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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  May 29, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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on your daughter. she is married. we saw the pictures. stunning bride. thanks to jessica and katie. that's it for us. "outnumbered" will see you tomorrow at 12:00 noon. here is harris. >> harris: fox news alert. the president's potential summit with north korea may be back on track. amid a flurry of diplomatic activity just now. let's go "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. president trump confirmed a top north korean official is on the way to the united states for talks with kim jong un next month. this is video of the former spy chief spotted at a chinese airport. look at the big wall. he is expected to land in new york city tomorrow afternoon. before meeting with secretary of state mike pompeo later in the week. he would be the highest ranking north korean to visit the u.s. in two decades. all this as the japanese media now says kim's de facto chief of staff arrived in singapore last night to meet with the u.s. advance team. counselor to the president kellyanne conway credit the president's letter to kim jong
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un canceling the big sit-down for betting things going again. watch. >> this president in the letter last week got kinetic energy going. folks all of a sudden said wow! this may not happen. if we want it to happen, then we will start moving. ever since then practically, north korea, south korea and the united states have been making positive moves. >> harris: chief white house correspondent john roberts with the fresh details from the north lawn. john? >> john: harris, good afternoon. anyone who haggled over the price of a car knows you usually get the best price as you are about to walk out the door. it seems that is what president trump did last week. now north korea coming back to the table. much more optimistic tone in recent hours than we saw last week after the president sent the letter to kim jong un. the summit not back on yet but a rather positive outlook from the press secretary sarah sanders in a statement released in the 11:00 a.m.
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hour saying, "since the president's may 24 letter to north korean leader kim jong un, the north koreans have been engaging. the united states continues to actively prepare for president trump's expected summit with leader kim in singapore." one of north korea's top officials kim young chol on his way to new york city. he is not only the head of north korea's -- the former head of north korea's spy agency. he also co-led the delegation from north korea to the pyongyang olympics in south korea earlier this year. and he is the guy who is in charge of relations between the north and the south. the president tweeting this morning, "we have put a great team together for our talks with north korea. meetings are currently taking place concerning summit and more. kim young chol, the vice chairman of north korea, heading now to new york. solid response to my letter. thank you." the white house has sent teams to singapore and south korea. they left on sunday to make plans for a summit. listen to what conway -- kellyanne conway said about
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the task earlier today. >> the president sent over two delegations, one for logistics and one for more diplomatic purposes that are on the ground, making the logistic preparations for a june 12. but as the president said it doesn't happen june 12, it could happen thereafter. what he has been able to do in such a compressed, short amount of time is nothing short of historic and remarkable. >> john: you get different dates depending who you talk to at the white house. the president seems optimistic june 12 will happen. i talked to a comem of -- couple of people who said it might happen a different date than june 12. maybe slide it back a few days. two teams left the white house. one is in singapore. that is the one led by the deputy chief of staff of operations joe hagin to hammer out the logistics of the meeting in singapore. hopefully according to the white house, for the 12th of june. the other delegation is more of a diplomatic delegation and it's currently 234 -- in the
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d.m.z. for talks with north korea about the how, why, what will happen in the summit. you want a bunch of things in hand. some deliverables as well that you can put out on the table in the summit. you want those hammered out before the two leaders get near each other. the president by the way is going to be meeting with the japanese prime minister shinzo abe on the 7th of june to hammer out final details of the strategy before the president heads to singapore. we think it might happen on sunday, which would be the 10th. >> harris: yeah, you know, it's interesting when you look at the dates. because they do all come together, the 7th, 12th. we'll see what happens. it may slide a little bit but it seems to move forward. >> john: fingers crossed i don't have to change my flight. >> harris: we do what we have to. right? >> you got it. >> harris: fast-breaking details. we're joined by my first guest, senator james risch who sits on the foreign relations committee. i was talking about how we seem to go forward in a
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certain direction. talk to me about what needs to get done and what impresses you about what is being done at this point? >> you can't help but be impressed with what is going on. this is moving at lightning speed the way most diplomatic things move. i thought june 12 was aspirational and not necessarily doable. but the important thing is the people are committed to it. the other important thing is even though we have had speed bumps and ups and downs, no one has backed away from the foundation that the parties laid out at the beginning, the objectives. >> harris: it's interesting because you and i have talked in recent weeks. you never seem to get very flustered between the i'm going to show up, i'm not going to show up. it's on, it's off. you said it's part of the process. what really got it going? what in the letter, in the wording of the letter in your estimation got north korea thinking hmm, okay? >> well, you know, i talked to the president about this personally.
