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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 1, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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that's it for us. the weekend is coming. tune in every night every monday for a show talking about this. have a great night and weekend. see you soon. >> sean: welcome to hannity. tonight we have incredible and will amazing news on three major fronts. buckle up tonight. the june 12th summit with north korea is officially back on. a huge development and earlier today, a top deputy from the hermit kingdom hand delivered a letter from kim jong-un to president trump. we'll tell you what we know about the letter tonight. and also tonight president trump is succeeding in a massive way. bad news for democrats here at home because the economy is wooming. 3.8 percent unemployment. and the lowest african-american
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unemployment in history. and a job's market so robust even the new york times is saying they are running out of words to describe how good the economy really is. we'll contrast this economy to former president obama's economy. and say brand new bombshell report detailing how the obama administration may have pressured the f.b.i. to monitored the f.b.i. before the investigation was authorized. solomon's report may show about their use of spies. sarah carter is blowing the whistle about more spying abuse against the trump campaign and monitoring trump's associates by some of the closest allies abroad. this is beginning to get bigger than we ever thought. both solomon and sarah carter
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will be here. and brennan is calling president trump parmarked for identification. we'll respond to his meltdown in a minute. and the calls for rod rosenstein to recuse himself from the russian investigation. lindsay graham is joining us. buckle up. breaking news, and our opening monologue. tonight, major, major progress on three big fronts. especially the president and north korea and negotiations. and the june 12th summit is back. a top lieutenant from north korea hand delivered a personal land from kim jong-un to president trump and according to the wall street journal, this note was fairly basic but reportedly expressed kim jong-un's in holding the nuclear
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summit. here's earlier today how the president reacted. let's take a look. >> the meeting on june 12th went well. it is a get to know you kind of situation. mike has spent two days doing this and getting to know them well. you people will have to travel because you will be in singapore on june 12th. it will be a process. i never said it would be done in one minute. it is a process and the relationships are building. and you are talking about years was hostility and problem and hatred between so many different nations. but i think you will have a very positive result. not from one meeting. we'll not go in and sign something on june 12th. we'll start a process. i told him today. take your time. we can go fast, we can go
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slowly. i think they would like to see something happen and if we can work it out we'll. >> douj jim is committed. >> i think he is committed. he will not run and do things. >> sean: great news for the entire world and look at what we have won so far. the president is scheduled to hold a series of briefings about the summit and where they plan to look at the denuclearization of north korea and the korean peninsula. amazing news for the world. and there is promise and hope and your by the way, your media said would never happen. and huge, massive news on the economic front. the economy in the united states is booming. we are braking records month after month. and in may, a robust 223000 jobs were added and the unemployment
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rate is 18 year low. and jobs dropping to 3.8 percent and only seen a number that low since 1969, the mets won the world series and get this, african-american unemployment also at an all- time low, first time 5.9 percent. and consumer confidence at a high. we ran out of words to describe how good the job numbers are. the president's economic agenda is succeeding and despite what the media tells you. the numbers do not lie. we'll take a drip down memory lane and contrast it with obama's track record. it is record high distribution of food stamps and 8 million
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more americans were in poverty and we had the worst homeownership rate in 50 years and worst record since the '40 and he doubled the national debt. that was barak obama's record. and we'll get back to all. major news on the show. but we'll look at other breaking news. this is huge from john solomon. the f.b.i.'s efforts to monitor the trump campaign origin 98ed months before the f.b.i. monitored the election in so- called russian interference. foreign figures contacted trump campaign advisors and prompted the f.b.i. with the collusion. and trusted intelligence source and hillary clinton supporters. in other words, what this means, members of the deep state, the
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upper echlon, they were literally flooding the f.b.i. with lies, unverified & anti- trump material. remember the love birds strzok and page? john solomon uncovered new text from these two individuals that show the obama administration was likely involve would in steering the trump investigation. including when the f.b.i. was opening in so- called russian meddling. strzok and page expressing obama would leak detames to the press. and another text from peter strzok, he indicated the obama administration was involved in the f.b.i. investigation, writing quote, the obama white house is running this.
