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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  June 11, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> a busy news day. so glad you were with us on "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: a fox news alert. a live look at singapore where it's 2:00 a.m. hello. i'm dana perino, this is "the daily briefing". the two leaders he kick it off with a one-on-one meeting. at stake, dismantling the regime's nuclear arsenal and perhaps decades of hostility between the u.s. and north korea. here's mike pompeo, the secretary of state. >> the fact that our two leaders are sitting down face to face is the sign of an enormous potential of something that will benefit our peoples and the
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entire world. >> dana: first, let's go to john roberts who is in singapore. i'm so glad i can hear from you directly from the summit. >> how did you like the water bottle with the picture of the president and kim jong-un? it's an interesting souvenir. president trump spent yesterday because it's tuesday here in singapore preparing for this big meeting that happens in seven hours. the president meeting with the singaporean prime minister for a one-on-one lunch and bilateral meeting. making telephone calls to moon jae-in, the president of south korea and shinzo abe to make sure everybody is on the same page. the president going through meetings with his national security team involved in the north korea negotiations.
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the president playing down expectations for what could be possible but also hoping for a surprise. he's got a lot to offer kim jong-un. economic guarantees, security guarantees. possibly finally an end to the korean war and the normalization of relations between north korea and the united states. the president will not accept anything less than the complete reversible and verifiable denuclearization of the korean peninsula. he will present that to kim in a way that is very appealing. here's the secretary of state. listen here. >> it is the case that we are prepared to make security assurances necessary for the north koreans to engage in that denuclearization. we're prepared to take actions to be certain that denuclearization isn't something that ends badly for them. indeed, just the opposite. leads to a brighter and better future for the north korean people. >> because that is one of the
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things that the north koreans were worried about when john bolton, the national security adviser said we would like to employ a libyan model. we saw pictures of kim jong-un rlier in the gardens. he paid a visit to the marina bay sands hotel. it's an incredible piece of architectu architecture, with a rooftop casino, pool, bar, in the shape of a cargo ship that spans across three high rise towers. the marina bay sands is owned by sheldon addleson. kim jong-un looking at this and saying, well, maybe that could be in my future, to, if i'm willing to play ball with the president. dana? >> dana: john roberts, thank you. for more, let's bring in bret baier, anchor of "special
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report." bret, you're the author of several books, including o talking about reagan and the cold war and the book about eisenhower. one of his famous quotes "plans are worthless but planning is everything." the administration has been working on this north korea problem since the day the president won. it was the first thing that president obama told him. this will be your biggest problem. they've been planning for this and yet the president has a lot of flexibility. how do you see things there on the ground? >> well, dana, thanks for the mention there. eisenhower was all about planning. there's been a lot of planning before this actual sit-down. the first sit-down will be the president and kim jong-un and two translators in a room by themselves for at least 45 minutes. it will open up to others. there's been a lot of planning
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and preparation to get to that point. it has, according to secretary pompeo, sped along quickly. i since this is closer to the early days of the gorbachev-reagan get togethers and summits and maybe this is their geneva, setting the table for other summits to come. dana, just to point out, john's water bottle, i have one right here. it is quite something to see these two leaders on everything around here. there's water bottles and fans. kim jong-un, for all the people that say he wanted that image, he's got lots of images all around singapore. >> dana: it's pretty remarkable for somebody that was part of the axis of evil as defined by george w. bush in 2002 to now that he does have nuclear weapons. he gets to have a seat at the table. i'm curious.
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when the secretary of state talks about security guarantees, what do you understand that those would be and who would pay for those? >> i think those are great questions. we're going to learn more specifics as this goes on. secretary pompeo was reluctant to go into any details. he said he wasn't negotiating with the press and he will let it happen at the table. a lot of that has been ironed out, at least talked about before they sit down. you know, the trump administration will tell you, they've got three hostages released, four if you said otto warmbier. he obviously died as a result of being held in north korea. they had the nuclear facility that was destroyed. this is what the trump administration would say. and they're sitting down at the table. critics that were skeptical or just skeptical people would say, okay, you got the hostages, the facility was already collapsing.
