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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 25, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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we'll see you this weekend. >> have a great weekend. the ladies of "outnumbered," take it away. president trump leaving the door open to rescheduling the canceled summit with north korean dictator kim jong-un after the rogue regime says it is, quote, open to resolving problems at any time in any way. this is "outnumbered." i'm melissa francis. host of kennedy on fox business. also dagen mcdowell. morgan ortegas. and joining us on the couch today, nationally syndicated radio show host. he is "outnumbered." this is morgan's first time on the couch. >> good to be here, always with my friend dagen.
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>> she's still willing to sit next to me. >> there you go. all right. we'll make it happen. >> run away. [ laughter ] >> glad to be here. thank you. >> let's move on. north korea responding after president trump abruptly canceled what would have been a historic summit between the leaders of the two nations. the rogue regime saying they are still open to having a face-to-face meeting, quote, at any time. president trump sounding optimistic that a summit could be rescheduled if the north cooperates. >> we'll see what happens. it could even be the 12th. we're talking to them now. they very much want to do it. we'd like to do it. we're going to see what happens. it was a nice statement they put out. we'll see what happens. >> lawmakers reacting to president trump's initial decision to slam the door on the upcoming summit. democratic congressman bashing
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the move. gop senator lindsay graham backing the president. >> people were hopeful we could find peace on the korean peninsula. you see an impulsive, childish president. one week talking about getting the nobel peace prize and probably rehearsing his end zone dance a little too early. >> everybody criticizing the president, how well did you do in north korea? we finally got a president that has their attention. they're playing the same old game they have for 30 years and trump's not going to tolerate it. >> go to the state department with the latest. rich, tell us about it. >> reporter: president trump's threat to cancel this june 12th summit led to a rapid change in reversal in tone from north korea, especially given the rhetoric coming out of that regime, the aggressive rhetoric over the past couple of weeks. quote, we highly appreciate the fact that president trump made a brave decision that no president in the past has made and put efforts to make the summit
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happen. however, the sudden unilateral cancellation of the summit was an unexpected happening to us, and we can't help but feel regretful. mike pompeo says officials were trying to contact the north koreans to continue planning this summit and received only dial tone. a senior white house official says u.s. representatives flew to singapore for an agreed upon meeting. the officials say north korea stood them up. now north korea is back in communication with his administration. the original summit date is less than three weeks away. they still have to set up the logistics and work through nuclear negotiations. how north korea would surrender its nuclear program, whether it can enrich uranium or any type of nuclear material for peaceful energy purposes, what north korea will receive in return, and when it would actually receive it. secretary pompeo stresses that the united states will not give any concessions to north korea
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until it shows credible evidence it is taking moves to dismantle its nuclear program. the united states is leading what's called a pressure campaign by the administration getting a group of countries together to isolate north korea economically. the secretary says that continues. >> thank you so much. all right. bring it out to the couch. what's your reaction to all that. >> i think it's fascinating to watch some of the president's critics switch from the summit is a crazy idea to why is he pulling the summit off the table, now he has no leverage, to now the summit is a crazy idea again. it's also disappointing that people would be so overtly partisan given the stakes here. and it's not just the 25 million plus north koreans. not just the national security implications for the region, but really for the world. of course the icbms that could hit anybody within a short period of time if things go as
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they are. however, this is what we've expected from the president. he's breaking with the diplomatic consensus. if we want success where there have been multiple bipartisan failures on the issue of north korea, you got to shake things up. that's what he's doing. >> morgan, it's hard for me to imagine that eric is really that ignora ignorant. to think that was just him throwing a tantrum. it's more surprising to me that he's willing to completely misrepresent what must be his knowledge of diplomacy to score points. >> you make such a great point, melissa. what's really troubling about this, when you look at the record of kim jong-un and the human rights astros trocitieatr. it's not even mildly appropriate to make these sort of comparisons. what's gone on in north korea for decades, the way that people are starved and murdered. essentially these prison camps
