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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  May 8, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> bill: we have a packed show today. welcome. sandra has a day off. how are you doing, julie? >> julie: we're now hearing the district attorney is opening an investigation into those claims for a bombshell report. details allegation schneiderman physically abused four women. he is denying any wrongdoing
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issuing the statement saying in the privacy of intimate relationships i have engaged in role playing and sexual activity. i have not assaulted anyone. i have never engaged in non-consensual sex which is a line i would not cross. >> bill: laura engel picks up the story. what a shock it was and good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. this is a fast-moving story. as the story of the attorney general's alleged misdeeds are -- we have received confirmation the manhattan district attorney has opened an investigation into the allegations concerning mr. schneiderman. in the explosive article published by "the new yorker" last night two women, michelle manning, and others say they had to receive medical attention after they allege schneiderman slapped, choked and abused them while in a romantic relationship. neither of them filed police
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complaints. we checked in with the police on that but confided in friends on what they call assault and say they were too frightened to come forward because of schneiderman's position. he lost the support of cuomo and he said the allegations would be too much of a distraction for him to continue. he has been an outspoken figure in the me too movement against sexual harassment and raised his profile by taking on president trump pushing to change state law so he could prosecute the president's aides and filing lawsuits aimed at the trump organization in new york. schneiderman in a tweet said no one is above the law and donald trump junior saying you were saying? it makes the status of the effort far less certain. >> bill: what happens next in
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this? >> schneiderman's interim relationship will be decided by the state legislature. a newly announced republican conservative candidate is asking the question who else knew about the allegations that led to schneiderman's downfall saying there must have been enablers that kept quiet about allegations. schneiderman will resign at the close of business tuesday. we have reporters and producers all over new york tracking people down to get comment on this. lawmakers and we will let you know as it unfolds today. >> bill: stunner it is. we get reaction from the white house and more coming up to analyze this. thank you, laura engel leading our coverage today on that. >> julie: it is only tuesday. decision day at the white house with the deadline for president trump to make a decision on the iran nuclear deal. the president will be making an announcement later this afternoon whether the u.s. will stay or go in backing out of
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that deal. we'll wait for word from the president on that. john roberts is live from the north lawn to tell us how it's all going. >> good morning. no head tilt one way or the other what the president will announce this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. people here are tight liped. it is close hold. indications are the president will make some sort of move to pull out of the jcpoa. and will not resign a waiver of sanctions that he and president obama have had to sign every 90 days under the agreement. that could begin the process of the u.s. finally withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal. difference of opinion in this administration over what to do. the president, john bolton, national security advisor, secretary of state mike pompeo thinking the u.s. should get out. jim mattis thinks the president should stay in. the president has heard from european allies. macron and merkel and theresa may urging him to stay in.
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iran has threatened to restart its nuclear program if the u.s. pulls out. in the meeting with macron last month the president warned iran against doing that. listen here. >> president trump: won't be so easy for them to restart. they won't be restarting anything. they retart it they have big problems. bigger than they've ever had before and you can mark it down. they restart their nuclear program they will have bigger problems than they've ever had before. thank you very much. >> the president taking aim at the former secretary of state john kerry after reports he has been engaging in below the radar contacts with iranian and european leaders. kerry had this to say in a public speech this morning. >> today as we sit here before the president makes its decision iran is living by the agreement. the agency says they're living up to it and we have the inspectors to know it.
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why on earth would you voluntarily by choice decide we're going to pull out? >> president trump not taking too kindly to that saying kerry needs to get off the stage. he can't get over the fact he had his chance and blew it. stay away from negotiations, john, you are hurting your country. the president with one eye on iran this morning and another eye on china and north korea. he spoke to president xi at 8:30. the primary topics will be trade, good things will happen and north korea where relationships and trust are building. yesterday they met with kim jong-un. kim jong-un got on a plane and flew there. the president getting set to announce the time and place with a meeting with kim jong-un. as we kick off tuesday a lot to talk about here, julie. >> julie: it is incredible
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every day. all right, john, thank you very much. >> bill: chris stirewalt, fox news politics editor. burying all the news, primary day in trump country, indiana, ohio, west virginia. what do you think tonight tells us? >> it tells us this. already we know that these primaries have been unnecessarily vicious. that these republicans sensing opportunity have been at each other's throat in a totally counterproductive fashion for their party. you have indiana and west virginia too vulnerable red state democrats, donley in indiana is the most vulnerable red state democrat in the country. that opportunity has drawn a lot of sharks into the sea. instead of going after the prey they're going after each other. indiana has been a heinous primary. an embarrassingly bad primary for the republicans as they have ripped each other to shreds. in west virginia they have been
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at each other's throats spending a lot of money and doing harm to each other. when they get to the general election when they face a well-liked democrats they'll hear the same charges repeated back to them. >> bill: all the nice people in indiana hearing bad talk. blankenship said i'm trumier than trump. we'll see how he does in west virginia. two more topics. what is your guess with the iran deal on the line as what the commander-in-chief decides today, chris? >> ooh, i would say this. the president has some options that are between. he doesn't have to go for all out or all in. he can kick it to congress, delay and see what they've seen with nato and with nafta, which is we'll roll it. we'll see what happens. we'll try to make a better deal and look for some nudges here and there. i would expect that is my expectation what the president is going to want to do is look
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for some more wiggle room on that not to make a hard line choice one way or the other. >> bill: you give the european leaders another month, maybe? >> a little something to work with. trump has to walk away from this for his base because they said so much bad about this while he was running for president. he has to walk away with his base saying we're being tough on iran and taking a hard line but he wants mattis and others and european allies to know they won't blow it up for no reason. >> bill: the schneiderman story that broke last night this town erupted. how are you able to read this resignation? does it have any effect on all the stories that we've been covering out of the southern district of new york? could it have any effect that has this administration caught up? >> it would be unfair and uncharitable of me to say that
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schneiderman was a joke but this is a guy who played big, big politics and had big aspirations in new york. people in the southern district in new york are serious minded and professional. schneiderman was a showboat and turns out a goof ball, a weirdo. for him at this point what many people in new york already thought about him was the reason he was going after -- he used to be friends with the trumps and now going after them. he was a political opportunist and what goes around comes around. >> bill: nice to see you, chris stirewalt there live and in person. thank you very much. donald trump junior and kellyanne conway had interesting tweets last night. check them out. there is no love lost between this administration and schneiderman in new york. >> julie: there is not. the white house launching a full-out defense of the president's pick to lead the
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c.i.a.. >> her commitment to the agency is one of the reasons that she is the right person to lead it. she wants to do everything she can to make sure the integrity of the c.i.a. remains intact, isn't unnecessary attacked. >> julie: in the midst of all this breaking news on north korea and iran. democrats are trying to stone wall yet another confirmation hearing. former congressman jason chaffetz will be here to react. >> bill: president trump sending his endorsements for today's critical west virginia primary. his message is anyone but don blankenship. what is that all about? congressman evan jenkins is here live to make his case. >> julie: slow rolling disaster in paradise. hawaii's most active volcano carving out a path of destruction. we're live on the ground. >> other people lost their houses. some of our neighbors have lost theirs. right now we are okay.
