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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 3, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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quote of the night from the french president, whose choice of english words to describe the wife of australian prime minister turnbull led to this. >> i would like to thank you and your delicious wife for your warm welcome. >> delicious. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. it's been an amazing 24 hours even by the action-packed standards of 2018, there has been lots of drama and washington. as you well know, rudy giuliani revealed on the shale on hannity show that payments cohan made to a star stormy daniels, which seemed like a major story at the time. but within hours it wasn't even the biggest story of the day. nbc news reported that federal law enforcement had wiretapped cohen's phone, it and recorded a
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conversation he had with the president of the united states. but then that story changed. the new account reports he simply recorded the numbers that he dialed and not the content of the calls made of. and that is where we are now, at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. one thing we know for sure is that nbc screwed up, but that's pretty much all we can be certain of. if nbc's first story was wrong, why do we assume the second was right? we don't know the truth and we have no way of knowing. in the absence of honesty from our government, we are totally dependent upon leaks for our news and many of those are dishonest. michael cohen by the way still doesn't know why his office was rated why his phones and emails were reported to the government. no one in the government is required to tell him nor will they tell him. how are we, men arrive at your home and sees your computers and phones at gunpoint but never describe why they are doing it.
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michael: cohan certainly seems a shady character but shadiness is not a cry. the fbi can't destroy your life because you talk like a character from "the sopranos," those aren't felonies. basic norms were violated, attorney-client privilege is an ancient and vital concept, and so is privacy. let's hope they had a very good reason for doing it. they've better have good evidence that michael cohen was doing something awful in order to justify this. it turns out that all of this was about a financial sediment with some star which is by the way a story that not a single american is honestly shocked or threatened by no matter what anderson cooper tells you. if that is all it's about then what we are watching is a grotesque violation of civil abilities which would be a real crime, one with actual victims. everyone who believed in
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democracy, for example. james carlstrom is a former executive director at the fbi. you spent your life at the fbi, you were a great, obviously famous leader at the fbi. in the last years when he watched it unfold, how do you think the bureau is doing? >> the leadership of the bureau and the leadership of the department are not doing well at all. i look back at some records, and in the 80s and 90s, there were literally thousands of "snl"'s that went belly up. not one law firm in the united states, not one law firm was ever served with a search warrant. and let get this little four oe person law firm, which happens to be the law firm of the president of the united states, is attacked by pen registers, by
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surveillance, by search warrants. to get a search warrant from a federal judge on the criminal side, you have to talk about a criminal act that is taking place. a criminal predicate. on the national security side, you have to talk about the threat to national security and talk about why it will be affected negatively in both cases, without these extraordinary measures. i think it is far-fetched, i will be corrected if i am wrong, to see what kind of predicate they could have possibly had in this case. >> tucker: if it turns out that this is really all about a payment to a star, but to be honest, it's not a surprising story. if it turns out that is really the predicate for this, nor is it surprising that bob mueller would do something like this. look at history. look at how we went into paul
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manafort 'house, and at 4:00 in the morning -- here is a potential, if by worse cases, white-collar crime stuff. you go into a house at four or five in the morning with weapons shown, you drag a woman out of bed and children are screaming around the house, that's what an outrage. we don't operate that in the united states. if i was in the fbi, i would not let the agents participate. that came from molar to the agency new york. i guess the fbi was involved in that, and when you go into the office, you have to be really careful. you have two teams of people and one does a search and the other looks through the material to try to segment out anything that
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would be privileged. and in this case, the federal judge who has control over this case has gone a step further and is turning all that material over to a senior federal judge, barbara jones who is a fantastic dodger, good friend of mine over the years. she will decide what the u.s. government gets to see and what the u.s. government doesn't get to see. >> tucker: right. but you think, and i should clear it up for audiences who are clear, your career, i wouldn't describe you as a soft on crime liberal at all. but you are saying that what you are watching now is out of line, there is no precedent for it? >> james: tucker, i don't believe in kicking in doors unless there is a reason for it. and i don't believe in having outrageous search warrants unless there is a real bona fide reason. is there a criminal predicate for this? i would be surprised if there was. if there is it's probably some
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concoction from some stupid intelligence contact. or is it a national security predicate? i find that would be preposterous. i just think these people are out of control. from the very time that donald trump was the enormity and the republican party, there has been a conspiracy. a fifth column, call it what you want to come up that has tried to stop him from getting elected and, number two, stop his effective work for the people of this country. and look at the magnificent job he has done in the economic front, the foreign relations front, in a year and a half. in my view, more than the last three presidents combined. >> tucker: i am awestruck that you are saying this because you are not a cable news talking head, and any of our viewers that are not familiar with your career should go to google and look it up. you speak with authority on this subject, and i'm shocked by what you said but i am believing you.
