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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 25, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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tweet from lisa. now that is funny. trump has to be oscar, right? i don't know. i think he's felix. kind of looked like felix. remember to tweet me. that's all the time we have. shannon bream is up next. >> shannon: who's the messy one? that's me. >> laura: well, tron probably. i shouldn't say that. now i'm in real trouble. >> shannon: i will embrace the messy. laura, thank you very much. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. we will soon get the results for the arizona special election for house seat in congress. the latest test of the trump revolution. also, white house communications senior advisor mercedes schlapp is here tonight as the administration seems to be ready to fight for dr. ronnie jackson's bid to become the v.a. secretary. senators james lankford and jeanne shaheen trying to free an american pastor in turkey. they are here with new
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developments. first, this is a fox news alert. president trump's first state dinner honoring the french president says the two leaders toasted each other, most of it focused on iran, president trump wishing for a new deal to constrain the nuclear ambitions. the white house gets ready to fight for a navy admiral, praised by barack obama, plagued by partisan concerns, claims he says he looks forward barack ob bipartisan concerns amid ack ob troubling allegations, he looks forward to answering. kristen fisher covering the debate over a cabinet nominee. the white house didn't that properly. we begin with chief national correspondent ed henry and some substance. >> they are wrapping up the state dinner. this is an interesting case, pretty intimate, they only had 13 tables, 10 to a table, candlelit, this friendship is butting.
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we are seeing french president macroin filling a vacuum with angela merkel coming to the white house. other leaders have been pretty cool to donald trump. macroin is filling the vacuum. they got some policy done. macrothen wrapping the president up in a bear hug, holding hands at one point, deeper friendship than most expected around the world. the pres. even saying he was wiping dandruff off of the suit of macroin, saying he is perfect, just need to get that dandruff off. it shows how close they have gotten and it is not just optics, basing to make actual progress on the issue which is dealing with iran and its nuclear ambitions. the pres. declaring the 2015 nuclear deal signed by pres.
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obama is insane and he wants to scrap it. he said you can mark it down more than ever before. macroin says he wants to address his counterparts concerned. and wants to improve the deal, to build on it. this seemed to be a bit of progress, and later in the night, they would also come together. >> our friendship would grow deeper and stronger. and lay our sacred liberty, never die. >> we will work together and have this ability to work together. this is why our relationship will serve. >> and the recent airstrikes in
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syria. and mr. trump says he wants to make big decisions, he wants that timetable stretched out, the pres. responded that he is flexible. i met you, you met me, these guys are talking almost in a promance. shannon: the white house is sticking by dr. ronnie jackson, calling his record impeccable. donald trump's nominee to be developed the first a permit is under fire. and the lead white house dr.. and kristen fisher is tracking
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the details. >> he is accused of improper conduct. and the top democrat on the committee says dr. jackson's nickname is a candy man, and he its reaching out for candy. >> they are controlled substances. on overseas trips in particular the adm. would go down the aisle of the airplane. >> dr. jackson, on an overseas trip, the most important patient, donald trump, seem to suggest the political swamp he has to wade through to get the nomination might not be working. >> to be abused by a bunch of
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politicians that aren't thinking, it would be totally his decision. >> the president met with jackson. after a senior administration official says dr. jackson's record impeccable, he has improved unit morale, what that official is referring to our glowing performance reviews not from donald trump that pres. obama. pres. obama described him as a most impressive leader. two years later he is under pressure with an incredible work ethic and then says his positive impact cannot be overstated, he's a tremendous asset to the entire white house team, already a level of performance of responsibility that far exceeds the current rank of most career admirals. we are seeing the white house fighting back against
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accusations including that he created a hostile work environment, john roberts got his hand on the 2012 inspector general report that jackson himself had ordered. he was going through a power struggle, the ig report seemed to pin most of the blame on his rival, quote, capt. jackson has exhibited poor leadership and is responsible for the poor climate but most feel capt. jackson's failures were primarily due to the disruptive report with capt. coleman, his rival. some objective supporters say this is coming out because his opponents are worried you may want to privatize the va which is something sherrod brown will to just tonight. >> political people in the white house push so hard for privatization, duke to koch brothers fitting to the point that i was going to ask at the hearing how hearty you going to fight, are you willing to be fired making that fight for veterans. >> that is something jackson
