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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 10, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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front of congress. oh, wait, never mind. she is ignoring her congressional subpoena, she said she can't show up because she didn't sail the documents at a time. we'll dig into all of that tomorrow night. until then, tell us how we're doing on twitter. tweet me at "the ingraham angle." let's hand it off to shannon bream. >> shannon: i don't think he minds being the skunk. i think he relishes it. >> laura: it was great having you on radio today. you are fantastic. >> shannon: a lot of fun to join you. we are committed to being against clouds and creepy dolls. >> laura: i am scared to go to bed. thanks a lot. >> shannon: thank you. we begin with the fox news alert. busy night for the president. now in brussels for what could be a contentious nato summit. plus pharmaceutical giant pfizer is responding to criticism from the president. in the administration threatens a new round of tariffs on chinese imports. it's all new tonight. judge brett kavanaugh entering the gauntlet that is the senate confirmation process. will have to work just as hard to charm the right as the left?
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is he makes his case to be the one to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy. and breaking tonight, former fbi lawyer lisa page caught up in the anti-trump texting controversy is refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena. tonight word that she does not plan to show up on capitol hill tomorrow after all. we will talk about that and much more. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night" out. i'm shannon bream in washington. fresh from announcing his room court pick, the president taking the show overseas to brussels for what could be a tough meeting with nato allies, putting america first is clearly shaking up the european alliance in terms of both trade and defense. we begin with senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot live in brussels tonight. good evening, greg. >> hi, shannon. president trump is on the ground here in brussels, and the folks over at nato headquarters are getting ready for some possible fireworks later on wednesday. president trump is making clear that he doesn't feel that most of the other nato members are
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pulling their fair share financially any sounds like he's going to bring it up. here's a bit of what he said earlier today. >> nato has not reduced fairly but i think will work something out. we pay far too much, and they pay far too little. but we will work it out. and all countries will be happy. >> president trump often cites a stated goal that nato has for each country, that is to spend 2% of their gdp on defense. the u.s. pays in over 3.5%. most, in their defense, savior working towards that goal. one of the underachievers is chancellor angela merkel's germany. it seems to especially get the president's goat as it is also europe's biggest economy and is well trade was against the u.s. that kind of talk is sparking some tough talk on the european side too. take a listen. >> dear america, appreciate your
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allies. after all, you don't have that many. >> several of the leaders president trump could be jousting with are also dealing with their own domestic headaches, maybe none bigger than british prime minister theresa may. the president will be visiting her later this week. boris johnson and others have just left her government over differences with the u.k.'s planned brexit from the european union. and just about everybody at the nato summit is looking ahead to another meeting that the president will be having with russian president putin next monday in helsinki at a time when russia is challenging several nato countries in various ways. many here are worried that president trump might get a little too friendly with the russian bear. it's going to be an interesting next several days on this side of the pond, shannon. >> shannon: we are glad you're there covering it for us to live. greg palkot, thank you very much. the president's supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh is making the rounds on capitol hill. preparing for what will likely
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be a tough confirmation battle. what is known about his views on issues like abortion and gun control could dominate the hearings but today democrats took aim at a different issue. doug mckelway has details on the decade-old article that's grabbing critics attention right out of the gate. >> it's part of the attack strategy that senate democrats are already employing against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. a2009 law article he wrote arguing that presidents should not be subject to prosecution or lawsuits. "the indictment and trial of a sitting president moreover would cripple the federal government, rendering it unable to function with credibility in either the international or domestic arenas." to democrats salivating over the special counsel robert mills investigation, that sentence was blood in the water. >> i was a prosecutor for eight years. i didn't dig anybody would above the law. >> kavanaugh's follow-up sentence is unmentioned. "if the president does something dastardly, the impeachment
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process is available. in short, the constitution establishes a clear message a mechanism to deter executive malfeasance." democrats pounced anyway. >> we know this president already is nose deep in legal matters before even became president. now he's got the insurance policy. he's got that get-out-of-jail-free card, if you will. >> president trump knows that cavanagh will be a barrier to preventing that investigation from going there. the ramifications of this battle will last a generation and more. >> to republicans, the tactic reeks of desperation. >> i think it is nonsense. i am disappointed that some of my colleagues have dismissed judge kavanaugh out of hand. >> i have enjoyed listening to the minority leader and disagree with almost everything he said. >> the democratic mantra took off on twitter with alexandria ocasio-cortez tweeting "the fact that scotus pick kavanaugh
