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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 13, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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clotheslines by midmorning over safety concerns. customers who had missed the deal got vouchers for future visits to the store. wow. rob: poor build a bear. philip phillips coming up. we will see you later. >> fireworks all over capitol hill, disgraced anti-trump fbi agent peter strzok in the hot seat. >> i have talked to fbi agents around the country. you've el eminem bareyou've embm yourself. >> will ignorant hillbillies. >> that was a quick poor choice of words. >> everybody wants to see this guy drummed out of bureau. >> not everybody was critical of the anti-trump agent. >> if i could give you a purple heart i would, you deserve one. >> u.k. prime minister amid a second day of protests. >> may unveiled brexit plan which the president is slamming. >> i would have done it much
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differently. i actually told theresa may how to do it but she didn't agree. >> sparking rumors of another white house run. she is set to speak at teacher's convention today. >> social media going crazy over first lady melania trump. wearing off the shell low yellow ball gown. many on twitter disney princess bell. ♪ no, you're not alone ♪ because i'm going to make this place your home ♪ steve: this is the biggest selling single in the history of "american idol," it was done in the 11th season of by philip phillips who is going to stake the stage for summer concert series brought to you by the friends of keurig. making a breakfast to barbecue. ainsley: that's awesome. we love our summer.
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brian: special thanks to earth for rotating go to europe, following our president and feeling like we are here with breaking news throughout the show and today is no exception. because he is in the u.k. they insist on having daylight when we have night. and he is up and he's going to have a press conference within our show today with theresa may. steve: probably in the next couple minutes. you are saying because of the rotation of the earth that's why we are able to have satellite? brian: yeah. i will explain the planets in the break. all about the milky way. pluto is back. ainsley: pluto is back we here. brian: we should have done a fox news alert. ainsley: speaking of that we do have a fox news alert president trump about to meet with british prime minister theresa may in the u.k. brian: protesters taking to the streets in london as the world leaders sit down for talks. steve: i see that balloon. john roberts is traveling with the president he is at the prime minister's estate called checkers with the very latest. good morning to you, john.
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>> this is checkers, the estate, not checkers the dog so that we got that straight. brian, just for your information, i got up at 4:00 u.k. time this morning to come up here to checkers, the sun was already up. not only do they have day when you have night, they have a lot of day whether you have night. so the president arrived in the black hawk helicopter marine one just a short time ago. is he here for a working visit with prime minister theresa may. they have a bilateral meeting and then working lunch. and then they will have a press conference. we will get to chat with them a little bit. a lot of issues to work on including trade. prime minister theresa may somewhat shocked last night as she was welcoming president trump to the palace for a gala dinner. an article came out in the sun newspaper, owned by rupert murdoch who owns fox news to point that out president trump said this idea of a soft brexit, the soft british exit from the eu doesn't work and that the united states likely wouldn't be able to cut a
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trade deal with the u.k. if that's the way that theresa may pursues brexit. listen to how the president put it. >> if they do a deal like that, it will most likely because we will be dealing with the european union instead of dealing with the u.k. so it will probably kill the deal. we are cracking down right now on the european union because they have not treated the united states fairly on trade. i would have done it much differentially. i actually told theresa may how to do it but she didn't agree -- she didn't listen to me. >> the president's comments created a stir big enough that the press secretary sarah huckabee sanders felt it necessary to come out with a statement in support of prime minister may. saying the president likes and respects prime minister may very much as he said in his interview with the sun. she is a very good person. he never said anything bad about her. he thought she was great at nato today. really a terrific person.
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he is thankful for the wonderful welcome from the prime minister of the u.k. signed sanders white house. at the same time he was criticizing theresa may on stance. he was praising boris johnson the foreign secretary who resigned earlier this week because of may's brexit plan. the president suggesting you know, boris might make a good prime minister too. listen here. >> is he a very talented guy. i was very saddened to see that he was leaving government. i hope he goes back in at some point because i think he is a very -- i think he's a great representative for your country. i'm not pitting one against the other. i'm saying i think he would be a great prime minister. i think he has got what it takes and i think he has a right attitude to be a great prime minister. >> we should point out that theresa may is under incredible political pressure right now there are
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calls for her to step down calls on brexit. she needs this meeting to go well. she needs to have president trump say something other than, you know, we probably wouldn't be able to do a trade deal with you if this is the way you are going to choose brexit. a lot on the line here at check ares despite the beautiful weather and english countryside. brian: the president just stating the fact if you are involved in the eu for all intents and purposes how can i cut a bilateral deal with you. steve: if you are going to break or exit the eu, break it. you can't do it halfway. and that was his criticism. ainsley: that's happening on that side of the pond. on this side of the pond there is washington, d.c. peter strzok that love bird who worked for the fbi and removed from the mueller investigation because of the anti-trump tmz. he was grilled on capitol hill yesterday. he was topic kel 'weeks ago behind closed doors but this time we got to watch. steve: this was th the first
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time we heard his voice and it was loud and clear i am not biased. >> let me be clear unequivocally and under oath not once in my 26 years of defending our nation did my personal opinions impact any official action i took. this is true for the clinton email investigation, for the investigation into russian interference, and for every other investigation i've worked on. >> agent strzok despite the plain language of his texts and emails, despite the inspector general's report and despite common sense, doesn't think he was biased. he thinks calling someone destabilizing for the country isn't bias. he thinks promising to protect the country from someone he hasn't even begun to investigate isn't bias. there's a different set of rules for others that he is investigating. steve: and so he had an answer for every one of the texts because the republicans were saying that the texts were evidence of
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clear bias against trump and for hillary clinton. but what's interesting, one of the most salacious and explosive texts what if he becomes president he goes we will stop it. he says i really don't remember sending that. but, i can explain exactly what i meant. he goes into this defense where he says i was really angered over the president criticizing the gold star family that appeared at the dnc. so i don't remember sending it but this is why i sent it. huh? brian: hillary should win 100,000 to nothing. he is an idiot. he is a loathe some human being. that's how he felt and he wants us all to believe he had no bias when it came to the investigation. these are his personal feelings that he is sharing on a government-issued iphone which he said was in the handbook. he's allowed to do personal things about. he just didn't want it to become public. ainsley: he wrote all of that he didn't really mean
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it he doesn't hate trump supporters. remember those messages when he went to walmart in virginia when he tweeted to lisa page they were hillbillies. bob goodlatte takes offense to that because he lives in virginia and those are his constituents and his people. listen to this. >> you texted ms. page, quote, just went to a southern virginia walmart. i could smell the trump support and smell is in capital letters, all capital letters. what does trump support smell like, mr. strzok? >> sir, that's an expression of speech. i clearly wasn't smelling one thing or the other. what i was commenting on is living in northern virginia. >> earlier you had texted ms. page that another part of virginia, loudoun county which i think is in northern virginia, is, quote: still ignorant hillbillies, end quote. is that what you meant. >> no, sir, not at all.
