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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 24, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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♪♪ and just like tyrone taylor, they know what it takes to help keep you protected. are you in good hands? >> president trump calls for major change in how i process immigrants at the border. you want them sent back immediately. this congress agreed? steve russell on matt. >> plus, president trump set for a major rally in south carolina on the eve of a primary runoff race between the current governor and a local businessman who wants his job. governor henry mcmaster. trade your temperature rise over sarah sanders restaurant owners that sanders wasn't welcome because of who she worked for.
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welcome to "america's news hq" from washington on this sunday. i am leland vittert. back here for a second day for slutty but no dice. >> and kristin fisher in for elizabeth prann and this makes all about immigration that is exactly where it ends. president trump is playing up immigration in a major campaign issue in las vegas yesterday. the president blasted democrats saying they were weak on border security. ellison barber has more details the white house for president trump has been blasting democrats on this all week. >> the president though publicly three times yesterday. he talked a lot about immigration at the rally in las vegas. with former governor mike huckabee. he said the u.s. needs to move towards a merit pay system. this morning he treated democrat asked a lot don't resist. doing a far better job than bush and obama but we have strengthened security at the
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border. two days ago the president seemed to encourage inaction on capitol hill to eating republicans should stop wasting their time on immigration until after we elect more senators and congressmen/women in november. the administration has repeatedly said that they are not the first administration to separate families. >> the bush administration -- they absolutely did. their is less than ours, but they absolutely did do this here this is not new. >> i spoke to former dhs official who served during the obama administration he says the criticism they dealt with in 2014 in many of the old photos that seem to be resurfacing now had to do with the conditions at the detention center housing miners who had crossed the border without an adult and an adult and how long they detained the family units but the families were rarely separated at former obama dhs secretary
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jeh johnson on "fox news sunday." >> you can't have catch and release. in my three years we deported or repatriated or returned over a million people. again, you can deal with this. you can try different things. we did not want to go so far as separate families. >> the executive order he signed this week instructed attorney general jeff sessions to file a motion to modify the settlement said they can detain families together for more than 20 days. president trump wants to detain families throw criminal or immigration proceedings. chris then. kristin: ellison barber live at the white house. thank you. leland: despite the executive order last week, hundreds of children remain separated from their parents. trump administration says the government does the location of all children in its custody and is working with them to reunite families and their children.
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just all live in texas at the very latest. have you seen any of those reunions yourselves? >> we have not. it is very hot. it's windy and all sorts of dust flying through the air. it hasn't stopped hundreds of people that come out here to protest. the zero-tolerance immigration policy has separated more than two dozen immigrant kids from their parents. this group specifically during attention to the so-called tent city a few hundred yards away from where we are were couple hundred boys and girls are being housed ages 12 to 17. they just spoke a little while ago. he's worried about the gifts being reunited with families and blames the trump administration for what's happening. >> keep putting pressure on the segment ration until we see every single young child.
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they have joy instead of tears. >> several other speakers including event like this turning into vote in november. jeff paul on the ground in texas. kristen got a lot more not. >> digging into all this with congressman steve russell. thanks for being with us. i would like to start is roughly 2000 children that still need to be reunited with their families. any idea or guidance on when that is going to happen? are we talking weeks, months? what are you hearing? >> we've got to give her to give our lives for us to a chance to go through the process. that doesn't mean we expected
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delays. it just means you will let people do the system. people in custody trying to reunite them and all of us want to be as helpful as we can and do something is needed by the department of homeland security to assist in this. we will be ready to answer that. leland: the biggest help you can provide to pass some kind of build comprehensive immigration reform that would include this in fix this. you voted against the conservative till thursday. why? >> when i voted against it we have an unrealistic expectation of restrict teen illegal immigration. i'm all for securing the border. i agree with nearly everything in the original bill in the way to secure the border. most of america agrees we need to do something on the daca six.
