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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 26, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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get it done, democrats want open borders and don't mind crime. >> reporter: tuesday, june 26th, donald trump unleashing on the left for their open border policy. republicans bracing ahead of the crucial vote on the compromise bill. rob: should anti-trump fbi agent peter stzrok testify on live tv? donald trump thinks he should as they wrap up the pressure on this document deadline. >> man's best friend turning into a lifesaver. the heroic police dog performing cpr. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪
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rob: you could probably stop me on a tuesday. and on tuesday. and on the couch. >> on the tuesday, a spirited rally, donald trump unleashing open border policies. >> they don't like border patrol, don't like police or anybody. democrats want to protect illegals coming into this country. rob: the president calling on congress to do something.
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immigration costs are heating up. >> the president at this rally in south carolina return to the issue that helped him when the white house, immigration. >> building the wall, fixing the wall, spending a lot of money and going for more and we will get it done but democrats want open borders and don't mind crime. >> reporter: for republicans in congress it is back to the drawing board as the house tries once again to take up immigration reform. there is this question of civility, and kicked out of a virginia restaurant over her politics. and maxine waters, more public confrontation, trump administration officials that later tried to clarify. >> democracy, you get the right
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to protest. peaceful protest is the civil way to do it. >> reporter: that raised concerns among democrats in congress. listens what nancy pelosi tweet in response, trump's daily lack responses that are predictable but unaffordable. a way that achieves unity from sea to shining sea but waters has her backers and has become a celebrity of the far left. >> tensions rise with china. and the aggressive military presence in disputed waters and ongoing peace negotiations with north korea. mattis is the president country to visit china since 2014. donald trump wrapping up moment
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on global stage. the two world leaders meeting to discuss the middle east peace plan, conduct, showering them with praise after the talks. >> all the support you have given the country, if the rest of the world took some humility and grace to help us we would be in a better position. jillian: dr. rebecca grant joins us earlier and donald trump deserves all the complement. >> donald trump natural diplomat and his style is so different, he wants to sit down with a world leaders. and shake her hands, look him in the eye, put out controversial ideas and react. heather: and humanitarian
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efforts in the middle east region. >> pulling off the high-stakes summit with north korea at a fiery rally in south carolina but the president slamming what he considers lack of media coverage. >> we are not looking up in the air, any rockets up there? japan is very happy, they haven't had a rocket shot over him in 7 months, they have blown up their site, no rocket test, no nuclear test, got no coverage. rob: he says the rogue nation has begun complete denuclearization which kim jong un has about to follow through with. >> peter stzrok publicly facing the american people. >> missing the deadline for alleged fbi informants. more on the fallout and what
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could be next for peter stzrok. >> reporter: the hearings will be televised if the president gets his wish tomorrow. tweeting about peter stzrok he writes, quote, the other hating fr t fbi and doj shown to the public on live television, not a closed-door hearing nobody will see. we should expose these people, there should be total transparency. this after the justice department refused to answer questions by house until committee chair devon nunez, and the use of fbi informants in the 2016 campaign. nunez had given rod rosenstein a deadline of 5:00 pm yesterday and responded many requests related documents and information regarding issues for
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controversial human sources in the custody and control of the fbi. the fbi retains and has the ability to reduce documents requested, and to protect confidential human sources and methods. >> a valid subpoena that has not been responded to appropriately. and going to have four actions this week on the house floor where we compel them to turn over documents. >> reporter: christopher ray testified thursday before the house judiciary committee on the ig report during the 2016 election, a group of republican lawmakers requested rosenstein hand over the names of every single person working on the russia probe. we will see how much of it gets in the hands of the people.
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>> massive voter registration error affecting more people than originally thought. a computer glitch at the maryland nba could affect as many as 80,000 voters, four times as many then officials first estimated over the weekend, the issue related to changes they made to address or party affiliation on nba website. those affected will use provisional ballots. maryland one of 7 states holding elections today, urging people to vote at a rally in south carolina. >> please get your [bleep] out tomorrow and vote. you got to get out and vote. heather: donald trump rallying for henry mcmasters up against john warren in a runoff today. mcmaster was the first a white elected official to endorse the trump campaign. that is where mitt romney is
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against mike kennedy in the gop senate primary and chelsey manning on the ballot in maryland. rob: taking aim at late-night talkshow host scott jimmy fallon who he call they lost soul. >> jimmy fallon. the guy screws up my hair, going back and forth, he was so disappointed to find out it was real. if it is not your hair, don't run for office. do not run for office because the gig would be up. rob: this after jimmy fallon said he regretted the way he handled the interview with then candidate donald trump in 2016 when he playfully tussled his hair, that it humanized him.
