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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  July 2, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> all right, thanks to juan williams. it was spirited but civil. >> juan: i love fireworks because of the fourth of july. >> in the meantime, here is harris. >> harris: fox news alert, epic political warfare projected ahead. president trump prepares to name his u.s. supreme court nominee. this is "outnumbered overtime," i am harris faulkner. one week from today we will know who the president will choose to replace. it is reorganizing some of the staff. ahead of that showdown over the high court nomination, the president said in an exclusive interview with fox, while he does expect a vicious political fight, he believes he will pick him nominee that gets broad support. republican senator susan collins, who also has been a key
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vote in the fight, she will oppose any nominee who is against roe vs wade. watch. >> if a candidate for this important position who would overturn roe vs wade would not be acceptable to me, because that would indicate an activist agenda that i don't want to see a judge half. >> harris: chief white house responded is with us for the latest. >> good afternoon you. he would not ask the question of his supreme court candidates, whether or not they would overturn roe vs wade. it would be improper for him to do that paired with the white house, no question is wrapping up her new not nomination. a new deadline a week from today to make his announcement. he promised that he is going to pick his nominee from his list of 25 conservative judges that he published about eight months ago. the front runners at this point are said to be right cavanaugh
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on the d.c. circuit court of appeals. the sixth circuit, raymond catlett also the sixth circuit, and thomas hardeman. they were in the running for the last vacancy, the president interviewed them but picked someone else. the time to get the nominee is exceedingly tight. there is no room for error. outside groups advising the white house wanting to get the confirmation vote by the end of september. before congress leaves to campaign for the midterm election. that means that the senate visits, the hearing has to be throughout the summer. the nomination, because it is going to tilt the courts 5-4, as he pointed out, is likely going to be an extraordinarily contagious nominee. as you saw there, susan collins saying she wants to support anyone who wants to overturn roe vs wade. you have the democrats saying that none of the candidates on the president's list should be
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considered. still, the president, in that interview, optimistic that he could get it done and get it done on time. >> i think that it is going to go very quickly. i think we are going to have a lot of support. i think we are going to have support from democrats. frankly, if i'm going to pick the right person, i'm going to pick someone that is outstandin outstanding. >> the white house in the meantime is shoveling personnel around in order to get the confirmation process done. white house counsel, don began who led the neil gorsuch process will be handling this one. when you see in the middle is taking a leave of absence to do communications and message coronation. and then, as well, he had justin clark on the right side of your screen. he is currently the director of office of public liaison. he will take the lead in outreach to keep constituency coalition grassroots organizations and allies. meanwhile, the department of
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justice will be consulting with the president to make sure that he gets the nominee that he wants and harris, it is likely that there will be interviews this week. the president did not interview any candidates over the weekend while he was away. he was promising to get this done by next monday. he has a lot of work, a lot of interviews i had. >> harris: john roberts, a lot of information there and new stuff developing. we appreciate you bringing this up to speed. republican congressman chris collinson joins me. it is great to have you. let's talk a little bit about what it will take to get a nominee through. i do find it fascinating that the democrats still don't know who it is going to be yet. but, they seem to be parched to vote "no." how do you pull some of them over to the republic as i? >> i think harris, thank heavens that the filibuster is not in play here. we have the ten senators, democrat senators running for reelection coming this no vendor. some of them wanted in
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north dakota and west virginia voted last time around for neil gorsuch. we are going to see another great conservative constitutional judge like neil gorsuch. and i think when push comes to shove, we are going to get two or three democrats which is what we get the last time, and hopefully all of the republicans. but, and i don't think there will be litmus test type of questions. the president said that that is not appropriate for him to ask, nor is it appropriate for the senators to ask. but i asked him to play it out quickly, and it is a reminder to the trump base, this is why we elected him. the recent 5-4 supreme court decision one after another, frankly, we knew would go the other way had clinton won. we had a chance with our president to lock down this 5-4 conservative constitutional court for the next four decades. >> harris: congressman? >> that is why we elected president trump. >> harris: you say that there will not be a litmus test.
