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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 25, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> you'll meet every one of our college associates in our after the show show. >> call your mom and dad, everyone. have a wonderful day and we'll see you tomorrow. >> bill: we're safe up here. good morning. the u.s. and france praising their strong relationship as this was the scene at the white house last night. the first couple wrapping up their first state visit. president macron will address a joint meeting of congress. you'll see it live this morning. all the pomp and circumstance the white house launching a defense of the v.a. nominee on behalf of the president. good morning. really beautiful shot last night at the white house. >> sandra: good morning. i'm sandra smith. the white house standing behind ronny jackson, his confirmation has been delayed amid misconduct allegations. the president says it's the
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latest example of his opponents trying to stone wall him at every turn. >> president trump: they failed with mike pompeo and that was a big, big hit because they thought they could stop him. the democrats have become obstructionists. that's all they're good at. they have bad ideas. they have bad politics. the one thing they do is obstruct. >> bill: kevin corke leading the coverage live from the white house. president macron tried to change the mind of the president on iran. did it work? >> we don't know, bill. there does appear to have been a little bit of progress from the french president's perspective. he seems to have been able to get the president to at least consider a side deal or maybe even an entirely new deal that would have the same effect on the iranian regime even if the president walks away from it.
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pomp and persuasion by the french president. it continues his visit with a u.s. with a trip to capitol hill later this morning. they discussed a range of issues including syria, trade and tariffs between the u.s. and e.u. and iran which led to this warning from the president about tehran's possible response to a u.s. withdrawal from the deal. >> president trump: we will see what happens on the 12th. i will say if iran threatens us in any way, they will pay a price like few countries have ever paid. >> the president has called the deal bad. said it was a very bad structure and falling down and should never have been made. >> bill: where are we in the president's choice to head the va. ronny jackson is under fire. doesn't look like he is backing down. will he stick with it or are you expecting a withdrawal? >> i don't think there is any question the president would like this to be ronny jackson's
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decision. you get a little lean from the president one way or the other. yesterday the president gave the guy an out but by all accounts ronny jackson, who has been besieged with allegations from unnamed individuals as yet to easily dispensing sleeping pills or drinking too much on the job, he wants to fight this thing the through despite the fact that yesterday if you listened carefully you heard the president give him an easy out. listen. >> president trump: i would definitely stand behind him. he is a fine man. i would let it be his choice. but he is a man who has just been an extraordinary person. his family extraordinary success, great doctor, great everything and he has to listen to the abuse that he has -- if i were him, actually in many ways i would love to be him. but the fact is, i wouldn't do it. i wouldn't do it. >> keep this in mind. republicans are the ones that
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decided to postpone his confirmation as they continue to look at these allegations. but the president says he is sticking by him. jackson wants to stay in the fight and we'll keep a close eye on it. >> bill: it slides into the month of may. kevin corke. >> sandra: meanwhile a major constitutional challenge to one of president trump's most pressing agenda item heads to the highest court in the land. oral arguments begin in an hour on the president's travel ban restricting visitors from five muslim countries plus north korea and venezuela. fox news at night anchor shannon bream is live from outside the supreme court this morning. good morning to you, shannon. this is literally the last case to be argued this term. it sounds like they have saved one of the most controversial. >> this is the last day of the entire term for arguments and this is one of the toughest cases the justices will have to wade through. it is all about keeping america
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safe according to the government. opponents of the ban they say it's religious discrimination. this is the third version of it. it has gone through several interations. they added north korea and venezuela. those are obviously not predominantly muslim countries. what the administration is saying we vetted this thing and neutral and serves a purpose. opponents who is a critic of the ban. the president of the constitutional accountability center says it is not working. >> this ban does not make us safer. and in fact it actually goes against our national security because it undermines key elements of our constitution. we don't discriminate of the basis of religion. it's unamerican. >> something special that's happening today. all the media organizations petitioned the court to have the release of same day audio. folks at home within an hour or two we think of these arguments
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wrapping up will get to hear the voices of the justices for the first time in three years as they hear this case today. >> sandra: how much will the president's tweets factor in. >> those are going to be the key issue in this case because the lower courts and several judges what they've done is looked back to what the president said about cracking down on muslim immigration, cracking down on bad actors and hombres and tweets about these bans have factored them into the decision. even if you argue on its face this thing is neutral. what the president has said and other folks within the trump administration and campaign said shows an -- a former justice department attorney says they will want to worrisome of them about this looking too political. his take. >> in many ways it's a political judgment and the court has been reluctant to tread into areas where it could
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be viewed as making a political judgment that's properly confined to the executive. >> no matter how you feel about this case for or against the ban there are plenty of protestors here today. a lot of folks can't see it as anything but political. we'll have a decision by the end of june. >> sandra: shannon bream at the supreme court. a long day for you. we'll see you tonight. >> bill: she is used to these hours. let's get analysis with guy benson, fox news contributor. good morning, to you, i want to share -- let's double a back to ronny jackson. this is what president obama said about him at one point various reviews of the white house when he was the doctor there. his positive impact cannot be overstated. a tremendous asset to the entire white house team. responsibility that far exceeds current rank. promote to rear admiral now. that's just one of many we've come across. >> two issues at play regarding
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his confirmation battle for v.a. secretary. the first is new allegations about alleged personal misconduct, drinking on the job when they were traveling. overprescribing certain pills. creating a hostile work environment. i'm open to additional information and evidence. we don't know who is making these accusations and how substantiated they may or may not be. he has done an exemplary job, admiral jackson, in his role as being the top doctor to the president of the united states and not just this one, but as you referenced, the previous administration, president obama and also president bush. he is beloved by all three presidents and the people who worked around him. so if the claim now, bill, is that jackson is unfit personally to run the v.a., i don't see how it squares to say but he was perfectly fit to be the personal doctor and physician to the president of the united states who was
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promoted and praised by everyone under whom he served. there is a bit of disconnect there. but we'll get more details i suspect very soon. >> bill: you sound like joe manchin. you get these allegations throughout washington you have to show proof. haven't seen that yet. that's his statement. he is on the v.a. committee. >> it is not just the lack of proof. it's the entire body of work of jackson over the years for three presidents doing a great job. so i am suspicious but open on these questions about his personal fitness. there is the separate track of criticism. is he qualified for this much different, much bigger job? he has never really run a large organization. being the white house doctor is a very different gig obviously. for those of us concerned about this sprawling, abusive,
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dysfunctional bureaucracy that's the v.a., does he have the life experience to corral that beast and whip it into shape. rigorous questioning. let's see if the personal stuff is true. part of it feels like a pile-on here. the president makes a decent point when the democrats oppose everyone, including someone like mike pompeo, their credibility is diminished on other folks. >> bill: big job indeed. good to get your reflections. >> sandra: we'll have more on all this for you with south dakota senator mike rounds who is on the veterans affairs committee. he has a lot to say about this and white house press secretary sarah sanders will join us as well. >> bill: she had a big night last night. the room looked outstanding. you and i were not invited. we were looking in.