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we see two travelers so at a comfort innal with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at >> we've had a great conversation and talked about a lot of things that helped clarify for me and it was very helpful and i appreciate her so much. >> what we have here is a cover-up from a to z. if the american people could see what i've seen, i believe they would be calling their senator and urging their
6:16 am
senator to vote against the nominee. >> bill: it will be a fascinating hearing. various reactions on gina haspel, president trump's pick to lead the c.i.a. her confirmation is about this time tomorrow. she has been under fire, partisan pressure in recent weeks. offered to pull her resignation over the weekend but it was rescinded. jason chaffetz, how are you doing, jason? good morning to you. you know her. we have barely heard her speak. what do we need to understand about her and your interactions? >> i did interact with her a little bit. i don't know her well. this is not a political person up there beating the bushes on the political side. this would be the first time in nearly 50 years that somebody to become the c.i.a. director who has been from the rank and file. i'm sure the administration
6:17 am
could go find another white male. the best qualified person is a woman and the most qualified person in the room and empower her. if you're about women's empowerment, she is the best person for the job. >> panetta sports her, hayden supports her. they've been on various sides of the trump debate. john brennan supports her. james clapper supports her. how are we to understand those endorsements? >> you have people on both sides of the aisle, people worked in republican and democratic administrations and they are singing her praises because she has done the work over the decades of her service. she has been by the side of mike pompeo for the last 15 months or so. you have somebody who is ready to go right out of the chute. she served in africa, europe, done some of the most difficult things. i know she had some bumps in the road and i'm sure they'll talk about that but when you
6:18 am
look at somebody behind the scenes, it is -- this wide array of people with a lot of political different affiliations all singing her praises. >> bill: here is the president on twitter. gina haspel is being praised for the fact that she has been and always will be tough on terror. this is a woman who has been a leader wherever she has gone. the c.i.a. wants her to lead them in america's bright and glorious future. his endorsement given there. do you have concerns about any public hearing being asked these critical questions about black sites in the days after 9/11, interrogations that happened at that time? >> you know, i'm a little -- i just believe in transparency. i really do believe that we're different from the rest of the world and that we ask these tough questions. we look under the hood. you have to be careful. there are some answers she would have to give behind closed doors and the senators know that. if they play that silly game
6:19 am
shame on them. i think that's what we do in this country. we talk it through. what did she learn, what is her perspective? a legitimate question. >> bill: maybe her answer is we didn't know what was going on in the world and we had to figure it out. that's what the answer is probably going to be. you write a book about the deep state in washington, d.c. she has been there since 1985. >> look, because she has a lot of experience doesn't mean she is the wrong person. i would argue if it's not gina haspel who do they have? you want to have somebody who has been in the fights, who has been in those discussions. seen the good, the bad and ugly and that is what makes her qualified. deep state, when they work to try to fight to protect their own and just embarrass this administration for the sake of embarrassment i'm writing a book about it and it will be pretty interesting. >> bill: you know some things we do. looking forward to that. the hearing is live tomorrow
6:20 am
here on "america's newsroom." jason chaffetz, thank you. >> julie: thank you. breaking news on an american pastor being held in a turkish prison. he remains behind bars ahead of his next hearing. senator thom tillis is fighting for the pastor's release and will join us right after the break. psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have
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6:24 am
helped kurdish militants. brunson rejected the claim saying these accusations are shameful and disgusting. our doors were open to everyone. i strive to prevent politics entering the church. our next guest went to turkey to visit pastor brunson and fighting to bring him back. north carolina senator thom tillis joins us now. thank you for talking to us this morning. yesterday the secret with it -- witness comes out and makes this claims. he aimed to create a christian kurdish state and helped kurdish militant. the witness comes out at the 11th hour. what do you make of this witness? >> i was in a turkish courtroom for the better part of 12 hours a month ago and i visited pastor brunson three weeks earlier if prison and spoke with him directly. the allegations are absurd. there are secret witnesses that we saw testimony in one case
6:25 am
where the allegation was rising to a level putting this man in prison for 35 years, they saw a light in a room upstairs in the church for four hours. there had to be something bad happening there. the odd thing about that particular circumstance by a secret witness is there is no window in this room. i've been to the church and heard the allegations about secret meetings, the testimony of these secret witnesses is absurd and even more absurd pastor brunson requested 10 people to come before him as witnesses in his defense and they all have been denied because they say they are suspects. they haven't been charged with anything. they haven't been convicted of anything but say they're suspects and not qualified to testify on his behalf. that's the nature of this kangaroo court we're witnessing in turkey. >> julie: he should be allowed to defend himself. he is being accused of spying and terror-related charges and clearly he is never going to be given a fair shot to defend
6:26 am
himself in court. you mentioned here is what happened. they sent him back to his prison cell after the secret or you should call it surprise witness comes out. totally catches his team off guard. the vice chair of the u.s. commission of international religionist freedom said the judge east decision at the conclusion of today's hearing to dismissal the witnesses calls on the defense without listening to a single minute of their testimony is simply unconscionable. what is the game plan before his next hearing on july 18th. >> we'll continue to up the pressure. turkey is a nato ally. we have an air force base there. we have a very tight relationship with them in terms of manufacturing of the joint strike fighter. we have to rethink our relationship with turkey if this is how they'll treat american cities. it is unheard of among nato allies to treat people this way. for anybody to say they have to let the judicial process play out in turkey doesn't
6:27 am
understand it. it is a political process that president erd wan is allowing to play out. we continue to increase the pressure on turkey to free pastor brunson who has been in prison 578 days and the vast majority of that was without charges. we need to bring him home and be mindful of other americans who have been sentenced. we have a nasa scientists sentenced to 7 1/2 years and working for our state department awaiting trial. this has to stop or we need to rethink our relationship with turkey. >> julie: something needs to happen before there is a sentencing. once the sentencing happens it's too late. how is he doing and what are you doing currently to bring him back? how is that going? >> i think he is doing very well under the circumstances but he has been in impossible conditions for 15 months. he was in a prison cell that had 21 people in it designed for eight. he has been moved to a
6:28 am
different prison that is better. what we'll do. we tried to show respect to the turkish government and tried to show respect by meeting with the ambassador and foreign minister. now what we have to do is show we're prepared to act in terms of sanctions and changing the nature of our relationship with turkey. we have to look at all of our ties with turkey and question whether or not that's the best partner to with on certain things around national defense and economic ties. >> julie: we just want to thank you for the work that you are doing first of all. to have an ally like you to be trapped in a prison in a country such as turkey or north korea, as an american and have nobody here defending you is probably the scariest thing you could possibly face. is the white house getting involved at all? >> they are to the president's credit he has made a specific call to the turkish president and secretary pompeo had a discussion within a day of him
