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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 10, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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he does this on his own. >> kim jong un? >> kim jong un. >> you could describe president trump. this guy makes his own decisions in his inner circle. when they get pushed by the contacts, they just shrug their shoulders. houlders. >> let's reset. and henry in washington, you heard from leland, we will get to him in a moment and kristin fisher at the white house. we are live at 3:00 :00 am as we crossed the time frame. the pres. of the united states is on that jet.
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there is milania with the president and we will see if the 3 americans are following them, there they are. let's let this moment breathe for a second and stay out of the way. [cheers and applause] >> you heard the applause. two of the 3 americans, jared is emerging from the plane as well. now they head down the steps. so many things need to be said. the first is the sense of pride
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and joy seeing the smiles, hearing the applause. and also you can't help but notice in contrast to the tragedy of auto --otto wamrbier you see mike pompeo receiving a note card, maybe a note from one of the three hostages, a smile from mike pompeo who has been on the job for days now and one of his first major acts bring home three americans. jim, i am not a doctor, you are not a doctor but they look pretty healthy. >> i'm sure they are pretty happy. we had people come out of the north korean system before. it is pretty went the mental
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isolation is pretty severe. >> the pres. is coming toward the camera. we want to keep this open. the joy, hands in the air and the president seems to be speaking. >> a great honor, hopefully everything is going to work out. we want to thank kim jong un, these incredible people, they are really incredible people and the fact that we got them out so soon is a tribute to a certain process taking place right now and that process is very important. a short paragraph time, you will be hearing about it. the location is set, we will do
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something people did not think was going to happen for many years. a lot of bad things could have happened in between. this is a special night for these three really great people and congratulations. >> how does it feel to be home? >> how were you treated by the north koreans?
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>> the audio is a little -- we want to stick with it in case we hear something from the president. >> my proudest achievement will be, this is part of it but will be when we denuclearize that entire peninsula. something we've been waiting for for a long time, nobody thought we would be on this track. i'm very honored. these are great people they have been through a lot but it is a
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great honor. the honor is if we have a victory in getting rid of nuclear weapons. >> does this change how you will approach your meeting with kim jong un? >> we appreciate that he allowed them to go before the meeting. it was understood we would be able to get these three terrific people during the meeting and bring them home after the meeting and letting them go before the meeting because we didn't think this was going to happen and it did. very important thing to all of us to be able to get these three great people out. i want to pay my warmest respect to the parents of otto warmbier who was a great young man who really suffered.
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they have become friends of ours, they are spectacular people and i want to pay my respects. i called them the other day and mike called them also and they are really incredible people. >> have you had a chance to talk -- >> the fact the new york times said he was missing, he was in north korea. i think our secretary of state has done a fantastic job. >> have you spoken to kim jong un? >> he was in north korea. >> >> what is your message -- >> the meeting -- >> we are starting off on a new footing which is a wonderful
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thing, a released the folks early, a big thing, very important to me and i think we have a very good chance of doing something very meaningful and if anybody would have said that 5 years ago, 10 years ago, even a year ago you would've said that was not possible. a lot of good things have happened. >> will the meeting been singapore? >> what you think you decided to free these prisoners now? >> i think he wants to design. i really think he wants to do something and bring that country into the real world. i really believe that we will have a success. it has never been taken this far, never been a relationship like this, starting from here. a lot of progress has been made.
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we are talking about many of you will be with us but great things can happen and that is what we hope. i want to thank you all. it is very early in the morning. you probably broke the all-time in history television ratings for 3:00 in the morning. i want to congratulate three great people. >> have you gotten any sleep? [applause] >> will the meeting be held in singapore? >> in singapore, will singapore be the side of the summit? >> you can hear reporters trying to do their job and pin down whether the summit will be in
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singapore, he did not deny it or confirm it and a little bit of everything, perhaps the art of the deal, pyongyang, a shot at the new york times for saying in a story that mike pompeo was missing in action when he was in north korea, he couldn't let that go. and a mention of the best tv ratings at 3:00 eastern time ever. pure trump. >> trump is always trump. the first thought in my head so reminded me when the pows came home from vietnam, that look on the face, pure exhilaration of putting the foot on american soil. >> hard not to feel a lump in your throat when you see the three americans come down the steps command in the air, they were free, some holding out peace signs with the president of the united states. leland was there. you covered a lot of stories but to see that kind of history
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unfold before your eyes. >> an oddly intimate moment when you saw the pres. and those three americans at the top of the stairs chatting for a moment and it was special because you could see the emotion, you could see the joy that you talked about and didn't have to hear what they were saying as they walked down the stairs and you could see the relief on their faces, they knew they were home. these. been arrested long before donald trump was even elected. they now met the man who brought them home, secretary of state worked tirelessly and you heard the pres. talk about how important it was to him to get these three men home. that was the key part of the discussion about north korea's that we will not have the summit unless we get our people home, the president noted he got them home earlier than he thought he would. you know what is going on.