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ain't happening. 11 minutes past the hour. details breaking this morning on the james comey memos as a top legal mind says he leaked classified information. watch here. >> personal thoughts and reflections are fine. if they are personal thoughts and reflections about classified information, then they are classified personal thoughts and reflections and you can't simply take them out and leak them. >> bill: stunning new details about the college professor that comey used to leak his conversations with president trump. former attorney general judge michael mukasey is here in a moment live to react to that and a lot more. >> sandra: the caravan of illegal immigrants heading for the u.s./mexico border has finally gotten there. what happens now? >> bill: an emotional day on the diamond already. the congressional baseball team taking the field since the shooting a year ago. >> this baseball field --
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paid as an unpaid special government employee for the f.b.i. during comey's tenure. mike mukasey is back here in studio with us. people are saying that comey leaked and it was illegal. if daniel richman was a part of it did he leak also? >> they're both guilty if comey gave the memos to leak richman is a participant. but the issue for me is really richman is a member of a faculty. he is on the law faculty at columbia university. i don't know whether they knew that he was a special government employee. i think that's something that a university would want to know when one of their faculty is out expressing opinions and views and so forth. >> bill: you know richman, right? used to work with him? >> bright guy, nice guy. nothing bad to say about him. >> bill: your circles crisscross everywhere. we found this picture from 2008
6:17 am
with you and president bush and bob mueller in 2008. i think there is -- i find such a crosscurrent of information that is hitting people all the time from so many various angles. take it up top a little bit for us. have you seen evidence of collusion? where are we on that argument as of today? >> as of today we're in the same place we were at when the investigation started. we know that the russians hacked various democrats and one of their functions. we know that. russians have been indicted for doing. there is no connection been made between that and any activity by the trump campaign. >> bill: you haven't seen it. >> i haven't seen it. >> bill: you've seen the comey memos as we did last week. is there a case for obstruction based on what you've seen on there? >> no. if comey felt he was put upon you would expect to find that
6:18 am
in the memos. he recounts conversations in which the president said among other things if there is anybody around me who is doing anything wrong i want you to continue that as well. so it's highly ambiguous and not an obstruction case. >> bill: so far i'm hearing you as a former attorney general for 0 for 2 on some of the biggest claims we've watched for two years. case three, the michael cohen matter in new york. what's concerning about that? >> what's concerning about that there has been a search warrant issued for his premises. which means that some judge has found that there is probable cause to believe that there is evidence of a crime to be found at those premises. what the crime is we have no idea. >> bill: okay. if that is the case, what is the legal jeopardy for the president in all three things that i have just mentioned to date? >> the legal jep ar dee for the president is something i can't perceive. mr. cohen is close to him.
6:19 am
if mr. cohen has bad information about the president or information about the president having participated in a crime with mr. cohen because if the president consulted him about a crime he can't disclose it. it is privileged. people talk about cohen flipping. what crime is he going to flip about? there has to be information about the president that is disclosed that amounts to a crime in order for that flip to mean anything. and i haven't seen any suggestion of what it might be. >> bill: i mentioned the circles are very tight among you and others from washington and new york city. rudy giuliani now works for the president. what's the significance of that hire? >> i've known rudy for 40 years. a very good friend and the one thing that i've always admired him for is the fact that he has about the most focused mind of everybody i've ever worked with. he gets to the middle of things. he is the kind of guy who sit
6:20 am
down, have a conversation which he goes to the heart of the issue with regard to the investigation of the president and tries to separate out -- separate sheep from goats and find out whether there are any sheep or goats. >> bill: ken starr said he is the best attorney for this job. because of his connections. >> he has the kind of mind perfectly suited for this. he goes to the center and doesn't stay around the periphery. >> bill: you would agree as a colleague and friend. >> i would. >> bill: is there something the president needs to worry about as you see the headlines blasted out on newspapers, websites and cable news. >> i don't know about worried about. i haven't seen anything concrete. what i would be worried about if i was the president is all these people speculating about all the information that somebody could disclose if there were information. it's kind of like the guy if we had some ham we could have some ham and eggs if we had some
6:21 am
eggs. there is nothing on either end of that. >> bill: enjoy your breakfast. good to see you. reminder to our viewers bret sits down with james comey tomorrow night at 6:00 eastern time. >> sandra: breaking news on one of the key senate races for the balance of power in the senate. republicans looking to flip democratic senator joe manchin's seat in the state of west virginia and now brand-new fox polling shows the leading contenders. we'll speak to one of them. a west virginia attorney general and senate candidate patrick morrissey. republicans celebrating in arizona with a clutch win for an open seat in the house. we'll break it all down for you coming up. >> i'm representing you and i'm representing the american people. and that's a really big honor. i am going to work hard. i will continue to work hard for you and god bless you. [applause] you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> bill: overnight republicans celebrating a big win in arizona. debbie lesko winning the special election defeating her opponent by six points. district president trump won by 20 points in 2016. he is tweeting congratulations to republican debbie lesko for the arizona house seat. she will do a great job. press is so silent. end tweet. >> sandra: all eyes are on west virginia and its senate race. the gop looks to stop the democrat's momentum by flipping joe manchin's seat to red. polling shows the lay of the land for the gop. congressman evan jenkins is the frontrunner with 24%, a big number of republican voters undecided. the race is wide open. our next guest is running four
6:26 am
points behind jenkins. attorney general patrick morrissey. thank you for being on the program this morning. how would you characterize the state of this race at the moment? >> i think the sait of the race is going very well for my campaign. thank you for having me on first of all. i think it's so important for viewers to know there is only one proven conservative running for the u.s. senate here in west virginia. as more and more voters are seeing my conservative record of taking out obama overreach. i was the that took out the obama power plan, endorsed for west virginiaians for life as more people focus on who the one proven conservative is with the results they're starting to come onto my candidacy. we have a lot of momentum and jenkins is starting to fade in the polls as people learn he is a 20 year career liberal democrat. >> sandra: how fluid the race
6:27 am
is when you look at the 24% that are undecided as far as the gop primary voters in your state. another big number for you. 41% of those gop primary voters in west virginia say they could change their mind before the may 8th primary. that is a significant number. in my opinion you can throw that into the basket of undecided because anything can change. jenkins claims he is the more conservative pick in this race. right now he is leading in the polls. he is also embracing donald trump as much as he possibly can. smart to do so obviously considering trump captured 69% of the vote in your state in 2016. what is your relationship with the president? >> well, i think i have an excellent relationship with the president and sat down next to him a few weeks ago. we've been leading a lot of the legal charges to defend the trump administration, going after unlawful sanctuary cities, going after illegal
6:28 am
amnesty. we also work with him to deconstruct a lot of the regulations that were overhanging from the obama era. so we've worked very closely with the trump white house. i have think one of the things you're seeing, look, as voters focus the last two weeks, they are going to learn who actually is the proven conservative. evan jenkins was a 20 year career democrat. supported john kerry and nancy pelosi and went to a hillary clinton rally. supported planned parenthood and drug control. he recently obtained religion on this issue. i think voters know the difference between someone with a proven, honest conservative record or someone who is a political opportunist and stands for nothing. >> sandra: let me get to the top issues that your state faces today among gop primary voters. opioid addiction tops the list, 20%. the economy is next. a close second. 19%. immigration, healthcare closely follow behind but the opioid
6:29 am
crisis, how are you tackling this with your campaign? >> a couple of things. first we're building on my record of success. in west virginia we've brought in 78 million dollars of damages from the pharmaceutical companies. in addition, recently i sued the dea because they had an utterly flawed national drug quota system that was in part responsible for spitting tens of millions of excess pills into our state and across the country. we're dramatically cutting down on the illegal opiate supply and also working hard on treatment to get people better in their head and heart. my office is also responsible for introducing education in the schools for opioid addiction. that's critical. >> sandra: top of the list for those voters and the president, donald trump, continues to see strong support in your state. 87% approval rating with the gop primary voters. thank you for coming on and we'll watch the coming days. it should be exciting to watch. thank you, sir.
