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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 26, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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factory. >> tommy laren and diamond ansell. lauren will be back monday, memorial day special in defending the first. have a wonderful weekend. take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices. >> welcome to fox news at night. this is a fox news alert. looks like kim jong un may have blinked, the singapore summit with north korea could still happen in a couple weeks. the breaking details from the white house straight ahead. there may be a slim chance the pres. will get funding for the border wall before the midterms. is immigration debate about to take another shift, we will talk to california republican jeff dunham whose maneuvering has gop
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leadership fuming. plus longtime clinton aide mark penn joins me live, integrating the left by calling us legal to the molar probe but what does he think of hillary's latest talk that the former secretary of state once a new job, could she be the next ceo of baseball? let's start with two major news. 24 hours ago immigrants claim the pres. had gone soft on the north korean dictator and blue the best shot of peace in the process except tonight the opposite is happening. kim jong un appears to be on been did the image june 12th some it may be back on, breaking news on the scandal the pres. dumped spinegate with new details from closed-door intel briefings and comments from the director of national intel that may be helpful to the pres. team coverage tonight, kristin fisher has the latest on the
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investigation into the fbi investigators. richardson live with major developments on north korea. >> the plan for a summit between donald trump and kim jong un is back on hours after donald trump threatened to walk away from the summit, the north korean government reversed its aggressive tone and reengaged with government officials, the pres. tweeted we are having productive talks with north korea about reinstating the summit which if it does happen will likely remain in singapore on the same date on june 12th and if necessary will be extended beyond that date. like pompeo says us officials tried to connect with government officials to continue planning the summit. the only receive was dialtone. the resumption of aggressive language to the us and the pres. and to cancel the summit. shortly after the present's
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thread north korea's place minister wrote in a statement we highly appreciate the fact that donald trump made a brave decision that no president in the past is made and put efforts to make the summit happen. all of a sudden unilateral cancellation of the summit was an unexpected happening to us and we cannot help but feel very regretful. the discussions have resumed between the us and north korea, the trump administration says it wants to relieve north korea of its nuclear capability. the white house press secretary saying they are looking not to have a meeting or stunt, they want to get something long-lasting officials from the two countries have less time to confirm logistics and there's the formidable challenge of negotiating a nuclear agreement. how north korea would surrender its nuclear program, whether it can and richness the material
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for peaceful energy purposes, how to surrender its weapons and when it would get it. south korean pres. moon said donald trump's thread to cancel the summit surprised him and leaves him perplexed. now they are relieved, the south korean presidential office released a statement on the resumed planning and says it is fortunate and soul is carefully watching these developments. >> the pres. doubling down on what he calls bygate after bipartisan group of lawmakers met senior justice department officials for classified briefing, two of them on the use of an fbi informant in the pres.'s 2016 campaign. >> reporter: this has become a battle of semantics in the core question, is a spy the same as a confidential informant. donald trump says it is the same thing. he said the democrats are alluding to the concept that having an informant placed in opposing party's campaign is
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different than having a spy is illegal is that may be but what about an informant who was paid a fortune? democrats and even some republicans like sen. lindsey graham say a confidential informant is not a spy. as to the terms bygate the senator from south carolina was asked about it by conservative radio host? it. >> the pres. use the terms bygate. >> i don't know. probably not but i don't know. i don't think he is a spy. i don't know who this person was. >> the meeting sen. graham was affronted took place yesterday, a group of bipartisan lawmakers briefed on the fbi informant who contacted members of the trump campaign. after the meeting democrats said they heard nothing to suggest wrongdoing by the fbi and also complained about the presence of two white house officials at the
