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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 17, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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[♪] eric: president trump putting out a rapid-fire series of tweets about the inspector general's report and defending his summit with kim jong-un. good morning and happy father's day. this is "america's news headquarters." arthel: i'm arthel neville. president trump slamming the media coverage of the summit while defending his decision not to hold military exercises with south korea. reporter: good morning. the president spending the day
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at trump national golf course. but before heading out he spent time on twitter. also tweeting anew about north korea and defending his decision to end the joint military exercises with south korea. he wrote, holding back the war games during the negotiations was my request because they are very expensive and all so quite provocative. can start up immediately if talks break down, which i hope will not happen. he touted his agreement with kim jong-un. he says the denuclearization deal with north korea is being parades all over asia. they are so happy. here in america people would rather see the historic deal fail. we should note while the entire world is hoping north korea will
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denuclearize. but several of our allies have expressed concerns about the decision to end military exercises. steve bannon says the president has been unfairly cite sides for his meeting with kim jong-un. he says republicans are not doing enough to support number those peace talks. >> he didn't give up any sanctions. it's a process that will end with a verifiable denuclearization of the peninsula. and it will take many, many years. i don't know why he comes home and people do nothing but vilify him and the republican establishment doesn't have enough guts to come to these microphones this weekend and back him up as a guy who is trying to do something. reporter: the president wouldn't say when he expects to talk to kim jong-un. but he says he plans to speak to
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his team over in asia to discuss the negotiations that are have much ongoing. he said he gave kim jong-un a very direct number so he can contact him at any point moving ford. >> we'll wait to see if that phone call does come through. arthel: there are breaking developments on the immigration front as we learn president trump will head to capitol hill to huddle with republicans on immigration. there are two bills being proposed. one is moderate and one is more conservative. but now there are calls to change another immigration policy, that after the department of homeland security said 2,000 kids were separated from their parents at the u.s.-mexico border in april and may. >> the president is ready to get immigration reform across the
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board. nobody likes seeing babies ripped from their mother's arms. but the president is saying if the democrats are serious they will come together and try to close these loopholes. reporter: at this moment a congressional delegation of democrats rapped a tour of one of these detention facilities with children are being held. this facility is in elizabeth, new jersey, just outside of new york city. he called the policy of family separation inhumane. he pledged tuesday to bring his own legislative fix to the problem. fox news confirms president trump will head to capitol hill tuesday to rally republicans around one of these two gop immigration bills. on the agenda are big ticket
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policy items including border security funding including the multi-billion dollar request for the wall. >> i think this an historic opportunity to advance a conservative agenda we have been trying to do forheast 25 years totructurally cnghe way we do immigration and make it more merit based. >> democrattics colleagues are continuing to erupt in fury over the separation policy. >> this is inhumane. i would like to say it's unmayor what. but it's happening right now in america. >> i don't think americans would like to see children 2 years old, young children, using them as political foil is abhorrent. reporter: steve bannon telling abc news the zero tolerance
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policy does not require any justification. the president is playi a long game. will ultimately force the democrats hand and reach a broader bill on immigration that he believes are in the best interests of the nation. eric: the scathing report from the justice department's internal watchdog as michael horowitz will appear before the hill tuesday and wednesday. trey gowdy is chair of one of the two panels that will question horowitz. >> michael horowitz proved what we wanted the doj and fbi to do. you can have a fact centric that is fair and even-handed.