6:30 am
>> thanks so much, appreciate it. >> bill: fox news channel will bring you to west virginia as we host the primary debate. a lot at stake for the balance of powers in the senate. starts at 6:30 eastern time on monday. bret and martha will doing the monitoring for you on tuesday evening. >> sandra: polling tells a huge story. 24% undecided. we'll be watching that. meanwhile the white house defending trump's pick to head the v.a.. mr. trump said it's just another example of obstruction from the democrats. south dakota senator mike rounds sits on the veterans affairs committee and joins us next. >> bill: mike pompeo expected to clear a full senate vote tomorrow. rand paul is here to explain why he changed his mind on a nominee he had staunchly opposed. >> i knew things that nobody else knew and rand paul said i'll change my vote and he voted and everybody was surprised.
6:31 am
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>> bill: president trump's attend to end daca suffering a bits of a setback in court. judge giving the department of homeland security 90 days for a better reason for ending the program or the judge said he will order the restoration of daca and allow the processing of new applicants. right now the administration only allows processing renewals. meanwhile the caravan of migrants arrived at our southern border yesterday. video taken a week ago as the group made its way through mexico. we wait to see how this group will proceed next. stand by for more on that. >> president trump: failed with mike pompeo and that was a big, big hit because they thought they could stop him. the democrats have become obstructionists. they're not good at anything else. they have bad ideas, they have bad politics. the one thing they do is obstruct.
6:35 am
>> sandra: president trump slamming democrats for scrutinizing the nomination of ronny jackson to head the v.a.. he is facing accusations of creating a hostile work environment. handing out improper prescriptions and drinking on the job. my next guest joins me now, south dakota senator mike rounds. good morning to you. these are serious allegations against ronny jackson. what are your thoughts this morning as we await what's next with all this? >> i met admiral jackson last week. had a good meeting in my office with him. we asked him questions with regard to his capabilities managing a very, very large group. we aren't going to find anybody that has a lot of experience managing 360,000 employees. so we're not going to find someone to compete in that category with him. the real issue i think in this particular case will be the allegations. they are alleged at this time. the allegations of misconduct
6:36 am
that have been brought forward and the role of our committee is to vet him in this process. we'll review the allegations. we will be specific in the questions we would ask and then we'll make a decision based upon what we believe to be the facts in the case. >> sandra: do you personally have any concerns with ronny jackson? >> i've had a very brief discussion with the chairman of the committee. he outlined what the allegations appeared to suggest. we have not seen the specifics themselves yet. so until we get a chance to actually see the specific allegations, and there are a number of them, we won't be able to make a final determination. but we do have an obligation to vet each of these individuals and this is a very, very large organization, the v.a.. we most certainly want to make sure we've done our job to vet the individuals. personally i hope mr. jackson is able to survive this challenge but nonetheless, we
6:37 am
have to do our job and we'll do it just like we would if it was a democrat or a republican administration making the nomination. >> sandra: your democratic colleague in the senate john tester went on another network and was talking about ronny jackson freely handing out prescriptions, strong allegations by your colleague. listen. >> he would actually go down the aisle and say who wants to go to sleep and wake up? >> that's the reports we got from the 20 some people who got ahold of us and said we have a problem. this doctor has a problem because he hands out prescriptions like candy. in the white house they call him the candy man. >> sandra: wanted to get your reaction to that. >> we were aware there were allegations made for dispensation of pharmaceuticals. the question we'll ask, was it appropriate or not appropriate. anecdotal information is one thing. we'll get through to the bottom line and have a good review of the interviews that have been made and then we will have to make a decision. but you don't start out by
6:38 am
assuming they are guilty. you assume you have to do your job and you have to vet each of these individuals. >> sandra: the president is standing behind ronny jackson. he said he met with him yesterday. they had a positive meeting. he described it as the white house is standing behind him saying his record as a white house physician is impeccable. he has improved unit morale, received promotions under republican and democrat presidents. one president obama and given a clean vet from the f.b.i. so we are left wondering what sort of politics are involved here. the president has used this as an opportunity to say and claim that democrats are going at him any way they can politically trying to stone wall. >> if it is politics it won't work. but if the allegations are found to be true, then it could be a very challenging nomination to move forward. >> sandra: all right.
6:39 am
something certainly that we'll continue to watch here. the white house fiercely defending him this morning. the president did appear, senator, to leave the door open to ronny jackson perhaps deciding to step away. do you see that happening at all? >> it will be up to the admiral. up to admiral jackson as to whether or not he wants to move forward. he will have to answer some pretty specific questions with some of the allegations that have been made. there are a number of them. they are specific in nature. and look, this is a job we really have to want it, have a plan in mind and be prepared to fight for it. but you also have to be able to answer when those allegations are made. >> sandra: senator mike rounds. we appreciate your time this morning. thank you very much. >> bill: sarah sanders coming up next hour. more on that. emotions running high in alexandria, virginia. the republican congressional baseball team back on the field for the first time for practice since last year's shooting and
6:40 am
the gunman. that day wounding four as well as steve scalise before the begunman was shot and killed by capitol police on the scene. team members emphasizing the importance of getting back out there. >> today is an emotional day. but it is also, as somebody pointed out, a rebirth, a renewal. we are a very strong country. >> we never got to finish the practice that we started and that's why i wore the same uniform on the field that day. it was important to show the world we won't be deterred. >> bill: the practiced had increased security presence. last year's game they all got together in uniform on the field. it was a cool moment for america to come together. steve scalise is one strong louisiana guy. >> sandra: tough to look back on the images of that day. hard to believe it was in june
6:41 am
2017. president trump addressing one of the biggest issues abroad while hosting the president of france in washington >> president trump: as far as syria is concerned, i would love to get out. i do want to come home but i want to come home also with having accomplished what we have to accomplish. >> sandra: so will the president reach agreement with his french counterpart on the way forward in syria? senator rand paul joins us next with his take. >> bill: good question there. another one. north and south korea getting ready for a monumental meeting ahead of kim's meeting with president trump. what's the latest on that? a live report from seoul coming up. they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean. number one trusted. number one awarded. it's got to be tide ♪ ♪ adapt supply chains based on trends, tweets and storms. and make adjustments on the fly.
