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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 24, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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report and analyze the news with rigor and passion but without the name calling he always rose above. [♪] eric: a new deadline for the justice department from house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes. the congressman still not satisfied after the do jiks hands over hundreds of new documents on the hillary clinton and russia investigations. welcome to "america's news headquarters." i'm eric shawn, they will, name arthel neville. nunes sent a letter to the doj giving them until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow to answer his questions. the questions relate to the
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fbi's use of confidential sources to target the trump campaign. here is senator goodlatte with maria bartiromo. >> they have been scrambling because there is a lot of pressure on them. as the investigation proceeds there will be more things we identify that we want. they need to keep it up and keep supplying us with information. arthel: gillian? reporter: the doj and fbi have produced records related to the russia investigation and they have shared them with the house intelligence judiciary and oversight committees. this information had been under subpoena for months and was shared only after they were threatened with contempt charges. the new info is welcome but incomplete. >> obviously there is a lot of
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question about the cooperation of the fbi and the department of justice because of the concern there are people still there who do not want some of the information that we need to be provided. reporter: a new statement with speaker ryan reads quote our efforts have resulted in the committees getting access to information that was sought months ago. but some important requests remain to be completed. additional time has been requested for the outstanding items and based on our understanding of the process we believe the request is reasonable. now, one of the documents provided to house intel is a classified letter not publicly available that addresses whether the fbi used confidential human sources prior to opening the russia investigation in july of 2016. fox news gained exclusive access to the letter addressed to rod rosenstein from chairman devin
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nunes of the intel committee. at issue are major concerns from republicans who allege the intelligence activities were inappropriately direct at trump campaign aides. >> we are very disturbed by the connection between these two investigations, the same characters being involved, the disparate way they give special treatment to hillary clinton, and as you say, the questions have arisen about how they have looked into the trump campaign including possibly using informants. reporter: the doj's inspector general is still reviewing whether the alleged bias helped launched the russia probe in 2016. deputy northern general rosenstein and director wray may testify as soon as this week.
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eric: for more on this, let's go to the former justice department prosecutor. we have a deadline tomorrow for answers on how this investigation started. what does it mean, and what can we find out when you start peeling await suspicious layers of this onion? >> that's a huge question. from the outside without seeing these documents. none of us knows what the fight is over in terms of congressional oversight. but there is this thing called conscious stall oversight. and there are a lot of smoke signals coming out from the initiation of the russia probe that demands attention. whether doj will provide everything that satisfies the chairman and others will be unlikely in my view. the doj is tight fisted about turning things over. and they right as a separation of powers issue. i think the separation of powers and the oversight is legitimate
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from what we have seen from the first inspector general report. and i expect we'll see more interesting tidbits. the big question in terms of the fisa warrants is still on the table. this ways we started talking about months ago. whether the fbi misled the fisa court. whether fbi higher management contributed that misleading. whether doj people knew or didn't know about the misleading of the court. but i think these are legitimate questions that aren't political questions. it's a fair question to find out an fbi agent with the blessing of others in mansionment participated in something where they misled a fisa court will the source of information and the reliability of that information. eric: is it appropriate for the fbi to use confidential sources before the beginning of an investigation? >> i'm not sure what that means
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in terms of what they are saying. if you have confidential sources, there is supposed to be a ton of oversight where a committee meet and discuss the parameters of their work. if you have a long-term confidential informant who bounces around reporting it to his handler, that's a different story. is this something where it was freelancing of informant or were they being steered towards the trump campaign? eric: what would that mean if they were directed against the trump campaign? >> it could mean a couple of things. i want to know if they are staying with fbi and doj protocol. if they are not going through the management review process that an informant should, that would speak volumes about the agency being somewhat out of control when it comes to politics.
