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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 24, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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honorary police dog. i will see you tomorrow morning, live from the supreme court has the justices hear arguments over the president's travel ban 3.0. for now, most-watched, most trusted, most grateful. good night from washington. i'm shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." president trump is hosting the french president emmanuel macron at a state dinner at this very moment in washington. we'll take you there live for a moment for a toast. but first, a wave of shootings in this country has revealed something about america and it's not, by the way, that we need more gun control. instead, it has revealed the public cannot rely on its government to keep them safe. we learned that conclusively. the failures of the broward county police during the parkland, florida, shooting are well known. last weekend's shooting at a tennessee waffle housese also exposed a wave of government miscues. trace gallagher has more details on that tonight.
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>> hi, tucker. during high school massacre in parkland, florida, broward county sheriff's deputies took cover behind cars and trees, even though one deputy knew where the shooter was. coral springs police now say they saw deputies taking shelter while they rushed past them to get inside the school. this report is on top of that surveillance video and dispatch audio that shows broward county school resource deputies scott peterson also found entering the school building, despite seeing the shooter in the stairwell. broward county sheriff scott israel said at the time that he was sick to his stomach that peterson did not go inside. but now the rank and file of the broward sheriff's office are taking a no-confidence vote on sheriff israel and a big component of the vote is that the sheriff placed the blame on deputy peterson instead of waiting for the investigation to be finalized. sheriff israel calls the vote a union ploy to get a pay raise. meantime, prior to the nashville waffle house shooting, police
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said numerous contracts with the suspect, including days before the r attacks, when he allegedly stole a car and police gave chase but then called off their pursuit p to track the car using gps created 2016 and '17, reinking told police that music star taylor swift was stalking him. he was later arrested by secret service or violating white house security and when the fbi learned that reinking owned four weapons including an ar-15 rifle, they had illinois police revoke his gun cards and turn the guns over to his father. o the dad gave the guns back and could now face charges. finally, seven months, we should note, after the vegas shooting, some 700 plus hours of video and 200911 calls -- 2,000 911 calls remain unseen and unheard. >> tucker: thanks a lot. we remember broward county
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sheriff scott israel thoroughly discountinge himself, he attempted to vilify gun owners as a group while simultaneously keeping credit on himself, like a megalomaniac. now if sheriff israel is facing a vote of no confidence from his own deputies. the deputy sheriff and president of the broward sheriff's office deputies association joins us tonight. thank you for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: facing a vote of no confidence for what? why do you have no confidence? >> there is a series of events that led up to this vote of no confidence, and has nothing to do with the contract whatsoever. a blatant lie by the sheriff himself. this is about a series of events over the past couple of years, such as bad policies in the civil citation program it takes all discretion away from deputies to make thehe arrest we need to make. it's about the lack of training facilities, not having the own gun range to properly train for these situations. it's about the distrust between the sheriff's office and the
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union when the sheriff's office asked for our help to raise property taxes on citizens because they claim to be broke, yet only to find out after completing an audit that the sheriff's office returned $100 million although last year. it's a discovery of the misuse of taxpayer money by the broward sheriff's office by providing private entities, such as napa auto parts, with free gas cards from a sheriff's office, where we have identified through public records request, and when you're alone, they obtained 6,000 gallons of gasoline from our gas pumps. a fleecing of broward county. also, on top of that, the disparity of treatment and punishment between the command staff, if they were to commit felonies on to and untruthfulness compared to a deputy, far difference between e rank and file and command. >> tucker: that is quite -- that is a combination of incompetence and corruption. call me cynical but when you watched sheriff israel leave the
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entire blame for the shooting on middle america, because ordinary, law-abiding people have too many guns in his view, did it seem like an effort to distract from his own failures? >> absolutely. you can see this pattern. sheriff israel back in his own facebook post from february 24th of this year, he said there is only one deputy unseen on school during the entire attack. that is proven to be false. he can tell the truth about that event and then he goes on a town forum and blames the nra, then he blames one deputy, scott peterson, for this problem and he blames everybody else that he can. i understand that he can't be responsible for every employee but at thery end of the day, he needs to be accountable for his employees. he's just not being accountable. yes, this is some of the reasons he needs to be removed from office. >> tucker: removed from office. accountability requires transparency. you have to know what someone's doing in order to evaluate it, you just heard trace gallagher say that there are many video