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by giving the sit down, you give kim what he wants. you'll see early what this is all looking like. >> dana: and i think that in some ways for kim jong-un, of course we know we're seeing all of this media. the people of north korea will not see anything that kim jong-un doesn't want them to
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>> yes, secretary pompeo has spoken out publicly about that, specifically about north korea. whether it's going to actually be in these talks with kim, we're hearing that it might not. again, a lot of audibles that can be called at the table. one of the things that you mentioned is that the north korean people won't know. they were just alerted, the people in north korea this morning that kim had left the country to come here. the word went out on statewide television. in part, perhaps, because he's worried about being out of the
11:09 am
country. any plot to overthrow him. >> dana: i'm going to show you the other thing. the other thing they might not see, maybe they will, dennis dman arriving. as you saw, there's the souvenirs, there's this excitement. you know, in some ways, dennis rodman maybe does deserve to be there. he was one of the first people that went over there. people thought of it as a joke. i wa dismayed thinking he's giving credence to somebody that has been a monster. if you look at otto warmbier and the millions that have been brainwashed and starved. here you have this summit that happened very quickly and dennis rodman is there. >> it's a little surreal. let's put it that way you have impersonators of president trump and kim jong-un walking around the streets. we took tour. we'll show you that tonight. and then dennis rodman arriving. you have this president doing foreign policy different than
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you've seen before, shaking up the world, kind of in a different way. and then you have kim jong-un that arrives with super security and brings his own toilet so nobody can examine his excrement. it's surreal. it's crazy. >> dana: i didn't know that about the toilet. but those of you watching, now we know that was an important things. thanks, bret. we'll catch up with you on "the five." a warning from the president about his meeting with kim jong-un and photo op. what else we can expect from this historic summit.
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>> dana: we're a little less than seven hours away from the meeting between. trump and north korean leader, kim jong-un. i'm joined now by ian bremer, the president of the eurasia group and author of "us versus them." let me have you listen toill richardson. he talked about the dangers and the concernsbout photo ops with kim jong-un. watch. >> i like the fact that they're going to meet together separately without advisers. a get-to-know, let's trust each other. i worry about the photo ops where they're hugging. the north koreans use that for propaganda. kim jong-un wants to be on the same stage as the president. >> dana: he already has a lot of the photo ops, right? >> he does. he's had two summits with south korean president moon, two summits with the chinese
11:15 am
president. the russian foreign minister visited him. this is a guy that had never met with a single foreign leader unless we include dennis rodman. now he's reaching out. that is -- this is the big meeting, the most important, the most historic. yet by far the most important for north korea, politically, economically, china. >> dana: so what is china thinking today? >> china feels like they have a more normalized relationship with the north koreans. they were seeing them problem. that's why they're squeezing them. they don't want trump to get ahead of the chinese. they want to make sure they're cutting a deal. when kim jong-un walked on to the tarmac in singapore, it was an air china plane taking him. a photo op can the hammer and sickle. >> dana: interesting. this summit is a couple days
11:16 am
after the president went to the g-7. you wrote a book, "us versus them." it's like your book is playing out as we watch on the world stage. take a look to lindsey graham that was talking about tariffs in the united states. >> i'm not so sure a majority of americans believe t alization and free trade is in our interest. i believe that. john mccain believes it. the reason we're having these problems here at home, brexit, italy, there's a movement all over the world to look inward, not outward. >> isn't that what you wrote? >> couldn't agree more. certainly believe the globalization is a big win for china, india and the u.s. economy as a whole. if the average american hasn't seen it,xperieit, if the united states sending troops all over the place in the back of
11:17 am
enlisted men and women and they're not getting benefits of that, 40 yearslater, a lot of people are going to start pro tersing. that's why trump won. they're very angry. the fact that trump -- this is the worst g-7 since it was created in 1975. since the first summit. by far the worst. i think the average american is not bothered by that. it's like why are we supporting these other countries? let's have a president that does america first. it's a slogan but has trump acting out in canada, as much as it's a problem long-term, the average american is sick and told of everything is going to be fine. >> dana: do you think the g-7 has outlived its purpose? and it will survive? >> trump thinks that. i don't think that. i think the g-7 is more important these days. the real threat is not our allies. china will be the largest economy in the world in ten
11:18 am
years. they're spending more money than the u.s. or anyone is outside of their own borders and they have a long-term strategy. in a world where you don't have global leadership coming from the u.s., in a world where china is challeng you need a organization like the g-7 to get like-minded country together and say hey, we need to work together. as you heard when french president macron said we need to work together to deal with china, trump's response is the eu is more of a problem than china is. that is just a mystery. >> dana: you think that is maybe just bluster and bluffing a little also, how does it play in canada in particular in terms of justin trudeau's internal politics? did this dust-up help trudeau and canada and help an america? >> it probably helped trudeau a little bit. the economic hit from u.s. tariffs and the question mark around nafta is not going to. trudeau has had a horrible week.