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briefing, john kelly and white house attorney emmett flood. the pres.'s in-house point person on the russia investigation. >> trying to throw their weight around and i think it is an effort to believe the department of justice. >> reporter: the white house is the pair made brief remarks before the meeting started to, quote, relay the pres.'s desire for as much openness as possible under the law but they did not attend the meeting. with the fbi in the crosshairs they have been report some fbi agents are hoping to be subpoenaed by congress because they want to testify about the agency's problems but are afraid to do so voluntarily. chuck grassley told whistleblowers i don't want anyone to be confused. if you are a federal employee and want to disclose wrongdoing or cooperate with congressional inquiry you are legally allowed to do so. you should not have to fear retaliation. he also told them anyone who
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tells you otherwise is lying. sharp language from the senate judiciary chairman. >> appreciate your reporting tonight. our next guest knows about deep state, cohost of the five, juan williams has been living in the swamp for many decades before republican congressman jason chaffetz stucco towing the swamp but now enjoying life and use our. thanks for joining us. i want to talk first about this issue the pres. has done spygate. james clapper, former director of national intelligence has had his own problems with the truth over the years. this wasn't spine, it was surveillance, doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, trying to protect donald trump, trying to help him to make sure the russians didn't influence the campaign. if we are to believe that why
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didn't they do the same for hillary clinton? why weren't they kind to her and try to infiltrate? >> they weren't infiltrating anybody's campaign. the key is once the russians were trying to interfere in an american campaign specifically looking to aid the trump campaign which is the conclusion of the intelligence agency they then began to sniff around as part of that looking around, surveillance if you will was to have this fellow's name i just won't repeat, this professor. >> he was an informant. >> to have them and start to ask questions of people in the campaign that he came in contact with. that is different from either a spy as we just heard in that tape from lindsey graham and also the responsibility of our investigators when we have a foreign power trying to interfere in our election. >> the pres. weighed in on this and i want you to react, he was
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talking about this issue and said democrats are now alluding to the concept that having an informant placed in an opposing party's campaign is different than having aspires illegal is that may be. what about an informant who sets up way earlier than the russian hoax. is what he is saying about a spy, is that a distinction without a difference? >> it is a spy, even james clapper is admitting it was a spy and he has been saying as much. when you become the nominee for the president of the united states you are given certain privilege, secret service protection, the cia will give you classified briefings so you understand and get perspective from the intelligence world and if they were truly there to do a service to this country in the midst of the presidential election they should have been forthright and told the trump campaign this was potentially happening but the fact that was only the trump campaign, not the
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clinton campaign, debbie wasserman schultz of the democratic congressional committee was also being asked. they were not cooperating with homeland security. there is a lot of smoke here and a lot of people should be able to go in like devon nunez and see the documents. >> a friendly reminder and you are a friend, you didn't answer my question about why hillary clinton -- they weren't looking at her campaign. didn't bill clinton take something like $500,000 for speaking engagements in russia. didn't they have the uranium one deal, russian money going to the clinton foundation, not saying it was illegal or corrupt but russia was trying to influence the election so why weren't they looking at the clintons as well? >> that is apples and oranges that i want to answer your questions. you have a situation where the united states intelligence agencies learned they were trying to influence our election
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and have contact within the trump campaign and trump folks are hearing the russians have dirt on hillary and all that. that is what the initial tip was, george papadopoulos, the australian and all the rest and then you get this hint that american intelligence agencies want a look. what you just talked about, bill clinton giving a speech, uranium one, that is not a concentrated effort by the russians to influence the election. they were trying to buy favor with the clintons at some point but that is not -- it is a whole different set of facts. >> they were lining her husband's pocket. >> you are way off in the weeds on this one. >> that is real money.
