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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 24, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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it is an honor for brigitte and me to be here with you in the white house for the dinner surrounded by friends. >> translator: this white house, full of history that the british burned down. i say this in the most amicable way, that james munro had the brilliant idea of decorating with french furniture. in fact, he was a former ambassador to paris.
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>> dear melania, paying tribute to this history, thanks to the gift you gave us this morning. >> translator: mr. president, you just reminded us, like we did earlier this morning, how deep, how strong, and how intense the relationship is between our two countries. >> [speaking french]
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>> translator: this relationship from the very beginning is rooted in the revolution that saw the growth of the united states of america and the revolution that freed us. all along our history, through the war we have lived together for freedom and to defend our values, this relationship which is based on all of our values. >> [speaking french]
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>> translator: tonight my thoughts go to the young lafayette to came to risk his life because of his love for freedom. and my thoughts also go to the tens of thousands of american soldiers, young soldiers who gave their lives during world war i and world war ii. the soil which was not theirs but for this freedom which is cherished. >> [speaking french] >> translator: we have always been there for the appointment of this joint history. this is the reason why today we have no alternative but to be there also for an employment
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with history -- appointment with history. >> [speaking french] >> translator: there is a joint willingness on both sides of the ocean to build our countries to make them stronger, greater, you would say, and more solid. let us not forget that our task
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is to be more ambitious, that the header viewed the united states in the head of france is also about universality for which so many generations sacrificed themselves. >> [speaking french]
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>> translator: these values that we support, ladies and gentlemen, you very much represent them. you who are here with us tonight. the field of culture, science, sports, economic life, political life, diplomacy. there is always this extra which you represent because you are french, because you are america american. >> translator: this is the reason why, mr. president, we decided to work together for both our countries, and also
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because this duty is about something that goes beyond us. it's the reason why our military took legitimate action a few days ago. this is also the reason why we have worked for stability and to preserve our values. >> [speaking french] >> translator: this is, mr. president, the only way we both have two deal with history that goes beyond us. the duty that is ours. i think our friendship only helps us work together towards this goal.
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>> [speaking french] >> translator: on both sides of the ocean, some two years ago, very few would have bet on us being here together today. but as a matter of fact, we share the same determination and the willingness to serve both our countries. your country, my country. and the rest of the world.
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>> [speaking french] >> translator: i got to know you. you've got to know me. we both know that none of us easily changes his mind but we will work together, and we have this ability to listen to one another. this is the reason why our
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relationship will serve our strong history, and we are also aware of the challenges ahead of us, but we will keep working together. for the quality of our exchanges, i would like to thank you for this as well as your invitation. >> [speaking french] >> translator: mr. president, dear donald, dear melania, thank you. thank you for honoring france, honoring me and brigitte in the french delegation with this first state visit which is
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commensurate to the quality and level of the bonds between our two countries. in turn, please allow me to raise my glass. >> [speaking french] >> translator: please allow me to raise my glass to all our fellow citizens on both sides of the ocean who fought for our values. please allow me to raise my glass. we have to be up to the debt and
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sacrifice. please allow me to raise my glass to the friendship, the unbreakable friendship between france and the united states. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." the french president macron finished speaking at the white house. the first white house state dinner hosted by president trump and the first lady, melania trump. the u.s. is now making significant diplomatic process on the korean peninsula and all around the world. we will break down remarkable developments put in motion by policies of peace through strength. by the way, something just unthinkable in the obama years of appeasement. tonight we will reveal why many in the mainstream media are actively actually rooting for the administration to fail on the world stage.