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believes the president can't be indicted is an automatic disqualification from supreme court consideration." that prompted christopher scalia to fire back. "the rising red star of the democratic party is a dimwitted demagogue." scalia observed this is a classic manifestation of the deep differences between the two parties about the role the courts. democrats believing in the living constitution where judges can shape laws. republicans believing in interpreting the constitution as written. honoring the separation of the powers. shannon. >> shannon: doug mckelway, thank you very much. not all conservatives are thrilled about president trump's choice of brett kavanaugh to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy. some think his work in the bush white house and on the d.c. circuit court make him too much of a beltway insider. here is former pennsylvania senator rick santorum's take. >> donald trump says he was my to energize the base with this pick. i don't think he did that. it seems like trump in this case bowed to the elite in
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washington, and i think that's going to rub a lot of people the wrong way. >> shannon: here to weigh in is john barrasso, chairman of the republican policy committee and member of the senate foreign relations committee. it's important to know that senator santorum was pulling for a different one of the four contenders, so that may factor into how he feels about this. what do you think about this choice? >> i think is a superb tories. anyone of the four would've been terrific but it's really nothing that unifies republicans and conservatives as much as the issue of the supreme court. all of us, republicans and conservatives alike, agree that the role of a judge is to apply the law, not legislate from the bench. i will tell you is the constitution. this is a legal document. it's not a living document. it was built for rigidity, not flexibility. i think judge kavanaugh is the right person. take a look at his credentials, highly qualified. mainstream. stellar credentials. i think he is the right person
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for the job. >> shannon: okay, you know there are plenty of folks who do not feel the same way. the appeal to your call example side of the aisle asking not to vote for him. i read one piece by a university of chicago law professor. he says senators such as susan collins, heidi heitkamp, they must act courageously in this critical moment. they should refuse to confirm this nominee or any successor no money unless a majority of both republicans and democrats on the senate judiciary committee support confirmation. do you think such a candidate actually exists they could get those numbers today? >> not in the year 2018. senators will speak for themselves but those five senators that you just mentioned, all of them voted for neil gorsuch took confirm him to the supreme court. we know susan collins and lisa murkowski both voted to confirm judge kavanaugh onto the circuit court in 2006. they are going to listen to the testimony.
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they will make their own decisions. they will meet with the judge. they will ask a number of questions. but i would expect in the end that this is a judge was going to be confirm and will be on the supreme court for a long time. remember justice kennedy who just retired 29 years after ronald reagan left office was still on the court. 14 years after president reagan had died. at the age of 53, i would expect judge kavanaugh to be on the court truly for a generation. >> shannon: you are giving people hives. you are scaring the left. that's the very reason that they are protesting. they may have these great fears because these are picks that can change things for decades. that's clearly the case. okay, so i want to talk to about the international issue with the president on the road. one of his tweets today he said: "nato countries must pay more, the united states must pay less. very unfair!" he broached this topic last year. people felt it was uncomfortable. he didn't feel uncomfortable.
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it didn't seem like he did. the more he talks america first, we are told he is defending allies and causing problems. >> a couple things. one is the president met with a number of senators last night in the white house before he told the country about judge kavanaugh. he also mentioned that he was heading overseas. there was a brief discussion about that. the president's right. for too many years, nato has not been doing enough. president trump is not the first person to say that. dwight eisenhower said that when he was president in the 50s. but donald trump is one of the first ever actually get action. the nato countries have paid 14 billion more dollars now that he's in office per year than they did under president obama. because president trump's tough talk america first really made the difference. the u.s. shouldn't pay more to defend the nato alliance then the different nato countries who are right there in the location do. they are supposed to go 2%. very few of them have. now many more up to that level
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but there's a lot they haven't paid over the years and it's time to catch up. >> shannon: well, those are goals for 20 to four. we will see how many get to 2% and how the tough talk is received overseas. senator, thank you for coming and we love to talk to you throughout the confirmation battle this summer and see where it goes. >> look forward to it. it's a nightmare for the democrats. >> shannon: okay, you heard it here. breaking tonight, lawyers for lisa page say she's not going to appear before congress for scheduled interview tomorrow behind closed doors. her attorney says the fbi failed to make the necessary materials available for page to effectively prepare for whatever lawmakers might want to talk about tomorrow. her attorney explains that page will not comply with his congressional subpoena to testify. page exchanged anti-trump text messages with the fbi agent peter strzok who was a member of the special council team investigating russia interference the 16 election, dealing president trumps claims that probe is a witch hunt.
