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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  May 20, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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watch netflix by myself at night. greg: what a fascinating way to end the show but. kat: you can alway arthel: i was up way too early watching the royal wedding. new details on the students and teachers killed in yesterday's texas school shooting and new details on the suspect with "the fox report". julie: we are now learning the names of the 10 people killed in a massacre at santa fe high school outside of houston. the suspected and a 17-year-old student at the school surrender to police confessing to the deadly attack and saying he spared the people he likes. the tragic school shooting in santa fe texas reigniting the gun debate on capitol hill. lawmakers promising action but divided on how to do it. >> every time i continue to have this debate about guns were putting our children at risk. what we should be talking about
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is getting money to these schools running the department of homeland security to assess these buildings of the next person can get in there. we are wasting time talking about guns but that's not going to keep my children, your children and everyone else's children safe. julie: casey stegall joins us live in santa fe texas with the latest there. >> i'm actually. like to start this report by positing and reading the names of all 10 people who lost their lives here yesterday morning. among them are two teachers belinda perkins and cynthia tisdale. the eight students kimberly vaughn, shayna fissures, angelique ramirez, christian riley garcia, jared lack, christopher jake stone, erin kyle mcleod prayed all had just started the day and settled in to the first period when the shooting started. police say the school was under siege for a little more than 30
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minutes. kids hid in closets granted late call and text to their parents trying to reach siblings who were in the same high school in a different location. when it was all said and done 13 were hurt, some critically big explosive devices allegedly planted by the gunman had been found inside the school. they wonder how you begin to heal but this is a community that has done it before. listen. >> we will hold together. we will grieve together. we will love one another. we will work together. we did it after harvey and we still are doing it after harvey. we will do it after this. i told people after the hurricane that harvey may have brought the downpour but our friends and neighbors are bringing that out before. 17-year-old dimetrios pagourtzis
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has admitted to the shooting according to investigators by the motive is not clear. his family has released a statement tonight saying in part while we remain mostly in the dark about the specifics of yesterday's tragedy what we have learned from media reports seems incompatible with the boy we love. they go on to thank all of the first responders who rendered aid and also sending their condolences to all of victims. they are asking for privacy at this time as they try and process these events. julie. julie: casey stegall thank you. the trump administration announcing major progress on trade with china. just weeks after back-and-forth that sparked fears of all art -- all-out trade work with the two nations saying china will import more from the u.s. in an effort to close the printed 35 billion-dollar trade gap that they stop short of accepting president trump demand for a 200 billion-dollar reduction in
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their bilateral trade surplus. allison barber joins us from the white house. >> according to the joint statement from the u.s. and china they have agreed in some form or fashion to some changes in regards to intellectual property protections as well as reducing the trade deficit. the statement comes after two days of meetings with u.s. officials and top administration officials in the chinese delegation. president trump met with the chinese vice premier at the white house the very same day. both parties agreed unquote taking effective measures to substantially reduce the united states trade deficit with china. he goes on to say is quote china will increase purchases of united states goods and services this will help support growth and employment in the united states. both sides according to the statement agreed to encourage two-way investment to try to create a level playing field
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when it comes to trade. they agreed on increases when it comes to u.s. agriculture and exports. the administration says they will send a team to china but did not lay out a specific timeframe for that. the top democrat in the senate senator schumer released a statement saying essentially at best this announcement doesn't provide enough answers. quote the key to a strong agreement is protecting our intellectual property here in america and stopping the chinese from keeping our best goods until we hand over a trade secrets. the joint statement had nothing specific on those funds and no immediate or short-term purchases of american goods will make up for that. the u.s. team that the white house is saying they plan to send to china eventually is set to go over to hammer out the details when it comes to the increases on agriculture and energy exports. no word on who they might send that when the chinese delegation was here they met with top officials like the secretary of
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commerce wilbur ross in the treasury secretary stephen mnuchin. julie: allison barber, thank you another twist in the rush investigation. days after it entered the second year there were new reports an fbi informant met with multiple advisers on president trump's campaign team in 26 including george papadopoulos and carter page. after the bureau learned of possible ties to russia. molly has more from washington. see that president trump says president obama's fbi spied on his campaign in 2016 and if it's true the president said he would be the biggest political scandal of all times. the president just tweeted earlier this evening and this afternoon quote if the fbi or the doj, the department of justice was infiltrating a campaign for the benefit of another campaign that is a really big deal. only the review of documents at
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the house intelligence committee also senate judiciary is asking for and give the conclusive answers, drain the swamp unquote. republicans on the house intelligence committee have asked the justice department to turn over documents relating to the informant who reportedly met with two trump campaign officials in the summer of 2016. the democratic vice chairman of the senate intelligence committee senator mark warner is warning his g.o.p. colleagues not to try to unmask this by saying in a statement quote the first thing any new member of the intelligence committee learns is the critical importance of protecting sources and methods. publicly outing a source of risks not only their life with the lives of every american because when sources are burned it makes it that much harder for every part of the intelligence community to gather intelligence on those who wish to do us harm. so far the justice department has declined to turn over information sought by those house republicans.