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he said that this will not be a question about roe vs wade. but you could look at the voting records, not the voting records, but the decision-maker records of these candidates on who had been in law in their careers. you could look at how they have fallen down on issues and whatnot. and probably have a pretty good feeling about where they come across. so, what do you think when you hear a republican senator, susan collins, say that she does need to know how they are going to fall on roe vs wade. what you think about the process about the process that the president plans ahead and how you keep her aboard? >> well, i hope that she stays on board. let's face it, she is not exactly been with our president or the republican party on quite a few issues. and, i would certainly rather have about the knot. but, if we are getting two or three democrats on board, she could look and it will be, i think, another judge like neil gorsuch. certainly you can look. they're coming out of that group. how they have rolled. but none of them have ruled on
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roe vs wade specifically. and i think, she is saying what she is saying. but at the end, we are going to get another neil gorsuch type, someone with that background. and hopefully senator collins will support them. or her. and if not, you know, it is a decision that she will make. i think we are going to get two or three democrats yet again. >> harris: interesting. you mentioned those ten states were senators are up for grabs if you will, and some of the states where the seats are. i should say. here in new york, everybody sees that at the bottom of the screen. when i see that, they think, that is a liberal area of the country. you are republican there. tell me what you think some of the big court issues will be moving forward. >> well, we are going to continue to see some attorney generals and others across this country, whether it is hawaii or the state of washington or california, bring absurd races like the travel ban, where we
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have appellate courts, or the circuit out in the california area where judges routinely now, and time of appointment art ruling against the administration. they end up going to supreme court. what we saw with the travel ban. from that standpoint, i think we are going to continue to see that, by the trump haters. they are energized and they are bringing lawsuits and overstepping their bounds, and misstating like they did with the travel ban, the actual facts. i don't know the exact issues, but the trump administration has been continued to be under attack by liberals at the state level whether it is california, or the state of washington, or someone like our attorney general here in new york. it is going to be a constant battle. i guess we would say, bring it on, we are going to impact these battles. it will energize our bays again, and again, and again paired this is why we elected president trump. >> harris: the argument is that it may energized the other side. the democrats are not in the majority right now.
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you're looking for issues that will galvanize voters, not just work towards a common good. when you look at this one, you have to wonder, when democrats want to force you to delay until after the midterm elections, what can they do? what kind of -- at the prison as described it, vicious fight, are you looking for a head? what is projected? >> the hypocrisy of the democrats, on guns or immigration when the super majority did nothing in 2009, those are wedge issues that they did not want soft. they have shown that. in this case, obama, you know, has appointed his supreme court judges in august of 2010. midterm election, august 2010. president obama made a point as to. this shows the hypocrisy and how disingenuous these same immigrants are now, crying foul, when in this case a great
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example of what obama did in august 2010. >> harris: if it gets vicious, what happens on capitol hill? because you guys already have a pretty low approval rating is a group. bipartisan look at this and thinks, the american people look and think these men and women can't get anything that appeared what he say about this issue and how it could be? >> it is frustrating because the midterm elections at what they are calling the brew way, i don't think is going to come. the single democrat voted for our farmville, not one. the children's health insurance extensive but none of them voted for that. none of them supported our immigration plan that even had a path for citizenship for the dreamers. it takes two to be bipartisan. the democrats are locked down, looking at this november, thinking that if they can show the congress is not getting things done, but we are, whether does tax reform, but not with their help. if they can show that we are not getting things done, they will say that we do not deserve to
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keep the majority peered that is going to be the message that they sent. >> harris: and all fairness, on immigration, republicans are not yoked on that one. you do not bring it out on their way. august ming collins, great to have you. thank you so very much. >> wonderful to be here, harris. >> harris: what all this means for the midterm elections, it was great to get their perspective there from republican congressman in new york, collins. i first want to get your response to this but they seem pretty confident, according to collins, that they can bring aboard those democrats who were in trouble in states where president trump won. >> it is not entirely clear. a lot of times on what publicans do. it does not make sense in red states to walk the plank if the justice is going to get confirmed anyway. if there is a chance all democrats hold together and you were to get lisa murkowski and susan collins to take this justice down, then, maybe they would walk the plane. on the other hand, at the