11:19 am
doug ford won as the premier of ontario. second mos powerful position in all of canada. he's a trump-style populist. the same thing that trump stands for. >> dana: wow. it's like you have a crystal ball. >> i wouldn't go that far. >> dana: it's a new era on the web. today is the end of net neutrality. how does that affect you? i'm going to talk to the fcc chairman about that and i'm going to ask him about robo calls. ♪ ♪
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>> dana: a fox news alert. the clock ticks down for the summit in north korea. there's hope that president trump and kim jong-un can find common ground and brings peace to the peninsula. greg palkot is live in seoul, south korea. greg? >> hi, dana. there's a lot of hopeful but cautious watching here in south korea. doings in singapore, this place right under the nuclear gun of north korea in recent months and recent years. there was a conversation on monday between president trump and south korean president moon jae-in. moon wished him hopes for a successful summit but also warned in a statement afterwards this could only be the start of a process that could take years. word from secretary state pompeo that newurity guarantees
11:24 am
might be offered north korea in any summit negotiations. that has folks wondering about the status, the future status of some 28,50 u.s. troops that have been guarding this place for some time. also possibly a formal end to the korean war. that conflict was halted with a cease fire, an armistice 65 years ago. everybody we talked to said that could be a complicated issue that could take time to sort out. another sign of change about 35 miles to the north of where we are, across the dmz in north korea, state media described with pictures what kim jong-un was doing for its public, the activities in singapore. this is something unusual. finally, president trump.
11:25 am
he's been seen here in mixed crews. sometimes he's described as more un predictabpredictable as kim . peep in the government and public say he should be given to where it is now, a sit-down n between these two leaders. here's what one analyst told us. take a listen. >> we on the korean peninsula will be looking at it from the point of view of what is in it for us. from that perspective, this man is a revolutionary. >> a revolutionary? >> he's done something that nobody else has been willing to do. >> something that no one else is willing to do, sit down -- we learned tuesday, two hours tuesday one to one. back to you. >> dana: greg, do you think that the north korean state television let that information known about kim jong-un's
11:26 am
whereabouts because of social media and the internet? they try to clamp down that it's harder to keep information like that away from everybody. the second question, do you feel like the peace deal should be held back because it's leverage for the president of the united states if kim jong-un doesn't want to go the full -- the complete verifiable, irrevocable denuclearization? >> dana, to your first point, yes. that's what i thought, too. from our times in north korea, we're learning that more and more information is getting to the public in the north and the regime thought they might not hold it back. another way of looking at it, this shows a bit of a responsibility for what is going on in singapore and could be positively that the regime is talking about this event before it happened. as for the peace treaty, yes, it
11:27 am
is number 1, complicated, and number 2, could be lage for discussions with the north and the south to guarantee that the nukes get out of the regime. back to you. >> dana: greg, thank you. >> what is typical of the north koreans, they also want -- they want you to do something first. so i hope the president is cautious on this peace agreement. >> dana: as president trump enters unchartered waters for a summit with kim jong-un, our next guest says there's seven potential scenarios. he will break them down and tell us which of the most likely outcome. plus, we'll also ask him how kim jong-un compares to his father. this is a jungle gym... and a baseball diamond... ...a mythical castle ...and a grand banquet hall. this is not just a yard. it's where memories are made.
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>> dana: a turning point today in the year-longattle over net neutrality. the fcc officially ending the obama era regulations that treated private internet service providers like public utilities. the fcc is restoring internet freedom order takin effect today. joining me now, fcc chairman, agit pi. i've admired you for so long. i know that net neutrality is an important issue and many on the left and the democrats think is one of the most important issues. i look at polls, the top five. i have to ask you, why?
