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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 24, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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making big news on the iranian nuclear deal and potential talks with north kree a we'll bring you to that news conference live. this is outnumbered, i'm sandra smith. harris faulkner host of kennedy on fox, kennedy, jessica tarlof and joining us on the couch, conservative commentator and editor in chief of campus, he is outnumbered. >> big lof. >> a busy news day. we're praying for the former president as well. >> absolutely. we will begin. president trump hosting french president macron, here they are in the oval office. it is the first official state visit of the trump presidency. the two leaders set to field questions from the media in just a few moments from now. variety of issues topping their agenda today, including the
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crisis in syria. international trade. and whether or not the u.s. will remain in the iran nuke deal. here's the operate that. >> president trump: we will be talking about a lot of different subjects. but the iran deal will be one of them. people know my views on the iran deal, it was a terrible deal. should never, ever have been made. we could have made a good deal but that is a herible deal. we paid $150 billion, $1.8 mill billion in cash, actual cash, barrels of cash. insane, ridiculous, never should have been made. but we will be talking about it. >> white house correspondent john roberts is live at the white house where more is about to get under way with the two orlando leaders. >> good afternoon. they're running substantially behind. we thought we man midway through the press conference at this point scheduled for 11:45 eastern time, it's been delayed, some 45 minutes to an hour
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because the meetings the president is having with president macron are going long. when the president opened up that pool spray as we call it in the cabinet room, he said they talked at length in the oval office and could have kept going. he said we could have been there two to three hours. as the day is only scheduled for president macron, the president has all of the time that he wants. north korea is on the agenda, the president saying that negotiations toward a silt-down between himself and kim jong-un are going very well, he is looking forward to it, quote, we think we can do something very special. after the president deriding kim jong-un, mocking imon twitter, calling him little rocketman at his speech at the united nations, the president describing kim in a different way, a different tone, saying that kim jong-un has been very open and we think very honorable from what we have seen. that prompted a question from
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me, in the press conference if i get called upon, how did he go from a being a lying, cheating, potentially murderous particular daytor to an honorable person. he talked about iran in syria, subjects the president said are big and hard and have solutions. there's a difference between the united states and france what should be done. france wants the united states towns stay in the so-called iranian nuclear deal and president macron does not want president trump to precipitously pull troops out of syria. difficult discussions on trade, the president saying he would like to do a bilateral free trade deal with france but can't because francis part of the european union and negotiations with the e.u. are tough, they want to levy tariffs on american goods when we don't levy the same tariffs on the european goods. threatening large tariffs on
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aluminum and steel on europe. maybe we'll get more where things stand there. the president saying that negotiations toward levelling the playing field or a little more so, with china on trade are going well. and nafta negotiations are going well. from the white house it seems, everything is coming up roses. but we'll get a chance to ask those questions in about 45 minutes. >> a fascinating kay as you have pointed out -- fascinating day, so much news and so much changing. >> how unusual, huh? >> and we -- exactly. [chuckling] we learned a lieutenant about the relationship -- relearned a lot about the relationship between united states and france and between the two leaders. throughout this day, particularly. the french president reciprocated what the president said was a strong relationship with the french leader, macron said they have an excellent personal relationship. >> they do. the president made a point of that in their oval office meeting saying two of them liked each other. it's interesting when you consider the age difference
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marks krone is 40, the president is 71. but macron saying they came from a similar political background, both mavericks, neither expected to win. interesting to point out as well president trump was sort of rooting for the challenger in the french elections. but immediately reached out to macron when he won. at one point, during their oval office handshake, the president reached over to macron and brushed the kol larp of his jacket saying he was getting rid of a piece of dan druf. i didn't notice that macron had dandruff, maybe a piece of lint. >> maybe they're that close. a friend helping out a friend. john roberts, thank you, we'll see you a short time from now when this gets under way. lawrence jones, the president also issued a very stern warning to iran a few moments ago say,ing if iran starts their nuclear program they will have much bigger problems than they have ever had before.