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jillian: prince william making history, the future king of england stepping off the plane in tel aviv for the first ever official visit by the british royal family. >> he will visit with benjamin netanyahu and palestinian leader mark. abbas, the cambridge will visit the world holocaust remembrance center. 10 minutes after the hour a major ruling expected from the supreme court, a former federal attorney says the ban is constitutional it is live next to tell us why. >> they want to protect illegals coming into the country much more so than they want to protect you and that is not where we are coming from. >> donald trump railing against democrats in a fiery speech in south carolina. what did the voters think? stay right there. my day starts well before i'm even in the kitchen.
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15% or more on car insurance. rob: the supreme court ruling on several hot button issues as soon as today. donald trump's travel ban and forced union dues, two of the six left, and break it all down, former federal attorney, thanks for coming on this morning. what do you think will happen when we get some rulings? >> really those two are so crucial, the union and the travel ban, many waited with baited breath for both. >> let's start with the travel ban. they didn't think it was
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constitutional, it wasn't a muslim majority country, did that help at all? how will this go? >> it does help in the travel ban is constitutional, i believe firmly the supreme court will rule as such. the head of the department of homeland security, a multiagency comprehensive worldwide assessment doing background for this proclamation and the vast majority of countries will not make it into the proclamation and did not ultimately make it in, and failed to provide enough information to ascertain those citizens, and the president is circumscribed by the constitution and congress giving wide latitude in arenas of national security and public -- to assess citizens can enter the country. and bottom line the entries that
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come into play. here it will pass constitutional muster. heather: you can't that people coming from these countries that is a big part of the problem, the fact they are muslim countries, most of them is incidental. venezuela is there as well. do you think the president's campaign rhetoric is hurting him? >> more comments like champagne comments be irrelevant? by justice kennedy. and campaign comments were not protected by the comment and the surrounding, we can't prove that a candidate's electoral comment is the foundation for future policy and once taken the oath of office it does not matter, the policy matters in the vetting process, multi agency
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process will passed muster here. rob: let's move on to forced union dues, states that are not right to work, labor unions can force you to pay the dues even if you are not a member. >> in illinois union -- as you said in your intro, managing federal attorney, what i was just a staff attorney, in that agency, i had to pay mandatory union dues and when i got in i wrestled with the union in negotiation and in those grievance processes that could take that particular union in illinois is humongous and arguing i don't believe in what
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it is doing, and benefiting me and garnishing wages, they have to earn my dues, shouldn't be automatic. the background in context of automatic payment is past its prime and the supreme court should have likely will in plaintiff's favor. of the 20 have you felt the effects of neil gorsuch swinging more to the right? >> from my point of view he has come out as a reasonable obviously literal justice just as we expected. i believe in both cases we mentioned he will provide a conservative and strong votes the right, yes. jillian: it is 18 minutes after the hour. another reason to buildonald trump's wall, drug smugglers going high on the southern
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>> and weak spots on the southern border. and some drones carry drugs.
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border patrol investing in new radar to find them. >> official resignation shutdown over privacy concerns. and faces and crowds and invasion of privacy. finding criminals in pictures or videos. >> fox business alert, trade war fears dragging down the dow. >> checking how things are working. >> a lot of volatility on the markets as trade tensions escalate with china. the market came into pressure following news reports donald trump is preparing a plan that would curb exports to china and prevent chinese companies from investing in us tech firms which
2:24 am
because of these reports the nasdaq very tech heavy posted its worst day in three month but steve mnuchin later tweeted out, false claims, and down 500 points to close, dow futures up slightly by 17. >> we have been saying goodbye to toys "r quote us forever. >> since march they have been winding down operations but this is it. friday could be the last day, and some stores shutting down as early as today. any stores that have any merchandise left and this is the end of an era. party cities say they will be putting up some pop up toy stores to fill the void where toys "r quote us left without
2:25 am
any toy stores. >> toys "r quote us, blockbuster, what happened to my childhood. >> there are a few left. i want to say there are three. it is 25 after the hour. outrageous comments from the left this week and it is only tuesday. >> you get back down there and you tell them they are not welcome. >> we need to abolish ice, that seems really clear. rob: what do voters think of maxine waters promoting the harassment of trump administration officials in new york democrats in the next and's plan to abolish immigration and customs enforcement. jillian: lee carty here to break them down.