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two of the things we agreed on. if these other two were we now started restrict teen immigration. not illegal, but restrict the legal immigration but i think we need to take a pause on. every time we restrict illegal numbers of immigration, we end up creating a worse problem. for example, from 1828 until 1930, it was point at 5%. today it is .34. so we have half the immigration that we normally do that is legal. we had an accord that allowed us to have micro workers to come in. now we have nothing. we have to address these problems. kristin: commerce's next chance is likely going to be next week when the compromise bill goes on the floor. >> they are not going to address either one of those.
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if it comes to the floor you are a no vote? >> in its present form because they want to take diversity, migration. and they don't have people with diverse countries. we demonize both of these persons. it's the immediate problem but about a narrow bill. >> what i proposed even among the republican conference is we have things we can agree on. there is support for that across the country by the way. why not ring a bell that looks
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like god and then we put these other things off to the side and address those after we secure the border. when it comes to the law which president obama in president trump have been dealing with the courts on whether or not they can detain somebody for more than 20 days. congress needs to act and when the bill is a single measure. however, this isn't even as republicans either. democrats have just as much that they need to try to do. instead of leveraging political power, look, this is about america. >> republicans have controlled the white house and the chamber. >> this is about america. let's look at the space for the good of the republic, not for the good of whatever party we are written. leland: before you go come you gave a passionate speech on the house where were you called it a misguided as a knee-jerk policy. are you at all concerned this will hurt the running for reelection? >> if i'm sent home for
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defendin the republic, so be it. i've been defending the constitution since i was 18 and i don't need anybody can any party or anyone else to tell me how to do that. america does not have had the statue of liberty. her noble laureates and have a stiff arm of the middle finger instead of the left liberty. kristin: a better run. thank you for your time. leland: stick around for "fox news sunday" right after a show. chris wallace with an exclusive interview deal with houseplant security chairman michael mccaul. they will talk about the upcoming house vote on immigration and now there is a lot to discuss. heading to south carolina ahead of the runoff primary. governor henry the master faces john warren and the white house is pulling out all the stops. vice president mike pence dumped mixmaster this weekend.
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>> i just might you we need four more years of henry mcmaster for south carolina in america. >> joining us now, nice to see you, sir. we appreciate you taking a moment this busy schedule. if we looked at the primary results from last week, there is a majority of republicans when we add everybody up who did not vote for you, which is unusual. you have the endorsement in the state that the president is also popular. the question is why is this even a race do you think? >> well, when you have five people in the primary i'm usually no one gets the majority. anytime you have a runoff that means someone did not get a majority or governor haley and
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ambassador healy got 48% or 49% in the primary when she was running and of course i do have a runoff. i am proud of vice president penn when he was here. the people of south carolina. >> others defending him. one place you and he really differ is on the issue of terrorist, specifically in south carolina. samsung has threatened to pull out of building their plant that had more than 1000 jobs a $380 million investment. this is your quote. i thought it was a bad decision. i told them so it went and testified that the facts unfortunately did not win the
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day. describe to me what conversations with president trump you think was lost in him not supporting the jobs. >> that's not right. the bad decision i thought was made by the international committee on tariffs and think was the name of it. i testified in others did as well. we thought there should be a difference because sam song was hoping to plant here. we thought that distinction in 19 other islamic countries over the years. and i'm delighted to see him go in that direction. those are still in progress. those things are not finally
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resolved. they will help south carolina and the country. >> understood, sir. the person you fully supported the president is opposing tariffs and pushing for tariffs that would be hugely detrimental to your state. we can agree on that. >> well, as i say in conversations with all the industries in the state and yes they have some concern. but again, their conversations go in, their negotiations under way. i am confident president trump is doing the right thing for america and i hope it works out for everybody in the country and in south carolina. i know he's making america great again. the economy is having so much in south carolina. we can hardly keep up with it. >> i think unemployment as we said it's come down. we hear that is a problem in many places around the country. want to offer you the opportunity yesterday.