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>> do you consider trump supporters to be ignorant hillbillies? >> not at all. brian: he just wrote it. steve: it represents the great state of virginia. now, here's the thing. while the grilling was mainly on the republican side. the other side, the democrats at one point actually applauded mr. strzok and another by the name of steve cohen, a democrat from tennessee said this, which has angered so many vets. >> mr. strzok, i don't know where to start. if i could give you a purple heart, i would. you deserve one. this has been an attack on you in a way to attack mr. mueller and the investigation that is to get at russia collusion involved in our election. steve: he deserves a purple heart. what do you think about that? i heard from one vet who said, look, you don't earn one for testifying. you earn one for being badly injured while serving your
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nation. ainsley: you get a purple heart by being wounded or killed by an enemy in war. you cannot compare testifying in front of house members, in front of congress to what our men and women have sacrificed. brian: i don't understand why democrats felt they had to run to his defense. they should have been just as outraged as republicans. this is a guy who screwed up two investigations and sat there smugly for 10 hours as if i dare you to try to nail me down to this. and by the way his demeanor was oddly like james comey. a little bit above you, i will indulge you people for a while you don't know what it is like to be me and to have a job as important as mine. steve: why was he removed from the case? he says he sat down with robert mueller for 15 or 20 minute meeting and robert mueller said you are off the case. ainsley: some called him out for having an affair. how do you look your wife in the eye? steve: i wasn't removed because of my bias i was removed because of the perception of my bias.
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what? anyway it was a head scratcher yesterday. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has more headlines for us. jillian: american service member is killed in battle in afghanistan. the special prafertions soldier was fighting a joint operation with afghan forces when he lost his life. we don't know his name yet but this marks the second american combat death in less than a he can would. army corporal joseph was killed in apparent insider attack in afghanistan on saturday. en will hundred pound bolder falls off a truck and crushes a car killing a mother and daughter inside. now that truck driver is under arrest. karen and jenna christianson driving in men society when the massive rock slammed into their rock. it took four firefighters to remove the bolder. cops tracked down the driver with surveillance video. no word on what charges he may face. in a couple of hours white house officials will head south of the border. lead the delegates to mexico along with jared kushner,
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kirsten nielsen and steve mnuchin. they will discuss issues with president obrador including crimes at the mexico border, the opioid epidemic, enhancing trade, curbing migration and managing our shared border. that's a look at your headlines. a lot on the agenda it looks like. steve: you know what? , thank you, jillian. we forgot to mention that lisa page is going to be testifying on capitol hill today and on monday. ainsley: behind closed doors. >> i don't know much about kavanaugh, but i'm skeptical because his name is brett. >brett. brian: his name a problem? steve: they have no plan passing. it his point? we will tell you their story coming up. ♪ how do you like me now ♪ how do you like me now ♪ how do you like me now ♪ how do you like me now
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♪ ♪ brian: no shortage of fireworks during yesterday's riveting peter strzok testimony in congress including this moment when an fbi agent was forced, peter strzok, to read his anti-trump text messages out loud. watch. >> i'm going to just go to a date and then ask to you read your own words.
3:18 am
ms. page said not ever going to become president, right? right? >> no, no. he's not we will stop what the f happened to our country, lis. >> sir did, you not was it not intelligible you just want to hear it for me to repeat it? >> please. >> sure. happy to indulge you. brian: what a smug wise guy. you had him read text message almost to take ownership of it. congressman issa was there yesterday and flew back home. talking about it today. why did you want him to read those. >> i think when others say you've got a bias, it's a little different than people say well, no, these were his words, which he sat in front of us for 8 hours, 9 hours and denied there was any bias. denied, if you will, somebody would reasonably feel there was a bias including robert mullen. this is a man dismissed for cause and is denying it and saying well, they just mentioned the text or the
3:19 am
perception. the reality is if that was a widespread attitude at the fbi, we would be abolishing the fbi. i certainly hope there aren't too many peter strzoks there because somebody who can tell us under oath that this doesn't indicate at least some bias is somebody who then, when he spoke before jim jordan and others, can't be believed for his answers that, for example, he hadn't worked with fusion gps. brian: congressman, we know there are other people like peter strzok. some of them are unidentified. but have damning dialogue about donald trump, his intellect, his approach, his candidacy in the ig report and we haven't each gotten to the russian portion yet. >> well, this is what yesterday's hearing was about. we know peter strzok is a bad guy. we understanding is he not going to be at the center of the investigations where can he both clear hillary clinton and try to indict
3:20 am
president trump again. but, there are other people embedded there there is this attitude. let's not forget, lisa page, they talk about it being private. this was a department of justice versus an fbi individual using their federally funded phones. and that's the only reason we know about it is that these kinds of things were going on on official phones that were discoverable. yesterday, what you saw with peter strzok is that he admitted that he has similar texts which he has never made available on his personal phone. brian: congressman, i will tell you what, the way you guys were prepared to move this story forward between you, goodlatte and trey gowdy the only three things you guys have in common you are all leaving and you are all going to be missed. thank you so much. >> thank you. steve: th brian: the left is in meltdown over the supreme court pick. even his name a problem. have you seen this a build a
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it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. >> i fox news alert. moments ago president trump wrapping up bilateral meeting with the british prime minister theresa may. they spoke for a few moments than president trump talked about how strong. the two will hold a press conference at 8:35 eastern time we of course will bring that you live. steve, down to you. steve: they look like they are getting along fine there. many on the political left are swift and expressing outrage over president trump's supreme court nominee but now some might even have a problem with the man's name. >> i don't know much about
3:25 am
kavanaugh but i'm skeptical because his name is brett. that sounds much like a supreme court justice and more like a waiter at ruby tuesday's. steve: personal attack notes didn't stop there. britney hughes the managing editor of mrctv joins us live from san diego. britney, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: i like ruby tuesday's, just saying they have delicious ribs. what do you make of the questioning of his name or is that just a joke. >> it's a joke. it's obviously not a very funny one. no problem with the namemaker twmerckand. it's completely drummed up and completely fake. side of the aisle who had protest signs made up for every single potential trump scotus nominee before he had even announced a name. now they are going after him for having the name brett,
