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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 22, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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official sending this alert to 7000 customers who lost power due to, quote, extreme zombie activity. the city is investigating how that happened. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. jillian: turning up the heat, donald trump once to know if the obama administration spied on his campaign two years ago and what top law enforcement officials are doing about it, the new call for a second special counsel. >> these will be the strongest sanctions in history. rob: mike pompeo promising a pressure campaign against iran, the demands laid out for donald trump's first diplomat. jillian: starbucks facing backlash from employees and
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customers for allowing anyone to use cafés and restrooms, the chain clarifying its new policy. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ everybody knows i got the magic ♪ rob: one minute after 5:00, tuesday, we have a lot of news to cover. "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. jillian: thank you for joining us, the heat in washington, the call for a second special counsel to investigate the doj. >> the department of justice responding to claims that the campaign was infiltrated by an
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fbi informant. jillian: good morning, todd. >> reporter: another day and the bigger bombshell, if you are is after congressional republicans expect introduce a resolution calling for a second special counsel to investigate alleged misconduct at the fbi and justice department the resolution focusing on three topics, the end of the investigation into hillary clinton's personal email server, the progress of the trump russian probe from its origins through the appointment of robert mueller and fisa abuses after the justice department s the inspector general to investigate whether improper, politically motivated surveillance of the trump campaign should place specifically whether the campaign was, quote, infiltrated or surveilled by an alleged fbi informant. reaction split along party lines.
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>> i think it is appropriate the department of justice is willing to investigate what the president asked to investigate. >> plainly an attempt to intimidate and threaten and thwart the investigation. rob: the wall street journal asks where was barack obama, a very good question. the vice president had this to say. >> it would be very troubling to millions of americans if that took place but very confident, looking at the conduct of the fbi during that. go by adding their focus to this, get to the bottom of it because the american people have a right to know. >> three prominent obama your individuals, james clapper, cia director john brennan and deputy ag sally yates took the media, clapper and yates to accuse the president of assaulting the justice department and rule of law, brandon accusing the president of self-serving actions and so it goes.
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jillian: as obama era officials discredit allegations others are seeing its merit. newt gingrich says corruption at the top of the fbi was substantial, nothing can be ruled out. >> the corruption was so deep at the top, we are not talking every by every -- everyday vig agent doing the job, people at the very top, these people were so corrupt and so arrogant they thought they could get away with anything and they proceeded down the road protecting hillary, covering up hillary, giving immunity to people breaking the law and going after trump and going after trump supporters, and in a way that was easy to
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understand. and another piece unravels. >> have yet to hear from barack obama on this matter. jillian: a massive manhunt intensifying after a police officer is killed in the line of duty. baltimore police looking for several suspects considered armed and dangerous. the officer responding to a burglary when witnesses heard a pop and watching her get run over by a jeep. autopsy and review of unreleased body camera video will determine how she died. if she was shot she would be the 26th officer guns down this year. >> we are seeing something in this country today, police officers assaulted, the number of officers who died in the line of duty is up this year. a bad time in the united states for law enforcement. >> four years on the force in
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july. >> killing his own daughter-in-law officially charged with murder. accused of crashing into a restaurant charlotte, north carolina where his family was sitting, struggling with mental health. >> governor greg abbott taking on school shootings holding the first of several roundtable discussions on violence. the texas republican heading to austin, the santa fe high school shooting, scrapping the shotgun voucher giveaway after the shotgun was used to kill 10 people. the shooter's father blames his son's rampage on bullying. >> donald trump nailing down details for the upcoming summit with north korea. rob: this as all eyes are on the rogue regime's promise to destroy its nuclear test site.