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take a listen in your response. >> south carolina supports the president. i support the president. this is a referendum on governor mcmaster. he's been a partner to a criminal and richard quinn who's the chief consultant. we are ready for a change here and someone with competence who will represent the taxpayer and that's why i'm running. >> specific to the charge of being surrounded in his words by corruption. >> that is total nonsense. what i've said in the debates and statements is for all candidates to tell the truth. what you just heard is not the truth. what is true is we are booming in south carolina. leland: surf, real quickly, what part of that wasn't true that mr. quinn is your chief consultant? >> no. no, sir. and also, my opponent did not
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support president trump in the primary. he was supporting mr. cruise. i was campaigning all over south carolina parts of north carolina with president trump. kennedy charm. i'm glad we got him elected. had he had his way we would've had president trump as president. leland: or rebuke him in not supporting trump on this program and any program that would take you in the president has remembered that loyalty. we will see down tomorrow live coverage on fox news as it happens. or to see you. thank you. >> thank you. transfer the department of justice and the fbi hand over documents and the russian investigation or three committees this morning. we'll hear what radio is saying about a virginia restaurant kicking out sarah sanders and her party on friday night and what it says about the state. the supreme court said to release a ruling on one of those controversial cases.
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the newspaper interview, kushner said the trump administration will go out it peace plan soon regardless of input from the palestinian president mock motocross. -- abbas. kristin: several house committees have documents they've been asking for for the justice department about the russian edition. house speaker paul ryan says they don't have all of them, and that congress still waiting on several documents. julian turner like to break it down for us. they've been waiting for these documents for weeks, months. >> the doj and fbi have produced records share that with the house intelligence committee should issue an oversight committees. records under subpoena for a month showed only after the doj and fbi were threatened. the chairman of the judiciary committee says the documents are
10:22 am
welcome but incomplete. >> there is a lot of question about the cooperation of the fbi and department of justice because of the concern that there are people so they are who do not want the information we need to be provided. kristin: speaker ryan's office agrees with the statement say in our efforts finally getting access to information sought months ago. import requests remain to be completed. additional time requested for the outstanding items in based on her understanding, we believe the request is reasonable. expected to meet its obligation to the committee. one of the documents provided as a classified letter not publicly available. it addresses alleged use of of confidential humans versus prior to launching the russian russian investigation in 2016. fox news has gained exclusive access to the letter addressed to deputy attorney general
10:23 am
rosenstein from chairman devin nunes. major concern from republicans who alleged fbi intelligence activities were inappropriately directed at the trump campaign. >> we are very disturbed by the connection between these two investigations. the same characters get involved. the disparate way they give special treatment to hillary clinton and as you say, questions have arisen on how they have looked into the trump campaign and possibly using informants. >> the inspector general is reviewing whether the alleged anti-trump fires helped launch the fbi russia probe in 2016. chairman goodlatte told fox news this morning to deputy attorney general rosenstein and fbi director beebe testifying as soon as this week. the deadline to respond to all outstanding questions by tamara 5:00 p.m. >> i would be hearing.
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he might be on every virginia restaurant has kicked our white house press secretary sarah sanders said she do it again. the redhead's owner told the "washington post" she asked sanders to leave because of the politics of them and they are employees may be uncomfortable in the trump administration's views. here is the tweet from sarah sanders. her actions a far more about her than about me. i do my best to treat people including those they disagree with actually and will continue to do so. washington-based radio host to weigh in. nice to see you, sir. appreciate it.