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6:45 am
and i knew things that nobody else knew and rand paul said i'm going to change my vote. he voted and everybody was surprised. >> bill: that from changing his mind yesterday. reflections on senator rand paul supporting the cause and the pick for the secretary of state mike pompeo, the nomination moving to the full senate likely for a vote tomorrow. the kentucky senator is with me in studio. nice to see you back in new york. timely. what is going on between you two? >> i think the president is right. i'm a good guy and appreciate him acknowledging that. i think president and i do connect on a certain level. when i talk to him about foreign policy and my desire to end some of these wars and that we've been there too long he is right on there. he is go for it. that's what he is for as well. we share a vision on that. now all the particulars may not be exactly the same. i wouldn't send another soldier to afghanistan. there is no military solution there. pompeo admits that. president admits that. but they are willing to linger
6:46 am
a little longer than i would. >> bill: your conversion is a yes vote for mike pompeo. here is where i'm trying to figure out where you are and conversations are between president trump and pompeo. have they given you assurances they'll bring american troops home? >> i don't think it's specific as to a timetable or when troops are coming home. more about a vision and whether or not regime changes worked. what i heard from director pompeo. the president asked me to meet with him. what i heard from him in private we'll hear in public. regime change hasn't worked well in the middle east. iraq war was a mistake. he said that it emboldened iran and made iran stronger and led to a vacuum and chaos in the middle east when we topped hussein. we did the same thing in libya and have chaos. they say should we top el assad?
6:47 am
what do we get with we topple him? >> bill: all three of you are of the same mind that foreign intervention will no longer take place. >> i don't think we can simplify it that much. i would say that pompeo has assured me he shares the president's vision on foreign policy. that's more of a general statement. i'm for not sending another soldier. i'm not so sure the president is exactly where i am. the president says he does not want to remain in syria and said that publicly. he does not want to remain in syria for years and years. the longer you stay. people say you can't go now. there was chaos before we got there and chaos after we leave. i met a lot of our soldiers. i have good friends who were severely wounded in both the afghan and iraq war and i sincerely am trying to end these wars. i'm trying to get it over.
6:48 am
i will draw attention -- i was able to draw attention to this. it got the president and i communicating about war and communicating with pompeo about war in a way that wouldn't have been happened had i not resisted. i don't think we would have gotten the conversation to this level. >> bill: we're watching this i'll call it a summit, okay, at the white house between macron and president trump wrapping up today. we'll see where they are with regard to syria and iran down the road. we're also about to see what happens with regard to another nominee that appears to be -- i don't know if it's on loose or rocky ground and whether or not ronny jackson will continue to be the nominee put forward to be the next v.a.. from one physician to another what do you say about the allegations that have come to light over the past 24 hours? >> it's one of those things it sounds like gossip to me now. i don't know yet what to believe and what not to believe. it will take longer for me to understand that situation. i haven't looked into it
6:49 am
personally. people will make accusations and say bill hemmer yells at people at work. i wouldn't take their word for it. i would ask people and have to get through it to see if it's a real problem. i see all the staff saying that's not the bill we know. if there was something like that, an accusation. >> bill: manchin said show me the evidence. right now it's a swirl of allegations. is that where you are? >> i'm open to his nomination. the president picked him. i try to give some consideration to what the president wants. >> bill: on a bigger level do you think democrats have been hugely successful in putting a thumb in the eye of this administration whenever they put someone forward in congress? >> to me it matters what you are arguing about. i hope the cause was clear that my cause is the afghan war has gone on too long and need to bring it to a close. so i don't know if the democrats were able to draw their opposition to be partisan or whether they were actually in it because of a cause. >> bill: at that point had
6:50 am
republicans fought back effectively? >> the president has gotten most of what he wants. a lot of nominees are dragging. he has probably a third less than any other president at this point. so there is a lot of resistance. what the democrats are doing which i think is petty partisanship is they're blocking and filibustering people they voted for. >> bill: exactly right about that when he went up for c.i.a. director. nice to have you in person. i'll let the president know you are a good guy. or so you say. senator, thank you. >> sandra: bill is not so bad to work with. all right. we've got new details coming in on a shooting overnight. two officers critically wounded in dallas sparking a massive manhunt. the latest on their condition. new details on the toronto fan attack suspect. what he was saying on social media just before mowing pedestrians down on the sidewalk.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
to move california forward, we need to help more californians get ahead. that's why antonio villaraigosa brought republicans and democrats together to balance the state budget with a budget reserve, while investing in local schools and career training. as mayor of la, he put more police on the streets and reduced violent crime by nearly 50%. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
6:54 am
they've come out fighting and they've brought someone into custody that we are very, very proud of them. a lot of people worked very hard. >> bill: all three victims are undergoing surgery and conditions aren't known at this time.
6:55 am
>> sandra: meanwhile fox news is learning that moments before the suspect in toronto began his attack, he took to facebook praising a man who went on a shooting rampage back in 2014 and expressing anger towards women. molly line is following this story for us and line in toronto this morning. >> good morning. we have a slow rain falling now in the city. this diverse sitting beginning to come to grips with what has happened here. the memorial is growing. messages of love and support in many languages. it is located just off of yonge street, where the attack occurred. monday afternoon the suspect identified as 25-year-old alek minassian used his van to careen down the street. it's reopened the traffic now. 16 long blocks. one of the city's busiest street. he is charged with 10 counts of
6:56 am
first degree murder and a dozen attempted murder. his shocked father looked on. investigators have yet to reveal their theory as why he rented a van and mowed down innocent people. the majority of the victims were women and also confirming they're looking at his cell phone and cryptic post to social media before the massacre on yonge street posted under his name praised the california mass killer elliott roger who claimed six lives in a shooting and stabbing spree in 2014 inspired by his hatred of women for rejecting him proper man particularly. minassian adent filed himself as part of the incell rebellion. a vigil is planned for sunday night. >> bill: french president macron set to address a joint
6:57 am
meeting of congress after a three-day visit in washington sarah sanders stops by to talk live about the importance of this trip and have any minds changed on syria, iran and so forthcoming up right after this. experience a blend of refined craftsmanship... ...and raw power, engineered to take the crown. presenting the all-new lexus ls 500 and ls 500h. experience amazing, at your lexus dealer.
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>> sandra: a fox news alert. we're awaiting french president emmanuel mcron's address before a joint meeting of congress as he wraps up his three-day state visit. the first ever hosted by president donald trump. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. good morning. >> bill: handshakes and air kisses. >> sandra: a lot of them. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. macron and president trump praising each other in a strong bond during days of meetings and talks about pressing international threats. here is one of them. >> president trump: mr. president, they're all saying what a great relationship we have. it is great to be with you and you are a special friend. we do have a very special relationship. in fact, i'll get that little piece of dandruff off. we have to make him perfect. he is perfect.
