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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 1, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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is it because you're on your phone on the time that i'm working? i work 24/7. you agree, right? 's because thanks for joining us today. >> will see you tomorrow, "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: president trump today is presenting the commander-in-chief's trophy to the u.s. military academy football team. you can see that event kicking off right now. this is the army-navy game and he's got west point there behind him, happened in december. the west point army side 114-3 so has them by today in order to get the trophy. let's listen in. >> president trump: very special, very special place. today is a day of celebration. >> melissa: there you go. now fox news has obtained a full list of questions that special counsel robert mueller reportedly wants to ask the president of the united states. president trump reacting this
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morning to waiting that's it's disgraceful the questions were leaked to the media and claiming the questions show that mueller's team looking into a phony made up crime. in case you haven't guessed, this is "outnumbered." i am melissa francis. here today is a town hall editor and fox news contributor katie pavlich katie pavlich. a republican strategist and fox news contributor lisa boothe british democratic strategist and fox news contributor jessica tarlov. and joining us on the couch today, from a utah congressman, fox news contributor jason chaffetz. he is "outnumbered." there you go. you've got a big cheer there from across the couch. that was from jessica. maybe not. >> jason: so far, i like this part of the couch better. we got it. let's dig in. president trump is reacting to the leak of dozens of questions of special counsel robert mueller apparently wants to ask him. if fox news has obtained those questions after fox news first
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reported them on this morning. if the questions were reportedly read to the president's team in march. if the president tweeting "oh disgraceful to the questions concerning their russian leaked to the media. no questions on collusion. i see. if you have a made up a phony crime, collusion that never existed and the investigation begun with a legally leaked classified information. nice!" the majority of the questions relate to possible obstruction of justice and several more focus on possible coordination between the trump campaign in russia. kevin corke is light live at te white house. kick it off. >> i love the way you read that tweet. oh, i see. good stuff. obviously very interesting list obtained here by fox news. it really doesn't sort of lay out the special counsel strategy here for the bare minimum, it appears to try to build this idea of a possible obstruction case against the president.
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i just want to share part of the list that we have been able to obtain here at fox news thanks to my colleague john roberts and others who have been working on the story. what did you know about phone calls that mr. flynn made with russian ambassador sergey kislyak in late december 2016? what was the purpose of your january dinner with mr. comey and what was said? what did you do or what did you think and do regarding the quirky was all of mr. sessions and what did you think and do in reaction to the news that the appointment of the special counsel? inquiring minds want to know. if you are a lawyer, you can probably navigate those queries unscathed but white house officials quite frankly are concerned and i think rightly s so. notoriously off-the-cuff speaker like the president could walk right into a perjury trap. while the special counsel probe continues to roll on, the president does appear to have had enough at least on twitter my said this. it would seem very hard to obstruct justice for a crime that never happened.
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witch hunt. if an investigation the white house argues that was begun by a dossier that was funded by the president's political opponents and also used as part of that as a court request for surveillance of trump operatives during the campaign and the transition. >> the overwhelming majority of those questions don't focus on the underlying premise of the special counsel which was to focus on the issue of collusion with the russian government. there's been over a year of investigation. there have been dozens of witnesses, thousands of documents, millions actually of pages of documents provided in zero evidence, not a shred of evidence of collusion during the trump campaign in the russian government. so we have been cooperating at the white house with this probe but we are little frustrated that the focus of it is not near where it was created to focus o on. >> principal white house deputy press secretary raj shah standing in this very spot
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earlier today on fox news making again the argument that they've been completely cooperative, although they are not saying whether or not the president at this point will answer the special counsel's questions in person. back to your paid >> melissa: a very interesting, thank you so much. let's bring it out to the couch. congressman, what do you think? >> jason: i don't think there was any probable cause to appoint a special prosecutor and i think it's pretty rich that rod rosenstein writes a memo to the president recommending that director comey be fired, the president except that, fires comey and then is questioned by the special counsel about why did he fire director comey. what a circular thing. i can see the frustration by the president. this is a huge distraction to the country and i think director is beatrice wrap this up as soon as possible. >> melissa: who do we think link to this? that's one of the most interesting question is who put these out there and why? wants to take a crack at that? >> katie: i am very skeptical