3:26 am
which is absolutely ridiculous. i feel like at this point some conservatives have more legitimate concerns with kavanaugh than the liberals do. while some deserves were talking about his rulings on obamacare. you know, liberals are talking about his name and whether or not the man likes baseball. i mean, are you kidding me here? do we not have anything more legitimate to talk about than the name brett? that's ridiculous. steve: i will tell you what, they want to stop him and right now they don't have the votes to do it. you know, brittany, they are missing the big story sounds like he has gambling debts or something like this. look at the headline in the atlantic the mystery of brett kavanaugh's basic ticket debt. brett kavanaugh piled up credit card debt by you purchasing nationals tickets it goes on and on. did sound like it was something serious but then you reveal he loves baseball. he buys season tickets and
3:27 am
got into hot water apparently. >> this is what happens when you run with a headline as opposed to looking at the story. "the washington post" had came out with this story that kavanaugh wracked up between 60,000 and $200,000 in debt over the last 10 years buying season tickets to the nationals. but what they didn't tell you until the fifth paragraph of their story is this is debt that actually was paid off or fell below reporting requirements by 2017 so it didn't even matter, not to mention he was buying season tickets for a lot of his friends and those friends reimbursed him for those baseball tickets. so essentially the story boiled down to the man put baseball tickets on a credit card and paid it off. that's their hard hitting story. that's what apparently makes this man unqualified to sit on the supreme court bench. you want to talk about reaching here. i feel like, you know, this is -- how is that unrealitiable at all to americans that the man had credit card debt and that he paid it off. that's barely even a story. steve: they are looking for
3:28 am
anything. they did the same thing with gorsuch, you know what? i remember back in the olden days when the senate would simply look at a president's nominee and figure out whether or not they were reasonable and essentially fit to be a supreme court justice. it was just an up or down. but now it's so politically toxic on capitol hill you wind up with this. >> well, i mean, you listen to what the man said as soon as trump announced him as the nominee. he came out and actually gave a very middle of the road speech about how he plans to uphold the constitution as it is written. he plans to interpret the laws as impartially as he can that's not a partisan issue. that's somebody on all sides of the aisle should support. that's what his job will be if he is confirmed. that shouldn't be a partisan issue. but, again, this ultimately what this comes down to is this is about not kavanaugh. it wouldn't have been about barrett or hardiman if they were nominated. this is about trump. this is about smearing trump. this is why the same side of the aisle had protest signs made up for every possible
3:29 am
nominee they were going to oppose whoever it was no matter who it was. i mean, the women's march came out with a ridiculous press statement where they even forgot to fill in kavanaugh's name they had two xs written on it because they were going to oppose him no matter who he picked. steve: that's right. brittany hughes, we thank you for joining us with your point of view from beautiful city of san diego on this friday morning. >> thank you. steve: what do you think about that? email us at peter strzok is the disgraced fbi agent talked about stopping president trump. the democrats, some of them love him. take a listen. >> this investigation is a joke. it's a fraud. >> we should be honoring you for the work that you have done. >> if i could give you a purple heart, i would. steve: can you get that diamond and silk ladies, good morning to you, have a take on that. they are coming up next. gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey
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>> the disgrace, what this man has done. >> the gentleman from texas -- >> i can't help but wonder when i see you there looking with a little smirk, how many times did you look so innocent into your wife's eye and lie to her about lisa page. >> oh, mr. chairman, it's outrageous. >> shame on you, mr. gohmert. >> from chairman, please. >> have you no. >> this sin tolerable harassment of the witness. >> what's wrong with that you need your medication. brian: that was a little crazy. a little bit later congressman gohmert did say he didn't mean to say this. he lost his temper when he saw the look on his faces a if he was putting something over on all the congressman men and women. steve: diamond and silk trump supporters. they join us every friday from diamond and silk headquarters. ladies, what did you make of louie gohmert's comment? was he over the line with that a lot of people said he was. what did you think generally of yesterday's 10-hour
3:34 am
grilling. >> i think his comment was appropriate. >> yes. >> listen, we are trying to get down to answers to facts. we want to know does this man have bias. were you trying to take down a sitting president or were you trying to take him down when he was running for president. this russia collusion story that was manufactured by you was a lie. we need answers. what i thought about yesterday, i thought that peter strzok should have been taken out in handcuffs. they should have arrested him. you know if this was done to obama our system would have broke loose. i wonder if democrats would be singing his praises if peter strzok had done this to obama. we want answers and we want answers now. >> if this was so personal it should have been done on a personal phone and not a government phone. ainsley: a lot of conservatives were not happy with him yesterday that was clear in his questioning. democrats, many of them were defending him. one even said he deserves a purple heart. listen to. this i want to apologize to you for the way you have been treated by this committee. >> i know when defendants
3:35 am
don't have the facts on their side, they resort to attacking law enforcement. that's what we see happening now. >> this investigation is a joke. it's a fraud. this herring is a kangaroo court. it is a three ring circus. >> we should be honoring you for the work have you done over the last 22 years to keep this nation safe. >> if i could give you a purple heart, i would. you deserve one. ainsley: diamond and silk, who is right in this? >> first of all, i find the hypocrisy on the left is unbelievable. >> yeah. >> let me tell you something, this man texts how he wanted to take down donald trump. had you he wanted to stop him. we are sitting up in there trying to praise him for that i find it appalling. to say all of the democrats, those lawmakers, especially those black ones, i have a problem with what they are saying. you know, they always complain about the injustice of black men being
3:36 am
railroaded, we have a sitting president being railroaded by this fbi agent and by some in the fbi and they are sitting up him i have a problem with that and i'm sure most americans have a problem with that peter strzok should have been taken out and steel around his wrists. evidence should be going to jail. is he a criminal. brian: he had to denounce his own words and make everyone he didn't believe what he texted over 18 months. something else going on in capitol hill. a democrat is going to have their day on the floor. yes, a congressman po pocan has a plan to abolish ice. paul ryan said that's interesting. what kind of vote do they get. let democrats and republicans vote on abolishing ice. guess what the congressman goes oh, this is a trap. you put that forward, i'm going to vote against my own plan. i don't get it. do you?