10:29 am
not mentioned in the article but front page of "the new york times" because i know you read religiously. the headline says in a backlash to the backlash, republican voters embraced drum. is this another example of something the left took a stand in the resistance and will probably end up solidifying the president space. >> it's very possible. i interact with a lot of people everyday others the reaction if you feel like someone is being unfairly pummeled every day, people tend to rally around that person. president trump is obviously being treated unfairly every single day across the media universe but more broadly on late-night television. i'm not surprised at all. leland: is this a new thing where now someone's politics to find her character in america? >> they've been very successful
10:30 am
in framing republican does the deplorable. this is what hillary clinton ran on. this is the democrats and for that matter -- >> does it predate republicans republicans -- [inaudible] >> you can go back to the way they treated george w. bush as well. a lot of hatred they are, but honestly i was talking with micro friend today and she said it used to be every four years we'd elect a president have potential to be unhappy unhappy and then we would move on. half the country was so unhappy the last time around that they haven't been able to move on. this is lasted longer than the aftermath of september 11th when it comes to traumatizing half of the country and they're going quite not. >> mike allen said it's going to get worse before it gets better. there seems to be this tribalism on both sides. would you agree with that? look back to 2012. vice president biden wanted to drop a bakery called crom and
10:31 am
get it in radford, virginia. the bakers had no interest in having the vice president there. here's a video of the baker back in 2012. they made this guy into a full hero. >> the media didn't. >> the owner of the red hen. leland: is there a difference? >> i was an isolated incident. an example of one person about passionately and didn't want to serve the vice president biden. what we have here is an epidemic. the secretary of the department of homeland security being harassed very loudly by a mob out of the. a potentially dangerous situation. leland: we have a video of that. >> the abiding principle these days is featured. we are in the midst of what is effectively an uncivil war. mike allen, i'm glad he caught up with some of the rest of us. this is getting worse. we are headed to a very bad
10:32 am
place. people who know their history would not applaud what we saw with sarah huckabee sanders with the department of homeland security, secretary nielsen. you wouldn't applaud this if you did know your history. leland: what -- you're referring to? >> honestly this is the democrats and their history of racism is pretty well documented. this is the updated variation of not serving black people at the lunch counter in greensboro, north carolina. take a group of people. a category of people. you demonize them, attached to them. as a group with very sinister characteristics. based on these characteristics characteristics -- >> that's an awfully big leap year. for no other reason --
10:33 am
>> hold on, hold on. secretary nielsen are both discriminated against if you will based on their political views in who they work for. those are both choices. whether you were black. whether or not you are irish, jewish is not a choice. there's a big difference there. >> at the category of people being discriminated against because they have been assigned a set of characteristics fairly or unfairly that are negative and sinister. rob racist, bigoted, deplorable and therefore we because of our moral superiority will refuse service to you and kick you out of our establishment. baking a cake for sarah huckabee sanders is right out. if we went to these people that have a public conveyance. they are open to the public. if i went to them and asked me to make me a birthday cake for my kid is that trump is the greatest president ever, can they refuse to make that cake? leland: republicans cheered and
10:34 am
went wild over the bakery case in california because of his moral feeling -- >> no, because of their religious beliefs which are constitutionally protected. >> hold on. political beliefs? is not freedom of speech? >> when you talk about the owner or is there a huckabee sanders being served in a restaurant. >> the owner of the bakery, why can't the owner of a restaurant refused to serve sarah sanders? emma she didn't refuse a sound religious grounds. >> politics should not be protected. >> it's not to me. constitution. >> the political belief for speech shouldn't be protected the family religious speeches. >> you might have to go to the supreme court. that's above my pay grade. again, these are not isolated
10:35 am
incidents. let me also say, free speech is certainly. but that's a separate challenge for the court. let me say the democrat leadership on capitol hill should be called to task on this, too because this is their party and this is what they are spreading and this is becoming more pervasive and it's very, very dangerous. we are headed into a dangerous area as a country. >> a lot of agreement on both sides about that issue. good to see you. >> still ahead, a big day for president trump travel ban next week is the supreme court is expected to make a decision on the case very soon. president trump has kind words for north korea and cater kim jong un. of the north korean are having an impact in asia. >> it's been an incredible experience for me.