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>> not the russians -- >> it was russian money. >> they are trying to influence an american election, they pay that money upfront, that is how we know it. >> you can weigh in too. >> clearly the russians were trying to do it to influence both campaigns. we saw the evidence. in new york city there was a protest against donald trump at the protest for donald trump with russian influence. come on. there is no way you can justify american presidential campaign and having this spying going on, democrats should join hands with republicans and wanting to see the underlying intelligence and documentation behind this. democrats don't want to see it. >> what we have is a situation where the russians wanted to help one campaign and were
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trying very hard, with don junior at trump tower, that is explicit. as for these recent events i think what you are seeing here, if there had been anything in that meeting, we at fox would be all over it. there was nothing. this bygate thing is thrown up by god trying to undermine the intelligence agency and the special counsel. >> hope you have a wonderful weekend. the upcoming in terms, is the pres. going to get funding for the wall on the southern border or will republicans and up dealing with daca and deflate the conservative base right before the election. one california republican's effort to force a vote on four immigration measures.
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take a look. >> reporter: shouldn't have scored reelection in 2016, hillary clinton won 25 house district now held by republicans, denim's district was one of them, a 3 point victory. that makes denim's district one of the most competitive in the country. democrats reclaiming the house, one of those goes through central california. 40% is latino, rarely successful congressional gamut can't discharge, something lawmakers signed and go over the heads of republican leaders. this is against the wishes of gop brass. >> we are having a constructive conversation with members how to find consensus on a bill to solve the problem. >> it will grant citizenship to 2 million people and spend $25 billion on donald trump's border
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wall. that more conservative bill by bob goodlatte and compel a debate for house minority leader nancy pelosi, house gop leaders trying to short-circuit them's efforts. kevin mccarthy warned a closed-door meeting, they could cost the gop the majority. it is unclear denim could face this. the california primary is june 5th. the next fate could hinge on the immigration discharge petition, 218 signatures to force bills onto the floor, 213 members signed on so far. >> let's talk to congressman
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jeff denham who interrupted memorial day weekend to give an inside scoop where this immigration debate is. >> sometimes you hear something that stops you in your tracks, nancy pelosi saying your effort is to make america white again. >> disappointing to hear the rhetoric out there, nancy pelosi signed on to the discharge. we got to get something done. there were many promises made last year to bring up a bill, there was a deadline the pres. imposed march 5th. congress failed to act. we need border security, and have certainty, and do both. >> let's get viewers inside the total, a discharge petitionppen? >> i have pres. deserves a vote is why paul ryan has his own building this, democrats have the clean dream act and the usa
12:17 am
act is a bipartisan bill that not only would the senate support but the support of the pres. as well. >> some of your fellow republicans are saying what may end of happening is the most votes go to save the democratic dream act which means barack obama went around everybody and unilaterally decided young people, the children of illegal immigrants were in the united states, unilaterally decided you can stay here and give false hope they will become citizens magically. that might become the law of the land. what do you say to fellow republicans who say this might spin out of control and wind up without border security, making daca codified into law. >> it is disappointing to hear this rhetoric when the goodlatte bill is an extension of the unconstitutional executive order
12:18 am
pres. obama did. rather than doing it for short-term the goodlatte would do in 3 year increments expanding the executive order. i was against the executive order. congress has to do with job but in a bipartisan bill we are going to have border security, cybersecurity and chain migration through more judges so we have a new process very quickly and in this process the real debate is do republicans want to give a permanent fix for dreamers? if they do a 10 to 12 your process, should they get citizenship? >> will the wall be included? funding for it? the pres. said if there is not funding for a wall, as he called it a real wall, something substantial, he's not going to sign it into law. even if it passes through the house and senate it won't matter, he won't sign it into law. will the final product have funding for the wall? >> absolutely. the final product will not only have border security money for
12:19 am
the wall but a bipartisan support, that is the only way we will get a fix on this. it is not just for republicans or democrats but for americans, and american solution. that means signing it into law. we want to have a bill the pres. will sign. >> we appreciate you joining us. harvey weinstein surrenders, pleads not guilty and free on $1 million bail. will the man whose alleged assault on women give rise to the me to movement spend time in jail. a former friend watched hillary clinton endorse andrew cuomo over cynthia nixon in the primary for new york governor. any democratic woman who didn't endorse hillary, we ask bill clinton aid who joins us live next. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you.
