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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 29, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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enjoy what is left of your memorial day holiday. always fly your flag, honor the memories of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. i will be back live at 10:00 eastern tomorrow, see you then. >> we are live with a fox news alert, renewed optimism for some it may happen as the us team in north korea is preparing with their counterparts on the northern side of the dmz, live reports trade ahead. the trump administration pushing back hard on reports about unaccompanied children. on this memorial day an army troop reunites 11 years after a tragedy. they lead a small-town parade and give true meaning to
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honoring memorial day. we begin with north korea, it appears donald trump is back on track. and the two sides continue happening, kristin fisher is here with details. >> there is mounting evidence this summit may happen may happen after all. and donald trump spent part of his memorial day on the phone with japan's prime minister chin so a. they agreed to push coordination, two days after calling the summit off. >> i decided to terminate the summit on june 12th the.
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>> >> we're looking at june 12th in singapore. it is moving along pretty well. >> some us officials worried it was two weeks to go, not enough time to prepare for meeting of this magnitude. the personal attorney rudy giuliani argues this is all playing out, meeting with the leader of south korea. i don't want to raise expectations but i think the president of strategy was played out brilliantly.
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>> >> kim jong un competed for complete denuclearization of the nuclear peninsula - the korean peninsula. lawmakers on capitol hill including some republicans remain deeply skeptical the north koreans will never abandon their nuclear weapons. >> he will try to get as much sanctions relief as possible without having to give up his weapons and i think it will be a lot of twists and turns along the way to get there if it is even possible. >> reporter: another sticking point the south korean president says kim jong un is not sure he can trust the us. he continues promises made by the vice president and national security adviser john bolton, in north korea, shannon. >> thank you very much. pres. obama's director of national intelligence, james clapper offering rare praise for donald trump's diplomatic approach to his north korean counterparts. >> one step -- two steps forward and two steps back. that is what they always do.
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very unconventional present. >> let's bring in the president of the foundation for defense of democracy. what do you make of clapper's assessment that kim jong un has, quote, met his match. >> quite a complement for donald trump. he does diplomacy unconventionally and what clapper is saying is this will have an impact he may have had in the previous administration or the administration before that. and a quarter of a century. >> a number of countries critical to is getting this done. the pres. talking with the prime minister but when it comes to china and russia and many countries not enforcing
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sanctions. >> china has seen north korea as an asset, it is pitbull, bite set off, keeps america distracted. china has to seen north korea not as an asset but as a liability. that is not easy, it is not impossible. donald trump putting a lot of economic pressure, also on china, that will hurt china and the us as well but unless he shows he is willing to do that and a couple other things china is not going to see that. it has its problem to solve. >> it is tough to get a real look at what is happening there and by some accounts that resonated financially not doing is that is people would think
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they are, there is still currency flowing, they have weapons throughout the middle east, the bunnies benefits them in many ways. >> a strategy the president talked about with north korea and iran as well, one of maximum pressure. maximum pressure means the us economy is so strong we can put such pressure on, sanctions as sledgehammers to the side of the head that we can crush a foreign economy like north korea, make it crumble. can we actually do that? will we actually do that. if you want to look at an analogy we had tough sanctions on iran before they came to the negotiating table. we lifted them. pres. obama lifted them. the economy of iran went from substantial recession into recovery and we never got another concession after that. already north korea has had a 2-month respite from serious sanctions and will get another
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respite between now and june 12th. the president has to put tough sanctions on so that kim jong un looks around and says my economy could implode. that would be dangerous and trump is so crazy he might use military means. i don't want to miss on my breakfast table. >> that is motivating for be folks who think it is a real possibility. thanks for sharing your expertise tonight. despite the memorial day holiday judging by the tweets and interviews this weekend the russia probe is front and center for the president and his legal team. kevin cork is tracking the developments for us. >> rudy giuliani acknowledges the administration is effectively trying to muddy the waters when it comes to the russia probe, basically they are saying this was an unfair probe from the outset and they wanted to stop as soon as possible. this as the president of to twitter to criticize the