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julie. julie: thank you very much. now for more on this. i want to bring our political reporter for the "washington examiner." thank you so much for talking to us. first of all do we know for sure there wasn't as the i spy in the trump campaign because of the it's true the president says this would as molly just said he the biggest political scandal of all time. >> were not sure about that yet. there is a lot going on with the mueller investigation. the president has long been a dig opponent of this and found himself in the crosshairs on this obviously. he wants to know as soon as possible and i'm sure republicans want to know as soon as possible and democrats the same. we have to let the investigation play out and let mueller continues so we are setting up a collision course through the elections. julie: this informant, if this is true, reportedly requested meetings with at least two trump
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campaign advisers george papadopoulos and carter page. apparently they met before the fbi opened its investigation. some g.o.p. lawmakers are now questioning what exactly was going on in the obama administration's fbi. this is raise questions? back to the pass administration? >> it probably does. this is a talking point in the house intelligence committee. they have long wanted to go after the obama era folks. this is nothing new as far as they are concerned. they have for months now been going after obama and obama era officials. julie: for my understanding they provided information to the f. dia and cia for years but what is unclear is what information the informant may have given in this particular case. do we know? >> i'm not sure about that. julie: i mean let's just for
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arguments sake how does this meeting look for donald trump jr.? >> it doesn't look great for donald trump jr.. the issue for him as this is the second time it's come up for him. obviously the june 2016 meeting was with what he thought would be over russian adoption. right now this is not a good thing for don jr. because obviously if there was something in this meeting that was improper and even if it wasn't the question surrounds why did he take this meeting? why would he go ahead and have the meeting that would become a big talking point as the investigation moves forward. julie: here is what democrats are saying on capitol hill. they are basically saying the republicans are taking a huge risk possibly unmasking an fbi informant are coming from democratic senator mark warner the vice chairman of the public -- potentially illegal for
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members of congress to use -- to learn the identity of the source possibly undermining the investigation to russian interference. i mean that is just so accusatory first of all to assume that the pop republicans would do such a thing to switch the years here. the mueller investigation is now past its one-year mark. it still has not achieved what it set out to do and that is to prove the trump campaign somehow paid collision and obstruct the justice and they have proven neither. >> you are right about that. they haven't gotten to that point. julie: how long is it going to take? >> that's the big thing republicans are worried about right now. we are six months away from midterm elections and that's a major republican point. they worry this could have an impact on the election. this is an election on the economy and other issues including north korea depending on how the talks go in the possible summit in singapore. this is something republicans
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worry about but democrats want to keep going at this point. they want to talk to senator chris van hollin. what are republicans afraid of? that's what democrats are intent on letting happen. julie: let's look right to the president. we have heard from rudy giuliani numerous times since he took over as a presence attorney and he's been trying to negotiate from 5 topics to two to narrow the focus to sit down with robert mueller the special counsel and they essentially say they want all the focus to be on russia. republicans are trying to rush this along. they want to get to the truth. >> of course but they also want to get -- they want us this to be over soon as possible. julie: you are in washington and that doesn't happen. i will see you at the bottom of the hour to talk further. thanks for joining us and we will see you in a bit. right now china making the move in the south china sea likely to
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julie: for the first time the chinese air force saying it has landed a long-range bomber on an island in the highly disputed south china sea. the move seems short of fuel concerns. the south china sea is a key trade boost overlapping claims by six countries. the island chain is one big bone of contention about the chinese bomber landed on a different ad drive in which china, taiwan and vietnam all claim. now to cuba where investigators are today searching through wreckage after the country's worst airline disaster in three
2:17 am
decades. an aging jets with more than 100 people on board crashed and burned yesterday shortly after taking off. lea gabrielle has more and we more and we are learning more about have the same plane was banned from being flown in another country. >> that's correct julie. the same plane the one that crashed yesterday was banned in the south american country of guyana last april. we are just learning from the cockpit recorder which is one of the two black boxes they are looking through this 39-year-old 737 was operated by a state airline cube onto the rented from the same company that owned the plane when it was banned in guyana. according to the "associated press" that company has been the subject of two serious complaints including crews were overloading luggage. the "chronicle" reports airport workers and guyana noticed the plane was meeting the entire length of the runway just to get
