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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 25, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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waiting for. all five co hosts did the 23 and me test to see what our dna is. we'll have the big reveal on that show. "the five" here on fox news. thanks for joining me. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 at the white house. we expect sarah sanders to address reporters during this news hour. expect questions on immigration with the president tweeting people who cross the border illegally should get deported without hearings. ahead, doing away with due process? also, big decisions from the united states supreme court on cases that touch everything from voting rights to same sex marriage and discrimination. plus, the american icon harley-davidson sending some motorcycle production jobs overseas after europe retailated for president trump's import taxes.
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we'll explain what is happening. and the dow on a dive. it's been down more than 2% in the last five minutes. the s&p 500 close to that. the nasdaq down more than 2.5%. we'll explain what is happening to the money. let's get to it. good monday afternoon from the fox news deck. president trump session people that cross the border illegally should get deported immediately. no trial, no judge, no lawyer, no due process. the president doubled down on twit they are morning, a day after he compared undocumented immigrants to invaders. president trump wrote hire manage thousand judges and going through a long and complicated legal process is not the way to go. we'll always be dysfunction. people must be stopped at the border and told they cannot come
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into the united states illegally. children brought back to their country. of course, no president can order such a thing. that would be a violation of due process as described in the fifth and 14th amendments to the constitution. on judges, there are around 330 immigration judges currently on staff across our nation. in the budget there's funds to hire about 150 more. not thousands, which is president has said repeatedly. this as fall-out continues over the trump administration's zero tolerance policy which split up more than 2,000 children from their parents at the border. president trump signed an executive order last week to stop separating migrant families after days of global outrage, including criticism from members of his own party. the president said he wants strong borders and no crime. meantime gop congressional leaders are trying to put together an immigration bill that will get enough democratic
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and republican support to pass. we'll have the latest from capitol hill with the details on that ahead. a live look at the white house where the press secretary sarah sanders is expected to take to the podium during this news hour. we'll bring you her comments questions from reporters once it all begins. let's go to the white house. john roberts is live on the north lawn. hello, john. >> shep, good afternoon. a lot to talk to the press secretary about this afternoon including president's declaration in the oval office that people are proposing to hire 5,000 more immigration judges to deal with the backlog. he thinks that's a ridiculous idea. the problem with that statement is, we can't find anywhere where anyone asked for 5,000 jobs. 750 was the number that ted cruz was talking about. so that leaves an open question as to who was asking for that many judges. the president insisting that congress continues to need to act here to do something about this. the problem is not dealing with
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illegal immigrants once they cross the border. it's stopping them from crossing the border before they enter into the united states. the oval office, the president said he's pleased with the executive order he signed last week shooting down reports that he didn't want to sign it but he insists it's up to congress to act and change the law. listen here. >> we want strong borders and we want no crime. the democrats want open borders and they don't care about crime. >> over the weekend the president getting a measure of support from what would be an unusual corner. the former secretary of homeland security, jay johnson, homeland security secretary in the obama administration, kind of backed up the president a little bit in the president's call to increase the detention for families that come across the border illegally. jay johnson did the same thing. listen here. >> we believe it's necessary at the time and i still believe it's necessary to maintain a certain capability for families.
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we can't have catch and release. in my three years, we repatriated over a million people. >> can't have catch and release. that's exactly the same thing that president trump is saying. one other point here, shep, still no word from the california judge, judge dolly gee who the white house requested last week to change the law so that children could be detained with their parents to for a period of time. we may hear from her by the end of the week. secretary james mattis said the goodfellow air force base outside of san angelo will be hopped up to the department of homeland security to house these immigrants. >> shepard: and the president was going anniversary maxine waters. >> yes. this is after a speech she made in california after sarah huckabee sanders was asked to
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leave a restaurant. she says she wants people to harass the president's workers and push them out of wherever they are. leading president trump to treat congressman woman maxine waters, an extraordinarily low i.q. person has become the face of the democrat party. she called for harm to supporters of which this are many of the make america great again movement. be care what you wish for, max. even nancy pelosi pushed back on what maxine waters said. she said in the crucial months ahead, we have to strive to make america beautiful again. trump's daily lack of civility has provoked responses that are predictable but unacceptable. we have to conduct elections that achieve unity from sea to shining sea. a lot of folks mad, shep. >> shepard: seems to be a pattern. thanks, john. good to see you. for more on fox's top story after president trump said that people crossing the border
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illegally should be deported without a hearing before a judge, without due process, let's turn to stephen mullroy from the justice department a former federal prosecutor as well. he's a law professor at the university of memphis. go tigers or something. nice to see you. thank you. >> thank you. geaux tigers. >> due process is in the fifth and 14th amendment. can a president do away with due process? >> no, shepard. the president doesn't have that authority. the u.s. constitution's due process protections apply to all u.s. citizens both here and a broad and to all persons who are present in the united states whether they're citizens or not. that is something that the president does not have the unilateral power to change. >> shepard: i've been watching this while away on vacation the last 1 1/2 weeks or so. seeing the pictures of these children in cages and knowing that we can't see all of the reality inside these facilities.