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previous administration's handling of the ongoing russia probe. this is what donald trump had to say. why didn't pres. obama do something about the so-called russian meddling when he was told about it by the fbi before the election. because he thought crooked hillary was going to win and didn't want to upset the apple cart. he was in charge, not me and did nothing. that eight and giuliani's push back with a special counsel on television are part of an aggressive cost of pinning the white house against the probe that is not only unfair but unsafe for the president to even be interviewed for. >> we are not going to sit him down if this is a trap for perjury. if they don't show us these documents we have to say no. he wants to explain that he did nothing wrong. it is as the lawyers who have to convince them that this is a trap. >> willie giuliani of strategy
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has drawn the iris and democrats but also former obama administration officials. let me tell you what happened on this cnn panel. a national security analyst for cnn said that she is, quote, a little disturbed rudy giuliani and p seem to have the same mission. she added giuliani was making the exact point vladimir wants him to and that is hurting us to protect our country. meanwhile in a conversation with bill hammer, the mayor stood by his assertion the doj and fbi need to explain the obama administration's use of an informant inside the trump campaign during and after the election. >> everything is wrong with the government spying on the candidate of the opposition party, watergate, spygate and now to make that into a criminal
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investigation is why this is happening. >> which could lead to an investigation of the investigation if you will. the latest twist that for some reason won't go away. >> happy memorial day weekend to you. >> thank you very much. >> giuliani's is the legal team would refuse a possible interview with robert mueller unless they can review classified information on the origins of the russia probe including but not limited to details about that possible government informant. the pres. says it's been spying on his campaign. let's bring in constitutional attorney robert martin to beauty assistant attorney general and former us attorney harry litman. good to have both of you with us. let's start here. we want to play a little more about what rudy giuliani had to say about possibly sitting down
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and what he expects first. >> if they don't show us these documents we have to say no. he wants to explain he did nothing wrong. it is us the lawyers who have to convince them that this is a trap. >> fair to say it is a trap? >> absolutely it is a trap. the investigation has been not about exposing russia collusion but covering of the illegal spying and lying the obama administration gave against opposition political party and donald trump. rudy's court convictions are precisely correct, it would be a major mistake to sit down and engage in an interview with someone who is not in good faith producing information relevant to the investigation. >> how does this work, when you are potentially a person of interest, we have to be careful with the language, somebody who is involved, to ask the potential prosecutor to see the
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information they build their case on. >> is that for me? there is not a defendant in the united states including the president of the united states has ever been entitled to see this information. he can see it in court if there are charges. it is a completely unprecedented request. as to robert's general point about spygate or echoing rudy here. there's two problems with the spy gate claim, what is the spy, the other is the gate. dr. helper is by no means a spy. the notion is to have overtones of watergate or j edgar hoover, there is no embedding of an fbi employee in the campaign. there is the use of a confidential informant, completely routine from bank robbery to any crime when, i remind you, the fbi had received information, credible
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information that russia was planning to do a campaign to try to influence our election. >> are we talking semantics here? people want to quibble over somebody you don't know is contacting people, getting information for them and feeding them back to a federal agency, some people call that spying. >> semantics really matter. what spying implies is in watergate and this is why they are using it, the notion of one party actually putting an agent -- >> does it matter of that person is embedded or on the fringes of the campaign and have contact? >> i have done a lot of cases of government misconduct and every time they had behind confidential informant. when it comes out stefan helper will never have been identified as a confidential informant, his name, partner and company in the uk as long time head of mi 6, a spy agency that formed the first
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dodgy dossier about getting into the iraqi war. he infiltrated the campaign for the purposes of spreading disinformation and gathering information and by anybody's information that is called spying is because they were doing it to cover it up after that that is the gate. that is why it is spygate. shannon: you said no one would have access to this information. this is a different from a sitting president of the united states come his legal team says if he is subpoenaed they will fight to the supreme court and you know they would but this is a negotiation. is legal teams keeps saying we don't want to do it, he tells the cameras he wants to do it because he believes he is innocent. it may sound unusual but this is a very unusual case that is part of the negotiation. >> i agree with that. he has been saying for months i want to do it as we think he protests too much and is trying