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democrats in red states, missouri, north north dakota, y vote down well-qualified, ethical supreme court nominee before the election, i think it would be huge liability and increases the likelihood that republicans would actually gain seats in november. democrats are in a very tough position here. furthermore, it is not at all clear that susan collins are looking for taking down one of the finals. you heard susan collins say yesterday that she would oppose one who demonstrated hostility to roe vs wade. but what she actually said is that she thought chief justice roberts had no reason to believe that he would turn over roe vs wade. i think that it would likely be confirmed. >> harris: john, those are excellent points as we look on the road. sometimes, we are looking to look at those things where people have just talked about that sliver of the issue. but if on balance, susan collins would look across and say, well,
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there were other people on the courts who would not vote down roe vs wade. she might end up supporting whoever the president would put up. elizabeth warren said something interesting last week. we don't know that she would be any different than any other democrat in terms of pushing against the president's pick. but, she said she wanted to see the person named by the president. how does that play in all of this? >> l, it certainly depends on how the person conduct themselves and what is in the written record. honestly, in terms of this playing out in the election, this touches all sorts of issues not just abortion. i do think that there are people with great misunderstanding about roe vs wade and it essentially prohibits any restrictions earlier than the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy. there is actually pretty popular support for second trimester regulations. things like that. i do think that there is misunderstanding. furthermore, gun rights, you can go down the list, on and on. i think in red states, this will help republicans motivate their base.
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>> harris: grow quickly, before i let you go. the hypocrisy of representative collins, talking about the hypocrisy of the lead up of elections with obama and how that president was looking at making a pick for the high court. and lead up now to midterm elections with his current president for your last, click the? >> the good argument is that the senate is free to work its will peered the president cannot prevent whoever he wants. they can confirm or reject that nominee. it doesn't really matter whether there is an election there is not a big difference whether there is an election coming up. there should not be any nominees in the middle of a presidential election but this is a mentor. not presidential, but at the day. the congress gets to the senate to work as well and the president to work as well. >> harris: very much good to see you. president trump is meeting with second of state mike pompeo. before the secretary reportedly heads to north korea.
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pompeo is going to implement the agreement reached between the president and kim jong un. but can the u.s. trustee north korean dictator? michael cohen is speaking up. what he is saying at the new questions about why he is talking to the media now. why now? ♪ give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors. you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia. same thing with any dent or dings on this truck. they all got a story about what happened to 'em.
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stay with their families until their 40's. >> harris: talks alert, michael cohen breaking his silence. giving abc's first sitdown interview since the fbi conducted a raid on his office, apartment, and hotel room back in april. his personal attorney once said he would take a bullet for the president. he may cooperate with the feds and special counsel robert mueller's special investigation. the opposite of taking a bullet, my eye might add. he said i put family and country first. >> hi, we have been asking michael cohen outside of court and his hotel for a comment about the federal investigation against him. and how he feels about his relationship with the president. and it has been crickets. well, he decided to go on the
10:20 am
record but not a camera. to discuss these things with george stephanopoulos of abc tweeting "my silence is broken!" consistent loyalty to the president. he has stood his ground on in the past. but, this is what cohen told stephanopoulos on saturday. >> one of the big questions i asked him was, what we do have prosecutors come you and offer you leniency in return for information on president trump? he said he wanted to respect the process. he didn't get into specifics pretty added this and added this with emphasis. my wife, my daughter, and my son had my first loyalty and always will. i put family and country first. >> harris: he also asked cohen what he would do if the legal team were to go after him and challenge his credibility. cohen told him this. it would not be a punching bag as part of anyone's defense strategy. i am not available a villain i.