7:01 am
>> bill: macron's remarks coming ahead of an historic summit between north korea and south korea. they're expected to meet on friday. all that coming up this week. >> sandra: fox team coverage. greg palkot is live in seoul, south korea. first chief congressional correspondent is live on capitol hill where president macron is expected to speak in about a half hour. what is expected? >> it comes after several days of meetings between president trump and president macron of france where they discussed a wide range of issues, part of it has been the french leader trying to sell the u.s. president on the merits of the iran nuclear deal. late last night macron made reference to the special relationship between these long-time allies. >> we decided to work together for both our countries and also
7:02 am
because this is about something that goes beyond us. this is all the reason why our military took legitimate action a few days ago. >> that reference to the joint military response to the chemical weapons used by the syrian regime against their people. sandra. >> sandra: what have we heard about relations between washington and paris? >> they seem to be particularly close especially when you look at the body language between president trump and president macron. they seem to get along very well. seem to be very well connected and macron made reference last night to the relationship he enjoys with president trump saying they listen to one another and feel comfortable speaking freely to one another on a wide range of issues. it is not easy to change either one's mind but there is mutual respect there and so bottom line we expect president macron to make reference in front of the united states congress to the long history between washington and paris and shared interests going forward, sandra. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: as our european allies
7:03 am
meet with president trump at home. overseas preparations are underway. this for friday's landmark summit between south korea president and the north korean dictator. president trump raising eyebrows yesterday with the following comment, not rocket man but about kim jong-un being honorable. >> president trump: kim jong-un has really been very open and i think very honorable from everything we're seeing. we'll see where that all goes. maybe it will be wonderful and maybe it won't. >> bill: correspondent greg palkot live in seoul, south korea. you've been there a lot reporting lately. how important is this summit between the two koreas? let's start there. >> very, very important, bill. we have to see this summit on friday as a crucial warm-up to the planned summit between president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un. officials here have been
7:04 am
planning logistics for weeks now for the dmz meeting between kim and the south korea president moon. i've been told by his office these talks will go well into the night friday night korea time. the first time that these two leaders have met face-to-face in years. two different countries, first time the north korean leader has set foot on the south soil since the korean war. getting kim to commit to some form of denuclearization in this talk would be crucial. also beginning talks about coming up with some kind of a peace treaty to end the korean war, which is believe it or not still been going on for 68 years. that's another goal. again, just starting towards those points. nothing final from this summit we believe, bill. >> bill: very interesting. how would they characterize the role president trump has played in getting talks along this far, greg?
7:05 am
>> we've been speaking to a lot of people here, bill. that role is significant. you have to look at what south korean president moon has been doing. he has been talking about talks from the very beginning. also after firing off all those missiles and setting off all those nukes north koreaan leader kim speaking dovish a bit as well. listen to what long-time observer mike breen says about trump's importance. take a listen. >> no previous american president has issued a credible military threat to north korea. >> and he did. >> he did. >> secondly, he is the first american president willing to sit down and talk with the north korean leadership. >> and one more element that breen notes, bill. also the maximum pressure, the sanctions that's hurting the north as well. one last pro viso.
7:06 am
on the campaign trail he said i'll sit down with kim and he can talk. the odds might only about 10% for a successful talk. at least some experts i talk to here say those odds might be right. >> bill: good reporting in seoul, south korea. >> sandra: let's bring in marc thiessen and good morning to you. let's start first with the north korea summit kim jong-un, moon preparing for this friday. it's a big moment. what do you see coming out of this? >> i don't know what i'll see coming out of it. both sides have incentive for it to be successful because they want the summit with president trump to take place. they have an incentive to come to an agreement and at least good optics. i think it's right that this is a direct result of president
7:07 am
trump's policy. he indeed has delivered a credible military threat to north korea which has gotten their attention. he has put maximum pressure on them economically but combined it with the offer of diplomacy. we have the hammer and the open hand and is giving north korea the option which it wants. it seems to be choosing the open hand for now. we'll see how it goes. >> sandra: all this as we await macron to address congress. the eighth french president to address congress. this is quite a moment after a three-day visit with our president. what do you expect in a few minutes when we are going to hear from him? >> i never thought i would see the day where our greatest ally in europe was france. he used the opening montage president trump using -- referring to the special relationship. that was a phrase that was only reserved for the british. here he is the president of the
7:08 am
united states using it to refer to france. i'm old enough to remember back in 2003 when congress renamed french prize freedom prize and now you have the president of france and donald trump air kissing on the south lawn of the white house. it is quite a stunning transformation. >> sandra: what do you think about that? we were joking about the bromance going on. macron talked about his personal relationship with the president excellent. you wonder after three days of meeting with the president and big discussions on pressing foreign policy matters what sort of influence macron has with our president. >> a lesson for people in washington and other world leaders around the world. amazing what you get accomplished when you don't treat donald trump with contempt. macron has acknowledged he is the president of the united states and somebody he wants to work with. they have some substantive disagreements but you've got people here in washington who
7:09 am
have decided that they are the resistance whose job is to stop donald trump from doing and accomplishing anything. on the world stage you have people who have taken that same position and here is macron, who has real substantive disagreements with the trump administration on certain issues but donald trump is willing to meet and talk with him and maybe compromise on some of those things because he treats him with respect. he is deserving of respect regardless of what you think of his character or his particular policies, he is president of the united states. maybe chuck schumer ought to take a lesson from macron and start treating the president of the united states with the dignity his office deserves. >> sandra: the op-ed you published making the case for why ronny jackson may be the right guy for the v.a. as the house defends him. whether jackson withdraws his nomination or stays and fights this much is clear. we've tried management gurus
7:10 am
and it didn't work. they need a leader, not a manager, veterans affairs is bleeding out and needs a combat medic stat. your thoughts. >> absolutely. look, one of the criticisms of ronny jackson we've been hearing he doesn't have management experience. you know, we have had people with management experience running the v.a. for the last eight years. shulkin was a hospital manager. his predecessor was the ceo of procter & gamble and look at the disaster the v.a. has been under these people. patients are dying because of wait times in clinics around the country. i have a case of a guy in colorado who tried to commit suicide and went to the v.a. and told he had to wait six months to see a therapist under the management geniuses running the v.a.. ronny jackson is not a management genius. i'm sure he can surround himself with managers who can help him manage the v.a.. he have is a combat medic.
7:11 am
he was serving in a forward-deployed trauma unit in iraq. the guy standing there in a field when a helicopter was landing with severely wounded soldier blown up by an i.e.d. and he took him in the operating room, was covered in his blood as he tried to save this guy's life. there has never been a v.a. nominee who understands what our iraq and afghanistan veterans have gone through and the trauma they experienced and a they need for their transition than ronny jackson. that's the kind of attitude and experience that we need in a v.a. secretary. he can find managers to help him. we need urgency of fixing the v.a. to make sure we don't have people who served us in iraq and afghanistan and are suicidal because of ptsd and get told you have to wait six months to see a therapist. it's unacceptable. >> sandra: the white house is defending him. we'll see where it goes. >> bill: in a moment we go to the white house and bring in sarah sanders, the list is long for topics today live from the
7:12 am
north lawn. do not miss that in nine minutes on "america's newsroom." >> sandra: what a day, what a week. a lot going on. meanwhile, the first ever state visit hosted by president trump is about to conclude. we expect macron will make his case for keeping troops in syria and staying in the iran nuclear deal at laoeflt for -- least for now. >> president trump: if iran -- >> bill: calling out tehran. is the nuclear deal about to change? senator john barrasso is here to answer that question live next. this is the ocean. just listen. (vo) there's so much we want to show her.
7:13 am
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7:16 am your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. >> bill: from the state of maine. moments ago a sheriff's deputy killed in the line of duty. the suspect still said to be at large. this in somerset county. suspect considered armed and dangerous in maine. described as 29-year-old john williams of madison. they showed a picture of him a moment ago. 5'6", 120 pounds. brown hair, blue eyes, ponytail. he apparently shot the corporal and then stole the police cruiser, was seen driving that cruiser near the town of norwich. police briefing us a moment ago there from the northeast.