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sadly, it's not happening for them. an spoiler alert: it doesn't have anything to to do with ru. russia, russia, stormy, stormy. a brand-new report breaking right here on the show. sara carter revealing fired fbi director andrew mccabe may have given a stand-down order during the initial phase of that clinton email investigation. also chairman goodlatte, chairman gaudi, they struck a deal with the department of justice to turn over previous on release documents related to hillary clinton's private email server investigation. we will analyze all of this and so much more in tonight's very important breaking news opening monologue. if you just saw president trump moments ago wrapping up a toast with the french president at the first state dinner. the special relationship blossoming between the president and president macron. it's one aspect, huge trump diplomatic success. the mainstream media won't report this but the trump
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administration, they are making incredible strides all over asia. in fact, with every passing day, the u.s. is now getting closer and closer to holding direct talks with north korea. just this week, the dictator kim jong un made a series of concessions, including the suspension of all ballistic missile testing, the closure of a nuclear development site, and north korea's rocket man even dropped a demand that the u.s. troops leave the korean peninsula. earlier today president trump lauded the progress and even had kind words for kim jong un and his newfound willingness to compromise on the world stage. watch this. >> kim jong un really has been very open, and i think very honorable from everything we are seeing. now, a lot of promises have been made by north korea over the years, but they have never been in this position. i hope that we will be able to deal in a very open and
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honorable fashion with north korea. i started a process, and what i did, everybody thought i was doing it absolutely wrong. but in the meantime, for 25 years, people have been dealing and nothing happened. and a lot is happening right now. i think we are doing very well. meetings are being set up, and i want to see the nuclear is a of north korea. a lot of concessions of already been made. we have made no concessions despite some of the media saying that i've made concessions. i haven't even discussed a concession. naturally, instead of reporting the dramatic progress in the korean peninsula which they whole world to say. work if it works, your mainstream media twisting those remarks in order to trash the president once again and distract their viewers from trump's undeniable initial success all over the world stage. let's take a look at this. >> he said that north korea's dictator kim jong un has acted, has been very open and very honorable and how they have been dealing with, i guess, planning
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out their meeting to come. what do you make of that? >> it's quite a strong adjective to use for a dictator of a nation that imprisons its people. >> he talked about how great kim jong un is being paid >> you must talk about this just for a moment. did he call him a great leader? to go i don't know if you use the word great leader. he said honorable. >> honorable. >> and open. i don't know in real terms whether you can ever call him open. >> if any other president, democrat or republican, had you searched words, donald trump would've been the first person to say it's outrageous to say that a dictator who represses all the human rights in this country, let his people starve, takes americans hostage, is opera and honorable. >> when i heard the word honorable, i thought of otto warmbier's parents who sat with me so many months ago talking about their son who was tortured in north korea. how is kim jong un honorable? because there is nothing
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honorable about kim jong un. he's a sociopath. >> sean: you saw the mainstream media attacking this president. no matter what he does. if he gave $10 million to every person on earth, they would say why not 11? i guess they forgot about trump's peace through strength of strategy and how it's working. we sent multiple carrier strike group to the region. we increased the sanctions on the rogue regime. we pressured china, and they helped. oh, yeah, and the president called out little rocket man's terrible treatment of his own people in a very clear and public way without backing down. the media is not used to this. >> no one is shown more contempt for other nations and for the well-being of their own people than the depraved regime in north korea. it is responsible for the starvation deaths of millions of north koreans and for the imprisonment, torture, killing, and oppression of countless mor
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more. the horror of life in north korea is so complete that citizens pay bribes to government officials to have themselves exported aboard as slaves. they would rather be slaves. then living north korea. no regime has oppressed its own citizens marked totally or brutally then the cruel dictatorship in north korea. north korea's reckless pursuit of nuclear missiles could very soon threaten our homelands. >> sean: time for a history lesson. remember it was only a few months ago the mainstream media said that donald trump's tough action, his rhetoric, it would result in a nuclear holocaust. this was their predictions. watch this. >> the idea of a nuclear showdown with north korea keeps you up at night. i would recommend deleting your twitter app. >> he is not really being cavalier with a threat about