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sidney powell joins us now. sidney, welcome, your reaction to this late breaking news on lisa page. >> shannon, that's extremely poor lawyering. absolutely remarkable on a number of levels. first of all, the fbi never allows anyone that they are interviewing to see the documents that they are going to be asked about before answering questions. secondly, lisa page was probably the author or recipient of all of those documents that she would be asked about. and thirdly, it makes no sense at all for her to ignore a congressional subpoena under these circumstances. i mean, she is just asking for trouble. she could be held in contempt. and i hope congress will take this opportunity to actually do that and follow up on it by taking into court and having her jailed for contempt. it needs to be taken seriously, and congress needs to start putting some teeth in their contempt citations. >> shannon: her attorney said they went to the fbi today. they wanted to see materials
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that were already produced on the to congress. they said they waited for more than three hours and after that, they were never provided for any documents. they've asked for a rescheduling and basically they said they had to wait. they didn't get the documents, therefore she can be ready for tomorrow. >> that's just an absolute excuse and nothing more than an excuse. >> shannon: okay. let's talk a little bit about what the house judiciary chairman bob goodlatte had to say. he said it appears lisa page has something to hide. she plans to blatantly defy a congressional subpoena by refusing to appear for her deposition. she has known for months that the house judiciary committee sought her testimony as part of a joint investigation with the oversight committee into decisions made by the justice department in 2016. and she has no excuse for her failure to appear. lisa page is a key witness and it is critical that she come before our committee to answer questions as part of our investigation. it seems we are having a very public conversation about each of these twists and turns about what's happening on male, who
8:14 pm
was showing up and who was not. is this just the way business is done, some of it looks like it's going to be fought in the court of public opinion more than it will be with respect to any teeth to the subpoena. >> it's definitely being conducted in the public eye. the public wants transparency for a lot of this. in fact, i think we should get all of the documents and that everything should be declassified. i can imagine there is really very much classified information for example in the fisa warrant applications anymore. or in the rest of the page-strzok text messages and electronic communications, all of which we should be able to see. then there is the issue of the anthony weiner laptop and the 675,000 clinton emails the fbi agents in new york said was the entire file of clinton emails, even the blackberry backups, the foundation emails.
8:15 pm
her personal emails. everything. they said it was the entire file of all things clinton, and that's with the fbi and comey and strzok and page and mccabe buried at the end right before the election. >> shannon: the fights over those documents in those materials continues. that seems far from over. i want to ask you quickly and respond to this theory that a number of democrats say that judge kavanaugh was the one selected by the president because he want somebody that will give him essentially a get-out-of-jail-free card. they say that his previous writings on whether presidents can be indicted suggest that the president has chosen him to protect himself from the mueller investigation. >> that's absolutely ridiculous. first of all, there's no sign the mueller investigation has found anything that would implicate the president and any wrongdoing or impropriety whatsoever despite their best efforts and 20 lawyers working on it for over a year. it just isn't there. in addition to that, judge kavanaugh is only one of several
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people who have voice that opinion. in fact, there are at least two memos in the department of justice by it -- under different administrations from the office of legal counsel they came to the same conclusion that no sitting president can be indicted. they are actually kind of busy taking care of other things. impeachment is the proper robed if, in fact, there is something that engages the needs to be ha. >> shannon: there are several folks not only floating map but today discussion of whether or not democrats, if they took control of the house, would begin to consider impeaching supreme court justices. the i word is being thrown around. sidney powell, gray to have you with us. >> thank you. always a pleasure. it's the one unsubstantiated conspiracy theories that the kavanaugh supreme court ferrick was based on a secret deal between president trump and retiring supreme court justice kennedy. trace is here with the actual facts. steigerwald looks at the effects the choice will have on the midterm elections with red state democrats being urged to vote no
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supreme court justice anthony kennedy had a secret deal over his replacement. trace gallagher is here. separating fact from fiction. hey, trace. >> the trouble with reporting a bombshell is that it's very difficult on explode as abc news l reporter leanne caldwell discovered after tweeting the justice anthony kennedy and president trump were in cahoots. quoting "on kavanaugh pitt, kennedy and trump white house have been in negotiations for months over kennedy's replacement. once kennedy received assurances that it would be kavanaugh, his former law clerk, kennedy felt comfortable retiring according to a source was told of the discussion." leanne caldwell's comment was retweeted thousands of times prompting liberal, commentator david corn to save it was true he would "merit a congressional investigation." except that it isn't true. after getting called out and causing chaos on social media, leanne caldwell tried to walk
8:22 pm
about, tweeting "i deleted this week because it incorrectly implies a transactional nature in kennedy's replacement, because when you flat out say that trump and kennedy had been in negotiations for months, it does tend to imply a transactional nature. in the national review, charles cw cook said this about caldwell's reporting, quoting "at best this is extraordinarily irresponsible, at worst it's malicious. since trump won the election, or national conversation has been marked by this approach. white house deputy press secretary raj shah also called the story can lily falls but when shah was asked about the claim, multiple times on cnn, he said multiple times he would let justice kennedy speak for himself. watch. >> well, again, not going to read out private conversations that justice kennedy had with either members of the white house or the president. what i will say is that judge kavanaugh's qualifications, background is over a decade of rulings, speak clearly.