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that could be viewed as concentration camps. it's disgusting what goes on there. no matter what you think of the president and his policies, there's no moral equivalency there. this issue is incredibly important to me. what's never good for us as american people, no matter how much we agree or disagree with our leaders is to have moral equivalency to north korean leaders, to ayatollah in iran. we can disagree, but let's not insult our own president and put them on the level with one of the most brutal dictatorish regimes known to man. >> if you listen to joy behar -- >> why would you? >> it's really an absurdist argument. there are a lot of areas where the president deserves pushback. i understand democrats and even some republicans when you're talking about tariffs or, you know, some first amendment concerns. that's one thing. but this is an area where
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everyone should want the president to succeed. every single person should be hoping and praying that there is peace on the korean peninsula. it is really bad news for innocent people over there and, you know, you talk about the camps over there, those people will be the first to die if kim jong-un feels he is being militarily threatened. you know, there -- this rush, this glee, and the jokes about, oh, well the president's not going to get the nobel prize now. maybe that's one thing that wasn't as important to him as it was to president obama when he was negotiating the iran deal. the fact that he's willing to walk away if north korea is talking about, you know, nuclear-on-nuclear death orgy. >> you've already made the initial concession that you'll do anything to get a deal, which is what they did on iran by the way. >> it's better to walk away from
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a meeting that will be a public embarrassme embarrassment. he is not willing to provide or put up complete de-nuclearization. complete, utter, verifiable, irreversible abandonment of its nuclear program. it was very clear from even -- even before we -- the hostages came back here based on what we heard from south korean officials, the meetings that the north koreans had had with the chinese, they were going to try and pull what they had pulled in the past. that's asking for concessions on sanctions. that is asking for handouts, and then promising to dismantle its nuclear program and then never doing that. >> i don't think china is all that helpful in this process. >> no, but to that point, i want to add that xi jinping, china's leader, has publicly endorsed kim jong-un's position demanding
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phased and synchronized steps towards -- >> trying to reinsert himself. >> what we do now, we ramp up sanctions on any chinese business. that's a huge issue -- >> i think it was the concessions that he made. >> the u.s. is not selling because you were selling american goods to iran and north korea. that was the first violation. then you lied about the punishments on your employees. you don't get a third chance. go out of business. play ball bucco. >> to your point about that, north korea giving those three hostages is very similar to the united states rolling back restrictions on zte. i think it really weakened our hand in regards to china. >> it's real a three-party negotiation. it's not the u.s. and north korea -- well, you could put south korea in there of course. the big three are the u.s., north korea, and china. >> china has been relegated to the sideline here and they don't
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like it. >> for the past 30 years, the policy that dagen just referred to of the united states gov government is de-nuclearization of the peninsula. this is the first president who didn't just say it's a policy, but i'm going to actually enforce the policy. this is the first president that said this is what we say as a country, this is what i'm going to pursue whether it's diplomatic or military means, and i think he means that. >> you mention zte. the danger there is espionage, spying. these phones sold are on military bases. any u.s. military base. to that point, a lot of people are talking about to watch for north korea cyber attacks on the united states. we haven't had a -- a missile launch or a nuclear test since late last year, but watch out for cyber attacks. >> people make a lot of jokes about north korea being on a dos system and having on computers
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from the '80s, it's not true. >> ahead of pulling out, they were too eager the meet, the language was too soft. then when he stands up and walks away from the negotiating table, all of a sudden he's a big baby. >> he can't win for losing, especially with the resistance. >> he needs to ignore all the people that think they have the answers, especially those from previous administrations. >> democrats criticizing two top white house officials for showing up at the start of the classified briefings yesterday between doj leaders and lawmakers. the white house defending the move. was it appropriate? plus house republicans ramping up their investigation into the fbi's handling of the hillary clinton e-mail probe. the details and what we can expect next. >> we want to know why it is that the fbi was handling these two different matters in such extremely different ways showing an extreme bias that should never have occurred in a