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will have to address at his confirmation hearing. >> that is the question, more on that coming up. thank you very much, the pressure is on for the senate to confirm one of donald trump's long stalled nominees. mitch mcconnell is moving to put the end to the debate in the senate on trump's big for ambassador to germany. it comes just days ahead of the visit by angela merkel. it has been held up by democrats despite being advanced by the foreign relations committee twice. >> cannot support a nominee with a lengthy track record of tweets attacking both prominent democratic and prominent republican women. >> the pres. made it clear he is growing impatient over the situation tweeting so-called
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obstructionists are, quote, maxing out time on the approval process despite the next big diplomatic meeting this week with angela merkel. the pres. signaling he is open to a new bigger deal on iran while urging veterans affairs nominee to fight on. mercedes slap joins us now. let's start with iran. french president macroin encouraging the pres. and other european allies to stay engaged in the process and if any part of the dealer tweaked we can walk away, the deal collapses and that means we can fire up the uranium enrichment within days and a lot of people thought that is part of the deal, they are supposed to get rid of the capabilities. >> the pres. hasn't made a final decision on iran, he is having an open dialogue, to have this meeting with pres. macroin, we
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have angela merkel at the end of the week. these other discussions we are having right now. it is about national security, that we do not have a destabilization in terms of iran, to continue expanding in terms of the nuclear program so it is an important concern, the pres. will -- we will wait to see what he decides. >> china and russia says we will obstruct any attempt to sabotage this deal. >> let's just remember it is iran that has been the bad actor, iran has been working with bashar al-assad, creating the problems we are seeing in syria. iran has been a bad actor. they are spending more time funding terrorist groups like hezbollah and hamas rather than are aliens in their homeland, the uranian economy crumbling, the fact that their currency is tanking, these are the issues we are dealing with.
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the key is whenever iran touches something we'd see disaster whether it is in iraqi, syria, we need to make sure we are holding them accountable. >> folks are worried about concessions and conversations going on with respect to israel. piece that senior trump administration officials handling the talks are said to have conceded to the man that iran only restrict ballistic missile activity to its longer-range missiles leading untouched its mammoth arsenal of short-range medium-range issues that can hit israel and other middle eastern nations and i don't know how the president can sellersville down the river like that. jewish officials engage with the white house. >> let's remember donald trump's closest ally is israel. he has a close relationship with
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benjamin netanyahu and in a few weeks the opening of the capital in jerusalem. these are major steps we have taken because we have such close ties with israel. we are going to look to see what is in the best interest of the united states in terms of national security when it comes to iran. we are working closely with israel as well as our allies and we will see what the president decides when it comes to the nuclear deal. >> the va nominee dr. ronnie jackson in the hot seat over allegations, cbs reporting allegations of drinking on the job, improperly dispensing medications. he says i look forward to this, i look forward to answering these questions, there's criticism about how he was or was not that it. the here is the top democrat in the senate. >> how did he get through the process with these allegations not even being made public? my guess, not proper vetting. >> these are false allegations. secondly use our democratic sen.
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coming out saying in the case of jackson you are looking at a clean fbi vetting. we know for sure he has not been the target of an ig report. we have seen democrats and republicans come out in favor of ronnie jackson, you had pres. obama saying adm. jackson was poised under pressure, that he should be promoted. we see this time and again with dr. jackson is being dragged through the mud. they should allow this hearing to happen so that dr. jackson can speak out. it is unfortunate that what we are seeing in these confirmation processes are very qualified honorable individuals being dragged through the mud. that needs to stop, but dr. jackson have his hearing. >> sounds like that is going to come to become a delayed but it will ultimately happen unless the president decides to pull him out of the process because
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it is in pleasant for many nominees. you look forwards to taking on these allegations. thanks for coming in. this is a fox news alert. we have results now in arizona special election. this is the latest test of the so-called blue wave. he won this big. let's check with alecia in the grand canyon state. with can you tell us tonight? >> we heard a big cheer go up at the watch party here, republican here who found out she has been victorious in the special election race to fill the seat of republican trent franks. it has been a race no one thought was going to be a race. this is a republican stronghold in arizona.