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the pres. and vp and mike pompeo walked them over to the bus, the walter reed military bus, taking them to walter reed hospital for further health checks and a little bit of debriefing as we discussed. they have been through an awful lot and a very long journey home not to mention their time in north korea so they will be checked out and debriefed. in the background, you can hear the engines of marine one starting to spin. the pres. and the first lady will head back to the white house, the vice president and mrs. parents back to the naval observatory and the secretary of state who has not slept since he took this job and was sworn in since monday night when he left the united states for this
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clandestine trip to north korea, hopefully get a little bit of rest and is the pres. said, he shook his head and sort of demure and let the president take the lead on this, you can see the pres. has loaded up onto marine one, the bus with the three americans is on its way out. donald trump said this was the highest ratings ever at 3:00 eastern. probably the happiest you will ever get a group to be up at 3:00 am eastern. nothing good happens after midnight. this is something very good that happened after midnight and you have the pres. the vp, secretary of state, the smiles on their face really told all you need to know and you saw the smiles on those three americans, you couldn't help but smile. even the hardened white house press corps you could see their faces soften as they walked down
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the stairs. >> i met your dad, that was one of the few times he was wrong, something good happening after midnight or even after 3:00 am. we will go back to you in a moment, talk about the moment in the grander sweep of history and facts check, the skepticism we have been trying to bring to our reporting and not just getting swept up in the moment. when the president said something to the effect that he believes rob: kim jong un wants to bring his people, quote, into the real world, a big bold statement, the hermit kingdom wants to come into the real world, getting from a to b will take a lot of hard work. >> his people when they talk to outsiders, they think he wants to do a kim -- a game changer. what is very clear to pool back
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on this this isn't supposed to happen. you are never supposed to get somebody something for nothing. kim is giving something in the front of the process with no likelihood of reciprocity. >> we were told and start mike pompeo had a strong message of donald trump is not going to sit down with you at the summit in june of as you release these americans. that was a precondition. publicly kim has given something but so has trump. you can't meet with kim. we can talk about these things, just put that on the table. both leaders are doing that. that is very interesting. you. the blades of marine one as it starts to take off. the pres. and first lady heading back to the white house. we will check back in a couple moments when he lands 10 or 12
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minutes or so from now. back to kristin fisher on the ground doing excellent reporting as well to see what is happening, usually not on-the-job past 3:00 eastern time and i want to ask you, i don't want the moment to pass, they have to reunite with their families and have a proper medical care to make sure physically and mentally they are okay but there is also some intelligence gathering from the government of them but also mike pompeo has had two meetings with the dictator including a 90 minute meeting in the last 24 hours, the kind of body language and close-up lead on kim jong un we never had before. >> you never deal with the north koreans knowing what they are going to do. all the stuff you describe, think about that in contrast to the kind of intelligence we collected against the chinese and the russians, they are tiny footnotes. i don't think we have great
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until. >> i agree but for the first time we are getting inside the hermit kingdom and he is not going to tell us everything he is thinking but there is great distance between these countries and i don't want to overstate it but we're getting a peek inside. >> we are in for a regular moment. i said these things will be a nothing burger, they will shake hands or whatever. if you listen to the signal in north korea, these guys are going to get a room, potentially put everything on the table. people look at reagan and say what a disaster but it was a success. reagan and gorbachev because gorbachev walked out of the room and said if i'm going to deal with this guy i can't play this guy, i have to cut a real deal and then they came back and really, reduction of nuclear
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weapons. these guys are going to go in a room and i do believe they are both going in the room looking at a historic deal but they will both walk away if they don't get one. >> give industrial good insight tonight into the early morning hours as has leland and i suspect the folks at andrews may be turning the lights out. people need to get to bed any final thoughts from you? >> the folks at joint st. andrews made clear when the show is over the show is over and marine one has lifted off, you brought up a good point about bringing a little skepticism to our reporting. there are moments like this before with people who were detained in north korea. former president clinton went to north korea to bring two