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it's a drone! i know. find your phone easily with the xfinity voice remote. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. >> melissa: criticism from democrats after white house lawyer unexpected appeared yesterday at both classified briefings that justice department officials gave congressional leaders. he showed up for the start of each meeting along with white house chief of staff john kelly. sarah huckabee sanders defending the move, neither chief kelly nor flood attended the meetings, but did make brief remarks before the meetings started. they also conveyed the president's understanding of the need to protect human intelligence services and the important of communication between the branches of government. but democratic lawmakers slamming the move including
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house intelligence committee ranking member adam schiff saying, quote, his president and statement at the outset of both meetings today was completely inappropriate although he did not participair advertis-- part meetings that followed. it was completely improper and i made it clear to him. is it appropriate and improper for the white house chief of staff and the white house attorney to attend the beginning of these briefings? >> no. adam schiff and other democrats can say they don't like it. but it's not unappropriate. i do think it's also a somewhat effective smoke screen for democrats to put up right now because there was information that some folks wanted that was not given at these meetings still. the stonewalling, all the stuff you've seen from the doj/fbi
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side of the fence -- >> melissa: are they pretrending they can't -- pretending they can't reveal the name of the informant? >> we keep coming back to a department of justice and fbi that seems to think they can tell the white house you can't see that. they can telecon grel congressi committees that they can't see that. that's not true. they're trying to run off the clock until the midterms. the democrats take the house, this whole thing changes. >> we've haven't heard anything about what wenent on in this me. we don't know if the documents were not shown. that's what we've heard. you haven't heard anything from the people -- >> it's classified, right? so that would be a problem. >> doesn't it remind you of those dueling memos, though? if i go to a restaurant, i want to eat.
9:19 am
i don't want someone to describe the stuffed mushrooms. i want to put them in my mouth and chew and swallow. they're describing the menu. i don't need that. i'm hungry. i'm hungry for the kind of transparency -- >> declassified information. >> that a little bit here and there, but the shield that they are hiding behind that somehow they can protect us from information willy-nilly whether it's the cia or the fbi, i think that is improper. i think that is inappropriate. >> i want to hit on what buck said, morgan not to dump on you. the one thing -- by the way, the constitution sets up the congressional check on the executive branch. >> sure. >> and the justice department is part of the executive branch. again, justice department pushing back on all these memos. president trump can declassify everything that we're talking about. let the public see it. that is in his purview, is it not, buck? >> yeah, as executive, he can. people say the president can just engage in realtime
9:20 am
declassification. >> if the president says it, it's declassified. >> there's some technicalities here. but just in general, if the president wants the information out there, the president can -- >> let's do it. >> let's get morgan in here. the only way we're going to get to the truth is if we have transparency. if both sides stop abstracting and revealing information for their own end, how do we get that? >> i think what you're seeing here is incredibly unusual counterintelligence investigation. they happen all the time around the u.s. government. are there espionage efforts within the u.s. government? what's peculiar about this one, it was clearly directed at a campaign. the department is not giving over the documents. it's clear what's happening here. someone or some thing is being protected, and that's why the
9:21 am
american people are demanding answers. >> i know -- i want to ask buck very quickly about this because the president has said that s spygate could be the biggest political scandal in history, but this person was also a part of a 1980s spying operation against jimmy carter during the reagan campaign. your thoughts? i think this one more recent is going to be a much bigger issue than anything that happened in the '80s. just the changes in the explanation for this alleged report or whatever you want to call it spying on the campaign, just the changes in the explanations for it should make everybody incredibly suspicious. >> if something really untoward had happened during those briefings yesterday, adam schiff would have had a public screaming fit at the base of the washington monument and called every news organization on planet earth. that little statement means no harm. house p ares meantime ramping up their investigation
9:22 am
into the fbi -- republicans meantime ramping up their investigation into the fbi's investigation into the e-mail probe. the probe has three witness interviews set for june. the first in more than four months. two of thens witnesses are former top fbi national security officials and one is director of the bureau's counterintelligence division. bob goodlat weighing in earlier today. >> they know what was going on at the fbi during this period of time when director comey was conducting an investigation that treated hillary clinton and her associates in a very different way than the investigation they subsequently launched against the trump campaign and therefore we want to know why it is that the fbi was handling these two different matters in such extremely different ways showing