3:37 am
>> we really don't get it the democrats does this a whole lot. they say a lot of things they want to do. really they don't want to do it. what they want to do is play games. what's really amazing is how the democrats talk about how they want to abolish ice but they didn't want to abolish slavery. democrats is a big joke and it's time to vote all of them out. >> vote them out. brian: have a chance to get a vote and turning it down because they know the country overwhelmingly does not want to abolish ice. steve: ladies, before did you go, what did you think about the president -- is he halfway through his world destruction tour. went over to get some money for nato sounds like going to get some. he had harsh words for theresa may and her soft exit from brexit. >> is he doing amazing job. he is standing up for the american people and for america. we are not want to be used as the crutch anymore. america is not the world's crutch. they have to stand up on their own two feet and they're going to have to pay
3:38 am
their fair share. >> our first lady represented america beautifully. she looked amazing, very stunning. ainsley: the yellow dress was beautiful. what about his nominee for the supreme court on monday? >> oh, we're absolutely just happy about it listen, i have a feeling that he is going to have to pick another one before it's over with. >> yeah. >> listen, whatever the democrats keep is persist. is he going to have to pick a third one, too. steve: diamond and silk with a bold prediction. ladies, thank you very much. have a great weekend. thank you, ladies. >> thanks for having me. brian: jillian you will be doing two hours in addition. ainsley: heather left. she is having back surgery. you and rob are doing all two hours. jillian: physical she returns. brian: unless have an injury. ainsley: say a prayer for heather she had surgery.
3:39 am
jillian: had it this morning. surviving in the ocean for get this 10 hours. blake was on vacation with his family in georgia when he was dragged out to sea by a relationship tide. rip tide. >> i don't want to die out there. i was talking to god the entire night. i wanted to live. i thought i was too young to die. i'm truly blested to be alive today. >> he saw lights from a coast guard ship the next morning and rode current back to shore ending up on a golf course. taken to a hospital and doing okay. >> accuse an uber driver of kicking them out over support for the president. the group forced a group of conservatives out of the car after questioning them about their make america great again hat. they were heading to the trump international hotel in d.c. for an event. uber says it's looking into the incident. handy wants an apoll guy. build a bear workshop pay
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your age turns into chaos. >> kids are breaking down. we are getting dehydrated. water is running out. jillian: thousands of parents and kids waited in line for hours for the one-day deal. so many people showed up they had to cut off lines over safety concerns. customers who missed the deal get vouchers for future visits to the store. we have big news for our viewers fox weekend is back. fox news personalities as the yankees face the royals these dates july 28th and 2 the at yankee stadium. email your full name to fox fan summer by this monday for a chance to get tickets. all of this information also on well, last year it was so nice to get a chance to talk to everybody. steve: if it's kansas city vs. the new york yankees, i think i'm going to have to yell for the royals. ainsley: no way. steve: i'm from kansas.
3:41 am
jillian: okay. ainsley: have you lived here a long time. steve: country boy. anyway, good news. thank you very much. more news ainsley: urgent warning from the c.d.c. over a popular serial. steve: theresa may exit from brexit. nigel farage i have a feeling doesn't like that plan and he is next with brian. ♪ ♪ experience the versatility of utility, with a range of suv's perfect for any adventure at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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3:45 am
good relationship. steve: they got president trump moments ago face to face with british prime minister theresa may in england. brian: going to have a big press conference in two hours. the meeting comes after the president slams theresa may indirectly kind of over her plan for brexit. so, what does all this mean for u.s. relations for the u.k. and for theresa may's future? ainsley: here to react is u.k. independence party leader and fox news contributor and our friend nigel farage. great to see you this morning. >> good morning. ainsley: he had the interview with the sun and he was complaining about theresa may the soft exit from brexit. that's not what he recommended. if she maintains close ties with the eu, then that lucrative u.s. trade deal is highly unlikely. he was praising boris johnson, saying he would be a good prime minister. what are your thoughts about all of this right before is he sitting down with the prime minister? >> this intervention has come as a bombshell to the establishment here in london. they simply cannot believe
3:46 am
it. and there is one particular phrase that they did not want to hear and this is the killer line. it's when president trump says this is not the brexit that people voted for. what he is referring to is a meeting of the u.k. cabinet a week ago today where they agreed to water down brexit so significantly that in fact we wouldn't be taking bake control properly of our laws. we would still be subject to the european court. we wouldn't have full border controls. and crucially for america, you know, mrs. may has been telling trump once we are done with the brexit we will be deal. this document means that's virtually impossible. trump's intervention is based on two things. by the way, i wasn't surprised by this because i know how he and those in his administration feel on these issues. number one, trump believes in brexit. he believes in a world of
3:47 am
democratic nation states cooperating with each other. not globalist structures like the european union. and number two, i think he feels that the u.s. administration has been very badly let down. steve: well, you supported brexit. donald trump supported brexit. theresa may did not support brexit and now she has on her hands trying to figure out how to do it. do you think her time is limited now at 10 downing street. is the meter running and maybe boris johnson is in next? >> do you know something, to put through something like brexit, to turn the state around by 180 degrees. to do these things, you have to actually believe in it. and theresa may as you point out was a remainer. let's be frank, she's not up to the job. if she stays as prime minister, we are not going to get the brexit we voted for. the sense of betrayal in this country will be huge. and i very much hope that she is out of office before too long.