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he said that firmly. >> i think from a defense standpoint this president when he has said something, drawn red lines, who means it. he enforces it. i would push back on those critics that say, hey, this president is not being reasonable when it comes to this deal. because we haven't seen these same leaders asking for inspections. that's what it really boils down to. if the deal is so good, then allow us to inspect, to verify that they're not moving forward with their nuclear program. >> that's what gordon chang was suggesting earlier. macron's point, harris, don't get out until there's a better option. is the way he's laying it out. >> macron doesn't want to talk about a plan b. which i would ask, is that because there hasn't been one proffered that you thinks i strong enough. then maybe that's the reason we don't know. he is saying that this particular deal is something that they feel like they can get their arms around. i'm paraphrasing but i don't
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know how that's possible if we don't know all that's in it, the side deals. the president might want to press if he hasn't already, then are there some areas that we can extricate, take out, based on the previous behavior up until now with ballistic missile testing, so on, so forth, to slim it down, make it more along the lines of something that we can watch. >> to be a fly on the wall and know the conversation happening in the white house right now, all of these huge pressing foreign policy issues that they're dealing with. >> i think to be clear, when it comes to iran we know we can't trust them. sort of just like north korea in a sense. look, i don't see them in any shape or form complying with the actual deal that was set before. but the problem is we've given them all this money. what can we do. >> a lot of people have said a lot of people in official capacities said they are complying. what i notice in the way president trump was talking the decided shift in having john bolton as his advisor four a few
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weeks and what mike pompeo will be sounding like versus rex tillerson sounding like. he has the people behind him who think the way that he does about the iran deal which is not what he had before in mcmaster and pompeo. >> very excellent thing. what we had a lot of times with tillerson is two different sides of the book. one would go out and make a statement, then the white house press secretary, she's representing the president. questions of whether or not rex tillerson, state department, were on the same page as the white house. >> you could also argue the good cop-bad cop thing has worked in the north korean situation. if the president takes what is happening in north korea, very positive developments and applies to it iran you can almost see the iran deal going down the same path. the iran deal as you pointed out, there's not enough transparency, we don't know what's in the side deals. it is incredibly problematic we can't have inspectors in there, with flash inspections at any
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particular site in that country. that's absolutely what we need particularly since iran has said, you get out of the deal we're starting up where we left off and going so much further. right now, the president seems to be signalling that he's being aggressive and unpredictable with iran, like he was in north korea. and perhaps a better result there. >> but kennedy, the idea you had in the beginning of the deal, president trump is negotiating this so differently than the former administration. i mean -- >> this is with strength. >> all of the cards were not on the table just to get to you come to the table. their expectations have to be in play that are much different than were there for iran. iran basically got paid to come to the table. >> so many concessions given to iran which that's a detriment to our country. to the president's credit here, that's what he's looking out for. and i think a lot of these deals and the idea that you can open them up and renegotiate them, yes it is unorthodox. but maybe it is for the ultimate
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good of the rld would. and maybe it does bring us closer to -- >> i want to bring in north korea. we know that that is also a discussion had in the white house right now. as john roberts pointed out in the reporting from the white house the president talked about negotiations with kim jong-un is are going very well. he used to call the leader of north korea little rocketman. roberts was pointing out a change in tone of -- his own change in tone when it comes to kim jong-un, he's talking about him and referring to him as honarable. listen. jpt kim jong-un, really has been very open, and i think very honorable from everything we're seeing. >> lawrence jones, open and honorable, words used to describe the north korean dictator. >> a classic negotiation strategy from this president. i was one of the peep w478 he first start -- people when he
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first started criticizing, i thought we were at the brink of war the way the president was dealing with it. but he has gotten results. the shift of tone from the president is because you're hearing things from north korea like we will get rid of our nuclear weapons. that's been reported. we'll see if it goes through once the president meets with them. >> they haven't committed to that, all right. >> but they're having conversations. there hasn't been any conversation before this president started. yes the name-calling, many called it petty. but he has gotten him to the table. as kim jong-un is coming through the table the president is now using looser language. >> whenever i hear that, i scratch my head. i mean, you call the president's words, not you personally, but others call it petty. well what category do you put a guy who kills his own peep? >> right. >> petty versus -- >> i think if you ask joy behar she puts him as morally superior to the president.