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nuclear war. he is being cavalier in a way that makes him seem demented. >> these are the messages from a person who is not well, from a leader who is not fit for office. >> president trump is goading kim jong un to test a nuclear missile again, to prove its reliability, to show him wrong. and fundamentally i think it comes across as to kindergartners who are jostling each other, except that each has nuclear weapons. >> too late after 100,000 americans die. >> after a nuclear holocaust. >> or after a million die. >> that's where we are. this is not an exaggeration. >> trump's comments have experts worried he could inadvertently trigger a catastrophe. >> sean: let's get this straight. president president trump takesh action in the media as a meltdown. the strategy brings kim jong un to the negotiating table talking about denuclearization of the entire korean peninsula. the president makes encouraging
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remarks, and the media still has a meltdown. do know what the media didn't have a meltdown over? how about obama's appeasement of the mullahs in iran, what is probably the dumbest single deal in the history of mankind where the united states of america, your ex-president gave away 150 billion of your dollars, cargo planes full of cash and other currencies to a regime that chance "death to america. death to israel" on a weekly basis. burns our flag, burns the israeli flag all because of a promise from iran to temporarily halt their nuclear weapons program. we didn't get to inspect anything. that's the dumbest deal ever. bill clinton said it's a good deal for the american people. his appeasement of north korea, kim jong il, kim jong un's father. this diplomatic dereliction. take a look. >> this is a good deal for the
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united states. north korea will freeze and dismantle its nuclear program. south korea and our other allies will be better protected. the entire world will be safer as we slow the spread of nuclear weapons. south korea with support from japan and other nations will bear most of the cost of providing north korea with fuel to make up for the nuclear energy is losing. and they will pay for an alternative power system for north korea that will allow them to produce electricity while making it much harder for them to produce nuclear weapons. the united states and international inspectors will carefully monitor north korea to make sure it keeps its commitments. only as it does so will north korea fully join the community of nations. >> sean: didn't work out too well. it's time to learn from the failures on the world stage. appeasement never works. it incurs aggression. this is something. former president reagan knew all too well which is why he refused to relent, refused to appease,
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refuse to placate the soviet union, the former evil empire, as he described them. back then banana and left were also predicting the worst, that reagan would bring us to the brink of nuclear war. and what happened? the berlin wall came tumbling down. >> there is one sign the soviets can make that would be unmistakable. that would advance dramatically the cause of freedom and peace. general secretary gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the soviet union and eastern europe, if you seek liberalization, come here to this gate. mr. gorbachev, open this gate. mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. >> sean: the wall came down. we will have more in president trump's significant pneumatic process throughout the show. we will show you how bribing
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dictators and kissing the rings of despots and murderers has failed all throughout history. let's turn to a brand-new exclusive report from our own sara carter uncovering a new revelation about what serious misconduct at some of the highest levels of our government. according to sarah, multiple sources are saying fired fbi deputy director andrew mugabe issued a standout order during the initial phases of the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's private email server. according to carter's sources, mccabe was overseas when he became aware of the investigation and sent electronic communications voicing his displeasure with agents doing their job. one fbi official tells sara carter "mccabe tried to steer people off the private email investigation that appears to be obstruction and should be investigated." this of course comes on the heels of the ig report on mccabe's firing revealing "mccabe said that a
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high-ranking obama justice department official expressed concerns about fbi agents taking overt steps in the clinton foundation investigation during the presidential campaign." it's clear that during the 2016 presidential election, the deep state as we have now been reporting over a year was alive and well. we have reached out to enter mccabe for comment. we have yet to hear back. also breaking tonight, sara carter tweeted out "doj will make the six months of missing texts that were eventually located by the ig, horwitz, between nunes and page. that's developing. we will comb through those texts if and when they become available. his huge development. meanwhile we know that the house committee chairman bob goodlatte, trey gowdy, they are making huge strides on their efforts to hold this deep state accountable. this week the republican congressman struck a deal with deferment of justice and will
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now gain access documents running the fbi's investigation into haley clinton and how she mishandled classified information on her unauthorized private email server. these new developments should shine a light on why james comey gave white glove special treatment to hillary while turning a blind eye to her serious crimes. we have equal justice under the law? tonight there is a new report james comey is lawyered up and he has a personal friend, former u.s. attorney, to help them navigate the muddy lingle water surrounding him. we did reach out to comey's attorney for comment. he said he spent part of comey's legal team since may of 2017. news to me. tonight i have some friendly advice for comey's lawyer. you might want to acclimate your client with 18 usc 793 about leaking classified information which is a serious crime. and your client needs to be held accountable. i've said many times this year 2018 is the year of the boomerang, and now it's time for