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visit to join the fight.
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12:24 am
>> it was not the type of paparazzi harvey weinstein is used to. the former movie mogul surrendering to police in new york city among a throng of reporters to face sexual assault charges, he was photographed and fingerprinted and taken to his arraignment. >> position, money and power to lure young women to where he was able to violate them sexually. >> he is charged with three sex crimes landing him 25 years in prison, rape in the 1st °, criminal sexual acts in the 1st °, these charges stem from a grand jury investigation involving two women who are among 80 who accused him of misconduct ranging from inappropriate touching to rape. benjamin brockman says weinstein
12:25 am
maintains these were never noncontextual encounters. >> he did not invent the casting couch, there is bad behavior in that industry, that is not what this is about, bad behavior is not on trial in this case. >> this was a pivotal moment in the me too movement, they are empowered to share stories of abuse with strength and numbers was one of the most outspoken actors said weinstein raped her 20 years ago, saying we got you, harvey weinstein, we got you. posting $1 million bail, he left today with the personal gps device attached to his body, surrendered his passport and was ordered to stay in the new york and connecticut area. he has until next wednesday to decide if he is going to testify before the grand jury which is investigating charges against him. >> taking heat for her relationship with harvey weinstein, hillary clinton.
12:26 am
he endorsed harvey cuomo over cynthia nixon. madeleine albright's rebuke to women who did not support hillary clinton, former clinton advisor and author of micro trends square, good evening. i'm by no means suggesting hillary clinton is responsible for any allegations against harvey weinstein but you know clintons benefited from his largest, campaign contributions, is there a reckoning for democratic luminaries who may have looked the other way? >> we have learned conservatives can be loud and progressives can be louts. it happens in both parties in all sorts of campaigns. i don't think that will be a big reckoning. some people want to give that contributions or give contributions to groups that help women. there has been sexual harassment or worse and you will see that
12:27 am
happen. >> cynthia nixon is running against andrew cuomo in new york. i remember covering hillary clinton, madeleine albright had some tough words for prominent democratic women who were not stepping up to support hillary clinton. >> just remember there is a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> isn't this what people hate about politics? they say women have to support other women but cynthia next and, pals with andrew cuomo. >> hillary clinton didn't say that and andrew cuomo is a distinguished public servant. in the 1990s in the clinton administration, hud secretary, and have genuine respect for him as an officeholder. the fact that she's willing to make that endorsement, take some political heat is a good thing.
12:28 am
it shows who she is standing behind and what she believes. >> i was at those events when she was laughing and cheering madeleine albright on, the idea that women should be stepping up to other women. >> she took a lot of criticism for not pushing the idea that she would vote for hillary clinton because she was a woman. to be fair andrew cuomo is a governor, cynthia next in his new to politics and making a real endorsement. of cynthia nixon was in a published political figure and officeholder and didn't endorse him, that would be a problem. >> this week you are in hot water with democrats who are upset at your op-ed where you said enough is enough with the mueller probe. new polling data, is this ever going to end, people wanted to be over. >> i went through this in 98 and i don't think we should go through it again but the american people are coming
12:29 am
around to that more and more. in this recent harris poll, most people said this investigation should end in 6 months, 60% said that, 50% said it should end in 3 months and 44%, up from 32 said bob mueller should be fired. there are real questions, most people think the fbi was biased and we have problems between the fbi and other intelligence organizations and how they act. i wrote a piece because i felt democrats and republicans have to agree intelligence operations were not working the way they should. >> more revelations over the course of this week and closed-door classified intelligence briefings, the bottom line is do you think the narrative has flipped, the pres. and his allies have been successful in saying there's a real problem with the
12:30 am
investigators? >> there are growing questions. nearly 60% said they were using confidential informants, the question didn't say spybot confidential informants against the campaign, that would be wrong. otherwise the public has been pretty open to the investigators coming through everything, most people think the president shouldn't testify but it seems to trip a line with the public. >> a lot of people were thinking tonight about john mccain, wishing him well and details building out about his new book, and he now says he regrets supporting the war in iraq and it was a mistake. you worked closely with hillary clinton who voted for the war. what do you think of the regrets we are hearing about john mccain? >> it was a difficult decision
12:31 am
for a lot of democrats, hillary clinton included. she came to regret it later. what she said at the time, the information people had, they thought they were making the right decision. that is why they are saying it is a mistake. >> we appreciate your insights on breaking news tonight. have a good weekend. still debating hillary clinton's role in uranium one. tonight we have an investigative report on uranium imports from places like russia, whether it holds the grave national security risk. flames from the hawaii volcano, deadly gas that could cause major explosions which we head out to hawaii. . thought i could de-stress with some zen gardening. at least we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. just call geico. geico helps with homeowners insurance?
