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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 18, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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with guns, pots, math and stolen cash when coming to the rescue of their friend. we hope you have a great weekend. if you plan on watching the royal wedding do it on fox news. we are live starting at 5:00 am. "fox and friends first" starts now, goodbye. rob: it is friday, may 18th. hawaii's kilauea volcano has erupted. smoke and ash shooting 30,000 feet into the air. no end inside, a new warning for the big island. jillian: the best thing kim jong un could do is make a deal with the us, the offer on the table if the rogue regime gives up their nukes. rob: the white house settled the
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yanni laurel debate. >> it is laura but i could deflect and i've are to yanni. >> all i hear is yanni. rob: what does the president here? find out as "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ i don't care ♪ it is 5:00 somewhere ♪ jillian: it is 5:01 on the east coast. a dry midtown manhattan, dry much of the week. rob: not for much longer. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. rob: thanks for starting your day with us. if north korea doesn't cooperate it could be decimated.
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jillian: donald trump offering strong protections if it denuclearize is. griff jenkins live with those development ahead of the high-stakes summit. >> in an oval office meeting, donald trump offered reassurance but set a stern warning to north korea that despite threats to pull out of the summit it is in rob: -- kim jong un's interests to follow the dealer meet the same fate as qaddafi. >> libya, we decimated that country. this would be with kim jong un, something where he would be in his country, running his country. his country would be very rich, his evil are tremendously industrious. that model will take place if we don't make a deal most likely. >> reporter: the secretary-general offering support of the push for denuclearization on the peninsula. >> we support the initiative,
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having a summit. we think it is important we still have pressure on north korea and north korea has to seize the opportunity. >> reporter: the pres. says we will see what happens but planning continues with a june 12th meeting in singapore. the pentagon says joint military operations between the us and south korea despite objections from the north. >> the scope of our exercises have not changed. our exercises have been long-standing, defensive in nature and will continue. this is something we do to ensure the readiness of our forces and south korean forces. >> reporter: when it comes to another sticking point, whether the us is reducing the size of our 20,000 troop presence in south korea the pres. wouldn't say if that was on the table. jillian: time is ticking to june 12th the. we will see. a major win in the fight against
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isis. and iraqi airstrike in syria, according to a local media report, shimmied believed responsible for video showing massacre and torture. isis has lost nearly all of its territory in iraq and syria from airstrikes and ground operations. another fox news alert. hawaii's kilauea volcano sends a plume of ash 6 miles into the sky as more violent eruptions could happen at any minute. residents on the big island want to take shelter is toxic air levels spike. the explosions should go on for weeks. the eruptions shown in this time-lapse video could take months to clean up all that lava. rob: uranian protesters hitting
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the streets for a second day aiming their wrath at the iranian regime, internet and phones cut off as security forces clash with protesters in the southern uranian city of kaz around they are angry over the decision to split the city and two townships. two people have been killed. >> the pres. will be happy to talk if he gets a fair hearing. his personal attorney rudy giuliani says he is encouraged now that the special counsel responded to information requests. >> our job is to make sure he gets a fair hearing from mueller. we are not convinced that he will but the first communication last night was a good faith attempt to narrow the focus dramatically. jillian: mueller has been investigating alleged russian collusion for the past year. giuliani has warned an in person interview could be a perjury trap for the president. rob: the pres. will announce
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massive cuts to planned parenthood and other abortion providers, it provides $260 million annually to family planning. federal funds can't technically go towards abortions already. but groups like planned parenthood still accept the money for other things like checkups. under the new proposal those services cannot be performed in the same place as abortions or the clinic will not get taxpayer money. >> the president turning part of his salary over to the troubled va. first-quarter pay of $100,000 will go to supporting the health of the caregiver program. donald trump spent time with veterans at walter reed medical center, the pres. calling it a, quote, great honor. he visited his wife who is recovering from a kidney procedure. rob: we are one day away from