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upper respiratory tract infection and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ♪ otezla. show more of you. kristin: it could be a big week at the supreme court because it could issue a decision on president trump's controversial travel ban this week. it impacts by a muslim majority nations, venezuela north korea. her supreme court panel to break it down and give us some predictions. the constitutional accountability center and gayle trotter who is an attorney and political analysts. i will start with you. how do you think the supreme court will rule on this? is the travel ban constitutional or not? >> it's entirely constitutional. president trump is that of the department of homeland security to multiagency worldwide review
10:41 am
on every country may determine certain countries that did not provide enough information for the united states to that whether citizens could enter safely in the vast majority of the countries that were looked at in review are not part of the proclamation and the majority of muslim majority countries were not part of this proclamation. >> you think it is constitutional? elizabeth, do you agree? >> i do not agree. the president has significant discussion with immigration matters, but is also bounded by the constitution which says we do not discriminate against people based on religion and the president's comments have made very clear he intended this to be a muslim then. other legal windowdressing does not change that fact. he's also limited by what congress has said about how the president can exercise his discretion. congress has said clearly you cannot discriminate on the basis
10:42 am
of nationality or place of residence. this proclamation from the muslim travel ban fails on both counts. >> you can read the statutes written there clearly. she says the president cannot discriminate on nationality based on immigrant visas, but it doesn't relate to whether or not someone is entitled to enter the country in the first place. the statutory language and constitution gives the president wide authority for foreign policy reasons, national security reasons to make sure anyone attempting to enter this country is that it has been days. >> you're looking at me like you want to respond. >> that is a fundamental value in this country trying in the very first amendment to the constitution. you cannot have a preference for one religion over another. it's absolutely clear it applies to every action.
10:43 am
>> one point you actually brought up in that is how much does the president trump as a candidate during the campaign, how much does that matter? justice kennedy who's the deciding vote if anything is said in a campaign from a relative what do you think? >> the justices did not questions and remarks both in the campaign and after donald trump can president. the supreme court has said time and time again in discrimination cases that the context to which policy was that matters. that is my comments about these anti-muslim comments are relevant to the decision of the supreme court is going to render most likely this week. >> chief justice roberts had a great question about that in the oral argument. you are saying the campaign pavements of a presidential campaign would not be protected by the first amendment in the
10:44 am
sense that if we understood president trump wanted to initiate a strike against theory which is a muslim majority country, he would be able to because it would have an impact on the muslim population which is an absurd suggestion. i can also be applied to this as well. the campaign statements were made before president trump took the oath of office. >> they guided his policy. >> not necessarily. not necessarily. even the statement for each of the oath of office, once he takes the oath of office he becomes the president. and he has to be able to act. you have to have the full force of his ability under foreign policy. >> this is exactly what the supreme court justices will be looking on in considering in a very big week. thank you for stopping by. coming up, an explosion and fire rocked the german apartment building in the surrounding area. why fire officials say it was
10:45 am
difficult to control. >> some parts of the country seemed very wet weather while others are bracing for summer heat and humidity. meteorologist adam klotz with this potential. >> all that heat firing a beard looking at areas from north texas all the way across the mississippi delta. some of these could be tornadoes overnight. tracking the details coming up after the break. come here, babe. ok. nasty nighttime heartburn? try new alka-seltzer pm gummies. the only fast, powerful heartburn relief plus melatonin so you can fall asleep quickly. ♪ oh, what a relief it is!