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12:36 am
landslide victory for those who want to abortion laws in ireland. deep emotions as the referendum is seen as a battle in a nation traditionally representative. roman catholic and the you -- a yes vote would uphold a constitutional amendment that says the unborn child have the same right to life as a pregnant woman. donald trump called the real russia story, a deal made with the kremlin during the obama years with hillary clinton who was secretary of state to give moscow control over a substantial portion of american uranium. donations were behind the approval of the 2010 sale of uranium one. there are new questions whether uranium imports from places like russia pose a national security risk. >> estimated 40% of uranium used in the united states comes from russia, keswick stan and his pakistan was wyoming's sen. john
12:37 am
barrasso is concerned. >> donald trump is focused on the fact there are critical minerals in an american first economy and national security and uranium is high on that list. >> one of the most common elements honor, if you'll nuclear power plants in the us military. the leading us producer, it has been shrinking compared to foreign sources because some countries are flooding the market with cheap nuclear fuel, companies are awaiting a decision from the commerce department on a petition to investigate whether this imbalance poses a national security risk. >> when you look at these countries as trading partners they have become adversarial relationships. >> if more is not done to protect the domestic fuel cycle the us power grid will be dependent on vladimir putin and his cohorts. >> how much will we trust those
12:38 am
relationships? can they hold us hostage anytime they want? >> reporter: american producers requested to be given part of the domestic market and us agencies that rely on uranium. >> these are good paying jobs with good benefits that support the local community. >> reporter: barrasso believes net objective is to weaken american national security by undermining us energy. >> opportunities to enrich it, we should be doing it here and not be held hostage by russia who can do more in the future to make it harder for us to develop what we have in the united states. >> the 2% increase in the commerce department guarantee domestic producers a quarter of the market. >> oregon student told he can't wear a pro trump t-shirt to school. does the school have a right to ban the shirt or is it a
12:39 am
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12:43 am
the wall got 10 feet taller. he argues the school is showing a double standard. it about a teacher to display a poster which red sanctuary city, welcome home. the school is suppressing his speech because others were uncomfortable with the ideas and message of his shirt. david bruno as washington times legal affairs correspondent alex sawyer, good evening to both of you. what say you, counselor? >> he had a good point in terms of discrimination. it shows the school was supporting one type of speech and not another, sanctuary city boarding -- the border wall. he was attending a class on politics and the class really missed an opportunity to have an open debate. >> it sounds persuasive to me. >> he has a first amendment
12:44 am
right that it is not absolute. basically every school throughout the country has a clothing policy. there is supreme court precedent on that. 50 years ago, people were wearing black bands against the vietnam war. they said if the teachers and administration could reasonably anticipate substantial disturbance, they can enforce this policy. >> is there going to be a disruption because someone says i like donald trump? i get that feelings are raw on politics, but black armbands is one thing, seems a trump t-shirt shouldn't be a big deal. >> the only disturbance with that, he was physically removed from the school, the security officer had to pull him out of class when he decided to uncover the t-shirt and being offended doesn't equate to a disruption.