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a very deeply read district made of white retired republican, very conservative active voters and they have come to the call of republicans but the reason we are here and watching is this is a district in which since 2012 democrats haven't even put up a candidate. this time they did, a doctor in this state, a democrat who was able to out raise the republican here. she had attack ads, some headline is coming up, gabby giffords coming to her assistant she was able to close in a little bit but couldn't pull through because when it comes down to it this is a district donald trump won a big by 21 points in 2016 so not a surprise that she has won, the big question was the spread, whether she could pull out a double-digit lead, anything less could be a wake-up call to
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republicans come november. >> we were thinking we might get these results later but a lot of early balloting may have factored in. you may have had a demographic makeup of what goes on in that district. seemed like a tough hill to climb for the democrat but this may be more about the spread than who actually won. >> it is about the spread and we are getting the results, the last check from secretary of state's office, waiting to see if this is a double-digit lead. anything less then a double-digit spread at the end of the day even though will win is a win could be a wake-up call because we have those midterms we are talking about. they really want to stop that momentum they believe democrats have, other special elections, pennsylvania, they want to put a
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stop to that in arizona and get democrats eyes off of the state especially this district as we head and midterms. >> thank you so much. we will have much more analysis with our own chris tire walt digging into this race, what this means for the fall midterms when we come back it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet?
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♪ >> this is a fox news alert, republican debbie lasko winning the special election amid fears the blue wave good hitting the gop district. not tonight. chris tire walt is here to break it down. donald trump won by 21 points. there has been some water under the bridge, things have happened and a lot of folks, what we're seeing is 6 points but a lot of folks it needs to be double digits in order for the gop to breathe aside relief. >> magic number for democrats since 2016 has been 17 points. they have outperformed their partisan baseline in district in statewide races on an average of 17 points. i don't think these numbers -- can't imagine these numbers will hold. the way arizona works is you get the early votes, these are a lot
12:22 am
of older voters, so you get a ton of this early voting comes in and you wait and at midnight eastern they are going to dump the rest of it so the ap is calling this race on the basis of just purely votes and basically they are saying if the democrat is not closer than 6 points she cannot make up the difference from here to there. if it stays at 6 points it would be a 19 point drop off from previous. that having been said this was $1 million well spent for republicans because if this were a loss or even closer than this and reinforced the momentum from connor lamb in western pennsylvania, this takes democrats back to the moral victory where they say look how close this was, this shouldn't have been close, she's underperforming by 19 points and republicans say the scoreboard wins away.
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shannon: chad kimball says if you get 10 points or below, it is panic button time for republicans. if you get into single digits in the district like that the gop has a lot to worry about, what does this tell you, if anything, about the big senate race in the fall? >> it will depend. they have a primary going on out there right now, it is arizona, they are rooting and tooting. if martha mcnally gets through, can she do better in a district like this, then kelly ward, the state legislator. is it possible she will do better? who knows? the narrowness of this margin tells us what democrats need to do in arizona and the possibility of a second senate
12:24 am
seat open if john mccain is not able to return to office. shannon: the former governor and debbie lasko looks to be congresswoman elect based on ap reporting. a win for the gop, look at west virginia. speaking of routing and tooting, these top three folks in recent polling. >> we have a poll because we have a debate a week from tonight in west virginia, we invite anybody over 10%, one of the hottest senate primaries in the country in one of the most important senate races, this counts as one of the big four, for republicans, and they believe their best chances to preserve the senate majority and grow it a little bit. a 3-man race, evan jenkins, and
12:25 am
the wildcard in this race, businessman don blankenship, the only candidate in the race fighting a federal criminal conviction concurrent with campaigning. west virginia politics never disappoints. >> like west virginia. >> these were important, polling for west virginia voters especially those interested in the primary. the opioid crisis hit the state hard. that is number one close behind the economy, immigration and healthcare, how does that factor into the administration and the decisions primary and general election voters make.