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you know, you wonder, is there a rule anywhere that what the government is doing of, by and for the people should be transparent and seeable by the people? >> you certainly like to think that that kind of transparency would take place. we have the laws of the freed of information act. the government is supposed to promptly answer questions. i don't know if the way these people are treated fall within any of the statutory ex-so soa- shuns -- exceptions of the freedom of information act. and the flores case, where a judge ordered how these family situations at the border should with handled, does say the parents are supposed to be in regular condition tact with the children. so this lack of communication, if you will, seems arguably to
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be a violation of that as well. >> shepard: and who would have standing to make such a complaint with the system? >> seems to me that any parent of a child who can't find his or her child or be reunited promptly with his or her child would have standing to raise such a constitutional challenge. certainly if the department of justice tried to do what president trump suggested and start deportation without giving someone a hearing, any such person to that action would immediately have standing to challenge that before a judge. >> shepard: there's one matter that john roberts just mentioned, a ruling on which we're awaiting now, regarding -- right now the rule is you can hold a family for 20 days. >> correct. >> shepard: nothing longer than that. the question before the judge is could such a thing continue indefinitely? what is your read on that? >> it might very well been with the discretion of the judge who
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is currently overseeing the decrease to extend the time beyond 20 days. i don't think there would be the authority to make it indefinite. indefinite detention without access to a hearing or other types of protections i think might run afoul of some of the very due process protections that the flores agreement was trying to serve. it raises some real troubling constitutional questions. >> very good to hear from you. >> thank you. >> shepard: a matter of fact here, the united states government is at this moment holding young children as young as infants we're told by the government alone, separate from their parents in conditions about which we have no information, in places to which we have no access and from which no pictures have been shown to
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the public. that's a fact. president trump has told republicans to stop wasting time on immigration for now implying there isn't a way to get anything done but lawmakers are apparently not ready to give up or at least not ready to see their constituent see them give up. ahead the bill they're preparing, how it could affect everything from the proposed walls to the dreamers looking for citizenship. that's coming up from the fox news deck on this monday. great to have you in. ig deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla.
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>> dana: the house of representatives is expected to vote on another immigration bill sometime this week. the first one failed last week. it's unclear in the compromise bill has enough republican support to pass. the house was originally supposed to vote on that bill thursday. paul ryan delayed the vote after a more hardline conservative bill failed. hse gop leaders still pushing forward with the bill even though president trump told them to stop wasting their time on immigration and wait until they get more political power presumably after the mid-terms. our senior producer for capitol hill, chad pergram is live on the hill. what is the status here, chad? >> we don't know when this vote is going to come. it could come tomorrow. i just got a hand signal before we came on the air they don't think that will be the case. more likely a wednesday or
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thursday project. republican members and aides worked to retool the bill. they wanted to change some provisions that dealt with agricultural workers and e verify to make sure the people on the farms were legal to be here. it's not a done deal that it will get the votes. when you talk to aides, they're skeptical that anything can pass in the house of representatives at all. that's why some people were skeptical that they would vote this week. kevin mccarthy said that they would vote and win, lose or draw, look at the bill that failed last week. some people think they put too much emphasis on that bill and consider the differences of what is in the bill. there's a path to citizen schist in the bill that they will consider the next couple days and $25 billion in hard money, full appropriations, for the border wall. if that's not enough to get people to vote for it, it's a real problem, shep. what does that tell you? it tells you that house republicans are more interesting
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in blocking that pathway to citizenship for daca recipients than the border wall. >> shepard: what is the explanation why the president would say stop doing what he wants done? >> again, this is the back and forth. a couple weeks ago, the president sent a tweet where they were preparing this bill and said wait a minute, i'm not for the more moderate one. everybody went scrambling around, not sure what bill they would vote on, what bill he was talking about. they were supposed to the a whip check where they count the votes to see if they had the votes. they delayed that. here they are a week lawyer. that's why it's so compelling that republicans will forge ahead with this vote in some way, shape or form. i should note that probably next in the cue, maybe not this week, probably sometime after the july 4th recess, we're told there could be a vote on a narrow legislation that addresses the border separation policy. they won't look at that until they get this bill off the
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table, win, lose or draw later this week. >> shepard: the one that includes the path to citizenship and the $25 billion for a wall. that's dead on arrival in the senate. >> yeah. you have to get 60 votes to clear a filibuster in the senate. shelly moore, the republican senator from west virginia, she chairs the homeland security appropriations subcommittee. that's the subcommittee charged with providing the funding for the wall. she met with the president a week ago today. they prepared her bill to the tune of $1.6 billion for a border wall. she called it a down payment. that's code for we don't have that much money. keep in mind the size of the homeland security appropriations bill. $55 billion. it's capped unsequestration. you would be allocating $25
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billion in that bill alone. that dog won't hunt. democrats are willing to sign on, john tester from montana, who does not see eye to eye with the president, keep in mind how they went at it over ronny jackson, the failed v.a. secretary nominee, he's the top democrat and he's sign off on it. if they provide some border wall funding, it will be to the tune of $1.6 billion. >> shepard: chad, thanks so much. >> any time. >> shepard: one of the president's top advisers is getting set to travel to russia. have you heard about this? it's the first step before a possible summit between president trump and the president of russia, the former kgb agent, vladimir putin. he shirtless on horses fame. he's meddling in our elections fame. and he of shooting down jets fame and he of annexed -- you