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detained americans home, two american women came home and the imagery was similar to this. it is not a u.s. air force plane but it was this imagery of people coming home and all the questions, is this the opening to make a deal with the north koreans which it happened before the north koreans have made a deal, have come to the table and then broken it. john bolton, the national security adviser who is famous for saying you know the north koreans are lying when their lips are moving and that is the skepticism that you hear from people inside the administration as they look towards making a possible deal with the north koreans and that is healthy skepticism for us to bring also to this as you noted in terms of how we look at this milestone for sure and momentous night for sure especially for these three men, their families, the secretary of state but the north koreans got something they want to too. we may not have given them money or sanctions relief but they got
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credibility which is the one thing the kim family has always wanted his credibility and recognition and the us secretary of state going there and shaking the hands of kim jong un, pictures of him laughing and smiling, this is big for them and they played this up in their press accounts has the american secretary of state coming to them. this is significant to the north koreans and we can't forget how significant it is for them to be recognized and seen as equals in their people's mind to the united states. >> appreciate your reporting, get some sleep and i want to go over to one of our other fine colleagues, kristin fisher at the white house. watching from your vantage at the white house on the north lawn, such a remarkably evening that is still continuing, the president on his way to where
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you are now. >> a very joyous one for donald trump. a personal win and a policy win. it is personal because he's able to bring these three americans home and reunite them with their families but exacerbated by the fact that he was not able to do the same for the first american he tried to bring home from north korea, otto warmbier who was brought home in a coma and died a few days later. he called the family to give his condolences and just now tonight on the tarmac with those newly freed americans donald trump brought him up again and said he wanted to pay his warmest respect to the parents of otto w wamrbi wamrbier. the fact that he was unable to bring him home is kind of eating away at him so tonight he was able to get the outcome that he
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wanted, for those three americans that were freed tonight for personal win and the policy win. donald trump is going to go forward and say hey, all of my tough talk, tough tweets, hard sanctions my administration has imposed on the north koreans is working. tonight again in those remarks we heard moments ago, he said he thanked kim jong un, we are starting a new footing. i think kim jong un did this because he wants to do something and bring his country into the real world. there's a good chance kim jong un will be able to do something meaningful. when they sit down and meet in a few weeks, that meeting is likely going to be taking place in early june, singapore, or as was initially tossed around as a possibility.
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tonight what this shows is at least some of what donald trump has been doing is resonating with the north korean dictator and all his allies are saying this campaign of maximum pressure is working but from my vantage point it is remarkable less then a year ago we were listening to all this talk about donald trump pushing the us to the brink of nuclear war with north korea. i was reporting on all these tweets about little rocket man and how he was going to rain down fire and fury on pyongyang and now we have such a happy moment and you are right, we should view all of this through a lens of skepticism, as history has taught us but this is at the
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very least a very big step forward to something positive with north korea, pyongyang and ultimately the denuclearization of the north korean peninsula which is what donald trump said was his ultimate goal tonight and i want to end with this. he was asked is this your proudest achievement of your presidency and he said it will be or this is part of it but his proudest achievement will be when we denuclearize the korean peninsula. it is clear that is where his head is at with a few weeks before the summit. >> i understand from our producers at the white house, the three choppers, the one carrying the pres. and first lady are coming in the distance, you will hear the minimum and as we always i want to get your final reporting as we wait for the pres. to see if he makes more comments. >> i can hear it now. i hear marine one now. and i want to pick up on what you were saying, you made that a
12:25 am
key point, maybe the president feels a sense of vindication. he mentions he went after the new york times, the president's critics will say here he is at this fine historic moment and still has to attack the new york times for saying mike pompeo was missing in action but there is a point behind what the pres. is saying which is no matter what he does he has his critics who are going to be naysayers and last summer we were told again and again the pres.'s rhetoric is taking us to the brink of nuclear war and the helicopter is near you so it might be hard to hear what i am saying but to pick up the baton he must feel a sense of vindication. >> if there is anything donald trump cannot be criticized for, anything he can just say this is my win, i am taking this win and nobody can criticize me it is this.