2:18 am
off the ground. a few parts of the plane were left intact after yesterday's crash where there was a black smoke seen rising from the scene. cuban state television reported that turned hard to the right before crash. take a listen to how one witness described it happened. >> i heard a strange sound and it was a really ugly noise. it was falling in stages and it looked like the pilot saw all the houses and went hard right to avoid the houses and to avoid more tragedy. it would have been a disaster. julie: cuba's president said the commission will investigate. an american team from boeing which makes the 737 is also on its way. julie: i'm sure the victims families are looking for answers and this is not the answer they want to hear. >> the doctors that are treating the three female survivors say they are in critical but stable
2:19 am
condition. one of them is in a coma and one is actually communicating to relatives of those killed are waiting for relatives to identify them. >> you can't tell who she is. i showed her a photo. >> we are waiting for news to see who they are. julie: this was a chaotic scene yesterday as local emergency workers rushed to help get those survivors to safety. the women are ages 19, 23 and 39. spokesman's for cuba secretary-general released a statement expressing condolences to the families, the victims and the government of cuba. the flight is was scheduled for cuba. julie: it's unbelievable that somebody survived. >> they are having a hard time even identifying the victims. julie: a dramatic defeat for
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julie: i don't know if you heard there was a wedding this morning. they are calling it the wedding of the year and it went off without a hitch today. britain's prince harry an american actress meghan markle saying their vows at saint george's chapel on the grounds of winds are castle. what started as a blind date two years ago, netting in today's star-studded global megaevent. amy kellogg is live in winds are england. so many highlights. run is there a couple of them. >> julie everyone is celebrating centuries of british tradition with touches of american -- we don't know exactly what some of the senior members of the royal family thought of all that. the general consensus is that it really worked. you are hearing the gospel choir which was sort of an unusual twist to a british wedding and
2:25 am
they were singing stand by me just before the bride and groom took their vows. then there was that rousing sermon by reverend michael curry he spoke very simply that passionately about love. again the camera panned around the room and you couldn't really tell exactly what everyone was thinking of it but the consensus was with all of the talk about the highlights throughout the day that it was really moving and touched a lot of people. the fabulous dress worn by the bride designed by clair wade keller or british designer. it sort of had an open back neckline made of triple silk organza and had a soft matte luster. she wore that t.r. that belonged to queen mary that was made of diamonds and platinum. there have been a lot of
2:26 am
questions about whether or not she would wear a tiara. she did that and then there was the star-studded guest list. there was serena williams, george clooney and his wife amal and the beckham's and finally a lip reader which is nothing new. they often do these and weddings. they are employed by a journalist to try to understand what's being whispered between people most touchingly prince harry said to meghan markle his bride when she approached him at the altar, you look awesome. julie. julie: what did the rest of the day until after the wedding? >> there was a luncheon party here in winds are and a dinner party which wrapped up shortly, short time ago. we saw and heard fantastic fireworks signaling the end of that. we have to believe showing how harry loves to party that there is an after party going on but we have no details of that. there was a spectacular carriage ride through winds are after the ceremony in an open ascot land
2:27 am
though. he was very intimate. the crowds been camping out here for days in the damp cold characterized as the spring in england but a close-up look at the bride and groom. serve elton john knighted by the queen who is close to princess diana and performed candle in the wind at her funeral performed at the luncheon ceremony today. no details on what he sang or played. then at fantastic elderflower cake which we have been talking about for days limit and elderflower. we have been talking about it days and ways finally saw pictures of it today. looks spectacular. lots of locally sourced food at the reception. the slow roasted winds are pork belly with apple compost and the list went on and on. new introduction, new bit of
2:28 am
meghan markle's sparkle which was the use of food holes which someone here said sounded awful like something out of all over but they are trendy and meghan is a foodie and they were passed round today. julie: it just seemed very real and very relatable. harry had mentioned that he wanted to honor his mother. were there any nods to diana? >> it was incredibly moving and it has been throughout the event. diana's sister gave a reading today and then we saw them speed often the jaguar to the evening reception. meghan markle was wearing an emerald cut, it wasn't a sapphire, it was an aquamarine ring that belonged to the late princess diana and bouquet she carried was very modest and very small. you could call a petite but