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the disgraced former fbi director to answer for his deliberate improper and now potentially criminal actions. i told you this is the biggest abuse of power, corruption, scandal and history of this country. the media has been entirely missing in action the entire time. the same can be said of the many people at the highest levels of power. sadly, i wonder why they attacked me in the show prematurely, daily. hannity, hannity, hannity. joining us now sara carter. fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. sara, let's get into a deep dive. >> one of the most important things we have discovered, sean, is the fact, and this has been going on for sometime. i've been looking into this for over a year now. is that mccabe actually gave a standout order, according to the sources that i spoke with, in the early phases of the hillary clinton use of a private email. that would have been in
6:27 pm
march 2015 after "the new york times" first broke the story that she was using a private email from government business. shortly after that story came out, fbi agents with the washington, d.c., field office opened an investigation into hillary clinton and began to look into all aspects of that. at that time, mccabe was overseas. and sent a message according to the sources i spoke with, electronically to those agents and told them to back off and to stay away from that. remember it wasn't until july when the inspector general had asked at the doj, that was in 2015, to open an investigation into hillary clinton. this is a significant development, sean, because that means there were possibly two stand-down orders. we know "the wall street journal" reported there was possibly a standout order on the clinton foundation investigation. this adds a whole new scope to that and apparently there is evidence to show it. >> sean: let's go to greg.
6:28 pm
so much to cover in this. >> if mccabe actually for political reasons gave a standout order, that would arguably be obstruction of justice. even fbi officials can obstruct their own investigation. light never made sense that people like david petraeus and sandy berger, half a dozen other people or prosecuted for doing the exact same thing that hillary clinton did. and yet comey stood in front of television cameras in 2016, in july, and said no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. he seemed to have amnesia that many reasonable prosecutors, including his own, had done the exact same thing. it's very curious here. >> sean: we warned him. right here. you warrant him. i warned him. no good lawyer would let him write this book will go on this tour. >> the other aspect is that we've learned today that he's
6:29 pm
hired yet another lawyer. the first lawyer daniel richman is that person to whom comey leaked seven stolen presidential memos, four of which were classified. so now he can hide behind the attorney-client privilege with richman, and if he also gave those same memos to fitzgerald, and i believe he did, he has now hired him to hide behind the attorney-client privilege. >> sean: that puts scooter libby, who was recently pardoned, he's the one who put him on trial. got a conviction. >> that's correct. so you've got comey now versus mccabe. i suspect mccabe is going to start singing like a canary because he is in serious legal jeopardy now with the criminal referral against him for lying to the inspector general. >> sean: sara, last word. >> i think a lot of people are seeing like canaries, peter strzok and lisa page and
6:30 pm
everybody else. >> sean: why do they still have top security clearance? >> i think it's important because i think the inspector general still has access to them as long as they are still employed. remember they are civil servants. it's not easy to get rid of them. but i have a feeling that they are actually cooperating, and that's why they're there. >> sean: last word, gregg. >> i think when the inspector general report comes out and criminal referrals are made, plea deals are going to be had, and people are going to start flipping and incriminating and implicating other people. and one of those people may be james comey who is now hocking his book, pocketing millions of dollars and he better hang onto that cash because he made needed for his criminal defense. >> sean: amazing. great reporting. thank you, gregg. thank you, daca r. president trump praised the cooperation between france and the united states standing up to the mullahs in toronto and fighting isis radicals. take a look. >> france in the united states
6:31 pm
also agree that iran cannot be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon. that regime must end its support of terrorists. all over, no matter where you go in the middle east, you see the fingerprints of iran behind problems. i also want to thank president macron for france's vital conservation to our very successful campaign against isis. >> sean: here with reaction, former deputy assistant to the president and fox news national security strategist sebastian gorka and nra tv contributor, former secret service agent, dan bongino. all across asia, you see these relationships, prime minister of japan, president of china capitulating on intellectual property rights, on trade, on automobiles, on tariffs. you see what was unspeakable,
6:32 pm
dr. gorka, an amazing alliance to combat iranian hegemony between united states, israel, saudis, the emirates, jordanians, egyptians. unthinkable in the obama years. >> yeah, and all of this in just 15 months. think about what he has achieved. we have nato, we have the french prime minister within minutes of meeting the president on the state visit saying you want us to spend more on our defense, stop being freeloaders? you've got it. the nato secretary general has done the same. that's after decades of freeloading inside nato. we have seen isis decimated in terms of the physical caliphate. we have seen all of our friends and allies reassured in asia and it goes on and on and on. these are the kinds of results you would be proud of as the president at the end of your second term, may be at the end of your first term but not at the end of your very, very first term.