7:17 am
>> president trump: it was a terrible deal. should have never, ever been made. we could have made a good or reasonable deal. the iran deal was a terrible deal. we played $150 billion and gave 1.8 billion in cash, that's actual cash. barrels of cash. >> sandra: president trump slamming president obama's iran nuclear deal but opening the door for possible negotiations on better terms. all this as president macron wraps up his state visit here. joining me now wyoming senator john barrasso. he sits on the foreign relations committee and joins us now. thank you for being here. a big decision looms with the deadline may 12 quickly approaching. the president seemed to indicate some sort of shift may be coming with the iran deal. he even hinted macron knows what that is. >> i think the president is right. it was a terrible deal. iran with a nuclear weapon makes the world less safe, secure and less stable.
7:18 am
they have been enriched and empowered by the deal and using the money to sponsor terrorism. they are continuing to develop ballistic missiles. i think the president is absolutely right. we have to either fundamentally change the deal or get out of it. >> sandra: the president issued a stern warning to iran yesterday in that meeting. listen. >> president trump: they will have bigger problems they have ever had before. if iran threatens us in any way they will pay a price that few countries have ever paid. >> sandra: he mentioned there will be a big price to pay. >> the old story teddy roosevelt used to be speak softly and carry a big stick. president trump speaks clearly and carries a big stick. we have the capacity to do the kind of things against iran and the president is committed to use it if necessary. we don't want that to happen. it is why we need to get secretary of state confirmed with mike pompeo. in terms of the french
7:19 am
president being here just remember, sandra, it was the french who were wanting to be tougher in the iran deal than john kerry and president obama in the last administration. the french were asking for much more but the united states relented and asked a lot less. so i agree the president of the united states, president trump and the president of france working together to get a much tougher deal. >> sandra: is it fair to say there is division within your own party over how to proceed with the iran deal? >> we're unified in the fact it was a bad deal to begin with. the question is given the bad hand we've been dealt, what do you do now? we don't want iran to develop nuclear weapons and the testing to continue with the ballistic missiles. we know they are sponsoring terrorism. we're unified on that. the question is how to move forward. my recommendation to the president if we can't get a much better deal it's time to get out. >> sandra: senator rand paul says i think it's a bad idea to
7:20 am
get out of the deal now. a multi-lateral deal and the reasons sanctions work against iran is because we were unified in negotiating the deal. so we're all left wondering as well as we're about to hear from the french president macron sort of what his thinking is after meeting with the president for several days. we know that he went into this, you know, with his exact feelings of how to proceed. how do you think macron influenced the president the past few days? >> it should have been a tougher deal to begin with. germany, chancellor merkel will be here this weekend to talk to the president about it. we're right in that we are better when we are unified. it is up to president trump to lead. he is leading with strength and determination and i think we'll get to a good place but we aren't there now because of the deal that has been set which gave iran immunity to do the sorts of things we never wanted them to do and they're doing on
7:21 am
their path to a nuclear weapon. they've been empowered by the last agreement and we need to stop that. >> sandra: we'll hear from the french leader in a few moments and see what he has to say about all this. thank you for your time this morning. >> bill: members of the house and senate gathering inside the capitol for an address by the french president moments away and so is this. white house press secretary sarah sanders is live next. i had frequent heartburn, but my doctor recommended...
7:22 am
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7:25 am
been able to do. but with that being said, i do want to come home but i want to come home also with having accomplished what we have to accomplish. >> bill: two major topics right there in that comment from yesterday as the president talks we await the french president emmanuel macron. they are praising their strong relationship. they still appear to differ on some of these major issues iran, syria. we're joined by white house press secretary sarah sanders. good morning to you. how was the dinner last night? >> it was spectacular. the first lady could not have done a more amazing job. she played a big role and had a hand in every single detail. and thank goodness she did. it was done to absolute perfection. and i don't think it could have gone any better. everybody seemed to have a
7:26 am
great time and it was a great testament to the friendship the president, president trump has with president macron and the relationship that we have with france, one of our oldest allies. >> bill: everything looked beautiful. congratulations on that front. let's get to the meat. on iran. is the president ready to rework this deal or scrap it, sarah? >> look, i won't get ahead of the president's announcement. as he said yesterday, we'll see what happens. but the president has been very clear that he thinks this deal has not been a good deal from the very beginning. he has been very outspoken about that. that has not changed. he wants to see a good deal made and we'll see if that's possible. but right now i'm not going to get ahead of the president. any decision he may or may not make. he wants to make sure we are doing things that look at the safety and security of our country and helped contain iran, help contain weapons of mass destruction in a big way and that's what you'll see
7:27 am
reflected. >> bill: may 12th the deadline for him. did the french president convince the president to keep troops in syria. >> the goal as we've said all along is to defeat isis. we'll continue pushing forward on that front. they've completely decimated the majority of isis in that part of the world. we want to continue to do that. the president wants to make sure that is taken care of but also wants our allies and partners in the region to step up and do more both militarily and financially and expects that to happen. as that happens he wants to bring american troops home. that's always been his goal but make sure the mission is completed. >> bill: the grounds may be shifting a little bit. let's wait for the decision. ronny jackson. is he going to see through this nomination to the point where he sits before a senate hearing? >> as the president said
7:28 am
yesterday, he thinks doctor jackson is a phenomenal guy and similar comments and statement that president obama has made about dr. jackson in the past. this is a person who has received praise from two different presidents, two different parties over the course of a significant amount of time. two people that have spent a lot of time with dr. jackson. he wants to have a chance to answer some of those questions and we're going to continue moving forward in this process at this point. >> bill: no change as of this hour is what i hear. >> look, the president kind of left that up to dr. jackson to make that determination. at this point as the president said yesterday he is a great man. he hates to see him go through this process. it's part of the reason i think most americans hate washington washington has become so broken that they focus so much on destroying people they aren't even talking about his qualifications to run the v.a.. they're talking about personal
7:29 am
character assassination. we've seen it time and time again. and i think that we really need to look at the way the process is handled. they did this with director pompeo. somebody who is incredibly qualified, should have been moved forward much quicker and frankly with a lot more bipartisan support. you have one of the most uniquely qualified individuals that's coming in to take on the role of secretary of state. somebody who they unanimously supported in previous positions and they play political games. one of the big reasons americans are so frustrated with washington >> bill: you're right about pompeo from 15 months ago. are democrats guilty of being effective blockers or is the white house guilty of not being effective veters? >> i think you have to look back at how history has operated in the past. you had votes for people like john kerry. when you have people that are voting for john kerry both republicans and democrats yet
7:30 am