6:29 am
coming on board after his confirmation. we're working hand in glove on this issue. that is not to say that some of the things we're supporting will have universal support. these are very important issues around the joint strike fighter, around sanctions and around our presence there but things that have to be examined through the lens of turkey's behavior since the coup over the last couple years. >> julie: good luck to you. candidate for the west virginia senate gop primary don blankenship firing back at president trump who urged voters not to support him in today's primary. listen. >> he has been misinformed. west virginiaians know the truth and now know that it has been a five or six month campaign they know more about what is important and the policies and uvv and everything than the president. >> julie: we're live in west virginia as voters decide who will run against democrat joe
6:30 am
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>> bill: 9:33. fox news alert. first multi-state primary day of the year goes down today and voters head to the polls in four states. we're keeping a close eye on indiana, ohio, west virginia. we'll explain that coming up right now. we're back on the bill board to give you an idea what is moving on primary day today. these were the results from 2016, red for president trump and blue for hillary clinton based on the results. today on may 8 i mention north carolina. these three states indiana, ohio, west virginia the heart of trump country. the results of 2016 he won west virginia by 42 points over in
6:34 am
ohio he won the state by eight points. a much larger margin than we've seen in several decades of presidential elections there. to the west in indiana he was a victor there as well winning over hillary clinton by 20 points. in this state it has been nasty, the primary battle. you have a couple congressmen going against mike brown the businessman. the winner will take on joe donnelly in november. republicans feel they have a good chance for pickup. ohio will be a bigger battle. the winner will take on sherrod brown. bigger battle for republicans in the buckeye state. west virginia meanwhile if you saw our primary debate a week ago between blankenship and jenkins and morrissey not a lot
6:35 am
of love lost on the stage. all three men seem to mention donald trump's name in every answer they gave. the winner of this primary will likely take on joe manchin, a popular democrat for the moment there in west virginia. republicans think they have a shot at knocking joe manchin off. that's how we set the table. now we have team fox coverage for one of the republican candidates for the senate nomination in west virginia. congressman evan jenkins makes his case in a moment but first live to peter doocy in charleston, west virginia. what is the latest today? >> now in the final hours of this campaign the former coal baron is not running away from criticism of his campaign but repeating them in a new radio ad. >> they are calling me a bigot, moron, mentally ill. even if all this is true, i will do a better job than they have done.
6:36 am
>> the one thing blankenship has tried to explain away is his misdemeanor conviction that earned him a year in prison after a mine disaster that killed 29 people. the attorney general is doing his best to make sure voters don't forget about blankenship's association with the mine explosion. morrissey announced he was contacting blankenship's probation officer for breaking the rules about filing a financial disclosure and morrissey has a new ad himself. >> a convicted criminal. proven conservative. that's your choice. >> congressman evan jenkins first place in the fox news poll already voted this morning. he along with morrissey share president trump's blessing in this race. >> we have worked so hard and had so many people helping every step of the way. that's the great thing about
6:37 am
elections is the voters get their opportunity to express their opinion, their vote on election day. i'm encouraged and i feel great today. >> democratic super pacs have poured money into the state to stop jenkins or morrissey from winning today's primary while pub super pacs have tried to stop don blankenship. they don't think he can beat joe manchin in november. >> bill: back upstairs to julie with more. >> julie: exciting stuff. let's bring in west virginia congressman evan jenkins, gop candidate for nomination to the u.s. senate. thank you very much for joining us this morning. all right, wow, this is getting really exciting in west virginia. the president urging voters whatever they do, do not vote for don blankenship. how are voters we acting to the president's push? >> well, you know what?
6:38 am
he went on further than that. he said support evan jenkins. we're honored to have the president's support and endorsement yesterday. we feel so much energy in our campaign. yes, my opponents seem to be spending their last days of this campaign bickering at one another. we have an optimistic look about the future and a strong relationship with president trump. we're working each and every day and have a brighter future in west virginia and we'll win today on election day. >> julie: we wish you good luck. the president's urging against blankenship helps you but also another contender in this race, attorney general patrick morrissey. you are both republican rivals in a state the president won in 2016. if you will, compare yourself to morrissey. >> well, there is a huge difference. patrick morrissey and sorry to spend this last day talking about my opponent but you asked. he was 18 years as a hill lobbyist, big pharma, made
6:39 am
millions. we have a drug crisis in west virginia. we don't need a d.c. lobbyist that made millions of dollars peddling pills in our state. he ran for congress in new jersey on his jersey values. this is about the future of west virginia. my west virginia roots, raised my family here. it is an optimistic outlook working with president trump and having the president weigh in yesterday saying he supported a vote for evan jenkins today means the world. we will win today. we're a brighter future and proud west virginiaians standing up for what we believe in. >> julie: that's how you sell yourself when you talk about your opponent. sometimes you have to do that. let's talk about jobs and coal mining. two issues of great interest in west virginia. how does your opponent differ on those issues? >> well, look, i was the one who was standing in the white house with president trump. president trump signing the
6:40 am
legislation i passed in congress that saved 1/3 of all the coal mining jobs in america. i'm the one working with president trump that actually passed the tax cut bill that is putting more money in people's pockets. the big distinction between me and the other folks are that i'm actually working with president trump. the economy is improving. in fact, last year west virginia's economic growth rate activity was the tenth fastest in the country. what a difference an election makes and having somebody working with president trump and president trump supporting my candidacy for the u.s. president. president trump needs a trusted supporter and we're the only one that can we place joe manchin this fall. >> julie: sometimes i get a little surprised. i want to get back to blankenship for a second. the former coal executive was convicted of -- many people at
6:41 am
home don't know this, conspiring of violating mine safety rules after a 2010 explosion. 29 people were killed. how does blankenship have a fighting chance? >> well, you know what? he has run a really odd campaign. independently wealthy and opened up his own checkbook. west virginiaians know about the disaster where 29 souls were lost in the mine disaster. my great great granddad died in a coal mine explosion. we're prideful and fight for what we believe in here. that's why my candidacy offers the hope and opportunity and the core west virginia values that we recognize and need in west virginia. >> julie: congressman evan jenkins, good luck to you. thank you very much. >> thank you for letting me be with you this morning. >> bill: like magic, here we
6:42 am
are. did you learn anything down there? >> julie: i did. how did you get up here so fast? >> bill: new reaction from tehran today. we expect a decision from the president on the nuclear deal. white house director of legislative affairs marc short will talk about that and more from the north lawn. >> julie: the trump administration no longer playing games when it comes to illegal immigration. why the attorney general is now unveiling his zero tolerance policy. >> if you cross the border unlawfully we will prosecute you. it's that simple. if you smuggle illegal aliens across our border, then we will prosecute you. if you are smuggling a child, then we will prosecute you.