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>> james: my pleasure, i don't have the facts but that is my position on the situation. >> tucker: will you have perspective. eddie colson is a former assistant to the fbi and he joins us now. let me ask you about richmond. james comey hired a friend of his called daniel richmond who is a professor at columbia lawyer. and a crypto government employee basically to do p.r. for him and to leak information that he thought would be helpful to his information. you spent a long time at the fbi. have you seen anything like that before? >> i have never seen anything like that, and i've talked to a number of former executives in the fbi and neither have they. this is not the junior membership in the garden club, this is giving a man who really has no job, except just gives advice and publicity for the
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director. again, giving security clearance to the fbi. and that didn't come up in his hearings. that is troubling to me and the fact that they did that. i would want an inquiry done, if i were back there i would be looking at that. how this happened, who generated it and, was it an fbi background or name check or database check? there is a lot of unanswered questions here. it kind of reflects the way the director of the fbi then, james comey, ran it. >> tucker: since you served in the fbi under other directors, things were not done this way before? >> i've never seen this. we hired contractors. they are essential and needed and paid and vetted. participate in lots of important things, but i've never seen anything like this where it's an
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unpaid crony of the director of the fbi, that doesn't make any sense to me. i just wish there was somebody back there that, during that regime would say, director, this is not the way to go. somebody that is not owing to him for a promotion or transfer says, don't do this. this violates at least the look bad rule, and the fbi has an image. i don't think he promoted that. bringing this man on board i think was foolhardy. >> tucker: speaking of the way the public perceives the fbi, what do you make of colby's book tour, where he has taken a series of very political positions? how does that affect the way citizens feel about your agency? >> it's troubling. i think the book itself reflects what he was not a successful director of the fbi. the book is entitled, in part, "higher authority." he didn't respect our constitution and i think that came out loud and clear when he
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goes out and makes those out outrageous statements. he ran the most week, fact list investigation and the fbi. and that reflects on him, not us. >> tucker: thank you for that, i appreciate your perspective on this. >> i enjoy it, it's always fun. >> tucker: mike penn was for many years one of the highest advisors to hillary clinton. mark, thank you for coming on. >> mark: thank you. >> tucker: you wrote an amazing piece the other day and the hill, titled something like, questions i have for robert mueller. tell us some of the questions that you have. >> mark: remember i spent a year working for president clinton against ken starr and that. i found that was child's play compared to what's going on
5:12 pm
here. i found mueller has some questions about what the president was thinking when he fired call me, but i certainly have questions about what he was thinking when he first went to apply for the fbi job in the first place with rosenstein, and then turns around the next day. when he put that team together, and there wasn't a single trumped owner, what was he thinking then? when he looked at these dossiers and discovered there was no foundation there, how did he deal with that, and how does he justify these kinds of really stormtrooper tactics, which is perhaps not an exaggeration when you go guns drawn and political enactments. while he wants to question the president, it seems that no one could really question either mueller or call me or rosenstein, which is precisely the problem. >> i hate to admit it since i
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supported the ken starr independent counsel investigation, and i look back and shame because of that. but that was the case the clinton people made at the time, there is no oversight there. in your piece you made reference to his behavior in boston when he worked there. briefly summarize that if you would, i thought it was very interesting. >> mark: really the question, and i think professor dershowitz has been out on this thing, but in that case there were four innocent people in jail due to prosecutorial misconduct. and he was head of the office. and, you don't really find him in the legal cases but he waited until the courts overturned things to release the people. so what was he thinking when that was happening? how did he permit that, how did he permit those kind of gross abuses, and how does he then supervise an investigation now that seems to be filled with them.
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>> >> tucker: will thanks for that. >> mark: i went through it once, i hope i never go through it again. >> tucker: hillary wouldn't let you, she's too smart for this. china has a plan in place to displace this country. we will talk to marco rubio, who has taken a profound interest in all of this. it's an interesting conversation, stay with us. >> tucker carlson is brought to you by pacific life. r goals. it's having the confidence to create the future that's most meaningful to you. it's protection for generations of families, and 150 years of strength and stability.