8:23 pm
>> the headline from the liberal think progress read "white house doesn't deny report trump made thicker deal with kennedy over retirement replacement." leonard leo, the executive vice president of the federalist society who advised president trump on supreme court nominees, went on a radio show and called the cahoots claim garbage. watch. >> anyone who knows justice anthony kennedy knows that that is garbage. he treats his office with tremendous dignity and independence, and there is no way in the world that that would have happened. >> of all the liberal outrage at the nomination of brett kavanaugh, former virginia governor and potential 2020 presidential candidate terry mcauliffe may have issued the boldest statement saying "kavanaugh will threaten the lives of millions of americans for decades." shannon.
8:24 pm
>> shannon: wonder if he gets asked about that claim when he's before the senate judiciary committee. trace, thank you very much. red state democrats like west virginia's joe manchin say the resistance his party is putting up against brett kavanaugh is wrong. other democrats are urging party members to stick together to their political guns ahead of the midterms. >> they understand it's an historic decision. it's about more than the next election. it's about what in the united states of america is going to chart as its course in the future of the supreme court. i think each and every one of them take that seriously, take it that personally. it goes beyond the next election. >> shannon: fox news politics editor chris stirewalt. what else can democrats say at this point? >> let's have a little sympathy for everybody on either side. you have covered enough of these to know that there is a little bit about kabuki dance everyone has to do when we have a supreme court appointment or loud noises, and twitter makes us dumber.
8:25 pm
>> shannon: i'm going to quote you on that. >> quite so. obviously twitter is going to make this particular kabuki dance dumber still and just remember i think it was federalist 40 that said "never tweaked." >> shannon: i think it was 47. >> the truth is democrats have to put up a good show. they have to put up a good show because this is politically advantageous for them in a couple different ways. we should start with the correct frame, and you've laid this out so well in your reporting over the last several days. so great to have you as an asset here. this changes the composition of the court and maybe we haven't seen since the roosevelt era. it's a profound shift where the center right is the real majority and a solid one. and that's something very different. this is a generational victory for republicans. congratulations, republicans. you have changed, after 40 or 50
8:26 pm
years, where liberal activism was dominant in the federal judiciary and on the supreme court, republicans and switched it and they are doing it and it's worked and this is a long project that leonard leo on a lot of guys have invested deeply in. so congratulations. however, there's a lot of political advantage in this for democrats in the near term in 2018. guys like joe manchin are going to get an opportunity to say hey, i am moderate. i am bipartisan. i will vote with the president. this guys great and he should have his hearing. in mansion will vote for him and heitkamp will probably vote for him. donnelly. it will help in their reelection efforts, mansion in particular. i don't know if heitkamp and donnelly can be saved by the democrats anymore. but the other thing he does is it activates and mobilizes their base. >> shannon: like crazy. >> republicans are sopping up the gravy from the just completed confirmation of new justice kavanaugh, democrats will be hungry for vote. their intensity level is already higher than republicans, and this will spur them further.