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eric: this week will be a big one. wednesday peter strzok, the fbi agent will testify behind closed doors and they say apparently at one point they will go public. what do you expect him to say. how does he defend himself especially when you look at those anti-trump texts. >> there is a degree of arrogance in the text messages between him and lisa page. this confidence they are so supremely right in what they say it doesn't matter that they are saying it. i'm not sure he'll be able to break away from his personality entirely when he comes behind closed doors. but if he's smart, he's thinking about being more apologetic. something that affected his thinking when he said some of these things. the commonality in the first inspector general's report is when people say really bad things on a text message and
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they say i was just blowing off steam or i don't remember what i said. i suspect he was going to say i was still professional and there are other people with bigger voices than mine. eric: look at what he wrote. look at the texts between mr. strzok and lisa. omg, trump is an idiot. trump is a disaster. i have no idea how destabilizing his presidency would be. omq, this is blank terrifying. there is no way he gets elected. but i'm afraid we can't take that risk. it's like an insurance policy. lisa page says trump is not ever going to become president, right? right? and strzok says no. no, we'll stop it. >> these are devastating comments. and they have got to be the
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subject of very pointed questions whether it's an inspector general or congress. it's not something where you can accept an made denial at face value. you have got to cross-examine pretty deep live what this plan was, what mccabe's role was, what was he referring to? it's kind of historically different moments in law enforcement to see these times of text messages. he needs to couple with an answer that holds the water. water. what he says this was a whole bunch of bias but it doesn't affect the end result. part of that is the model of an inspector general review. they accept there are two different opinions a prosecutor can make. they don't second guess which opinion they makes. if prosecutors say there isn't
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evidence to go far hillary's email problem. it makes it difficult to say political bias affected the earned result. so i think there is fundamental difficulties in expecting the inspector general this led to action on behalf of law enforcement. there are an awful lot of smoking guns in this report. only in the by this agent where they talk about the case being predestined. eric: you have observed on the inside. have you seen this before? is this commonplace? is this something americans should worry about in terms of the behavior and justifications, some of these professionals and by and large the vast majority of them are and should be worried about? >> the reality is anybody that's a sentient being in law
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enforcement can have their own views. but the hope is the culture of the organization can keep that in. in some parts of the fbi, the political feeling of those people was affecting their performance. i don't think for a minute it affects the agency or the doj. on that level there is a thought respect in terms of the people who are there. but there were shining bad moments at the helm in terms of comey and mccabe and others including this agent when they conducted this investigation. eric: thank you for your insight. they will, a fox news alert on tensions surrounding president trump's immigration policy. crowds around the country protesting before the trump administration releases its plan to try to reunite 2,000 migrant
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children with their parents after they were separated at the u.s. mexico border due to president trump's zero tolerance policy. here is michael mccaul on "fox news sunday." >> i think it's a difficult things to do. they will have to bring them back to the border where they should have been in the first place. and be with their parents who violated the law. reunite them at the family center. and go ford with the removal proceedings. arthel: jeff? reporter: hundreds of people protesting against the zero tolerance immigration policy. their focus is on all the shelters throughout the country. but specifically today they are look at that so-called tent city where hundreds of boys and girls are being housed in a facility ages 12-17.