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and audio tapes of the public has not seen. why is that? >> they don't want to be transparent because it will expose that the sheriff knew some information in the past that he contradicted himself in public interviews. it will come back and bite him. however, we will press for more transparency with the sheriff's, the same way that he claims to be the most transparent sheriff that's ever been in the sheriff's office, it goes both ways, sheriff. you need to be transparent. release those videos so we can know the truth. this vote of all confidence, if it goes forward and it turns out the way that the membership is voicing their opinions, we'll take that information to the governor's office and we'll support him with whatever decision he wants to make. if he chooses to remain sheriff with god's's will, then that mes thatat the governor agrees that sheriff israel is an amazing leader, which is not. -- be forewarned, when the next incident happens, if the governt will be the hands on governor scott, not the employees of the broward county
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sheriff's office. >> tucker: i'm so glad you're bringing this to our attention. it's a a shame we had to wait months to hear it from a law-enforcement officer and cnn, which hosted this gun-control rally and put israel at the center of it, never ask a single skeptical question about his behavior. it'sbo frustrating. about the truth is coming out in a letter telling it. mr. bill, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: a survivor of the shooting, high school student from parkland says he was recently called in for questioning by school officials for daring to go to a gun range with his dad. he joins us tonight. so kyle, thank you for coming on. i might miss that? tell us what you did that earned you a trip to visit with armed authorities at your school. what was your crime? >> it wasn't even a trip. it was an interrogation. a clear attempt to intimidate me. theyti used very, very, very hah intimidation tactics. at the end of the day, u i wanto shooting with my data gun range, i mean, i did everything
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peacefully. i went shooting with my dad and i did nothing wrong. i mean, i posted a video of me, showing my admiration for the second amendmentnt, educating people about it, because we can't trust our government to defend ourselves defend ourselves. >> tucker: do you want to a gunke range with your dad, whici think it is legal in this country, and you would think that you would encourage this because you learn gun safety and how to handlee a gun appropriately. you didn't misuse it.e you got called in and interrogated, what questions go they have askedat you? what would be the interrogation? >>er so i come into the office, okay, it was all very, very weird. i sit down, the school resources officer goes like this, he says "kyle, you're taking five ap classes, why would you do this? "i was in shock. i was like and what you mean?
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they came in there with the notion that i had done something wrong, by going to a gun range. i was like, what do you mean? he said, you tweeted out a video of you at the range. i said, did you see the tweet? he said come at all. i sent him check the tweet. the tweet was a video of me shooting a firearm, educating them about the second amendment. we talked back and forth in the broward sheriff's office or comes into the room. he comes into the room and he sits right behind me, very, very close. and then the interrogation truly starts. they go, who is going is that? who did you shoot it with? as if you are going to your dad's gun? where did you go? this entire time, i was like, that i do anything wrong? it's america the last time i checked. i can go to a gun range and shoot it peacefully. then i said, they do anything wrong? they said, don't get snappy. i was like, all right, can i record this? they said, no. in reality, -- >> tucker: they did not allow you to record the conversation? >> no. i asked the school resources officer, may i record this? they said no. >> tucker: you told them, you
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were clear you were with your father. >> they were very -- they tried to sell more to tell me or to intimidate me to somehow incriminate my father. it was a real push, they came in there, like, knowingly, saying i was at fault for exercising my second amendment right at a gun range. it comes down to e this. why should i be interrogated for peacefully coming to a gun range? i asked them, that i do anything wrong? they said, no, you're not a threat. whyhy are they calling down me? is this -- as every single individual going to be called down? what is the end? it's a clear road to tyranny. >> tucker: may be because i have children, i sympathize with your father, he's an adult american citizen, correct? he has a right to take his son where he wants within the bounds of the law without getting second-guessed by some school person. finally, what did he say about
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this? >> my dad has been in shock. he doesn't understand how something so small can turn into something -- why was my son being interrogated? 's the school resource officers do not call my father. they do not know this. >> tucker: they don't care about his rights as a parent at all. kyle, thanks a lot. that is quite a story. i appreciate you telling it. >> tucker, thank you. >> tucker: fox news alert. the trump is and the macrons have arrived to the dinner at the white house. this visit has been getting a lot of attention. social media went wild over the hat the first lady was wearing. there is the famous hatch. moments ago, the first couples were exported and by an honoring guard as is tradition come here to listen for a moment. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: will continue to follow thatke dinner, including the formal toasts at the night goes on. we've got cameras there. of course we'll bring it all to live right here on fox. up next, ms-13 gang members in long island to say it is time to murder a police officer or two, just like they do in el salvador. ", by the way. that story is next. ♪ hotel, car and activity all in one place. ♪
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>> tucker: we've got a fox news alert for the central american migrant caravan was supposed to have broken up by mexican authorities, that was the news but of course is not true. about 300 members have arrived in tijuana, right on the border of san diego, the busiest border crossing in the d country. according to reports, they plan to seek asylum in the u.s. tomorrow. the trump administration have vowed to deport those claims and they will be rejected and picked out. we'll see if that happens. of course, it won't happen. i can tell that to you conclusively. we'll follow it until and tell. have ms-13 has been terrorizing innocent people in this country for years. the deadliest king and america and it seems to be turning at sites against american law enforcement. that is what they are saying.