9:23 am
an extreme bias that should never occur in a presidential election. >> should these house republicans wait, though, until the inspector general's report is fully out on the hillary clinton e-mail probe? it's supposed to come out, you know, washington sticks to its ways, it could probably come out this afternoon. >> absolutely. >> i think if you're asking what is most proper for them, it would probably make sense for them to wait. there's so much trying to prepare the battleground before the report comes out that asking people to kind of withhold their fire is not going to happen here. most of what is going to come out in the ig report, i don't think there's going to be a lot that's new. they clearly were applying different standards of justice to the hillary clinton issue and the trump issue. you know this from not using subpoenas, giving people immunity for giving over evidence. >> the chief of staff was her lawyer. unbelievable. >> they gave more than the benefit of the doubt to hillary clinton and put trump in the
9:24 am
worst possible legal jeopardy. anyone who's spent time -- >> that's a really good point. hillary clinton's chief of staff is able to sit in on the briefings, given all sorts of immunity. also doesn't have to reveal a lot of information because of attorney-client privilege. yet adam schiff is literally having kittens. i use the word literally. literally! he gave birth to baby kittens because the president -- the white house lawyer was there at the beginning of the briefing. >> yeah. >> our conversations are so much more colorful when kennedy is here, i got to tell you. >> i'm still stuck on the stuffed mushrooms. >> now you're making me hungry. >> this was personal -- this whole investigation i think is personal to me, and probably buck and a lot of people who have been in the intelligence community in keeping this information closely guarded very seriously. we go through a ton of training on this. it's the highest priority whenever you're in these trusted positions. i have to say when all of this
9:25 am
came out two years ago, it was very disturbing to all of us that you can strip classification markings, you can carelessly handle classified information that people risk their thrives on -- lives on a daily basis to keep our country safe. i would like to see comey come back and testify on this. when he gave that speech, even though i think the speech was inappropriate that he gave against hillary clinton when they said they weren't charging her, when he gave that speech, he was clearly upset at the justice department for not coming forward with any charges. i wanted to know what he thinks. >> you think that was the justice department for not charging him? it seemed like he was right in on the idea -- >> why would you give that -- >> -- to use certain. >> -- he was grand standing. >> comey is first and foremost, on the issue of classification and protection of it, it's sack
9:26 am
r -- sacrosanct. >> it's not just about the clinton e-mail probe, it's also about all those individuals like peter struck who worked on both the clinton e-mail probe and then had his hands in everything regarding -- >> and the beginning of the trump probe and the mueller investigation. >> despite the warrant on carter page and the dossier. >> people giving the disparate treatment is so important. you have the same thing looking at hillary stuff and trump stuff. how they treat it very, very different. president trump's attorney rudy giuliani providing insight on whether the president will agree to a sitdown with robert mueller. this as the president's lawyers earlier this year were close to a deal on an interview. plus, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell defending the mueller probe on the same day
9:27 am
president trump blasted it as the witch hunt. what to make of this divide? we'll debate.
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new questions on what is next in the russia investigation. now president trump's attorney rudy giuliani is telling the "washington post" the president is more likely to meet with north korean dictator kim jong-un than special counsel robert mueller. giuliani saying, quote, at least they're not going to try to trap him into perjury. the summit will allow the president more time to decide whether to speak with mueller's team. a source with the investigation tells fox news, the president's lawyers met with robert mueller
9:32 am
about how long they needed him. he said he would need about half a day. the president's attorneys felt that mueller hadn't made a strong enough case during the meeting to justify an interview during the president. >> i think that the president's lawyers are correct. one of the things that's gotten lost here is that there is discretion that's being used by the prosecutors, by the investigators. there are competing goods at stake here. one of them is bogging the president down or putting the president in legal jeopardy without even a clear crime that is being investigated is something that should not happen. and i think that the president of the united states shouldn't be in a position where he's being interviewed by hours by somebody who's made a habit of bringing charges against people for lying about non-criminal activity and thinks lost all good faith at this point. that's not what they're trying to do. the president should not sit down with mueller. >> morgan, you can already hear the democrats' argument. that this investigation has turned up lots of information.