8:27 pm
>> shannon: i agree with you. i think it's mine to motivate and mobilize them when they see they lost another chance to fill a seat in less than two years. i think it will drive them to the polls. we will say because turnout is everything in these midterms. let's talk about, first of all i want to switch if we can to an international issue. it has now we have the president going out on a trip fernando-u.k., meeting with putin. there are some folks who aren't really confident about him doing this and it's not just democrats. i want to play a little bit of what senator corker had to say about this and the president. >> i have nato. i have the u.k. which has been in somewhat turmoil and i have putin. frankly putin may be the easiest of them all. who would think? think of my concern is that we have a bad nato meeting and then some kind of constellation is given to putin and it continues to destabilize something that's
8:28 pm
already fraught with concerns by our partners. >> shannon: senator corker is not bffs with the president. he's been very critical of the president but to have them out there is a republican saying i'm not confident with what this president is doing overseas, is it fair? slick i want to tell these republicans quit getting ourselves. you will not stop donald trump from undermining nato and you will not stop him from undermining nato and you will not stop him from realigning u.s. foreign policy to be more favorable towards russia. he is going to do it. the republicans who say we have a broad foreign policy apparatus we forced him to impose the sanctions and we forced them to do these things, he's going to fly into brussels like a seagull. he's going to defecate all over everything and squawk and they are going to say we don't have a partner with with the u.s.
8:29 pm
government and we have a trade were going with them. the president will succeed. whether it's temporary or lasting, realigning u.s. foreign policy away from europe and toward moscow, it's going to happen. republicans like worker that are -- ought to quit kidding themselves that they have a tether on this guy. >> shannon: 's coworkers going to vote wednesday about trying to limit the president's ability to impose trade tariffs. we'll see where it goes we watch it wednesday. meanwhile the president is probably not going to lose any sleep over any of this because he traveling on the road doing it the way he does things. >> that is how he rolls. >> shannon: we are glad you rolled into my very good to see you. all right, after all charges are dropped against the leftist writers after a fiery violent on migration day, we were here. i remember. congress tries to take matters into its own hands against antifa. some cyber republicans are equating the violent leftists with the kkk. we will explain. the mayor of london does not like president trump and guess what, the feeling is mutual. on the eve of his trip to
8:30 pm
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>> shannon: federal prosecutors dropping charges against the remaining defendants from the inauguration day mayhem here in washington. as for republicans in congress introduced a new bill aimed at cracking down on antifa called the unmasking anti-fact. a cause for her sentencing come up to 15 years, for anyone who "injures, presents, threatens or intimidates any person legally protected right like free speech while wearing a mask." the report still is being equated with what some say, decades ago anti-masking laws aimed at cracking down on the kkk. let's talk about it with tonight's panel. richard fowler and derek hunter. nice to see both of you. you heard the idea there and it's been proposed in the house that if you are wearing a mask and intimidate people out of
8:35 pm
their constitutional rights, than you could be fined and face up to not more than 15 years in prison or both. but a lot of people, derek, think that's hefty. >> 15 years is pretty hefty. if you're doing something you are proud of, he shouldn't be wearing a mask. antifa is a violent mob that engages and property damages and threatening and attacking peopl people. anybody could be a neo-nazi, which is anybody who dares disagree with aunt eva. he should be wearing a mask but 15 years is a bit much. we can take comfort in the fact that this bill isn't going anywhere. it will take the temperature of the balls of some people in congress, give people a chance to say i am standing up. conceptually i like it. 15 years is a bit much. >> shannon: they say people shouldn't go to prison for attending protest. that's why there's an amendment protecting the right to free assembly. 15 years is as an extraordinary
8:36 pm
sense for behavior in a matter how threatening. convicted murderers aren't incarcerated for that long. >> the wording of the laws vague. it means you would show up to a rally with a trump mask on and if i feel that -- >> shannon: we saw some of those last night. >> if i feel i am intimidated or threatened, then you go to jail for 15 years. he's right. this is a messaging bill, it will never see the light of day. probably never have a hearing. it won't go anywhere but i wish members of congress like the three, four working on the bill, would spend time helping past some immigration law so we can deal with the 3,000 people at the board who can't find their parents. >> shannon: don't hold your breath. let's not get on that one. i want to ask you about this proposal by a lawmaker in boston, andrea campbell. to let noncitizens vote in local elections. she says all members of the community should have the right to participate and be included
8:37 pm
in the governance of that community. what do you say? to go it's interesting proposal. we'll have to see what happens to people in boston. the argument is if you pay taxes, and a good majority of undocumented folks actually do pay taxes, they pay local taxes, sales tax. they should have a say in what happens in the managing of that if they live in the city. >> shannon: let's talk about the numbers bring in boston they say -- >> my 5-year-old daughter, she buys a soccer with her allowance. >> shannon: wait a minute. in boston, more than 190,000 people are here there noncitizens in the boston area and that's more than 20% of their population. >> democrats already have a stranglehold on boston. they've got it. they just want to squeeze it even tighter. this is an invitation for voter fraud. municipal elections take place at the same time as congressional elections. when you go in there, it's based
8:38 pm
on the honor system. which ballot are you here for? the illegal immigrant ballot or the presidential ballot? >> no, sir, sir. let me correct you. in many precincts all across the country, there's people who live in multiple districts in the same precinct and the computer when you go, it tells you what ballot you should get. >> it's based on the honor system. >> no, it's not. >> shannon: i don't think it does. >> you go in there and you show them information. >> i am so-and-so. i'm here to vote. >> they show you a ballot that will be distinct. i can never vote in virginia. but in florida i can vote in the republican primary because i'm not a republican. >> if i wanted to commit felony, i could go in and say high matt, i am richard fowler. >> this is an argument that the right likes to make.