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of anything that comes out. we have a lot of good reporters doing good work. however, a couple weeks ago, the spokesperson for the special counsel in a rare public statement said there have been a lot of reports that have been false about what is happening with a special counsel, what our motives are, what our intentions are. so we do have this list of questions. i completely agree with you, they are essentially making the president justify why he made decisions as part of his job as the president of the united states and you also see again how this probe has gone from collusion allegedly to obstruction of justice and their questions about what other kind of rabbit holes are going to go down. so the force is interesting. we don't know how reporters got these questions, who was leaking them, and i think the source of the question means everything. we will have to see. >> lisa: even to that point, comey's own memos blow a hole in the obstruction of justice case because it clearly points out the fact that president trump wanted to investigate potential ties, he wanted to get the
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bottom of it. he wanted it investigated and as you pointed out, it's rod rosenstein that was when it laid out the case for firing james comey than he was the one that appointed a special counsel after james comey was fired, not to mention the fact it was james comey who leaked and lied and was the one who one of the special counsel investigation to begin with but we also know that he additionally lied about coordination with the dod as well. to be honest, i have more questions right now about the individuals who have been leading these investigations that i do about president trump. >> jessica: i don't agree. there are so many things. first of all, we are leaving out the role of george papadopoulos at all of this and that this it it it it actually kick off in the summer of june 2016. as for who leaked it, i was listening to an analyst at said the way the questions were written indicate that it was a copy, someone who is listening in on the conversation and not someone from mueller's legal team. this is what the analyst is saying that used to work with
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bob mueller. i'm just relaying that information just to raise suspicions. trump's team had said it was in his legal team but it could be someone close to his administration. wouldn't put that past someone who was working in tandem with them. so i don't know who leaked it. i think that is the most interesting question right now. within the questions, you do have obstruction of justice, you do have a couple of collusion questions at the very least. about sergey kislyak, mike flynn, about george papadopoulo papadopoulos. >> jason: has the constitutional authority to do all this. he has a constitutionally elected leader of the executive branch. >> jessica: so you're asking is of the questions had nothing to do with what the probe is actually about? that list is about three things, collusion, financial crime, and obstruction of justice and at least two of those categories are covered in those questions that have been leaked by i don't know who. >> lisa: if you think this is, does this even help the
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president? >> katie: if you look at the questions as they are written as i know them, they kind of show that this probe has gotten out of control and it is asking questions that don't require any justification from the white house with the president and it bolsters the political case the president trump should not sit down with robert mueller to ask questions. so if he refuses to sit down with robert mueller, he can say use all the questions, why would we sit down to answer questions that are relevant to what we are trying to do with the white house in terms of our policy? >> melissa: if you're talking about collusion, are you saying what is your knowledge of calls that general flynn made with sergey kislyak late december 2016, you think that leads to collusion? >> jessica: i think in building this case and investigating it, absolutely questions about what mike flynn and sergey kislyak were talking about. if that's the argument that they have made. i'm just saying this is a devoid of all questions about that. and george papadopoulos is in there, this is a kick off.
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he had dirt on clinton. >> lisa: it was also james comey who recently said in the interview when you're a year into an investigation and he basically don't know where it's going to end up, you are also incompetent. we are about to hit a year mark for the special counsel investigation. so far, you would think it some sort of extraordinary evidence that proves the case of collusion. we would know about it given the enormous amount of leaks that have taken place regarding russia and the trump team. he would think that we would know about that and back to my other point regarding the obstruction of justice charge, the comey memos that he wrote himself blow a hole into that. where are we into this investigation that it's about to hit the year mark and when is it ever going to end? to be sort of see two scenarios here. none of these questions seem damning or tough at all which says to me there are two possibilities here. either this was floated by somebody on the opposite side of president trump to lure him into coming in and sitting down because it looked like it would be relatively easy especially if
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he didn't plan some of the open-ended questions or it is someone on the trump team who uploaded them to say this is a bunch of b.s., there's nothing here, and thus the investigation is not coming. either way, i am deeply suspicious that these are even the questions at all. what do you think? >> katie: i'm very skeptical of anything that comes out of the special counsel and for the special counsel itself to be leaking the questions the press and even ahead of time to kind of blow their own case about what they should be asking. >> melissa: unless it's a decoy. >> katie: they don't really have any benefit of having these questions out in the public in advance that that what they care about with the public and sing about their investigation. robert mueller is not listening to any of us when we say wrap it up, hurry it up. >> lisa: i'm sure he's watching right now. >> katie: is going to be done today, thank you very much but i don't think it is a service to the special counsel to be