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there is a lot of stuff out there and stuff that goes ons through the back channels and what have you. i don't think it's productive to be analyzing these word-by-word, sentence-by-sentence. it's important, and i think everyone needs to give the two people who have strong personality the space they need to get together and see if they can't agree on objectives. look, this can happen. two things need to happen. no, ma'am one, the parties need to have an objective that both parties agree to. both parties have to act in good faith to meet the objective. neither one of those were present in the iranian agreement but in this agreement the president is committed to do that. >> harris: senator risch, i am reading through the lines between this. let strong personalities be themselves. in other words let them work it out and everybody else do their job. this is part of the job happening i want to ask about. we have two teams in place. team from the white house who is going to singapore, kind of
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advanced team. then you have a d.m.z. delegation. what exactly are they doing? >> well the d.m.z. delegation is made up of a number of people that are really drilled down on the details. some of those people have been advisers or employees of the national security council through a number of administrations. both republicans and democrats. these people know this stuff backward and forward. they have been involved in the prior negotiations on this. they are already talking about the details. i expect the leaders will talk about this more at a 30,000, 50,000-foot level. the people at the d.m.z. today i can tell you are talking about the details that need to be hammered out over some period of time. both parties want to make it happen and happen as quickly as possible. >> harris: so the former top spy in north korea, he led the spy agency. the top guy reports he has killed a lot of people. he is coming to the united
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states. i guess that is what spies do, right? the former head for north korea. what is your take on dealing with this person? >> first, he is very, very close to kim jong un. this is a person that kim jong un trusts to go to the united states to deliver messages and pick up messages and find out what the nuances are here. first and foremost this is a person that is close to kim jong un. look, it would be like us sending a former head of the c.i.a. that happened to be particularly close to the president. obviously, our c.i.a. does not work the same way that north korea does but they are both intelligence-gathering agencies. with them, among other things. >> harris: yeah. they tend to kill some of their own people. so, yeah, you've got that >> pan's -- you've got that >> pan's role in this? we know that the president and abe have been talking back and
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forth through the entire thing. >> yeah. really, the president has been talking with all of the, with all of our allies in the region. south korea >> -- south korea, japan and others. >> harris: but japan in particular. what are we looking for them to do in this process? >> i don't know if we are looking for them to do anything. we are looking for an agreement that we are headed in the right direction as far as the kind of things that happen in a give-and-take relationship we'll have with north korea. wi have to be pulling the wagon together. that is really important. the same is true here. i have talked to the president, the vice president and the secretary of state who all committed they will do their best to put this in a form to be submitted to the united states senate as a treaty. that is good for us, it's good for north korea because north korea can then count on the fact it isn't one of the
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executive agreements that another president can walk back. it will be, in fact, a treaty. and they are all committed to do their best to get it in a form it can be voted on as a treaty. >> harris: quickly, if it doesn't happen? >> well, look, this was headed for a very bad place. i think it is fortunate that the other side recognized that the ending was not going to be a pretty ending and that got us where we are. >> harris: senator risch, i always enjoy talking to you. >> love to talk to you. thank you for having me. >> harris: sure. get a different take on the latest developments. michael fuchs served as the deputy assistant secretary of state for east asian and pacific affairs in the obama administration. great to see you today. thank you for being on the program. i want to start with the fact that it looks like things are progressing in a certain direction. politics part of this at all for you on the left side of the aisle? >> no, look.