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to avoid its. i agree this sort of ploy asking for something no one should get because he is the pres. is a maneuver to try to improve, sweeten the deal for when he does interview. if he goes to court, i am rare among this on the left, i don't think it is cut and dried. i think mueller will win but i think trump wants to avoid going to court and this is part of the negotiation. shannon: what happens if they take the subpoena fight to the supreme court? >> the pres. cannot be subject to criminal grand jury process and what this request reveals is it isn't donald trump who has something to hide but bob mueller and the obama administration. >> we shall see. great to have a great debate with you guys. we have not confirmed any names that either of them would have
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referenced. we will continue working on that. new tonight virginia republican thomas garrett says he will not seek reelection to the house because he is struggling with alcoholism. in a video statement reported by the washington post you see him holding back tears as he says he is a good man but also an alcoholic. this comes days after staffers said the congressman mistreated them by ordering them to personal tasks like walking his dog. george hw bush expressing regret about missing today's memorial day festivities as he remains hospitalized in maine. the former president visited veterans for a pancake breakfast before spokesman jim mcgrath tweeted he will be hospitalized citing low blood pressure and fatigue saying he is not in any discomfort. donald trump visits arlington cemetery to honor veterans living and those buried at the iconic veterans cemetery. jennifer griffin has that story. one of pres. obama's top
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advisers shows children taken from their parents as a slap at the trump administration's immigration policy but those images came from a year his boss was still in the white house, we will separate fact from fiction. no relief in sight for the a loja state, the kilauea volcano throwing deadly gas and a missing veteran, a massive flood in maryland wreaking havoc. on top of that a tropical storm rolling in to the florida panhandle. all the stories after the break. it can take more than 10 years to develop a single medication. and only 1 in 10,000 ever make it to market. but what if ai could find connections faster. to help this researcher discover new treatments. that's why she's working with watson. it's a smart way to find new hope, which really can't wait. ♪ ♪
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. the trump administration is pushing back hard late tonight on a report >> the trump administration is o pushing back hard hon. to thousands of immigrant children were lost going to processing, and human services is it no longer has custody of the children once they are released to sponsors saying they are not lost, their sponsors did not respond or could not be reached because they themselves are illegal aliens. outraged progressives shared an image of caged children over the weekend blasting the administration's policy toward young immigrants but turns out that picture was taken in 2014
12:22 am
during the obama administration. let's bring in the minority leader and the president of thet district media group. let's talk about what is going on here. a number of left-leaning people sent the tweet out over the weekend, some retracted, some still have it up, some corrected and admitted the year was wrong. it is a very heated conversation and debate but social media is a dangerous thing, we all learned the lesson the hard way. i >> this is good lesson in the fact that we need to be careful what we tweet and retweet, we talk about click debate, things that draw you in, you're not necessarily vetting them, just emotionally reacting and putting it out there. we all have a particularly responsibility to be discerning about what we put out in social media and the internet space
12:23 am
out and it becomes fact. with this particular issue and hopefully we will get into this, there are so many nuances about who's right and who's wrong, about the, quote, lost kids, r democrats and republicans, neither are getting the argument right. >> both side, leaders have said we have got to figure this out, this has to be resolved, this is not something -- people should make sure kids are safe and sound. i want to talk about the pres.. he had last weeks, this is one, put pressure on democrats to end the law that separates children and their parents once they crossed the border into the us, catch and release, lottery and chain must also go with it and we must continue building the wall. democrats are protecting ms 13
12:24 am
thugs. try to get a number of things past on the hill and couldn't and we have to note in the senate you need democrats because you don't have 60 republicans over there but none could get it together. democrats are saying no law forces kids to be separated, if their parents are jailed they can't be jailed, it is a mess. >> not sure where republicans and democrats will come down on this, this is a tough issue but i'm glad minors are in the even when you look at unaccompanied minors, whether hey came under the obama administration with the trump administration, marco rubio came out and said sadly many of these young minors are human trafficked, victims of that so we need to look at this very carefully because not all adults who are bringing them over here are members of their family so f i'm glad the pres. is putting this in focus. >> something to play from the
12:25 am