11:32 am
and secondly, what does a practical effect of the action you're taking today on anybody this roomearching on the internet? >> the bottom line is the internet will be better tan effort. better, faster, cheaper. internet service has been on the wrong side of the digital divide. we'll see new applications and services go forward. so a lot of the fear that politicians and activists putting out there will be misinformed. >> dana: the senate passed this. here's chuck schumer. he said it's clear as day to every american, that with the exception of three republicans, the republican representatives in the congress cse to protect special interests and their big corporate over middle class families and entrepreneurs and everybody that relies on the open internet. every republican that supported
11:33 am
this vote will suffer. it's interesting. the democrats have said lots of things. like when president trump became president, the economy would collapse. that's not happened. when it comes to something like net neutrality, is senator schumer chicken little? >> i think the politicization of this issue, the proclamations of fear and doom are unfortunate. it's obscures the common ground here. these regulations are the same regulations that we had 20 years with the clinton administration will serve consumers very well. i hope that reasonable people will put aside the political rhetoric, the fear mongering and look at the facts. the facts are boring but ultimately it's better for the internet economy. >> dana: i have two of them, these robo calls. so you have the do not call list. >> right. >> dana: that was successful for a while. now the scammers have figured
11:34 am
out a way to make it looks like somebody from my hometown is calling me. what can the fcc do abot that? >> we're taking the most aggressive enforcement in our history. we're empowering carriers to block cools that are spoofed and seem to have your area code or doing more.t three nbers and we're trying to come up with a digital fingerprint for every phone number. so when you see it, you can answer with confidence knowing this is assigned to a real person that is trying to call me. obviously -- >> dana: yeah. annoying. i'm from wyoming and colorado. i have a lot of concern. the last question is, tell me a little bit about the expansion of rural broad band. what is happening there? >> this is a number 1 issue. i come from rural kansas. we're improving more satellite companies, wireless companies, fixed broad band companies to invest more in rural areas.
11:35 am
i'm excited about the future. it's not where we want it. in the time to come, we'll see tter internet access for people in rural areas. >> dana: your a cheerful happy warrior and a committed public servant. thanks for being >> thank you. >> dana: just hours before the meeting between donald trump and kim jong-un, unpredictability is the name of the game. my next guest wrote about seven possible scenarios. he talked about complete disarmorment or bust. and then there's the art of the deal. number 4, best friends forever. next on the list, good enough to keep the ball in play. finally a major break through. here's bruce clingner, a former cia deputy division chief put that together for us. i read that and made a lot of sense to me. how do you think it will turn
11:36 am
out after the coverage you've seen today? >> first of all, it's nice to know that someone reads the papers. i appreci that. i think it will probably be a combination perhaps of a couple of things. early on, we thought might be the cbid or bust. sort of what john bolton was saying. if we don't get an immediate embrace, the meeting is short and we walk. the president seems to be walking away from that towards what will be a combination of best friends forever and a bit of a truthful hyperbole. he's been down playing expectations for a break-through sec says and it's a meet and greet or a get-to-know-you summit. so if they establish a good relationship, that's sufficient enough to call it a success. there's a little bit of overhyping it as administrations do you but enough of a success that it justifies follow-on
11:37 am
meetings and negotiations. >> dana: in the first meeting, president obama told president trump that north korea will be the biggest issue you deal with. susan rice had to say this. >> it'sng to take awhile. this is a complicated set of issues. success can't be declared on a happy meeting. the critical thing for the north korean point of view is to come to the negotiating table with having demonstrated to the world that their nuclear capacity and missile capacity has been perfected. >> dana: bruce, you wrote that trump must hard enough to get real concessions but not so hard the diplomatic process breaks down entirely. more thoughts on that. >> right. it is a bit of a goldilocks, not too hot, not too cold. as the president said in april, it would be easy to just call it a success. but he wants to get the nuclear weapons. so i think we need to hold him
11:38 am