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jillian: griff jenkins live with more. >> reporter: big visit, pres. moon arrived in washington to meet with the president ahead of the summit but serious questions whether it will still take place. the administration was surprised by the announcement they were reconsidering at end the nuclear abandonment, the maximum pressure campaign will continue. >> we made it clear we are continuing to bring economic into political pressure to bear on north korea, all options on the table to achieve that end. >> group of journalists arrived ahead of kim's pledge to dismantle a nuclear site, south korean journalists were not included in high-level talks between saul and pyongyang, remain cut off in the status of the summit in the air, the state department senior advisory official had this to say. >> these sorts of thing takes
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twists and turns, that is not uncommon with north korea. we can try to be in a state of readiness. >> 3 weeks until june 12th and if things go south lindsey graham has stuff words for kim jong un. >> if the north koreans stiffen and try to play him they will regret it. if the summit is canceled in north korea doesn't work with us in good faith, we have a conflict between donald trump and kim jong un and trump will win. >> reporter: the white house releasing a commemorative coin ahead of the summit, donald trump and kim jong un on one side, some upset because it calls kim the supreme leader, they should have waited until the trip happened. we will find out with time. jillian: you took the words i was thinking, maybe they should have waited until june 12th. rob: the first foreign policy
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decision, mike pompeo delivering a firm message to iran. >> sanctions will be painful if the regime does not change course from the unacceptable and unproductive path, this will end up being the strongest sanctions in history. rob: the strongest message yes, donald trump will the us from the iran nuclear deal, pompeo unveiling a list of a dozen demands ending all nuclear activity and support for terrorist organizations and called for iran to pool its military from yemen and syria. china announcing it will reduce auto import duties from 25% down to 15%. a major step for automakers across the world as the us and china agree on an outline to resolve a ban on business with tech companies ete according to the wall street journal. in exchange beijing could remove tariffs on billions of dollars in us foreign products as cte faces criticism after the company violated iranian and
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north korean trade sanctions. jillian: polls opening in four southern states, in georgia michael williams with a deportation bust rate, republican nomination for governor, deal as he takes on four others in the gop primary. and arkansas incumbent governor asa hutchinson facing a challenge from jan morgan. donald trump tweeting his support for the governor ahead of tonight's race, primaries being held in georgia, arkansas and kentucky with runoff elections tonight in texas. rob: prince harry and meghan markle will make an appearance to honor prince charles at buckingham palace. jillian: the first look at the official wedding photo showing the new duke and duchess of sussex smiling on the steps of windsor castle, the couple posing with the bridal party, and bridesmaids. the queen all smiles in a new
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portrait with megan's mother by her side. flowers from the wedding were donated to a hospital. it is 10 minutes after the hour. shocking video showing the moment the man opened fire at a trump resort. the body camera footage as bullets fly from the florida golf club. jillian: pompeo putting iran unnoticed as the european union assures iran of its commitment to the nuclear deal. >> they may decide to try to keep the old nuclear deal with tehran. that is their decision to make. they know where we stand. rob: why are our allies siding with the country known for its financial backing of terror organizations? the leader of thebrexit movement ways and next. jillian: a brand-new honor. ♪ ♪
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tony: at her estate mike pompeo hitting iran with the strongest sanctions in history planning a pressure campaign if it doesn't abandon nuclear work. rob: europe reassuring iran is committed to salvaging the nuclear deal with or without the us. why are our allies siding with the country known for its financial backing of terror organizations? heather: here is the leader of the brexit movement, nigel farage. >> the european commission and others make the decisions for the eu. the big banks and big businesses are predominant in everything we do. since the obama deal a lot of
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european companies have invested in iran and the reason for keeping videos to protect the interests of companies who care more about their bottom line than the safety of the world. all of this leaves the uk in a difficult position. boris johnson is siding with the european union in brussels and not america and many want him to change his mind. rob: how effective are these sanctions? the us is able to permit the strongest sanctions ever on iran. how effective will that be in changing the country with the european union doing business with this country? >> it was the way trump got china to be serious on sanctions with north korea, effectively a major reason, to the negotiating
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table. and a lot of money will come into your country. the european union, difficult to see how effective the american policy can be if these people continue on their current course. jillian: it is not a pipe dream to ask the uranium leadership to behave like a normal responsible country. do you think it is simple? >> i think to renegotiate a bad deal is a sensible, grown-up thing to do. this iran he and regime has been in power for 40 years by islamic fundamentalists, fanatics. and in libya, or in a rack, would be a different dimension and that is why the eu were to join with america in tough
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sanctions on iran that could just lead to people bringing down the islamic regime. rob: emmanuel macron came here and met with the president and said he doesn't like the deal or think the deal is strong enough but his concern was walking away at this point reduces our credibility if we were to do so. do you think the us lost credibility in a dealmaking position by walking away from a deal? >> know. it is called democracy. obama chose to put the deal in place. he started in good faith, hoping iran would behave themselves once their assets were free, iran actually through hezbollah, hamas and its associates and processes have behaved terribly. the american electorate made a decision, they voted for donald trump who said, that makes it look like a proper democratic
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country prepared to get things wrong. heather: we appear go when there's a lot of change happening since the administration took office, do you think a lot of allies will come on board with changes including this? >> i worry about the european union. it is very much influenced by big banks and big businesses. money talks in this city and there is room here for us in the united kingdom to revisit this and i very much believe the way donald trump comes to the united kingdom july 13th with theresa may. and maybe macron and others will
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start to think. >> on a lighter note you throw a heckuva wedding. >> it was a great day i have to say. i hope the wedding brings britain and america closer. rob: california already has an open border policy but now is trying to give illegal immigrants free health care. the multibillion-dollar plan the sanctuary status concerning. jillian: she lied about benghazi, susan rice is not the only one. the streaming service has two new employees from the obama administration. ♪ what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back.