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congressmano rourke finally got a chance to weak with one of these kids. he says 23 have been separated in the zero tolerance policy. he was joined by congressman castro who spoke. here is what they had to say. >> this crisis of this administration's doing. this administration can end this crisis. first thing they have to do is find the out how to reunite these kids. the federal agencies involved in this process need to provide come with complete list of each of the children with all of their information and their parents information so we can audit. reporter: castro's brother just spoke a few minutes ago. they are going to try to see if they can get access to see some of the kids in the tent city. but they are not sure if that's
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going to happen. arthel: we'll bring in texas republican congressman jody arrington. we are going to take a look at this closer with the president's latest plan. according to the plan, 2,053 children still in city will remain in custody until after their parents deportation proceedings from completed. with the backlog system do you have any idea how long this will take? and do you agree with this approach? >> sadly enough we have had a president for 8 years prior to trump that was a law unto himself and decided the way to solve this was to catch and release folks who violated our laws into the interior of our country. those hearings take two to three years. most of folks don't show up for
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it, so we have a de facto open borders amnesty for way too long. it's sad commentary we are reacting the way we are when we have a president who is trying to enforce the laws. the law of the land is you can't detain kid for over 20 days. what some of the democratic law makers out there protesting ought to do, come back, roll up their sleeves, go to work to solve this problem. ultimately it's on congress to fix our broken immigration process. they will were you are right that culpability lies on both sides of this political aisle. but what we are talking about right now is due to that zero tolerance policy may 5, that's what we are dealing with right now. you are right, it's a huge issue. according to further guidance from this latest plan saying the
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families will be reunited before they are deported or after the parents apply to to be their child's sponsor. the trump administration is devising a data base hoping to collect information from the parents and the children that would lead to linking them back together. are you confident this will work? >> i think the president will do egg he can to keep the parent and children together. but he can only do so much. we don't want more executive activism. and we don't want to relieve the pressure hon congress. that's the only time it seems like congress acts. what we have got to do. i'm for all means to keep the parents and children together. this is less than 20% of the kids that are here. most of are unaccompanied. most of have been smuggled as a passport with someone coming over for criminal intent. but the problem is we have a
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backlog for the hearings. arthel: then i ask you the situation at hand, congressman. how confident are you this situation with those 2,500 plus children unaccompanied and they are being detained in less than favorable conditions. what about that situation? how confident are you with the current plan that has been presented overnight that it will rectify its current situation. >> let me challenge the notion of less than fairable conditions. i haven't even heard that from the democrats that are here. these folks are supposedly fleeing a country where they fear for their lives. arthel: you are right. what i mean is it's less than favorable because they are young kid away from their parents. >> they are being taken care of, they are given meals and shelter. yes we need to keep the families
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together. the president is doing what he can. he chipped away at 500 of the 2,000 plus who have been separated from their tap his. but he need congress to act. i voted on a bill that would solve this, we didn't get one democrat to vote on it. arthel: let's his be to former homeland security secretary jeh johnson. >> you can do certain thing that will drive down illegal migration in the short term as we did in 2014. but then the longer term patterns all revert to form. the numbers always creep back up. president trump saw that in 2017. the numbers went down dwramatically, now they are back up again. you can do these things, but we have to make the longer term investment in dealing with illegal migration generally. arthel: let's talk about changing the law. which immigration plan currently
9:19 am
facing the house do you support and what specific items do you support? >> i was a co-sponsor of the goodlatte bill. that was one we actually voted on. it gave the president the tools and resources to secure the bored and enforce the laws. by theway, both bills do that sufficiently. i can even argue the moderate bill does a better job of that. but where it breaks down is where you don't eliminate chain migration in the moderate bill. but you do that in the goodlatte bill. and you turn the magnet off for the employers who hire illegally. no matter how high you build the wall, people are going to come over. so we have to address those two major issues, chain migration and the e-verify. there are other issues with it. those are the main ones. the president has to come out
9:20 am
definitively and publicly and unwaveringly in support of a bill because there are many members of congress looking to our commander in leave to say yeah, in support. arthel: unfortunately i have to go. the president just tweeted saying hold off until the mid-terms. i hear you on needing guidance. thank you. eric: president trump hammered critics over the issue of immigration. president trump: they don't want to approve anything because they think it' bad for the election coming up. eric: the president telling republicans to give up trying to work with democrats on the issue. as he stumps for republicans ahead of the mid-term elections. will that strategy help the republicans this november?