8:39 pm
you can never point out -- you are always making an argument of voter fraud but you can't show an example. >> shannon: no one is ever going to mistake -- >> no democratic states would comply. >> shannon: no one is going to mistake derek for richard fowler. we can be sure of that. gentlemen, great to have you both. we enjoy a spirited debate. we are going to sing, by ad during the commercial. that will cost you extra. thank you. after the nato summit, the president will travel to england the first time as president to meet with prime ministers theresa may as her government is in turmoil over brexit plans. kristin fisher as a mentor snooze-fest night about the reception president trump is expected to get. >> the u.s. embassy in london has put out an alert urging americans to give a low profile all president trump is in town. part of the problem is these massive protests that expect you to take place on the streets, in the air, even on the airwaves. >> green day's 2004 hit was wrin
8:40 pm
about former president george w. bush but now british protesters are breathing new life into the 14-year-old track by encouraging brits to download it ahead of the president's trip to the u.k. the goal: make it the number one track in the u.k. by friday, the day president trump will have a bilateral meeting with british prime minister theresa may. it's working. after more than a decade off the charts, it's now number 18 and climbing. anti-trump protesters aren't just taking to the airwaves. some 60,000 birds will be demonstrating in the streets according to stop trump facebook group, there will even be a protest in the air. a giant balloon overcome baby will fly next to the british parliament while the president is in london, a protest approved by the city's mayor. it's a frosty welcome for mr. trump's first visit to the u.k. as president but he's not the only one on ice. prime minister may is on the
8:41 pm
rocks after a series of high-profile resignations over her government's handling of the brexit crisis. including foreign secretary boris johnson. >> boris johnson is a friend of mine. he's been very nice, very supportive. maybe we will speak to him when i get over there. i like boris johnson. i've always liked him. it's up to the people. >> president trump left washington today for his weeklong trip, and he offered little support to the embattled prime minister. >> the u.k., which isn't somewhat turmoil, they have a lot of things going on. >> that comment that his comment with russian president vladimir putin may be easier than his meeting with nato allies. they are concerned and they worried president trump could have a hostile meeting with them and turn around and have a very friendly meeting with russian president vladimir putin. shannon, based on those comments from president trump today, it could easily happen. >> shannon: it could, and will watch very closely.
8:42 pm
kristin fisher, thank you very much. president trump gives clemency to two more people, the oregon ranch are serving prison time for challenging government land ownership. who was up next for a possible pardon? stick around. . some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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8:46 pm
macro. the white house says the new measures are in response to china's decision to retaliate against the first round of u.s. tariffs. meanwhile president trump's advisors rolling back new price hikes after he complained about them in a tweet. after meeting with the president today, pfizer ceo says the company will rollback drug prices to prejuly 1st levels as soon as technically possible. president trump gave clemency today to a pair of oregon rancher's convicted of setting fires to public land. dan springer's here with details. good evening, dan. >> shannon, this is a huge victory not only for the hammons battles also for the bundy family and cattle ranchers across the country. the occupations of the wildlife refuge in oregon was initially aimed at preventing dwight and steve hammond from having to go to federal prison for two arson convictions. during the 41 days to an outcome of the father and son did turn themselves in. it's a statement from the white house today reads "the hammonds are devoted family man, respected contributed to their community and have widespread
8:47 pm
support from their neighbors, local law enforcement, and farmers and ranchers across the west." justice is overdue. bundy led the occupation in oregon. in a facebook post, he praised god for his mercy. this is another stinging defeat for federal prosecutors who fought for an won that five year mandatory minimum sentence for a fire that burned 139 acres of federal land. bundy at the time because of a travesty of justice. he never was convicted of any crimes after the standoff ended. a federal trial judge in the battle also throughout the case against the bunnies stemming from an armed stand affairs on the bundy's and their cause celebre appear to be vindicated. the u.s. attorney's office and bureau of land management had no comment but environment of groups are furious. the senator for biological diversity said "trump's pardon abandons human decency."