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>> a hearing today on capitol hill will look at whether current immigration and border policies are working, stopping the daily border caravan comes as house budget committee member diane black introduces the border wall trust fund to allow people to the wall. >> and what you need to know about the violent animals of ms 13. donald trump was criticized -- and it is bad. >> netflix on two new employees. >> >> how a former president is turning into a television producer. >> former pres. barack obama and michelle obama signed them over
2:25 am
your deal with netflix to produce original content, and scripted, scripted, features and documentaries. and to increase empathy and understanding. and to create this content for netflix, no terms of the agreement have been disclosed, and see what they produce. >> i haven't sent anything in years but i was excited about this. >> i want to meet someone who is going to say something. and they introduce scratch and sniff stamps, they are unveiling these, and haven't revealed what they smell like. once they are released. the hint is they will smell like
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popsicles either way. no other hints than that. >> i go to the mailbox taking out all the mail and throwing it in the garbage. >> when you send your bills, they will smell very nice. >> demanding answers, donald trump wants to know, if his present campaign was infiltrated in 2016. >> the inspector general will look into it and determine if there was any surveillance and for political purposes. >> our next guest is calling out the hype around the russian narrative, jim hansen says it is more about the obama administration and hillary clinton campaign than any issues with donald trump. he is like with his opinion next. >> they are paid to fight crime
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to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet? rob: bizarre story, dramatic about again footage capturing a gunfight at donald trump's golf resort. [gunshots] rob: happening in miami. it went down after a man with a gun walked into trump golf club, draped an american flag over the front desk, yelled about the pres. and pulled a firearm. police shooting him in the legs during a bizarre exchange in court he admitted to setting off
2:31 am
the alarm. >> everything is being recorded. your attorney should turn off the microphone, probably a wise move. rob: nobody was seriously hurt. jillian: investigators trying to figure out if a tesla in self driving mode was intel driving mode when it crashed, a dive team pulling the car and driver, it is unclear if autopilot's were turned on or if the driver was speeding or under the influence. they are looking at whether tesla's autopilot mode played a role in several other crashes this year. rob: new pictures of hawaii's erupting volcano from above, aerial photos showing toxic steam rising as hot lava hits the pacific ocean waters. the potential deadly gas is a mixture of acid and glass particles. love a from the kilauea volcano
2:32 am
forming a 2-story wall blocking a crucial escape route on the big island, this photo shows the barrier towering over a full grown man. jillian: gina haspel taking on her first official day of cia director, donald trump says no one is more qualified, she is the first woman to have the job, she says she is profoundly honored. >> for me, being director, is about doing right by all of you. i will do everything in my power to justify the faith donald trump and the american people placed in us. and to make sure cia continues to provide the intelligence needed to keep our country safe. jillian: she think the women in the agency who came before her and two little girls who wrote letters of support following the nomination. rob: donald trump striking a deal to hand over documents
2:33 am
about an alleged formant, infiltrated his campaign. jillian: why was the president himself, here to weigh in his counterterrorism expert and army special forces veteran hansen. thank you for joining us this morning. are we going to get some answers? >> what is going to be interesting is how far up the food chain this went. i don't think anybody with above room temperature iq thinks barack obama did not know about this. before his administration took the unprecedented step of putting a spy in an opposition political campaign somebody whispered they were going to do it. obama producing content for netflix. i wonder if this turns out the way it might, he's a new character on orange is the new black. sounds like there was dirty dealing done. rob: trying to clarify what went on and if it does come down to
2:34 am
spying or not. an interesting tweet from molly hemingway, she says the left's position flipped from trump is a liar and a lunatic to saying obama and brennan spied, when he put out a tweet saying i was spied on in trump tower and everybody thought he was crazy, the position flipped from that too of course obama spied on trump. it would be dangerous not to. an interesting tweet to put out. >> molly is always spot on and pointing out the fact they didn't think hillary was going to lose. they thought all these dirty tricks were going to be welcomed in a new clinton administration. we are finding out that the obama administration politicize national security agencies, taking false opposition research, treating it as actionable intelligence, using the powers of the state to smear an attack on political
2:35 am