3:48 am
yeah. the favorite to succeed her is boris. you know, and boris did and okay it took a long time, but when it came down to the line, boris did back brexit. brian: nigel, a couple of things. it seems behind the scenes the president did back the president behind closed doors at the nato summit. they do seem to be building a personal bond. what was it like when this story broke, do you think, during dinner yesterday? >> i just can't imagine it. i mean, the scene, you know, the palace, the birthplace of winston churchill. we had the big military bands on parade. the weather was beautiful. theresa may was in her evening dress. met the president and i can't imagine as coffee was served somebody whispering in theresa may's ear prime minister there is something you ought to know it must have been a very awkward moment. steve: i don't think you want to read the paper in the morning. >> i would love to be a fly on the wall right now at the prime minister's country
3:49 am
residence. brian: i'm so disappointed in the british people protesting our president when they give president erdogan of turkey a pass who killed his opponents and kills kurds and took over that country. where was the outrage when he visited? they are upset at our president. >> look, we have the chinese premier and saudi arabia prince. even a few years ago had the dictator from romania. and we gave him a state visit and there were hardly any protests at all. this is ridiculous. what is going on here is the liberal left press demonize trump every single day and unfortunately, quite a few people believe that i have to say protest is fine in a democracy. but to be flying this blimp, this kite of donald trump outside parliament how sadiq cowais hesadiqkhan could v.a. li will never know. i'm ashamed of that today.
3:50 am
steve: all right. looks like the blimp is hard holding a smart phone to tweet. nigel, thank you very much. from the other side of the atlantic. brian: he did it because is he a terrible mayor and the president talked about that in that interview. meanwhile straight ahead want a tax break, join a gym. sounds too big to be true in the big news that could put more money in your wallet. ainsley: twitter is fighting back against fake accounts. why should you care? that's coming up next. brian: i lost 4,000 followers. ainsley: did you really? i haven't even check. i don't know how many i had. ♪ ♪ ♪ you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip.
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add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia. add-on advantage. ♪ ♪ let your perfect drive come together at the lincoln summer invitation sales event. get 0% apr on select 2018 lincoln models plus $1,000 bonus cash.
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3:53 am
ainsley: have you checked your twitter account have you lost any followers.
3:54 am
fighting fake accounts by purging millions from user follow accounts. what does this mean for you and the way you are using that site. brian manning is the co-founder of centric digital he joins us now with insight. to clarify your company big businesses hire your company to raise their awareness, to raise their digital intelligence. >> brands come to us to help measure and raise their digital intelligence on channels like twitter. ainsley: become a big deal a way businesses can make a lot of money. >> they can and they can get a lot of customers coming to their sites and stuff like that. ainsley: you look at president obama and president trump they both lost a lot of followers on twitter. because twitter is cleaning it up and deleting fake accounts. >> they are going after what are called bots. computer programs that automatically do things on twitter that you may not notice or computer programs you may think they are people doing them. ainsley: like liking your account or tweets and retweeting. the problem has become there is a low barrier to entry to
3:55 am
create a twitter account. bots can create dozens up to millions. that's been a real problem for twitter. they get measured on how many active users they have. brands are buying advertising based on these numbers. influencers are selling advertising based on these numbers. it's really skewed the numbers. ainsley: have you some young girls that companies will give them items to wear. the kardashians get paid for all of their -- anything they're wear and they put a logo on there so people will be driven to that account and buy the same item. so it is big deal. i'm glad you explained what a bot bottom bo. >> it is. >> direct to the correct customer service. if they have a customer that's irate able to catch it and redirect them into a direct channel so it doesn't become a crisis for the company. there are good reasons for bots. >> in the short-term twitter has cleaned up its site
3:56 am
maybe from fake news and other things like that. i don't think it's going to mean a lot to the average user. they estimate that less than four followers will be lost from the average account. for the bigger influencers and brands, they may lose following. and then, you know, that will factor in to their pricing of advertising and so on. ainsley: okay. great. thanks so much for being here, brian. >> thank you. abby: comin ainsley: coming it up seems like they couldn't get enough. >> rule and making up as you go along attorney-client privilege and he has been advised not to answer the question. >> the gentleman will -- ainsley: is that the way things should go. jason chaffetz knows he is live at the top of the hour. flip phillips is here to rock our summer concert stage. hey philip. ♪ i love you long after you gone ♪ for you ♪ (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything
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ainsley: president trump wrapping up viral prime minister with the prime minister theresa may. >> a lot of issues to work on including trade. >> i would have done it much differently. i actually told theresa may how to do it but she didn't agree with me. brian: show shortage of fireworks during peter strzok's testimony in front of congress. >> have you embarrassed them, have you embarrassed yourself. >> you texted northern virginia is, quote; still quote ignorant mill billies. >> that was a quick choice of words. >> every fbi agent i know wants to see this guy drummed out of the bureau. >> president trump gearing up to go face to face with u.k. prime minister theresa may and a second day of protests. >> may unveiled her brexit plan which the president is slamming. >> social media going crazy over first lady melania trump. wearing off the shoulder yellow ball gown. many on twitter thought the first lady reminded them of the disney princess belle.
4:01 am
♪ won't you turn my soul into a raging fire ♪ come out. brian: philip phillips. one of our favorite all time musicians. we watched him emerge on "american idol." the success is beyond reproach. and now is he going to bring some of that magic to our turf and on the sidelines the ribs. steve: that's right. all part of our american concert series brought to you by our friends at keurig. so if you are in new york city and we know a lot of people are on vacation. if you are in a hotel, come on over, 48th and sixth avenue the concert starts in half an hour. we are moving it up because the live event with the president of the united states. ainsley: always so much fun. where else in the country do you just have a big band on the street corner. you can walk through new york city on sixth avenue and hear live music and eat barbecue ribs. steve: at will:00 in the morning. brian: do you know what tradition is if you come by
4:02 am
on thursday you see steve putting together with the stage. steve: do you think it's easy to roll out that astro turf. brian: and put the stage together. ainsley: overall's. brian: do you wear overall's? steve: i consider them cover all's. ainsley: i don't know if i believe that. steve: okay a jumpsuit. are you happy? ainsley: get on the phone and call handyman. brian: i need to. he doesn't. is he handy. straight to a fox news alert now. president trump wrapping up a meeting with the british prime minister theresa may. steve: two world leaders meeting at checkers in england. that is her summer house, her farmhouse. ainsley: that's like her camp david. steve: as protesters take the streets to the london. ainsley: john roberts is traveling with the president is he at the prime minister's estate. he has the latest for us. hey, john. >> ainsley, steve, brian, good morning to you.