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and so what did obama know? what did his inner circle know and when did they know it? it is time to put the former president and entire team under oath. sarah carter, detailing the possible connection between an international spying alliance called the five i's. you can't put this in a novel. and it is it bigger than we thought. solomon and carter investigated the russian collusion and it originated in london. the united kingdom is part of the five eyes. and you have the former communist john brennan call think president trump paranoid. we know it is true. how could it be pornade. sounds very defensive. >> i think mr. trump has
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demonstrated a paranoia and insecurity and a concern about the investigation under way. certainly his tweets do not seem like they are coming from a person of innocence and confidence. mr. trump is promoting a narrative and try to discredit the f.b.i. and cia and others. make no mistake about it, the american justice system i think is going to prevail in this endeavor to get to the bottom of who might be collaborating and working with foreign actors to undermine the integrity of the action. >> sean: this is the same john brennan and told the world that donald trump should be very, very worried. >> i think he is afraid of the president of russia. >> why? >> the russians may have something on him personally.
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and clearly it is important for us to improve relations with russia. bullpen the fact he had a fawning attitude toward mr. put anyone and did not say combhg negative about him continues to say to me he has something to fear. >> sean: putting john brennan's blind hatred of trump aside. we have more revelations that the deep state is starting to crack. there are serious issues with the f.b.i. a papadopoulos after the alleged informant publicly contradicted the f.b.i.'s own claims that the one- time low- level trump advisor discussed the hacked democratic email and now the infamous 2016 trump tower meeting with donald trump junior and others. we have a transcript that the
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russian american lobbyist admitted to knowing personally hillary clinton and people in her campaign. what was someone who knew hillary clinton doing in that meeting? is the media going to report on that? we'll have more on this later in the show. and also tonight, we'll turn to the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, you know the guy who said that comey should be fired and signed the last fisa warrant and used a foreign agent to put together and funneling money to a law firm and russian lies and russian government lines to manipulate you the american people. last night we showed you rosenstein's clear conflict of interest. specifically his key role in firing comey and he's witness a in the whole investigation and appointed mueller and timely people in dc are getting what we
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told you. there are growing calls for rod rosenstein to recues himself. that includes senate oar lindsay graham. welcome aboard, senator, do you consider yourself a potential witness in the mueller investigation regarding the firing of comey by president trump and if not, why not. he recommended it and he is a witness. if so, you should recuse yourself with oversight of the mueller investigation. thankfully, someone saying and saying what we calm would for for months. deputy rod rosenstein it is time to answer the questions. and get out of the way. you are the most conflicted person. and great news for me tonight. pay close tonight. remember senator schumer said you better not mess with the
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intel communicates because they get you six ways or sunday. best systeming author korzy. on calledicling the deep state. the group against john kerry, vietnam vets for truth. he said yours truly, that i, sean hannity am the next target of the deep state. it is great to know that corrupt officials with backs against the wall and desperate, desperate people and have the most powerful tools of intelligence are now going after me? okay, really? sadly after all that we have learned and now we have gerome's conviction that it doesn't surprise me. are we the united states of america or former soviet union or be venezuela? i promise you one thing, i am