12:26 am
how can you criticize what ages did in bringing these three americans home. but he will be criticized for what he said on the tarmac and tv ratings. it was very emotional away the whole thing was staged, people will say it was a made-for-tv moment but everybody watching almost folks watching probably got emotional watching that moment with the three americans standing at the top of the stairs with donald trump, smiling, waving, giving the peace sign, they clearly were thrilled to be home, in good spirits and good health and in this superpolarized city we live in this may be one of the rare, the only event that would be tough to criticize donald trump on. >> we had to work the swamp in
12:27 am
at least once during live coverage and i will reset here with and henry in washington where we have been watching history unfold before our eyes and watching it together and what a lucky moment in time for all of us to be witnessing what we just saw at joint base andrews were three americans detained in north korea were set free, they have set foot literally on american soil, the president of the united states, what an image, so many powerful images tonight but one of the freed hostages, don't know which one that is waving his arms joyously, holding up the peace sign to indicate how happy he is tonight. i don't want to forget because we can easily be swept up by the pres. and what he is doing and everything happening on the ground but it is tony kim detained since able 23rd 2017,
12:28 am
kim hak-song and kim >> caller:. you have been watching not just homecoming but we are setting the stage for the next chapter in this story which is more diplomacy from donald trump that will ultimately lead to a face-to-face meeting with kim jong un, the dictator in north korea released these three americans into the embrace of secretary of state might activist -- mike pompeo which i want to bring back someone who has been generous with his time, lt. col. daniel davis and i wonder what is going through your mind. i want to get to the diplomacy but this is my first chance to ask you about these images of these americans coming home. >> it is heartwarming and as you have been saying all evening it is an honor to be part of something like this.
12:29 am
no matter what you think of donald trump, as an american it is something that could be one of the moments everybody comes together, this is something good for all the country and i am proud of what he has done. >> as we heard a few moments ago there are other networks saying he is trying to web about, distract attention from stormy daniels or any other stories. in and of itself this is an important moment. >> it is and you got to give donald trump some credit because he does have those distractions, the iran deal and stormy daniels and the mueller thing, north korea with nuclear war and the balance and seems to find a way to get through this and produce things on the ground here. got to give him some credit to that. >> as we have been reporting kristin fisher said on the north lawn of the white house last summer when the pres. added the
12:30 am
words you will be rained down with fire and fury like you have never seen before, that kind of tough rhetoric, there was, it wasn't a small amount, it was an avalanche of criticism, this president is unhinged, this president is unstable, this president is bringing us to the brink of nuclear war and it seems objectively that the opposite has happened. >> i wasn't much of a naysayer but i had some questions, i was concerned but you have to look back and think maybe he knew what he was doing all along and you could never argue with results in production. i give the president a lot of credit but really happy with the things he said here because he wasn't just doing a victory dance and taking credit and making things sounds great, he was focused on -- >> the audio was going in and out. this is the middle of the night and reporters rushing over to
12:31 am
get what he had to said he wasn't that close to some of the microphones but we made out enough of what he was saying. i heard that he believes the dictator wants to bring his country, the hermit kingdom come into the real world finally. again, we don't want to get swept up in the euphoria of tonight, that is still a heavy lift. north korea into the real world, they are not in the real world right now. >> they haven't been but there is growing evidence that kim jong un wants to be in the real world and he has been taking action behind-the-scenes especially domestically of doing things neither his father nor grandfather ever did before. he actually does want to improve the quality of life for the north koreans so that is one of the reasons i'm more optimistic that a lot of people. when i see what he has been doing internally he actually wants to reach a deal and feels he can do that with trump.
12:32 am
i'm hopeful of that but the great thing for the united states is our security can always be maintained no matter how this goes and trump has an opportunity to achieve something no president has. >> the release of these three americans was due to the hard work of secretary of state mike pompeo. the next step on the effort to denuclearize north korea, he is also going to meet with the south korean president. we will talk about that when we come back. we will talk about that when we come back. 10 miles per dollar? that is incredible. brrrrr. i have the chills. because you're so excited? because ice is cold. and because of all those miles. obviously. what's in your wallet? i'm not sure. what's in your wallet? my bladder leakage was making me feel like i couldn't spend time with my grandson. now depend fit-flex has their fastest absorbing material inside, so it keeps me dry and protected. go to - get a coupon and try them for yourself.
