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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 6, 2018 12:00am-12:59am PDT

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inside the you didn't know there was a rivalry between miss usa and miss america. that is all the time we have. shannon bream is up next. ♪ >> reporter: in a few minutes pamela anderson joins us with her visit to the kremlin and her relationship with julian assange. you probably heard that milania a kidn operation, that happens to 48-year-olds, even famous ones, pretty typical for someone who just got out of the hospital. they are not buyg that story, they are proud journalists and if there's one thing they know
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for certain that was drummed into them at the journalism school's it is that republican lady fly a lot and are evil and for the sake of civilization must be destroyed so cnn did not buy a word of that, they assigned their most rnalis a weekend ha viewers things. he ud thathe whole kidney operation story was a cover for something darker and more sinister like the international scandal from vladimir putin, he hinted as much to his viewers. >> one thing they have been quiet about is the status, the last time was on may 10, '24 days, three weekhere's aotofues walter reed and her invisibility. tucker: what questions exactly?
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who is asking those questions, he couldn't say those are not real questions and this is not reporting, it is a passive-aggressive attack. this is a liar and she is doing something immoral, she must be but look who she is married to. stephen colbert came to the same conclusion. >> the first lady has not been it too that shawshank guy . years. milania is reemerging but who can be sure because it will be closed to the press? the white house did releases official photo proving the first lady was totally there. >> rolling stone which still exists, speculated she was in hiding to conceal signs of
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physical abuse. and then suggested the pres. may have punched her and ordered the secret service to cover it up. keep in mind once upon a time david from was a serious intellectual or what passed for even morffoonish was last night when the actual milania showed up at the white house very much alive and unscathed. show much for all those questions. what is so interesting about this is how much journalists hate milania. imagine hating milania trump. whatever else she is she is not anverbeari publi, she's not lecturing you about your weight or trying to control your personal life, doesn't weigh on tax rates or global wain unlikely she will run for senate when it is over, nobody thinks she is one of her husband's key political advisers, you may have never
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heard her voice. many people hasn't. she doesn't talk much in public. she has done nothing wrong to you or anyone you know or anyone you meet, she married donald trump. that is her only seen in the eyes of the press corps but it h to disqualify her from most basic consideration of decency. here is supersensitive jimmy kimmel making fun of her accent which he thinks is silly and foreignli really. >> i'm curious just like a cat, lots of questions about this and that. >> about this and that. tucker: is he okay marking the accent of his guatemalan housekeepers? what about in ms 13 member? that would be racist. but she is trump and she is guilty. there was a time the left used to argue people are to be judged for what they do, not who they are related to. we are all individuals.
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collective punishment is wrong. it is immoral. that is what they said. did they ever believe that? they definitely don't believe it now. advisor to president clinton joins us. what do you make, to be totally fair i never typically defend the honor of politicians, as a rule i don't but milania trump is not a politician, why are they attacking her? >> in large part because they are jealous and envious. you have a woman who has power, influence, perfectly lovely, smart, speaks 5 languages, yet she married a man they don't like. she has access to everything they do not have access to. they used to be the ones who would be fond over, looked to for power and appointment and credibility. now it is a woman who never cares about them. has gone to cocktail parties but
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doesn't care what the elite washington necessarily thinks or says she cares about her son, her family, her parents and that is her crime as well. keep in mind this is for every woman who has dared to be part of this administration and this is where when you talk about the hypocrisy of the left, the attacks on these women, are misogynistic. let me talk about the attacks on the first lady in particular. when they talk about her being beaten by the pres. or hiding in walter reed or having to secret herself away it presumes she is a victim, that she is helpless, that she is not willing to take care of her own life. that misogyny is an insult not just to the first lady but women
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who do experience to mystic violence and these people are supposed to be champions for women, and the arguments about championing women from the center-right argument, that women are individuals, are t, an example of a powerful woman living a life. tucker: i'm trying to imagine, calls up aaron boyd, go ahead and attack milania it if you think it is appealing to attack milania trump, your judgment has been distorted. >> is not politically smart right now. if y look athe last cnn poll she had 50% favorable, she had 53% of the women favorable, i percentage of men because they vote republican but don't want to attack milania because you are taking the voters you need and they see this as a wrong
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idea. no one uses silence better than milania trump and that has america waiting to tune in tomorrow when she reappears on the scene. given her ratings it is not a smart thing. >> you ran the political operation at the white house for a long time and used data to do it, heavily used data. when people become so emotional, when a political cause becomes a moral cause it is hard to make rational decisions. >> that is right. what we see today is about getting back to rationality in politics. hillary clinton is first lady endured a lot of attacks when she went into healthcare and controversial issues but it takes a village, the country united. milania is trying to help kids and doing things the country can agree upon so doesn't make sense. tucker: what i dislike is the way the left is framed everything as a moral divide.