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>> the man accused of ambushing and killing aire captain expected to see a judge today. he is charged with murdering capt. david derosa, candlelight vigil is held outside the firehouse in long beach, california. and the retirement home to warn first responders and opened fire when they arrived, second firefighter was hit but will be okay. >> across the country putting themselves in harms way. capt. rosa answered the call to service in his community and paid the ultimate sacrifice. >> he leaves behind a wife and
2:30 am
two children. rob: the former sailor suing james comey and barack obama facing a major legal setback. the attorney has been disbarred after allegedly taking thousands of dollars from a dead client. he spent a year in prison for taking photos of a submarine, donald trump earlier this year, called his attorney's suspension retribution by the liberal court system. usama bin laden, terrified as sammy a will be deported back to his native for years. and whiteface torture back home. sammy a has denied any links to terrorism. >> and alex lazar. and debbie wasserman schultz denied entry into a detention facility. wasserman schultz getting tour
2:31 am
of a migrant shelter, new york times reporter says she praised the city saying they have colorful comforters, cherry art on the walls and were smiling. debbie wasserman schultz disagrees with the president's former policy of separating families. a supervolcano brewing beneath new england. scientists claim an enormous mass of molten rock is working its way believe massachusetts, vermont and new hampshire but there are no active volcanoes in the area. experts at rutgers university say an eruption wouldn't be possible for millions of years so we have a little time. jillian: the president firing up the crowd in south carolina as democrats continue to bash donald trump and his policies was the president and partner just for their comments and the president's dial test, those
2:32 am
numbers are justin right now. and looking at these -- let's start with maxine waters, this is getting really nasty. >> in a restaurant and department stores and gasoline stations. and tell them they are not welcome. >> you see how people are reacting. and independents way down there, giving democrats to see. across the aisle everybody says this rhetoric is completely inappropriate. lastly maxine waters set i meant peacefully protest. that is not what people heard.
2:33 am
you go bob these folks -- they didn't hear violence but didn't hear it is supposed to be peaceful and that is harassment and this is not what the american people want. jillian: this is after what happened last weekend with sarah sanders asked to leave a restaurant in virginia when she was there with her family. it is downright nasty and at the end of the day humans don't like to hear that. >> reporter: it makes people more likely to the president and administration that the consequence maxine waters would like to see it have. they >> cynthia nixon is in the news a lot. last week on the view she called front abolishment of ice. listen to this. >> we need to abolish ice. ice is relatively new, came in after september 11th, we have been handling immigration and customs for a long time, they have strayed so far from the interests of the american people and humanity, need to abolish
2:34 am
it. >> republicans gave it a b-even democrats don't like this, giving a to be. the assumption she has is that you agree with her. of course we have to do this. she didn't give context or explain why, that there was any reason to explain what we need to do better or differently and this assumption people i with a democrat or liberal policies is misguided. if she were try to message this better explain some context why she believes it. >> donald trump on democrats wanting illegal immigrants in the country. >> democrats want to protect illegals coming into this country some of whom are not good. some of whom cause lots of problems in the worst possible way, they want to protect illegals coming into the country
2:35 am
much more so than they want to protect you and that is not where we are coming from. >> republicans gave this na plus, independents started to drift down coming giving him is the. democrats gave him enough. what i think is interesting is where the pop was. when he talked about treating immigrants not better than people here, when he started talking about the issue is they want to protect you, they want to protect them, not us. this america first message works, not the fear-based message in the beginning that some of these people are not good, but let's prioritize the american people first and that is what republicans are responding to the most. jillian: this is where he is best, when he is speaking to his crowd. the message he has been promoting since the beginning. >> we are doing so well, lifting millions and millions of
2:36 am
americans from welfare to work. independence to poverty, to prosperity. we are putting new americans, and breathing newhope into our beautiful communities. >> this was vintage trump, giving na plus, independents giving a c plus, democrats enough. talking about the accomplishment the booming economy, how good things are, that is when he is doing his best and that will be important going into the midterms and part of the reason he is out of south carolina trying to rally not only his base but he independents about voting republican. >> and see how they react to these messages. by pulling independents over. jillian: thanks for bringing us