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that more relativism is so dangerous. but you're right. i don't think he's honarable. i think he is -- honorable. he's murderous. so many people have lost their lives -- >> this is deal making. >> i know we talked about it yesterday, i hope part of this deal is not just deknew calendarization, i hope -- denuclear iization, i hope there's opening things up. >> part of the deal-making, the equation, jessica, is the president saying i'm willing to meet with you but willing to walk away. >> right. he even said i'm willing to respectfully get up in the middle of the meeting and walk out. i think everybody on both sides of the aisle has agreed in a this is progress. but if you were watchtion the sunday shows, there's -- watching the sunday shows there's a lot of trepidation about where we could be going with this. >> political. >> everything is political. but there are a lot of people
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who have -- people -- >> not jumping to conclusions saying, um, let's -- >> being cautious -- >> e who is ushs kau. >> he's damned if he does or he's damned if he doesn't rnts he's not damned at all. >> if he sends in mike pompeo, he's somehow a pass efficient? >> right -- a pacifist. >> i hear what you are saying, jessica. the idea that let's at least talk about the risks, kwhaefer. but when i say it's gotten political, it's not a discussion about risk and better ideas. it's just the determination that this might not be the president to get it done. i'm curious why do democrats think that? >> that this isn't the president to get it done? >> yes. >> they don't trust him on foreign policy. >> obama didn't get it done in eight years. >> but george bush didn't get it done. not a new thing that north korea is a threat to us. >> it seems like a shift in tone. first he was too hard on the
9:14 am
brink of making some type of war with north korea. now he may be a little too soft. >> i don't think so. >> let me bring this up, we expect the joint news conference with the french president and our president. emmanuel macron, when you look at the iran deal, north korea deal, the syrian war, you look back at the way macron has described these two individuals. himself and the president. both businessmen, not status quo politici politicians. it's fascinating about the way in which they're discussing moving forward with these foreign policy issues. >> i think emmanuel macron has a high e.w., he under starndz, not to sound like a cream puff, but -- >> never accuse you of that. >> the president it's motion. >> he understand the president's emotional needs. and appealing to the president's
9:15 am
intuitive side. but the president is frustrated that he's taking issue with these particular issues like the iran deal, syria, and china tariffs. the president saying yeah, i love you too, idiot. that's exactly what he's doing when he expresses his frustration about the iran deal. macron is there to make sure the united states stays in the deal and doesn't rock the boat. the president is saying i like you too, let's have a nice sweet hug and cup of cocoa but -- >> and setting the tone for when angela merkel comes on friday. >> good point. >> the way he's balancing this, in front of him being tough as well as complimentary of him as well, is all a negotiation strategy. >> we have more to get, to we are awaiting the start of the joint news conference between president trump and president macron. you'll see it live. mike pompeo, a big step closer to becoming secretary of state as of last night after he cleared a committee vote by the
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thinnest of margins. surprise vote change or changes. and the rare bipartisanship that made this happen.