4:03 am
amp the working bilateral meeting, the two leaders will get together for lunch. president might be wise to bring a food taster with him to that lunch. after that interview that he gave to the u.k. newspaper the sun in which he was pretty severely critical of theresa may for trying to put together a soft exit from the eu as opposed to a hard exit which is what people in the u.k. voted for. the president as they open up their bilateral meeting in the additional pool spray saying the relationship between the united states and the u.k. is very strong. listen here. >> today we are talking trade. we are talking military. we just looked at some incredible antiterrorism things that are being done here in conjunction with the united states. and the relationship is very, very strong. we have really had a very good relationship. >> it's also likely that the two will discuss that interview that the president did on wednesday at the nato summit with the u.k. newspaper the sun, which by
4:04 am
the way is owned by rupert murdoch which also owns fox news. the president suggesting that the plan that theresa may unveiled earlier this week for a quote, soft exit from brexit might make it impossible for the u.s. to cut trade deals with the u.k. which would dramatically under cut her political standing. listen to what the president said about it. >> if they do a deal like that. it will most likely because we will be dealing with the european union instead of dealing with the u.k. so it will probably kill the deal. we are cracking down right now on the european union because they have not treated the united states fairly on trade. i would have done it much differently. i actually told theresa may how to do it be but she didn't agree with -- she didn't listen to me. >> well that interview with the sun newspaper blew up around the world into headlines that the white house didn't want to see going into this bilateral working visit that the president is making here to the u.k.
4:05 am
prompting saundersarah sanders t likes and respects prime minister may very much. as he said in the interview with the sun she is a very good person and never said anything bad about her. he thought she was great on nato today and really terrific person. is he thankful for the wonderful welcome from the prime minister here in the u.k. but in that same interview, the president also praised the recently departed foreign secretary here from the u.k. boris johnson who is a bit of a rival to theresa may. the president saying that boris johnson would make a very good prime minister. we are told in the press conference, which will be coming up in about an hour and 45 minutes that theresa may will address. this stay tune for that live event. ainsley, steve, brian? ainsley: because he doesn't agree with her politics doesn't mean he can't like her as a person and deal with her and do business with her. they have different views on how they want to exit brexit. she didn't want brexit. steve: as john said maybe today maybe the president
4:06 am
needs a food tester. thanks for life report. brian: first time getting life reports he has been called johnny. ainsley: he called jillian jill. he likes to shorten it. brian: the president of the united states said i'm more popular outside the big cities than i am in london. they can do what they want. i know there are people i resonate with they found people. one of which is this. steve: they found roberts. brian: here is an example. i cut this in. if he came here i would shake his hand. is he a brilliant businessman. is he going to upset a lot of people. that's what we want. is he a true leader. ainsley: is he transparents. evidence will do the interview with the sun and say yeah, i might like theresa may. i don't like that she did this. i think boris johnson would be a good foreign minister. he can say that because is he not afraid of the backlash. steve: is he a disrupter. meanwhile the other big story i could not not watch it yesterday. i probably watched it for eight hours. peter strzok testified on capitol hill to two
4:07 am
committees. it was a joint meeting. it took close to 10 hours. and he was very clear, despite what the republicans say, i am not biased against anybody when i'm working. i have political feelings but when i'm working, i can separate myself and he was defiant to trey gowdy about that. watch this. >> let me be clear, unequivocally and under oath, not once in my 26 years of defending our nation did my personal opinions impact any official action i took. this is true for the clinton email investigation. for the investigation into russian interference and for every other investigation i have worked on. >> agent strzok, despite the plain language of his texts and emails. despite out inspector general's report and despite common sense, doesn't think he was biased. he thinks calling someone destabilizing for the country isn't bias.
4:08 am
he thinks promising to protect the country from someone he hasn't even begun to investigate isn't bias. he has a different set of rules for others that he is investigating. brian: i could listen to trey gowdy interrogate anybody for hours. in fact, it would have been great if maybe just trey gowdy went. joining us now is the oversight committee chairman his predecessor jason chaffetz. jason, he says he could separate what he felt about about politics and what he did at work, but he was texting at work about politics 40,000 texts using a work iphone, so you can't tell me could separate him. do you think anyone bought that? >> no, i don't think anybody bought it. but, i think congressman john ratcliffe did the best job of drawing that out that there was supposedly this clear line that he would never do anything at work except 40 to 50,000 times that he did it and, remember, we still don't see all of the texts that are
4:09 am
out there. and then you saw the democrats showing their true colors going out there saying that the guy should have, you know, be given a purple heart for goodness sake. it was an embarrassment what they did. ainsley: we were all watching because we want to know did his political influences or did his political bias influence the investigation into hillary clinton? because she was not indicted. and did it influence what was happening with donald trump with the collusion investigation still ongoing he is removed from that robert mueller investigation. we as americans deserve to know whether or not his bias influenced those investigations did. we get any answers yesterday? >> well, yes. remember, that peter strzok did not get prosecutorial decision-making authority when he was looking into the hillary clinton email. but the core, the behind the scenes, what's really happening here is you have the inspector general and the office of professional responsibility looking at did this person use their office, did they use assets?
4:10 am
did they use money? did they move personnel to go after donald trump? that's where he could have utilized his title and moved things and that is an open question. and every time he started to get a little closer to that he would back way off. i can't believe he still has a security clearance. i don't know why is he still employed. yeah. and but he is still in a very much a target of the investigation. steve: i thought it was extraordinary that he revealed he had a whole another phone that was his personal phone that he texted her all day long or all the time and robert mueller never asked for that. he still has it in his possession. apparently robert mueller when he fired him didn't fire him for bias but the appearance of bias. and then the other thing is, you know that very damning text about, you know, trump is not going to become president, is he? he said we will stop it. he said i don't remember sending it. but, here's exactly what i was thinking. >> that's not a sound bite.