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leaking these questions. it does i think politically do a service to the president to have them out there so that everybody knows what he's up against. >> lisa: let's say it is the white house. we don't know if these questions came up in conversations between attorneys. i don't think they just came up out of thin air. >> jessica: we know there was a call in march. >> lisa: which these questions came from. >> jason: these are pretty lame questions. there are things that have nothing to do. the president was elected to do a job. for them to ask questions about was there consideration of granting a pardon to flynn, that something the president can do. >> katie: the other theme is that it talks a lot about the president's conduct, whether it be in media interviews, whether it be on twitter. >> melissa: what were you doing when you tweeted. >> katie: what were you doing when you made this comment about jeff sessions or what did you mean when you tweeted about
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james comey's of the idea that they're taking all the statements that were made publicly into consideration for this probe shows that they are obviously paying special close attention that robert mueller is being very surreal. >> lisa: would he even remember that? >> melissa: about what his job really is and that's the point that kim stossel made so brilliantly in "the wall street journal" last week when she said he needs to refocus around his constitutional power and the fact that everything he's done has been his right under the constitution and that that's the argument they should be making, not getting down into the weeds of these questions. but instead saying of course fire who he wants, of course he's ahead of the justice department. all those things are his constitutional right and democrats are trying to impugn his ability to do the job that the constitution framework says. >> jason: the core at the head of this problem is that you have an attorney general in name only. attorney general sessions is nowhere. he can't do his job, he has recused himself out of the most important thing and as long as he is in place, you've got rod
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rosenstein running the place and that is not what i think anyone thought was going to happen. >> melissa: the president of south korea saying president trump deserves a nobel peace prize for his role in bringing north korea to the negotiating table. heads would explode if that happen. this as some have said president obama received the honor for much less. so does president trump deserved the award? plus, growing concerns over whether the united states will stay in the iranian nuclear deal after the israeli prime minister presented what he calls evidence that iran lied about its nuclear program. how would it impact president trump's decision? we will debate. because they lied. they lied in order to get the deal and they're still lying. they're trying to basically have their yellowcake as i say and eat it too. patrick woke up with back pain.
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9:19 am
it is a nuclear deal with iran was premised on the fact that iran would come clean and it would admit if you had any nuclear weapons program. they didn't come clean. they lied. one deal after another. they are trying to bamboozle the entire world and i'm very glad that president trump has said enough of that. we are not going to be hoodwinked. we are not good to be taken for a ride. if we are going to have to do a serious, serious change here to make sure that iran does not have nuclear weapons. that means this deal was a terrible deal, it should have never been concluded. >> katie: supporters of the deal like the european union representative offer this defense. state of the nuclear agreement is based not on assumption of gd faith or trust, it is based on concrete commitment, verification mechanisms and a very strict monitoring done by the eia, released reports that find that iran has fully
9:20 am
complied with its commitment. it >> katie: the former secretary of state condoleezza rice says that verification process, one of the biggest problems with the nuclear agreement. >> my concern about the nuclear deal has been the verification regime. if anything, that just makes it even more clear that you can't have a verification regime that gives the iranians weeks to clean up the fight before you can go investigate. i think we pulled out now, is not going to be the disaster that everybody is talking about. i would not have signed this deal. i don't think was a very good deal. i think we're in a hurry to get a deal and we left a lot on the table. >> katie: i would not be in a hurry to have signed this deal. the first and we talk about, the incredible intelligence feet this was to go into tehran and to take out hundreds of thousands of documents and binders and physical evidence, that is just amazing that they were able to do that. >> jason: that was amazing and i think the prime minister makes a good case. i'm with condoleezza rice on this. i don't think they should have signed it and the very simple
9:21 am
basic question about verification. can inspectors get in there any place any time and go and verify it? the answer is no. so if you can't do that, then why should be allowed us to continue? and the obama administration should have never given the tens of billions. we don't even know today how many tens of billions of dollars cash on airplanes flying in the last point i'd make is if we are going to have an agreement like this, it should be structured as a treaty. make the case of the american people in the united states congress, do it right and as a treaty and not just some secret deal that john kerry and president obama did. >> katie: the israelis have breached the germans and french and the british at this point about these documents we've actually seen the movie a little bit. they are acknowledging these verification processes in the current deal are not going to fly an image is and see what the iranians are going to say when they go in there and actually inspect everywhere not just what they tell us to look.