10:21 am
i will not allow anyone to debate me in that way. what about that big payment he made to stormy daniels? he was asked if president trump knew about the payment to allegedly keep daniels quiet about this alleged encounter that she had with president trump in 2006? he says i want to answer, one day i will answer. but for now i cannot comment further on advice for my counsel. he was also asked about the fbi and robert mueller investigation. it is not like the term "witch hunt" and does not agree with those who vilify the fbi. >> harris: thank you very much. a big question now is why michael cohen would give this kind of interview in the first place, and why now? stormy daniels attorney weighed in and said if he gave an off-campus camera interview, he is dumber than i thought. he is playing games and trying to play both sides. there is only one way he can
10:22 am
have any legitimate thought shf saving his reputation. so, we went from taking a bullet to taking an interview. >> i do not know why he would do this. i can't imagine his lawyers would want him to do so. there is no good they can come from somebody who is under a federal microscope. he is not a subject of a criminal investigation like the president, he is the target of a criminal investigation. that means he is very close to being indicted for something. we don't know what peered i could speculate if you want. no good can come from trying to communicate to those who are trying to indict you through television. rather than through your life. >> harris: i would add, if we got you to speculate it would be a connotation rather than speculation. you are looking at all the facts he appeared real quickly, talk to me about the substance of what he told abc and then we can talk about that. >> the substance about what he told abc if it is true, and if
10:23 am
he needs it. michael cohen was not only the president's lawyer, he was his fixer. the president asked him to do things that lawyers don't typically do. you see this problem, make it go away. you know where to get the cash. >> harris: the question that i have seen asked in different ways, and i do not know what they will ask of michael cohen, but why does the president trust in? is there something in his background? what about michael cohen? >> he must have impressed the president. we are talking about ten years ago when he first started to work for the obviously prepresidential donald trump, as somebody who would take a bullet of a somebody who would do things that other lawyers might not want to dirty their hands doing. i am not suggesting that they committed crimes together. but, it does appear as though michael cohen was of all the things that other lawyers would not go near, like paying people for silence. like getting newspapers to say something different than what they wanted to say. >> harris: so, why would he not want to talk about that now? that $30,000 question as laura
10:24 am
put it? >> again, it is hard for me to figure out what his game plan i is. >> harris: should the president be worried? >> yes. if michael cohen is telling the truth, that he would take a bullet for the president, now, cannot wait to roll over for him, he obviously knows something that the feds are interested in hearing. he will go through a procedure whereby he will tell them what he knows and they will decide whether or not they want to use it. now, they will use that until they have leverage over him. >> harris: you have michael avenatti out here for stormy daniels. you have people who say they have a disk here on twitter. i will show it, it has all the evidence. i have got recordings. in terms of whittling this down to real evidence, it is michael cohen and other one was mark >> i don't think so. this is a real case. the government has more than pieces of evidence that were
10:25 am
executed on this place of business. we do not know what it is, but a retired federal judge went through all of it and found a few hundred that are protected by the attorney-client privilege, and gave the vast majority over to the feds to allow them to use it and present it to a grand jury. we do not know what it is evidence of, but is evidence of something that federal prosecutors are interested in. >> harris: now we have gotten to the point where your experience and expertise have come into play. i refuse to call it your speculation. because you are so kind. >> harris: what is it? >> it is probably bank fraud. the borrowing of money to pay off obligations of then, mr. donald trump, without telling the bank exactly where the money is going to go. so, if you borrow money from a bank and say i am going to buy a roof on the house, and said you use the money to pay a star -- >> harris: any amount? >> it is the amount that
10:26 am
reflects the penalty. the amount does not reflect the crime. you could be fraudulent with a dollar, you're not going to get ten years. but if it is on hundred $30,000, you are going ten years. >> harris: always great to have you on the program peered thank you for being on the mezzanine. president trump meeting with secretary of state, mike pay appeared before he heads to north korea this week and at this is the administration who faces growing questions on whether his denuclearization push will work. a lab report had. a liberal group launching multi-million-dollar pressure campaign. president trump prepares to name his u.s. supreme court nominee and what we can expect and how this will all play out in the midterm elections. the power panel will move in and ready to weigh in. ♪
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>> harris: fox news alert. president's meeting with mike
10:31 am
pompeo at the white house. the diplomatic trip to north korea. that will happen this week as well. it all comes as a team of u.s. officials met with north korean officials in the demilitarized zone over the weekend. they were working on amp lamenting the agreement between the president and kim jong un over the month. there could be a second round between the two leaders and new york this september. president trump, telling fox news he believes kim jong un will stick to the agreement. this suggests the regime will not fully give up its nuclear arsenal. watch. >> i believe north korea has a tremendous future. i got along really well with chairman kim. we had a great chemistry. we really had chairman ken. >> can we believe in it? >> i made a deal with them, i shook hands with a beard i really believe he means it. >> rich is live from the white house. >> good afternoon, harris.