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i think for myself and for everybody, we should be focused on the substance. i think that the ups and downs about whether or not the summit is going to happen and the president's letter last week is not where the focus should be. the focus should be on the substance of whether or not we can make progress with north korea. again, i disagree with the president and the way he has handled the diplomacy of north korea. i'm not sure i would have leapt into a summit in march or withdrawn the offer of the summit last week. but the point here now is we have diplomacy that is moving toward. that is where the focus should be and where the president should keep the focus right now to see if we can make progress with north korea. >> it's interesting. your words are nonpartisan. you are honest where you don't agree and positive about perhaps where it could go. nancy pelosi, house of representatives, not the same way. i'm wondering if you are
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concerned at all that people in the party might not get on board and be part of history if it's indeed made at a summit. her words calling the letter that the president sent after the summit was called off a valentine, causing a dictator to have a giggle fit. your thoughts? >> look, i think, again, everybody here regardless of party needs to be focused on whether or not the united states of america is making progress with north korea. now look, i very much disagreed with the president's letter last week. i thought that this was the president just in a huff canceling the summit. >> harris: apparently that wasn't the case. >> well, i think it's a big question to exactly what has transpired in the last number of days and whether or not this is president moon or others who have made moves to do this. i think frankly the president has shown his ability to be erratic. not just on north korea and go back and forth in the span of just a few days. so again, i think on this issue, i think regardless of
10:13 am
party the focus needs to be whether or not there are progress on the real threats from north korea. >> harris: i don't know if you could hear senator risch from the foreign relations committee. he put it this way. let strong personalities be themselves for kim jong un and president trump. and, you know, i added in let everybody else do their job. so let's talk about the job being done right now. you have two teams. one going to singapore for the white house. one going to the d.m.z. the senator described the delegation as very important to work out the details. what do you see happening that you think is progress and positive? >> well, look, i think that the very fact that we have this team right now in the d.m.z., having what we believe to be substantive negotiations with the north koreans is one of the best steps, signs that i have seen so far about the seriousness of the trump administration's intention to engage in real diplomacy with north korea. led by ambassador sung kim who
10:14 am
has been doing the issue for years and years. he is a first-rate diplomat. and he knows exactly what he is doing. so the very fact that he is there and he is in charge or with this delegation doing his negotiations to me gives me some hope that whatever happens with the summit, whatever happens going forward, at least at this very moment there is some very serious intend on the part of the trump administration to see where diplomacy can do. >> harris: michael, before i let you go, you were a part of the state department that would have focused so much energy and time and concentration on what is going on in north korea. potentially bad actor even going forward, we don't know what will happen but we know the history, we know the past there. have you talked with any of your former cohorts under the obama administration to see what they are thinking about where we are now? >> well, look, again, i think i can speak for myself obviously only. but what i would say is that everybody, national security
10:15 am
professionals and beyond are interested again in seeing progress with north korea. we know that this is a hard issue. this has been a hard issue for every single administration. we need to be very realistic about expectations here. but the focus needs to be seeing whether we could actually make some progress here. war, conflict is catastrophic and is the worst possible outcome. we need to do everything we can to avoid that. >> harris: all right. michael fuchs, i appreciate your time. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> harris: the search continues for a maryland national guardsman who went missing after flash flooding tore through ellicott city. the latest details on efforts to find him. and president trump warning american voters that democrats on the special counsel's team plan to meddle in the mid-term elections. what would that look like? is it a real concern? we'll talk about it. stay close.
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>> harris: fox news alert. the president has issued a warning to the american people about special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. the commander-in-chief posting this on twitter -- "the 13 angry democrats plus people who worked eight years for obama working on the rigged russia witch hunt will be meddling with the mid-term
10:20 am
elections especially now that republicans -- stay tough -- are taking the lead in polls. there was no collusion except by democrats." this is after rudy giuliani called the probe rigged over the weekend saying he is -- he no longer sees it as legitimate. catherine herridge is live for us in washington. >> thank you, harris. good afternoon. the president ramped up pressure on twiter the house oversight and judiciary committees are preparing for a new round of interview with the key players in the clinton and the russia investigation including the espionage chief. this is e-mail with peter strozk and lisa page. it's drawing scrutiny that he went to london two months before the russia case opened. a republican told fox in a statement that the questioning will be broad. "the hillary e-mail case merely scratches the surface of the questions regarding bill priestep.