4:11 am
that's your turn to talk. >> sorry, i thought you were going to play some sound. look, this is why you have the inspector general who has made referrals to the office of professional responsibility. you do have the attorney general who put john huber into place. that may be going on behind the scenes. so for him to claim that conveniently hey, i never saw anything, you can see why he worked well at the heels of director comey who said we don't do sneaky stuff and we don't do leaks. but director comey ended up doing both of those. can you see why is he a good fit for director comey. brian: chairman, i want you to listen to jim jordan. he had a different approach and a different angle. he went into the dossier and tried to link it. tried to find out about the links with simpson, corn, and strzok. >> the fbi has directed me that i may say not me, the fbi, received documents and material from mr. ohr.
4:12 am
did you i appreciate that. but you did not from mr. ohr? >> no. >> the fbi did get documents from bruce ohr? >> yes, sir. >> did they get the documents from bruce ohr i may tell you the fbi received material. brian: what was the important part of that jason? it's very important because the fbi has denied parts of this. the timing of this, july 31st. that is a core part of it. but the fbi has been iftdly telling congress that parts of these things did not happen. bruce ohr's wife worked at fusion gps. telling congress devin nunes and trey gowdy and john ratcliffe get to see behind the scenes why they are so concerned about it jim jordan was right on spot. he drew out probably the most important factual
4:13 am
information from there. steve: it will be interesting to see what happens today behind closed doors. lisa page the other love birds up on capitol hill. i'm sure we are going to find out soon enough what she has to say. thank you for joining us today from utah have. a good weekend. >> thank you. steve: 7:13 in new york city. president trump days away from his meeting with vladimir putin. the president calling him a competitor, not his enemy. what kind of message does that send ahead of the summit? we are going to talk to an expert about that next. brian: plus, forget plastic straws. one mayor wants to ban neckties. seriously. steve: well, maybe that one. brian: that will not affect our show ♪ ve gum problems, and could be on the journey to much worse. try parodontax toothpaste. it's clinically proven to remove plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums. for healthy gums and strong teeth. leave bleeding gums behind with parodontax toothpaste.
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4:16 am
4:17 am
♪ >> ultimately is he a competitor. is he representing russia. i'm representing the united states. so, in a sense, we are competitors, not a question of friend or enemy. he is not my enemy. steve: president trump defending his relationship with russian president vladimir putin following the nato summit yesterday. how is this going to impact the meeting between the two on monday in helsinki? here to weigh in is military analyst and international
4:18 am
relations expert dr. re become can dr. rebekahgraham. what did you think about him calling him a competitor. >> steve, in business, competitor is the person you most want to defeat and get the advantage over. i see this is trump's style. he wants maximum maneuvering room. is he not going to show his hand. and you know, china is also watching this, so trump wants to make sure that jay ping of china that he can't get to close to putin. trump is playing this, too. this is all about maneuvering on the chess board before helsinki. steve: he checkers ironically right now to your point. do you think that something is going to be going on where at the end of it trump will essentially be able to leverage the meeting with putin to help us get a better trade deal with china? >> oh, that's an interesting one. i think there are a lot of factors there. and we are going to be
4:19 am
triangulating with china and russia for years and years to come. so, that's a possibility. but i think there is some very serious issues. remember, john bolton went to moscow to prepare the groundwork for this summit. top of the list of the issues will be syria where our forces are in close proximity with the russians at all times. and then some new things. lethal aid to ukraine. there is a prospect too of talking about strategic nuclear forces and the tensions surrounding that. don't forget russia's very, very evil and active cyber activity. that's just the beginning of a long list of issues. steve: of course, the president made it very clear a couple of days ago he is going to ask him about the meddling. let's see what mr. putin does have to say about it but, at the end of the summit, doctor, people are wondering whether this come off great? keep in mind after he left nato, he had blown up nato to wiped up getting commitment for more money faster. and then he kind of blew up
4:20 am
melissa yesterday saying meh she is screwing up brexit. if he comes away from the putin meeting and it's warm and fuzzy, that might not be a good optic, would it. >> back to nato. nato did agree to a lot of activity. a lot of communique in the end. putin is aware of that it may be a love fest, it may be confrontational. what i see is both of them will be taking a measure of each other. this will not be their last meeting. we will see if it's anything concrete or just trying to work on some specific issues and figure out where they stand. remember, trump is a much, much, much stronger president. this is totally different from putin's last meeting with obama. steve: you are right about that. dr. rebecca grant joining us today from d.c. doctor, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile, some democrats gushing with praise for peter strzok yesterday. >> if i could give you a purple heart, i would. you deserve one. steve: joey jones actually
4:21 am
earned a purple heart. what does he think about that comment? you will find out next. night st frequent heartburn waking him up. now that dream is a reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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are you ready to take your then you need xfinity xfi.? a more powerful way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home,
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and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. jillian: welcome back. quick headlines, an american service member is killed in battle in afghanistan. the special operations soldier was fighting a joint operation with afghan forces when he lost his life. we don't know his name yet. but this does mark the second american combat death in less than a week. army corporal joseph was killed in apparent insider attack in afghanistan on saturday. take a look at this, flash floods send tourists running to higher ground near the grand canyon. >> there is a girl in a tree over there. a lot of people huddling. those people can't get over. jillian: wow, you can see the water rushing through the canyon in arizona. people trying not to get swept away at the camping
4:25 am
site nearly 200 people were evacuated from the area. no one though seriously hurt. and the race may be over but the feud between new york democrats is far from finished. alexandria owe ocasio cortez accusing joe crowley running a third party against her. is he still on the ballot working family candidate despite losing primary. quoting in part joe crowley stated on live tv he would absolutely support my candidacy instead he stood me up for all three scheduled concession calls. crowley then responding saying quote, alexandria the race is over and democrats need to come together. i would like to connect but i'm not willing to air grievances on twitter. a look at your headlines. i will send it downstairs to you. steve: fbi agent peter strzok receiving praise from democrats on the hill. one going so far to suggest that he should be given a medal. >> if i could give you a