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long island police have arrested several gang members and according to an informant, they are saying it's time to shoot a cop like we do in el salvador. they should a lot of cops in el salvador. the commissioner of the nassau county police department joins us tonight to play thank you for coming on. our understanding of ms-13 is up until now, there have been a lot of crimes but mostly, they have a targeted law enforcement. you think that is changing? >> we got our threat last wednesday. they decided they would put out my foot soldiers, they were going to take a cop's life, just like they did in el salvador. >> tucker: why the change? >> they don't like the fact that we've increased our enforcement. we are going after the ms-13 and all the gangs here in long island. from the increased enforcement, they decided they would act back. inac return, we'll act back. >> tucker: where these people coming from? >> most of them are crossing from the borders of mexico and
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texas. they find their way up into the new york area where there is work for most migrant workers. those who don't join the gangs, they get threatened to join. they go after the young kids and try to flip them. >> tucker: you may have missed this since you are busy enforcing the law, here in washington, ms-13 has had some high-profile defenders who have said, it's wrong, it's immoral, bigoted actually to target ms-13 because they are immigrants. how would you respond? >> i spent a t lot of time in te hispanic community. these leaders in the community, they don't want them there, they don't want no part of them. unfortunately, they are given safe even with their own and they are protected because they threaten others and then they take a threat to us, we will take it back to them. >> tucker: looking at pictures there, we went to el salvador last summer, that is a holding facility with ms-13 members.
9:19 pm
ms-13 has a huge role in running el salvador. it's a pretty varsity operation. they kill cops regularly there. they put many others on the take. are you worried about thinking metastasizing and turning violent? do and t you think your informat could be predicting the future? >> both of those threats we received are credible. we went out and gave the enforcement.ce we are concerned obviously for the officer safety, all of our officers, both here, nassau county, state of new york, and thee country. whatever color of uniform you wear, we have to defend it. we are the first line of defens defense. these gang members want to take and in force or. we have to bring back the message it won't be accepted. >> tucker: if you maintain that level of self-confidence, your win. i hope they don't force you to dial it back. i think you are right. thank you. ms-13 isn't the only threat
9:20 pm
america has brought in from abroad, imported. terrorism is a largely immigrant phenomenon, not exclusively but largely, with immigrants and their children committing dozens of terrorist attacks in recent years. do we have a right to bet people with that in mind? in immigration policy professor trent says tonight. the first question, since you arend libertarian, all libertarians are smart and i thought this through, let me ask you a philosophical doesn't a country have a right to know all it can, or carry stroller, about the people it admits? >> of course. libertarians support vetting immigrants and travelers who come to the united states. one of the reasons why i did this analysis, the study of vetting failures is that president trump actually required inum his first executie orderhe, that the government undertake a study of vetting
9:21 pm
failures. it failed to dong so. in light of that failure, i undertook this study and it shows that vetting failures are extremely rare, one in every 29 million visa or status approval is for a person who has terrorist inclinations, goes on to commit a terrorist offense, including sending small amounts of money overseas to terrorist organizations. that is 84% lower than the rate before 9/11. that shows that vetting can result in improvements and without bands or nationalities nationalities -- >> tucker: sure. we are not going for improvements, are we? we are going for perfect. that is a government's duties, e rights of people of other countries who want to move here aren't germane to that. our job is not to protect their rights. it's to protect the safety and rights of americans.