12:45 am
it would be different to support a president who says the principal concerns are the school newspaper because it looks like school speech, this was his t-shirt, his views, not the school. >> let's hear from the student. >> if somebody else disagrees with me politically they should be able to express their viewpoints and i should express my viewpoints. >> react to him but finish your point. >> he does have a good argument here. i think he will come out victorious but there are arguments to be made. it is a stacked specific analysis. he was going to an immigration class where it was debated. he knew it would be an issue. the school is made up of spanish students.
12:46 am
he knew what he was getting into and the disturbance doesn't have to actually occur. the administration can anticipated disturbance. in that very fact specific analysis, that is why they acted. >> i want to read from the key point of that as we put it on screen, walking us through what the quote said which is expression may not be suppressed unless the expression will materially and substantially disrupt the work and discipline of the school. >> there is an argument that he was trying to instigate an argument over immigration, but we have to decide if we are going to silent speech and not have open dialogue or are we going to challenge one another, where are we going to do it? >> final point?
12:47 am
>> when lawyers bring cases they do so for judgments and monetary rewards. he hasn't had any damage here, these are nominal fees and this is about policy. the decision was 50 years ago, the court has changed and things can change at the court. >> final summation? >> the supreme court term winding down at the end of next month and there's a case whether people can wear political apparel to the polls, most polling places have different laws banning certain speech including shirts supporting certain candidates. interesting to see how the justices come down to suggest what they would do when it comes to speech in schools. >> you made strong points.
12:48 am
we will that the audience be the jury, tweet us at fox news at night for who won. thanks for coming in. no end incite for the violent eruptions in hawaii and chaos as toxic gases are released into the air and lava continues to flow into the ocean. we have a report from the big island when we come back.
12:49 am
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>>weary residents in hawaii tonight are finding t >> we the residentshe in hawaii finding themselves stranded as lava and ash spewed from the kilauea volcano limiting escape options. >> the national guard laying the
12:53 am
groundwork for massive evacuation. and air-traffic controllers saying they are nervous well happens. judging by the ongoing eruptions and lava flow the volcano is nowhere close to stopping. scientists one flows of law for moving faster. this estimate there are 6 different active fishes pumping out 40 to 60 ft. of lava per second, 2000 have evacuated and lava has destroyed 50 structures including several homes like this one. listen to one homeowner who just lost everything. >> it opened up underneath the house on both sides of the fisher. the fisher is in front. >> sulfur dioxide levels remain high as well as concerns about lava hayes, it creates plumes of accident tiny particles, us
12:54 am
marines are loading choppers in the event of a massive evacuation being ordered. >> let's not forget memorial day, cookouts, the beach, special discounts is how we remember the people who died when serving in america's armed forces. it seems appropriate to honor those still living who served us all and this is a special memorial day weekend for 106-year-old rate chapters, the oldest pearl harbor survivor spending the holiday in washington, he was given hero sendoff as he left san diego earlier in the week. he got to meet donald trump in the oval office. he is expected to part of the ceremony at the pentagon and on monday, the secretary of defense in arlington cemetery before riding in the premier float in the national parade. wonderful honor for great man we cannot forget. most watched, most trusted and
12:55 am
most grateful you spend the evening with us. have a great weekend, good night from new york, i am dead henry. just another day on the farm. or is it? this farmer's morning starts in outer space. where satellites feed infrared images of his land into a system built with ai. he uses watson to analyze his data with millions of weather forecasts from the cloud, and iot sensors down here, for precise monitoring of irrigation. it's a smart way to help increase yields,
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12:58 am
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ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. have the best weekend. >> sean: trump on office. i am jeanin piro in for sean tonight. after the tough talk, the summit may be back on. north korea is signaling a willingness to sit down with the u.s. here's what president trump said earlier today. >> mr. president, is the summit still on? >> we'll see what happens, we're
1:00 am
talking to them now. we are talking to them now and they very much want to do it and we would like


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