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>> donald trump and mrs. trump met those three americans released by north korea and kristin fisher is on the north lawn of the white house. we watched them leave joint base andrews but what happens when they arrived? >> they did not take questions, donald trump made quite a few remarks while standing on the tarmac at joint base andrews. now the focus is going to shift from releasing or freeing these three americans detained in
12:37 am
north korea to this historic summit between donald trump and kim jong un which is poised to take place in a few weeks. we will be learning of the exact location and date of that summit within three days and tonight, before this went down at joint base andrews, donald trump had 6 republican lawmakers over here at the white house for dinner and colorado sen. cory gardner said the focus of that dinner is exactly that, figuring out what the goals are going to be of this summit and the white house said bayview the releasing of these prisoners as a gesture of goodwill but in no way softens the ultimate goal of what they want from those talks and there is a peace treaty, complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula meaning they don't just want kim jong un to freeze his nuclear program but to give up all his weapons, all his
12:38 am
missiles, things like that so that will be the focus for just what donald trump will be doing the rest of the day, not sure when he will be sleeping. he has a break between now and 11:00 :00 am, the first thing on his schedule, meeting with his secretary of defense, jim mattis at 11:00, a few more meetings throughout the day but the big thing tomorrow, going to a campaign rally in indiana at 7:00 tomorrow night. a long way to go before then. hopefully he will get some sleep in their. donald trump is not known to sleep very much and i imagine he is riding pretty high off of the victory he was just able to pull out tonight. >> kristin fisher, appreciate you being in the middle of our coverage on this historic night. walid phareswelcome back. a lot of the pres.'s critics
12:39 am
were saying last year at this time that the rhetoric of fire and fury and little rocket man which came later in 2017 was bringing us to the brink of nuclear war. a sense of vindication for the president. >> there is a great sense of vindication but also, misunderstanding what he was trying to do, the verbal escalation he had, to take the north korea leadership all the way to the summit and see what they are going to do. meanwhile he did something else, he outflanked them, spoke with the chinese was when the north koreans went to the chinese to ask you going to be with us? no. you have to cut a deal with the united states's role in this and the president reaching out to xi jinping. >> he constantly dated the east asian alliance, japan and south
12:40 am
korea. second he put huge pressure on north korea, bringing in the task force and tweets at the same time and speaking with chinese leadership because with china we are not dealing with the old china of the 50s and 60s. they are deployed around the world, don't want to be dragged into a confrontation triggered by north korea. >> the pres. has a meeting at 11:00 eastern in a few hours with the secretary of defense. mike pompeo has taken the lead on diplomacy but that is an important meeting as they digest what we just saw and figure out what the defense secretary wants to do in the day they had dealing with this regime. >> absolutely, the diplomacy by secretary pompeo led to this along with the pres.'s pressure. with the secretary of defense talking about what is it that you need from the north koreans to feel that we are safe on the
12:41 am
peninsula, can we withdraw some forces? these are important questions which i don't think the answers will be tomorrow but that is the next -- >> a minute left. what about the contrast with iran? we have american hostages there. >> a stark contrast. tonight with the hostages released from north korea which was described as the darkest, most dangerous one and you despite years of the iran deal and this -- hostages in iran. unbelievable. >> i have some tweets tonight, bob levinson is still being held hostage in iran among others which we have not forgotten, the united states not forgotten and they are in our thoughts and prayers tonight. appreciate your time. a lot more we are going to digest in the moments ahead. we are live through the night. we will take a break to "fox and friends first" and "fox and friends". a historic might come historic morning, stick with us on the
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12:46 am
very little since being confirmed as secretary of state practically sprinted off the plane, not like he was exhausted, maybe he is just running on adrenaline, a powerful moment. >> this is no easy feat for the newly confirmed secretary of state, mike pompeo, he was over in north korea for only 13 hours. while he was there he was not only negotiating the release of these prisoners but also working with north korean dictator kim jong un on planning the summit between donald trump and kim jong un. we know during that meeting the secretary of state was able to nail down the time, location and date of that meeting, those details are not publicly released to us yet but we know he was able to get through that meeting, was able to get those prisoners back and was able to get that summit on the books for the president, big deal for the
12:47 am
secretary of state, especially just a few days on the job. >> we did learn before all of this several hours ago the president himself said that kim jong un did not want to go to the dmz. they ruled out the demilitarized zone between north and south korea as a place for the summit. singapore seems to be the place a lot of people are focused on. reporters at joint base andrews were trying to do their job is you do everyday and the president would not confirm that. >> it will not be dmz but at this point it is anybody's guess. everyone is leaning towards singapore but until the white house, state department and north koreans confirm the location we don't know. we don't know if the president will tweet the location, whether he will announce it during a press conference or press availability but until we have that finalized and confirmed we are not 100% certain.