9:22 pm
omar mateen, for example, the pulse nightclub guy. >> he was not a vetting failure. he was born in the united states. >> tucker: right. but he was born to afghan immigrants who were taliban sympathizers. that was a result of an immigration failure. you let people with radical sympathies, as a result of that, you get a nightclub shooting. i don't see -- he wasn't actually a product of american culture. a radical muslim. >> he was not a product of a failed vetting system. he was born in the united states. he was raised here. that is a problem of assimilation with his parents. you have to look at the study that i conducted also looked at all types of threats from u.s.-born people as well as people who are born abroad. they are very, very low -- >> tucker: may be. but the overwhelming majority -- >> 200,000 americans have been
9:23 pm
killed in regular homicides -- >> tucker: i'm fully aware. this is a specious argument. you are saying that because there are a lot of dangerousre l americans, and they are definitely are, we shouldn't bes immigrants. definitely -- how about this, anybody who wins a privilege to comele here, take american benefits, very generous, as you know, should be not only a nonthreat, should be a demonstrable net asset to the country. yet we think it is immoral to demand that. >> the argument here is whether or not vetting, the vetting system as it currently exists, isnt good at excluding people wo have violent -- >> tucker: wait a second. you can make distinctions. if you just said, look at great britain, france,n, sweden, they havenc massive terror, cri, and assorted problems, and cultural at a simulation problems, the important bunch of people from a place of the world that does not support their values. you would not want to live in sweden or london. why shouldn't we look at that? i don't care, we are not going
9:24 pm
along with that because we know how it winds up. >> if you look at the conviction rate for all crimes committed by people who are targeted by the president's executive order,en they are far less likely to commit crimes of all types than native-born americans. >> tucker: i don't actually think that number -- i think -- we don't have time to unpack that, let me just say i disagree with that. i thinkat you are using a bad number. any crime is too many. people from certain regions are more likely, wer agree, to commt certain types of crimes, -- >> and it's very, very uncommon. one in 320 million -- >> tucker: we shouldn't worry about it? >> my argument is that we should worry about it.e we should have vetting systems. they should be targeted to specific, identified deficiencies in the system. we should target areas ofov improvement with evidence, not through -- >> tucker: here is the evidence actually.
9:25 pm
western societies, i named three in europe, they have been destroyed byso this. >> france is not a nonsociety anymore. >> tucker: sweden had a neck like a dull black negligible crime rates and now they have grenade issues. >> the united states has a better system of assimilation's than other european --d >> tucker: any lessons -- we are more efficient than the swedes? [laughs] i don't believe you. >> we are far better at assimilating immigrants, including muslim immigrants. they've assimilated quite rapidly into american society. >> tucker: there is no obvious lesson from sweden that you see? speak of the united states has a completely different immigration system, different assimilation system. the evidence in the united states righte now shows that they are less likely to commit crimes. >> tucker: i want you to be right. b unfortunately we are out of time. itu am rooting for your version, which i think is wrong but i'm i
9:26 pm
hoping. thank you for coming on. the republican party has a master plan for winning this fall, run against hillary clinton again. why are they running against her actual opponents, the actual democratic party, which has changed completely and is now a threat to all of us? good question. we'll ask that of congressman jim jordan coming out. ♪ quit takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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win the mere terms. instead of telling voters what they would do, they've decided to run against hillary clinton, the former democratic nominee. it worked last time, the idea to work again. the appeal is obvious, no one likes hillary clinton, even people who are paid to pretend they like her. the downside is, it's not a relevant argument. she does not run anything anymore, does not represent the modern democratic party. on to another planet and that's the point. democratic party leaders are saying things far more extreme than anything the midwestern methodist hillary clinton ever would have said or thought. they become openly bigoted for example, blaming an entire ethnic group for the country's problems. they called for eliminating our country's borders, the right to self-defense,co even the distinction between male and female he . they are agitating for national war against somebody ought to run against them, not against the ghost of some retired nominee from last cycle. yet the republicans in congress say they are not going to do that. are they? we have someone to tell us.