9:22 am
>> melissa: there were two untruths that we heard president obama repeat over and over again. step back sanctions, neither of those things were even remotely true and what the iranian's have said so far in their response if you look on twitter and elsewhere is that if we pull out of this deal, they will immediately ramp up their race to nukes. that is exactly like putting a gun to her head and if we taped that, then what does that tell everyone else around the world the exact opposite of what is going on in north korea, if we say we are immediately going to go to nukes is like paying the hostage taker. you can't keep to that. if we could not stay on the deal now based on what iran does. >> katie: the officials who worked on this deal are not too happy about what has gone on. a senior obama administration official and a member of the around negotiating team said this. for those who have followed the iranian nuclear file, there is nothing new amid the presentation, all it does is indicate the need for the nuclear deal but the israeli prime minister has an audience of one.
9:23 am
it trump, and he's unfortunately unlikely to reach the same conclusion. as is really about president trump was us about the iranian's having a secret nucler program and keeping it for when it comes up? >> lisa: the latter. when we going to do anything in the obama administration says on us when they've already bragged about lying to the media into the american people about the deal it also lied about the ransom as well and the money that they have gone and with sanctions relief, they have funded terrorism around the globe and has acted even more aggressively since the deal was reached. so i'm sorry, but the obama administration has no credibility here and if you are president trump, this gives you a great out looking ahead to ma. he's already been against the deal, said it's a poorly executed deal that president obama was weak and negotiating it so this gives him an out because the basis of it is that the entire deal was built on lies. the prime minister said this morning. the deal itself was built on lies and it gives president trump a great out if you want to get out of it.
9:24 am
>> jessica: which is exactly what he wanted. so the quote was spot on. it was for an audience of one. he's already briefed the other major powers, or western european allies. president trump is a one is left to make this decision in the coming weeks. what was unable to prevent secretary of state mike pompeo was unable to say and no one has said is that they have violated the treaty. they have lied. >> melissa: they violated it twice according to the eia by having too much heavy water on hand. >> jessica: every major country that is a part of this has said that iran has not violated it. >> melissa: they did it twice. it too much heavy water, it's in the documents. >> katie: have it they essentially violated the deal by buying their way into the deal, isn't that a violation of the terms? >> jessica: i think that is unfortunately what you have to expect from a power like that and also going into the north korean negotiations, we are not going to get kim jong un to be on board about everything. there are things that are going on in countries that are run by
9:25 am
dictators and terrorists. >> jason: you have to get them to verify it. i was the chairman of the oversight committee and i have to go there. they say you can't go there. >> jessica: at the most important question here right now. how can we change this deal to make it better so we can go in and verify and what do we do if the deal goes away, what is in its place? we can all agree that iran can't just be left completely left. >> katie: a run can take hundred thousand files that they preserved their nuclear program which they claim never existed so when it's time can weather was a sunset clause or them violating the agreement, they can just restart everything. what about that? >> jessica: is extremely disturbing to me. i don't think it's okay with anybody. i think that's why the western powers decided it was better to have a deal instead of no deal. it doesn't mean it needs to be modified. but we need to know what happened in place of it. if condoleezza rice says is no
9:26 am
big deal, if it goes away, what is going to happen? will iran just get back there on the streets in a be even more than death to america? >> katie: literal because they have all the things i need to build a bomb. >> jessica: i think is an interesting question that saw this yesterday, someone asking if this is what israel says they've taken, what did they actually take, what is the full scope of this? they didn't just take this. they were able to pull that off so iran must be fighting that. >> katie: this is not over for sure but we have to move on because we're out of time. president trump stepping up against democratic senator and what you mean for the red state democrat and for the president's key issues. plus, caravan showdown. the latest is acting ice chief warns many migrants claimed may not be legit. whether it's good for the administration to take such a tough stance. >> go to a court of entry, present yourself to an officer and be processed under our law. but joining a caravan does not give you any special rights in