talking about the issue of bringing children here, sometimes parents, sometimes not. i will get your reaction after this. >> if you don't want your child to be separated then don't bring them across the border illegally. it is not our fault if somebody does that. >> look, ultimately i hear what he is saying that a child is a child. they are leaving a situation the desire which is why they are taking these risks. we have to remember facts matter and a lot of things have been brought up, catch and release, catch and release is a result of the 2002-2000 record case under george w. bush. george w. bush. in 2005 homeland security sec. michael chernoff said he would end it. it never necessarily happened that way. that is directed by pres. obama in 2014. we need to stop pointing
12:26 am
fingers, the kids matter. >> what our lawmakers need to decide come if you are not going to enforce the law change the law. the recently have people coming in is they have the incentive to do so because we haven't followed the law on the books. i hope we can come to an agreement because that is important, to do something legislatively. >> we can do more if you want us to,, we are not equipped financially to do it but if you want us to we need more money. that requires congress. we watch and wait, thank you both. the pres. paying tribute at arlington national cemetery to s the nation's fallen heroes but as jennifer griffin reports this memorial day arlington is facing a growing dilemma. >> they were generals and privates, captains and corporals of every race, color and creed. >> the pres. was joined by his cabinet secretaries and families of the fallen at arlington national cemetery to mark memorial day by laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns.
12:27 am
♪ t >> welcome the oldest living survivor of pearl harbor, 106-year-old navy veteran rich have is and sen. as world war ii better and bob dole. >> thank you for honoring us with your presence. >> and christian jacobs wearing a full marine uniform. sgt. chris for jacob served in iraq and afghanistan and was killed in a training accident 6 months after his son was born. enter new regulations being considered by the army sgt. jacobs would not be eligible to be buried at arlington. america's iconic veterans cemetery is running out of space. the final resting place for 420,000 veterans adding 7000 more each year, the army must way whether to change the burial criteria limiting it to those killed in combat or awarded the military is ice military was an.
12:28 am
>> any talk of change in eligibility and expansion by 2041 we are going to be out of work. >> arlington national cemetery t was initially established during the civil war when a union general began burying the war dead on what was robert r ely's family plantation overlooking washington dc. >> the country we are fighting for >> james mattis gave a sense of what it is to be buried at arlington today with a quote from robert louis stevenson. >> under the wide and starry sky, dig the grave and let me lie. glad that i live and gladly die and laid me down with a will. >> with arlington national cemetery running out of room the nation must now decide whether to break its promise to past s veterans who expected to have this be their final resting place or to limit the criteria for the future. >> thank you. donald trump rolls back another obama era edict, this time to
12:29 am
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smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> shannon: a jillian: a utah man and his wife released from captivity returning to the lake city, arriving in washington where they met donald trump sunday after being released from a venezuelan prison where they spent two used was the mormon missionaries were accused of spying and stockpiling weapons, charges they have always denied. another obama era decision has been reversed. making manual has more on new action aimed at bringing mining towns back to life in america's heartland. >> reporter: is your call pres. obama is famous for saying he could use his pen it is fun to get things done, things he could not get done through congress.
12:34 am
tonight there is some news as it relates to mining and joining me from the great state of minnesota republican congressman tom them, tell me about the news as relates to mining communities like you have in northern minnesota. >> northern minnesota his truck country, donald trump is the first republican candidate for president to win northern minnesota since before the great depression was what happened under the obama administration, as pres. obama was leaving the lasted they tried to kill two potential leases for mining opportunities in minnesota and started a study to withdraw 234,000 acres from any future exploration or development which would be huge in minnesota because you are talking 5000 potential mining jobs not to mention 12,000 construction jobs you would have if someone actually proposed to mine on one of these two leases. donald trump and his administration, the part of the
12:35 am
interior been is they were renewing the two leases pres. obama tried to kill but we still have the study ongoing the forest service the pres. needs them. that study has been going on for 17 months, it needs to be done so they can get to the business of exploring whether or not the great people of minnesota can mine the largest copper nickel deposit in the world. with the president has done is revitalize opportunities for mining in northern minnesota. now we have to follow through, end the study, get the leases finalized, protect our precious minerals, if we have to get from somewhere else this is a national security threat. the pres. has an amazing things, got to close the loop on this and make sure not only are the leases renewed but the study is ended so we can get on with the business of exploration and develop it. >> thanks for your time. this evening there is good news for mining communities in northern minnesota and elsewhere across the country.