9:31 pm
jim jordan represents ohio and he joins us tonight. i don't want to pooh-pooh the idea of running against hillary. i love doing hillary segments, they are hilarious. it's fun. the democratic party of right now is not the party of hillary clinton. it's an openly extremist, racist party. i think it's obvious republicans and opposition should run against them. why are they? >> what i would say, let's run for what we told them we would do in '16. let's run on what we've accomplished. i would argue '17 was a good year. regulations were down, taxes were lower, the economy was growing, isis is backpedaling, neil gorsuch on the court, a pretty darn good year. >> tucker: people voted to move the embassy to jerusalem? ha.a lot of republicans whoho think israel is our best friend. >> tucker: i'm not against it.
9:32 pm
>> it was a pretty good year. this year we haven't been doing what we've said. the spending but we passed four weeks ago was not what we were supposed to be doing. it never hurts to keep your promises. never hurts to do what you told them they would do and run on that and run against what the left, the hard left, is pushing. >> tucker: if you had a political party that literally wanted to eliminate the differences between men and women and pretend that nature wasn't real -- >> tucker: run against that. >> men and women are different. when you pretend otherwise, you destroy society. >> marriage should be but marriage -- >> tucker: the democrats have gottenav to the point where they are attacking people, trying to get them fired from their jobs for acknowledging their own biological differences between the sexes. >> and they are coming on college campuses, they are stopping all those kinds of things,, attacking the first amendment. we had been schapiro, adam corolla, and, talking about what is going on on college
9:33 pm
campuses, how anti-conservative and anti-basic fundamental beliefs that is. i'm all for that as well. but let's go do what we told themel we were going to do, what they elected us to do inn november of 2016, and let's show that contrast from what the radical left is doing. >> tucker: reallyit come of the 2016 election, if you could isolate one promise, the wall. that hasas been the one consistently ignored by republicans in congress. massive spending bill, no wall. >> we funded things in that bill we said we didn't, we didn't fun things we said we did, a $1.3 trillion bill, 15 hours to looks at, 2,232 pages, guest along thehe debate was? one hour. we go home for easter recess, come back, we have four hours to debate, three-page bill, balanced budget rent to my commandment, we debate that for four hours. that is what drives american
9:34 pm
votersrs crazy. they are like, really collects? no wonder they are cynical. that is a kind of stuff that has to change. again, it is not consistent with what -- let's fund the things we said we would, like the wall. let's not fund planned parenthood, giving them your tax dollars. that's ridiculous. >> tucker: i don't want you to beat up on the speaker on his way out, but how did we wind up with a spending bill that funded planned parenthood for half a billion dollars? >> it took three amendments. this is about its cotton. we took three amendments to the rules committee then i prefer that vote. one was to deal with a planned parenthood issue. all amendments were not made in order. you know why? they would have passed. they would have passed in the house floor -- >> tucker: who did that? >> that is a leadership telling the rules committee you can make these things in order because they would pass on the floor. >> tucker: pauline's -- paul ryan is four planned parenthood? >> the argument is, if you make those amendments, they will pass the bill, go to the senate, and they want to pass it.
9:35 pm
i'm tired of this. let's have a debate. we were so close to winning. chuck schumer shut down the government over a weekend over amnesty and the american people side, we don't think that is a smart idea. we were poised to win. we did with the swamp always does. >> tucker: do google a tax cut,in perfect. brit hume joins us now. do you think, again, i feel like a hypocrite scolding anybody for making fun of hillary clinton since i've done it so much, and enjoyed it so deeply, is that a winning strategy? >> no, i wouldn't think so. it seems to me like she's not around. she is somebody you can poke fun at in a campaign speech because she's had such a terrible time getting over her defeat, continues to cite all kinds of things and people to claim that her plainly not the main cause of her downfall. but making herer the object of e personal campaign doesn't make any sense. you have to run on your record
9:36 pm
for you have to run against something that the current democratic party, as you pointed out, experiment on my promoting. there's all sorts of things that they are promotingty better republicans republicans could run against. i assume when the fullness of time they will come to their senses. talking about running against hillary makes no sense. >> tucker: the posture of the democrats and republicans has always struck me as different. democrats seem to feel, believe they are right and they are -- they don't believe in god but they are on the right side. republicans feel half embarrassed about their ideas.el am i imagining that? have you received that? >> i wouldn't put it that way but i think you're onto something. democrats fervently believe, not only that they are on the right and moral side of the issue, but that it is the only side that a thinking person could be on. it is therefore unthinkable that anyone would resist them on the things t they are trying to do because they are on -- they are for the good things. they are for the cause of good.