9:33 am
look what's happened to various people. they found plenty of wrongdoing. at the same time, you know, why wouldn't the president sit down if he's not innocent. >> the democrats have his best interest at heart on this, i'm sure. he should totally listen to their advice. i don't think there's any attorney in america representing the president that would say he should sit down with mueller. if you're protecting your client and that's your job, you would not put them in this situation. all you're doing is setting up a trap for yourself. and the president's lawyers have clearly said that they would be -- consider a meeting in mueller can set the -- >> you really believe that, though? that just sounds like one of those things they say. if i -- i know for sure i'm not
9:34 am
colluding with the russians and i would do anything in my power to stay away from robert mueller. [ laughter ] >> the president likes to talk. so this could be -- could be pressure by the president of the united states on his own attorneys to let him talk to bob mueller. it's dangerous. here's why a perjury trap is even more dangerous now is because you've heard from senator chuck grassley. he's come out and said james comey has not been telling the truth. why is this important to the mueller investigation? jim comey told a congressional committee one think about what the fbi investigators thought about michael flynn. they didn't believe michael flynn had been lying. and didn't think he should be charged for lying. he said some different things for his book tour. why that's important is, if there's no russia collusion, then it's an obstruction case
9:35 am
about the firing of jim comey. can't use that if jim comey painted himself out to be a liar. >> comey has absolutely painted himself into a corner. but jim comey is not a politician yet. he probably will be at some point. by his own admission in love with his own voice and his own ideas. the president is a politician. at some point he's going to have to sit for something and talk about this. >> you don't have to talk. you can take the fifth. >> he feels innocent. he wants to prove it to robert mueller and the world by sitting down. i truly believe the president wants to sit down. it's tinteresting though. there's some hot malarkey here. why were there 49 questions talking about a half day? >> get us talking about the topic we started with.
9:36 am
giuliani is juxtaposing these two meetings. everything accusing the president of not being prepared for this north korea thing. that changes every single minute. putting him in a position where it's now back. >> this is the point i was trying to make about priorities. the president should be trying to meeting with kim jong-un. he shouldn't be subject to a clear fishing expedition -- >> and have to be really careful. one last very quick point. the threat is so low. if you don't have a crime and you're just going to nail the president on objection of justice, it has been said. that favor will be returned to a democratic president at some point. >> the point about obstruction, if your chief witness has been caught lying -- >> yeah.
9:37 am
>> and asking him about business dealings, little tiny details that the president might not recall correctly. mueller has gotten from americans that know trump or worked with him. all right. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell remains though the most prominent republican to defend mueller and his investigation into trump's claims it's a witch hunt based on a hoax. here's what mcconnell said after yesterday's closed door briefing on an fbi informant. >> there's two investigations going on. the justice department and the mueller investigation. i support both of them. >> there you go. mcconnell telling fox news last night, it would be great if we got to a conclusion sometime soon in the investigation. what do you think about his
9:38 am
ordering of those investigations? do you think the mueller probe is something that is important and appropriate and will yield answers? >> it's interesting that mcconnell worded it that way. when i read this i thought why would he say that. he's clearly going against what members -- what many members in his caucus think. i actually think that mcconnell must have some confidence that the investigation is not going to turn up collusion or there's no way he would say this thing. perhaps he just has confidence there's no wrongdoing from the trump campaign. as dagen eluded and and went through the list, it's not about collusion, it's not about anything that was the original scope of the investigation. my -- i don't know what's going through mcconnell's head. my thought is that perhaps he has confidence they're not actually going to find any collusion. >> i just think mcconnell doesn't want to put on a helmet and go to war for the president. he wants to say, yeah, let the investigations do what they may.