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remember. ahead, what could be up for discussion and what is at stake. that is as we wait for the white house press briefing which is scheduled to start a few minutes from now. when it does start, even if the middle of a commercial break, we'll break out so you miss none. america's choice for news and information on cable. you do all this research
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>> shepard: the national security adviser, john bolton, is prepared to head to moscow this week paving the way for what could be a summit between president trump and the russian president vladimir putin. the two leaders have met twice that we know about since president trump won the white house. but both discussions happened on the sidelines of larger global summits. this meeting, if it happens, would be in theory a formal
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sit-down to discuss pressing issues between the two countries including russian interference in the u.s. elections, the syrian civil war and so much more. critics say they're concerned that putin, a trained kgb officer, will have the upper hand when negotiating one-on-one with president trump and the us is might lose some ground. the president has said that improving relations with russia would be a good thing. some lawmakers say a summit handled properly could show putin that the united states will not back down. john bolton has been a critic of putin over the years and we're learning more about what he will be pushing for in moscow. for that let's go to rich edson live at the state department. john bolton has a high level of series of meetings scheduled. is that right? >> he does. john bolton will be meeting with russian foreign minister sergey lavrov. that's according to russian state media. a national security spokes pe
12:24 pm
person said both will in moscow for high level meetings and discussing a better relationship with russia and the potential for a u.s.-russian meeting. button will be the first one to go to russian since rex tillerson went in may of last year. bolton and the u.s. and russia would need to decide logistics for any type of meeting the president would have with the russian president. president trump will be in europe next month for the nato summit. so it's expected if there's something agreed to, it could be around there. russian foreign minister, sergey lavrov said we're open to a dialogue with the u.s. on all issues. undoubtedly normalizing bilateral relations would go a long way of promoting effective and closer interaction in the international arena. secretary of state mike pompeo says he wants to build a better relationship with the russian government. he worked with the russian government on counter terrorism
12:25 pm
issues, but still significant problems. pompeo referenced the interference in the 2016 presidential election, shep. >> shepard: some officials, rich, are arguing against closer relationships with russia. explain the reasons. >> given the conduct of the russian government the last couple years, going back to ukraine and the seizure of crimea in 2014, continued russian involvement, the poisoning of a russian spy in the united kingdom and then the issue of syria. the russian government has just violated a cease fire agreement in the southwest portion of the country. mike pompeo suggested that the critical nature of the adhere reese of the cease fire agreement, once again russia flouting arrangements they entered into with no regard for civilian lives. the state department says discussions of trying to improve
12:26 pm
relationships with russia have been on going since well before secretary pompeo arrived. >> shepard: rich, thanks. sarah sanders is set to take the podium at the white house briefing any moment now. we'll take you there as it starts. keeping an eye on the dow. trade dragged stocks down. we were down more than 2% at one point. barely on the dow. more than 2% on the nasdaq. close to 3% on the s&p -- i should say close to 3% on the s&p 500. 34 minutes left in the trading day. we'll keep an update throughout this news hour. hasn't left my side. with the right steps, 80% of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented. a bayer aspirin regimen is one step to help prevent another stroke. so, i'm doing all i can to stay in his life. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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12:29 pm
fire crews responding to an explosion and fire and searching the building when the shooting started. wild fires in california threatening hundreds of houses and businesses forcing thousands of people from their homes. this is lake county north of san francisco. emergency workers say hot and windy conditions have been making things worse. the fires have destroyed a dozen buildings so far. and here's a weird one. the coast guard is searching for a pay lot that ran from a small plane after he illegally landed it on a beach in new jersey. witnesses caught video of the plane flying erratically before it landed. it happened last night in cape may. 70 miles from philadelphia. updates as we get them. derate to severe crohn's disease. then i realized something was missing... me. my symptoms were keeping me from being there. so, i talked to my doctor and learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease
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>> shepard: bottom of the hour, top of the news. the white house briefing is about set to start now. we'll bring you that. while we wait for that, the supreme court is set to hand down major decisions this week as they wrap up its term before
12:32 pm
the summer session. the big one here, whether the current version of president trump's travel ban is legal. right now it bans people from five muslim majority countries from entering the united states and bans people from north korea and venezuela. critics say it's all racist. the trump administration says it protects national security. the fox business network's christina is live with more. hi, christina. >> hi, shep. this does involve the state of hawaii. they're saying the president and his executive order and the muslim ban, if you want to call it that, is above his political powers as president. they believe he doesn't have the right because he's discriminating based on nationality and violating religious freedoms. right now the administration has responded back saying that's not the case. this is more of a concern of national security and not one about religious freedoms. the court is expected to rule on
12:33 pm
this as early as tomorrow. we could get a ruling wednesday as well. >> shepard: what about other cases we're watching, christina? >> there's so much going on this week, which is why i'm in washington. let's start with the unions. a case involving whether nonunion membership continues to pay fees to public unions across the country. so in 1977, the supreme court ruled that unions could charge other fees if they negotiate higher salaries. they're potentially benefitting so they should pay in the union is negotiating that. now the case goes forward as to whether the nonunions should continue to do so. that could change the financial stability of public unions going forward. another major case that is being discussed or being pretty much pushed out of the court involves making a murder -- you remember that tv show on netflix, the documentary? there's brendon vassey. he was 16 years old in the show.