9:37 pm
therefore, there must be something corrupt and wrong and immoral about those who oppose them. they really don't see and appreciate both sides of the issue. of any issue in the current act was here, which accounts to some extent for the poison. there is plenty of cynicism about democrats on the republican side. people who believe that all the democratic schemes to provide aid and comfort to the blind and poor and the underprivileged are all campaign schemes do try to get reelected and to try to pay off groups of constituents. i don't believe that. i think it may have that effect but democrats are genuinely -- feel compassion for these people, they think their are the right remedies. we end up with an argument where neither side trusts the other. >> tucker: interesting. what do you think -- as of today, it's a dynamic moment, what do you think the chances are of a democratic takeover of
9:38 pm
the house and he would be the speaker? it won't be pelosi. it would be? >> i don't know who it would be. i think you are right at the democrats are prepared to move generation of leaders, not sure who it would be. i would sayay this about the election. it is still reasonably early, if it were held today, i think there would be a blue wave. there won't be. we don't know who all the candidates will be. the math is very much in thehe senate side, helpful to the republicans and the house side, of course, never changes, all seats up. there is always political gravity againsts the party that has the white house and a president's first midterm election. that is where we are. you take that and combine it with the fact that the presiden president's approval numbers are upside down, as they have long been, and you have a formula for a big win by the out party, the
9:39 pm
democrats. that might not happen. i did not happen in george w. bush's first midterm, largely because of the post 9/11 atmosphere, which is leadership was generally well received. it helped him and his party. i don't know we have a cause here that would replicate that. i think it is uphill for the republicans all the way, no doubt about it. they would be well advised, if you suggest, tucker, more powerful than running against the out of office out of luck, beaten candidate, hillary clinton. >> tucker: if the election were today, it would be confused. it's april. i agree with you completely. it's great to see you. thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: a democratic party's agenda already includes curtailing gunar rights, opening the borders, good reparations during that list? apparently is about to. we'll discuss it. plus we'll take you backk alive
9:40 pm
to the state dinner where the trumps are hosting the fresh president and his wife. live coverage of the president's toast in just a moment. ♪ keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. you agreed to never give up. to ask, what else can i do? you agreed to remember the good people who rise with every challenge, to remember their strength.
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i saw something the other day. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. ♪ >> tucker: the president is about to >> tucker: the president about to give a toast or the state dinner where he and the first lady are welcoming the french president and the first lady of france. we'll take it there in a minute. in the meantime, the democratic party has a lot of goals for you, suspend immigration, abolish all genders, take away your guns. the party has another goal, at least one being discussed in private. reparations. democracy alliances a group of rich democratic donors, billionaires george soros and tom stier are donors. they fantasize that by 2022, not that far from now, reparations could be a top item on the democratic agenda.
9:45 pm
the former communications director for harry reid, the senate majority leader of nevada. he joins us tonight. thank you for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: i like the story. it allows us to have an honest conversation about what this wouldd mean, reparations. by the way, i'm open minded as i am about all things. how would it work? would immigrants, a lot of immigrants in this country, newly arrived from mexico, have to pay for reparations? >> let's take a step back if we are going to have an honest conversation and talk about how we are not anti-god, we aren't for eliminating the borders. we do see gender. so i think a lot of the things that -- you are creating a stereotype, doing a great job of using -- >> tucker: i appreciate -- [laughter] i don't know if if you are a nightly viewer of this show but i think we prove all that night tonight but i encourage you to watch. let's get to this, reparations.