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the royal wedding. excitement around windsor castle is prince harry and megan markel prepared to say i do. jillian: the biggest question is who will walk america's princess down the aisle. ainsley ehrhardt live outside windsor castle as preparations get underway. >> reporter: we have breaking news. we found out who is going to walk her down the aisle. many thought it might be her mother. we got a statement from kensington palace that says megan markel has asked his royal highness, the prince of wales, prince charles, to accompany her down the aisle of the choir of st. george's chapel on her wedding day. the prince of wales is pleased to welcome miss markel to the royal family in this way. a sign of unity and support. as we mentioned, we thought her mom might walk her down the are, she will company her in the carriage. she is here in windsor. we saw megan and harry drive down the streets of windsor,
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everyone cheering them on. her father, thomas markel, there is a picture of her mother, they are coming into winter, thomas markel was meant to walk her down the aisle and he told the in the due to his heart issues he can't make it and he is embarrassed about staging all of those photos. she is the first american to marry into the royal family. there was an american divorce, wallis simpson who married king george viii but because she was a divorce and american he had to abdicate the throne. therefore queen elizabeth's father, george, became the king. that is why queen elizabeth ended up becoming the queen, because the king's predecessor decided to abdicate the throne to his older brother. performing the wedding the dean of windsor will conduct a service. archbishop of canterbury will officiate the valve and an american bishop will take part,
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bruce kerry will give the address was as far as the wedding, and american concerns with that, originally from california has a bakery in london and it is supposed to be an organic cake, with buttercream icing, traditionally a fruitcake here at the royal british wedding but not this time and as far as bridesmaids are concerned she is sticking with tradition, children to be her bridesmaid, she did not have a maid of honor. megan's ring has two of her diamonds in the ring, and a lot of white roses are expected. we will see those. the white roses are in honor of diana. diana's sister will give an address at the wedding tomorrow. it has been an exciting time to be here and lots of people in the streets of windsor getting ready to welcome her into the royal family. rob: i went to marion to this
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family as well. if there are any sisters around the wedding, hand my number when you get a chance. thank you. >> reporter: you talk about how much fun you have at night and the weekends. rob: i would shut it down for a shot at the royal family. thanks so much. jillian: you and harry. 5 minutes, 5:10, the clock is ticking for an explosive release as the doj inspector general finishes a review of the hillary clinton probe with the fbi bracing for a firestorm. fox news contributor jason chaffetz is live to weigh in. >> so clearly laurel. >> clearly yanni. rob: the white house weighing in on the yanni laurel debate.
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jillian: the clock is ticking for an explosive release as the inspector general finishes up the long-awaited review of the hillary clinton probe. is the fbi bracing for a firestorm. jason chaffetz, how are you? >> doing well. jillian: give me timing of this article. >> it is not a coincidence, the inspector general puts it out to the intelligence community to make sure nothing classified is going out the door and then these leaks come out. i don't think -- when i visited with the inspector general months ago he foreshadowed this is what would happen. it is par for the course. rob: this guy on twitter, paul spear he, the one guy who says he has proof the inspector
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general has found reasonable grounds to suspect federal law was broken in the clinton email investigation. nobody else has confirmed this at this time. if he is right how big a deal is that that they find guys at the top trying to spin the clinton investigations get her off the hook? >> i'm not sure about this person on twitter but there's a lot of evidence and smoke that that did happen. michael horwitz graduated from harvard law, well respected as a federal prosecutor, trey gowdy, myself and a lot of people trust him. he has been the inspector general since 2012, 450 employees. it will be the most definitive work and a lot of people did overstep their bounds and go outside what they were supposed to do and are nervous with the inspector general is doing. jillian: what do you think