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reporter: the 500 page report is separate from the russia investigation it focused on the investigation into hillary clinton's email. but two employees previously tied to the russia investigation, lisa page and peter strzok exchanged hundreds of messages. one said quote trump is not ever going to become president, right? right? strong rrp respond no. no, he's not. we'll stop it. here is the reaion we are hearing from congressmen on capitol hill. >> the text messages are troubling. the fact they were on a work email and co-midged with emails discussing business. the i.g. concluded this didn't affect decision making, but nonetheless it's inappropriate. >> anybody who stood in front of a jury and had to explain the
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away, it's the most of miserable feeling in the world. i have never seen this level of bias. rter: the president says the report exonerates him. chairman gowdy said the doj a fbi failed to comply with outstanding subpoenas to turn over documents. he told "fox news sunday" they would use their full arsenal of constitutional weapons to gain compliance. arthel: texas republican congressman john ratcliffe is repairing his questions for inspector general michael horowitz. here is mr. ratcliffe earlier today on "sunday morning futures." >> the i.g. report tells us the
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problem the fire and the department of justice were more pervasive and problematic than nip of us realized. the second thing is it sadly confirms even though hillary clinton should have been charged with mishandling classified information, she was never really in danger. the inspector general report provides a factual basis to call into question the legitimacy of all of the actions taken and decisions made and all the evidence gathered in the first 9 months of the trump russia investigation. arthel: tom fitton is here, the president of judicial watch. did the focus of the i.g. report transition from hillary clinton's emails to becoming the impetus for the mueller investigation? >> if you review the report you will recognize you can't separate the two, especially when you understand peter strzok wanted to stop trump from being president was the lead fbi
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special agent on the clinton email matter and moved over into the russia investigatiass well. both investigations have are redeemably compromised. it shows the clinton email investigation should be reopened. i don't understand why the mueller investigation is still going forward in light of these extraordinary details we have been getting from people in his team. lisa page and peter strzok were on the team for a good period of time that led up to the special counsel being appointed. i don't understand why mueller is still around. we shouldn't have to wait two more years for the i.g. to tell us the obvious that the mueller investigation was compromised as well. arthel: how would you in general characterize the i.g. report. >> i give it a c in the sense it
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got all the facts out. but a failure in terms of clusion to provide the political leadership reason ton the mueller operation. arthel: what if there is no conclusion. >> i think he made a political decision not to derail the mueller operation by highlighting the fact that peter strzok made all these comments about president trump and all these other fbi agents made these comments about president trump, and this i.g. was not willing to say that compromise the investigation despite the obvious conclusion that it did. arthel: the conclusion did not say that. i want to ask you questions about fbi deputy assistant director peter strzok for the record and fbi special counsel, lisa page. should they have been fired
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immediately? >> they should be criminally investigated. it looks like obstruction of justice in terms of criminal charge of obstruction of justice needs to be investigated as it relates to all these fbi agents. there are at least three or four other. we have got a serious issue at the fbi. and it's disappointing to see the fbi director come out and kind of just slough off the fact that you had this top leadership running these two key investigations exhibit such personal animus nell * he didn't make any final decisions on the investigation. >> you can't separate the decision making by the fbi agents at key areas of russia and clinton with the results. and even the i.g. doesn't go there. he says there is no documentary evidence. but people should read it for
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themselves and draw their own conclusions. arthel: the whole reason for the i.g. report is to get information. you are saying he did the report, but he missed the boat. he put in there what he thought was important to be in there. did page and strzok damage the integrity of the entire clinton l probe mr. horowitz writes? and was there a lot of the condemnation against hillary clinton and the use of her private server. >> the i.g. highlighted the potential bias in the handling of the wiener laptop issue. it took judicial watch to uncover the specifics of. arthel: what is the bias there? >> they waited a month perhaps because they were more eager to