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nothing about trump can be good and everything against trump must be good. seems like an inherently insane way to look at the world. >> let me say the attacks on the first lady our personal. we can talk about hillary getting into policy, let's deal with policy issues but remember the attacks on the first lady i would contend are because attacks on the pres. don't work and there's an inherent decision here to destroy his base of support and that is why she has been targeted. she is a strong woman, she knows what is going on. the media tries to tantalize her but she will stick to what matters to her children's lives and supporting her son and her family. this is the irony, the media is doing what the establishment is
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doing which is claiming donald trump is immoral and they move into every single thing they tried to project onto the pres. which is he is bad for women, treats women badly, he doesn't respect them, and get everything they are doing reveals that. tucker: you don't think it will work? >> this will be over tomorrow, she will be back, she has gotten more astute about handling the office of first lady and you saw that in her rise, 40% favorable and shis at 57. very few can break 50. >> she should run from new york. brit hume, senior political analyst at fox news joins us. if you are the democrat you got to take the house back, you promised your people you're going to.
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this is not just opposition to resistance. does stuff like this help them in their objective to do this? >> it possibly can but it reflect something real about the democrats and the current dilemma which is everything, absolutely eveg is about donald trump. talk about living free in someone else's head. there ibsith him which carries everything. tonight thinking about an apparent suicide, i posted a little meme that says everyone you know is fighting a battle you know nothing about. be kind, always be kind. donald trump is the farthest thing of my mind, the response was a huge percentage of the responses were about him, about trump. tucker: you are not only a political reporter but observer of people, it is the interesting
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thing, >> many foibles and recognize. the level of loathing of him is transcending, we had plenty of hated politicians and first ladies, hillary clinton was despised by many and michelle obama but they both were more visible and active than is the case with milania trump. the loathing of her husband spilled over onto her and it is almost a force of nature and one of the things that happened is a wellspring of antipathy toward him and resistance to his presidency, i got to get back on that bandwagon or stay on it or i will be voted off the island. to some extent it is precluded, and what succeeded and what
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message and ideas do we get past to overcome that and get back into power. i don't know what message they carry intohicampaigngh t getthere. and forward together, it was the slogan. patty: 1 pdf or resume on twitter. >> the most terrible one is fighting a battle you nothing about, because, always be kind. you support trump? tell that to trump. tucker: and ignoring one another's humanity. everyone has a battle they know nothing about. donald trump is upset the
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inspector general's report has noteen reased and hasn't be released. what is the hold up exactly? pamela anderson joins us to discuss her friendship with julian ass a vladimir putin. ion-powered melatonin to deliver up to 7 hours of sleep d remfresh - your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart.
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difference between a creepy lawyer and televangelist one uses tucker: what is the ce between a creepy poor lawyer and televangelist, one manipulates people's vulnerable emotions
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solicit money and enrich himself and the other is a levangelist. stormy daniels raised $550,000 but they want more, they always do. stormy daniels needs $850,000 to cover legal expenses which consists of retaining a creepy poor lawyer. ifepy poor lawyer holding a bible in the living room and when your backyard stand back and give them money and try tos in stalead. donald trump controls the department of justice when it comes to inspector general, restricting oversight through twitter the day the pres. tweeted this, what is taking so long with the report on crooked hillary and slippery james comey, numerous delays, hope is not being made weaker. there are many horrible things the public has a right to know, transparency. where exactly is that report?
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what is in it? what do we know about this report?>>appears it was going te delayed a, senate judiciary, they were supposed to talk about it. and hearing it might be delayed beyond that. the reasons, feet are being dragged in this process, there is a hangup with classified information and most intriguing in the last month or 6 weeks the inspector general has gotten new inion, intviewed new people, and shows an investigation going on. it is going to be probably close to 500 pages and you can expect a lot of discussion on several topics about loretta lynch, bill clinton meeting on the tarmac. it is looked into that a lot.