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>> tucker: if you watch cable news or read "the washington post" you know america has only one enemy in the world called russia. but the truth may be more complicated than that. the biggest threat to the country is not vladimir putin, that's ludicrous. the biggest threat is china. china spies on us more than any other country and is under the massive hack from 2014-15, and it will soon have the world's largest economy. it's military is growing rapidly in strength and it even manufactures most of the fence and all that is killing tens of thousands of americans every year. americans assume that this country is on top and will be forever but, could we find ourselves overtaken before we know it? michael pillsbury is at the center for train strategies and he is the author of "the 100 year man marathon marathon."
5:19 pm
so you have written i think the central book on this question. so we will stipulate what you say is true because i think it's obviously true. china wants to displace the united states is the most powerful nation in the world. why isn't our leadership political, media, cultural, sounding the alarm on this? >> lots of companies and individuals have made large amounts of money in china. i hate to be so crass about it, but i have a colleague that invested $200,000,000.06 years later and he had $2 billion in return. that can be a pretty big motivator. second, you have inertia. you have the opening by kissinger and nixon and the bush family being proud of their connections with china. you have almost a strong effort ten years ago to set up g2, and that was backed by kissinger, brezinski, paulson and quite a
5:20 pm
few people that felt very strongly about u.s. and china together can kind of control the world. i've had admirals and generals tell me that. so this goodwill feeling of cooperation with china is the way to go, and that is still very strong. i think that explains also why president trump president trump has a lot of pressure on him from the bureaucracy from some in congress, but not all. chuck schumer represents it but the momentum is still there. the third thing is what i call intelligence failure. the u.s. intelligence committee has been wrong about several major things from 1950 on, and it looks like understanding just how sophisticated china was going to be in ripping off our technology, jobs, influence of our political system, that seems to have been gotten wrong. i think the intelligence committee is back on track now but that has also caused kind of
5:21 pm
a sluggishness in our response to china, i would say. now we are much faster, but over the last few months or so a great deal of change has taken place. >> i hope that's right. back to something you said a moment ago, and does china have any interest in sharing that with us? in the chinese scholars who are allowed to talk about it in all particles and books said we don't really want to be number two as a will be number one, unless we take a lot of steps to make it not happen. we have to deny them technological supremacy. so the second thing is, how deeply embedded in they are in our companies, our social life and our academic world.
5:22 pm
we really had a lecturing with the russians, and the soviet union was way over there. we didn't have much to do with them and we certainly didn't have any massive business enterprises. china is deeply inside of us. so we don't want to demonize them totally, we cause problems in our own political system. but we have to be more aware of just how sophisticated they are. >> tucker: we are spending the next month on a special series on china, and i hope you will come back, michael pillsbury, for that. i appreciate you coming on tonight. >> tucker: china is clearly a threat to our economy, if nothing else, and becoming more threatening. senator marco rubio is a representative of florida, republican. thank you for coming on. you just talked about a really interesting hotbed about china and you have this line in here that i think all of our viewers should be familiar with. chinese theft cost the u.s.
5:23 pm
nearly $600 billion annually, eclipsing the combined profits of the top 50 companies in last year's fortune 500 list. that is a remarkable number. why is no one doing anything about that? >> marco: you know, for the same reason that this is an issue that surprised me. for years i have been a traditionalist on it, thinking like most people dead, it would all work out and being democratic. then that led me to understand the broader plan that they had in place. and this is not an economic plan, this is a plan to undermine not just our competitiveness but the competitiveness of every country in the world, and they are using multiple tools including intellectual property theft to do that. not only are they undermining our industrial base, but our technological base through something called "made in china 2,025" where they plan to in
5:24 pm
aircraft and quantum computing and artificial intelligence, they have laid out the entire agency and are slowly and surely carrying out this plan. >> tucker: so this is a threat obviously not simply to our economy but to our predominance around the world to our power and our values. why are industries not saying more about this? >> marco: some of them are starting to make some money over there, and these ceos, they considers themselves to be citizens of the world. these ceos will be gone in eight years, they don't feel any special obligation to the united states, they feel obligation to maximize return for shareholders. as a result, they have a good thing going over there, making money, who cares if they are us stealing technology and in ten years the company won't be able to compete with them? they are working out short term and that makes them look good. others are beginning to complain but they don't want to say so because they don't want to get
5:25 pm
kicked out. just the other day we heard a united and american airlines are being told that unless they stop defying taiwan as a country, they will no longer be able to fly there. they are threatening them with billions of dollars in revenue. the marriott fired an employee who was american because he put up a tweet about that. over a tweet. so if i could briefly walk through the five points, number one we would prohibit the transfer of any and all technologies that are sensitive. things like quantum computing and biosciences and artificial intelligence, and the like. the second thing we would do is place a tax basically on excess chinese investment in the united states. how that works, a company buys $10 million of fortune 500 stocks, that would raise the price of the stock. that would issue revenues, dividends. they then take that dividend money and use it to buy u.s.