10:21 am
he needs to be questioned about the russia collusion case including the trip to london in 2015 and the relationship with the f.b.i. informant." they want to see if it was assimilated before the russia case opened in july 2015. >> when did it start? we know that those confidential human sources were engaging prior to the official f.b.i. investigation. so it begs at whose direction, what were they collecting and who were they reporting to? >> another senior senate republican said they looked at some of the evidence and they believe the f.b.i. acted properly. >> if there are people operating in this country trying to influence american politics on behalf of a foreign power it's the f.b.i.'s job to investigate those people. what i have seen so far is that an f.b.i. effort to learn more about individuals with a
10:22 am
history of bragging about links to russia that preexist the campaign. >> the president's lawyer rudy giuliani, as you mentioned, wants the probe concluded by november because of the obvious or the political potential impact. >> harris: thank you very much. former republican congressman and fox news contributor jason chaffetz is here. always great to see you. >> thank you. >> why didn't robert mueller -- there is so much focus on the staff that he has. the president saying, "13 angry democrats plus people that worked eight years for obama." why didn't robert mueller try to have a political neutral or equal staff? >> that is a great point. it's something that rod rosenstein who appointed the special counsel, he is highly conflicted. mr. mueller is conflicted certainly with his relationship with director comey. then to go out and hire 13 people with democratic ties, there are hundreds of thousands of people in the pool of potential staff. but he had to go out and get all the democratic donors.
10:23 am
it's mystifying and it undermines the credibility of the mueller investigation and the ability to prosecute something if he were to ever do that. >> harris: i will get to the president's word calling them angry in a moment and rigged, the investigation. but i want to go here with the facts. is there a watchdog or an agency or a committee or somebody who can oversee? you know maybe oversight you would know about that. for the robert mueller to look at who is staffing there, who is being staffed. >> yeah, there is a great deal of hesitation to inject yourself in an existing probe like this. but that is where again the inspector general is somebody that can get in there and look at it. michael horowitz, the inspector general for the department of justice will come out with the clinton e-mail probe investigation. he started a second -- that will come out any time. the second investigation is in
10:24 am
the fisa abuses. but the potential third one would be to look at how this was actually handled as well. it's usually done after the fact not in real-time. but there is no reason why congress, senator grassley and bob goodlatte and why they can't call up mueller and rosenstein to try to explain the conflict of interest. i think it should happen now. >> harris: that is what i was trying to drill down at because i didn't know exactly which sections of the government would do it but there has to be somebody because otherwise it would be robert mueller on his own. and we know that there are checks and balances that are supposed to be built in any system. let's talk about angry democrats that the president says. those are his words, not mine. and this notion both from rudy giuliani, his top attorney, and the president that the system is rigged. >> well, listen, the problem is -- sorry, i thought you were going to play audio
10:25 am
there. >> harris: no. >> the problem is that you don't, you don't have senator sessions who is now the attorney general is absolutely nowhere. you need to have an active attorney general helping to oversee that. that is not happening. i think he is there in name only but he has recused himself in a similarric thing and the problems -- systemic things and the problem that he has to address. that is a huge problem. but again, the balance of who is in this mueller team creates an appearance of impropriety and imbalance. here you are going into the 2018 election. you don't want to make the same mistakes that the f.b.i. made going in to the 2016 presidential election. >> harris: is this a cloud, is this a distraction, is this something that voters would be turning their heads and looking toward as they head to the voting booths? that is the concern among republicans in the white house. >> well, look, i think america is tiring of this. you have had adam schiff and
10:26 am
the others, nancy pelosi and whatnot, all the democrats screaming "russia, russia, russia" only to hear nothing in terms of evidence. in fact, the only evidence that we have out there, harris, is the millions of dollars that the clinton campaign and the d.c.c.c. and the democratic campaign sent overseas to try to fund the dossier. where is the actual evidence? but proximity to the 2018 election, it sucks a lot of energy and oxygen out of the room. i actually think it's hurting democrats right now. i don't think it's having much of an effect on the republicans. >> harris: real quickly before i let you go, the notion that this is not a legitimate investigation by rudy giuliani. and you have answered my questions about who could be checks and balances about how robert mueller is staffed. your last thoughts? >> well, mr. mueller is really there and he does have a lot of power and he can go get a lot of things. and he is prosecuting people.
