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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 18, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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and especially group think. my word. have a great night. and we'll be back tomorrow. and great sean hannity is back in new york state and they let him back in. >> sean: it is 9:00 in our nation's capital and thankfully i am home. we are leading with two major stories. house judiciary committee announced they will issue a subpeona to anti- trump agent peter strzok. the deep state being held accountable is just beginning. all of this as the inspector general horrowitz and michael wray appeared to explain the ig report. days after the findings were released and we are uncovering shocking abuse of pour in the
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highest levels of the f.b.i. and still horowitz is claiming it doesn't affect the hillary clinton e-mails. and we are going to show you why he is wrong and a two- teared justice in this country is alive and well and why robert mueller must wrap up a flawed investigation conducted by the high ranking investigators who gave hillary clinton a get out of the jail free card. and ig confirmed james comey is under investigation for mishandling classified information. and why he is in serious legal trouble and dive in to the media's favorite obsession. policy of separating illegal
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immigrant families detained in the border and how border enforcement is used by people on the left to trash the president and misleading you the american people. of course, ahead of the midterms. it is time for the news breaking opening monologue. the unspecter general has a lot of explaining to do. his report was released and shows huge massive missteps and corruption and mistakes surrounding the f.b.i. and department of justice in the so- called clinton investigation, including how the fix was in from the get go to help hillary clinton and destroy then candidate donald trump. the ig did not make prosecution conclusion about hillary clinton and the facts are actually as we
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told you from the get go and they are irrefutable. and mishanding top secret information on a private server and leaving subpeona e-mails and acid driving the bleach bit. and destroying with a hammer and removing simcards. any other american, all of you would be locked up for what hillary clinton did. still the ig report did not fault the f.b.i.'s decision to clear clinton of all charges. they decided not to second guess the conclusions and they presented a mountain of evidence proving the guilt. and if hillary clinton had a real investigation she would be indicted. politics in the highest level of f.b.i. prevented all of that.
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and we'll break it down and see if any reasonable person would make the conclusion that political bias did not play a major role in the f.b.i. look at this text. high ranking f.b.i. attorney lisa page and boyfriend peter strzok who was the lead investigator in the clinton case. trump is not going to become president, right. >> strzok replies. no, no, he's not, we'll stop it. and lisa page calls trump an enormous explectative. he's an idiot and menace and loathsome human being. all of this is from the lead investigator and lead f.b.i. attorney. the bias didn't stop from them. and another high racking agent. all trump supporters are poor to
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middle class anda lazy and think he will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing. and one agent who intrude hillary clinton called her the president in a message to a colleague and said trump can't win. and after comey announced he would reopen the clinton investigation. another unnamed f.b.i. attorney. i am clinging to a small pocket of happiness in a republican destruction. the same f.b.i. attorney red. i am numbb. and a fellow employee responded i can't stop crying and ig report. agents involved in the clinton foundation instructed to take no over investigative steps prior
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to the election. would you get that treatment? the f.b.i. was intimidated by the clinton high- ranking legal team. and high- ranking doj officials tried to get a job in the clinton campaign and leaking information about the server investigation to john podefta. lindsay graham laid out in today's hearing and he was on fire. take a look. >> this e-mail sent in february 2016 from page to mccabe. hey, you surely already considered this. but in my view, our best reason to hold the line at 2 and 2. two agent and two prosecutors, she might be our next president. how did you feel about that? >> we were concerned about it and lay out here.