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condition of south carolina congressional cad katie arrington. she is in critical condition and is scheduled for a major surgery after suffering a back fracture, broken ribs and other injuries in a head-on collision friday night. a car going the wrong way ran into arrington's car. arrington and her friend were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. arrington's democratic opponent suspending his campaign until further notice pending her recovery and we wish her a full recovery. eric: two san diego police officers were rushed to the hospital after a standingoff at a conned min d after a standoff at a condo complex. the gunman apparently shooting into walls into other apartment
9:26 am
complexes. reporter: the suspect immediately opening fire on the officers as soon as they broke open the door. officers returning fire. police received a call after violent disturbance around 10:00 last night involving shouting between a man and possibly a woman. when officers arrived they smelled smoke coming from inside the apartment but didn't get an answer from the occupant. firefighters respond as well and police breached the door. everyone was forced to take cover when the shots rang out. two veil ran officers of the san diego police department were wound and taken to hospital. >> it's the worst call you can ever get. that's why there was a county-wide response for this call for help. every single chief and officer
9:27 am
hund me and myself, when you get that call, your stomach just sings and you are hoping nobody die -- your stomach just sinks, and you hope nobody dies. reporter: no word from the san diego police how the suspect died whether he was shot by officers or died of a self-inflicted wound. but officers say he was wearing body armor. eric: arthel? arthel: women in saudi arabia legally able to do what so many of us take for granted. drive a car. >> it's complete acceptance. arthel: scrapping a decade old
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arthel: president trump hosting king abdullah at the white house to market the two leaders will discuss the growing humanitarian crisis in neighboring syria and the threat iran poses in the region. this visit comes after the president simon lott and adviser, jared kushner, returned from a trip to the middle east to lay the groundwork for israeli-palestinian peace talks. conor powell is live in our jerusalem with the latest. connor. >> arthel, tomorrow's meeting will definitely be the middle east peace plan as the white house is expected to release
9:33 am
their plan sometime later this summer. as the ultimate deal. nothing will happen without the support of america's middle east allies. both arab countries and other arab countries more than any other u.s. partner in the region. jordan is particularly involved and concerned about the israeli-palestinian conflict. it is home to roughly 2 million palestinians and has long played a leading role to establish a two state solution. king abdullah search president trump to move cautiously particularly after the administration moved the u.s. embassy in from tel aviv to jerusalem and the resulting violence king abdullah of jordan is very concerned about what the peace plan may actually bring about. not only in israel and the west bank and gaza, but also his own kingdom as well. the details of this plan are not
9:34 am
well known. it's been kept very, very close to a handful of people in washington. but there is concern among people in jordan that it will be heavily tilted towards the israelis, palestinians of course they're not talking to the trump administration following the embassy move. there is concern that we could be violent or even a further break down in the relationship between the palestinians and israelis on security matters and even the trump administration a lot of concerns. of course the concern here is sort of always present in all things that have been here. we'll have to wait to see what the details are. a better sense after paying a bill as many with president trump in the next couple days and weeks about what exactly the peace plan will look like. >> at many of details for it. thank you very much. >> rebecca heinrich from a senior fellow at the hudson
9:35 am
institute. foreign policy adviser to former arizona representative teresa franks. rebecca, but talk about the plan and significance of king abdullah's involvement in visit in this is a critical american ally. what can we expect? >> you know, jordan has got some concerns obviously about the u.s. embassy to jerusalem and wants to make sure that jordan still is a custodian of the muslim holy sites still in jerusalem. in the broader scheme of things, jordan is one of the united states strongest allies united states strongest allies. king abdullah staunchly pro-american, has a good relationship with president trump. that kind of context including turkey and qatar commit to other countries where the u.s. has a strong military presence. those two countries have shown preferences moving toward a closer relationship with russia,
9:36 am
and in so the united states is looking for closer allies in the region where they can have greater military cooperation in jordan. this meeting is really important for a number of reasons. >> his involvement in a possible solution. as connor just told us, not many details coming out about the plan. would you expect it will show? what could be in the plan to unveil in a couple months? >> it's really hard to speculate. what can the trump administration come up with that is different than what it has been in the past. clearly because of the u.s. moving our embassy to jerusalem, the rightful place that this is what american law has required for years and years is going to be favored anything towards israel and israel's preferences here. it's hard to know the details for the fact president trump is meeting with king abdullah of jordan shows he has taken my the
9:37 am
allies concerned about the fight there. they are spending so much time. eric: what about mach with abbas. the trump administration is biased over israel because of its actions. is this the final opportunity for the palestinians to potentially get it right? >> the palestinians have to play ball because they were main arbiter of what happens in the region. i have said previously the united is moving the embassy to jerusalem that does not portend bad things for the peace process. it clarifies for palestinians that jerusalem will be the recognized capital of the state of israel. it's her to disabuse them of the notion it will be anything other
9:38 am
than not. it's not going to do any good for him to take his ball and go home. >> the trump administration is pressuring him a bit. rightfully so to play ball. here is what jared kushner is quoted saying and all cards today. certainly the message directly to the palestinian president. he says, quote, i'm ready to work with president abbas if he wishes. it is ready to go back to the negotiating table we are ready to participate in the discussion. that's not the case, we are going to make the plan public. that's with or without us we are going to a peace plan. now's your get on board. >> that's right. if he wants to have any influence what happens come he better speak up and participate. it does not do any good for him to say he's not going to negotiate with the united states. we will see what happens.