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>> lisa: welcome back. a fox news alert. here's a life look at tijuana, mexico, where there are new development in the showdown over a caravan of migrants at the nation's busiest border crossing. u.s. border inspectors have reportedly allowed 800 asylum-seekers to enter the country for processing after a brief standoff over lack of space. caravan organizers say about 140 others are still in mexico waiting. if acting ice director says while he is sympathetic to the migrants plight, he began the max believes many of their claims are bogus. listen. >> i think it's an attack on the sovereignty of this nation. devising some of these people have a credible fear case in some of these folks escaping fear of persecution? yes, some are but also many aren't. many are taking advantage of a
9:32 am
system with loopholes in it. i can't blame anybody for wanting to be a part of the greatest country on earth but there is a right way to do it in a wrong way to do it. there people in this world who really need to come to this country. they really are escaping fear of prosecution. because these asylum-seekers could apply for asylum in their home countries so why the caravans? >> jason: this really is offensive to me because instead of going to the local embassy and trying to go through this legal lawful way to do it as a lot of people do, they are in this caravan, they are moving north because i want to get to the united states and they know if they claim asylum, they make at their lottery card by saying we are going to give you a hearing. unfortunately, there are so few judges the democrats have blocked the funding for the judges. in arizona at one point, there were only three judges. so what they do is they say you get a hearing date and it could >> katie: or six years from now. they come to the country, now they have papers and they say since our hearing date is so far in advance, what i need to do is
9:33 am
i need to come back work permit, i want to be able to go to school and get free health care. i want to be able to use all the resources of the united states and we do that. we give them that. that's why they come across, they break in. a lot of times when i cross the border, they don't even run. they want to get caught because they know if they can claim asylum and read the document mondale literally pull it out of their pocket and read what they're supposed to say and then say they are allowed to stay in the country and we the american people pay for that. speech is to the congressman point and said a lot of these cs all say more broadly about the immigration system right now now? >> katie: if you are claiming asylum especially women with children who is not from mexico or canada, you essentially get to stay because you get put into the united states, i.c.e. agents are required to give you a hearing in the vast majority of them don't show up for their hearing and if you dare to send i.c.e. agents into communities to look for these people who are breaking the law by not coming
9:34 am
to their hearing whether it's in a silent hearing or an illegal entry hearing, then you're a bad person and not empathetic and anti-immigrants with a double-edged sword here. there's a problem at the border with people able to walk in, claim asylum either falsely or properly and is also a crime to lie about asylum which can prosecute and we don't have the resources legally to do it because it's backed up. >> jason: not just a problem with people coming up from central and south america. when i went to one of the detention centers in arizona, there were people from 150 different countries. i went with border control agents and picked up people from romania. if they know how to game the system and they know they go to that southern border because it's so porous. >> lisa: does in the sort of proof president trump's point, the fact that people are trying to game the system? we already have people that across the united states from this. this group is literally called people without borders setting a caravan to take advantage of the u.s. law. does this make the president's case? >> jessica: i don't think it makes it completely and to be complete and honest, i'm
9:35 am
incredibly conflicted over all of this because i understand we are nation of laws and i believe in that. period of the 11 million who are here already is a very different story than people who are coming now. and that we have more or less except that they to stay here. but when i hear the ice chief say i believe that many of the stories to be bogus, i would like proof of that and if there are mothers that are fleeing from under risk, from venezuela with their children, places where the corruption is unbridled, where there are drug wars going on and they can provide a better life for them there, my heart does that got to them. they are not supposed to get free health care. they can go to school, the kids should and absolutely should do do that. i don't think anyone would deny them that. there's no basement for that. >> melissa: went back the car lot today, the secretary of homeland security said today that 15 known or suspected terrorists try to get into the country every single day. these are people that show up trying to go to different borders, it's not as simple as people who are looking for a home and safety coming here.