to that standard. since then, he's been lowering expectations, watering down the u.s. policies. that was driven by some statements by north korea in may. if you set aside the insulting and the threatening ones, the most important is one where a senior official really just reiterated what had been longstanding north korean policy on denuclearization, which is different from what the white house thought it was. they realized there was a bigger gap between the two countries. >> bruce, you have such expertise. you were there in 1996, following north korea. can you tell me about how different kim jong-un is from his father? >> well, he's applying his father's playbook in a more effective way. north korea has long been pursuing nuclear weapons since the 60s, actually. what kim jung il the father had
11:39 am
is a two-page playbook. one page is threats, provocations and the other is charm offensive. with north korea, it's more offensive than charming. kim jong-un until january hoff this year was doing the first page. the very rapid, trying to complete their nuclear and missile programs across the spectrum of different progr and he wasn't doing the charm offenses, which is have rapid testing systems. now he turned to the diplomacy aspect and going diplomacy on steroids compared to his father. so he's more effective in the public relations aspect, but it's still really the same game plan. >> dana: if you could tell me how you think china is looking at this summit today. >> china has been trying to get the u.s. and south korea in discussions or negotiations with north korea. they're not pleased with what north korea is doing. they don't like the raising of
11:40 am
tensions. they've always been reluctant to increase pressure on north korea, including sanctions. they were nervous about the talk earlier this year about a potential u.s. preventative attack on the north. that would see this as a positive, a brink of war to negotiations. >> dana: the last question for you is, i'm curious about when you studied korea and you were so involved as a deputy director of the korea desk at the cia, is there something you always wanted to know about the hermit kingdom that we have learned or are there some mysteries that you would like to know? >> there's many, many mysteries. when i shifted from the soviet union to work on north korea, i was amazed at how much less we knew about north korea compared to the soviet union. each of the intelligence sources have more difficulty with north korea than the soviet union or
11:41 am
other countries. leadership intentions is still an area that we're grabbing for. >> dana: i guess we'll learn more in six hours when the president sits down with them. thanks, bruce. five states holding primaries tomorrow. chris stirewalt is up next with what you need to know on the mid-term monday. thousands of miles away, capitol hill lawmakers are keeping a close eye on singapore. what they're saying about the summit. >> a direct result of the maximum pressure campaign. the only reason they're sitting down with trump is they believe for the first time that they have somebody in the white house that they don't know how to deal with. even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin, i'm up for that. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk tter than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin.
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>> shepard smith on the fox news deck. hours away fro the planned summit between president trump and kim jong-un. most of the focus has been
11:45 am
getting the north to give up their nukes. but we'll speak with somebody that has spent their live seeing the horrors of human rights and it should be part of the discussion. that's on "epard smith reporting." see you then. >> dana: lawmakers have plenty of advice for president trump when he meets with kim jong-un about six hours from now. senator lindsey graham is challenging his colleagues, democrats and republicans, to help the president get a good deal by telling the world that they're ready to authorize military force if diplomacy fails. >> you have to help him get the deal. you have to help the president convince north korea and china that this program is going to come to an end, hopefully peacefully and there's no more kicking the can down the road. >> dana: chris stirewalt is here with us. >> here we are. >> dana: congress likes to get
11:46 am
involved but has little to do with this suck mitt. >> the founders never could have managed this. when it comes to foreign policy, congress is not in the game. that's fine for senator graham. >> dana: you don't think there will be a vote? >> i doubt it. they're not going to preapprove his loan. they're not going to say we authorize broadly for you to use force. we also remember this. there's 25 million people in north korea. this is a humanitarian disaster waiting to happen. if this goes abruptly, the world has a humanitarian crisis like we have never seen. >> dana: we have the g-7, the north korea summit. a lot of hot spots. meantime, primaries tomorrow in five states.