5:26 pm
treasuries which increases the price of the dollar of the value of the dollar, thereby making american exports more expensive than a chinese export, thereby destroying our capacity. so this is not economic development on their part, is the strategic use of investment as a weapon to undermine their production capacity. we would also put a tax on american companies entering joint ventures with chinese companies because, what they do is they make you partner with them and then they steal your technology, your intellectual property, and all of a sudden they become your global competitor and kick you out and put our companies out of business. these are the kinds of things that we are going to be looking at and putting in place, even the playing field. this is the single most important geopolitical issue of the last hundred years. it will be defined for the 21st century and what it turns
5:27 pm
out to be. >> i am grateful you are saying this and i'm baffled why not more people are saying this but i'm thankful that you set it. thank you senator. >> marco: all right. >> tucker: a member of congress is demanding that the u.s. government confiscate by force guns from law-abiding americans. what would happen if the government tried that? that's next then i realized something was missing... me. my symptoms were keeping me from being there. so, i talked to my doctor and learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief and many achieved remission in as little as 4 weeks. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb.
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guns away. settle down nutcase tinfoil hat alex jones guy. gun control advocates, stomach want common sense and control to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. ordinary citizens have nothing to fear from their government. so they always tell you, and you knew this but now it is confirmed, they were lying. in an op-ed published today, congressman eric swallow said seizing those weapons from millions of gun owners by force. so the cat is out of the bag. john summers is in communications with senator harry reid and he joins us tonight. john, i've been saying this for a couple years ago and have been dismissed as a paranoid lunatic, which why the by the way, i'm . but if you believe crime is
5:32 pm
caused by guns, you have to get rid of the guns. you are wrong, but you wind up where swallow he believes he i. >> john: this is one of the more extreme examples but the reality is the vast majority of democrats and the vast majority of people who are in the gun prevention movement don't feel that way. men 90% of americans believe in expanding background checks to all gun sales, and other common sense reforms. i think most americans also believe the notions that we shouldn't have weapons of war on our streets. now i think when you lose the discussion is when you start taking a talk about taking weapons out of people's homes. >> tucker: if you believe that guns cause crime, you are not familiar with the data which says the opposite.
5:33 pm
and if that is not your position then you have to tell me what you're going to do with the hundreds of millions of guns currently in possession of law-abiding americans. those guns are not going away, they left virtually forever. >> john: and i think that is what representative eric swalwell is proposing. but i don't think that's where the american public is at. >> tucker: people are horrified when you tell the truth, and he chose to -- and by the way, he's not an extremist. he's just being honest. >> john: can speak to people are the 86 gun deaths that happen every day and the majority are not caused by assault weapons. they have 96 of these tragedies that play out every single day in people's homes, and we should reduce that gun violence by expanding background checks to all gun sales.
5:34 pm
>> tucker: okay. i'm every bit as upset people dying as you are. >> john: than what is your solution? >> tucker: my solution is to ask an honest question which is, why is this happening? there are lots of factors here, you are american households have guns than 50 years ago. they are not more effective than it used to be, the calibers are the same, and yet we have mass shootings. it's not the guns shooting, it's insane. >> >> john: you can think background checks for reducing gun violence because background checks have blocked 3 million sales of guns to people who shouldn't have them in the first place. >> tucker: i'm not arguing against background. we have background checks absent >> actually. >> john: and the majority of people want to expand those background checks into online gun sales and most of them aren't in the area where swalwell is.
