everything where there is a problem and you just have to take a look. you look at what is happening and you look at the fighters, iran is always there and we aren't going to allow certain things to happen that are happening. the iran deal is a disaster. they are testing missiles. what is that all about? you look at the ballistic missiles that they are going and testing. what kind of a deal is it where you are allow i had to test missiles all over the place? what kind of a deal is it when you don't talk about yemen and you don't talk about all of the other problems that we have with respect to iran, especially look at what they are doing in iraq. you just take a look at what is
7:44 am
happening in any -- virtually any place in the middle east iran is behind it. what kind of deal was this where it wasn't discussed. john kerry didn't want to discuss other things while he was making the deal. despite all the money we gave them, he didn't want to discuss it because it was too complicated. that's not the way to do it because it was too complicated. we made this terrible deal but we'll be discussing it. >> it won't be so easy for them to restart. they restart it they'll have big problems. bigger than they've ever had before and mark it down. they restart their nuclear program, they will have bigger problems than they have ever had before. thank you very much, everybody. thank you.
7:45 am
>> bill: for the moment two major headlines coming out of that. one with regard to iran, sandra. if iran restarts the nuclear program they will have much bigger problems than they've ever had before. the other one what happened to be the question from john carl about would he pardon michael cohen? we believe that question came from carl. >> sandra: what struck many of us was the talk of the relationship between the two leaders, macron commented on their excellent personal relationship which he wanted to thank the president for. the president started off by wiping something off the french president's shoulder saying we need to make him perfect. he is perfect. and he, too, weighed in on the significance of their warm
7:46 am
relationship. >> bill: you sometimes need a friend to do that, don't you? >> sandra: i'll do it for you. >> bill: likewise, too, but off camera. to hear him go after tehran repeatedly. what kind of a deal is it? he said that several times. he has major problem with what happened during the obama years and the deal that kerry and obama cut with regard to the cash that was delivered to tehran to get the deal done. >> sandra: the president weighed in multiple times on the iran deal and said it was a disaster. he goes into the extended meeting with the french president. he said we'll see. it is a terrible deal. macron is expected to urge him to stay in for lack of a better option. he also said he will talk about the paris accord. >> bill: the terrorism question is interesting when you think about the scourge of isis and what has happened since and in terms of the military wind-up to try to knock out 5% of the
7:47 am
territory that isis once held. france is close to this topic when you think about those who have gone to syria and found a way back through eastern, central and western europe to countries like france to carry out devious acts of paris and in france. >> sandra: interesting to hear the president say looking big picture at the relationship between these two countries. the commerce secretary and john bolton making the long walk for the important lunch where so much will be discussed. the president weighed in a few moments ago calling the relationship between france and the united states, maybe the president said the strongest it's ever been in the history of the two countries. >> bill: quite a statement. when senator corker was with us last hour and listening to initial comments he alluded to the friendship these two men and wives have built with one another for the past year, watch as this develops.
7:48 am
so our viewers know we'll see them give comments again in about 30 minutes. then there is a press conference at 12 noon eastern time. tomorrow in our program here on "america's newsroom" 10:30 eastern time address before the ent macron will be the ss and featured man for that address tomorrow. >> sandra: a special election today in arizona to fill the seat of gop congressman trent franks that he left vacant last december. who is likely to win in this traditionally red district in candidate debbie lesko will join me next.
7:49 am
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>> bill: update on america's 41st president george h.w. bush admitted to the hospital.
7:52 am
he was admitted to the intensive care unit after contracting an infection that spread to his blood. the 93-year-old bush is responding to treatment and appears to be recovering but we have not been given an update so far this morning. the last word we heard was last evening. we're thinking about you, 41, down there in houston, texas. >> sandra: a special election underway in arizona right now. voters picking a replacement for trent franks who resigned last december. the democratic candidate casting her votes moment ago. the deep red district expected to stay that way but it could be a close race. republican candidate debbie lesko joins me now. good morning to you. so you just resigned as a state senator, a position you held for three years. a position opened up and you want the job. why? >> i'm a good fit for this
7:53 am
district. i've been involved in the west valley for the last 20 years in my kids' schools and city and served in the state legislature for nine years. i'm a good republican conservative. i share the values of the people in my district. so it is really a good fit. it seemed like a logical move. >> sandra: this is the state's 8th congressional district. now by several metrics, no gold standard as far as polling right now. you are favored to win over the democrat in this race but it looks close. why? >> you know, i think the whole nation is looking at this election as the bellwether for the mid-term elections and why a lot of attention is on it. but you know, this is a conservative district so i expect to win. i hope i win big. >> sandra: president trump carried the district by 21 percentage points in 2016. do you expect an energized vote
7:54 am
when it becomes time? >> i certainly have energized. i think people are really energized. republicans are energized. this is a big year for republicans and we want to make sure our state stays conservative. i've been working very hard. i take nothing for granted. this is a good district. we have lots of veterans, people that are very patriotic. they believe in lower taxes, less government regulations and they want to secure the border. i share their values. my democrat opponent is very liberal. she does not share the values of this district. >> sandra: we've seen some special elections since president trump took office. this would be unlike those that we have seen. we saw democrats benefiting from low turnout among republican votes there. what would you say is the biggest issues for the voters of your district? >> the people want a secure border. and they want to be safe.
7:55 am
government's number one responsibility is to protect its citizens and part of that is securing the border. i believe that we need to increase funding for a border wall. we need to increase border agents. my democrat opponent wants to spend no dollars at all on a border wall. she opposes the tax cuts that were just done by republicans. i support them. they help everyday citizens and they help small businesses. we are very different. this is unlike pennsylvania where the democrat pretended he was a republican. she is liberal. she does not fit the district. i expect to win. we'll see what happens tonight. i'm excited and energized. i think we're going to win. >> sandra: the president carried your district by 21 points. how is the president's popularity there these days? >> the people i talk to are happy with the president. he is following through with the promises he made to the
7:56 am
voters and the majority of the folks here in the west valley of arizona, phoenix, are very happy with the president. i am, too. i'm looking forward to working with him and getting things done. >> sandra: we'll be watching this race closely. we appreciate your time and coming on the program this morning. >> thank you so much. >> sandra: we'll be watching it. thank you. >> bill: also watching this at the moment. president trump holding meetings with his french counterpart macron. big topics iran and syria. big details as we get them from the white house. quick break. we're live after this on "america's newsroom."
7:57 am
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>> got little something here. >> i promise, i'll always do that off camera for you. >> listen, you know, that's what guys do, by the way. have to help a guy out. that's what you do. dandruff on your collar. >> wow!
8:00 am
you know -- don't do that to me. >> probably saying thank you. right now the two leaders are meeting here. you know the play-out on camera. >> more coming up from the two leaders throughout the day and tomorrow. thanks for joining us. "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: a fox news alert on another first for president trump. he is set to host a state dinner tonight for his french counterpa counterpart. 45 minutes from now, they'll have a joint news conference. good morning. i'm jon scott. >> and i'm julie banderas. president trump and president macron are holding a private talk, a high stakes meeting foe viewing on a number of issues that could strain the relationship with america's oldest ally. >> the wonderful friendship we have developed over the last year is a testament to the enduring friendship that binds our two naon


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