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america needs to know? >> the hillary clinton email case started because the inspector general of the intelligence community found classified information in a nonclassified sitting. nobody was charged, nobody was prosecuted, handed out like candy, a lot of trust at highest levels of the fbi is gone for the american people. hopefully this is the best step to exposing all the bad things that did happen and putting it on footing to get better leadership in place so america regains that confidence. nobody was prosecuted so we should be able to see everything. rob: let's hear from the pres.'s newest counsel, rudy giuliani, and talk about the russia probe. >> in this case, i think we have to look into whether we can challenge the legitimacy of the entire investigation. maybe a special prosecutor never should have been appointed, not based on an illegal leak, not based on a set of facts that go
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back -- i am shocked to hear that they put a spy in the campaign of a major party candidate or two spies. >> i think rudy giuliani is right. the michael horwitz report will come out about the clinton email case, this is totally separate. another inspection by the inspector general looking at the so-called fisa investigation but where is the evidence? more than a year that this was actually justified, where is the probable cause they should be going on this hunt they are on? more than a year later. jillian: the president said that in so many words on twitter, congratulations, america, we are into the second year of the greatest witchhunt in american history, there is still no collusion and obstruction. the only collusion that was done by democrats who were unable to win an election despite spending
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far more money. >> donald trump will be the president no matter what. dir. mueller is there, in place. i got to tell you i don't see any evidence to justify. the only evidence of collusion and spending of money overseas to manipulate the election are by democrats. more than $10 million and yet you don't see mueller looking at that. jillian: how long will we be talking about this? >> another decade. some of these last 5 years. rob: thank you for coming in early on friday. 18 minutes after the hour. taking an access to an obama era program that gives illegal immigrants a free ride, the move jeff sessions made. jillian: kevin mccarthy thought the first movie should have won and oscar, deadpool is back in a highly anticipated sql and kevin is also back with his review. ♪ it's absolute confidence in 30,000 precision parts.
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jillian: good friday morning, donald trump pushing to strengthen prison population, mike pence will speak at the gathering of 100 activists and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle, focusing on improving prison conditions and preparing inmates to reenter society. rob: the terms of justice the practice that allows illegal immigrants to steer clear of deportation, jeff sessions says judges will no longer be allowed to close deportation cases involving immigrants with deep ties to the united states and local background. the scrapping of that obama era practice known as administrative closure is an effort afford illegal immigrants from remaining in the country and definitely.
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jillian: hitting theaters today the most anticipated sql of the year, deadpool ii, this was crazier and funnier than the original. rob: here with a review is fox news contributor kevin mccarthy. deadpool i was awesome. >> reporter: it was amazing, i saw it 9 times, my number one movie of 2016. i absolutely loved it. going into deadpool 2 i had high expectations. when they announced the filmmaker, david leach, that is important. that gentlemen directed john wickham. this gentleman is a stunt double for brad pitt and hugo weaving in the matrix films. he understands action really well. the action is already better than deadpool i at the comedy hit harder. they were doing a bigger budget for this film. ryan reynolds was born to play the role of deadpool.
2:24 am
he is fantastic and is role, the newcomers are standout as well. a phenomenal performance, domino in the movie. this movie is genuinely funnier, more action-packed and a bigger heart this time. this sounds strange but i cried in this film at an emotional moment, found a very strange balance of shifting tones where you are laughing so hard your crying but also having an emotional connection to these characters. is a hard thing to find in a deadpool movie, very absurd and over-the-top and ridiculous. everything about this movie works and it has the best ending credit scenes i have ever seen. when the movie ends, stay in your seats and watch all the way to the ending critics. there are so many jokes, i missed half of them the first time, laughing so hard
2:25 am
throughout the film. a great job balancing comedy, drama and heart and action will blow your mind. it is my third 5 out of 5 review this weekend. jillian: i love when you are laughing so hard you cry. i love when that happens. >> there is a scene and all i will say the word legs. one of the funniest things i have ever seen in my life which i was crying so hard by side started hurting, it is so funny. rob: we will see deadpool 2, we appreciate it. 25 minutes after the hour. and immigration fight taking center stage on capitol hill today. >> when the court took away our deadline on march 5th the democrats stopped talking to us. we went to do our own immigration bill. >> how a deal on daca could hinge on a foodstamp agreement.