9:46 pm
one of those ideas that people dismissed asde crazy and then ta-nehisi coates wrote a piece in "the atlantic" ," it's necessary or question. millions of people in this country, will they be required to pay for reparations? >> ito was on the agenda along with talking about ways to strengthen rural women, how to put an end, to gun violence in america -- >> tucker: strengthen ruralth women? this is stuff that makes people not to take the party seriously. >> i frankly, i feel awkward talking about it, we are two white guys who have no idea what the african-american experience -- >> tucker: i'm an american citizen and a taxpayer and i have every bit as much right to talk about government policies any american. i reject your presupposition out of hand. >> you have not experienced that hurt --
9:47 pm
>> tucker: i'm an american citizen. i have a right and obligation to talk about it and understand the policies of my government, including this one. let's get detailed about it. who would pay? it would benefit? >> i don't't operate one of thoe things we don't have the details on, whoever's putting forward the policy. i think reparations don't go far enough. i think what we need to do is look forward to policies that will actually change the dynamic in this country and level the playing field for african-americans, so we are opening the gateway and the pathways for the middle-class -- >> tucker: of course i couldn't agree more. let's start with one. refugee resettlement, almost exclusively happens in poor, working class communities. they move into poor places. let's make a pact that we only move them into martha's vineyard, upper west side of manhattan, only the places with rich people, why don't we do that? >> i don't think that would be
9:48 pm
the solution. >> tucker: oh, no! >> i think it with the past policies that level the playing field to -- >> tucker: wouldn't that? slow down. if i'm coming from somalia, you move me into some dead, depressing mill town with no mills, my chance of success are much less s than if i move into your neighborhood. why shouldn't i go to the school and -- why shouldn't i live in california? >> it'siv kind of you to offer that. >> tucker: all, because rich liberals don't want to live near them, that's why. >>be that's not at all what we were talking about. if you are offering to house some people, i think that is fantastic. let's actually talk about this instrument needs to be changed. >> tucker: i am for actually changing it. john, thank you. we are out of time. i could go on forever. nice to see you. cnn'sic jim acosta is always on the hunt for bigotry. did he find it? we'll tell you. hilarious guy.
9:49 pm
the president about to speak of the first state dinner. we'll take you there for the toast. ♪
9:50 pm
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9:53 pm
>> tucker: want to take your life to the white house where the president is toasting his french counterpart, at the first state dinner. watch. [applause] >> tonight we celebrate nearly two and a half centuries of friendship between the united states and france. yesterday, we had a wonderful
9:54 pm
trip to mount vernon, it was truly special for this very remarkable friendship. >> [speaking french] >> it was there that general george washington creed to the victory. it was there that general lafayette went to visit his adopted father george washington. lafayette's name hisis only son after washington as a tribute to respect and love for his dear friend. >> ]speaking french]
9:55 pm
>> and there'd mount vernon, hanging on the wall for all to see, is the key to the bastille, a gift from lafayette to washington. this tool ofof imprisonment had become a symbol of liberty, the desire for freedom that burns brightly in the heart of every french and american patriot. >> [speaking french] >> this is the divine flame which victor hugo wrote that evil can never wholly extinguished and which good can make to glow in splendor.
9:56 pm
>> [speaking french] >> this is the flame that spurred american soldiers to join the french on the battlefields of world war i. this is the flame of french resistance of which charles de gaulle rallied his country in 1940. more than a million french took up arms to defeat fascism in world war ii. and this is the conviction that unites the french and american soul, as we work together every day to build a future that is more just, prosperous, and free. >> [speaking french]
9:57 pm
>> the veins that link our nations are forged in battle, strengthened through trial andnd defined by the timeless principles that make us who and what we are. respect for life, love for our neighbors, pride in our traditions, defense of ourec heritage, and reverence for the throughestowed on us grace and the glory ofer god. >> [speaking french] >> so tonight i ask that we
9:58 pm
raise our glasses as i offer this toast to president macron and brigitte, to the french delegation, may our friendship grow even deeper. may our kinship grow stronger, and may our sacred liberty never die.ip god bless you. god bless france. god bless our alliance. and god bless america. >> [speaking french] >> tucker: we are going to listen now the french
9:59 pm
president's toast back to our president. first state dinner at the white house. honoring president emmanuel p macron of france. >> [speaking french] >> translator: mr. president, the first lady, dear melania, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends. it is an honor for brigitte and me to be here with you in the
10:00 pm
white house for the dinner surrounded by friends of france that you were so kind to invite. [speaking french] >> translator: this white house, full of history that the british burned down in 1815. i say this in the most amicable way, that james monroe had the brilliant idea of decorating with french furniture. a man of taste. in fact, he was a former ambassador to paris. >> [speaking french]


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