12:26 am
>> the opioid crisis is reflected, a guy who didn't make the debate stage iv is in low single digits, proposing waterboarding, and pushing them to the extreme. joe mention in the 30s for approval among republicans, no matter what, will be tough whoever comes out of this, if almost a third of republicans think he is an okay guy. shannon: people across the state. they love joe mention. i saw the ad. great to have you with us on latebreaking news night tonight. martha maccallum to moderate this, the west virginia gop senate debate at 6:30 eastern, and in the meantime do not forget, an interview with james comey this thursday.
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>> take a look at a few interesting tweets about tonight's show. from joel, immigrants on the border i think you made a great point the immigrants refuse or don't accept asylum from mexico a sooim cycleum is not their real reason to immigrate it is an economic reason. tweet from lisa. loved america's newest odd couple. that is funny. trump has to be oscar, right? i don't know. i think he it is feelic. look like feelic. tweet me. that is all the time we have shannon is up next. .... test, test, test, test, test of courses at the time, test, test, test
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everyone's doing it she's binging... they're binging... and... so is he. so put on your headphones, turn on audible and binge better. >> this is a fox news alert, immigrants traveling to the us in a caravan through mexico arriving at the southern border is the trump administration warned they will be turned away. and whether the pres.'s push to deny entry is working. >> reporter: after a month or so traveling the well-publicized caravan, we have 130 women and children, 90 miles east of san diego on the mexico side of the border. other immigrants making their
12:32 am
way, the caravan largely broke up in the meeting focused went away, the administration is still watching. donald trump set the tone saying despite democrat inspired laws on sanctuary cities in the border being so bad and 1-sided, i directed the secretary of homeland security not to let these large caravans of people into our country, it is a disgrace, the only country in the world so naïve, wall. kiersten nielsen followed up saying members of the caravan who entered the us illegally will be referred to prosecution. nielsen goes on to note the law is different when it comes to asylum speakers, those seeking asylum, and efficiently and expeditiously and those found not to have a claim properly removed from the united states. and across the border, going
12:33 am
back to central america. mexico made it clear, they would like to see immigration laws, jeff sessions echoed that saying promoting and enforcing rule of law is essential to protecting the nation, its borders and its citizens. amnesty international says the us is trying to tarnish asylum-seekers as criminals but seeking asylum is not a crime. the center for immigration studies says we can expect a steady stream of immigrants to come in the weeks ahead. >> i'm sure there will be hundreds of people at some point in time who are making their way in smaller groups to the border because they believe they will be allowed into the country -- >> along the border security is tighter with national guard troops being deployed to support
12:34 am
the border patrol. >> of the new york times issuing a major correction after report that cited palestinian payments to the families of terrorists as a prime example of part far right conspiracy theory on facebook. in fact, palestinian officials have acknowledged providing payment after carrying out attacks. on israelis or convicted of terrorist attacks imprisoned in israel. that is not a conspiracy theory. editors of gq magazine name of the holy bible one of the most overrated books in history, ranked number 12 on the magazine's with 21 books you don't have to read before you die. when the others are huckleberry finn, lonesome dove and the catcher in the right. cuba's pres. after raul castro stepped down, the us media under scrutiny for how it reported the process. the associated press saying he was elected cuba's new leader.
12:35 am
online critics point out he was not elected, he was selected as the hand-picked successor in that communist strongholds. really does 2 thirds of the senate agree on anything except for this. and american pastor on trial, two governments valley to battle it out, they are teaming up in a bipartisan move to put the heat on turkey, they join us live next. people said it just made a mess until exxonmobil scientists put it to the test. they thought someday it could become fuel and power our cars wouldn't that be cool? and that's why exxonmobil scientists think it's not small at all. energy lives here.