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>> let's keep talking about the interview. one of the f.b.i. agents said on election day you should know that i am with her, her was clinton, right? >> correct. >> how do you feel about that? >> very concerned. >> eventually very concerned is enough already. i am glad you found what you found mr. horowitz. i am not buying that the clinton e-mail investigation was on the up and up. >> sean: i don't either. in the center of all of this is trump hating agent peter strzok. he will be subpened to determine why the f.b.i. and doj with held many of the anti- trump tex. he is the lead agent and vowed
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to stop a trump presidency in a text with lisa page, his girlfriend. and page was a high ranking f.b.i. attorney that was used by an true mccabe. yeah, that andrew mccabe. to bypass the f.b.i. chain of command. we have long reported about mccabe's democratic bias. peter strzok and jenny wray and those names sound familiar? and they all tapped the same people to finish the exxoneration of hillary and tap in for robert mueller for the trump russia witch hunt. they were then immediately appointed to investigate trump. the very agents, spews hatred about trump, vowing to stop his presidency and mocking trump supporters and the same people
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tapped to investigate trump. and the entire russia investigation from the get go, was as corrupt as the hillary cover up and it was the case from day one. that is a very definition itself what i have said. two tiered justice system and no equal justice under the law or equal application under our laws. and if hillary clinton got indicted in the fall of 2016, the electorial process would be turned on its head. it would be out of the race and trump would be the president without any of the mueller garbage that he had to deal with in his presidency. him hill got the white glove treatment by the investigator and openly rooting for her to win the election and president trump, everybody associated with him got the sledgehammer and
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thrown down by the same people who gave hillary a pass. and tonight james comey is under investigation for mishandling information. he leaked his personal notes with the president. that is illegal. and his buddy robert mueller to begin the witch hunt. and the ig, found f.b.i. director comb ep was insubboardinant and mishandled the clinton investigation. the democrat said the findings in the ig report exonerate trump from all charge and now take a look. >> to me obstruction claim involving comey was difficult. but after the ig it is incomprehensible. the ig said that comey was insubboardinate and viealated
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f.b.i. policy. that is a good reason to fire james comey and the problem that comes up for the critics of president trump. this dog will not hunt when you have both the ig and deputy attorney general said he deserved to be fired. there is another interesting aspect here. if mueller was going after obstruction based on comey, rosenstein would have to recuse himself. he hasn't done that and makes me think that 1 of 2 things. mueller is ignoring the conflicts of interest or not seriously pursuing that angle. >> sean: rudy guiliani is calling for an investigation to the investigators. take a look. >> 1 of 5 individuals outlined in the ig report potentially facing disciplinary action.
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are you calling for something sharper than that? >> of course, not part of the probe. he started it and with it for the first couple of months. mueller kept him on. and so much did he infect the probe with his own extreme positions? i don't know. but i sure want to find out before i go forward. this is a case where it's crying out for someone to investigate the investigators. >> sean: and cnn fake news pundit is ready for mueller to wrap it up and he knows he and brennan will be exposed. >> the overarching point the bhoel issue has to come to resolution. at some point, special counsel mueller and his team wrap up the
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investigation and whether or not there was collusion with the russians and it is a cloud hanging over the country and presidency and i hope it happens. >> sean: change of heart? we'll have more on mueller and the ig report in a moment. there is a story that is causing a five alarm fire. surrounding reports that children of illegal immigrants are being separated from their parents. no body wants children who are safely in the custody of their parents separated. no one wants that. but truth and facts matter. dhs kristin nelson responded to the claim and set it straight that the media is all too happy as usual to ignore. >> start with a few numbers and facts. in the last three months.
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we saw illegal immigration exceed 50,000 people each month. since this time last year, there is a 325 percent increase in unaccompanied alien children and a 435 percent increase in family units entering in to the country illegally. there is 1700 increase in the% a sylum claim and that is resulting in 600,000 cases. united states has admitted half million illegal immigrant minor and most of whom today are at large in the united states. at the same time large criminal organizations such as ms 13 violated our border and gained a deadly foot hold in the united states. the entire crisis is not new and
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been occurring and expanding over decades and currently it is loop holes in our federal immigration laws from being detained and removed to their home country. >> sean: there are rare cases of children slated. >> dhs has a responsibility to protect minors and we'll only separate the family if the child is at risk with the parent or illegal guard yan or referred for prosecution. >> sean: there is an important comparison. if an american committed a crime in the united states. they would go to jail and separated from the family. this is not a controversial idea.