9:36 am
you have to be vigilant. >> katie: complicated. will definitely keep watching. a president from stepping up his attacks on senator jon tester after saying the montana democrat should resign in his role in preventing his nominee, using the caravan tweeting "the migrant caravan is openly defying our border, shows how weak and ineffective immigration laws are pretty yet democrats like jon tester continue to support the open borders agenda. tester even voted to protect century cities. we need lawmakers who will put america first." so to your point, the caravan does bolster the president's argument that we need a law and security and need to embolden our border patrol agent to do their job because it's about protecting american citizens as melissa just said from bad people who are coming across the border as well. >> lisa: exactly and i think democrats have repeatedly overreached here because he has set it up for the 2018 midterm as you have the democratic party
9:37 am
who is standing beside his illegal immigrants and president trump wants to keep this country safe and standing beside the voter. if he's trying to make a stark comparison heading into the midterm election. they also think jon tester way overreached with a ronnie jackson story and the fact that the secret service has debunked to some of those claims. i've worked on campaigns before where candidate overreaches against the voters and it backfires. >> jessica: i'm not sure it's going to hurt him. if the president is angry about his nominee for va secretary and that's really it. if there are 45 democrats who voted to protect century cities, jon tester is it a target because of dr. jackson. ahead of the republican head of the committee did not say he would have done everything differently than senator tester and also it came out yesterday that it was mike pence's position that apparently initially tipped them off to issues with dr. ronnie jackson. i think we need to get to the bottom of it. >> melissa: a power struggle in the right house. kind of fighting each other for
9:38 am
territory is what it sounds lik like. >> jessica: the 23rd fell nominee at this point. while i have no reason -- i don't know what happened with dr. jackson, but i do know he was a great position for george w. bush and barack obama and both of them chose not to nominate him to become va secretary. which is just that he's not qualified to do it on the basis of his experience. >> melissa: that suggest they wanted bureaucrats more of the same. >> katie: before we go, i want to get back to the politics of those. the president is upset about the va nominee but going after jon tester because it in a red state as a democrat. >> jason: senator tester, what he says are two different things. the two people in montana are figuring out that these are people who unnecessarily attacked an admiral in the united states military, lied about his record, secret service came out and debunked what he said. he will pay a political price. he went up to the door and
9:39 am
knocked on the door of the secret service. senator tester didn't say. >> katie: the secret service said we have gone through all of our records and we have no record of any incident involving ronnie jackson. in fact, he is crucial to our mission. they said two paragraphs of why he was important to the health of the agent to carry out their duty to represent the president and to protect them. they went through the whole archive and find a single thing. bijou also has been a great doctor. a >> jessica: i don't dispute that at all but there was also claims about a hospital work environment that he graded that didn't go to the secret service. >> melissa: we will see what happens. the president of south korea says president trump deserves a nobel peace prize for his role in bringing north korean dictator kim jong un to the negotiating table. is he right? we will debate that next. i have type 2 diabetes.
9:40 am
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prudential. bring your challenges. >> melissa: the president of south korea saying president trump deserves a nobel peace prize for his role in the latest diplomatic development with nuclear north korea. the remarks come just three days after the historic summit between north and south korea. you may remember former president obama received the prestigious award back in 2009 just months into his first term. some claim the honor was a little bit premature. even mr. obama himself admitted being surprised. >> i would be remiss if i did not acknowledge the considerable controversy that your generous decision has generated. in part, this is because i am at the beginning and not the end of my labors on the world stage. perhaps the most profound issue
9:45 am
surrounding my receipt of this prize is the fact that i am the commander in chief. of the military, of the nation, in the midst of two wars. >> melissa: what do you think? >> katie: i have heard from people who worked for obama that he was a little bit embarrassed about getting the nobel peace prize so early on. if you look at not only the year before when he was given the prize, essentially the only thing he did was get elected and if you look look at his foreign policy and the seven years following that, it was a complete disaster whether allowing ices to march across her back and into syria saying they were a team from the weather was allowing around to proliferate their influence in the region which we are now cleaning up, north korea failed on that just as george w. bush had failed before men and bill clinton had failed before him. so to say that he deserves a peace prize when he hadn't done anything in his legacy to come after that in terms of foreign
9:46 am
policy was going to be so egregious was a bit much. >> lisa: think about this just in the media climate alone. president obama got a nobel peace prize for essentially doing nothing. >> melissa: what would happen to present trump got it now? could you imagine? >> lisa: what you have literally north korea and south korea at least heading towards an official end to the korean war, you have president trump and north korea sitting down for the first time in history the of the u.s. leader in a north korean leader sitting down. so history is being made under president trump but yet president obama got a nobel peace prize for doing nothing and he's got most of the mainstream media still focusing on stormy daniels or russia will history is being made not getting any attention and not getting any credit. >> melissa: if they sit down and the north korean problem is solved, using president from deserves a nobel peace prize for selling the north korea prices? >> jessica: i think he deserves to be in that conversation.