6:33 pm
just the idea that sunni states, arab sunni states are now cooperating hand in glove with israel to deal with the threat of jihadi violence. it's stunning. >> sean: it's interesting. as the president isolated north korea, we saw, dan bongino, what the north koreans did. the good relationship president trump has weak president of china. that played a big part in all of this. acquiescing on major issues. now you see the same thing happening, the alliance created against the iranian mullahs. very different approach than backing up 150 billion in cash and other currencies and cargo planes. >> yeah, sean, i think one of trump's assets has been his unpaid debility. you can chalk that up to whatever you want. the left-leaning hacks and the media have been taking pot shots at trump and his foreign policy forever. sebastian is right. they mocked him over his
6:34 pm
approach to nato until these country started making larger commitments to nato. they mocked him over his approach to north korea. oh, he's going to get us into nuclear war. now they north koreans are coming to the table with at least talks. i don't want to oversell it, for denuclearization. you can't deny the fact, sean, that his relationship with china, the economic pressure he put on china due to his terror threat, probably had some thing to do with it. honestly, it is sad as an american to watch the media, not all of them. there are a few of come around a little bit on this but most of them just continue to mock this guy as some kind about the phone as he runs rings about what obama did in eight years. >> sean: i want to thank you both. incredible night, incredible opportunity for the world. appeasement never works. peace through strength works. again, we side with neville chamberlain versus winston churchill. all of the people against ronald reagan, and we see it working here. obama's appeasement didn't work. clinton's appeasement didn't work. unbelievable. so much of a breaking news
6:35 pm
tonight. ed henry has a lab report on the president's high-stakes summit with the french president from earlier today. ainsley earhardt and so much more. straight ahead.
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>> sean: we are looking live at the white house where president come, the first lady melania trump, hosting the french president and his wife brigitte for a state dinner. reactions on the presidents visit from france. we have new news breaking from catherine herridge about comey's memo. special employee status. this guy richman, the columbia professor. >> that is breaking tonight. comey memos still resonating and impacting. you're right the president also conducting a lot of business with the french president.
6:40 pm
they appear to have made some progress in dealing with iran. that matters big time. think back to what the iranian foreign minister said on sunday. he basically threatened that if the u.s. pulls out of the nuclear deal, iran is going to speed up its nuclear activities. this is a big deal. because what happens might come as bob corker, no ally of this present was on -- he thinks theg strong moves which with his frh counterpart, particularly on iran. the president appears to be developing a compromise with president macron of france on reshaping the iran nuclear deal instead of scrapping it altogether. the president again today said the deal is insane and he wants to get rid of it. if he has to. but also added if tehran restarts its nuclear program "you can market down. they will have bigger problems than they've ever had before."