they question mike pompeo there is something broken in the system. that this isn't just about president trump but it is about political politics of the worst kind. i think it is something that needs to be fixed and i think it certainly one of the reasons that president trump was elected was because they wanted to see him drain the swamp and hopefully he can have greater impact on that over the next couple years. >> bill: we're pushed for time. macron may interrupt us. one more topic. the vote in arizona last night. the republican won by single digits. the final count was six points. the same district president trump won by 21 points in 2016. why was the race now so close? >> no offense to this candidate. she is not donald trump. that was a different election. i don't think you can compare those two. i think the big story here is a republican won. it doesn't matter whether you win by 25 points or 2 points. a win is a win and she will be in congress and the democrat not. i think there is plenty of
7:31 am
enthusiasm and plenty of support for republicans moving into the mid-terms. the reason why is because we've actually gotten some really big things done. you look at the last year and a half under president trump's leadership. the economy is booming. the judiciary is being remade. isis is on the run. the economy is at the strongest point we've seen in a long time. unemployment is down in sectors that we haven't seen before whether it's hispanics and african-americans. >> bill: i get the message. we'll get interrupted here. thank you for being here today and hope you come back. thank you. >> sandra: french president macron addressing a joint meeting of congress. his speech is about to get underway shortly. speaker of the house paul ryan a short time ago called the house to order. the speaker of the house and vice president mike pence are in attendance now. they are going to appoint
7:32 am
members from their respective chambers to be the escort committee for his excellency for president macron. 10:30 was the expected time that we would have the announcement of the french president to begin his speech. they're running a couple minutes behind here. the president of france will deliver his speech in english. just a few moments from now after a three-day state visit. the first of donald trump's presidency. it will be quite a moment to hear what the leader of france has to say before he departs back to france. >> bill: how sergeant at all paul irving is about to announce the french president. i saw some of sarah sanders' answers were interesting. syria and our u.s. involvement there negotiations still to be had. iran i believe now until we hear from the president there is negotiating room on that as well. i'm not so certain of the fate
7:33 am
of ronny jackson. the president has clearly left it in his lap to make a decision how he wants to proceed. >> sandra: important to point out this is a joint meeting of congress. this is the house and senate meeting together to receive a foreign leader. in this case the president of france. and when emmanuel macron enters the room an escort committee will lead him into the chamber. he will shake hands with members on the center aisle on his way to deliver the big speech that we await a few minutes from now. >> bill: with us now tom rogan and brad blakeman. marc thiessen is back with us as well. tom, start and reflect on what has happened over the past three days at the white house. >> i think the first thing very obviously is that you have seen the development of the relationship between president macron and president trump move
7:34 am
from a constructive friendly partnership to an obvious friendship. the best evidence for that is not the dandruff or kiss incident. as they walked off the stage president macron visibly put his hand over president trump's shoulder walking away. it signifies friendship because president macron well knows president trump is not popular in france and so to do that and also to show this negotiating space on the iran deal there is a clear evidence there you don't do that stuff unless there is a genuine relationship. i think it's striking. >> bill: brad, where are you on that? what do you think now? >> i think president macron has two audiences today. one is the people of france, the other one is donald trump. there cannot be any daylight between the two. yet i think that donald trump has played a good cop bad cop role with some of our most vicious adversaries to his benefit. look what it's brought on with south korea and the united states and north korea. the hope is great. the same thing with our ally
7:35 am
france and the united states and iran. i think that with donald trump's tough stance, modified by some of our allies we'll be able to make significant real change that will not only be beneficial to america but also to our all aisles -- allies in the world. >> bill: marc, hang on. we'll squeeze in a quick commercial. you are up next. before the introduction a quick commercial. back here in a moment.
7:36 am
7:37 am
7:38 am
>> sandra: any moment now we await the french president emmanuel macron to address a joint meeting of congress. this is day three of his big meeting with the president. several days of meetings. lots of discussions on foreign policy issues. so this is a highly anticipated speech many tom rogan, brad blakeman and marc thiessen are
7:39 am
with us. marc, we'll hear from the french president what he was able to conclude after meeting with president trump for several days. >> absolutely. it's a very big moment for the president of france and a big moment for donald trump. we've been talking about all the gesture, air kisses, the hand over the shoulder and all the rest. it seems there is a substantive real friendship there. now that has to be followed by some sort of substance. macron just delivered for donald trump. france was one of two countries who sent combat pilots into battle with us for the strikes against syria. trump has to deliver something for macron. macron comes here and has the whole show but he comes away with nothing on any of the major issues he is raising it will be a problem. he wants -- we're about to impose aluminum and steel tariffs on france that he is asking for an exemption for the european union. if he doesn't get that it will be a blow back home.
7:40 am
he is pushing donald trump to stay in syria. if we continue with a quick withdrawal of u.s. forces from syria it will be a blow to macron. he is trying to help -- he is agreeing with the iran deal by president trump. he said we'll need a new iran deal to fix the holes. trump needs to work with him on that and give him space to lead on that or else if he -- if macron walks away from the united states with nothing on the three major topics he will be ridiculed back home with his embrace of donald trump. >> sandra: speaker of the house paul ryan called the house to order. a joint meeting of congress that the president of france will be addressing. escort committee is expected to lead the french president into the chamber shortly and shake hands with members as he walks in. as you can see members of congress are rising to their feet now and we'll keep our eye on this.
7:41 am
tom, if i could get you to weigh in and respond to what marc said setting up for action. are we going to hear any big changes from the french president? >> no, i think you will hear a thanks for the united states for its role in nato. you will hear thanks at the united states in the role of crushing isis and a reference to the november 2015 paris attacks. but i think macron will come out of this with wins ultimately. he will get those tariffs waived for the european union. the united states will stay in syria for the foreseeable future. i think trump will withdraw from the nuclear deal and negotiate another deal. what macron will get a commitment not to sanction e.u. multi-national corporations that decide to do business in iran after the united states leaves the deal. it's critical. ultimately that means the french economy is insulated from an american withdrawal and
7:42 am
probably the iranians say in the agreement without freaking out. >> bill: what about the comment from the president from iran. they'll have bigger problems they've ever had before. how did you take that, brad? >> i took that the president is playing the bad cop. we're willing to do what is necessary to protect our country. president trump is not president obama. he has made that clear. he is a man of action and principle. tempered with our allies we'll renegotiate a deal in the best interests of the united states and region. >> bill: marc, you take this one. north korea is listening to the same message. >> right. yeah. very important what donald trump does when it comes to iran when it comes to north korea. he is stronger going into these negotiations if he is convinced by the europeans to endorse this bad deal. the iran deal is exactly what north korea wants.