5:35 pm
>> and the goal is to take the guns away. you have to if you believe what you believe, but you don't want to say it because most americans would find it terrifying. law-abiding people would be punished. >> john: you are wrong, tucker. having worked with many influential democrats and having worked directly in the gun violence prevention movement, i can tell you you are absolutely wrong, that we want to see a smart, common sense -- >> tucker: stop with the propaganda language. i want to know actual solutions. so you leave the hundreds of millions of guns and people peos households. they can basically do what they do now with them and you don't want to change any of that? >> i think we have talked about making lots of changes including expanding background checks to online gun sales.
5:36 pm
>> tucker: that's negligible, very few guns are sold online. let's be adults here, that's silly. it's true, i know the numbers. i know a lot about this. speak to people that can't pass a background check, where do you think they go to buy their guns? gun shows and online. they don't have to have a background check. it doesn't matter whether they are domestic abusers or -- >> tucker: just answer my question. these so-called assault rifles, the scary guns. what do we do with them? we let them remain in circulation forever, is that your plan? yes or no. >> john: that's certainly not my plan. >> tucker: so you actually agree with swalwell, and i think you know you do. so when you are ready to be honest, come on back. >> tucker: all right. >> tucker: the boy scouts have changed their name. we will be back next.
5:37 pm
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>> tucker: the boy scouts, as the boy scouts ceased to exist yesterday, they are now scouts bsa. the general term is designed to reflect their group's new openness toward girls. it was one of the last healthy groups geared toward gun >> young men. we wanted to ask her view. >> thanks for having me, i appreciate it. >> tucker: so i got a bunch of girls and i love them and want what's best for them. so if joining the boy scouts is best for them, i'm all for that. but i worry there aren't many places where boys can be boys where they are not under attack for being boys. but, should i be worried?
5:42 pm
>> i think this does not indicate that this is the case, but in the 70s the boy scouts had at like 5 million members and they have gone down about 12% and are out about 2.3 million now. so we want the boy scouts to survive. they have been instrumental in the strength of the country, creating leaders in government and science and space travel. we need them. i think what's happening now certainly in the 21st century, and may be the boy scouts can show us the way. this can still be categories and events and projects, and an overarching view about the strengths of boys, and the relationship of boys with boys and the nature in the strength of what young men do will also be able to weave in young women. in their plans, what i have read is this will be separate programs. if it's changing to scouts, the
5:43 pm
overarching name remains boy scouts of america. and look, i think this is also part of the boy scout framework, about being able to help the nation in general. and i think we are at a stage where the young women who want to have this kind of great experience, keep in mind the girl scouts really are not offering that now. it's more about a social justice warrior framework. i think that if the parents stay involved, the volunteers are involved, and americans make it clear that girls probably want to join, because they want the same experience and at least the character building certainly that the boy scouts offered. >> tucker: interesting. so you are more optimistic than i am. so in 2018 could you have an all male group that wasn't derided as antifemale, and it wasn't in fact antifemale? you could have a single-sex organization that is not angry
5:44 pm
at the female. >> and just because the left doesn't like it doesn't mean we have to adapt and accept their point of view about what's wrong. and this is my worry about the slippery slope, i think it's good and it can be managed but you know what the left will do, they will then argue that, you are not treating the girls equally. these are separate projects, separate experiences and they are going to start to sue to change the principal base of the boy scouts. now look, if you want social justice, join the girl scouts. but we already have 3,000 girls who join the cub scouts because that is what is interesting these young women and their parents. there is nothing we can do that will stop the left from complaining, and we have to make sure that we push back and stand up for groups like the boy scouts that make a difference in this country. >> tucker: interesting, i hadn't thought of that. you made me feel better.yo
5:45 pm
>> tammy: thank you. >> tucker: 's timey next four "final exam." stay tuned. entire value plus depreciation. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. touch is how we communicate with those we love, but does psoriasis ever get in the way? embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz. for people with moderate to severe psoriasis, up to 90% had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. with taltz, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection, symptoms, or received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz, including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. ready for a chance at 100% clear skin? ask your doctor about taltz. try it for as little as $5 a month.
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leading conservative the opposition john cox.