2:26 am
jillian: the royal wedding frenzy in full swing. ainsley ehrhardt has been getting the royal treatment. >> reporter: right there, you see steve helton showing me around his favorite spots in london. he was on set with us yesterday and watched the story of nigel farage showing us around london. come with me, i used to live in london, now he lives in america with a show on the fox news channel. when he worked for david cameron he lived in london, come me into my old neighborhood and i will show you some wonderful spots we never would have found less he was our tour guide. we will take you on that tour right after the break. ♪
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jillian: california protecting thing to a city laws making it
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harder for ice to do its job. rob: house republicans demand a vote on immigration which could have a major effect on a farm bill. todd pyro joins us to break this down. >> reporter: everything seems to be connected. another shot fired in the battle with things where he states and jerry brown signs a bill to prevent ice agents from nabbing illegals at courthouses. this would give judges and attorneys from disclosing the immigration status of alleged crime victims and witnesses in open court unless the information is ruled relevant to the case. keep in mind ice focuses on courthouses because of its inability to detain illegals in local jail thanks to law enforcement agencies that refuse to comply with retainer requests. this as the immigration debate take center stage on capitol hill today. the federal farm bill is up for a vote in a few hours but the house freedom caucus says it is
2:31 am
a no go unless daca is addressed. they want a different bill called the goodlatte mccall bill where protections would be renewed for a 3-year pure go but would not have a pathway to citizenship. here is jim jordan on what is in the bill. >> build a border security wall, end chain migration, sanctuary cities, all the way down the list and after we do it in a prioritizing fashion we will deal with the daca situation. that is what the american people elected us to do. >> reporter: the farm bill is typically supported by republicans and democrats supporting. states that if things work and job training requirements for food stamps which has driven democrats away. jillian: thank you. rob: history made in the u.s. senate as gina haspel becomes the first woman to be director of the cia. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 has the reaction
2:32 am
online. >> reporter: the use of enhanced interrogation, 6 democrats voted for her, two republicans voted against, donald from writing congratulations to our new cia director gina haspel. mike pence chimed in with a lengthy tweet writing congratulations to gina haspel on being confirmed by 54-45 vote. gina haspel is an american patriot, she will do a great job leading dedicated men and women of the cia. rick scott saying congratulations to the new cia director gina haspel and jeb bush saying congratulations, to continue to serve our nation. she will be replacing secretary of state mike pompeo. >> the white house sent out a
2:33 am
video that was hilarious. >> have you had enough of the yanni laurel debate? the pres. has weighed in. watch this. >> so clearly laurel. >> it is laurel. >> definitely laurel. >> it is laurel. >> i could diverge to yanni if you need me to. >> definitely yanni. >> yanni is the winner, laurel is the loser. >> how the respond? >> you are getting your information from cnn because that is fake news. all i hear is yanni. >> that is laurel. >> it is laurel, america. >> who is yanni? >> i hear covfefe. >> is referring to the constant negative press covfefe.
2:34 am
i hear hashtag winning and another supporter says we hear that, love you, keep on rocking our world. james says i hear back to back, really funny. >> i love that they can have fun with it. so many involved. a good time was had by all. what do you here? >> i hear the weather. >> give us -- >> i heard both. i started hearing the laurel thing and when i listen to the computer or the phone it was the other one. janice is over it. we talked about it and talked about it. talk about the weather. >> i'm not sick of talking about friday. 55 in cleveland, we will see a
2:35 am
wet day. and this is why we have potential for showers in the forecast, the severe threat saturday, large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes, there is your forecast and we will talk to ainsley. this is a spectacular forecast for the royal wedding, wins are 53 °, 71 . there you go. happy friday. >> good to see you. jillian: the royal wedding is tomorrow. gearing up for the big day. rob: ainsley ehrhardt is across the pond and just got a local londoners tour with revolutionary steve hilton and joins us from windsor with more
2:36 am
on that. jillian: how many pubs did you go to? >> we stayed for a long time. you will see it in this story but we know how to pronounce v covfefe now. that was a cute video. glad they did that. shows a different side of what is going on in the white house. here in windsor behind me is the castle and married to an american megan michael at noon. he came over the pond, considers america home. he was born over here. he worked for prime minister david cameron and when he lived in london he saw nigel farage who showed us tourist attractions, let me take you to my neck of the woods and show you things you wouldn't know about unless you lived here. >> you had a great day yesterday
2:37 am
but you live in london, a bunch of different neighborhoods, so special. and -- >> i do, that is right. julia roberts was down here. >> it is close, an amazing place run by english heritage and they make it free, incredible art like rembrandt and a beautiful location. i used to live down here. i go for a run and so special to do that in the view you get from here. it is nothing -- that is what you call the view. you can be thirsty. it is a good idea. always loved where we are.