2:29 am
harry himself had gone out to the garden at kensington palace and picked some of the flowers himself yesterday. some of them were among princess diana's favorite flowers. there was myrtle and jasmine but that was something that was incredibly moving. and of course her engagement ring has the diamonds that belonged to diana and their engagement photos and the engagement took place in the garden. julie: a very special tribute to their mother. amy kellogg thank you so much. the european union dealing with the fallout of the president saying the u.s. will pull out of the iran nuclear deal so what the eu is proposing to try and do to save the agreement. we will tell you plus the house freedom caucus helping deliver an embarrassing message to an embarrassing message to g.o.p. leadership required they
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2:34 am
tougher work requirements for those receiving food assistance. eric has more. >> the reason conservatives voted against it but it had nothing to do with farming but immigration. this week several moderate republicans signed on with democrats to force the house to hold a vote on tonight next month. with that in mind house conservatives who supported the farmville said they would vote against it if their own security focused immigration bill was not given a vote first. when that did not happen the farm bill failed to pass. >> i would say that the farm bill does not expire until september so you plenty of time to the farm bill but if the discharge petition comes we will deal with that eminently six-month. it's more important right now to prioritize immigration and we been asking and waiting for months. reporter: every democrat opposed it because of the changes to the food stamp or snap program
2:35 am
including requirements for able-bodied adults to worker receive training. the agriculture committee top democrat argues he could help deliver votes if republicans were willing to ease those requirements. >> the whole problem was food stamps. it could have been worked out. i'm not happy this field. i'm not happy we are in this situation but i am willing to do what i can to try to fix it. reporter: this is a symbolic standby house conservatives for their own immigration bill does not have a lot of support in the house but by forcing a vote on it they are playing their power ahead of the new race for speaker and put pressure on their moderate colleagues to go on the record ahead of this unit midterm elections. julie: garrett, thank you. for more on this let's bring back al, political reporter for the washington news examiner. how does the farmville failure republicans heading into the midterm? >> a lot of republican leaders are worried that this could help gin up excitement for democrats in november. this is been a longtime democratic issue with the dream act and the been trying to get this passed for years. they finally think they got a way to get to it and one of the
2:36 am
ways is through the situation and boiling republican leadership. paul ryan in the other month he will be stepping down and right now it's an all out fight to find out who will take on the mantle of republicans if they keep the house in november. right now democrats in avenue to get this done with moderate republicans who are fed up with leadership and dragging their feet on the daca issue. julie: let's call it what it is. the farm bill is not a farm bill but a welfare bill and that is why it failed. even republicans oppose it. how do we fix it and what happens come labor day? if congress goes on recess without passing neither the farm bill or some kind of immigration reform? >> that's a good question. we will have to wait and see on that. the farm bill obviously there is a thing that comes up twice a decade and it was supported by most republicans. most freedom caucus members supported the farm bill in practice. it's the immigration issue that
2:37 am
has been in the crosshairs for them. they thought months ago they had to deal with the public in leadership that they would get a vote on the good lap will, the chairman of the judiciary committee, and i would come up at some point but with this discharge position gaining steam they want to get the vote first and that's why they held their vote. it was a shot at republican leadership and patrick mchenry, whip, basically said this really give them leverage and we did not want this to happen. so, this is not something kevin mccarthy wants to see happen. julie: what about immigration? how is forcing a vote good or bad for either party? >> good for democrats because it helps gin up their excitement for their base and heading into november and for republicans it does the opposite. it depresses the base and republicans go and cave on this. that would be the perception of it, at least. kevin mccarthy has seen this movie play out before. he sought years ago when speaker
2:38 am
john weiner, did not take up the immigration bill that came up in the senate. he does not you saw what happened then and you saw the movie made and it was a good one on his part but he doesn't want to make the mistake that paul ryan might make coming up here in the next month or two. julie: speaking of mistakes that paul ryan has made, first of all, he will step down but unfortunately this has to happen on election-year and john when he did it was in an election year so this does hurt the gop and the problem is ryan is focusing on raising money and campaigning on last year's tax cuts to hold the gop majority while central republicans are worried that they need to accomplish more before the november election but the problem for republicans as lawmakers from swinging estates or swing districts, want to