10:27 am
so they are dealing with it. it's the jockeying -- the reason they brought in rudy giuliani is he does know bob mueller and director comey on a personal basis. they are playing this game we see playing out on television every day. >> harris: so you say the legitimacy is there and just in terms of the fact it's an actual investigation. >> yeah. it's there. it's undermind the -- undermined the credibility of the democrats, some of them with sorted history, involved and engaged instead of the appearance of being impartial. that is lost. i think the committee should bring up mueller and rosenstein up to have them explain it now. >> harris: for me as a journalist it's the key question in this. all you hear how fair robert mueller is in terms of how he looks at evidence and how people on both sides of the political aisle want him to finish his investigation. yet, he stacked it this way and it's so politically explosive with the resumes and
10:28 am
the money that was given to the democratic party by some of the members. it's just an interesting question. why did he do that? jason chaffetz, thank you very much. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: well, the immigration battle is heating up. president trump is going after liberals, people on the left posting a picture of young illegals being kept in cages. here is the deal. the picture was actually taken during the obama administration in 2014. wait until you hear what he has to say next. can make you feel unstoppable. but mania, such as unusual changes in your mood, activity or energy levels, can leave you on shaky ground. help take control by asking about your treatment options. vraylar is approved for the acute treatment of manic or mixed episodes of bipolar i disorder in adults. clinical studies showed that vraylar reduced
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10:33 am
reached because they themselves are illegal aliens and do not want to be reached by federal authorities." meanwhile, president trump is slamming people on the left who mistakenly posted a photograph of young illegals inside cages. the picture was actually taken during the obama administration in 2014. here is what the president tweeted. "democrats mistakenly tweet 2014 pictures from obama's term showing children from the boarder in steel cages. they thought it was recent pictures in order to make us look back. but backfired. dems must agree to wall and new border protection for good of the country. bipartisan bill." i'm joined by republican congressman jeff denham. what happened with the 1,500 children? >> it's certainly a very political issue with plenty of reason for both sides to raise the political flames of a very
10:34 am
critical issue. specifically, on the unaccompanied minors, these minors have come across the southern border. they go to similar detention camps like the pictures have been shown several times. but ultimately they end up with family or friends or relatives back in a community. as you said, often times it's with other illegal immigrants that do not want to answer a phone or do not want to report. usually these dates are one to two years before they have a trial date or before there is actually due process. >> harris: congressman denham, i want to go back to the picture because sometimes people tune in and out. that picture was posted and has been deleted by some people who call themselves journalists saying they didn't check the date that it was 2014 instead of 2018. but the significance, if we go back three or four years this was a time when our borders were so porous -- and they still are -- but the flow was so heavy of the children.
10:35 am
it was like 90,000 at one point, unaccompanied minors. >> i have toured the facilities. they were way overcrowded. but you can see the whole point of releasing the picture is to blame the trump administration when this is actually a broken immigration system that was just as broken if not worse under the previous administration. it's why we need to have a solution today. >> harris: you know, looking at the solution, democrats want to say well, republicans aren't as good-hearted about the issue. and sometimes you on the right side of the aisle get painted as a group that wouldn't want to come to the table on some of the issues. yet, this president, this republican president has probably talked about this issue more than any in recent history. >> yes, he has. and the president has talked about it not only from a permanent fix for dreamers, very compassionately but also very strongly about a border wall. i think we have to do both. as well as fix a number of the
10:36 am
other issues that are part of the broken immigration system as well. i'm encouraged that he talked about a bipartisan bill. i think ultimately something that comes out of the house in the next few weeks will be bipartisan and will certainly address the two issues. giving the president exactly what he is asking for on border security, but also have a real permanent fix with a pathway to citizenship for dreamers. >> harris: republicans control the house. republicans control the senate. and even when there is a little bit of a tie, the vice president can step in if somebody can't come vote. why can't you guys get this done? >> part of the challenge with immigration is there is no time line. unlike other bills, the f.a.a. bill, the farm bill or appropriation bills, everything expires and you have a timeline that forces you to bring up a vote. there hasn't been one until this president gave us the march 5 deadline. as you have seen, congress blew past that. so we are using something that is part of a parliamentary rule to actually force a
10:37 am