10:32 am
there are plenty of negotiations between the u.s. and north korea on the spirit he will be here for this meeting that presidenth prime minister upcoming in about a half-hour. the secretary of state is the point person for this administration when it comes to north korea, he has been there twice, met with kim jong un and is expected to return again soo soon. officials are saying that conversations between the united states and north korean governments have continued since the june 12 singapore summer between the president and kim jong un. john bolton has offered the most aggressive timeline for north korea to surrender its nuclear and biological weapons and nuclear missiles. it could happen within a year. he is a skeptic on north korean saturday. he understands the risks in doing the kim regime. >> there is nobody involved in this discussion in the administration who is overburdened by naivete. we have seen how the
10:33 am
north koreans have behaved before. the president has been very clear he is not making the mistakes of prior administrations. we are going to pursue this and see what will happen. >> to document the president signed in singapore, leaves much to the side and these ongoing negotiations. how north korea would surrender these programs. this was all but four robust inspection. >> i supported the president talking with the north korean dictator, because i do believe that it has potential for increasing our safety, and eventually leading to the denuclearization of north korea. without those inspections, we can have no guarantee that north korea is not cheating, once again. >> and that is another important aspect about all of this. finding out what all north korea has.
10:34 am
they have a reasonable understanding of the nuclear program, but needs to work with north korea through these discussions to have a full understanding of what they have. >> harris: thank you very much. let us bring in robert charles, former navy intelligence officer and attorney. great to see you as always, robert. first of all, with this, you know, mike pompeo getting ready to have the second round, the president -- further round, the president having a second round of the september, you make of it? >> i believe people need to be realistic about this. good things take time. i have heard john bolton, with whom i worked back in the era of the libyan disarmament, talk about libya and the one-year time frame. i think even john knows that that is an aspirational goal. at the end of the day, this is going to take time. this is more likely intermediate nuclear forces agreement that
10:35 am
reagan intermediated. the final real agreement in '87. it was ratified in '88 and took three years to get rid of all those weapons. in libya, today, we got december of 2003, we got their commitment to denuclearize. we did not finish all of the chemical weapons until 2016. it takes time. we want to think any kind of a timetable that will be putting together is a good sign? i don't want you to get too far down the politics of the soul, but you cannot ignore the fact that one political party absolutely thinks that the president would not get this done. but, a timetable, what it is it indicative of? >> you make a great point. at the end of the day, we are all americans. all of our allies and adversaries think it would be a great idea to denuclearize north korea. what we need here is a little bit of deep breathing and a little bit of consensus around the idea that this is a good thing.
10:36 am
what we need is a sam nonor a scoop jackson, a democrat, and maybe have i done half a dozen. but i support the president. it will take time in kansas. china, the pressure has to continue on china peered the sanctions had to continue. but at the end of the day, we are persuading the north koreans that have a nuclear weapons is a bad idea. because eventually, it would lead to a preemptive strike of some kind on that system. why can't they rely on an extraordinary conventional force? they are the fourth largest standing army in the world. they have 5,000 short-range missiles, they have 4,000 tanks. nobody is going to hit them. they need to give up the nukes, give up the economic advantages and go forward. every senator, every member of the house ought to be saying, this is a great thing. we may disagree with the president on other things, but this is a great move forward peered let us make it happen methodically. >> harris: robert, hearing you
10:37 am
lay out the military states of all that rings me to the latest reports that it looks like, maybe satellite images, other indicators that north korea is doing something on the ground with regards to weaponry that it should not be. i'm sure you are seeing the same report. real quickly before you share your thoughts on that. >> let us unpack that, harris, and since i can say. what that report seems to indicate, on the orbit source now, the short-range missile production may be ramping up some. does this have anything to do with the nuclear debate? not at all. short range, conventional missiles really have nothing to do with this process. i think that it is a false bogey. it is not wrong, but it is not relevant. at the end of the day, what we want is for this conventional to be nuclear free. the president is moving us in this direction. >> harris: robert charles, former assistant to secretary of state colin powell. we thank you for your time.