2:38 am
all the time i lived in london this is where i lived, friends around here at this pub is so special and i would love to see it and it is so fantastic. this -- >> we are in one of your favorite pubs in london. >> going back 20 or so years, lived in london. and such a special -- more recent before i moved to america and i remember being here at rachel, my wife said our second son was a boy, we didn't know the sex of our child and got the news, it is a boy, very special memorial but so many from this
2:39 am
place. >> you got another.. >> that is what you did. time to have a drink. >> when you come into london to order a pint of this, london pride, order a.of pride. pretty spot on. >> it is a nice neighborhood. how much did they say these houses were? $50 million, some of them in that area but you see some of them. all of london, and a children's shop, and taking a few things
2:40 am
back, and pictures of steve's wife. >> what a cool trip. that is great, wedding tomorrow. >> they have really good beer here. rob: i love european pubs and i will check them out. >> that doesn't surprise us. rob: give me a break. jillian: it is 40 minutes after they are. a city taking aim at the second amendment made sweeping anti-gun bills, one rifle group is firing back. our next guest calling it an assault on our founding fathers. rob: a donut fit for donuts, look at this. a lot of dunkin' donuts here. we are going to eat them. ♪
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jillian: the city of boulder, colorado pass one of the strictest gun control legislation's banning assault rifles, high-capacity magazines and pump stocks. rob: one second amendment rights group is fighting back filing a lawsuit against the city and city councilmembers. jillian: the pres. of the foundation joining us now, thank you for joining us. give us the back story. >> glad to. it is in the wake of the parkland shootings of florida, we know why they happened, but boulder is engaged in some sloganeering past this rather useless legislation that
2:45 am
criminalizes law-abiding people in the city of boulder. we filed the lawsuit, 72 page lawsuit we filed wednesday evening, it is unconstitutional for a variety of reasons, violates the colorado constitution of colorado law and we hope for a speedy resolution to remove fear from law-abiding gun owners in boulder. rob: advance sale and possession of assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, bump stock devices and if you had one before, prior ownership of assault weapons would required to be surrendered or destroyed or registered. are you allowed to keep it? how does that work? >> it is crazy. say for example you know the ar 15, it is legal in boulder unless i put a pistol grip on it to hold it more securely. i'm 165, with our ar 15 if we
2:46 am
have an adjustable stock on it that makes an assault rifle. if i put a grip on it that makes it an assault rifle. if i have an ar 15, i'm in boulder, they can arrest me for having that grip because i can put it on the ar 15, that is a crazy it is. >> do you see a compromise to this situation? >> up absolutely not. this is not boulder's business, this is the job of congress, the job of the alcohol tobacco firearms, it is not the job of boulder to say what is legal or not legal. in boulder county and colorado and across the country, that is what boulder is doing.