9:47 am
>> melissa: should he get it? >> jessica: it seems like a pretty historic thing. if bill clinton failed, george w. bush failed, president obama failed, and president i'm can pull this off, he should certainly be considered for it. and just going back to the obama issue and this came about yesterday, i went back to research what the response was because i was wondering what liberals said in response and the most convincing argument against obama receiving and who should have right then were the arab spring protesters. i think that would've been a really amazing give. >> jason: obama totally failed on that front. he didn't support them. >> katie: he ignored them when they begged him to help them. >> melissa: singh on this topic here for a moment talking about the location where they might actually sit down and have this conversation, this is what president trump had to say. >> we are looking at various countries including singapore
9:48 am
and we are also talking about the possibility of the dnc. p's house, freedom house, and there is something that i thought was intriguing. i think that some people may be don't like the look of that and some people like you very much. i threw it out today is an idea. >> melissa: he's a master of marketing. if they sat there and came to a deal and they were all three of their pictures on the border, that would be a picture and an image and a video that was in history. >> jason: i think the president's idea frankly is the best one. i've been to the dmz, been to the two houses, i think the symbolism went so well with the south korean president and it would also be remarkable at some point to have the chinese leader there as well. i think that would be an appropriate place to do that. >> melissa: just a week to go down to the g.o.p. senate primary election in west virginia. the three top candidates are preparing to face off limit debate on fox news just hours from now. as republicans see a chance to
9:49 am
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9:53 am
>> lisa: the stage is now being set for the west virginia republican senate primary debate here on fox news just hours from now. the three top g.o.p. candidates are congressman evan jenkins, attorney general patrick morrissey, and a former coal executive don like a check. the democrats eventually hope to unseat democratic senator joe manchin and the general election. the candidates have been going after him and aligning themselves with mr. trump. so can primaries do matter. he can go back and look at more recently, roy moore, how important is is primary to republican chances of winning in west virginia? >> jason: you have to post the right person and i'm glad fox news is doing this because it can give you a real insight if you watch what's actually happening in real america. it was a state that trump has done real well in the look of the candidates and the positions they take and i think it's going to be a preview of what you're going to see rolled across the country. i think it will be a fascinating debate. >> lisa: speak to me no nationar invested in is race going after don blankenship who they're
9:54 am
worried about. democrats have been worried about jenkins and marseille to prop up blankenship because i want him to be elected to take on joe manchin and the general election. what do you hope they achieve tonight? >> katie: i think alaska really good questions because they always do. i think the interesting part with the candidates if he answers us are going to be focused on each other the more important to going to be focused on joe manchin's record and you can guarantee they will talk about the fact that he always acts like he's going to vote on certain issues that west virginia's care about, the second amendment, smaller government in some cases, the epa paid but intangible issues like tax reform, he voted against it. the republicans are going to have to battle it out and i'm sure they will. most important, they're going after show they were the best person. >> lisa: to katie's point, they are all embracing president trump. this is a state he won met by 42 points. joe manchin is vulnerable here. how vulnerable do you think he is? >> jessica: super vulnerable. probably the most vulnerable
9:55 am
democrat we have. they're basically on level. he has had the largest drop in approval rating of any democrat in the country, 17 points heading into the new year. he has a 60% approach on voting record, to outliers, health care and tax reform. another thing are things the g.o.p. can run on because those are core issues to them. donald trump was talking about health care from the beginning, a muddled message considering the republicans addition but certainly talking about health care and talking about the tax reform. so they'll be looking to nail him on that. >> jason: who can be the closest to donald trump? >> jessica: the guy that got predicted. >> jason: that will be a battle in this debate as well. >> jessica: there are a lot of republicans were not interested in running someone. >> lisa: no republic and wants don blankenship. the west virginia senate debate is tonight at 6:30 p.m. eastern time, it is moderated by bret baier and martha maccallum right here on fox news and more "outnumbered"
9:56 am
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and this is where life meets legal. >> katie: thank you to congressman jason chaffetz. you have some news for us. >> jason: i'm writing a book, just finish it, give it to the editor, but is due to come out in september about the deep state. >> katie: and your publisher? >> jason: harpercollins. >> lisa: i look forward to read it. >> katie: good luck with all of that. definitely.
10:00 am
we are back tomorrow at noon eastern. up to melissa francis who is in for harris faulkner. >> melissa: a fox news alert for you now, we have obtained the full list of questions robert mueller reportedly has for the president. a line of inquiries that may show what the special council is looking for. this is "outnumbered" over time and i melissa francis in today for harris faulkner. fox has gotten his hand on the list of questions. the special counsel office reportedly developed for a possible sitdown interview with president trump nearly 50 questions in all. and they range from his ties to russia to his firing of fbi director james comey and whether he tried to interfere with the investigation itself. the president lashing out at the publication of the questions which were first reported in "the new york times" tweeting "so disgraceful that the questions concerning the russian witch hunts were leaked to the media.


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