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>> sean: this is nothing new and took place in previous administrations. yeah, facts matter. take a look. >> the last obama and bush administration all separated families. they absolutely did. they said their rate was less than ours and it is not new. they separated families. >> sean: remember the photoshowing immigrant children in cages and they attributed it to the trump administration. but that occurred in the obama administration. they started the policy of detaining minors younger than 18 for months. and the media didn't report and barely yawned and one democrat admitted that obama was able to keep his actions at the border very quiet. i wonder why.
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>> under the obama administration according to the washington post a surging number of uncompanied minors apprehended in the border. in 2014 there were 70000 according to the post reporting. >> in many ways, i released the photos because it was kept quiet under the obama administration. there were large numbers of people coming in. >> sean: no outrage over the media about obama but with the trump it is a different story. they want a distraction for all of the lies they peddled to you for 18 months. no one likes the idea of a separating a child from the parent. the whole issue can be fixed. every law can be changed and if they did their job, it would happen. it is the law, the democrats prefer to make it a political
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issue. they want the power back in 2018. those on the left want open border and means that the issue is not going away. they need to agree with serious immigration reform. they had the president concede on daca but they don't fix the issue. sad reality. sarah carter investigative reporter and author and out soon. the russian hoax. and greg jarret. fox news analyst. as you dig peepener the ig report, all you see is trump hating lead investigators and the same people. they put the fix it and rig and what put any other american in jail with hillary and start the russian investigation on trump, does that disqualify and put in
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to doubt the mueller witch hunt? >> it does. and there is no possible way that mueller can pursue obstruction of justice against president trump because the ig and act being attorney general said comey richly deserved to be died. and today lind a graham said i am not buying this inspector general, the bias in the f.b.i. was severe and pervasive it had to influence to clear hillary clinton and pointed to at this time statement that comey found clinton get. but someone changed the language slightly and that inunidation allowed comey to exonerate clinton when she in fact
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committed a crime. >> sean: the swamp's answer we'll not second guess discretion. tell that to christian sa lse. and he did far less and spent a year in jail. you will not make that determination and then the entire report, just example after example, of blatant corrupgdz and bias by the top people involved in this and how much they loved hillary and protect her and then the same people take a sledgehammer and literally try to destroy trump from the get go. >> sean, it was an important hearing today. i think senator graham gave the best cross examination ever. and that change in language, that actually appears to be the
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insurance policy that peter strzok was talking about with lisa page, his paramour in the text messages. they were looking for an insurance policy. and in that same text message, they talk about andy's office. andy mccabe. deputy director andrew mccabe. and the most important question was what senator graham asked. was mckaib in that meeting. strzok and page need to be intruped and andrew mccabe needs to be interviewed again. if he was in that meeting, this is the most frightening example of f.b.i. power since edgar hoover and americans should be terrified because they were rigging an election. >> sean: that's why it is the biggest abuse ever. and the similarities in terms of mueller investigation and
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hillary rigged investigation are eerie greg jarret. you have all of the same people that have been exposed here and jenny wray and andrew wiseman. and it is the same corruption that will be exposed down the line in robert mueller's witch hunt, it is no different. >> it sort of makes you wonder if the only people who work in the f.b.i. peter strzok and lisa page and andrew mccabe. and james comey. and yet, why did they do that? they wanted to control it and it was controlled by the obama white house. that is clear. and mueller assembled a team of partis ans some of which were in
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the on hillary fix. >> sean: this is the beginning of the process and a lot of these people are in deep trouble. more analysis of the congressional hearing on the ig report and next, newt gingrich coming up. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. they have businesses to run they have passions to pursue how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters ship packages all the amazing services of the post office
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>> these are senior agency officials. they were running two of the most important investigations in the bureau's history. and they were insubordinate? grossly unprofessional in their communications and even untruthful. so let's not pretend like this was someone off problem. there is a serious problem with the culture at fbi there is a serious flb the f.b.i. headquarters.