11:47 am
nevada, maine, north carolina, south carolina and virginia. are you expecting any surprising? >> nevada is going to be very interesting. nevada is a great bellwether for the climate. a red state that has trended blue. they have a popular incumbent governor is stepping down. how they replacement and what direction both parties will go will be revealing. we have ten house races. will democrats keep up the trend that they did last weak of choosing moderate candidates or does the bernie bro wing have their revenge and come back. so this is good. it takes a nice cross section of the country in terms of what we'll be looking for. >> dana: i read an article in "the new york times" women running as democrats for governor. a long piece how they have struggled to get their foot in
11:48 am
the door. nevada is one of the places that a woman is trying to get the democratic primary nomination. they didn't give credit to the republican party -- >> dana: susanna martinez. >> nikki haley. >> dana: yeah. there's a lot of women in the republican -- >> in "the new york times"? you mean to suggest that "the new york times" gave short trip to the republicans? never heard of such a thing. >> dana: yes. tell me about south carolina. mark sanford has come back. he's been very good. he's under pressure. he might not win? >> then we get to the question, are you trump enough. we saw in birmingham, in alabama, the congresswoman there whose name is escaping me right now that you know. >> dana: martha robey. yeah, this could be the case for
11:49 am
sanford. that's a very conservative district. if the wrap on sanford is that he's notice loyal enough for the president, things change. >> dana: up or down. do you like maine's idea of ranking the candidates? >> no. order voting is not fit for a republic. do you agree with me, maine? >> dana: i agree with you. >> this is a binary choice. please pick. >> dana: how about jungle primaries? >> look, i don't care because i'm not a republican or a democrat. i'll say this. the two party system is important. when we lose it, we'll be sorry. if you think it's crazy now, maybe two parties we'll have 20. >> dana: i rank you as the number 1 guest. >> you're the number 1 host. look at you. >> dana: a homeless shelter where doing drugs is okay but they hand out clean needles. how the neighborhood is reacting next.
11:50 am
it was my very first car accident. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life.
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>> dana: a candidate for parliament in mexico is shot debt. fernando peran just finished a debate when a gunman shot him in the head. was running on an anti crime platform. he's more than 20 candidates that had been killed ahead of the july 1 elections. it's seattles's controversial take on a homeless shelter. now they have to see if the tiny house village that openly uses drugs can get another permit for a year. dan springer is live in seattle. i'm curious how this is working out. >> yeah, it's stunning. this probably will get another
11:54 am
year, this is one year into an experiment that seattle is doing with a homeless shelters. there's no barriers. drugs, drinking, hoarding is all allowed. the idea is to get them off the streets and into a safe place where they can stabilize and maybe they will take advantage of circumstances to get into permanent housing. other like shelters that bar drugs and require residents to attend counselling, the tiny house village has none of that. >> if you required too much of people that cannot make that jump, they're never going to get inside. they're never going to get off the street. >> i'd be dead. i'd have to have a stable place to take any medication that has to be refrigerated or i will die. >> in the last year, crime in the area surrounding the camp has skyrocketed. calls to the police has doubled. property time is a daily
11:55 am
occurrence. evidence of illegal drug use is found in vacant lots and back yards. most neighbors have installed surveillance cameras and catch prostitution and using private property as an outhouse. >> unsavory activity, needles, garbage, packaging stolen, cars broken into. we have drug users in our yard. they sleep in our yard. they leave clothes, trash. they've been using people's water. >> just down the street from the camp, another shocking sign of how this neighborhood has changed the last year. a box full of used needles. the guy that put this up told me in the first four days after he put up the box, there were 500 used needles. the city of seattle thinks this is going okay because they're planning one in a different part of the city. dana? >> dana: thanks, dan. a young boy nearly drowns in a
11:56 am
pool. how a couple of good samaritans brought him back after he went under water. >> i walked over and said to the young man that had drowned, this isn't funny if you're playing. i said it two or three times before i knew it was time to pull him out. ancestrydna told my dad he comes from the
11:57 am
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captured lightning in a bottle. over 260 years later as the nation's leader in energy storage we're ensuring americans have the energy they need, whenever they need it nextera energy.
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>> a 12-year-old boy is lucky to be alive after a close call while swimming. the boy was playing in a pool in rochester, minnesota while he was playing in a pool and didn't come back up. fortunately cody saw it happen. >> i saw him there. >> cody got the boy out of the water and that's when desiree pasco who suffers from anybody and can barely walked, jumped
12:00 pm
from her wheelchair to perform cpr. a remarkable woman. the good news, the boy will be okay. thanks for joining us. i'll be on "the five" in a few hours and we'll have bret baier as well. i'm dana. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 p.m. on the east coast. 3:00 a.m. tuesday in singapore where just hours from now, president trump and the north korean dictator are set to meet one-on-one. now we're learning what the white house says president trump is willing to offer in exchange for peace. the summit in singapore coming after president trump hit u.s. allies on trade calling one leader dishonest and weak. what comes up next? and a decades old mys solved. an air force officer who is banished with top secret clearance 35 years ago found. what we're learning about where he's been hiding and why. let's get to it


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