2:39 am
bipartisan compromise on immigration. the question is what about red states? >> you're right about that. that's why you see these freedom caucus folks they want to vote on this lap belt which is a hard-line bill which was all four aspects of the present wants including chain migration and visa lottery along with 1.8 million dreamers involved. that's a big thing for red states. the issue for the house is what is happening at the senate. the senate does not want to take up anything of any kind this year outside of nominations and senator mitch mcconnell really has been focused on nominating a horde of nominees brought the last couple of weeks. getting something to the senate is the issue right now. the house is looking if he right now for speaker ryan and you are right about the fundraising issue. julie: al weaver, great to see you. thank you for sticking around
2:40 am
for the duration of the show. thank you. >> thank you, julie. julie: the european union today seeking to reassure iran it intends to keep to the nuclear deal even after president trump announced the us was pulling out of the agreement. the eu top energy officials say it will stick to the deal as long as iran continues to keep its promises. mike has more from jerusalem. reporter: julie, european union has now committed to undermining president trumps position related to iran nuclear deal. miguel, top energy efficient with you when said that the eo essentially wants to salvage the joint conference of plan of action the president trump pulled out of the deal struck in 2015 iran temporarily halted its nuclear ambitions in exchange for the lifting of western sanctions. now, european leaders say they will try to keep the oil trade and investment swelling but it will be difficult to do without
2:41 am
the united states. >> after the iran deal we agreed that we will stay in the agreement as long as iran remains fully committed to it. reporter: president trump has long criticized the obama era iran deal and campaigned on the promise to get rid of it. iran's nuclear chief said that the withdrawal shows the us is not a trustworthy partner for international deals. he also plans to restart enrichment of uranium to medical grade 20% and that is a significant step above the three-5% for power plants but a step below the 80-90% enrichment needed for a nuclear weapon. politically the collapse of the jcpoa put pressure on iranian president and his hard-line rival too long criticized him for his inability to bring economic prosperity to iran. iran has endured a couple of popular uprisings but the eye at holy and well honey feel that the continued economic hardship, the ability to afford lies basic necessities could inspire another uprising. julie: mike, in jerusalem, thank you. former president jimmy carter delivering the commencement address at liberty university in virginia today.
2:42 am
the majority of the speak is focused on faith, human rights and equality. >> the attributes of a superpower go beyond military strength and it's the same as those of a person and our nation to be known as a chance to teach and for a chance of equality and our nation should be known as a standard for human rights. julie: liberty university previously hosted to sitting presidents, president george h -- and president trump. air quality getting worse in hawaii. two weeks after the first big volcanic corruption and two days after the latest later one. we live on the big island where the applicable law the flow is now picking up speed. a major shakeup in the catholic church. what prompted every single with 5 times more regions ancestrydna can pinpoint where your ancestors are from
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julie: the lava flow from the hawaii kilauea volcano picking up speed in the air quality is worsening after thursday morning's eruption sent a mass of ash flow miles into the sky. it was the second major corruption in two weeks and there is still no sign of things slowing down anytime soon. picks up the story now joins us from the big island with the latest. hello, jeff. reporter: hello, julie. everyone seems more nervous today here on the big island for the first time yesterday someone had to be -- at least four people had to be rescued from their homes through the use of a chopper out there. the lava started in the home moving faster and to get a better idea of what it's looking
2:47 am
at take the look at this video that was just sent out but you can see just how much lava is flowing right now it looks like a river. a little while ago the hawaii national guard escorted us out to is a spot deep into that rift zone where the features are but each time into this spot it was too dangerous for people when the middle of an evacuation. the lava in some spots is moving at an estimated 1000 feet in our which destroyed four houses last night and isolated at least an additional 40 houses. >> it's so intense. i feel like the whole energy in the air shifted like when everything started to erupt. at nighttime the sky just turned completely red like all around and it sounds like i live in a war zone. reporter: there was an additional steam explosion early this morning and it wasn't as big as some of the previous ones and this one sent an ash plume into the air about 7000 feet but in addition to those air quality concerns and the toxic gas that
2:48 am