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french president emmanuel macron. at any moment at the white house. variety of issues as we've been talking about this hour so far, the crisis in stirria, international trade and whether or not the united states will remain in the iran nuclear deal. president trump firing back on a reporter for trying to turn the conversation to the ongoing criminal investigation into his long-time personal attorney michael cohen. look at this. >> mr. president what about michael cohen, are you dr. ing -- >> president trump: thank you very much. [calling out questions] >> president trump: stupid question. >> he paused to make sure that was heard, too. we'll bring you that news conference live as it happens. then we'll just move on. all right, so you've got a situation where the president said exactly what he was thinking, that's not breaking news. but brought to it a halt for a second. >> i'm so sick of this. >> uh-oh. >> it's ticking me off, these reporters, jim across if a and
9:21 am
this guy from abc -- jim acosta and the guy from abc. his attorney isn't charged. no evidence of wrongdoing at this point. there's not a conviction. you're asking if the president is going to pardon him? >> that's what it sounds like, sarah sanders yesterday said how can you comment onning? that hasn't happened. >> this is what is ticking off americans. and i believe, look, i try to be fair with the press but they're literally carrying the water of the democratic party. this is the same talking point that the democrats are using right now. i don't get how you can call yourself a journalist and the american people care nothing about this right now. >> jessica, and i have had some interesting conversations about the questions that happened. >> yeah. >> with the press corps. what do you think? >> i think that it was a mistake to do it at this moment. you give president trump then the upper hand unequivocally when you do something like that,
9:22 am
interrupt a state visit press conference, when you have those two lead tlers to ask a question like that. i disafree with lawrence, i think the american public does care about what is unfolding in the mueller investigation. >> michael cohen. this had nothing to do with mueller. >> but it is another aspect of what is going in the investigation into president trump and inevitably -- >> why did mueller pass it to the u.s. attorney if it was part of mueller's investigation? >> if you think that michael cohen has nothing to do and what he's -- nothing to do with president trump, then -- >> he went out of his way to say that the president is not a target. >> yes, he did. then everyone since then has said that rob rosenstein was clear about that, he is not a target right now and everything is moving forward. >> it's not raining right now. >> i suggested it was the wrong forum but asking questions about michael cohen is fine. if the president --
9:23 am
>> it has nothing to do with russia. >> i said the lower investigation. >> no, mueller -- >> that did not come out of my mouth. >> maybe that's part of the problem, we're taking these disparate elements and trying to lump them together like different colors of play dough to make a giant ugly blob. at some point -- >> that's disgusting. >> at some point you have to separate things rationally and intellectually. it dumbs things do you know when you try to plop everything together and foist it on the american people as though it somehow is art. it is sadly artless. and we have so many more pressing issues between north korea and iran. >> especially today with this visit. >> our foreign policy. >> i think i'm a little more avenue answered thinker than that blob you just described. michael cohen has three clients. one is the. united states of america.
9:24 am
i understand that it was passed off and it is not part of the mueller investigation. but people are certainly discussing the links between what work michael cohen might have done on behalf of the now president of the united states of america. >> let's talk about it. when it's charged. about it right now, that moment -- >> i did say it was inappropriate. how did i turn into the devil. >> no one is calling anyone the devil. >> democratic devil. >> whatever kind of political -- >> don't wrap your own sfrau, woman, no one said that. >> you called me a blob. >> i did not. i was making a metaphor, who loves a ball of play dough, any color. jessica, i heard new the beginning, everyone heard you say not the right forum. as a journalist, perhaps not the right day of the week either. i don't think it would have mattered the forum, necessarily, we ask along with the news, is developing. then this becomes more of an editorial session inside the press corps, that's not a good
9:25 am
look. >> you are right, journalists have to call truth to power, they have to challenge. every administration. they have to get to it. >> today iran is happening. >> we have to realize, there's -- i understand the best thing about this idea of fake news is it makes people really try and contemplate what is journalism. what does it mean to speak the truth. >> when has it become more -- >> when is it journalism and editorializing. >> he was looking for a moment. >> i was going to say, we felt like, we weren't inside, joan than that karl or some one, we're not there, but it felt like a moment-grabbing section. >> i don't disagree. certainly today when you have the state visit going on, and north korea, syria, they're talking about the paris trade acord as well. >> right. >> that this, if you want to talk about michael cohen maybe today is the day to ask sarah sanders and not the. united states. >> they asked her yesterday. >> and if you want to ask every day, that's all right.