12:34 pm
he confessed to murdering a woman and this was in 2005. he was convicted in 2007. his lawyer saying that that is unfair. h suffers from mental instability. he was coerced into confessing to the crimes. they say there's no physical evidence. the court has ruled that we don't want to deal with this. they haven't ruled. they're just passing it on the lower courts. last but not least, another one involving a florist. a florist that didn't want to serve or sell flowers to a gay couple. the supreme court has decided that they're going to let that case be debated in the lower courts. this comes after the supreme court did rule in favor for a colorado baker that refused to make a came for a gay couple. the supreme court felt that the colorado baker had the right to refuse to make a cake for the gay couple. the florist will be discussed in
12:35 pm
lower court. so there's the decision of discriminating against certain types of people. so many unanswered questions, shep. >> shepard: thanks, christina. >> thank you. >> shepard: stocks are on track for the biggest loss in more than two months. after reports that president trump does plan to limit chinese investments in the united states tech companies. our corporate cousins are now reporting that the administration also wants to limit some tech exports to china. the treasury secretary, steven mnuchin has responded. he said it won't be just china facing new restrictions but all countries that are trying to steal u.s. technology. right now the dow is down just less than 400 points at 1.6%. the s&p 500 down 46 or about 1.7%. the nasdaq off close to 200 pounds at 2.5% on the session today. last week european union officials announced more than $3
12:36 pm
billion worth of new tariffs on u.s. products including harley-davidson motorcycles and bourbon generally from kentucky and cranberries. they're retaliating about the president's new tariffs on steel and alu up ports. harley-davidson says they will move some manufacturing to the united states to overseas so american jobs are going to be chopped. they say the tariffs on their products shift to europe have gone from 6%, from which they have been paying to 31% or a 25% hike. that could lose, the company could, between $90 and $100 million during a calendar year. the fox business network's jeff flock is live from illinois harley-davidson in the city of countryside outside of chicago. hello, jeff. >> shep, hello. this is where the rubber is meeting the road on this trade
12:37 pm
policy. that kind of the tariff increase, the company says there's no way they can pass that on to consumers in europe. so they have to move production overseas. the president has criticized people that move production overseas. i don't know how they can criticize harley-davidson. it's because of the steel and the aluminum tariffs to put the numbers up a bike now in europe cost more than $2,000 more than it would before the tariffs. so you know, it's a tough situation. a great american company. you have to do business where you can do business. right now it doesn't make sense to make a bike here and ship it overseas, which is what they've done for years. >> shepard: jeff, harley people went into a good bit of detail about how much money this will cost the company and for the time being they're not going to pass it on to consumers. >> right. because they can't. keep in mind, we're talking about bikes in the european
12:38 pm
union right now. the ones behind me at this shop here will not be affected. but if you make bikes here and ship them to europe, that's where the tariff bites. to put some other numbers up that puts this in perspective on how important it is to harley, the u.s. market has been shrinking. sales in the u.s. down double digits. in europe, it's a growing market. millennials here don't like the big harley bikes. they want something smaller. in europe, great cache. made in the u.s.a. label is very important to folks there. now they're going to be made in brazil and thailand and, you know, places not in the u.s. >> jeff flock. live in countryside, illinois. let's go to aaron back from the "wall street journal" and spent years reporting in beijing. the "wall street journal"'s parent company and fox news channel's parent company share ownership, a lot of big news in