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>> a story we have been
12:39 am
following him andrew brinson is on trial in turkey facing charges that is linked to a group, princeton getting support from donald trump, and newly appointed ambassador for religious freedom. >> administration is concerned about this case. and andrew brinson is innocent. >> lawmakers are teaming up to call on the trump administration to take a tougher stance. langford is a republican senator from oklahoma. and the key senate panel that handles foreign appropriations. we have been following this. you sent out a statement in this
12:40 am
call for sanctions saying turkish officials who participate in detainment of any american citizens should face international consequences and actions against pastor brunson qualify as hostagetaking. other tough work? >> that accurately reflects what is going on, he is being held hostage and it goes all the way to the top. these are totally made up charges. and connecting pastor brunson with his church, called him a mormon and don't seem to know who he represents. and when he was asked about the charges, i loved turkey and never do anything about the turkish people. this is not fair -- >> this is partisan effort. another letter that has been
12:41 am
sent calling for brunson's release. tell me about the sanctions package you are putting together. >> putting pressure directly on those individuals. they are actually doing the hostagetaking and facilitating him being held. this is turkey, and ally with the united states for a long time. a great partnership fighting terrorism. and a dramatic shift from who they have been than partnership and shifting away from western values and ideas and rule of law and all those things that bound us together, something we don't recognize. we want to restore this relationship, we didn't move, they have moved. you can't just take an american randomly hostage, try to get something from some. i would not as an american business person extends business
12:42 am
into turkey, you own a business, to doing business in turkey on traveling in turkey because we have an american that has been held there for a year and a half without charges for most of that time. it is cautious to travel to turkey, a different day. shannon: he is referencing this exiled clerk in pennsylvania saying he is attached to the 2016 crew since 1999, he denied the connection so here is what pres. heard a one --erdogan has to say, look at the steps you have taken in the past, why don't you deport this man in accordance with the extradition treaty. sound like he wants to make a deal. >> that is what he is talking about but we do have an extradition treaty and they have to present evidence and so far they haven't presented evidence
12:43 am
that shows the cleric has direct ties to the 2 that happened in turkey. a number of his followers have been put in jail and may have ties to the to attempt but there are no ties to pastor brunson and one of the things we don't do with anybody is hold hostage people who are innocent and say we expect a trade for this innocent person. this is definitely not what our allies should do. turkey, they had a democratic country in the past, rule of law but it is clear that is beginning to change. shannon: sen. tillis was one of the key movers, brunson was a constituent of his, he thought it was important to see in person us senators working on this case, to see him face-to-face, no one is
12:44 am
forgetting about you. you mentioned turkey is a nato ally. how do we mend this relationship? >> there have to be clear steps turkey will take and that is to release an american to use leverage. and turkey has a unique position, and with kurdish terrorists there. and to attack them as well, the dynamics turkey has, turkey can't just start imprisoning people, they have tens of thousands with no charges locked up, journalists, educators, judges and individuals they locked up and continue to extend their emergency powers, shifting away from rule of law. and working out differences on issues, we went to see turkey
12:45 am
acting like turkey. >> how hopeful are both of you that it will make it through the legislative process to be signed into law? >> we are just at the start of that process. we have 66 senators sign on, strong bipartisan showing. it is important to send a strong message to turkey about what our concerns are. as james said, this is a nato ally. we are working together on threats against our country again. we need to let them know their behavior is not acceptable. shannon: when there is an american in peril overseas in goods the bipartisan action. please keep us updated. >> these are difficult days for them. we have not forgotten. shannon: we will continue to cover the story.
12:46 am
thank you for both being here. the trump administration's travel ban heads to the supreme court in a few hours. we will preview the pivotal case. will politics or principal prevail? truckers to the rescue. tractor-trailers helped police prevent a man from taking his own life. it can detect a threat using ai, and respond 60 times faster. it lets you know where your data lives, down to the very server. it keeps your insights from prying eyes, so they're used by no one else but you. it is... the cloud. the ibm cloud.