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never stopping ever. here to break down the damning new report is john solomon. you think korzy could be right? >> i don't know. i hope not. i hope that people stay weapon the law at all times. >> sean: have you been told by people certain things are happening to you? >> there are times when question raised questions about reporters like myself being surveyed. and the f.b.i. did illegally intercept mine mail. and there is a public record of the f.b.i. intercepting my mail before 9/11. >> sean: if that is the case, people trying to get to the truth and exposing corruption and becoming targets of the deep state, you can say good bye to the constitution. it doesn't exist. by the way, you might have been
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unmask the. >> i don't know. >> sean: you have been told. >> yeah. >> sean: london bridge is falling down, curious origins of f.b.i.'s trump- russia probe. this is huge including the new strzok/page memos. >> it is a good question. when people in washington tell you there is no political pressure, i don't believe it. if it is something like the russian election and the text messages are the first to get at the idea that f.b.i. felt political pressure and they were worried that they used exmretative brothers at the obama department my be leaking. and that is a meeting of the fib feb at the white house, quote,
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running this thing. you can interpret that f.b.i. agents had fear that the white house would be involve would in the russian case. that is the first word we have seen. >> sean: john, what we are saying here. looking at the strzok- page texts here. they are penning the whom thing on the obama white house running it. >> yeah. >> sean: what's that in >> they have that fear. they fear it would be hi jacked by the cia or white house run by obama. >> sean: don't they say it is being run there? >> somebody said in a meeting that the white house is now running this. that's what they said in the text message. >> sean: so i guess at this particular point, we go back to
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the problem with the department of justice. rod rosenstein in particular and others, they have been obstructing and stone walling and we have sprapgz of powers and co-equal branches of government and guess what, they are preventing them from doing their job. and knowing what you know? >> how devastating it is it for them. >> we have the former head of intelligence of the f.b.i. under robert mueller said what he has seen on his own, that congress has lejet mate serious questions to be answered by the justice department. people who are informants and college professor and ambassadors and opposition researchers for hillary clinton, were making their contacts with the trump administration long before the predicated
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investigation. the rules sap that. and there was targeting going on. and bob mueller is former intelligence, this raises questions. >> sean: huge breaking new and we'll get back to it next week and we'll follow the bouncing ball here, something that the media can't do. we have breaking news. her brand new column and report sarah carter. we'll get into yours and it's very clear, you know, this is a big story also. and you are confirming a lot of the john 'story. >> absolutely. we can see before the f.b.i. opened the investigation. it was a counter intelligence investigation and that means they were gathering as much information as possible from everywhere. they could. i am not talking about just the bureau, but i am talking about
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other intelligence agency. great britain and germany and estonia and poland. and we are a member of the five eye's. >> sean: what you mean by five eyes, >> australia, new wre land and canada and great britain and the united states. if we have information we share it. remember the ambassador that shared the information with the united states on his conversation with papadopoulos. >> sean: downer donated 25 million to the clinton administration. >> absolutely. >> sean: and the state department had to get involved and that means john kerry knew about it, too. and goes to the white might and also to the secretary of state's office. >> we have to ask yourselves, sean, that ment brennan head of the cia and clapper with
10:20 pm
national intelligence were aware of this. victim offing the trump champagne members. and that's very important. that doesn't mean it would be at a lower level. it would be a principle level and brennan was aware of what went on. and did the british stair the information with us first, our did we ask for specific information. how was the exchange? >> sean: this is important. the time line is way off in the story and narrative that they have been saying and that means people are lying dramatically here and then we have an ig report coming out, and as many as 28 people who have knowledge. clinton server scandal and 28 people, f.b.i. people can tell the story of the corruption of the bureau they love.