9:39 am
he figures he's going to keep doing what he's doing. >> mcconnell also wants to maintain that majority in the senate. and sees it as a much bloodier fight. it's also interesting, he's not being helpful with the legislation to preserve mueller and his special counselness. >> that's a good point. the biggest problem that we have here is that the american public has so much lack of faith in our institutions right now. people are confused and do not have faith in the fbi and mueller. this isn't a good place for our country to be in. so much politics is being played by both sides on this that we have to get to an end of these investigation. we need openness and transparency as you -- >> that's not going to happen. it's not going to happen. all of these things end up being so unsatisfying in the end. that's what frustrates viewers and people out there. seems like we never get a conclusion. anyone watching from the sidelines, aren't we just going in circles over and over again.
9:40 am
>> you know there's always going to be another season. >> but no progress. >> people who say look at all the prosecutions that have already happened. >> i just want to add one thing. again, the media is manufacturing the story that trump's going to fire mueller, right? they're trying to goad the president into doing that. this is mitch mcconnell trying to put that one out. >> bob mueller, fine with me. all right, the head of the senate democrats campaign arm saying he welcomes bill and hillary clinton to the campaign in the midterms. but will the clintons help or hurt vulnerable democrats facing reelection battles in states that president trump won? we'll debate that. it's just a burst pipe, i could fix it.
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9:45 am
senatorial campaign committee says he welcomes support from hillary and bill clinton in the elections. and in recent weeks, hillary has gotten more involved endorsing current new york governor andrew cuomo for his reelection bid. questions remain how effective an endorsement for the clintons would be for incumbent senators battling in states that president trump won in 2016. i think ten senate seats, democrats are defending ten senate seats in states where president trump defeated hillary clinton. melissa, i want to go to you over this. the last we heard from hillary, she said, i'm not over it! [ laughter ] >> she definitely, you know, she represents the resistance. she represents everybody who is really bitter about how the last election turned out. there's a lot of people out there like that. i don't know if they blame her or feel sorry for her and want to support her. if you look at what happened in new york, for example, cynthia
9:46 am
nixon didn't even get enough votes to get on the ballot, and she had a lot of press, name recognition, all that kind of stuff. hillary clinton in that camp went out and stood up for andrew cuomo. obviously he's the head of a huge political machine, so that had so much to do with it. maybe she's more popular than -- than we know. >> but i think some of the bitterness is toward hillary because she lost -- >> the more hillary the better from the republican perspective. i want as much hillary and bill, at this point, as possible out there. like the obamas to focus on netflix. >> a lot of young democrats who are coming out and saying i will not back nancy pelosi. i will not vote for her to have the speakership again if in fact the democrats take over the house in the mid terms. but with hillary clinton, you look at some of these democratic
9:47 am
senators who could be in trouble in trump owon states. would i want hillary clinton to come campaign for me? >> every time she makes it about her, every time she gets on stage, it is about her. it is backward looking, not forward looking. >> in terms of that, though, i want -- i want hillary clinton to go down to west virginia and help campaign for joe mansion after she said on the campaign trail look at coal miners, we're going to put you out of work, but we'll find you other jobs. >> i love seeing bill clinton right now. i just think #metoo. it's an incredible time to send out out there to do anything. >> i think they should put her back on the campaign trail. i think she should be the nominee in 2020. the more clinton, the better. if you look at inspiring the republican base, plaster her face everywhere in these states. >> the gop just recently started
9:48 am
showing up in polls, just generic ballot. off your midterm election is unusual. i think it's significant. you could have a red wave instead of a blue wave. >> what else is really significant, a lot of these progressive candidates have been doing well in the house primaries. and they have won. so going into the general election, they're not going to want hillary clinton around. and they're still -- there's still a big split -- >> they need to learn the lessons of 2016 within that party. i think the younger democrats have learned it. the older establishment democrats have not. >> hillary clinton learned nothing. she still thinks women voted for president trump because their husbands and boyfriends told them to, the men in their lives. >> when she enforced andrew -- endorsed andrew cuomo, did your husband tell you to endorse andrew cuomo. >> i'm not over it! >> that's a great bumper sticker if your running in the midterm.