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and to draft a m heortant witnesses. a lot of discussion whether comey was trying to affect the outcome of the election on october 20th before the election in which he reopened the investigation. the democrats specifically want to the inspector general to look into that. look at discussion about when andrew mccabe first learned there were hillary clinton emails on anthony weiner's laptop. and they -- did he drag his feet. and hillary clinton would not be charged. and look at while a rather lynch
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did not appoint special counsel to look into this. and why andrew mccabe took so long to recuse himself. and a related contribution. last thing that we heard most about which is mccabe versus comey, you told me it was a leak, he said no i didn't. we may not get a lot more on that. >> there is some resolution to the mccabe question, he lied to federal agents and investigation to himself, that would be for civilians felony. is that a felony in his case it will he be charged? >> there has been a criminal referral to look into this and by the way, it has been reported mccabe was invited to testify at
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this judiciary hearing and he has asked fory in exchge for his testimony, to taifth the. unlikely to see him say anything to them but clearly he is concerned about criminal exposure. leland: 500 pages. >> it is a long read. tucker: byron york, a proud source of information, thank you. philadelphia eagles such to visit the white house, that was cancelver the national anthem. tell us about america and what this country wants. pamela anderson discusses her concerns about julian astonish and is friends with vladimir putin. amazing, quite a conversation. people said it just made a mess until exxonmobil scientists put it to the test.
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they thought someday it could become fuel and power our cars wouldn't that be cool? and that's why exxonmobil scientists think it's not small at all. energy lives here.
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♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ tucker: donald trump was supposed to honor the eagles today but it was canceled after the white house noted eagles players had boycotted the visit. the patriotic event honoring the national anthem was held and the first politica we have
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seen lth, the symbol of the anthem and the celebration sports champions had become politicized. and the pulitzer prize winner works for the new york the country is collapsing. you avel the country outside the city more than any reporter i know sare best situated to the question. what are people worried about? why do americans stare at the ceiling tiles and think of it? >> children, the future of their children, how they are going to get educated, and worried about brothers who came back from a war and get popsicle sticks to walk around on and get an appointment at the da. they worry about their filies. americans are tough people and not scared for themselves.
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when you look into the distance and and establishment that doesn't care about you and the mediaks at yoas abstract you get angry. i just think they are worried about the future. >> you would know since you spent a lot of your life in the media the media do look at the st of the country is an abstraction. >> don't you think we got caught out and the media apologized for not understanding what was happening and promised to double down and get to kn the people and yet they haven't because the split screen has turned into an octagon and the desk is not two desks with the host walking in between, this guy over here trying to put makeup on me and i don't want it. tucker: you tell him to stop. what about that? a great question i had forgotten. after november there was a feeling we missed the story,
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maybe we should get into dark space but no one id. you live in the midwest. no be ventured out to find out what was going on. >> it was too hard, you don't come later when it is not poison. wht happened? it wasn't a great weight menace, do you know how many people in charlottesville, racist baboons were there? i don't know, the media never bothered to count. if you want to make this, the voters are flat-out racist, it 9 million voted for obama d 4 million blacks decided not to vote because they are not going with crooked hillary. they weren't doing it. again, it is about jobs, it is about work. unemployment is low but what is it paying?
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what are wages doing? what is the weather doing? why do so many people live in an apartment? and those from boston, it is time you come out, take a look at the real time. tucker: what is the biggest story we are missing? >> from the loot, dude. from where i live, we think it is the house of cards again. feels like 2006 again. the dow is overblown, real estate is overblown, and what is the monetary policy, try to make decisions for the people and not sure it is not just america. look at britain, look at austria, look at italy, look at mexico, look at brazil, the whole world is shaking and we need to get in but it is a scary place to get to. tucker: i feel that way too.
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can't put it into words what you are onto something. good to see you. in chicago catholic priest michael pflueger made a name for himself championing gun-control. obama's friends, you will remember him when you see his picture. he called for a gun seller to be snuffed out, blames gun stores for the existence of illegal guns. >> no child is safe right now while guns are accessible in streets all over the country. we must hold gun runners accountable. those who purchase guns and salvage illegally. tucker: you can guess where this is going. anti-gun activists are highly predictable. father flagger is happy announced the gun rights of you and me but photos that rally show he is routinely, brace yourself, protected by multiple
12:32 am
armed guards. one of his bodyguards were arrested last week for standing outside his church playing with an illegal gun. time for father flagger to be held accountable himself but of course he won't be. sign efforts to spy on the country more aggressive than ever. will congress do anything about that? we talked to one congressman on that next. pamela anderson here to discuss her friendship with julian astonish and vladimir putin. ♪ they all got a story about what happened to 'em. man 2: it was raining, there was only one way out. i could feel the barb wire was just digging into the paint. man: two bulls were fighting, (thud) bam hit the truck. try explaining that to your insurance company. woman: another ding, another scratch. it'll just be another chapter in the story. every scar tells a story, and you can tell a lot more stories when your truck is a chevy silverado. the most dependable, longest-lasting, full-size pickups on the road.