opponents. jillian: depending on the information that comes out of this, it will anything surprise you? >> sadly no. what will surprise me is nobody gets indicted out of this. the rats are going a little crazy. john brennan has been acting deranged on twitter with things he is saying that make us wonder if he should be talking to a lawyer or a psychologist as opposed to the public. they are worried because their dirty deeds are being exposed and it is bad for the country. hopefully some accountability will come. rob: we are not confirming his name but the alleged spy the pres. is talking about. a lot of people say that is taking this too far. in the washington post, after the 1980 presidential race which was carter and reagan, the informant was caught in a scandal of political spying on
2:36 am
carter's campaign, something he denies. interesting to see that. >> it is not going to surprise anyone if it turns out they picked him for that reason. what they did was to take what was essentially barroom gossip and turn it into an actual news story and political investigation. at this point i don't think they had enough evidence to justify any of this and they to see the atty. gen. and department of justice take some action against people who abuse their positions of power. jillian: we will see what happens. rob: adam is here with a check of the weather, a round of golf coming up on friday. we need some good weather. >> where are you playing? i need more details.
2:37 am
jillian: in south jersey. >> nationally things not looking bad. on the west, temperatures in the mid-50s, the east coast a little warmer but rain is on the way the next couple days. it has been soggy, yesterday gorgeous in the northeast but a big line of rain particularly picking up around lunchtime, that is when the heaviest rain will move in and this rain has been lingering in portions of the east for the last couple days. this is rainfall total in the last few days, spot the florida getting 6 to 8 inches, that is also the case in north carolina and virginia. as far as friday goes we will see. jillian: mr. fancy pants with that suits. >> everyone think i'm colorblind, what color is that? >> burgundy. i would go for burgundy but no one think that is what is. tell me on twitter i guess.
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jillian: 37 minutes after the hour. a liberal california mayor tipping off illegals about upcoming ice raids. >> i do not regret sharing this information. i felt it was my duty. jillian: now she may regret it. the new moved to send people for to prison for selling the alarm to illegals. rob: starbucks facing backlash from employees and customers for not allowing anybody to use the cafés in their restrooms. carly shimkus coming up with reaction, she is here now. they are clarifying the policy. >> i will fight every day until he is impeached. i continue to say in peach him. jillian: it has been her rallying cry since donald trump took office but maxine waters, her secrets - of campaign cash she has been paying her own daughter.
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jillian: espn correspondent who called the pres. a white supremacist on twitter was just named journalist of the year. the national association of black journalists praised her saying she, quote, nearly broke the internet when she criticized donald trump. a few months later she was suspended after a twitter rant about the dallas cowboys owner jerry jones. rob: maxine waters will pay her daughter $100,000 in campaign funds according to federal filings. karen watters received $50,000 with another 65 grand coming her way. these show she paid for professional services working on political ads. not a bad salary for a political
2:43 am
campaign. >> starbucks clarifying their new policy. >> the coffee chain announced anybody could hang out in their can phase, and drug use and sleeping is unacceptable. carly shimkus with serious xm 115. reaction coming in online to this. >> and the coffee chain, they are clarifying, sleeping and drug use, the basic policy remains the same, we can't buy a cup of show. and despite the new policy, still left with reservations. k be on twitter says this won't end well. you will never find a place to have a cup of coffee.
2:44 am
charlie says great, now i won't feel are beginning to buy a drink when i just want to use the bathroom. they might lose that demographic. and i would not go to starbucks for a $7 cup of coffee to have to compete for seating at restrooms with the crowd of nonpaying people. this policy change occurred after two black men were arrested at a starbucks in philadelphia for refusing to leave despite the fact they weren't going to buy anything. jillian: seems like bathrooms are always going to be dirty. rob: getting the bulk of the problem here over the weekend downtown, there were ten people in line for the bathroom. >> got to wait 20 minutes ago. tell us what new york police officers are doing. >> reporter: a major show of strength, the nypd and british
2:45 am
police teamed up with jetblue for the eighth annual plane pulling contest. that is all to raise money for pediatric cancer. attendants see planes painted in honor of the nypd and in this event, raised $123,000 of pediatric care. jillian: the sanctuary state of california making a move about healthcare. the congressional candidate antonio, the liberal state has gone rogue and lawmakers deserve to be thrown in jail. he is live next. >> this is basically the show. we have to make it look really good over the next 3 hours. i was hoping rob would say something nice.