12:48 am
>> appreciate your reporting, outstanding job as always and we will see you soon. meanwhile a lot more show to go and we are teeing things up. "fox and friends first" followed by "fox and friends," we are going to live through the night into the morning on a historic time in the united states, we will be back with analysis of what we just saw. ♪ to deliver up to 7 hours of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh-your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart.
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>> along with the release of the 3 americans from north korea comes word the summit between donald trump and kim jong un will be taking place probably in singapore. that has been reported that the president was hedging, did not confirm or deny. mike pompeo says for now is scheduled to last one day but it could be extended depending how the talks progressed. white house correspondent for the daily caller, a background in foreign policy, one of the things i noticed, you don't need to be a foreign policy expert to notice a bounce in the step of mike pompeo -- pompeo, he literally jogged off the plane trying to shake it out, he was running on adrenaline, it was remarkable to me that he got off that plane with a head of steam.
12:53 am
>> incredible symbolism tonight. pompeo strides down, goes on the bus and they greet these north korean hostages and one striking moment was when one of those hostages put his arms around pompeo and gave him a hug and he was smiling, having the best time, such a solemn guy as cia director, at cabinet meetings he was solemn, very different role. he came out in the public eye, has figure in his step, so much warmth, the pres. thanked him by name, such a stark difference between him and former secretary of state rex tillerson. >> how does he turn that into substance beyond symbolism? there's a lot of hard work to be done to denuclearize north korea. >> if anything the hard part starts now. we got the hostages out, the preconditions are set. now we're supposed to have a summit to discuss north korea giving up its most prized
12:54 am
possession, something they have dedicated their entire nation, millions of people have starved so these missiles could be built and now they are supposed to give them up. that will be difficult for kim jong un to swallow. the pres. is demanding verifiable denuclearization. >> the bus was about to arrive at walter reed army medical center in bethesda, maryland and the naval hospital and that bus was carrying three americans, going through a lot of medical tests to make sure physically and mentally they are okay but i suspect the us government spend a lot of time with these three freed americans to debrief them as well. >> it is really sad. one of those hostages has been held since october 2015 in a forced labor camp, these are
12:55 am
horrific conditions, his head was shaved and we don't know what he was fed. it is really sad to see. we need to understand what happened. maybe we can get some insight into what happened to otto wa b warmbier , this young man who died in north korean captivity. they can give us some insight into what happened. >> auto warmbier is in our thoughts, he was released, joy at the idea was coming home to ohio and turned out he was so badly beaten and abused by the communist regime that he passed and we are thinking about him and his family, appreciate your insights tonight as we have unraveled this remarkable story and we want to thank all of you for joining us for extended coverage, three americans back safely on us ground and released by the north korean regime and mike pompeo at of the planned
12:56 am
meeting between donald trump and kim jong un. "fox and friends first" will start at the top of the are followed by "fox and friends". remarkable evening, thanks for joining us on this incredible ride. ack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans or worry about a thing. i'll see you all in a little bit. and i fixed it right away with a strong repair they can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> tech: being there whenever you need us that's another safelite advantage. >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace. no one thought much of itm at all.l people said it just made a mess until exxonmobil scientists put it to the test. they thought someday it could become fuel and power our cars wouldn't that be cool?
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rob: thursday, may 10th, this is "fox and friends first". a fox news alert. history made while you were sleeping, three americans arrive on us soil freed from their nightmare in north korea. donald trump welcoming them home on behalf of the entire nation at andrews air force base. >> an important thing to all of us is to be able to get these three great people out. >> this diplomatic victory setting the tone for the pres.'s groundbreaking summit with kim jong un. what a night and what a morning. thank you for


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