12:39 pm
trade that really we haven't heard a lot about. all of a sudden there's a trade war brewing what does this mean for people? >> you're right. the trend is lower and lower trade barriers, lower tariffs. suddenly the market is confused. the harley story shows there's cost and unintended consequences. when you shut yourself off from global trade, may mean that more manufacturing goes abroad, not stays in the united states. >> remember when the president had the harley people on the front lawn? it was a big day. happened in this hour. ha a lot of harley products out there and what a great american icon harley-davidson is. it is. harley-davidson, an american icon. >> it's not just the fact there's import tariffs, costs are higher because of the steel tariffs and the import tariffs and now they're getting retaliated against. this is not good news for harley-davidson. >> so the game is at some point, one side or the other one side
12:40 pm
will blink. eventually unless we shut everybody's economy down. apparently the thing is that everybody else will blink. what is your take? >> the technology investment policies being unveiled against china make sense. china has a certain track of stealing intellectual properties onside. the smart thing would be to get our allies and make a presiding front against china and say stop it or else. the administration started by putting tariffs against europe and japan. the result made it more difficult to get more or our side against the chinese. now it's we blink first or they do. that's not a great position to be in. >> shepard: what are we doing in canada? >> you got me. >> shepard: we have never really
12:41 pm
had this sort of a conflict with canada. >> we do have one or two legitimate complaints. >> shepard: we have dairy. the wood. >> yeah. the tpp, the trans pacific partnership, would have negotiated away a lot of those dairy barriers. at the same time, it would have accomplished what i was talking about, bringing japan, australia, countries like that onside in a large free trading area that would have put us in a better negotiating position. >> shepard: this is not remotely related to conservativisconserv. >> obviously not. >> shepard: good luck. thanks for coming by. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> shepard: the press pressing was supposed to begin ten minutes ago. when that starts, we'll bring it to you. the president heading to south carolina in a number of
12:42 pm
hours, a move to rally his base. have you heard about this? 's an important run-off within the republican party. we'll preview that and update you on the congressional candidate that was critically injured in a car crash. first, the patriarch of "pawn stars" has died. the navy veteran opened a gold and silver shop in las vegas and brought his son and grandson into the business. a history channel series about that shop became quite the hit. harrison's rick said the show -- through the show his father has touched the lives of people all over teaching them the value of loving your family, hard work and humor. richard harrison was surrounded by his family and died peacefully. that from a statement from the pawn shop. richard harrison was 77 years
12:43 pm
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>> shepard: the president is headed to south carolina today to try to seal the deal for one of his earliest backers now in a primary run-off that will test just how much clout the trump brand has with republican voters this cycle. at least in south carolina. the president set to headline a rally tonight for the incumbent governor there, henry mcmaster. he beat his challenger, the business man, john warren, by about 50,000 votes earlier this month. that margin was not big enough for mcmaster to win outright. you have to get 50% and he didn't. so voters head back to the polls tomorrow. the analysts say they expect the turnout will be low, though warren is rallying his own supporters saying that president trump wouldn't be coming here if it was president close. trace gallagher has more. trace? >> shep, for governor mcmasters this is a big 1-2 punch.