9:26 am
but not the forum. >> it's not the right question. there's no conviction. why is pardon a part of the conversation? >> well, the president -- >> there's no conviction. >> i like the sound of sandra's voice. >> the camera came on i was looking over here, at the room there, we are awaiting the president to speak with the french president macron. what a day for the country, enormous day for foreign policy for the serious discussion that is being had in the white house right now. we are about to learn what they talked about. and any conclusions that they came to. and this is a significant moment. i get the questioning of a reporter throwing a question like that out there. perhaps more so, you could look at it, like a missed opportunity for a journalist inside the white house. >> to do the job of a journalist. >> it is embarrassing in front of another world leader.
9:27 am
we're talking about pressing issues. >> you think the president has handled his business? >> i think he did. >> i think it serves them well, to get that question out. the president, shut up, stupid question. >> soon we'll find out. >> when you hear the president say we could have talked two hours or longer and their relationship is going on we'll get to hear what they talked about as we await the start of the joint news conference between president trump and french leader macron. you will see it live right here when it begins. stay close. baby boomers,
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awaiting a news conference, looking live inside the white house where it's been a busy day in washington. the french president emmanuel macron and his wife are visiting the first state visit for president trump since he's been in foxx office. the big state dinner this evening. we are awaiting the joint news conference. big conversations have been had inside the white house one can
9:32 am
assume iran, syria, north korea all on the table as they decide some of our most pressing foreign policy issues. we await to hear from both world leaders moments from now, when it begins we'll go live. meanwhile, yesterday evening was a big one as well. mike pompeo, the president's pick to lead the state department, the secretary of state nominee did pass through committee but not without rand paul flipping his vote to a yes vote. after he spoke to the president himself. also, democrat senator kunes did allow the vote to go through, it was tie, he was needed to step in, it was dramatic evening to say the least. now his nomination goes to the senate floor. as we await that, that narrow passage going through last night, it's likely to be discussed today, could be a question at this news conference. because we do desperately need secretary of state. >> the fact that bob corker was
9:33 am
crying some nomination passing committee, tells you how severe -- >> because of the bipartisan -- >> right, he was crying about it, he was shocked that it happened. people call it emotion but shows you how vitriol washington is. i think the president deserves his nominee, especially after what mike pompeo did with north kree a we don't know where it's going to go, but without any likes, he went there, meet with him, and then come back and report back to the president to start the conversation. >> we only found out after the fact that he sat down for his confirmation hearings after he secretly met with the leader of north korea. >> right. and obviously, that move was to bolster his foreign policy credentials, he was capable of having a meeting like that, doing it competently, but keeping a secret a lot of people didn't know about it. democrats expressed their displeasure, are there questions
9:34 am
about mike pompeo and the views he holds, absolutely. and i think it is completely reasonable for him to be questioned on some of the past statements he has made in lard to foreign policy. >> fair game. >> i'm curious to see what rand paul got as a concession. >> we were curious about that. remember, kennedy, we were like look at that, he changed his mind completely. you know there's dealmaking going on. i did want to mention about senator bob corker and emotion that welled up in him. he's very close with representative isaacson and isaacson had to leave for a funeral of his best friend. part of that emotion i would add is because when your guy is not there and you see a democrat step up, somebody that you don't always anticipate maybe can you count on from across the aisle, not personally but in general, that's motion is aided by the fact your friend isn't. there i would say this, though, to give democrats, you know, a leg up, and a way through the
9:35 am
door, he wasn't the only one. yes, he stepped up and voted present. but you had man chin making news, he decided to vote for -- >> and heidi heidkamp, senators up for election in states that trump won by double digits. reasons to be concerned about mike pompeo, i don't agree with the line if you voted for him for cia director it's a give-me he should be secretary of state, they ee different positions, to be the country's top diplomat is different than the cia director. once those three on the democrat side, they saw the writing on the wall. >> you think because they're in states where president trump won handily or do you think they would have done it anyway? >> i think joe manchin is the most fundamentally conservative of the three. >> maybe the only true blue dog. >> right, from a different era.