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go after candidate trump in september and october of 2016 than to reopen and rehash the clinton email issue. arthel: does there seem to be much condemnation of that issue? is there a there there? >> the i.g. reports in my experience are cover-ups and expose's at the same time. there is a lot that's exposed. get accountability and that means putting a pause on the mueller investigation. arthel: the fbi director christopher wray said he'll be making changes in terms of sensitivity training and procedural changes at the fbi. i want to stick with the i.g. report. you just mentioned about the other five unnamed individuals who have been identified. including two agents and one fbi
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attorney who worked on special counsel robert mueller's russia probe until earlier this year who made statements of hostility and statements of support for candidate clinton with chase related discussions. should the findings of the i.g. report render the mueller investigation null and void? >> i think the mueller operation should be shut down for a variety of reasons. mueller knew and the justice department knew back in august of last year about this strong-page issue with the political comments attacking president trump. now we are being told back in february they had reason to know there was another agent or attorney involved in the investigation who had it in for president trump. how much bias do you have in a sensitive investigation before the investigation is seen as'
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having no credibility. arthel: you know mueller. you know his history and pedigree. do you think he would allow political bias to seep into his investigation? at the end of the investigating's his reputation on the line. it's his factual evidence that will be questioned and judged. >> we know he's not right about the bias in his investigation. he didn't tell anyone about the firing of strzok and page until it came out through congressional oversight. we are only findings out about the removal of the fbi lawyer five or six months after it happened. his number two on his prosecutorial team was an anti-trumper who attended hillary clinton's election night party. i don't understand why we think that mr. mueller is any different than this protege james comby in his approach to
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donald trump. i think he's a political fbi director and operator as anyone else. he may be more quiet about it. but the proof is in the pudding. he has a biased team. and he inherited a terribly compromised investigation and he's okay with it. i'm not okay with it and the american people shouldn't be okay with it. arthel: next time we'll have someone who can speak for mr. mueller. i can't. i understand you are the father of three girls. girls do rule, by the way. >> in my house they do. thank you. eric: 20 people have been wound in a shooting at an arts festival in new jersey earlier this morning. one suspect police say is dead. two others are in custody. here is the mayor of trenton, eric jackson. >> this is a tragedy for trenton. i want to assure our residents
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and the many guests that come into our city that the law enforcement agencies are taking this shooting extremely seriously. reporter: you are looking right now at an active investigation scene. this is where the shooting happened at 2:50 in the morning. an all-night festival in the historic portion of trenton, new jersey. that's the entrance to the warehouse where 250 pieces of artwork were inside. then all hell broke loose, according to witnesses at about 2:50 in the morning shots were fired. investigators believe this was a fight between individual that happened to break out into this venue with this art all night festival. this ways we know about the injured. 22 people were hurt in this shooting last night.
9:19 am
17 people were wounded by gunshot. four people are in critical condition including a 13-year-old boy who is said to be in extremely critical condition. investigators are looking into whether a carjacking happened after this shooting took place is involved in what happened. take a listen. >> we are investigating what is purportedly an attempted carjacking that took place in the alleyway near dodge street. three individual were in a vehicle when a male came up to the vehicle in the aftermath of the shooting and at that point may or may not have pointed a gun. >> police believe this was an argument between individua a 33-year-old male was shot dead. he's believed to be a suspect and they believe police shot him.
9:20 am
two other suspects are in custody. there are a thousand people who were here at 2:50 in the morning. some of the victims have cop out of the hospital. they are here to lay flours and see if they can get inside the warehouse to get their pieces of artwork back. the festival released a statement saying we are deeply saddened. our hearts ache and our eyes are blurry. but our resolve for building a better tnton through community will never fade. the governor tweeted this is another example of why we must eradicate the scourge of gun violence from our community. we had that 13-year-old who is in all our thoughts and prayers in extremely critical condition.
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[♪] >> the president is fully committed to both of these bills. he put the full weight of his office behind it. you have the mccaul-golatte bill. they both provide the four pillars i discussed with the president, ending klain migration, ending this random visa lottery system, providing border security and a daca solution. eric: the house leaders set to meet with president trump, clarifying that the president will sign either bill under consideration. president trump said he would not support the more moderate of the two. but he may now sign either one. what would this mean? the director of the u.n. engagement at seton hall university school. the president will go up to capitol hill on tuesday.