2:37 am
those. janice dean, a hot one. >> let's look at temperatures. a little bit cooler 63 °, 68 in chicago, really warm across the southern us. we have potential for showers and thunderstorms in the forecast in the same areas that have seen potential for severe storms and flash flooding so the last 24 hours, severe threat today, isolated tornadoes and risk for more flooding unfortunately in some of the same areas because we have a frontal boundary in place. and the southwest, typically it is warm out there, 111 ° off the charts. and in the southwest and california, the potential for
2:38 am
the wildfires as well. >> 119 in death valley. >> that is why they call it death valley. rob: of freedom city, the new sanctuary city. to decrease minority arrests and deportation of illegal immigrants. the president of the police association joins us live, numbers that are being shown don't match up. jillian: the 1 shot is worse than her last one, spending her night in the slammer in her pajamas, what she is accused of doing this time. rob: a 4-legged hero named poncho performed cpr on his handler. look at that. ♪ security: thank you. ♪
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rob: heather locklear hospitalized overnight just hours after being released from jail, paramedics rushing to her california home after she overdosed. she was arrested for kicking nem t and punching a police after -- pictures obtained by daily mail show the actors trying to hide her face after posting $20,000 bail. she was arrested in february for a domestic violence against her boyfriend. jillian: white house press briefing room to your living room the new york times reporting donald trump's former press secretary sean spicer testing the tv host water saying the show would be a platform for civil, respectful and informative discussions, a pilot episode for sean spicer's common ground said to be filmed next month. we will keep you posted.
2:43 am
rob: is the freedom city, the new century city, austin, texas passing two resolutions aimed at decreasing arrests and deportations. jillian: it would monitor police arrested interactions and scrutinize requests for immigration enforcement assistance. rob: supporters use statistics showing racial disparity in the rest but many in the police community including our guest says these stats are misleading, austin police association president ken cassidy joins us, thanks for getting up early in austin, texas. let's get to these numbers that you say so a disparity, 75% of arrests driving with invalid licenses of black or latino members of the community but in this next piece of information the vehicle stops by race and ethnicity in the same area and that shows 48% of people pulled
2:44 am
over were white, 32% hispanic and 13% black. tell us why there is a disparity there. >> we don't see a disparity. we see people breaking the law. officers have no control over who has a suspended license and who doesn't, 25 to 30% of drivers involved in fatality collisions in austin, texas every year have a suspended license. that is something important to the community to keep people off the streets. there licenses are suspended for a reason. the law needs to be enforced and that is something we should not be citing and releasing people for. it is my opinion you should have your car impounded and walk away from the scene. if your license is suspended you
2:45 am
should not be driving your car. >> do offices ask for immigration information when making arrests or writing tickets? >> i had a meeting with the chief and the question was asked three times and there were stops involving human trafficking where questions had to be asked so this is not common. it is something a couple councilmembers are grandstanding on, absolutely inappropriate the way they approached this topic. rob: what to be counsel have done is not only try to limit arrests on marijuana violations but decrease the minorities that are arrested but also things like petty theft. what do you say to that idea? >> they talk about petty theft, criminal trespass. these are offenses where people,
2:46 am
involving other human beings. there is no way these victims should be re-victimized by letting the person walk away. these people need to answer for their crimes even though they are minor. we are willing to look at different offenses but not ones were victims are involved. >> what do you want people to know about how police officers are trying to do their jobs? >> scrutiny and criticism is out of control, it is unjustified. police officers every day go from doctor to social worker to lawyer to law enforcement officer. many roles police officers play every day and a lot of the
2:47 am
criticism is unnecessary and not justified. it is tough job officers have all over the nation. for people to be more supportive instead of making up racially charged accusations to make that a much easier. >> it is a new town. thank you for your time, we appreciate it. >> what do make america great again hat and fave tattoos have in common? they are both bands at a bar? the social media outrage boiling over this morning. and let's see what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> was she wearing sunglasses? >> she does have a face tattoo. >> i saw that story.