6:41 pm
president macron meanwhile largely supports the obama brokered deal but said today he wants to address president trump's concerns by building on the original agreement instead of scrapping it altogether. wash. >> this is a deal with decayed foundations. it's a bad deal. it's a bad structure. it's falling down. if iran threatens us in any way, they will pay a price like few countries have ever paid. >> no matter what it is about building a stable framework that will contribute to stability. it's not about tearing apart in agreement and having nothing but it's about building something new that will cover our concerns. >> these leaders have built some rapport after those syrian air strikes that the u.s. and france conducted together as allies. there is a split over how long u.s. troops will stay in syria. the president saying he wants to make big decisions in a very short period of time for pulling
6:42 pm
out u.s. troops. macron today said he wants to stretch out the timetable but the bottom line is what you are seeing is progress on some of these key issues. some of the president's critics knocked him for some tough rhetoric last year on north korea, now you see north korea at the table. the president continuing tough rhetoric aimed at iran. and i see the french president trying here to broker a way forward, sean. >> sean: ed henry at the white house. we appreciate it, as always. joining is now north carolina, rissman, chairman of the house from caucus and also from caucus member florida congressman. full disclosure. who i want to be the next florida governor. mark meadows. i shared a cookie with him in a green room in washington, d.c. full disclosure. welcome, both of you, back to the program. congressman meadows, let me go back. are we really going to get six months worth of strzok-page memos? what percentage is that? >> i believe we will get them. the department of justice is working very closely with
6:43 pm
chairman gowdy and chairman goodlatte. there is a critical gap of about three critical months of the strzok-page memos that we believe will be very enlightening. in fact, some of that we believe will put some context to direct or's claims that he was an innocent bystander in all of this. we don't believe the facts are bearing it out. >> sean: interesting report by sara carter tonight. i guess you probably wouldn't be able to answer. i won't. i will spare my time. one of the things that we know. over a year ago, the state department was supposed to hand over some 72,000 clinton emails, congressman desantis. we are still waiting for those emails. do we know if that's part of the deleted emails? if there is any knowledge that those 33,000 emails were ever recovered that we know that she tried to acid wash and destroy.
6:44 pm
>> that's the thing, sean. you almost always confined the emails somewhere. yet in this case, it was the fbi's judgment that these 30,000 emails, we can't find them. in judicial watch litigation for foia, they identified the backup server as potentially having those. the fbi never search that. i asked christopher wray whether they did. he could not confirm they did. we need to look at all the possible areas where those emails were because when you have a emails subpoenas, you don't just turn over the ones you want to turn over and then acid wash the rest. that's not the way it works. i think there were a lot of work-related emails that they deleted. they may have been emails related to the foundation and other things that are of interest to congress, so we've got to find them if they are out there. >> sean: congressman meadows, if you look at the original, the exoneration of comey and strzok and strzok eventually interviewed hillary. the original exoneration written
6:45 pm
months before the investigation, before the hillary interview. they said and it had been reported that five foreign agencies hacked into hillary's server in the mom-and-pop close closet. that means they exist. wikileaks is a separate issue. they have always said it's not russia. but if james comey's original piece said these entities had hacked into it, that means other countries likely have them. so wouldn't it mean we would be able to recover those emails? because i don't believe these 33,000 emails about any one wedding, funeral, or yoga that exist on this planet. >> you don't believe it. i don't believe it. the american people don't believe it because as we look at 30,000 emails, getting rid of those, isn't it interesting there may be more foreign governments with hillary clinton emails than congress or those who are going after it. i just find it inexcusable. as we looked at this, the bigger
6:46 pm
picture really right now is, are we going to got to the bottom of it. i can tell you people i have the privilege of serving say it's about time we get to the bottom of it. i think the coming days will provide a lot of fruit. >> sean: it's amazing how everything has acquired and boomeranged. you've done a phenomenal job. the american people deserve to get the truth on emails, about fixed investigations, fisa abuses, hillary paying for a dossier full of russian -- we need to get to the bottom of all of it. when we get back, president trump's state dinner with the french president. ainsley earnhardt ainsley earha. little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable
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>> sean: fox news alert. you are looking live at the white house where president trump and the first lady are currently hosting the french president and his wife for their first state dinner, and the first state dinner of the administration. according to the white house press secretary sarah sanders the first lady planned every detail of it. here now with reaction, author of the brand-new book out today "the light within me," "fox & friends" cohost ainsley earhardt. you are with us at the -- first of all, congratulations on the book. >> thank you so much. >> sean: you were there at the inauguration. remember that? this is the first state dinner. i couldn't believe everyone's clothes in the hat. why do people go there all the time? >> to be honest with you, most of america is looking to see what she is wearing in a positive way. some of the headlines might be read them, it's trying to taint the story. these state dinners are really difficult to plan. if you read laura bush's book. i read it and she went on and on about the state learners and hoh time and detail goes into each of them. you are hosting france, you try
6:52 pm
to use the colors of the flag. you try to use a meal that has some french themes. you try to -- sean, you are not invited. >> sean: i am wearing jeans. >> the headlines today were armchair fast and he says head takes on melania's hat. hollywood reporter. his melania trump channeling celine dion, beyonce? you know what. you know that everyone saying. everyone that i've talked to is saying what a beautiful hat. she looks gorgeous. she had the last laugh. >> sean: before you released your book coming were kind enough to give me a copy, and i had a chance to go over the book and read it. i did write a blurb. along with tim tebow. you have pretty good friends, high-ranking friends in your life. i said in very few public figurs would be this real. you talk openly about your christian faith.