9:26 am
that is crucial. what do you expect will come out of that meeting. >> whichever bill comes ford, it's another measure to repair a very complicated immigration policy this country has. immigration legislation makes the tax code read like a poem. the immigration legislation is a patch work of special interests, fixes, stop gap measures that have built upon each other over time. i would say outright total immigration reform would be like trying to make a cashmere blanket out of a patchwork quilt. eric: it seems the president has potentially what he wants. 1.8 million so-called dreamers get a pathway to citizenship or legalization. you have the end of the visa lottery system and chain migration. do you see any stumbling block
9:27 am
or obstacle to getting this done? >> i think the businessman trump will take a deal and run with it. whatever deal it is, he'll market it. to acquire property, in this case the immigration issue. to talk them down a little bit. improve them and market them to our value. i think this is a change of tone for immigration and its value t. eric: you see a deal in this coming week? >> i do. he has a few months before the mid-terms and this is the time to strike a deal. >> i adjudicated visas, i sat at a window like a bank teller and adjudicated hundreds of people's applications every day, people trying to come in hellly as tourists or immigrants. it was a challenging thing.
9:28 am
we had to assess whether they could make the trip and return safely and whether they would be staying in our country illegally. it has a lot to do with jobs. but it's about our law. we are a country that believes in innocence before guilt. and our immration law we presume guilt before innocence. when the applicant comes to me they have to show me they will not violate our law. they have to overcome a burden of guilt. that's the part of our law that deals with that. we ask for transcripts for proof of i am moment and ask for ties that will bring them back to their country. and if they don't have have much money to make a return trip. on a given day we would refuse 60% of those applying.
9:29 am
eric: if they said i want to vision it the statue of liner i. >> you feel for these people. but if you assess their ties back home are very week. they are not employed. they have family in the state. they may be single so they are less oh blind come home and care for their family. we want to issue visas to people po who present themselves at the border. it's just permission to present yourself at the border or notice interview. if i felt somebody went all that way to the boarder and then was turned away. that would be a tragedy for that person and the family. eric: you have a personal responsibility. can you separate the two or do you decide on the merits. and if you felt someone would not get a visa, what type of reaction would you get? >> we adjudicate. we sit as judges over each
9:30 am
applicant's case. my supervisor couldn't tell me to change my opinion. it's that type of role each adjudicator plays in assessing a visa applicant. and the visa applicant may return the next day and seek out another playing the judge game. and finally quickly, do you that level to properly assess on the people? >> our state department manpower to deal with because was in the early 60s. growing so much over that time was had to take many officers who would otherwise be doing economic and political reporting and put them to manage this type of demand. we are a bit behind india needs to be reviewed. eric: thank you for coming in. fascinating. arthel appeared arthel: eric at the immigration policies in washington colliding with the real world realities along our southern border and
9:31 am
democrats and republicans over the number of migrant children being held in detention centers. we will talk with texas attorney ken paxton in his state coming up next. >> i think we and this immoral policy. we have to figure out what we can do to stem the violence back home. found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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security: let's speed this up please. security: thank you. ♪ uh! ♪ can we fix this phone tonight? it's really slow. you can turn off the performance management feature. battery throttling. or you could just upgrade it. ♪ the super fast galaxy s9. available now. eric: tomorrow, house minority leader nancy pelosi will toward detention centers were migrant children are being held. this comes after the department of homeland security said nearly 2000 kids have been separated from their parents at the border and it is stirring up quite a controversy of outrage and anger. fox news is getting an inside look at one of the shelters.