12:47 pm
mike pence spoke for a rally on saturday and the president is hoping to seal the deal tonight. even know the governor won the primary by 53,000 votes, it's not impossible by any stretch for business man john warren to overcome that during tomorrow's run-off. president trump is very popular in south carolina. his approval rating among republicans there is 80% and his tweets about tonight's rally have already been shared more than 200,000 times with the president saying things like this, quoting we'll be heading to one of my favorite places, south carolina, to fight for one of my original fighters, governor henry mcmaster in 2016, henry mcmaster was above the few big names south carolina republicans that came out early in favor of donald trump and the president has certainly not forgotten that. even mcmaster's opponent, john warren, has billed himself as being kind of a trump-like outsider. shep? >> shepard: trace, what are you learning about the condition of
12:48 pm
the south carolina congressional candidate, katie arrington, a terrible wreck? >> we're told she's had numerous surgeries but stable. she was a passenger in a car hit by a a wrong way drive friday night from hilton head highway. the driver of the other car was killed. listen now to arrington's trauma surgeon. watch. >> i expect based on my experience with her, she will progress quickly. she's been very strong through this entire event. really has responded as a patient much younger in years than her two age. >> arrington, a state representative, defeated mark sanford in the gop primary. sanford has been a staunch critic of president trump.
12:49 pm
because of her car crash, her democratic opponent said he will stop campaigning until further notice. shep? >> shepard: trace, thank you. ahead, north korea cancels a big event. could be of promising sign as the president and pyongyang work towards peace. first, a big day for women in saudi arabia. have you heard about this? at long last, now in the year 2018, the governor has decided to allow women to drive. man, saudi arabia, you are leading the charge for people around the world! we'll get to that and take you to the white house briefing when it begins on fox news channel. dear great-great-grandfather, you turned a family recipe into a brewing empire before prohibition took it all away. i promised our family i'd find your lost recipe. by tracing our history on ancestry, i found the one person who still had it. now, i'm brewing our legacy back to life.