debate. i think that is a good thing. to force a timeline in the house of representatives so we can get a bipartisan solution, push it over to the senate and actually get it signed into law. >> harris: what do you think about first addressing blocking the flow of people into this country? you know, you bring up the word "wall" or "wall system," which is what the president calls it because some places you can't put up a border. so you fortify the system, staff up if you will. when you bring up that word, what is the reaction on the hill? again, republicans control both chambers right now. >> yeah, again, when you talk about a wall that is usually something that the left is trying to use to just attack this president. even though in 2013, the gang of eight bill that came out of the senate had $42 billion for border security and for a wall. so, you know, this is something we just have to get done. i think both parties can come together and do this. although, the critics would say build the wall first and
10:38 am
then we will talk about all the other aspects of immigration. if it were that easy, we'd be doing it. the challenge is finding something that, you know -- we are pairing two issues together. border security with a permanent fix for dreamers. i think we can do at the same time but i think on a bipartisan level. >> harris: maybe you scream a little bit of hypocrisy when you look at the mistakenly tweeted photo when people didn't know from googling it was four years old. give you the last word. >> well, you know, it's difficult on a political year coming up in november to get something done. i think that this would have been better to handle last year or last decade but we have a real opportunity to come together in the coming weeks doing something bipartisan and take this issue off the table. >> harris: look, you are in the state of california where it is a constant conversation, i would imagine. i appreciate your time, congressman denham. thank you very much. >> you got it. thanks for having me. >> harris: the body of a
10:39 am
missing national guardsman has been found. flash flooding ripped through ellicott city, maryland. we have a live report breaking news next. (vo) dogs have evolved, but their nutritional needs remain instinctual. that's why there's purina one true instinct. real meat #1. a different breed of natural nutrition. purina one true instinct. now, try new purina one true instinct treats. is the fact that it's very, very tough on bacteria,
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>> harris: fox news alert. breaking news. the body of a national guardman found after there was flash flooding in maryland. they were looking for him and we have more on this. give us details. >> they spent the last day and a half searching for him. they have just confirmed to us that the body they found, ways downstream from us here is in fact 39-year-old eddison hermond. he gave his life trying to help others, harris. on sunday evening when the main street here in ellicott city started to flood, he went up and tried holding the doors of a restaurant he was in and tried holding the doors shut to prevent water from coming inside. a woman came up and asked for
10:44 am
help. said her cat was missing. he went out to try to help her find it. that is when witnesses reported seeing him get swept away by this flash flooding. he went under water and he has not been seen since. the national guardsman has been there since late 2000s. he served in the air force for ten years. he is now the first confirmed fatality as a result of this storm. you can see in the video the flash flooding is the result of six inches of rain in a few hours. meteorologists are describing this as a once in a 1,000-year rain event but this is now the second time in less than two years that this town has seen flooding like this. >> the only thing that was going through my mind as it was starting was that this isn't real. i was in complete shock. i didn't believe it was really happening. until the building started collapsing and cars were coming down the street, i
10:45 am
honestly didn't believe that it was happening again. >> reporter: the last time this happened in 2016 there were two people who lost their lives in those floods. and today, this is what busy owners are coming back to. thick mud is everywhere. entire walls are gone. and a couple of cars are still dangling from where the water left them. and sadly, this is becoming a familiar experience for a lot of these folks who decided to rebuild after the flooding two years ago. and now, they are facing that same tough decision. >> things were looking up and 97% of the town was back open. portalli down the street reopened six months ago. the sun was rising. and now it's set. i think everybody is going to have to have a lot of discussions and talk about where we go from here. >> reporter: after the flooding in 2016, county officials had plans to build additional retention ponds and
10:46 am
plumbing that would help to prevent this flooding from ever happening again. they just got that grant from fema to do that. right before this flooding happened, harris. they are saying they hope to be able to make the improvements to keep this from happening anytime soon. >> harris: as the one gentleman just said, they have a lot of discussion. two years is not a lot of time to rebuild. some of them just got back in. the human element in this is a man who served this country as a national guardsman eddison hermond is gone. they have found his remains after the flood. garrett, thank you very much. renewed optimism that president trump's summit with kim jong un with north korea could be back on as a top korean official is headed to new york. what to expect. and the politics of it all. power panel weighing in next. stay close. >> as the president said, it doesn't happen june is 2, it it -- june 12, it could happen thereafter. what he is able to do in a short amount of time is nothing short of historic and remarkable.