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kristin: elate an explosion and fire destroyed a multi-story apartment building in germany injuring 25 people. four of them severely. the explosion was so strong that it destroyed the attic in the top three floors of the building. >> following president trump summit with north korean tater kim jong un in singapore. anti-u.s. propaganda is reportedly being removed from high profile locations in north korea. there's also been a suspension of military training exercises in south korea following the president's promise of such. author of the book nuclear showdown and gordon chang joins us now. nice to see you as always, sir. we understand there's been about
10:50 am
100 cache just been delivered from south korea to north korea to people who need to bring home remains of u.s. service members. it brings back as the wall street journal brought up to 20 elevenths dory windbreaks also began to have a diplomatic folic north korea in north korea return a british fighter pilot and in great britain when they got the remains back, they did some dna analysis indicated that be the remains of a dog a sort of profoundly sick as that is, is a cautionary tale? >> is certainly is. to think it was 2005 when the north koreans returned the ashes of japanese abject tease. the united states has had difficulty in repatriating remains for north korea. we stopped at exercise in 2005
10:51 am
in part due to concerns about the safety of u.s. personnel in the north. things are different this time, but we've always got to be concerned about what the north koreans will do. >> there needs to be more than a healthy dose of skip the system, fair? >> certainly. the whole thing about the summit is we are giving north koreans a chance to come into the international community to take a page that is different from what his father and grandfather did. if the north koreans don't take advantage of this opportunity, if they don't open up to the world and give us remains, then we have to have a different policy. what is right for president trump to at least open up the door and see what north koreans will do. >> mike pompeo spoke to that point. take a listen. >> for decades, the north korean leadership, chairman can become father and grandfather like
10:52 am
believed the nuclear program was their security and it provided them with regime stability and security. we've now flipped the narrative. i believe we have convinced the nuclear program presents a threat to him. >> is the kim regime so convinced that the secretary seems to think they are, in the past 10 days in the summit they haven't done much to take a step towards denuclearization, towards inviting inspectors in and giving up nuclear weapons. >> pompeo second trip to north korea. he has north koreans to surrender about five nuclear devices in a show of good faith. they didn't do it. as the joint statement negotiated inside the summit is extraordinarily weak. nonetheless we will know soon. within a month or so, we will have a good bead on what the north koreans really want to do. if they want to open up that's
10:53 am
great. if they want to give up their weapons this would be fantastic. they need to clearly pivot and start to apply the pressure we have let up on. >> north koreans have been master showman anything from the way they say they are carried down propaganda to the whole idea when they blew up their nuclear reactor in need of big show about it and blow up tunnels that exploded a few artillery shells at the blood, and they are disintegrating. what should be the red line for the administration? how do you decide were not going to let the north koreans deplane us along? >> i think it's a question of time. we set a deadline of say 45 days to get a clear commitment from north koreans to give up all their weapons. more important to have the inspections. we don't get that and that's the point where we need to change policies. they said their nuclear test site but they didn't allow them
10:54 am
in to watch the site. another bad sign. >> intelligence analyst to watch the video. the president willing to walk away when he canceled a summit out right in north koreans came crawling back. thank you here we've got to run. >> the summer heat could get away to severe weather and thunderstorms in some parts of the country. meteorologist adam klotz at the fox weather center tracking it all. >> hither, kristen. be cute across the southern portion of the country. this is an area we are really paying attention to throughout the afternoon and evening hours and eventually overnight beginning to see big storms firing up. where are we talking about? stretching portions of north texas close to oklahoma city all the way across the south with the mississippi delta and nashville. all of these areas included. large hail, heavy rain and
10:55 am
isolated tornado is not of the question. an hour by hour forecast. another round of big storms fire up late tonight getting towards 1:00 a.m. where you can view this moving across the country. otherwise it is really hot across the country. getting into the 90s right now for the next couple days. spots will be running across the southern tier of the country at 105 degrees. going to be really hot here next week. >> i'm from texas. i like the heat. i can take it. >> it's the humidity. the air. thanks, adam. >> the question is we can see the celebrations for the world cup in full swing. last-minute very they got these fans. somebody will recognize those flags.
10:56 am
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11:00 am
you can weigh in on twitter which you thought it was. the fans in germany or kristin fisher's reaction. >> i'm looking forward to the iranian team to play tomorrow. >> on that note, it's been great having you. we'll see you next weekend. "fox news sunday" is next. >>chris: widespread confusion on our southern border as president trump flips on separating immigrant families but doubles down on his zero-tolerance policy against those entering the u.s. illegally. ♪.>> our first duty and our highest loyalty is to the citizens of the united states. we want safety in our country. we want border security. >> the president must continue to act to deal with these problems which he can do on his own. >>chris: we will discuss what the president will do next and if congress can pass immigration reform with republican congressman - - chair of the


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