12:36 am
back to you. >> thank you very much. the pres. recently unveiled an initiative to decrease the price of reception drugs. should big pharma be nervous? as the new york times reported. >> we will not rest until this job of unfair pricing is a total victory for the usa and see those prices go down, a beautiful thing to watch. >> minority leader nancy pelosi is not buying it. the california democrat says, quote, the pres.'s proposals are another giveaway to big pharma and do nothing to hold multidrug counties -- companies accountable for price gouging. dr. mark siegel investigates who is right. >> this is a president that wants to do, he's very
12:37 am
supportive of what we wanted to help the healthcare delivery system. >> last week medicare and medicaid czar, the first important step to put teeth to the pres.'s a bold promise to prove the pres. writing nancy pelosi wrong, she unveiled the new drug dashboard where a senior gets to see the price increases for every drug he or she is taking. basic allergy drugs like zyrtec, diabetes and cholesterol drugs, arthritis drugs up 20% last year, costing $2700 per patient. i spoke to her in her first on camera exclusive about this traced transparency tool and how it works. >> the drug dashboard is a transparency tool, an opportunity for patients and the public to see what is going on, we have gone from 70 drugs to 3000 drugs. you can see the price increases
12:38 am
year-over-year from 2012 to 2016 and you can see which manufacturers. >> knowing the outrageous cost of your drugs is only step one, step 2 is bringing those costs down. >> we have hired negotiators on our behalf and we want to strengthen their negotiating power. that is why i went to increase competition and make sure they can do the things that are going on in the commercial market and giving them the ability to do that, the medicare program, to lower prices for seniors. >> burma reports this year alone drug discount negotiations with hospitals are saving seniors $320 million. burma praises drug companies renovations that have saved lives and brought us all healthier lives she also points out that if folks can't afford their medications these
12:39 am
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12:43 am
strike on the gulf coast, forecasters warning heavy downpours and possibility of flooding. earlier today a news anchor and photojournalist killed while covering the storm when a tree fell on there is uv. rescuers in maryland are still searching for national guard member reported missing after trying to assist people caught in rushing floodwaters. violent floodwaters destroyed homes, businesses and submerged vehicles. maryland's governor declared a state of emergency. officials and witnesses say 39y herman was last seen trying to help a woman whose cat was missing in the raging flood. there's a little bit of good news out of hawaii. the kilauea lava flow threatening a geothermal power plant on the big island has stopped for now and there's no release of dangerous hydrogen sulfide yes as originally feared but the threat is far from over.