6:53 pm
you dedicate the book to jesus, and you talk about this on the program. you talk about really hard things in your life. and you reveal all of these things. i could never do that. i am a more private. tell us why it tells about the things in the book. >> and harpercollins came to me and they said we want you to write a memoir about your faith, i thought a memoir is usually for someone who is 75 years old. i thought i don't feel like i have had enough of a life. i felt like -- i didn't wanted to be all about me. then when they say we want you to talk about your faith, it's like god asking you to tell his story and what he's done in my life. and i can't say no to that. i continue to say yes to god. i haven't always in every situation, but i've learned the hard way that if you don't say yes when god is nudging you to do something, then you won't be blessing someone's life. or you won't be giving him the glory that he deserves. i had to say yes. >> sean: you did a lot of assignments over the years for hannity's america and this
6:54 pm
program. we were terrible. i think -- we sent you down to spring break. you talk about that and you talk about in relation to your own life. this is a pretty powerful moment where you said yourself i'm not living the right way. >> i was at a fraternity party. i was in a sorority, half of my sorority really strong christians, i would say. there was a bible study on several of us were addressed separate bible study. i was living with one-foot in the bar in 1 foot in bible study. and i am not saying you have to stop drinking, you have to do all of this if you become a christian. a lot of people, they believe life is not going to be fun anymore but i was at a fraternity party and i asked jesus to come into my life. the whole story is in there. >> sean: very personal. i think a lot of people will get a lot out of it. it's called "light within me," and congrats on the show with brian and steve. we hope you will come back.
6:55 pm
congratulations. bookstores everywhere. terrifying video next. and the safey for "most parallel parallel parking job" goes to...
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>> sean: some very tense moments this morning in palmetto bay in florida shortly after 9:00 a.m. miami-dade fire rescue workers. look at that, responding to a call. two men in distress. the scaffolding they were working on suddenly gave way. now, this shocking footage shows to construction worker suspended from safety lines near the collapsed scaffolding which was hanging from the side of the building. three floors above. after dangling for over an hour, first responders were able to pull both men to safety. thank god no injuries. these first responders, miami-dade fire rescue, you guys are amazing. thank god these guys are say. unbelievable. i was once, i was on scaffolding a lot in my life. some pretty high. it's scary up there.
7:00 pm
glad they are okay. all right, that's all the time we have left. we will always be fair and balanced. we are not the destroy-trump media. that's why they hate us, but that's why we are so thankful you support us. anyway let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham standing by. hello. >> laura: i have a question. what do you have in your cup at night? do you have regular water? do you have like a latte? do you have a frappuccino? what do you have in your cup? do you have anything? get rid of -- i am antiplastic i can't even. get rid of all plastic. we are getting all plastic gone from our staff. >> sean: what do think this this is, vodka? >> laura: well, you need to get rid of the plastic and you need to have a paper cup because we are destroying the oceans and the sharks. >> sean: i am wearing jeans. i don't get dressed up. this thing around my neck which are despised and i'm going to rip off in a few seconds. have a great show. >> laura: i don't know what