10:21 pm
>> a lot of them want to speak and a lot of them are current agent and they need to ub subpeonaed. congress needs to do that so they can tell their story. >> sean: thank you, sarah carter, you keep breaking story after story. when we come back, we'll get legal analysis with greg jarret and lumbah. and we'll have more economic news. s on in economic news. -♪ he's got legs of lumber and arms of steel ♪
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>> sean: joining us with more reaction to tonight's opening monologue we have attorney david limbaugh. he's done all of my contracts
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with radio and tv and author of the best seller, the russian hoax. and we'll begin with you, greg, when i hear john solomon say what he said and sarah carter what she is reporting tonight, the idea that we have new tex message and you are aware of it and you had in your hands last night. we were not fully able to go fully, this goes in fact to the obama white house. they are running the operation. what should happen. >> it is obvious that john brennan and james clapper and the obama white house and the president himself were involved on this. brep an was the instigator of the hoax. he grabbed the dossier and ran with it and trying to damage
10:27 pm
candidate trump and then there after trying to destroy the presidency when he shows up bashing trump he reenforcing the noegsz of most to gain. >> sean: how did a communist and cia director, that is dangerous. let me any to the whole narrative about papadopoulos and downer getting drunk today. four- way hearsay. and we know that downer, they had to thread a needle and the kerry state department is involved and that means the time line is off. the whole story is crumbling and downer has donated 25 million to the clinton organization. we have huge conflicts to begin
10:28 pm
with here? >> yes, there is a suspicious amountive clinton involvement inspect the supposedly neutral f.b.i. investigation. not only was downer donated 25 million to the clinton foundation, the russian lobbyist in the trump tower meeting had clinton ties. and back to your point to the obama involvement. why is it so hard to believe that obama that was willing to weaponize, he would do so to the f.b.i. strzok and page feared obama wanted to hijack the campaign or the investigation. and we know from previous texts that he wanted to know everything. and they were worried about him being soft on russia. and then f.b.i. agents according to sarah carter to come forward
10:29 pm
and tell on the record the impropriety. i don't think that trey gowdy were right about this. and i have respect for him. but if he were right they would not have protected hillary clinton. if it was neutral sfieing they would have briefed trump. >> sean: their time line is off, greg. they changed the rules in the obama administration and if you remember they shared the intel with agencies 16 or 17 of them and the whom papadopoulos issue is just blown out of the water. >> yeah. the f.b.i. with the help of the new york times perpetuated a myth it was papadopoulos.
10:30 pm
that is it an outright lie. why did they lie about papadopoulos having e-mails when all he said why all of these suspicious lies if they were not trying to set up trump? >> these are all falling apart. also the north korea summit and great news on the economy. and the deep state crumbling and out rage of the people on the left. stay with us. for twenty years over two million customers
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for 10% off the perfect father's day gift. >> live from american news headquarters. as president trump gears up with the north korea summit, the summit between president trump and putin is also in the works. the two nations have not agreed
10:35 pm
on a date or location. john huntsman and current ambassador to russia is the leading man behind the planning effort. and a new member of the white house team. rear admiral douglas spears the white house said saturday. he will replace and will help yawn bolton. and back to hannity with all of your headquarters. have a igate night. breaks ou braining -- great night. i upon trace gallinger. back to sean hannity. >> sean: samantha bee launched a vile disgusting attac >> sean: samantha bee launched a while attack at ivanka. >> ivanka trump who works in the white house. you know, ivanka, that is
10:36 pm
a beautiful photo of you and your child. but one mother to another. do something about your dad's immigrational practice you feckless [bleep]. put on something tight and low cut and tell your [bleep] and tell him it was an obama thing and city how it goes. >> sean: both tbs and samantha bee apologized. in the wake of how roseanne barr was tweeted and even the president weighed in on the controversy. why are they not firing no talent samantha bee for the horrible language on her show. a double standard. that is okay, we are winning and will to some for a long time. some are sticking up for bee and trying to protect her. the television academy blocked the media from theentious vent she was honored at last night.