9:49 am
the 2020 campaign and rnc are challenging facebook and twitter on how they plan to guard against political bias on their platforms. whether they're doing enough to address concerns about conservative voices being suppressed, next. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't
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welcome back. the trump 2020 campaign and the republican national committee are challenging social media giants facebook and twitter over political bias. they sent a letter to facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and twitter ceo jack dorsey asking about their efforts to prevent political bias on their platforms. mcdaniels spoke earlier about this. watch. >> we've seen in the history of facebook there have been instances where they have changed the trending topics, they've suppressed conservative viewpoints. we wanted to go to facebook and say, we want assurances that you're not going to suppress conservative voices that the silicon valley thought police is not going to determine what voices filter through on their social media platforms. >> how do you think facebook and twitter are going to respond, buck? >> they claim they've never suppressed conservative thought or ideas. a lot of conservatives i know, including people that can point
9:54 am
to specific instances of suppression or right wing stuff would say you can expect this is going to keep happening. and there's -- they can promise as much as they want. the fact of the matter is, i think actually in the letter from the white house to these silicon valley giants, very liberal culture and companies and they're not public utilities. they are privately owned. they can do what they want. they're going to help the left more than the right. >> they pretty much can do what they want. they see it as wrong or bad. >> it's very true. the cure to this is not to have the president out saying these things. the cure to this is some other platform out there. >> i actually wrote an article on this. >> it was the same thing in broadcast. we knew so many news organizations were left leaning. it took a very long time to bring others out, but it's the same thing with social media. there is the silicon valley thought police out there. you're right, it's not left and right. it's correct and moral or wrong and horrible individuals is how they cast it.
9:55 am
it's just room for somebody else. you need another facebook, another platform, another alternative out there that's less bias. >> i think that anybody who works in silicon valley would back up what you say. people who work there feel like they have to be in the closet. >> for sure. >> as being a republican. i wrote an article about what the social media companies need to do. they need to have a self-regulatory mechanism. the democrats think they've given the election to hillary because of the russians. the republicans are mad because of transparency and bias. they got to get ahead of it. they need self-regulatory to do this. >> they invited a bunch of conservatives to the campus and promised they would use vathly different algorithms to make sure -- vastly different algorithms to make sure it wasn't suppressed in people's timelines. >> mark zuckerberg has a tendency to promise to stop
9:56 am
doing something and then they ignore it. they make a change and another problem comes up. if you're on facebook and you believe in the second amendment and think abortion is murder, then you're a pariah. they will shut down your account based on that. i've seen it happen to friends of mine. >> i see more "outnumbered" happening in just a moment. stay right here. picking the right style takes time. one picky customer shouldn't take all your time. need something printed? the business advisors at office depot can assist with exactly what your business needs to grow. get your coupon for 20% off services, technology and more at office depot and .
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>> on memorial weekend eve. morgan, glad to have you on the couch for the first time. >> thank you. >> did you enjoy it? >> absolutely. >> will you come back? >> absolutely. >> start enjoying your week. melissa francis is in for harris. >> melissa: fox news alert, president trump is signaling that a north korean summit could still happen next month. let's go "outnumbered overtime." i'm melissa francis in for harris faulkner. the president's remarks come just days after announcing the u.s. was pulling out of the high-stakes meeting with north korea. scheduled for june 12. saying kim jong un's regime had broken several promises including failing to show up to a planning meeting in singapore. but north korean state media quoting a leader who says the country remains open to talks with the u.s. president trump says his administration has reopened dialogue with the north. >> president trump: we'll see what happens. i could even be the 12th. we are talking to them


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