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we can help with the financial ones. but as it grew bigger and bigger,ness. it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet? tucker: we told you repeatedly on this show the threat from chinese espionage to this country is real and ongoing and dwarfs by magnitude of a lot any
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threat posed by russian espionage, in the past few days we receive new edee of that threat. n rockwen, theoj said hansen was paid $800,000 to pass american military secrets to the chinese government, these charges come a month before cia operative jerry chung was accused of helping destroy america's spy network in china, the motive, the money and means to spy on the united states and does a has for years. our leaders were hapless and dishonest harping on about, we spoke to tim ryan of ohio. america's trade deficit with china is more than $300 billion every single year. one of the biggest losers from that is america's industrial
12:38 am
heartland. the state of ohio alone has lost 121,000 jobs due to the trade deficit. a high rate of opioid abuse. donald trump push to alter america's trretionship with china, should democrats back him? congressman tim right is a democrat. and 21,000 jobs in the state since 2001, seems like a crisis, a huge story. why is it not discussed more in washington. >> it is a regional issue. it hit manufacturing harder than anyone else. to china and other asian countries, hit the heartland the hardest as industrial states arou great lakes states competing with china, and not the good union wages in the
12:39 am
midwest. >> when china was admitted i remember a bipartisan course telling us it would not kill american jobs, and on the upside and hundreds and hundreds of thousandsamericanobs were destroyed by that but do you think the people who lied about that should be held to account? >> these were people in positions of power. for many it was very good. all of a sudden you don't have those legacy costs, not paying a union wage. that sweet spot where corpations were doing really well under that scenario, those jobs were almost all union wage, union pension, lifted up communities and those are people who voted for school levies, police and fire levies because they had enough money to support
12:40 am
the community and you got to e outhat to do with globalization and automation and that is why a lot of corporations need to figure out how to reinvest into these communities. tucker: a lot of those corporations are not american, they don't think of themselves as american, they are global companies, global shareholders who don't feel a responsibility to communities, what do you do about that? >> the government has a responsibility to create incentives into two things, repair communities to private investment. the government can't do everything but can help a broadband, the energy grid, walkable communities, and doing the energy grid, broadband, those jobs can be outsourced to china. a massive public works program, 45 or 50 years old.
12:41 am
and my big beef, the longer-term plan, and i waon your show a few months ago, anddeoi and indiana, the ideas percolating out of these communities and get private investment behind them. startups are the number one way to grow businesses. almost all new job growth in america comes from startups. we got to invest in these communities, this should be a startup nation. tucker: china has a 10 year plan, 30 year plan, 50 year plan. >> we live in a 24 hour news
12:42 am
cycle and that is why they are cleaning our clock, military, political and economic structure pushing in the same direction and we got to come together. tucker: thank you. julian assange has many enemies but also a close friend in pamela anderson, wikileaks founder in physical danger, explain what she means by that. or is it? this farmer's morning starts in outer space. where satellites feed infrared images of his land into a system built with ai. he uses watson to analyze his data with millions of weather forecasts from the cloud, and iot seor for precise monitoring of irrigation. it's a smart way to help increase yields, all before the rest of us get out of bed.
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>> tucker: congressman maxine waters of california is supposed to be the hit new thing, but it
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turns out she may be an old person's version of what young people like, because actual young peopl >> maxine waters of californis thing among young people, energetic, anti-trump resistance but turns out she may be an old person's version of what young peopletual young people don't seem interested. she held a meet and greet to summarize her election campaign to target millennials quote back reclaim our time but not many were interested in doing that. 10 people showed up at her event. that is not much of a movement but enough to start a pickup baseball team. for 6 years wikileaks founder julian astonish assange, the internet kept and connected to the outside world but since 2016, a man like astonish has a lot of enemies and also friends and one of the closest is pamela anderson, she fears for his safety and increasingly cut off
12:48 am
from the outside world. thanks for coming on. the obvious question, how do you know julian astonish. >> i met him through vivian westbrook,ear friend of mine who ew ihis cause and that i would be great for him and we get along great. i have known him fyears now and a great testament to him in in the situation he is in and the fight he has in him and sense of humor and he is an incredible person. tucker: itses an interesting question given what you said. why has he received almost no support from hollywood. >> people misunderstood his intention was not to get trump
12:49 am
but give true information so people could make educated decisions. people want to blame somebody so they blame him. i get a lot of flak for it in hollywood. tucker: if you support assange you are against hillary clinton? >> in some cases. tucker: do you know vladimir putin? what do you make of the allegation that assigns and f are working together? >> everyone likes to blame russia when something goes wrong in america. i have spoken of the kremlin many times and last time i was there something was happening in the first thing they say is what have ys time? a common joke america likes to blame them for everything.