6:43 am
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6:46 am
i'm joined by the white house director of legislative affairs marc short. how are you and good morning. thanks for being here today. give us a hint or clue as to what's happening inside the west wing on the iran decision. >> you only have a few more hours to wait on that one. i can't get ahead of the president. i think the president has been clear on his president about the iran deal since the campaign. when you said 1.8 billion in cash to iran who use the cash in some cases to fund terrorism across the middle east and continue to fund rebels in yemen, that are continuing to fight against our allies, continuing to actually -- it is hard to think that iran is following the spirit of the deal. and so i think the president has been clear about his demands for a better deal and i think that he will make his case to the american people today. >> bill: i think he called it the worst deal ever.
6:47 am
he has probably said that 1,000 times. does the white house, does this president not believe that tehran has not held up its end of the bargain? >> one of the concerns there has been limitations on the ability to do inspection visits in iran onto the nuclear sites but i think again if they were abiding by the spirit of the deal, they wouldn't be fomenting unrest, targeting innocent civilians and funding terrorism across the middle east and continuing to send intercontinental ballistic missiles to rebels that are fighting against our allies. yeah, i think that it's hard to suggest they've actually followed the spirit of the deal. >> bill: one of the big questions is if you get out and you put the sanctions back in place, what happens after that? i think that's a big part of where the debate is. let's see given the fallout. the president tweeted this about john kerry. a lot of questions what he has been up to the past couple of months. john kerry can't get over the
6:48 am
fact he had his chance and blew it. john kerry was speaking earlier today on another network. secretary kerry stays in touch with former counterparts around the world like every previous secretary of state. he believes it's important that the nuclear agreement which took the world years to negotiate remain effective as countries focus on stability in the region. what do you think of john kerry's back channel if that's the word you want to use? >> i think john kerry's tenure of secretary of state proved to be disastrous for peace across the globe. he said the chemical weapons in syria were removed. that wasn't the case. we need to move on from his tenure and glad mike pompeo is secretary of state today. >> bill: i think the american
6:49 am
people what haspel has to say. what do we need to understand about her? >> gina has devoted her entire life to serving our country. when she graduated from high school she wanted to go to west point. her dad explained to her they didn't take women at that point. she graduated with honors from the university of louisville and entered into the c.i.a. where she has had a magnificent career for 33 years. risen to the top ranks and served in some of the most dangerous places across the globe as station chief. there is nobody that we could find who would be better qualified for this role. the last time that america had somebody who had served as a career agent to lead the c.i.a. was 52 years ago. she would be the first female director but the first career servant in 50 years. a great pick. >> bill: nice to see how the senators treat her when the hearing goes live during this hour.
6:50 am
the ag of new york schneiderman. this was the tweet from trump. wiener is gone, spitzer is gone. is he a crook? worst that spitzer or wiener in september of 2013. what's the white house reaction to the headline from overnight? >> a sad chapter, bill. i don't think anybody can gleefully look back and say that they were right about forecasting what would happen. i think it's sad and unfortunate and the residents of new york look forward to getting a new attorney general and moving on. >> bill: what a stunner it was. i'm sorry the time was so short. come back any time. thank you. >> julie: we're watching the dangerous situation unfolding in hawaii as a highly active volcano spews lava, molten rock and toxic gas. we're live on the ground next. ly
6:51 am
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6:54 am
>> julie: lava and gas continuing to erupt from kilauea volcano in hawaii engulfing cars and homes on parts of the big island. two new fissures have opened up near a residential community. more than 30 structures have been burned down. mostly homes. william la jeunesse is following the story for us. >> 250 people are sleeping in the red cross shelter behind me and people in cars nearby. the bad news is they have two new volcanic vents. the good news is the amount of lava coming out of all 12 fissures has gone down. no one expects it to stop. i talked to a lot of stressed-out people, uncertainty creates anxiety. they go to bed not knowing if they'll have a house tomorrow.
6:55 am
they wake up wondering if today is the day. eruptions are spontaneous and this could go on for days or weeks. >> i think what we can say this is not over. the seismic activity continues and magna within the rift zone. for the foreseeable future this eruption is likely to continue. >> the governor told residents last night don't tell your agent to say if you have lava insurance but simply fire insurance. they think it will cover some people. >> julie: you went into the evacuated neighborhood. what is it like there? >> it's empty. you realize the fingers of lava, they cut off streets and power lines and waterlines and literally disrupt the entire neighborhood. we're in leilani estate. the lava flow has made it just shy of this guy's house.
6:56 am
it looks like it has stopped. if you come in closer i want to give you an idea. you can feel the heat right now. it looks like it's real fragile, right? it's not. it's very hard. if you squeeze in here you can actually see the red areas down there like a hot charcoal fire burning. the heat is incredible coming out of there now. it looks like it is frozen, it's not. it is still moving very slowly. that's another concern of homeowners. their house may be here today, not so sure tomorrow. so the people inside this shelter who want to go back into the neighborhood and provided the wind cooperates with the sulfur dioxide levels. the wind is expected to change on thursday and they may not be able to go back into the hood. >> julie: thank you very much. >> bill: crazy scene there from hawaii. in a moment president trump high-level talks with the president of china earlier this morning after china and north
6:57 am
korea held an unannounced meeting. we'll talk to mac thornberry about this and more coming up live next. (vo) what if this didn't have to happen? i didn't see it. (vo) what if we could go back? what if our car... could stop itself? in iihs front-end crash prevention testing, nobody beats the subaru impreza. not toyota. not honda. not ford. the subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru.