10:38 am
liberal groups targeting red state democrats and multimillion dollar ad campaigns. they are warning them against supporting president trump's nominee to the u.s. supreme court. will that work? or will we see some democrats cross over and support the president's chores during the tough, midterm election season. the power panel is next. ♪ (vo) what if this didn't
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because of their first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> harris: back to fox top story now. the battle over the president's u.s. supreme court nominee. a multimillion dollar campaign to warn senators of the consequences of siding with the president and his choice. the head of an abortion rights group telling reporters "this will be a 50 state campaign. our members are fired up. our phones are ringing off the hook. we are already to fight this fight." but conservative groups are always spinning big on
10:43 am
campaigns. they will pay for a trump nominee. "wall street journal" senior video reporter. cofounder and manager of the beat d.c. democrats are fired up, will it backfire? >> i do not know that it will backfire. democrats do not have any leverage here at the end of the day. >> have you called anybody to tell them that? >> i think they are going to try what they can. whatever they are spending, it is not enough. how great our country is, we do not want to see the republicans have control over everything. look, i have always championed a healthy expansion of ideology peered when you have this administration have the congress, they have the senate, the house, and the supreme court. i do think that is dangerous. >> harris: how does that different from leading up to a presidential election with barack obama choosing who the democrats wanted? at one point, they had both
10:44 am
chambers of congress as well. >> that is a great question to ask. i think to your point about them having a leverage, this massive amount of money that will be spent in all 50 states, the question is about how much could it possibly do? right now, democrats do not have the 50 votes to block president trump and his pick. what they will have to do is get some republicans on board. it is really unclear if they could do that at this point. there is so much speculation right now, but president trump is moving quickly. he wants to have his pick announced next week. have some hearings in august. have it all locked up before the midterms. but the big question is how will this carry over into the midterms? the democrats want this to be an issue. it might be a done deal by then. >> harris: from the weekly standards, i guessed who was with me, senior writer john mccormick said, what is interesting about susan collins for republicans, well, she probably will vote for the nominee, she wants to know that they wouldn't actively work against roe vs wade. but she does not believe other
10:45 am
members who were conservative on the courts would overturn roe vs wade. so, it is kind of a semantics of argument right now. >> i think it is important for people to realize that the supreme court is not just about roe vs wade. there a lot of policy if choose that go in before this court. to make that the whole argument. speak out the democrats have not been where you are in now. this is a broader thought on the issue. >> i think there are some democrats who have been there. but a lot of people to get the microphone and attention, i think people have to realize it is a broader issue. you're going to have issues like affirmative action, which white women could benefit well from. patriotic americans want to disenfranchise people from voting. those are all important issues. i am not sure that it is just, to your point, i agree that the republicans do play a role. i think it is not just susan collins, but you have her out there as well who could also influence this pig. i'm not sure that they will
10:46 am
i think republicans do a better job of falling in line then the democrats do. i don't know the fight is over. >> harris: when you talk about women benefiting from affirmative action, a lot of people don't talk about that. it is diversity in general. you might argue the lgbt community as well. before we headed to break, you have a couple of republicans, but you have ten states where president won that are up for reelection. >> you also had democrats that voted for him. >> harris: some of those are the same areas, by the way. they got the president is already reaching out to them. >> harris: stay put, it appears that abolishing i.c.e. is becoming a litmus test for democrats peered lawmakers on the left are calling for the elimination of the customs agency. but the president trump said it is only going to hurt them in the midterm election. take a look. ♪
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>> we expect to hear from president trump during our hour. he is choosing a president dominate this week. we will see if he gives us any more clues on his short list. divided on capitol hill on whether the party is too far on the left on whether they should
10:51 am