2:46 am
judge andrew napolitano will breakdown the informant in the trump camp, is this really a big deal? the fbi says standard practice, trump team is outraged and they are on the operative, not only the vice president the chief of staff john kelly is on the move. congressman ron desantis wants to be the next governor of florida. dana loesch on the shooting in texas and governor matt bevan, governor of kentucky, will be here live as we breakdown the other challenges with paul ryan as speaker. are his days numbered? we will discuss that in the next few hours and then bill hammer when we are good and ready. rob: we will be right back.
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>> you can go to prison even if you are mayor. and under the mayor libby chavez proposal, the california mayor warned about an upcoming office rate in february. >> there is potentially an ice activity planned in the bay area. residents should know they do not have an obligation to open their door if an ice official. should face 5 years in prison. >> and bill haslam allowed a proposal that will allow law enforcement to cooperate with
2:51 am
ice. >> california may offer free healthcare to illegal immigrants. california never waited for the federal government or political climate to be able to take a whole host of issues. >> >> a haven for illegal immigrants. and congressional actor antonio's about a junior. >> this is something that your estate can do for people living in illegally. >> we are fighting against things were cities, fighting against early release, my communities with me. this is unconstitutional what they are trying to do and this november you got to vote for the
2:52 am
republicans because we are trying to protect our county and state of california. it is completely unconstitutional and we can't stand for it, the american people are rising up and we haven't when is your. >> what do you think california will look like in the next 5 to 10 years? >> like a socialist state. look at what they have done to cities like san francisco, los angeles, the homeless population is growing, regulations are too high. we can't keep going like this. to everyone out there who is a democrat please start thinking about the future of the state. republicans are here to save the state, we will do it this time, i will win my county. even if it is one chaldea time we will protect them. this is against what this country is all about. >> governor jerry brown has not decided what to do if this bill gets to him, but he has done a fairly good job, he came in, you have a huge deficit, he cleaned that up, he got something like a
2:53 am
$6 billion budget process, do you think he would be wild enough to consider throwing 3 billion have of that surplus away? >> i disagree with the way jerry brown has been running into the state. and he is a socialist, the gas tax for example, without anyone knowing about that. he is leaving the state, we have a new governor get better than what we have seen. >> do you think it will pass that. >> >> we can't afford another one of them. >> >> we can't keep socializing
2:54 am
this state. it has been going into the sewer like i said. we have to do more for homeless kids. and everybody is leaving because nobody can afford to live, and we can't allow that to happen any longer. >> is their problem, people leaving the state, you can go to nevada or arizona and get a better tax rate. >> we can help my community a to the across-the-board. we have to keep following the constitution. the people of sacramento are forgetting about it. jillian: thank you very much, appreciate your time. >> go to vote,
2:55 am
>> 6 minutes until the top of the hour. get on the boat, terrifying moment a 15 foot great white shark shocked scuba divers. >> no monkey business here. the hilarious moment a primate passenger drives and airport official bananas. he escaped his crate, the latest coming up next. ♪
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rob: all right, welcome back, baby boom at fire white -- hous. coming together for a special photo shoot with the dad's equipment. jillian: so cute. monkey escaped and broke free after touching down in san antonio where he will live in animal sanctuary. rob: there you go. the finally tugly, scuadiver might be getting the shock of his life after great white shark is circling him. jillian: yikes. rob: 15-footer, that's a big great white in florida keys,
3:00 am
thankfully he got out just fine that. would be horrifying. jillian: yes, you think? thanks for watching this morning. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> president trump and the department of justice are now asking the inspector general to investigate the obama administration and the spying they did on the trump campaign. >> it would very troubling to millions of americans if that took place. >> mr. president, thank you again for giving me the opportunity to carry out the critical work of helping protect our country, our people and our way of life. >> there will be a hearing on capitol hill that will take a look at whether current immigration and policies are working? >> have been horrible on border security. >> pompeo at announcing pressure campaign to weaken iran's economy until it changes behavior. >> strongest sanctions in history and we are completing. >> president trump hti


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