10:37 pm
cnn grand stander jim acosta tweeted his anti- trump bias. here's what he said on kim kardashian. >> forget the fact that kim kardashian is here in the white house and what planet that is anything resembling normal. it is not. she shouldn't be here talking about prison reform. it is nice that she is here but not a serious thing to happen in the white house. >> sean: if you read the case it is a serious matter. he is singing a different tune while covering the prison reform when obama was president. >> i will push the president to get more victim offed in criminal justice reform and suggest idea that we think could help improve. >> if you change your mind about running for office give cnn the
10:38 pm
scoop. >> thank you. >> sean: this is sean spicer, author of the best seller and geraldo rivera and south carolina governor henry mcmaster is here with us. if you look at the case in particular. it was a first offense life- time sentence for a woman who had a lot of the personal problems and needed money and got involved in drugs. i think the case that kim kardashian was pushing was a powerful 1 and 1 we need to pay attention to? >> there is no doubt that kim kardashian's appearance in the white house was totally proprietary. spicer could answer that better than i. but it seems to me she brought attention to a necessary issue
10:39 pm
one that the white house is grappling with. and lifetime sentence, no parole or possibility of parole. she didn't murder anybody. i really do think that kim kardashian's visit to the white house was appropriate. samantha bee, the left, i mean, we should be outraged by roseanne barr and samantha bee. and i think what we should do is let the victims of their insults tell us what to do. valerie jarret re71eded graciously to roseanne barr and ivanka trump was beyond gracious when it comes to samantha bee. they groechle and beg for forgiveness, we'll give it and show a christian view. >> let me show you my shocked
10:40 pm
face nothing that shocked me. jim acosta discussing what is appropriate to be discussed in the white house? i think geraldo displayed what they are. it is not up to the media or jim ooh costa on what is a valid issue. it is up to the president of the united states and concerns that the american people have. every american has a right to decide and advocate their government to support them. and on samantha bee. i believe i made a lot of mistakes at the white house and i asked for forgiveness for and people were gracious. >> sean: you did not make that many mistakes. >> thank you, but my point is this. when people screw up, and apologize give them forgiveness.
10:41 pm
double standard exist. the left absochls them and excuses them and explains why it was not that bad and no consequences. i agree with garyaldo. ivanka has been greaseful about this. and remember the former politico reporter said the similar thing. she said she didn't mean it. and it is disgusting attacks get excuse and washed away every single time. >> sean: good luck on the run for governor in south carolina. i have a lot of friends counsel there. and i look at this and i am like okay, this is now an environment. in have read everybody's apologies. roseanne a pollized again and again and i sense there was real
10:42 pm
sincerity. it was a 2:45 a.m. tweet. and geraldo knows about that. >> i know no tweeting after midnight. >> sean: what about the point of everybody trying to silence voices they don't agree with. i never call would for firing of shore and bill maher and people who said like rush limbaugh who said don't fire them. >> i knowledge the people have gone crazy. president trump is popular here and if he run today he would get more votes than what he stomped the opposition. he is 100 percent right. i don't know what happened to the people on the left. i don't know if it is hatred of the president or what he stands for and which is what america's
10:43 pm
stands for. something happen happen to the people and they are making fools of themselves. they are apologize until the next time and people have had enough of it. >> sean: geraldo, as much as i would like to make everybody in america to watch want show, i have to have them invite me in to their home and that's how you gain an odd -- audience. the american people are smart. >> you are referencing something at the beginning. program about the deep state comes for you. if they do, they have to come through me. i will be fighting off the people. >> sean: i have geraldo in my bunker and in am safe. >> i wonder what happened to the
10:44 pm
level of civility? it is low down and dirty now. the candidate for the governor of great state of south carolina alluded to it. i think that the country is so divided and. people who hate the president hate him with ve hemness. >> sean: you want him to suck sealed. nothers that are criminal? >> sean: if he is successful with the economy. and successful in north korea and keeping his promises and becoming energy independent. and that is it bad news for democrats, they want to twin and for them to win they have to fail. >> it is it desperate that they root against their own country for partisan purposeingly. >> sean: sean the last word. >> the one thing is they pretaped it and they scripted it
10:45 pm
and went ahead with it. that is vastly kfrnt than not thinking about it. the case was different than a lot of the other ones. >> sean: henry mcmaster. good luck on your run down there. this is history in the making. the summit is back on. and great news for the whormd. the president said it may take 2 or 3 meetings. and we'll have the latest from the white house when we come back. with only a kite, a house key and a wet hemp string, benjamin franklin captured lightening in a bottle. over 260 years later, with a little resourcefulness, ingenuity, and grit, we're not only capturing energy from the sun and wind, we're storing it. as the nation's leader in energy storage, we're ensuring americans have the energy they need, whenever they need it. this is our era. this is america's energy era.