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>> shepard: women in saudi
12:53 pm
arabia finally allowed to drive. yesterday the country lifted a ban that forced women into the back seat which meant they had to plan their schedules around when men could drive them somewhere. some images of the historic moment in our slide show. you look at this stuff and -- what? look at this. the traffic cop here is giving a woman some flowers on day one of the whole driving thing. in the past, the women have been protected by the ban. many face losing their jobs or right to travel, this next woman showing off her driver's license. an instructor at a driving school. there's four schools for about 10 million women of driving age. there you have it. women, you're really making a progress in the saudi. breaking news as the white house news briefing or i should say press briefing that was scheduled to begin 23 minutes ago is just starting. sarah sanders at the podium. let's listen. >> a hollywood actor encouraged
12:54 pm
people to kidnap my children. a member of congress called for people to push back and make clear for those in this administration are not welcome anywhere any time for anything. healthy debate on ideas and political philosophy is important. the calls for harassment and push for any trump supporter to avoid the public is unacceptable. america is a great country. our ability to find solutions despite those disagreements is what makes us unique. that's exactly what president trump has done for all americans by building a booming economy with record low unemployment for african americans and hispanics. the defeat of isis and the ongoing work to achieve peace on the korean peninsula. the president spoke with the new president of columbia and congratulated him on his electoral victory. president trump noted the strong partnership between the two
12:55 pm
countries and discussed the challenges they face as he enters office. we're working a call between the president and the president of turkey to re-affirm our strong bond. we encourage turkey to take steps to strengthen their democracy. lastly, and on a slightly lighter and more positive note, it should be an exciting national championship at the college world series. since the arkansas razorbacks will be taking on oregon state starting tonight in omaha. go hogs. with that, i'll take your question. >> talk about the president's tweet over the weekend that he said people cross the border illegally and should be sent back with no court cases and no judges. does the believe that the undocumented immigrants have no right whatsoever? >> virtual all americans agree
12:56 pm
that no illegal alien should set foot on american soil and go through a five to five year process to be removed. thousands are removed every month without seeing an immigration judge as a result of procedures in current law, including voluntary removal and ex-special dieted removal. because you don't see a judge doesn't mean you're not seeing due process. the president is focused on securing our borders to prevent the crisis at the boreder from getting worse. >> you're say nothing judges, no court cases so no opportunity to claim asylum and no opportunity to hear their case before a judge. >> no. because you don't see a judge doesn't mean you're not receiving due process. the president would like to see -- stop people from illegally entering the country at all. we would like to have security borders. the democrats want open borders. the president would like to secure the borders and have an easy and legal immigration process and come the right way,
12:57 pm
not the wrong way. john? >> in addition to what john was asking, under current law and you spoke to this, contiguous countries to the easy like mexico and canada, people can be removed on an expedited basis, they can be taken to the nearest border crossing and sent back. does the president want to implement that type of policy for people from noncontiguous countries? is that what he's looking for? >> the president would like to seymour expedited removal. but ultimately the president would like to see our border secured so that we don't have all of these problems to begin with. the president wants to fix our immigration system completely, not tinker with it. he wants us to have a system that works and he wants a security border. he doesn't believe in the philosophy that democrats do, that we should have open borders. he wants to stop that hand stop the crime that comes in the country and that's what we do and we want congress to work with us. >> the president said in the
12:58 pm
oval office that people have proposed adding 5,000 judges. who is proposed to add 5,000 judges? there's 750. >> there's a number of propos s proposals. quite a few that we've seen. we laid out what we've seen. blake? >> going to ask you about a couple statements on trade. what is the president's reaction to the harley-davidson announcement today? does he still feel that tariffs are the way to go? >> the president's trade and economic policies have been a huge benefit to the american economy. this inclaude over 300,000 manufacturing jobs. unemployment is at a 3.8%, the lowest since 2000. manufacturing confidence is at historic highs. the european union is attempting to punish u.s. workers with unfair and discriminatory trade policies and the president will continue to push for free, fair and reciprocal trade in hopes that the e.u. will join us in that. >> on the story about chinese
12:59 pm
investments, curtailing chinese hostile tech investments, steve mnuchin said five hours ago, a statement would be forthcoming. we still don't have it. what is the administration's stance on this? >> again, as the secretary said a statement would go out targeting all countries trying to steal our technology. we expect that to be out soon. we'll keep you posted. john? >> on immigration, in terms of what the president envisioned for the immigration policy that he would like to see put in place, should asylum seekers be able to get their case heard before an immigration judge? >> certainly there is a process in order to go through. there's points of entry that asylum seekers should go to. we encourage them to work through the system and not come across the border illegally. in fact, anyone that goes through a port of entry seeking a -- asylum will not be
1:00 pm
prosecuted. >> and the question about harley-davidson. they announced in an sec filing that they're moving a significant amount of operations to europe because of the e.u. tariffs that were placed on the harley-davidson motorcycles. is this what the president envisioned for what the impact would be by placing tariffs on e.u. and the retaliation that the e.u. has put on the u.s.? >> the european union is trying to punish u.s. workers was they have engaged in repeatedly in unfair trade practices. the president is saying enough is enough. we would lake to work with the e.u. to work on a level playing field. >> the president today in the oval office sitting next to the king of jordan mentioned progress in the peace process. he didn't give us specifics. there's been a