10:47 am
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10:51 am
breaking news left and right on "the daily briefing." >> harris: fox news alert now. our fox top story. diplomacy appears to be accelerating ahead of a potential summit with president trump and north korean dictator kim jong un. the president has confirmed a top north korean official is on his way to the united states for talks about the meeting. we are told that the plane will arrive tomorrow. and a japanese broadcaster says kim's de facto chief of staff arrived in singapore last night to meet with a u.s. advance team there. bringing in the power panel. back from "outnumbered" senior redirector -- senior research director at jessica tarlov. and republican strategist noelle nikpour is here. i have a list of things that are coming together and people pulling in to place. you have the delegation at the d.m.z. senator risch talked about that earlier this hour. these are hard -- even the representative from the obama administration said these are
10:52 am
hard tactical things happening. you can check the list. >> that is right. the meeting is going to happen. i feel very certain it will happen. everything is adding up to make it to where it will happen. look, this is to north korea's advantage. north korea is basically economically, they're broke. they need the infiltration of expertise on capitalism. they knead the great mind from the united states that can help revitalize their broken economy. they need us actually more than we need them. the whole reason we are even talking about north korea is because of the nukes. not because there is some economic super power here. >> we're actually talking about it because of china. something occurred -- >> trump ignited. >> i'm giving trump more credit than i'm comfortable in the past few weeks about this. >> harris: okay. we have breaking news. this is something that we knew was on the horizon.
10:53 am
roseanne barr apologized for a racist type of conversation she was having on her twitter account. abc is reporting they canceled her show. one of her tweets. pop the tweet up. she said she should have known better. here we go. i apologize to valley jarrett and all american -- valerie jarrett and all americans. she was talk about if one person got together with another person and the baby would be like valerie jarrett. rosanne barr said she would get off twitter. let's call it what it is. her direct tweet was and you brought it to my attention. >> if a muslim person and an ape had a baby it would be valley jarrett. that is -- valerie jarrett.
10:54 am
that is racist to the nth degree. it strikes at the argument that she was a trump supporter and it's economic anxiety. she has had antisemitism on her twitter account for a long time. >> harris: you connected it to the president. >> no, i'm not denying that there are plenty of people that voted for the president for economic anxiety but roseanne is a racist. >> just looking at it, we live in a politically correct world right now. we live in a world where it's just not plain not nice. not nice to say -- >> it's not the political correctness. >> harris: let her finish. >> let's look at what this was and what she said. the tweet was not nice. it was ugly. demeaning. it was gross. let's leave it at that. >> why? why leave it at that? >> it's just mean-spirited. can it not be mean-spirited?
10:55 am
>> that is what racism is implicitly but it's important to say racism. she posted pictures with herself and hitler mustache. >> harris: let's stay on topic here, jessica. what this also is, and noelle, i hear what you are saying. i don't understand it to be anything other than free speech. she is saying, it's extremely offensive but it is just that. so she says in one of her tweets, three rapid fire today. it was a joke. it was a miscalculated joke. >> she is a comedian. she has a wicked twisted sense of humor. everybody knows her to be a little raunchy and a little rough. i agree and it's freedom of speech take it that she has lit a fuse. she knows what she is doing. when you enter in valerie jarrett and somebody from the left and somebody from the right -- >> and an animal. >> it's just not right. >> harris: one more thing. we talk about the free market.
10:56 am
abc looked at this. this is rapid fire. she just tweeted this. >> before this started we talked about wanda sykes quit the show. >> harris: an hour ago. >> while well were sitting on the couch. you got the twitter alert. that is the importance of people standing up for what is right and saying i will not participate in something espousing those values and those views. >> harris: the show has been canceled by abc after she put out a racist tweet. we'll be right back. (vo) i was born during the winter of '77. i first met james in 5th grade. we got married after college. and had twin boys. but then one night, a truck didn't stop. but thanks to our forester, neither did our story. and that's why we'll always drive a subaru.
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>> harris: the president going to support a republican going from congress to run for senate in nashville, tennessee. marsha blackburn tonight. watch for our coverage of that. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert. abc canceled roseanne barr's show calling the comment on twitter, abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent. i'll get reaction from bret baier later in the show. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." but first, a brand new push for a nuclear summit as north korea sends a top official to new york. to lay the groundwork for direct talks between president trump and kim jong un. the white house now confirming secretary of state mike pompeo will meet with the vice chairman of the north korea ruling central committee. days after president trump called off the summit. rich edson is live at the state department. i understand there is intense


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