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where agents help keep you protected from mayhem... me. mayhem is everywhere. are you in good hands? >> bill: 10:00 here in new york city. brand-new reaction now in from iran's president as we await a major announcement from president trump on the future of the iran nuclear agreement plus you have a major development on north korea as the president takes a phone call from the president of china who had a meeting a bit earlier today with kim jong-un and on and on she goes. good morning, everybody. brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm bill hemmer. good to have you with us today. >> julie: good to see you, too. in for sandra smith this morning. president trump's pick to lead the c.i.a. hanging in the balance as the world waits a decision on iran and the summit with north korean president kim jong-un. president trump is set to have a phone call with president macron to tell him what he has
7:01 am
decided. >> the iran deal is a disaster. they're testing missiles. you look at the ballistic missiles they're going and testing. what kind of a deal is it where you are allowed to test missiles all over the place? they restart they'll have big problems. bigger than they've ever had before. >> bill: the president's pick to lead the c.i.a. continues to face a bit of a hurdle ahead of tomorrow's senate confirmation hearing that you'll see live here on "america's newsroom." should be fascinating. >> julie: fox news covering all the angles for you. catherine herridge on the push to confirm gina haspel. mac thornberry offering his view on the iran deal. we begin with international reaction. ben hall reporting live from our mideast bureau. >> hi, still this chorus of different voices from all sides of the issue. israel, saudi arabia and emirates urging the president to get out. then you have other allies urging him to stay in. in israel today benjamin
7:02 am
netanyahu, one of the main lobby powers to urge trump to scrap the deal cut short the trip to cyprus so he could be back in time for the announcement. it suggests not even he knew about the president's timing and he urged patience. >> i suggest we all wait until 9:00 p.m. it is not that long. >> it's always been israel's belief the deal only delayed iran from getting a bomb and giving them resources to destabilize the region but others say it is something to build on. four hours to go until we find out what trump decides and some fear but also a lot of hope. julie. >> julie: what's the reaction inside iran? >> we're hearing on the streets of iran itself there is nervousness. we've been hearing from president rouhani. he has been defiant and gone as far as to threaten the u.s. against pulling out saying there would be a huge price to pay if they did leave.
7:03 am
he reiterated if the u.s. did so it wouldn't affect iran in the long run. >> we may face some problems for two or three months. but we will manage the problem anyway. >> remember, iran has done very well out of the deal. they have been trading with many new countries. the last few weeks has seen their currency plummet to new record lows. they would rather stay in. not long until we hear this historic announcement. >> bill: awaiting the iran announcement. president trump talking with china's president following today's meeting between president xi and north korean dictator kim jong-un. congressman mac thornberry with me now, sir. good day to you and thank you for coming back here on our program. i know you don't like the deal. the president doesn't like the deal. you would rather he stay in the deal. how come? >> well, you're right. i don't like the deal. iran already got a plane load
7:04 am
of cash as well as sanctions relief. but the question is now what happens? and i'm concerned that if we completely withdraw from the deal, iran will have an excuse to kick out the inspectors. the sanctions will not be reimposed by our european allies and so we lose what insight we've got now. >> bill: how much insight do we really have? the inspectors are not -- they are not given full access, as you know. >> we don't have enough but it gives us more than we would have otherwise. and so if it were up to me i would tell the french and british okay, you have another two or three months to strengthen the deal. to get the inspectors into these other sites and to curtail their missile program. and -- but there is a range of options here. you can either stay all the way in, get all the way out or a whole lot in between and that's what none of us know.
7:05 am
>> bill: the economy in tehran is -- they're facing some tough times and you know that's the pressure -- that's when the pressure arrives on the regime. why not continue on that? protests back in december. you are never quite sure how the iranian people will react. you have wanted change in that country for a long time. >> absolutely. there are no guarantees. but remember this, most of the cash and sanctions relief has gone to their security forces. so the number one objective of the iranian regime is to stay in power. so they are going to use whatever resources they have, whatever they can to stay in power, which makes it even more important for us to work with allies and to strengthen our own military. at the end of the day whether we're in or out. >> bill: what do you think he decides today at 2:00? >> i assume that he will at least withdraw from part of it.
7:06 am
but that's why i say the question is how much of it. there are some sanctions on the central bank. some on individuals and companies. we'll just have to see. >> bill: on korea now the chinese president met with kim jong-un secret place. kim took a plane, not a train this time. we know the president had a conversation last hour with the chinese president. what is your expectation as to what we need to understand at the moment as to whether or not these two really do sit down and talk? >> well, i think they will sit down and talk. because the objective is to divide the u.s. from our allies in south korea. the objective is to weaken some of the public pressure around the world that is imposing sanctions on north korea. to me i don't think north korea will ever completely and verifyably give up their nuclear weapons program but i think it is really important that we put them to the test and that's exactly what the president is doing. >> bill: do you think there is
7:07 am
a relationship of trust that is building here? it's hard to see that. >> i don't think there is trust. and the chinese have been more helpful than they have in the past but remember, they aren't doing anything out of the goodness of their heart. they are only taking steps because we are showing that not only are we willing to get the world to apply sanctions to north korea but we're building up our military in their backyard and that's what they are trying to thwart. >> bill: the chinese have liked the calm border on the southeastern edge of their country as you know. hope you come on back. mac thornberry from the hill. thanks. >> julie: another big story we're watching today. president trump coming to the defense of his pick for c.i.a. director gina haspel as she heads to capitol hill to meet with senators ahead of her confirmation hearing. tomorrow we'll carry it for you, the white house meantime bracing for the possibility of yet another contentious confirmation battle. >> we want her to get a fair
7:08 am
hearing, a thorough hearing and we're very confident that not only will all of the members of the senate see what the rest of us see and certainly even some of the people that have held that position see that gina is more than qualified to run and lead the agency. >> julie: catherine herridge joins us live from washington with the latest. >> good morning. the first woman nominated to be c.i.a. director went to capitol hill for a second day of meetings with the vote coming down to a handful of senators. gina haspel is meeting with democratic senators jack reed and ron wyden who is among the most vocal critics of her an the detainee interrogation program that people call torture. they have access to information. >> i believe what we have here is a cover-up from a to z. there has been selective
7:09 am
declassification. i do believe that if the american people could see what i've seen, i believe they would be calling their senator and urging their senator to vote against the nominee. >> the confirmation hearing is expected to put the justice department approved program under fresh scrutiny. john brennan was one of the program's key decision makers and he still got senate confirmation, haspel was a mid-level manager with no say on policy. >> it seems like we're making gina haspel here to a much stricter standard around this program than john brennan was held to account for. i don't know if that's because of political is enchantment with president trump. >> rand paul who came out as an early opponent has been silent this week on whether he will meet her. >> julie: the morning has come.
7:10 am
this morning the president weighing in for a second time on this. what did he say? >> this morning another very public show of support for haspel from the president taking to twitter and praised her as tough on terrorism and the c.i.a. rank and file support her as their new director. former c.i.a. officers say haspel is a gifted operator who is responsible for the capture of two terrorists behind the 1998 al qaeda bombings targeting the u.s. embassies in east africa and point to the fact because so much has focused on the interrogation program it was haspel who ran c.i.a.'s russia operation and supporters say it should matter to democrats given the current climate, julie. >> julie: thank you very much. >> bill: tomorrow will be fascinating. these hearings hold a certain level of suspense. you aren't quite sure where they'll go. we'll see together. >> julie: they're very contentious as well and tense at times. i believe she will do fine. >> bill: she has her detactors
7:11 am
and she has a lot of supporters from a lot of different corners. he has been a vocal supporter of the #metoo movement and he is forced to resign over claims of physical abuse. so what happens next for that attorney general? ari fleischer is live on that coming up here. plus there is this. >> so we have designed our systems to prevent exactly that, to protect the privacy of our users. >> you can get around that to find that identity, can't you? >> no, senator, i cannot. >> julie: unanswered questions about facebook. did facebook lawyers lie to congress? senator john kennedy thinks so and he will join us next to explain. >> bill: primary voting is underway as republicans battle to hold the majority come november. brit hume as analysis coming up next. >> we need republicans to do it right. to get the kind of things we want. we've got to get republicans
7:12 am
elected. we've got to do great in 18. whoooo.