9:36 am
if you listen to heidi heidkamp and the policies she supports and fundamentally sees america and how we should treat those less well off, she doesn't sound that conservative. joe donnely the same. we have re-election. >> joe manchin has been asked if he wants to jump party. >> he's good at the conservative sound bite. >> the governor of west virginia flipped parties and the president went for that big lavish ceremony which was a hand written note welcoming joe manchin to the gop. >> republicans see west virginia as the number one shot at a pickup. there and clare mccaskill's race will be intent in missouri. >> and hillary clinton has made sure it be will. >> she's not going to be in missouri, she's not coming. >> but she's already laid the ground work for how con ten tuesday it's going to be, mccaskill asked her to back off of the lingo about voters who are republican. >> almost as though clare mccaskill is get something of her talking points from the rnc
9:37 am
in regards to hillary clinton. >> you mean fighting hillary clinton? >> yes, backing down on the statements she made. hillary blatherring on and on at a book event. >> when you look at the surprises yesterday, rand paul after having met with the president and pompeo speaking to each of them, then issuing that tweet that he had received the assurances that he did, from both that, they agree on important issues and that he had decided then to support his nomination for secretary of state. it's going to be fascinating to see if he is asked about mike pompeo today in the presence of the french leader what he has to say going forward. >> look, i think the president is definitely has a relationship with mike pompeo he did not have with tillerson. it's much different when you have interaction with the person every single day through a briefing and you get to know them, have those conversations.
9:38 am
i think this appointment was based on the president saying i have confidence in this guy. i believe he allowed on they are outsiders before, picking out his cabinet, now he's saying i want the team that i want. >> mike pompeo was the first when you talk about north korea being a huge issue, person who told us potentially how close we were to them becoming nuclear. >> and also about russian interference. mike pompeo has been on all sides, saying they're coming for 2018 and 2020. >> get through the investigation and keep that from happening. >> that is an argument ta can be used in terms of democrats confirming him, we can't go into the summer would automatic top diplomat. but we have mid terms coming up, you need some one in that position who believes that the russians did interfere with our elections. >> iran, syria, north korea and of course mike pompeo as the next secretary of state, all on the table as we await the news conference at the white house. was supposed to be outside in the rhodes garden, it moved
9:39 am
inside was of weather, but half past the noon eastern time, we await the two leaders, president of frns france and president of the united states. we'll bring it to you live when it begins in a moment.
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house, the news conference between president trump and the french president macron. you see some of the dignitaries starting to fill in the front row. as soon as we get a two-minute warning we'll jump to that and take you there live. we want to let you know we're monitoring it right now. and i'm fixing my mike pack in case anybody in the booth is watching. as we watch, this we know that these two presidents have been talking about syria and iran and a lot of big topics today. we fully anticipate that the reporters in the room once they make their original opening statements, which is cuss to march any this, you'll hear from president trump and president macron. then they will be asked questions.
9:44 am
usually, it's a 2-on-2. as that process begins, two questions, two questions, we'll take you there live. >> what a welcome for the president yesterday, when they touched down at joint base andrews, rolled out the red carpet. camp and fanfare. a spectacular welcome to the united states for the french first family. then today, at the white house, that ceremony with our military band playing, the flags flying and the anthems playing a beautiful well come for the first state visit. >> you are going to see a contrast between the way francis welcomed and germany. >> yes. >> i don't think you'll see the same pomp and circumstance when chancellor merkel makes hire way to washington, d.c. a little later in the week. that will be a study in contrast. and it's very interesting, because these two obviously have shown that they have a great collegiality and affection for one another. >> there is a chemistry there.