8:48 pm
the cattlemen's association says this means there will be less conflict between ranchers and federal land managers. >> this administration has made it clear they wanted different tone and they want to be better neighbors and this kind of action from them is exactly what we were hoping to see. >> the hammonds were scheduled for release in a year and a year and a half. president trump is not measured seven pardons and commuted two sentences. shannon. >> shannon: dan springer, thank you very much. you want to see what really goes on inside the supreme court instead of just looking at sketches? there's a push to allow cameras inside who will tell you who wants them, who doesn't, and if it will actually happen. that's in our closing argument next. one-way sale fares for travel throughout september and october. so you can fill the rest of your year with amazing trips. from football games to reunions, or just a break from the office. these $69 one-way sale fares are ready to make your september and october
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>> mr. chairman, can we allow the witness to answer? >> you cannot have a one-sided investigation. there is absolutely something wrong with that. >> don't talk to me about the fact that we don't understand what happens -- i will not yield. i will not yield. >> shannon: all right, we have all become accustomed to shenanigans and outrage on capitol hill but at the
8:53 pm
supreme court come most folks get to see very little about how the nine justices debate the case before them until after the cases are decided. well, senator jack grassley, chairman of the dishy committee, is taking advantage of the spotlight on the court denied push for an old because of his, cameras in the courtroom courtroom. court purists and some justices believe the proposal would lead to showboating for the cameras. which someone argue occasionally happens on capitol hill. arguments could be taken out of context, snipped down into partisan ads further jeopardizing the courts opposed adherence to the law rather than politics. grassley started pushing for cameras a long time ago, in 1999. they do start releasing audio but we don't usually get it. we never get up before the arguments are over but never usually that same day. grassley is not getting out. >> i think it's about time that we have rules mandating cameras in the courtroom, including the
8:54 pm
supreme court here so people can see how the judicial branch of government functions so that they can be educated about it. the more important thing is to have respect for the judicial branch and in turn greater respect for the rule of law. >> shannon: all right, grassley's three of the four left-leaning generates on his side. ruth bader ginsburg said i think it would be good for the public. conservatives tend to resist the cameras. the late justice to antonin scalia said he would be okay with televised proceedings have everybody glued themselves to c-span and watch the whole thing gamble to gamble. the reality he feared would be 152nd takeouts on the network news which i guarantee you would be uncharacteristic of what the court does. retiring justice anthony kennedy said if you introduce cameras, it's human nature for me to suspect one of my colleagues is saying something for a sound bite. please don't introduce that insidious dynamic in to what is now a collegial court.
8:55 pm
why is grassley doing that? his office notes the judiciary chairman has made oversight a top priority. one justice who appears to me to oppose the idea has a remark to me that he is well aware congress actually writes the funding checks for the judicial branch. they will keep having this conversation. tweet me and let me know what you think. our midnight hero is a real superhero. that storytr is next. going out for a bite. going anytime. rewarded! learn more at ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪
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9:00 pm
the staff. i bet they did. most-watched, most trusted and most grateful you spend your evening with us. good night from washington, until tomorrow i'm shannon brea shannon bream. ♪ >> tammy: good evening everybody, i'm tammy bruce, welcome to tucker carlson's sho show, i'm filling in for tucker this evening. no matter who president trump picked for the supreme court of the left going to go berserk. the women's march sent out a statement declaring the opposition. as soon as judge brett cavanaug cavanaugh's nomination was announced last night, the floodgates opened. steps of the supreme court competing who could be the most upset. >> [chanting.


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