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shannon: tomorrow morning the
12:50 am
supreme court will weigh in on donald trump and his words and in many cases tweets against the travel ban 3.0. both sides see this as a constitutional showdown. >> this is a difficult issue for the court because it gets to core issues of the executive authority in the constitution and under federal law to decide who can be related to this country and who couldn't. it is a political judgment and the court has been reluctant to trade into areas where it could be viewed as a political judgment confined to the executive. >> this band is not make us safer and it goes against national security because it undermines key element of the constitution, the idea that we don't discriminate on the basis of religion, there cannot be a religious test, that is un-american. shannon: syndicated radio host richard fowler. and guy benson, fox news
12:51 am
contributor and host of benson and hard on fox news radio. good to see both of you. in a matter of hours they have this argument, travel ban 3.0, there have been a couple reasons. they feel they have it right when they say we have specific reasons for each country that is mentioned, there are exceptions, modified objections to the first two. >> travel ban 1.0 was rolled out poorly and sloppily and there is a reason it got thrown out but 3.0 has been more carefully thought through and implemented and it is not in any way, shape or form a muslim band despite what critics say because some of the countries on the list include venezuela, which are not majority muslim countries, based on my understanding, i have read a fair analysis of this, the pres. has pretty broad authority
12:52 am
under federal statute, classes of non-americans, the previous objections have been dealt with even if you disagree with the policy it is constitutional and should be upheld as such. shannon: the problem with lower courts, if you look at it on the face it does seem to be facially neutral at this point. they gone through what the president said during the campaign rallies, things he said about extreme vetting and those kinds of things. and one law professor says this. if trump did not have twitter this would be a 9-0 case in his favor. but tomorrow we have to see.
12:53 am
>> the keyword, i'm not a lawyer either, what was the pres.'s intense by creating this law. the courts worked every time 1.0 and 2.0 was defeated the trump administration fixed it, it was quotemac legal, and the prevailing argument, creating this initial been, was created to ban certain people from certain countries because of who they choose to warship and that is the argument you are going to hear, donald trump created this band because he wanted to ban individuals from muslim countries in the united states. shannon: much busier -- much bigger muslim countries of the population that weren't included. >> i am not -- there were several non-muslim countries
12:54 am
affected by this. the law and policy changed. and the current policy constitutional or not and very clearly on its face it is. shannon: a few years ago in arizona wrote a state law dealing with immigration and they were smacked down by justices who most of them said this was not an issue for states, federal or executive branch to make decisions. >> they decided tomorrow. we have an imperial executive, the executive branch, this is a law created by congress, and the presidents can have a sleeping executive order and determine what we do in immigration law is problematic. shannon: you have 3 seconds.
12:55 am
>> they gave him this authority. >> they should take it back immediately. shannon: we have agreement and disagreement, see you both on the radio. our hero tonight is the 4-legged variety, a deaf and blind dog responsible for saving life, you don't want to miss it.
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>> before we go a tribute to some quick thinking detroit police. an interesting your detroit police recruit 13 tractor-trailer operators to park under an overpass were pedestrian threatening to jump to commit suicide. if he jumps hope would be the trucks would have shortened the fall, please convinced a man to seek medical help. tonight at 0, meet max, 17-year-old god who spent 17 hours in a rugged rainy australian bushland, with aurora. and dog cuddled up to aurora kept her calm and warm and local
1:00 am
police named max and honorary police dog. see you live from the supreme court for arguments on the travel ban 3.0. most grateful you spend the evening with us. >> this is a "fox and friends first" happening right now. it is 4:00 in the morning, fox news alert for you. >> they are currently shooting at officers. >> officers down. the war on police escalating in dallas which will we just learned about the suspect arrested overnight as two officers cling to life. >> this is the with decayed


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