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>> we'll be in singapore and it will be a beginning and i will say it didn't happen in one meeting, you're talking about years of hostility, years of
10:50 pm
problems. years of really that tread between so many different nations. but i think you're going to have a good result in the end. not from one meeting. i think it will be a process that we deserve to have. they want it. we think it's important. and i think we would be making a big mistake if we didn't have it. i think we'll have a relationship and it will start on june 12th. >> sean: the president announcing the summit is back on in sing pore and the president's remarks came after a two- hour meeting in the oval office with the number two most powerful man in north korea. joining us with reaction to all of this former deputy assistant to the president dr. sebastien gorka. seasoner intelligence officer daniel hoffman. it is amazing to me that the
10:51 pm
president pulls out seconds. within 24 hours, no, we didn't mean what we said. we got a missile- launching site being dismantle would and kim crossing the dmz. and first time in 18 years the high ranking official in the united states. and we have dr. gorka, he didn't pay a dime. it's remarkable. >> yes let alone billions of dollars. if this imagine if this had happened any time in the last 25 years whether it was a republican administration or democrat one fa summit had been cancelled, the normal diplomatic protocols would have meant that it may be happened a year from now or 18 months from now. >> sean: good point. >> the president cancelled it he has a very hard letter and he plays hard ball, but leaves the last photograph open saying that
10:52 pm
this is so important to both of our country, if you want to go ahead with it. send mean a letter or give me's call. what happens? within hours a couple of days later, that letter is hand delivered to the oval office. is it is a different way of doing politics and diplomacy and it gets resultless. >> sean:in am very impressed with the secretary of state pompeo i really am. i think he's been an amazing addition to the president. i think the president, daniel, you were concerned about the president overpromise or over deliver and we he was clear it was a process and nothing will be signed on june 12th. it would be great if it is was one meeting but it may not. may take 1 or 2 or 4 meeting and they can go fast or slow.
10:53 pm
>> i was concerned that the citizenry might have expected result. but i would highlight at today's meeting which was just so valuable for us, secretary pompeo met with twice with kim yong chol, the former chief of military intelligence in north korea. hawn sean what do you been him. >> he is a four- star general and former bodyguard to kim jong-un family. and what secretary pompeo did today was a warm turn over to the president. these relationships matter. this is what we base our productive negotiations on. these sorts of high level relationships on which we can build for. >> sean: as you were speaking. i was watching this live today. if we can keep that up to the screen what we are showing, the
10:54 pm
president literally walking him out to his car and it was supposed to be handing over the letter and leave. but ended up being a two hour meeting and a lot like what was meeted with the president of china. started out with ten minutes and going on four hours. and tactically it makes so much sense. and two of those parties, russia and china don't have our best interest in heart. and the president expertly mounting a effective diplomatic charge with north korea and at the same time open to negotiation and we saw that playing out in full force. >> sean: as you watched it unfold. you know this president so well and especially those in the left and media, do nopt understand that he is the negotiator.
10:55 pm
he is. read the book art of the deal. the first chapter in the day and life of donald trump. in it, he's constantly meeting people. he makes 40 phone calls in that day, as he's building his empire. it's always about results and then it was about building trump intrchlt and noup it's about getting america back on track. in the last year and half, he's been crushing it. >> sean: guys, really good to see you, appreciate. it amazing economy's great, north korea's back on. and the deep state is crumbling. we'll continue right after this.
10:56 pm
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for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges. what can i say? control suits me. go national. go like a pro. >> sean: that is all of the time we have left. think about it. great news on the economy, north korea summit is back on and huge stories yeah the deep state getting to the obama white house.
11:00 pm
we'll have more on monday. i hope you have a great weekend. let not your heart with troubled. we'll see you monday. laura ingraham is next. >> laura: good evening from washington, i am laura ingraham. this is the ingraham angle. what a way to wrap up the week. it has been wild and we'll tell you why the f.b.i. version of the events in the russia broeb don't add up. and what is it like to be targeted by obama's prosecutors? and former attorney general michael mu cases and how the trump's pardon much d'souza exposes the government's out of control prosecutor. and we'll tell you who samantha bee really blames for the insults of ivanka trump. and we'll reveal her outrage out