9:39 am
this is typical of the administration to do what it believes is right in the u.s. interest in the interest of our closest allies and adversaries are partners are going to have to figure out how to adapt and get the best situation for themselves and have to wake up to that. >> jared kushner certainly is speaking directly to the palestinian people. but the fascinating strategy. i believe that in order to reach an agreement, both parties are going to gain more than they're giving him both sides will feel confident the life of their people will be better decades from today because of the concessions they are offering. we are committed to finding a package of solutions the two sides can live with. do you think that precludes a potential two state solution and east jerusalem as a palestinian state? what specifically do you think i
9:40 am
will finally include? >> i think the palestinians are going to accept anything other than at least that. it certainly might be. but of course for israel, they obviously have a stronger hand to play here but a political way the united states has played behind them in moving our embassy to jerusalem. details will be -- we will find out in the coming days. just typical of the trump administration they are disrupting things and it does provide an opportunity for all of the stakeholders to evaluate what is important to them, what they're willing to concede if they come up with a negotiated situation. eric: you wonder if he is squealing a little bit over his morning coffee. giving a hopeful message to the palestinian people. rebecca heinrichs, good to see you. >> elsewhere in the middle east,
9:41 am
saudi women hitting the road after the world last remaining female driving ban was lifted at midnight. women finally see in the driver seat celebrating historic moment after decades of depending on private chauffeurs and male relatives. one mother says being able to drive her husband and two kids to the grocery store today was like a dream come true. >> depending on all of the family shopping needs and everything, i do it just by myself. >> the reality however is the over overwhelming majority still do not have drivers license and there is a waiting list of several months. the average cost of classes is several hundred dollars. eric: president trump is firing up his based in las vegas. he went on the offensive as he pushes for a red wave come this
9:42 am
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talk to your rheumatologist. right here. right now. humira. >> it is pure obstruction. remember their word, resist. do you remember what our word is? [inaudible] >> right. lots of different words. ours is like approved. >> president trump making his case to get more republicans elected the head of the midterm elections. at the rallies yesterday for gop senator dean heller during the nevada republican party convention. other facing a tough reelection battle in the state hillary clinton won in 2016 for the latest example of the president trying to help the party expand its majority in congress.