2:47 am
>> the other side is very passionate about this. why do people need an ar 15? how do you answer that fast? >> i can do it fast. and ar 15 is an effective self-defense weapon for a small person, an old person and informed person and a shotgun. those are illegal if they want the pistol grip, boulder is telling the right to defend themselves in their homes. jillian: appreciate your time. 47 after the hour. america's oldest gun maker making a come back to the epic rebound from remington next. >> the action to save two hikers has the dog stranded for hours, and incredible rescue. ♪
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rob: calls intensify after a councilwoman compared police officers to terrorists, mayfield served in charlotte, north carolina admits to tweeting this. >> being black in america has created a homegrown terrorist wearing blue uniform, a reckoning is coming, i wrote that. rob: is posted in response to t have and continue to be a strong supporter of law-enforcement but i will not turn a blind eye to option, assault and killing of black and brown people.
2:52 am
she previously came under fire for stirring a 9/11 conspiracy theory. jillian: a school board member apologizing after she called the police chief this derogatory term to get out of a speeding ticket. >> 37 or 25. >> i'm scared of cops. skinhead cop. jillian: stephanie lawson mohammed attempting to explain her behavior to police chief kyle saying i had an irrational response to being stopped for traffic violation. i allowed my emotions to overwhelm me and fell short of the standards to which i hold myself. she said the new jersey chief accepted her apology. jillian: rob: it took two months for remington to make a rebound. jillian: tracy carrasco has an update on the gun maker. >> reporter: quick turnaround.
2:53 am
remington filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in march but they announced they are out of it, remington said it converted $75 million in debt into equity and successfully implemented a plan for reorganization. the company says they are excited about the future. the happiest place on earth just started serving alcohol pretty much everywhere. this is walt disney world's magic kingdom. the restaurants will soon serve alcohol. the crystal palace and plasma restaurant will be serving alcohol. if it doesn't dry up by 2012 the restaurant started catching up. jillian: a royal love donut in honor of the royal wedding tomorrow. rob: this is it right here. >> it is heart-shaped with chocolate icing, strawberry, drizzle on top, filled with
2:54 am
jelly. jillian: the royal wedding cake, $700,000, got a bunch of these. rob: only $400,000 domestically. that is a british donut. >> we can get on board with this. they are on sale until sunday. >> a bucket of the royal wedding bucket of kfc chicken, have your own royal wedding party. >> dunkin' donuts bring coffee this morning. >> straight to the business update. >> right back, cheerio. for all the noses that stuff up around pets. there's flonase sensimist. it relieves all your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist.
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♪ ♪ rob: the english remix. jillian: good morning to you. a live look at where the royal wedding is going to take place tomorrow. rob: windsor. jillian: i can't even do it. if you are going to watch coverage starts on the fox news channel at 5:00 tomorrow morning. you can get your fill all
2:59 am
day long. rob: that's the girl that took down prince harry that is an impressive thing. jillian: prince charles is going to be walking meghan markle down the aisle. everybody has been wondering all week long. rob: firefighter using personal drone to save two hikers and their dog. when rescuers caught up with him, the 14-year-old pup was too dehydrated to walk so firefighters carried him nearly two miles to safety. >> high school claiming it's too expensive and unsafe because kids can sneak out. the massachusetts principal is replacing democrat addition with semi formal boston harbor cruise instead. rob: massive alligator hiding behind suv. a pro-fish it out safely. he led that 7-foot very agitated reptile into a nearby river.
3:00 am
jillian: can you imagine going to your car and you are like whoa. >> that's a good size alligator and is he not happy either. jillian: thanks for watching. enjoy the royal wedding. rob: if you are going to get up that early, watch it here on fox. we'll see you later. >> president trump says the best thing kim jong un could do is make a deal with the u.s. >> if we make a deal, i think kim jong un will be very, very happy. >> gina haspel has been approved by the senate to be the next director of the cia and first woman to head that agency. >> today the president is massive cuts to planned parenthood and other abortion providers it deals with title 10. >> ms-13 gang member. >> i cannot tell ice about that. >> these are not people. these are animals. >> you have to wonder does he not belief in the spark of divinity every person, calling people animals is not a good thing. >> when the ms-13 comes


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