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to jerry brown's sanctuary state. and chairman of the initiative campaign to repeal the gas tax. join me and let's make california great again. >> tucker: time now for speed 19 where our news experts compete to see who is the best at recalling the events we cover just this week. we have our contestants, griff jenkins, who you can see has been gravely injured in the pursuit of his duty. i hope you are okay. great to see you both. i'm hosting from an undisclosed location with the judge is present. so if there is any question at all, they are right here outside of this camera shot to advise me. you know the rules, but for our viewers at home who may not remember them, there are these handsome buzzers. i asked the question in the first one to buzz in get to
5:50 pm
answer the question. every correct answer is worth one point and it detracts from your points as the total. are you ready? >> let's go. >> tucker: which swedish pop group announced they are getting back together after 35 years to make new music, but they are unsure whether their songs are any good? >> abba. >> tucker: did the swedish group give it away? let's check the tape. >> abba is making a comeback. ♪ the swedish band announced their decision to release new songs and a virtual tool after tour 5 years.
5:51 pm
>> tucker: i love that. good job. griff is up one. question number two, multiple choice. hillary clinton found yet another group to blame for her loss and the 2016 election. which group is eight. a, the socialists. b, the vegans. or c, the satanic temple. >> those are good choices. >> tucker: which group is hillary blaming? >> i think she's blaming the socialists. >> tucker: let's see if you are right. >> if you are in the iowa caucuses and 41% of democrats are socialists or self-described socialists, and i'm after you, and capitalists, and i say yes, that probably gets lost in, oh, my gosh, she's a capitalist. >> tucker: she is definitely a capitalist, that's for sure. nice job. it's 1-1.
5:52 pm
you versus the injured griff jenkins. question three. george w. bush was making his farewell visit to iraq when a man, you may remember this, took off his shoes and threw them at president bush. the man who threw his shoes is now embarking on a brand-new career. what is it? speech >> way i could guess at t one. >> tucker: you could hit the buzzer but you guess. a new career for the shoe thrower? >> i'm going to guess he is going to be like a p/e coach, or baseball or little league. something where he has to throw things, with children. >> tucker: baseball coach, little league, something from the sporting world where you have to throw things. to the tape we go.
5:53 pm
>> he is a man who took nine months in prison for deciding on george bush's farewell tour to pick up his shoes off his feet and throw them at the president. he is now going to be running for office. in case you were wondering, he's running for council of representatives. and i love by the way tucker that you have an arm throwing question in there, by the way. >> tucker: it's not to make you feel bad, griff. the guy has no self-control, is badly dressed. a politician, of course. question number four. at an event this week, the french president had some trouble with his english, being french. which word did he accidentally use, or they claim it was accidental, to describe the wife of the australian prime minister? [bell dings] >> delicious.
5:54 pm
>> tucker: griff jenkins, delicious. is that really your guess? let's roll the tape. >> i wanted to thank you and your delicious wife for this. >> tucker: i remember looking at him thinking, did he just say that? there was nothing accidental about that. he was just french and he means it. final question. this wouldn't be "final exam" without an animal question. a video going around the internet this week shows an australian man being knocked off of his paddleboard vigorously by what variety of sea animal? [bell dings] >> a dolphin. >> tucker: dolphin, they might be too nice for that. let's see if the tape proves you're right. >> dolphin danger. a paddleboard or gets the surprise of a lifetime 18 often
5:55 pm
leaps out of the waves and knocks him off of his board. >> tucker: that is exactly right. and as a surfer, you know, griff, that isn't unusual -- that is unusual. the dolphins didn't like that guy. you win a 2-1, thank you both. i will give you the victory mug when i see you next week. griff jenkins, brie peyton, thank you. that's it for this week's "final exam." tune in carefully to the news each and every day until next thursday to see if you have accumulated enough knowledge to be the experts. we will be right back. ♪ here you go little guy.
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so let's promote our spring travel deal on like this. earn one free night when you stay just twice this spring. allergies. or, badda book. badda boom. book now at non-drowsy children's claritin allergy relief. the #1 pediatrician recommended non-drowsy brand. because to a kid a grassy hill is irresistible. children's claritin. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. >> tucker: life has countless mysteries. did aswalact along or ufo's. but home dale high school in new jersey was plagued by someone
6:00 pm
relieving himself on the football system. they their man and the superintendant thomas traingalini. we have told you for months the on the roton school. >> sean: trump's newest opportunity made news. he slammed mueller out of control witch hunt and took james comey to task and so much more. but tonight the biassed news media only cared about 130 second clip. we had a 40 minute interview all making news regarding the revelations around stormy, stormy, stormy. we'll show you how insane the anti- trump media echo chamber is in this


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