9:36 am
it is in a former wal-mart located just outside of el paso, texas. jeff paul now has more about this from los angeles. >> two differing congressional delegates are heading to the border to investigate facilities there right now are housing migrant children separated from their one group is heading to the texas border today. another set to visit detention facilities in california on monday. the children are being separated from their parents as part of a zero-tolerancey enacted by the trump administration in april. they are from illegally crossing into the u.s. now sent into the criminal justice system immediately as opposed to previous release policies. they had children, their kids are taken from them and turned over to health and human services custody where they are cared for while their parents await prosecution. attorney general john sessions in serious about enforcing the law, but jeff merkley who is
9:37 am
visiting is a cruel new policy at the trump administration that goes against historical american ideals. >> now we have a whole new message to those fleeing persecution. he washed up on the shores ofthe you will be arrested as a criminal and be put in prison your children taken away from you. >> hhs spokesperson confirming other locations for additional temporary housing units are also being can entered. what they would not elaborate on whether some of those new facilities would be more like 10 cities. hhs has no they didn't release any other details. senator merkley said in a press conference yesterday that the problem goes beyond the u.s.-mexico border in other members of the democratic delegation. met with those seeking asylum from countries all over the world claiming religious and political persecution from
9:38 am
places like china, nepal and india, all of whom he says have been incarcerated. turning to thank you so much for your arthel appeared arthel: thank you. a big week ahead for immigration. house republicans meeting on tuesday, taking a look at to immigration bills. the moderate one written by house leadership and the other was written by house judiciary committee bob goodlatte who hopes the president's visit will give a better picture of what these bills need in order to get past. >> when people see that this is a good solid conservative bill that unites our party and addresses an issue we have been addressed in a long time, we have a great prospect of passing it. >> texas attorney general ken paxton joins me now. >> thanks for having me on. arthel: absolutely. i want to start by getting your personal reaction to these 1995 children being held in a detention centers.
9:39 am
>> just like all of our immigration policies, there's certainly a lot of room for improvement. this is something that congress will address in. right now the administration is a difficult problem and they are doing it. >> i'm going to get to that. we were hearing so many different reports. what are the conditions and how are the children being treated? >> you talk to border security, customs enforcement. the people down there doing their best with large numbers of people coming to the border and having to deal with young children and all children. it's obviously a difficult issue for those people they have to deal with. >> how are the agents doing? it's got to be tough on them as well. >> i was down there little over a week ago, and talking to border patrol. they have a tough job.
9:40 am
they have to do with issues as they come. i think they're doing the best job they can given the circumstances we put them in. arthel: how do you think the crisis should be resolved? >> i'm hopeful congress will address not just the situation, but all of the border security and immigration issues. immigration causing with over 1200 homicide. i want to see all kinds of i would love to see daca address and has been separated and i would love to see border security and technology used to protect our people in texas. arthel: as you know, president trump is going to sign off on a proposal immigration proposal that had a partisan support as long as american taxpayers pay for his border while in catch and release family migration in the visa lottery or ended in
9:41 am
merit-based immigration implemented. do you think, that this current immigratio crisishould be used as a bargaining chip? >> well, everybody has their side of this issue. i am hopeful that democrats and republicans come together. my fear is that democrats don't really want to follow this issue right now. they love to use this as an election issue. arthel: they would fire back at them as a the case. >> you are talking about harming children in other people they claim they care about. i'mopeful they'll come to the table. the president's not going to get everything he wants the republicans will not get everything they want. this is about a solution for america. arthel: do you feel there close to getting there? >> i'm always optimistic and hope all that congress has struggled to get anything done.
9:42 am
they've got a tactful about the end of the year. i'm hopeful they would address this issue. arthel: ken paxton, texas attorney general, happy father's day. >> thank you very much. trained to know that the handshake is out of the way, the hard part to begin to d-day tours the korean peninsula. critics are saying the president should not collect a joint military exercises with south korea. the president is firing back at his critics. so you can have worry free nights, and wake up feeling fresh and free for a free sample visit
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eric: reaction continues to poor and after this historic handshake in meeting between president trump and north korean leader kim jong un. theresident announced the u.s. will help the next day military exercises coordinated with south korea. tweedy met earlier today. holding back the wargames there in the negotiations because they are very expensive during a
9:47 am
good-faith negotiation. also, quite provocative and if talks break down, which i hope they will not. critics say they're given north korea too many concessions while supporters say the present strategy is working. judy miller joins us at the manhattan institute for policy research and pulitzer prize-winning author and journalist fox news contributor. this is a cary. you think it's appropriate. sanctions are still on. money flows being strangled. >> well, i think it was definitely good that the president met with kim jong un. but he got a chance to take the measure of the man himself. trump has excellent people feel. he understands and people are afraid of him or not.