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we shouldn't worry about the report because it focuses on a small group of individuals and events. i think that is back wards. if we look at only 12 investigations and find this much bias and unprofessionalism, i can only imagine what else is out there and what the inspector general found about the conduct of the senior burro alreadiship. he found out in and in my opinion be damming. >> sean: senator orrin hatch grilling the f.b.i. director wray about the bias uncovered in the ig report. here isiason chaffetz and congressman shown. and horowitz doesn't make the conclusion and talks about
10:29 pm
prosecutorial discretion. there is never been a big are case of obstruction in the case of hillary clinton. it was a slam- dunk for any prosecutor and if we are going to apply the law like we did to christian saucier and others, it should have been applied here and he is have said it. and but with that said, he lays out a mountain of evidence of how politics drove all of the digsz- making of the top investigators. >> this is nearly 600 pages and hour was tell from top to bottom, there was nothing buttan musand bias that was laid out there. and keep in mind, an inspector general doesn't have prosecutorial powers but he can make references and he did indidate he does that. you can could have a prosecutor involve would in bringing criminal charges. it was revealed that director
10:30 pm
comey is now being actually investigated and the other thing i would like, i am foreshadowing and i am guessing here. it's hard to prove why they didn't prosecutor something and didn't take action. >> if you look at fisan abuse and russia probe, you take the same cast of characters. what did they do against donald trump? that case may be easier to prove. >> sean: those same politically based lead investigators you pointed out david schoen. page 378 of the reporter foot note 181. even horowitz was shocked that the same people who had political base against trump for hillary then immediately began the process of going after trump. >> page 328 and foot note 181.
10:31 pm
it is a red herring here. here's what we know. and the ig cannot say political bias didn't affect the decision. he said he found no direct evidence. the entire universe of evidence was a function of what the investigators who we know had proven bias, what they decided to search out, what they decided to focus on and what they decided to rereal and conceal. so to say that the prosecutor made a decision when we know the whole body of evidence that the prosecutor had, it is a red herring. and one reason i take it ceasely. i am a son of an f.b.i. agent and i am very good friends with michael horowitz. he laid out here and so they doubt and cloud over the f.b.i. and over the clinton e-mail investigation and he said specifically over the russian investigation. the fact that you have common
10:32 pm
agent and a team that mueller picked when we know how important the integrity of the investigation is, ho hand pick a team that is of the sami ooh k puts a dark cloud over the mueller investigation. >> sean: congressman chaffetz. the fact that the same people that rigged hillary's investigation that would have put any american in jail, that they are immediately they are the beginnings and foundation of the mueller witch hunt; does that then render their investigation corrupt from the start it and don't we have the same problem with mueller in as much as jeanie rh ee and his pit bull andrew weissmann and their track record. jeanie rh ee was a lawyer if the the clinton foundation and weissmann, i have laid out his corrupt record numerous times. we are in the same situation
10:33 pm
combept it is earlier in the process. >> we know the inspector general for months has been looking in the fista abuse. what congress needs to do is unmask the f.b.i. agent and attorneys that were highlighted in the report and not named. that will allow congress to yank them in and start the interviews and what they are doing in terms of getting the documents out of the f.b.i. that is absolutely piefol at will. >> sean: do you see crimes here by number of the high ranking people? >> absolutely. i would like for the american people realize how important that you focused on each of the players in the mueller investigation. i would like to see what jeanie rh ee who represented hilt hill. and what did she say. mr. weissmann who commended
10:34 pm
sally yates for bucking president trump. what did they say. >> sean: andrew weissmann, mueller's pit bull was at hillary clinton's so- called victory party. it can't get more corrupt. it is the same thing early are in the process. >> absolutely. >> that's right. >> exposed today by one of the things. the stiff arm that the ig was given by the f.b.i. they would not him those tex message and it took four iterations. >> and they still don't have them. >> this is just the beginning. all of theseem and rank and file f.b.i. tomorrow will be a big day. when we come back. a lot more to come. former speaker of the house, newt gingrich is with us. that is straight ahead.