12:50 am
he had no idea trump was going to win the election but it turned out the way it did. tucker: you are speaking get the kremlin, did you ask yourself how did i get here? >> i am and activists, i spoke about the environment and great economy, they invited me to the kremlin and touched a lot of people so i want to continue my work in russia and that was a coincidence. i am on the russian council, the international coalition animal welfare and pardon me? so it is a coincidence, crazy, wild, interesting people.
12:51 am
tucker: i know you live in france. you have a home in malibu. you go back there and say i was just over at the kremlin talking to vladimir putin what response do you get? >> a lot of people are happy, a great improvement in my situation, i wanted him to stop importing seal products to russia and that stopped the seal hunt and that was my goal in initially. and talk about environmental issues, animals in captivity, capturing dolphins and whales and not selling them to china. i'm speaking on the environment, people like that. of course there's a lot of crossover because i have causes i believe in, justice for all. julian astonish -- julian astonish is an interesting person, he has always been like this.
12:52 am
as a child he wanted, worried about doing the right thing and is very brave and he is in deep trouble for his health. he has never been in the sunlight for six yearse is cut off, no internet, phone calls or visitors, one of his only choices is to leave the embassy, to bed and deported to americwhich i don't think will be favorable to him. tucker: don't know what i think of this but it is an amazing and fascinating story. i eciate it. more with pamela anderson interests a minute. she is no fan of uber and she will tell you why. >> if you are a sexual offender, you could probably get a job at
12:53 am
uber. tucker: pamela anderson coming up. to give venture cardholders 10 miles on every dollar they spend at thousands of hotels. all you ve to do is pay with this... at 10 miles per dollar? that is incredible. brrrrr. i have the chills. because you're so excited? because ice is cold. and because of all those miles. obviously. what's in your wallet? i'm not sure. what's in your wallet?
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>> tucker: we just had a conversation tucker: we had a conversation with pamela anderson about julian assange and vladimir putin but then the conversation turned to taxi services uber and lift which proved popular with the public. pamela anderson is not a fan, she is campaigning against ridesharing apps which she says exploit drivers and endanger passengers. you never hear that complaint, lure in drivers and split them. >> everybody knows about the difficulties of being sexually assaulted, t knowledge it is being exposed ywhere but also drivers are being exploited, they hired third-party providers, taking responsibility for any receiving healthcare or any of
12:58 am
the things they should be receiving as employees. tucker: people who run uber are socially conscious, progressive, very good people, they say they are good people and are incredibly rich. why wouldn't they pay for health care for the drivers. >> that is what we are fighting for. and get better quality drivers, more qualified drivers and people have reits and minimum-wage. tucker: don't understand why nobody says anything about this. if a factory were paying people what uber pays per hour about paying for their healthcare, walmart did it, people jumped up and down into this is exploitation but uber gets a pass. >> technology, we have to right the wrongs and i say if you are
12:59 am
a sexual offender you can get a job at uber. thapps give a false sense of security. my father used to at night and our children, a late-night out or drinking too much and it is an apps that is safe, it is not safe, it has bugs to be worked out it needs to identify proper payments to these drivers. anybody can be an uber driver and they have to fine-tune that. tucker: are using billionaires who run uber are so greedy that they won't take responsibility for their own employees, what won't even admit they are employees? >> people are finding loopholes. it is sad that a lot of people are being affected like this.
1:00 am
the actual employees, drivers, they can't get around that. tucker: the auty of cable news, you never know what you are going to hear. great job, thank you for watching, have a great night. >> this is "fox and friends first". happening right now at 4:00 am on the east coast. >> it wasn't donald trump the pastanctuary state. it was gavin newsom and the democrats. >> is california ready for a republican governor is the candidate he endorsed makes it on the ballot but is there enough momentum to stop a democratic power grab? live with election results boring and overnight. flying in the face of controversy the eagles head coach set to break his silence afteam was sac


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