12:44 am
>> reporter: volcano smog is a big concern and you can see those plumes rising from one of the active fissures in the area and a new eruption sent an ash cloud 13,000 feet into the air. authorities worn not only ash but sulfur dioxide, the volcano is showing no signs of stopping, we see the newest fisher developing a close. as we were pulling up to this road we saw a lot of residents taking in the scene but the hawaii national guard feels this is a location that gives a false sense of security. it starts with cracks in the road and then steam and after that lava can start flowing. geologists say that makes this dangerous because natalia for when it might happen at once the law starts pumping there is no way of telling where it will go or wednesday.. last night there was a warning by the county urging folks in
12:45 am
the subdivision to evacuate, new video of that area. lava flows started moving faster than anticipated and authorities were worried folks might become trapped. one woman who recently helped her parents get out of there house that is destroyed and covered in lava. >> i hope i never see this in my lifetime again, once is enough. it is tragic, but it is awe-inspiring, unbelievable. this is nature at land and showing proof of what she can do. it is incredible. >> reporter: you heard her reference pele, the hawaiian goddess of fire. her name is often tossed around by locals who have lived here quite some time. most people in this area have been affected by this volcano are at peace saying is out of their hands. >> reporter: thank you for the update from hawaii, we will keep on this story. an emotional reunion, surviving
12:46 am
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♪ >> shannon: on memorial day 2007 and army troops deployed in iraq went on an emergen >> on memorial day 2007 and army troops deployed in iraq went on an emergency rescue mission when they were suddenly ambushed, six soldiers died in the fact. tim lived through the mission and this memorial day he was asked to be a grand marshal in highland, new jersey. but under the condition the rest of his brothers would be there too. the town of highland got them back together for the parade and only we were there to capture their reunion 11 years later. >> it is indescribable losing friends in front of you and not
12:51 am
being able to do anything about it was we lost 6 that day. >> it was a dark mission, downed aircraft recovery mission and they gave us the location and we went and we got ambushed on the way and lost a few guys and i didn't even know it was memorial day until we got back. >> memorial day was a tough day for all of us, one of those things that just punches you in the stomach and takes your breath away. luckily i got some good troopers over there to help us through it, to stand by us, getting us all together and makes it a little easier. the commander called me up one day and asked me if i wanted to do it and i wasn't sure if i
12:52 am
did. it is very personal. and when he said grand marshal, let me get back to you and i called up some of the guys i was with that memorial day. i wanted to make sure they knew it would be a bigger parade than anything they had seen. >> we are brothers, that is all it is, combat vets, we always have each other's back so it was an honor. >> memorial day is a tough day. a lot of people like to go out and enjoy themselves and barbecue have a few, that is fine but i like to remember not just for the people we lost but people before us, we are fortunate to be where we are and
12:53 am
because of him we do what we are able to do today. >> it is not veterans day. it is a day we remember those who died in the service of our country. >> i haven't look forward to a memorial day in 11 years, there's billboards, radio commercials. memorial day sale, memorial day giveaway and it is just a lot more somber for me. a day of honor. i think people forget that. >> this was different because i have my brother's hair, some people in 12 years, being able to see them really makes me happy. makes it feel like me again. >> my friend jonathan markhamm, his wife and son are coming. he was too young when he deployed. this is a chance for us to let
12:54 am
his son know and he will leave the parade, it will be a better tribute, that is different for us and personal for us, we want this parade to be personal and we want to remind the american people of what memorial day is supposed to be. >> that is exactly what it is all about. the indiana teacher who tackled unarmed student in indianapolis middle school says he wants the focus to be on a 13-year-old girl who was seriously injured. ella whistler's courage is nothing short of remarkable. stephen was shot but not badly injured. he is out of the hospital. >> the person who isn't looking for attention or entirely comfortable with the situation, i want to make it clear my
12:55 am
actions on that day in my mind were the only acceptable actions under the circumstances. i deeply care for my students and their well-being. that is why i did what i did that day. >> the shooting suspect believed to be a seventh grader is in custody. a local high school student set up ago fund me page for stephen's family to pay hospital bills and other expenses, the goal is $80,000 and donations have surpassed that. finally this weekend, a big weekend if you are racing fan, nascar's longest race in charlotte where we saw something very special. jeffrey ehrhardt, grandson of dale and art, 15,000 service members listed on the of his car. one family was surprised to see georgia's name on the door of the car and was overcome with emotion.
12:56 am
bernhardt called the experience touching and said he himself had trouble holding back tears. it is all about honoring the fallen this weekend and today. let us never forget them and those they left behind as well. most-watched, trusted and grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet?
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>> tuesday, may 29, 2018, and this is "fox and friends first" happening at 4:00 on the east coast. a fox news alert, washed away and raging floodwaters the search intensifying for missing national guardsmen who tried to save lives in a city underwater. negotiations in overdrive, top north korean diplomat heading to the united states right now. what that means for a potential summit between donald trump and kim jong un. are you looking to get the coffee fix today? forget starbucks, the chain closing thousands of


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