2:48 am
and anthony scaramucci, former communications czar at the white house will be discussing the news of the day, a big rally in south carolina. ben shapiro reacting to the rally here. jim jordan on the pres.'s call to have the peter stzrok hearing on capitol hill televised. and talking about how he, just like sarah huckabee sanders was blacklisted. a busy 3 hours kicks off a dozen minutes from now on the channel everybody trusts for the morning news. >> see you in 12 minutes. should? [ mockingly ] "shouldn't you be at work?" todd. hold on. [ engine revs ] arcade game: fist pump! your real bike's all fixed. man, you guys are good! well, we are the number-one motorcycle insurer in the country. -wait.
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>> good morning, welcome back, sarah sanders firing back at maxine waters after her comment calling for harassment of trump administration official. >> we are allowed to disagree but we should be able to do so freely and without fear of harm. healthy debate on ideas and political philosophy is important but calls for harassment and push for any trump supported to avoid the public is unacceptable. rob: carly shimkus with fox news headlines is here with reaction online. >> something both political parties agree on, harassing people, bad idea. chuck schumer -- and in the --
2:53 am
we must make america beautiful again. provokes responses that are ty predictable and must have generally from sea to shining sea. taking a broader look at social media. a lot of americans across the country coming out against waters on this, michelle says this is completely unacceptable. if something bad happens it will because of mad max inciting violence. cheryl says we should be encouraging collaboration to achieve solutions that move our nation forward. the opposition discourages idea sharing that is critical to a strong democracy. waters responded to all the saying she never called for anybody to be physically harmed. >> just when i was going to get a face tattoo, this bar -- >> in this bar, two things you
2:54 am
don't categorize, face tattoos and make america great again hat but an arcade bar just announced they are specifically banning both. replay linkin park posted this on facebook saying after much consternation and consideration and to maintain a classy environment, replay linkin park has implement a new dress code, no face tattoos, no specific hats, keep it classy, sincerely management. ending with make america great again. out of the two, the ban on trump hats becoming more controversial. jonathan says they can choose to do that, i can choose to go somewhere else and spend my money, dori points out be proud, welcome everyone and please don't try to tell them how to
2:55 am
attire themselves, think about what you are doing. replay linkin park, they responded to all the attention on facebook saying we have been getting more interaction on facebook since we decided to disallow make america great again hat about sure how to deal with it. hey redhead, how are you handling it to and interested in any cross promotion opportunities? hashtag resist. seems like they are enjoying. >> with the guy we used a zombie? thank you. we will be right back. ..
2:56 am
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rob: time for the good,ed bad, and the ugly. first the good. favorite story going viral for doing cpr as a part of a demonstration that also pretending to be in dan the doggy got a well-deserved treat for his efforts. what a good dog. jillian: next the bad. 12 cubes of cocaine found in world cup replica trophy about 12 pounds. also finding marijuana and crack inside the statues in argentina. rob: the ugly. hitching a ride on the hood of a car. the man just kind of hanging out. on one hand and talking on his phone as the car zooms down the highway i-95 south florida. no word why he was on the car or if he got off safely.
3:00 am
jillian: so many questions about this. rob: he seems so casual. jillian: oh my gosh. crazy. have a good day. rob: it is tuesday. tomorrow is wednesday. jillian: rob's favorite day. rob: we'll see you later. [chanting build that wall] >> it's not build that wall anymore. it's continue building that wall because we are building it. >> i have not called for the harm of nibble. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet, on them. >> if she continues to double down. the house ought to take up a motion t screenmotion to censur. >> peter strzok and the other hating frauds at the fbi and doj should be shown to the public. >> 51% approve of how our commander-in-chief is handling the economy. >> that is a record in a cnbc poll. >> if


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