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>> sean: the detry trump media liberal democrats will do going to detract from the president's successes and they are numerous. the new gall up poll called survey satisfaction with the u.s. direction and a 12 year high. numbers don't lie. the book chronicles president's success. it is call the "trump's america: the truth about our nation's great come back. ". former speaker in the house, newt gingrich. what is unfolding today and what we know about 15 lead investigators in the case. at least five of them. the lead guys hated trump and liked hillary clinton. how can any investigation like that and the same people got involved in the trump- russia probe immediately there after.
10:40 pm
how can there be legitimacy to mueller's case. >> there is no lejetimacy. and there is a deep state. that deep state in the justice department gave 97 percent of the donations in 2016 to hillary clinton. the language they use, i mean, if you imagine a government employee who used the same language about latinos or african-american or mission limb or jewish americans that they use as they do to trump supporters, you would should screams to high even. up have an attitude in the senior level. not down in the case worker or local offices. but in the washington headquarters in the justice department and in the f.b.i.,
10:41 pm
the senior figures, they are corrup. and they were clearly operating on the premise that hillary is going to be president and therefore, anything they said or did was fine because she would cover it up. >> sean: if they did their job, they sent the election in chaos. but the down right hatred. why are you laughing? for president trump, and you are right. people who voted for him. why are you laughing? >> and look, if people did their job. hillary would have faced jail time in 1978 or 79 when she made 98000 in kalts futures which was a 6 trillion to 1 in possibility. >> sean: we know.
10:42 pm
do we now there is no equal justice under the line and clinton has one standard and the ret of the are screwed? >> no, we should conclude that the american left is comfortable with corruption because they despise the american system. whether that is president obama or comey or mueller. all of these people are the same people. they go back over a decade and find them again and again, coming up >> iness -- >> this is an american election. we are not the former soviet union and we are not venezuela, or at least i didn't think so. but if this stands and show me where hillary is going to get the indictment she deserves and
10:43 pm
when is this witch hunt going to stop when it was predicated on the biggest anti- trump witch hunters in the world, proven by their statements? >> look, first of all, i don't know that anybody who was on the corruption side of this is necessarily safe. but it unravels gradually and keep unravelling. and it is going to keep unraveemming some more. every week that goes by we learn new things. they are horrifying thing and it should remind all of us of how close we came toulose losing the country. between obama and clinton a a total disregard for the american tradition and truth and whether they are lying about benghazi or lying about bin laden or plying about the russians or campaign they didn't care. they came out of a left wing
10:44 pm
background. it is all nonsense. >> sean: i will concede the point and patience is not my great virtue. but in all seriousness, that i know this is the beginning, are you confident that what should be the equal application of laws especially with hillary and especially mueller's team is corrupt as comey's team was going after investigating clinton. it is the same people. >> it is the same time. >> sean: that should render terror illegitimate. >> i believe that people who want to preserve the rule of law have to keep the pressure up. and i very much admire what senator hatch was doing today, what senator grassley was doing and i look forward to congressman goodlatte tomorrow.
10:45 pm
pee are getting aeroused and are moving. >> sean: mr. speaker, congrats on the success of the book out on when we come barks the president is calling out the trump- hating clinton f.b.i. agents and people who gave her a pass, and peter strzok and company. and we'll have michael caputo with his personal story involve nothing all of this, straight ahead.