7:13 am
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amanda's mom's appointment hello mom. just got rescheduled - for today. amanda needs right at home. our customized care plans provide as much - or as little help - as her mom requires. whether it's a ride to the doctor or help around the house. oh, of course! tom, i am really sorry. i've gotta go. look, call right at home. get the right care. right at home. >> i have the bulk of the trump supporters on my side and endorsed by citizens for trump. had a robocall last night with the chairman of women for trump. i think donald trump will be just fine with me. >> bill: there is mike gibbons
7:16 am
optimistic about his -- polls are open in ohio, west virginia, indiana, north carolina. republicans hoping to hold that majority in november. fox news senior political analyst brit hume back in washington how are you doing, brit? you're back in the swamp. everything aligned okay? >> everything i left behind, traffic, air conditioning not working too well at home. all those things i remember and don't love about being here. >> bill: send a postcard back to florida. don blankenship seems to be the character of the day. last week he said i am trumpier than trump. what about these candidates running to trump on nearly every answer they give? >> they know the republican electorate overwhelmingly supporting trump. if you want to be nominated in a republican primary you can't really afford to get crossways with trump and so they're all
7:17 am
trying to be the trumpiest of the candidates and blankenship, who is a pretty exotic candidate, fresh out of a term in crossbar hotel, trump is opposed to him and doesn't want him. but he says nonetheless he would be trump's biggest supporter. >> bill: here is his tweet to the great people of west virginia we have together a really great chance to keep making a big difference. problem is don blankenship can't win the general election in your state. no way, remember alabama. vote jenkins or morrissey. that's in direct reference to the alabama vote that was lost in the senate. >> it certainly is. that was a state that was considered unloseable for the republicans and they managed to lose it anyway by nominating an exotic candidate in the person of roy moore who had considerable reporting about his abuse of young women years ago and he couldn't survive that.
7:18 am
blankenship if he were nominated would face something similar he did a term in jail and his positions are strange. he doesn't really live in the state. he would seem to be an unelectable candidate against a democrat in what has been become an increasingly red state in the form of joe manchin who is a popular and successful politician. he is skilled and experienced. they will need a pretty good candidate to beat him. i think most people think that blankenship couldn't do it and worried he might get the nomination. >> bill: we live and work in an echo chamber in a lot of cases washington, d.c. or new york city. you talk to other people be it virginia, florida, elsewhere. what is your sense how the president is doing? we know how he is characterized through the mediums we observe. >> what i hear from people around the country is that they think the stuff he says is terrible. they don't like his tweeting.
7:19 am
they don't have any doubt, for example, that he is a womanizer and that he struggles to tell the truth but they look at the record of what he has accomplished or is trying to accomplish and they support that. so on balance i particularly among conservative republican voters there is a lot of support for the guy and reflected in the polling. the striking thing about that is, bill, it's a mirror image of what is happening in the democratic party where a poll recently said 71% of democratic voters want him impeached. so there you see the divided america in a snapshot. >> bill: last thought. my guess is if he sticks it to tehran this afternoon, people in another part of the country will like that. >> i think they will. >> bill: that's my sense. >> there will be a lot of hand wringing and arguments, some quite serious that says we're better off in the deal because
7:20 am
iran got so much of the benefit of their side of it up front and at least that restrains them to some extent. i don't think many people are believing it's a very good deal. if he goes that way he will have a lot of support. it will depend on what happens next. >> bill: thank you, brit. good luck in the swamp. we'll throw you a lifeline. great to have you back. >> julie: house republican leaders holding a news conference now on capitol hill addressing iran. new budget tensions and negotiations with north korea. we'll be monitoring this for you and bring you any news that emerges from it. >> bill: the trump team getting tougher on illegal immigration. what the justice department is now doing to protect that southern border. that's coming up. >> i have put in place a zero tolerance policy for illegal entry on our southwest border. if you are going to come to this country, come here legally, don't come here illegally.
7:21 am
7:22 am
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and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> bill: the first lady unveiling her platform in a ceremony in the rose garden announcing the be best initiative aimed at promoting the well-being of children in america. >> i do believe that children should be both seen and heard and it is our responsibility as adults to educate and remind them that when they are using their voices rather verbally or online they must choose their words wisely and speak with respect and compassion. >> bill: the campaign will focus on three children's issues, you just heard one there. healthy living, positive on social media and fighting opioid abuse, critical in so many parts of the country. good, strong message. nice to hear. >> julie: absolutely. zero tolerance, a clear message
7:25 am
from u.s. attorney general jeff sessions yesterday announcing tougher policies on anyone caught trying to enter the country illegally. >> if you cross the border unlawfully, then we will prosecute you. it's that simple. if you are smuggling a child, then we will prosecute you. and that child may be separated from you as required by law. >> julie: jonathan hunt is live from the west coast newsroom with the details. jonathan, did the attorney general give details on why the tough policy is being put in place? >> he said, julie, this is very simply a case of enforcing the law. the laws currently already on the books. no new laws he and other administration officials simply the instigation of a zero tolerance policy. all illegal entry attempts will be referred to federal prosecutors. if children get caught up in the fallout of that, according
7:26 am
to the attorney general, so be it. listen here. >> we don't want to separate families, but we don't want families to come to the border illegally. and attempt to enter into this country improperly. >> from october through april, julie, one in four border patrol arrests involved families and children. that means that if this zero tolerance policy does go into effect, then a lot of children will be impacted by it, julie. >> julie: what is the reaction, jonathan, from immigrants rights groups? >> as you can imagine, they are not happy about it. to them zero tolerance equals zero empathy for asylum seekers such as some of those who joined the caravan from central america to the u.s. border
7:27 am
recently. according to amnesty international, quote, criminalizing and stigmatizing parents only trying to keep their children from harm and give them a safe upbringing will cause untold damage to thousands of traumatized families. the attorney general had a very simple answer to that. listen again here. >> i have no doubt that many of those crossing our border illegal i are leaving behind difficult situations. but we cannot take everyone on this planet who is in a difficult situation. >> the attorney general was heckled during those remarks and asked, do you have a heart? are you evil? he did not respond to those questions, julie. >> julie: surprise. all right. jonathan hunt, thank you. >> bill: 27 past. three hours away from the iran decision. stay with fox for continuing coverage on that and stunning new video in our newsroom.