9:45 am
>> i will be interested to see how the french press presses the president of france and whether or not his embrace of the american president is unpopular there. >> the president went as far as to say, lawrence jones, one lucky guy today, that the relationship between france and the united states under his presidency is the best that it has ever been in the history of the relationship. >> that was huge. should be noted, this is the first state dinner that the president is doing. this just tells you how close they are. he didn't honor anybody else. also continued to say, one of our strongest allies. there will be some pushback from the french press but i think this president, macron, is willing to take it on like this president is, willing to take on the american people -- >> there's obvious disagreement, the iran deal is only one have them. differences with syria, having
9:46 am
our military force on the ground. >> right, absolutely, it's unclear where we are right now on that since the president said i want to take everyone out then we did the 3w078ings. i think mike pompeo will be wanting to stay there, and john bolton. macron is one of the only leaders that can read president trump's emotions, he was walking around by himself at the nato summit and macron said this is the most important force in the world. >> we'll go to obviously, you see the two first ladies walking in this tells us how close we are to the president. melania, our first lady, and you saw brigette macron. we anticipate that the two presidents, ours and that of france, will be balking up to the learn tern -- walking up to the lectern. they'll make statements, we've seen this president take questions at earlier events
9:47 am
today. some of it getting chippy when his personal attorney, michael cohen's case came up. he said stupid question about that. but he made really strong comments about iran. and if they step out of line, and begin to put their program of nukes back into play it could go in a different direction. >> i'll step in and we'll welcome our other stations to join us around the country for the joint news conference. let's take a moment to pause. this is fox news coverage of president trumped joint news conference with french president macron and the president, president donald trump, at the white house. i'm sandra smith in new york. let's listen. >> president trump: thank you very much, great honor. we're thrilled that the first official state visit of my presidency is not only with a great friend but with a leader of america's oldest ally, the republic of france. today in our nation's capital the stars and striems proudly
9:48 am
fly alongside the tri-color flag, a symbol of the world and to the world of unity, fraternity, and friendship that forever links our nations together. 40 years after the end of our war of independence, the great general lafayette travelled to george washington's home at mount vernon to visit the grave of the father of our country. president macron, we're deeply moved that nearly two centuries later the president of the republic of france made that same tribute last night. beautiful evening, thank you. >> thank you. >> president trump: thank you very much. this past summer, melania and i had an incredible visit with you and brigette to celebrate bastille day. we were awed by the beauty of your country and the grateful
9:49 am
hospitality of your incredible people. they are incredible people. together we commemorated 1900th anniversary of america's entry into the first world war -- 100th anniversary. we remembered the french and american patriots who shed their blood together in defense of civilization. their noble sacrifice will echo through time forever and immortal tribute to our people and to our freedom. during the horror of the first world war more than one million people were killed or injured from chemical warfare in the aftermath of that horror. civilized nations came together to ban chemical weapons. two weeks ago following syrian dictator bashar al-assad's barbaric use of chemical weapons against his own people, the united states, france, and the
9:50 am
united kingdom joined together to strike at the heart of the syrian chemical weapons program. these actions were designed to establish a strong deterrent against the use of these heinous weapons. president macron, i thank you for your leadership in this effort. and it was a well-executed effort at that. and i thank you, the members of the french military, for their courage and their great skill. the united states and france are also cooperating to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons. we are grateful for france's key partnership in our campaign of maximum pressure on the north korean regime. as you know, i will soon be meeting with kim jong-un.