9:47 am
francesca chambers, white house course on it for the daily mail. good to see you. >> good to be here. is the president's statement representative of the disposition of the democrat? >> making that 2018 midterm election about expanding that majority is to talk about. putting himself essentially on ballot, and midterm elections are typically favorable, so he is actually embracing that is deemed okay, but my policies on the ballot. p. at the rally talked about the obamacare and how they got rid of the individual mandate. he talked about tax firm and addition to immigration saying about for the other side is essentially a is essentially about for nancy pelosi and chuck schumer is in order for him to pass his agenda and get what he promised to do when he ran for president that they will have to
9:48 am
be more republicans in the u.s. senate where republicans have 51 feet but they would need 60 to overcome democratic filibusters. you're right. the president putting himself >> dab in the middle of the campaign. seeking reelection as we said. he is one of the most vulnerable republicans facing and will they endorse taller? >> in nevada it could go either way. this is a state by only about 27,000 vote. it is a very, very tight race. the same exact amount of the gop lost in the u.s. senate as well. very very tight. the president -- that is the county that will matter in the u.s. senate election. president trump says he'll be
9:49 am
back to nevada repeatedly. absolutely a situation where they could push dean heller over the edge or potentially a state with 25% hispanic voters could be something that would hurt dean heller in the state as well. >> president trump is seen immigration will be a winning campaign element for the republican. is he right? >> will have to see what the president likes to say, but he is saying he is for strong borders and democrats are for open borders, which will be to more crime. he has make it a centerpiece of the campaign and they think that's quite alright because they can win on the issue. they pushed the issue of family separation that is the policy president trump could easily get rid of if they wanted to. you had elizabeth warren campaigning in the renowned, policy and immigration.
9:50 am
both sides think they could make it a winning issue and we'll find out in november who was right about that. >> president trump using slurs in reference to, simon jacky rosen challenging heller and reference to elizabeth warren of massachusetts in the nevada democratic convention. worked for candidate trump now. >> well, like you said, that is something he did. he had several names for his gop competitors who we took down one by one until he seems to think it's a strategy that can work here. the names are memorable. wacky jacky she was calling the democratic yesterday. people won't forget that. when he was in indiana he called a sleeping joe donnelly and that is something everyone remembers as well. in bringing them it helps republicans and people remember
9:51 am
who the other side is and that is a strategy that again the white house seem to think is her effect it because it worked during the campaign. arthel:pl francesca chambers, thank you very much. we'll be right back. saving in here. rewarded! learn more at if yor crohn's symptoms are holding you back, and your current treatment hasn't worked well enough, it may be time for a change. ask your doctor about entyvio, the only biologic developed and approved just for uc and crohn's. entyvio works at the site of inflammation in the gi tract and is clinically proven to help many patients achieve both symptom relief and remission. infusion and serious allergic reactions can happen during or after treatment. entyvio may increase risk of infection, which can be serious.
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eric: the fox is due mainly is more liberating the life you might see a charles krauthammer. the longtime fox news contributor as you know lost his battle with brain cancer on thursday. he was 68 years old. a private funeral service for family and friends has just ended. live at the service in chevy chase, maryland. >> yeah, eric, he was one if not the leading conservative voice of his generation. i went a step of the camera to show you the long line of family and friends who just left his federal service to pay their respects and celebrate his life. charles krauthammer had an incredible ability to cut through the noise and break down complexities of washington into simple terms. he was almost always the smartest person in the room. those who know him say he treated everyone has an equal and he never spoke down to them.
9:56 am
he was kind and took a sincere interest in the lives of others. even those whom you just met. what makes all of his accomplishments more more remarkable is the data from combined with a wheelchair with limited use of his hands after a tragic diving accident during his first year of medical school. he never wanted his disability to stop him and those who watch you never knew that. today we're celebrating the last few months of the letter he wrote a few weeks ago. i'm grateful to plate a small role in the conversations that have helped guide the nation's destiny. i leave this life with no regret. a wonderful life full of completing a partisan endeavor is that make it a life worth living. all of our lives have been blessed and he will be missed. eric. how do you win at business? stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs.
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♪♪ and just like tyrone taylor, they know what it takes to help keep you protected. are you in good hands? >> president trump calls for major change in how i process immigrants at the border. you want them sent back immediately. this congress agreed? steve russell on matt. >> plus, president trump set for a major rally in south carolina on the eve of a primary runoff race between the current governor and a local businessman who wants his job. governor henry mcmaster. trade your temperature rise over sarah sanders restaurant owners that sanders wasn't welcome because of who she worked for.


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