continue calls to abolish i.c.e. join us, top of the hour on "the daily briefing" ♪ >> harris: let's get into it on abolishing i.c.e. a clearly has become a litmus test by democrats. over a ten term incumbent in the 14 term congressional district. she and other democrats are calling for a revamp of the enforcement agency. all possible 2020 candidates. president tromp is slamming their position, saying it will hurt them at the pole back or less >> they are going to beat beaten so badly. between nancy pelosi and getting rid of i.c.e. and having open borders and the biggest thing, you have open borders, it is
10:52 am
going to create massive, massive crime. open borders which equals crime. i think they will never win another lecture. i'm actually quite happy about it. >> harris: why is this catching fire in the democratic party? >> i think that the president's premise is ridiculous. you can have the rule of law in this country. i have not heard a single democrat to call for open borders in the policy. it is catching fire because they are seeing what happens when an agency runs amok. 20 agents pen a letter to the senator. the hispanic caucus is not calling for the abolishment of i.c.e. >> neither is bernie sanders. this is making bernie sanders look pretty moderate. it is not saying getting rid of it all to get to look at people who are to abolish i.c.e., might have something to do with a
10:53 am
potential campaign. but, i think the president has a point. and i also think the president does a good job of bating democrats to taking these type of stances. he moves right on issues, they move left. they could turn around and say they want open borders. it is a tricky dance. it is interesting to see how democrats handle that dance. >> harris: almost as incendiary to abolish i.c.e. nancy pelosi, your party seems to be divided along generational lines. there is some real issues within the party right now. >> we are seeing shifts within the party. for some reason, i do think that people like nancy pelosi, even chuck schumer, on some issues will walk in the middle-of-the-road. >> harris: representative maxine waters called it even stronger than that. she said they are only in it for them. >> i was really disappointed with the way they handled the maxine waters.
10:54 am
i do not agree with their standpoint on that. i think they have to go hard or go home. there are a lot of people in your face. do not try to play trump supporters. this is red meat for his base. >> harris: is there room now for the republican party? are we going to caesar's affections? i am looking at polling and how people are walking away from the party peered we do not know where they're going going to go yet? but it is going so far left. >> i am not sure that it is wise of democrats to totally abandon the middle and move left. when you look at the races that we have seen, special elections, georgia is a great example. the democrats who run a moderate campaign and are fiscally conservative and okay countering tromp on some issues, they got some of the republicans who are uncomfortable with trump. that seems like he would be a good model. in the midterm can we don't see people doing it. >> really quickly, she picks up on this issue.
10:55 am
what is so fiery about the ball that she is carrying forward? is it the generational, is it diversity? what is it that democrats feel like they are lacking on this point is to mark >> i think that it is both. they can come across like they are going to magically sway the trump supporters but they are not. it is everything you said. she is young. she is a candidate that has to respect the hustle. she went doorknocking. she represents the next generation. a lot of people who are on the younger side don't feel heard by the democrats. they feel like the leadership does not represent them. they would like to see more fire from some of the leadership. >> harris: how do you change it? jim carli has been around for ten terms. hillary clinton had that inevitability. that seems to be the point though. it seems that democrats go forth with inevitability. >> perhaps, but i think you have to change it by making room. from capitol hill, you have to make room for the next generation peer at this is not a
10:56 am
new five. during the obama election, there was a debate then. they want he said voters wanted a new car smell and i am not even making it up. last word. >> it will be a fascinating midterm and debate. blue wave, read with? >> the news and the sentiment. i predict a blue wave. i think people are tired of seeing some of the same rhetoric that we have seen out of the said administration. >> harris: thank you ladies, we will be right back. call one today. are you in good hands?
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>> harris: thanks for watching "outnumbered overtime." here is dana. have a great day. they want hello everyone, i am dana perino. and this is "the daily briefing." the president, now one week away to replace retiring justice on the supreme court paired with a slim republican majority in the senate, it could be a close cal call. >> i also suggested that he brought in his search beyond the list of 25 nominees. there are people on that list who i could not support. >> dana: i am joined by the editor of "halftime report."


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