9:48 am
the fact of the matter is most korea experts believe that kim got the better of what is round one of this long process. now as you pointed out at the beginning, the hard work begins, which is putting some flesh and bones and commitment of actual actions behind a very, very fuzzy declaration that failed to mention either a verification or irreversible and communicate. >> mike pompeius and it's a verifiable comebacker reversible complete denuclearization. how do they get those concrete steps? bolivia, southfrica and other nations. what would you want to see specifically? >> well, the first thing i want to see is for north korea to tell us whether or not it has enough nuclear fuel for 20 or 60 or 100 nuclear weapons because
9:49 am
the estimates are all over the ballpark. maybe the intelligence community knows what the real truth is, but i don't think so. you're talking about a mountainous country. we don't know what they have here the first part of any good-faith his declaration of an intention to the nuclear eyes and for them to tell us exactly what they have, where they have it and what the capabilities of what they have are and what they intend to do to kind of diminished the threat of those facilities and weapons close to us. eric: what if they don't catch that up? >> if they don't cost, president trump is going to have to make good on its pledge to walk away. that's not going to be easy because north korea and denuclearization is the kind of tax bill the trump administration. the only thing in foreign policy
9:50 am
that they can really show is that clear when and i think everyone has to acknowledge that sitting down with the north korean leader in beginning to talk about this is progress. if that's all it is on the north koreans are doing just what they've always done, which is to make agreements that they then proceed to break, president trump is going to have to walk away or he will look worse. eric: lie before to president clinton and to others. julie miller, thank you. and we will be right back. [music playing] (vo) from day one, we always came through for our customers. it's how we earned your trust. until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to yo fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction.
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arthel: the final round of the u.s. underway. jared max in southampton. >> hey, good afternoon, arthel appeared for the first time in 11 years, the final round of the u.s. open and not one golfer has a score below par. take a look at this inauspicious leaderboard. we have a four-way tie for the lead entering the final round. all americans, daniel berger coming dustin johnson the world number one had a four shot lead yesterday, but the greens were too fast. the usga said that it made some changes overnight that applied appropriate levels of water on
9:55 am
the putting green and also made some pin placements. golfers widespread in this course has complained that the usga has made the course too hard to play. we are seeing lower scores today. former full-time firefighter from massachusetts remains one of the greatest worry is that this u.s. open which is his first year to qualified by winning the united states mid-amateur championship from retired from firefighting in november. his father is his caddie appeared here today is father's day and they are ready for a big day right now it's all over part today. i'll tell you, when it comes to tv ratings prediction, father's day, father's day call final-round four-way tie for the lead, the mack daddy of father's day on tv today. >> absolutely. happy father's day to everybody. we will be right back.
9:56 am
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including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. help stop the clock on further irreversible joint damage. talk to your rheumatologist. right here. right now. humira. eric: to all you dads come happy father's day. arthel: happy father's day, art neville. happy father's day to eric. eric: there's my little one. that is not little anymore. anyone who has children or grandchildren. that was taken during the o.j. simpson trial. here he is today.
10:00 am
love him so much. and there is your dad. arthel: there is my dad right there on the porch and the marlins. for pm eastern. we hope you can join us and enjoy your father's day, everyone. leland: happy father's day, see you later. >> brinda tweet from president trump on everything from the mueller investigation to north korea from immigration to the justice department on the fbi hillary clinton e-mail investigation. live to the white house. leland: plus, president trump heads to capitol hill to his day to talk immigration reform with house republicans. i was when joe wilson from south carolina on what he wants to hear from the president. >> life, being this act did here in washington today. we will hear what republicans, democrats and the white house are saying about it and what it means to the mueller investigation.


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