7:43 am
they want a really weak deal with weak inspections, sunset clauses and all sorts of loopholes in it. trump won't give them that. is his hand strengthened going into these negotiations by staying in the iran deal or can he come out of this with europe united with him in closing up the loopholes and pushing iran towards that, then he gets strengthened going into the negotiations with north korea. >> bill: the thing i think, tom, for those who voted for the president a year and a half ago when they hear him drop that phrase, pallets of cash, that brings home. to a lot of people they don't understand that. how you can give this regime euros and not american dollars. it seems like a deal done under the table. >> it clear was. there are strategic implications that the obama administration played down in
7:44 am
terms where the money was going. one of the things trump can unify the american notion this is a bad deal with a functional iran policy going forward is to pressure the iranian regime with any new agreement or pressure the europeans with any post american withdrawal to make sure that more of the money goes to the iranian people. a great way to do that would be to publicize intelligence especially on big transfers of money to the iranian revolutionary guards to show everyone in the world they say the islamic public of iran is about the emancipation of the masses but it is going to a theological project based on violence and authoritarianism and the young people in iran are left to rot in an economy similar to venezuela. >> sandra: keeping military presence in syria, this was
7:45 am
obviously a big issue the two discussed during these days as well. >> sure, absolutely. i think events have strengthened macron's hand in that and convinced donald trump a quick withdrawal would be a mistake. it was only a week after trump made those comments that syria came out and used chemical weapons and violated his red line and thumbed their nose at donald trump and he responded forcefully. a reminder to the president and strengthened macron's case we need to stay engaged. if we don't stay engaged in syria the regime will unleash atrocities like we've never seen to create a massive refugee crisis that dwarfs the one that existed before. iran will be strengthened. they'll put more troops and fill in the vacuum of an american withdrawal. these are things we don't want to see happening. so i think what the president understands now is we need to come up with some sort of -- we can draw down some of our
7:46 am
forces if we can draw in more gulf countries and other forces and spread the burden and especially the financial burden. america needs to lead and stay engaged in syria without a doubt. >> sandra: for anybody tuning in right now the joint meeting of congress, the speaker of the house is called into session. mike pence, the vice president standing next to the speaker. we are awaiting the french president, emmanuel macron to address congress in what is a big moment for the country and for the country of france as well. >> bill: paul ryan put out a picture with macron meeting in his office there saying our republics must always stand together. today's joint meeting is another step strengthening the historic alliance further. president trump said this to emmanuel macron, it is an honor to call you my friend. the handshakes were abundant.
7:47 am
we'll see the french president in a moment here live in the capitol. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, >> bill: macron comes out as soon as we go to commercial break. president trump saying he will
7:48 am
be an historic leader in france. they're separated in age but not personality. >> sandra: the joking moment yesterday when they sat down in the oval office and the president brushed off a little something on the french president's jacket and said i want him to look perfect because the president said he is perfect. if that isn't a good description of how this relationship has formed and has been described as quite a warm friendship and the french president himself said that he has an excellent personal relationship with donald trump. >> bill: looked like a remarkable night last night at the white house with the reception and inside the white house for a dinner. beautiful room. brad, reflect a moment how the president can use flattery at times and his relationship with macron has developed and you think about his visit to france last july for bastille day gave president trump to have our own military parade we believe that will happen in november.
7:49 am
when president trump says it's an honor to call you my friend. >> no greater honor the president can bestow upon our nation and our country can than a state visit. every state visit has deliverables. before they are accepted there is negotiation as to what they can expect to leave the country with. some will be announced today and some nft future. macron will return to france with a successful visit. something he can applaud back home. the president is going to also be able to tell the american people that not only our alliance with france is strong, it is stronger because of this visit. english friend of mine called me kind of jealous and said you know but for the french you americans would be speaking english. and that's true. >> bill: marc and tom, when you think about foreign leaders watching this trip. macron jumped on the opportunity. smart move. >> yeah, very smart move. not just foreign leaders
7:50 am
watching this trip. chuck schumer should be watching this trip and nancy pelosi should be watching this trip. he is down here in congress who claim to be the resistance. macron is treating donald trump with respect and treating the president of the united states with the respect and dignity that his office requires and getting things done and developing a relationship. wouldn't it be amazing if democrats like chuck schumer and nancy pelosi acted more like emmanuel mcron, substantive differences with the president but don't allow the differences to become contempt and stop the two people from working together to accomplish things for the world. i would love to see democrats take that model and try to accomplish things with the american people with donald trump except treating him with utter contempt. >> bill: a bit of a delay there. we're ready for the moment. >> sandra: he is still accepting the applause. he walked into the room with
7:51 am
nancy pelosi at his side among others. the president of the french republic addressing a joint meeting of congress. >> i present to you his excellency emmanuel macron, the president of the french republic. [cheering and applause] >> mr. speaker, mr. vice president, honorable members of the united states congress,
7:52 am
ladies and gentlemen, it is an honor for france, for the french people and for me to be received in this sanctuary of democracy where so much of the history of the united states has been written. we are surrounded today with portraits and symbols which remind us that france has participated with heart and hand in the story of this great nation. from the very beginning. [applause] we have fought shoulder to shoulder many battles starting
7:53 am
with those that gave birth to the united states of america. since then, we have shared a common vision for humanity. our two nations are rooted in the same soil, grounded in the same ideals of the american and french revolutions. we have worked together for the universal ideals of liberty, tolerance, and equal rights. and yet this is -- in 1778 the french vol tear and benjamin franklin met in paris. john adams tells the story after they had shaken hands they embraced by hugging one another in their arms and kissing each other's cheeks. can remind you of something.
7:54 am
[laughter] [applause] and this morning i stand under the protective gaze of lafayette right behind me. as a brave young man he fought alongside george washington and forged a tight relationship fueled by respect and affection. lafayette used to call himself the son of the united states and in 1792 george washington became the son of america and france when our first republic awarded citizenship to him. [applause] here we stand in your beautiful
7:55 am
capital city whose plans were conceived by a french architect. the miracle of the relationship between the united states and france is that we have never lost the special bond deeply rooted not only in our history, but also in our flesh. this is why i invited president donald trump for the first bastille day parade of my presidency on the 14th of july last year. today president trump's decision to offer france his first state visit to washington has a particular resonance because it represents the continuing of our shared history. and let me thank your president and the first lady for this wonderful invitation to my wife and myself.
7:56 am
[applause] i am so very grateful and i would like to they you, ladies and gentlemen, for welcoming me on this occasion. and i would like to especially thank you, mr. speaker, for your invitation. i want you to know how much i appreciate this unique gesture. thank you, sir. [applause] the strength of our bounds is the thoughts of our shared ideals. this is what united us in the first world war. and then in the second world
7:57 am
war. this is what united us again during the era of the stalinist threats and now again during the terrorist groups. let us for a moment transport ourselves to the past. imagine this is july 4, 1916. back then the united states had not entered world war i. yet, a young american poet enlisted in the ranks of our foreign legion because he loved france and he loved the cause of freedom. this young american would fight and die on independence day not
7:58 am
far from my own town having written these words. "i have a rendezvous with death." the name of this young american was alan seger. the statue stands in his honor in paris. [applause] since 1776, we, the american and french people, have had a rendezvous with freedom. with it comes sacrifices. that is why we are very honored by the presence today of robert jackson a world war ii veteran. robert took part in the d-day landing. he fought for our freedom 74 years ago.
7:59 am
sir, on behalf of france, thank you. i bow to your courage and your devotion. [applause] in recent years, our nations have suffered wrenching losses because of our values and our taste for freedom. because these values are the very ones those terrorists precisely hate. tragically on september 11, 2001, many americans had an
8:00 am
unexpected rendezvous with death. over the last five years, my country and europe also experienced several terrorist attacks. and we shall never forget. the resilience of our people in the aftermath. it is a horrific price to pay for freedom, for democracy. that's why we stand together in syria today to fight together against these terrorist groups that seek to destroy everything for which we stand. we have encountered countless rendezvouses with death because we have this constant attachment to freedom and democracy. [applause]


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