is coming from those pictures the other concerns that the national guard has about the cracks in the ground and when those cracks open up it much cut off access for folks to get out if something was to get worse. the national guard telling people now is the time to get out and do it while you can. julie. julie: jeff paul, thank you so much. it looks like the biggest shakeup ever in the catholic church's long running sex abuse saga. every single bishop in the nation of chile offering to resign over a sex abuse and cover-up scandal putting their own faith in the hands of pope pope francis. lauren greene has more. reporter: the smiling group photo belies the gravity of a bishops future. pope francis and some of them to open emergency meeting of the widespread sex abuse. the report so damning that the first time in history all of the bishops offer their resignation. translator: all the bishops that were present in rome in writing have resigned and put their faith in the hands of the holy
2:49 am
father. reporter: father joe murray who holds the church in new york city the news is stunning. >> i was expecting a few to submit their resignations but not all of them. in a sense they are taking collective responsibility for the failures. reporter: but all not were impressed by the gesture. a former member of the post- commission for protection of minors treated, no bishops removed, all allowed to resign, really nothing changes. the action comes after details from a vatican led investigation were leaked. the bishops are accused of destroying evidence shoveling abuses to different parishes and covering up crimes and minimizing the severity. and they did not report the abuses to civil authority which was a hallmark of clerical abuse worldwide. princess said the failure to protect the children is a grave negligence. also admitting great error in judgment on his part just a few months ago the pope adamantly
2:50 am
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julie: to down, one to go. kentucky derby winner justify crossing the finish line first in a muddy preakness just a short time ago. this sets up a triple crown run at the belmont on june 9. justify was a heavy favorite to win and has one all five stakes
2:54 am
races. another round of severe weather to hit the central plains today. strong storms expected to bring high winds, heavy rain and possible tornadoes. just a day after damaging winds and hail ripped through the region, meteorologist adam joins us at the weather center to show you what is going on behind the. adam: it's been driven by warm air. when we talk about the planes anytime you get warm air bumped up against cold air like this from 48 degrees and 90 degrees you will see activity and that is what we have. overnight it could become severe but this is where the heat is in right along that line looking at the possibility for severe weather. portions of northern texas stretching across the plains and getting into areas of misery with everything right in this area that will be the greatest risk. the largest concern will be wind, damaging winds, up to
2:55 am
60 miles an hour with hail, flooding possible and anytime you have these ingredients at least isolated tornadoes will be possible for the overnight hours, as well. here is your future forecast. it takes you -- pay attention to the timestamp but this will be exploding overnight which are busy the worst time for something like this happened because it's hard to see the severe weather that forms but blowing up in portions of texas and running along the line to the north should be winding down as you get going tomorrow but tonight will be a time that folks are going to pay attention. the other story nationally has been a never-ending rain on the east coast for the last two-three days. meeting showers and rounds of rain and that will be continuing as a result we are seeing spots that have already seen four-6 inches of rain with a little more rain with flash flooding is a possibility. this is the rainfall total for the last 48 hours. areas of northern virginia stretching into washington dc getting into the dmv all spots we can see flooding as there are
2:56 am
a flood watches and warnings across this region. it stretches down even into portions of north carolina. that should start to wind down as we get into sunday and monday giving those folks a chance to try out a little bit but those temperatures here for the rest of the weekend going from the '90s and spots across the south that will continue with it's just a burst pipe, i could fix it. (laugh) no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it.
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julie: it was a royal wedding like none other. 100,000 fans were outside. the whole event cost $2.7 million and another $40 million in security. wow. that is how fox reports this saturday. thanks for watching.
2:59 am
[national anthem] [national anthem]
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♪ ♪ >> another twist in the russia investigation days after it entered its second year. new reports an fbi informant met with multiple advisers on president trump's campaign team. >> this investigation, judge, has been going on almost two years. no collusion, no evidence of any wrongdoing. >> the tragic school shooting in santa fe, texas, reigniting the gun debate on capitol hill. >> guns stop guns. not having guns invite guns to come in. >> they care more about the nra than they do about children. >> former president jimmy carter or delivering the commencement address in liberty university. >> this is a wonderful crowd. i hate to say this, it's even bigger than it was


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