7:28 am
police officers rushing into a lake to save a woman from her sinking car. more on this in a moment.
7:29 am
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something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. >> revelations about attorney general eric schneiderman were shocking, disturbing, and just really in a political environment. >> julie: brand-new reaction coming in from governor andrew cuomo moments ago after attorney general eric schneiderman announced his rest ignition. it happened overnight following bombshell allegations from four women who claim he sexually and physically abused them.
7:32 am
ari fleischer is a fox news contributor. we'll get to iran in a second but then this happens. "the new yorker" is exposing the story four women came out saying schneiderman slapped and abused them while they were in a relationship. what do you make of the allegations? >> good for the women who went against the attorney general known for going after people. the story was hard to read. it is so harrowing. the violence, physical violence, the hitting that the attorney general inflicted on these women. it is sickening and now it looks like attorney general is under criminal investigation himself. >> julie: he is resigning, the new york attorney general. at the same time he denies any wrongdoing.
7:33 am
that's the part that confuses us every time this comes up, right? not the first time. this is a statement that he issued last night right away. he comes out and says in the privacy of the intimate relationships i have engaged in role playing and other consensual sexual activity. i have not assaulted everyone and never engaged in non-consensual sex which is a line i would not cross. if you don't have anything to hide. if you have done nothing wrong, why resign immediately? >> well, that's a very good point and he says consensual. beating people and hitting people is consensual? how warped is this? i mean, i hate -- this shouldn't even be in the realm of politics. just in the realm of how you treat fellow human beings. that's why my starting point and endpoint is all praise and credit to these four brave women. it must be very, very hard for them to step forward and do what they've done and say what
7:34 am
they've done and credit "the new yorker" carving out a niche as one of society's protectors. >> julie: these women say they sought medical attention after alleged assaults and we just confirmed the manhattan district attorney has opened up an investigation into the allegations concerning mr. schneiderman. could that have something to do with him resigning? there has to be evidence and maybe part of a plea deal down the road. >> well look, you just have to figure he listened the own conscience and knew if the charges were essentially true. he willfully contest them. he is not being specific about what is right and wrong. he knows there is enough there that is right and resigned in three hours after the story came out. >> julie: quick. >> yeah. what you are really seeing, anybody who is accused of these things if there is truth behind it, you can't last.
7:35 am
women are being able to come out and say the truth and toppling people in a position of authority and i think it's good for society. >> julie: what's disgusting is this guy was behind the me too movement. with his resigned does president trump get to appoint another one? >> this is the new york elected official, the attorney general of new york is an elected position. i don't know what the laws are in the state of new york. whether the governor gets to appoint somebody or a special election or an election in november. i think that will be the case and democrats will pick a successor and republicans will have a candidate. schneiderman as a new yorker has been very aggressive and goes after anybody. such morally pure tones. this just is the worst --
7:36 am
>> president trump called him out years ago for being a cheat and liar. this one is disgusting. turning to iran. the deal. an announcement could come down very soon 2:00 this afternoon the president is expecting to announce what his decision is and he also plans on calling french president macron to tell him how he has decided. i think macron knows he won't go ahead with the current deal as is. what do you think will happen at 2:00? >> thank goodness the president is doing this. you have to confront iran. the best way to confront would have been to keep the sanctions in place. not only stop them from ever getting nuclear weapons but the biggest threat to war in the world is between israel and iran because iran is encouraged at a result of the iran deal to increase its support for terrorism particularly in syria, lebanon and yemen. it was a deal that awarded iran with billions of dollars which
7:37 am
they've used to perpetuate terrorism and bring the world to the risk of an iran israel war. being tough on iran is the answer and what we need to do. >> julie: ahead of the president's decision iran's first vice president saying only the naive would negotiate with the u.s. clearly the pressure is on iran. >> that's exactly right. when the pressure is on iran it shows the pressure is on north korea and when the united states is tough as we were with the soviet union under ronald reagan we can get good results that end up in a more peaceful world. when you yield to those who sponsor terrorism and engage in terrorism and let them get access to billions of dollars you create a more dangerous world. donald trump, the bull in the china shop, is doing the right thing to achieve worldwide peace. the irony is you achieve strength through peace and what donald trump is showing. >> julie: thank you so much. >> thank you. >> bill: 22 minutes before the
7:38 am
hour. thank you, julie. a budget fight building on capitol hill in an effort to ease deficit concerns. president trump proposing canceling $15 billion in federal spending. lawmakers now taking issue with where you will find room for the cuts and where you go to get them. doug, what's the rub here? good morning. >> good morning. this goes back to the passage of that 1.3 trillion budget deal in the month of march. as you recall president trump signed that budget deal at the 11th staving off a government shutdown. while he got the defense spending increase he so badly wanted it came at a huge expense of an increase in domestic spending and prompted mr. trump to say at that time never again. now at the urging of conservatives president trump wants some of that money back and he can get it back through a process called rescission. it would pull $15 billion in previously approved spending but it is angering democrats who look at almost half of the
7:39 am
rescission cuts would come from parts of the children's health insurance program, the chip program that expired last year, 800 million from the affordable care act. pilot programs not being used. in a statement nancy pelosi said it shows the hypocrisy of a tight budget for children and families while handing giveaways to corporations and the most wealthy. bob casey a democrat from pennsylvania. >> at a time when both parties entered into a bipartisan engagement that resulted in a 10 year reauthorization of chip it is totally unacceptable to me. >> at the time senate leader mitch mcconnell warned about rescission saying it would be seen as renegeing on a bipartisan budget deal. there are divisions within the gop caucus. listen up. >> i believe we ought to keep our word on the omnibus, express or implied your word is important. an agreement is important and
7:40 am
i've expressed that publicly and i express that to the president. >> some people said well, we shouldn't support the rescission because we made a deal. i didn't make a deal with anybody. >> conservatives and white house are moving full speed ahead. budget director talking about another roll-out of rescission packages worth $25 million later this summer. >> bill: it doesn't happen often. we'll see if they get it done. thank you from the hill today. >> julie: this video is incredible. a texas woman lucky to be alive this morning thanks to some quick-thinking officers. the woman in an s.u.v. crashed into an alligator and snake-infested lake. the tense moments revealed on this officer's body camera. listen to the water. the saoufr was sinking when one of the officers broke a window of the vehicle pulling the woman to safety. officials say the vehicle sank shortly after the rescue. the driver says she fell asleep before losing control.