9:51 am
as we seek a future of peace, harmony and security for the whole could korean peninsula and in fact for the whole world. however in pursuit of peace we will not repeat the mistakes of past administrations. the campaign of maximum pressure will continue. france and the united states also agree that iran cannot be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon. and that regime must end its support of terrorism. all over, no matter where you go in the middle east, you see the fingerprints of iran behind problems. i also want to thank president macron for france's vital contributions to our very successful campaign against isis. as we drive these isis killers from syria, it is essential that
9:52 am
the responsible nations of the middle east step up their own contributions to prevent iran from profiting off the success of our anti-isis effort. very rich countries are in the middle east. they have to make major contributions. they have not been doing it as they should. a major topic that we discussed a little while ago. they have to step up. tremendously, not a little bit, but tremendously, their financial effort. mr. president, on behalf of the american people i again express our solidarity in the wake of the terrorist attack in southern france last month. i share the confidence you conveyed at the memorial service for the heroic colonel beltram, we will achieve the ultimate
9:53 am
triumph in right and justice. we know that we must be strong from within to defend ourselves from threats outside in the fight against terrorism. we will do what we must to protect our countries. you are our oldest ally. and you are truly one of our great allies. and we appreciate it. we will always be there for you. both the united states and france are dealing with a challenge that has gone on for a long, long time. it's uncontrolled migration. in the united states we are taking strong action to regain control over our borders and over our sovereignty. it's gone on for too long. and we've slowed it down very substantially. but we're going to stop illegal
9:54 am
immigration. i know that you face similar challenges in france. mr. president, i admire the leadership you have shown in addressing them in a very honest and direct fashion. and not always popular. both of our elections owe much of the success to the desire of everyday citizens to be heard, to be listened to, and to have control over their own nations and their own futures. let us demonstrate through our partnership that the voice of the people will always reign at all times. it will reign. during our meetings today, we also discussed the robust economic relationship between our countries. the united states is setting records in business and we will continue. i know that france will be setting records under your leadership very soon. we look forward to exploring
9:55 am
increased opportunities for bilateral trade and investment based on the principle of fairness and importantly reciprocity. mr. president, thank you again for accepting our invitation to the white house. it's been such an honor. the foundation of our friendship draws from the deepest wells of civilization and is sustained by our people's love of their history, culture, and liberty. for two centuries the alliance between france and the united states has been the cornerstone of freedom. now the strength of this mighty alliance is in our hands, linked together by fate and destiny. i am confident that our future has never, ever looked brighter. future has never looked brighter.
9:56 am
thank you, mr. president . >> translator: thank you, mr. president . from me and the first lady, for your warm welcome. all of the french delegation, how pleased we are to be your guests for three days after this wonderful visit. [speaking french] >> translator: the wonderful bastille day in paris, earlier today, you referred to the -- going back to the founding of your country, these bonds are
9:57 am
based upon freedom and peace, each time they have been threatened, we stood by one another. and we celebrated that and last night, by going to mount vernon. given that no one else could illustrate the transformed commitment between our countries. mr. president, please allow me to go back to a number of issues which are fundamental for not only our relationship but beyond. iran, you said once again in front of the press what your position was during the campaign and as well as the president of the united states. it's not a mystery, we do not have the same position and
9:58 am
neither you nor i have a habit of changing fences or going with the wind. i can say we've had for different discussions with just the two of us. you considered the iranian deal, the one that goes back in 2016, that it was a bad deal with iran. for a number of months, i said this was not a sufficient deal but at least until 2025, to have some control over nuclear activities. we, therefore wish, to work on a new deal with iran. what we need, and i believe based off our discussion, it allows us to shed light on
9:59 am
convergence of use. first one is to block any nuclear activity of iran until 2025. the second is to make sure there is no nuclear iranian activity. the third, put in end to the illegal activities in iran, in the region. and to generate the conditions, political solicitation in iran, yemen, syria, iraq, and lebanon. on these topics, i do not change. i constantly said we needed to find the framework so that together, and with the powers of the region and with iranian leaders, we managed to define a deal.
10:00 am
i would like us to commit to that effect in the weeks and months to come. this is the only way to bring about stability. when it comes to iran, we have a lot of respect for these iranian people, through their history, it has always shown -- we don't make the mistakes of the past. it's time to laterally replace sovereignty of the people, we've brought about some more -- we want sustainable stability. the discussions we've had make it possible to open the way, to pave the way for a new agreement, on which we will work and beyond our european partners, we would like a regional partnership.


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