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>> sean: breaking news tonight, the house judiciary committee is going to subpeona trump hating f.b.i. agent peter strzok over the weekend. over the weekend the president wrote on twitter. why was the f.b.i. sick loser peter strzok working on the
10:50 pm
discredited mueller team and strzok was giving crooked hillary a free pass and yet telling his lover lawyer lessa page that we'll stop trump from becoming president. witch hunt. and why we fight. fellow, i guess you could say singaporean visitor with me. dr. sebastian gorka. you revealed that you helped to arrange a meeting between what turned out to be a f.b.i. spy posing as a russian that was going to hand over information to roger stone and you didn't reveal it before. why not, obviously that is important. why didn't you reveal it earlier. >> it amounted to a minute on
10:51 pm
the phone with a guy whose name he claimed was henry green burg. i assumed he was israeli from the accent. he was offering information about hillary. >> sean: you didn't know he was a russian in >> when i spoke to the mueller investigation i assumed he was a russian but i thought he was an american citizen. as it turned out the mueller investigation already knew that he was a russian citizen and not an american citizen. when i disclosed it to the mueller investigation unprompted, they knew more about it than i did. they knew he was a russian citizen and notap american. >> sean: what tell did you have to a mend and now you know he was a f.b.i. spy. >> the house select committee on intelligence, i amended my tell from july of 2017, and i a
10:52 pm
mended it last week. my attorney helped me refresh my memory on this before the senate and mueller investigation where he told me i would have to do that even thoep that investigation was closed. >> sean: to close the loop on this guy and roger stone met with the guy. he wanted 2 million on information on hillary and roger said pound sand. >> it bounced off me to roger and i really felt bad about roger meeting with this guy we had no reason to believe he was representing a foreign government. as it turns out he was representing the f.b.i. >> sean: dr. gorka, again back on the spying issue. only on the trump campaign and the same investigation g
10:53 pm
investigators that hillary a pass then investigate trump. brutal for trump and kid gloves with hillary. when you hear that. was there one member of congress if you get a call and say i got dirt on your opponent would you like to hear what i have. it is not illegal to say yeah, i don't think there is one member of congress or senate who say no, i don't want to hear the dirt on my opponent. that is a crock and not realistic and it is not illegal. >> it is why we have the phase "opposition research. sean. but on the other hand, why would the obama f.b.i. not inform donald trump that they had suspicions that russians were trying to inveingle their way in the campaign it stinks. my opinion of the ig report is
10:54 pm
a extension of a cover up. but one thing we learned from the ig report, how politically suffused with bias the obama doy and f.b.i. are. >> sean: at the highest levels. >> right. and they tried to undermine an election. >> sean: which is the title of greg jarret's book. thank you both. i appreciate. it when we come back, the video of the day. how the media and the left were so wrong about the get go about donald trump. we have video proof. and just like that we felt a little less alone. but then something happened. we had to deal with spam, fake news, and data misuse. that's going to change. from now on, facebook will do more to keep you safe and protect your privacy. because when this place does what it was built for,
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>> this past weekend marked the three year anniversary. they never thought he would win the nomination and he didn't think he would be this successful as president. n tonight, we'll remind our viewers how the left has been so wrong the entire time as theyon
10:59 pm
are wrong today about donald trump. >> donald trump has been saying he will run for president, which is surprising, i thought he was running as a joke. >> i will write you a check now on behalf of this country which does not want you to be president. >> we be ready for the fact he might be leading the republican ticket. >> i know you don't believe that. >> president obama will go down as the worst president of the united states, @real donald trump, well, at least i will go down as a president. >> wrong, wrong, wrong, as usual. and they have lied to you.
11:00 pm
they have been wrong on that. this is only the beginning of the troubles for all of these corrupt people. we'll keep following it as wese have from day one. thank for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. there she is, laura ingraham, i'm back. >> singapore is wondering, you were such a good tipper. they are wondering when he's coming back. >> true story. we included some of the 10%. >> laura: hannity is a very big tipper, i can attest to that. he puts all the liberal hotshots to shame. sean, i'm so happy you got back safely. fantastic show. >> sean: i am a former dishwasher. >> laura: okay, got it. good evening from l.a. i am laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle." we are just over 100 miles from the border where crisis is