7:41 am
amazingly she had no injuries, one officer was treated for minor cuts. wow, those officers are true heroes. >> bill: breaking the glass on the car. >> julie: incredible. >> bill: facebook still doing damage control. a new report suggesting the company lead attorney may have lied to congress. we'll play you the tape. you can decide and then senator kennedy, who was there, will explain. >> julie: plus baseball's fiercest rivalry is heading across the pond. find out what's bringing the yankees, red sox feud to london next.
7:42 am
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7:45 am
to protect the privacy of our users. >> you can get around that to find that identity, can't you? >> no, senator, i cannot. >> that's your testimony under oath >> yes, it is. >> bill: good morning, the senator is with me now. is that a truthful answer or not? why don't you answer it. >> it appears to me that at the hearing mr. stretch had, at best, a casual relationship with the truth. kind of reminds me what george burns used to say. he would say you know, sincerity is everything. fake that and you've got it made. this is not some game. facebook reaches about a third of the world's population. it has the ability to influence what we believe, how we vote, what we buy, how we feel. and it does that because -- and can do that because it has
7:46 am
massive amounts of private data about each of us. those of us that use facebook. and it is very important that facebook protect that data. now, facebook says that it is protecting that data. but its business model is to exploit that data. and this is what concerns me. let's suppose that a foreign government came to facebook and said i will give you -- we will give you $250 million to give us the profile, name and data connected on every single member of the united states congress. what websites they visited, where they go to eat, everything about them. facebook says it wouldn't do that. now i'm not saying that they aren't telling the truth. but i play poker with my friends. they are my friends and i trust
7:47 am
them but i cut the cards. and all we have is facebook's word that it wouldn't do that and we have its general counsel under oath even denying they have the ability to do that when mr. zuckerberg said that they did. >> bill: have you followed up with the company on that question? >> no, i just found out about this last week but i plan to do it. >> bill: you believe he was stretching the truth to borrow a bad phrase, mr. stretch. >> i believe that either he didn't know, which is pretty hard to believe because he is a general counsel, and he is a very accomplished attorney. he is an honors graduate of dartmouth. i think he went to harvard law school or he wasn't being forthcoming. either way, you know, we got the truth from mr. zuckerberg and i appreciated him being candid but it's as if at these hearings facebook is treating these hearings like it is some kind of game.
7:48 am
how much -- how little can we reveal but appear to be forthcoming and sincere? >> a lot of people poked fun at the questions that were asked. now it's rather revealing as we look back at what we saw. last comment on that and i want to move to another topic. >> let's face the facts. i don't mean to be disrespectful but for eight years under president obama, the social media platforms had the run of this place. they were the fair-haired children. and now they are being held accountable by both the republicans and democrats and i think it's important that we do that. >> bill: two quick questions. gina haspel, is she confirmed next c.i.a. director or not? >> i think she will be and should be. >> bill: what about the
7:49 am
mid-terms. primary voting in four different states. what is your sense how it goes for your party come november today? >> i really don't know. i've read all the articles and seen polls. we'll have to wait and see. our country is divided. we have some people upset with president trump. we always have people upset with congress. but i'll tell you in the last year and a half i think we've accomplished a lot and i think the american people are smart enough to understand that. so we'll see. >> bill: you'll be selling that message. does iran get the news today the nuclear deal is done? >> i don't know but it's a bad deal. iran is a bad actor. the ayatollah, the aspect of the religion that he practices in iran tells him he has to hate somebody. i don't believe most muslims believe that but the ayatollah does. if your religion requires you the hate somebody and want to kill somebody it's time to get a new religion. >> bill: thank you for your
7:50 am
time. senator kennedy always candid. thanks. >> julie: all right. we're 10 minutes away from "happening now." here is jon scott. >> a big announcement from president trump coming today on the iran deal. what happens if the u.s. pulls out? c.i.a. director nominee gina haspel back on the hill today trying to win support ahead of her confirmation hearing tomorrow. is she the victim of a democratic smear campaign? also attorney general jeff sessions saying authorities are ready to separate children from their families if that's what it takes to enforce immigration laws. that stance making waves. a debate ahead on "happening now" top of the hour. >> julie: we'll see you then. 10 minutes. could there be soon yet another glass ceiling shattered in the nba? becky hammond could be heading as the first female coach. her story next.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>> julie: a major milestone for women in the nba. the milwaukee bucks are considering becky hammon for a position at head coach. hammon is currently the san antonio spurs assistant coach. never has a woman done such a thing. she is in the running as milwaukee bucks head coach. here with me now is jared max. incredible. she have is up for a big job. this is big news for the nba. >> one of 30 head coaching jobs in the nba in the world. not a publicity stunt. she is the real deal. played basketball for 16 seasons. also an assistant coach with the san antonio spurs for four seasons and has also run their summer league team for two seasons. she has gotten to work under one of the best coaches in the nba. the head coach of the san
7:55 am
antonio spurs has just said about her. she knows what she knows and she knows what she doesn't and she gets her butt in the film room and nails down one of the other coaches. i think she is a star. she will interview with the bucks this week. last year she met with them about their general manager position. so i could safely predict she will become a head coach in the nba. >> julie: there were many that predicted years ago she would be the one. she would be the one to break the glass ceiling and become the very first female head coach. why do you think people saw that coming? >> probably because of her pedigree, how smart she is. she works very well with the team. you wonder how does it work with the male/female interaction? >> julie: how will these guys -- how will they take a woman telling them what to do? >> we're seeing it in other sports. the arizona cardinals a couple years ago and players can be respectful. that shouldn't come into the
7:56 am
equation here. a lot of other coaches interviewing for jobs. steve clifford is interviewing for the bucks today. >> julie: hammon's name has been in the news a lot. she will stay in the nba. she will get it. >> billie jean king tweeted yesterday the time is now for more female head coaches in men's sports. >> julie: i would say go for that. >> bill: i love billie jean king. does she get the job or not in milwaukee? >> i don't think she gets this job but will get an nba coaching job within two years, maybe this year. >> bill: awaiting a big announcement from the president getting ready to make his decision on the iran nuke deal. more on that and the factors at play both here and overseas. don't miss that coming up next.
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>> that's going to do it for now. going to be okay. >> >> it's hard to keep up with you. >> piece of cake over there. it was moving today. >> let's do it again tomorrow. >> gina haspel hearing live. >> "happening now" starts now. >> jon: we begin with a fox news alert. it's decision day on the iran nuclear deal. president trump set to announce whether he will follow-through on whether he will pull out of the deal. good morning to you. i'm jon scott. >> and i'm melissa francis. will he nix it or fix it? in less than three hours, the president will reveal his plan for the iran deal. an agreement he's blasted for years, calling it's a disaster among other things. our european allies still back this agreement, which could collapse if the u.s. withdraws. critics cite real concerns about trusting iran. >> the iranians have been lying.


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