4:26 am
purple heart, i would. you deserve one. it's astonishing to me that you would be put on trial as have you today. ainsley: what does an actual purple heart recipient have to say in response to those outrageous comments let's bring in joey jones who was injured in a bomb blast in afghanistan and lost both of his legs. good morning to you. what do you think about what congressman cohen said? >> good morning, guys. this one hits close to home. there were a lot of things said yesterday that made me roll the eye eyes in the back of my head this was one thing that got my temper up quite basement i have a friend lost half of his left arm and organs. cambodia. he didn't get a purple heart. you thearn award for putting your life and body on the line for freedoms in this country and being called to task on that by the enemy. you have to specifically be injured by an enemy of the state to earn a purple heart. so what this congressman did and he probably doesn't
4:27 am
understand it he equated republicans or the actual looking for truth to an enemy attacking this manual. so it's pretty disgraceful and probably the stupidest thing someone said since hank johnson thought guam might flip over. brian: on top of that george washington came up with the idea. for him to think because his corrupt behavior and disgraced conduct put him there where he is, this guy wants to give him an award. ainsley: remember, he was having an affair. he was writing his lover anti-trump text messages while he is part of the trump investigation while in the hillary investigation. >> to think they would say he earned a medal by having to stand and listen to people say his own words back to him or read his own words out loud. that's called accountability. look, a man's personal life is his own doing. he made it public when he put it on a government cell phone and talked about things that were very important to this country and time sensitive to say that that deserves a medal not only a medal but in my
4:28 am
opinion the highest honor of a medal is absolutely ridiculous and quite honestly it's disgusting. steve: also, joey, sasha baron cohen the filmmaker and comedian has gone after sarah palin. she says she was duped into appearing on a documentary. she was outraged that he was essentially dressed up in a costume as a disabled vet. and you feel very strongly that maybe this guy should be prosecuted for stolen valor. >> well, stolen valor act is something that's been around as a law and an idea for a long time. in 2013 the stolen valor act of 2013 says if you wear medals, instill those decorations and other service member stories to benefit yourself financially or in a tangible way then you can be prosecuted for stolen valor. i don't know how this median dressed for that interview if he wore an american uniform if he wore our medals and makes any type of
4:29 am
money off this using that interview. it seems to me was violated that act. brian: we will find out on sunday on show time. >> a horrible thing to do. steve: he sent out a tweet yesterday from an account from the show. this is what his response to sarah palin who said she was duped. he said it was that i interviewed you. did i not say i was a war vet. i was in service. not military. but united parcel. and i only fought for my country once when i shot a mexican who came on to my property. >> yeah. how degrading can you be to the men and women who serve this country. i had a really easy recover. in 10 months after i lost my legs i was working on capitol hill. but every single day, right now i'm trying to get a marine out of the oak lewis is a county, florida, sheriff's department, i'm trying to get him out of jail and into rehab and treatment for post-traumatic stress because is he charged with burglary for breaking into a vacant lot and trying to commit suicide. he gave up on life. that's what men and women are dealing with and to take probably a purple heart that he has earned or something
4:30 am
like what sasha baron cohen and s. doing and make a mockery of the pain that theisman and women endure after they serve our country or the honor they have after serving our country is absolutely it's a asinine and to say that some of these people were elected into office, others we pay to see, it's amazing. i know how lucky i have it. people didn't spit on me or call me a baby killer. we live in an amazing country. i think a certain part of this country really has no idea what it takes to keep it this way. brian: this guy isn't even a part of our country. see if we'll be laughing when general petraeus and dick cheney and sarah palin all seem to have gotten duped by this clown. ainsley: keep us posted on that guy in florida. >> absolutely. his name is christopher locke and we are going to fight for him. ainsley: poor guy. steve: joey, thank you. president trump wrapping up a meeting with prime minister of britain theresa may after blasting her yesterday over brexit. reaction from steve hilton. that's coming up next. ainsley: and philip phillips is hanging out in the keurig
4:31 am
corner getting ready to rock out on our all-american summer concert series stage and he is over there with jillian. steve: good morning. ♪ discover prescription omega-3 vascepa. the one that's this pure... and fda approved. look. vascepa looks different... because it is different. it's pure epa. vascepa, along with diet, is clinically proven to lower very high triglycerides by 33% in adults, without raising bad cholesterol. that's pure power. proven to work. vascepa is not right for everyone. do not take vascepa if you are allergic to icosapent ethyl or any inactive ingredient in vascepa. tell your doctor if you are allergic to fish, have liver problems... or other medical conditions and about any medications you take, especially those that may affect blood clotting.
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but she's got work to do.pain. so she took aleve this morning. if she'd taken another pain reliever, she'd be stopping for more pills by now.
4:34 am
only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. brian: here we go back with a fox news alert now. ainsley: live look in london where protests against president trump are raging for a second day. steve: it is noisy in london. kevin corke is there as the president prepares to meet with the queen for tea. hi, kevin. >> great to be with you guys. you are right. the tea coming up a little bit later. clearly the big talk right now is the massive protests ongoing here in london. while the president won't actually be here in the city to actually see it happen live he will no doubt hear about it the crowds are huge and expected to top 100,000 here in london city. that, of course, has been the big talk. that and the mayor approved
4:35 am
balloon baby. obviously a conversation started to be sure. speaking of conversation starters, a lot of people are wondering how the president feels about big protests like this. well, you probably know he has family roots here in the u.k. so this is a bit of a disappointment. >> to make me feel unwelcome. no reason for me to go to london. i think your mayor has done a terrible job. to make me feel unwelcome, why would i stay there? and when i say that, i am talking about government. because the people of the u.k. agree with me. >> the president, of course, in that exclusive interview with the sun talking about london's mayor who has gone back and forth with the president on twitter exchanging barbs and saying he wasn't welcome here in london. a lot of people backing the mayor in this case. as the president pointed out, guys, lot of other people here in the u.k. who actually agree with his policy. back to you.
4:36 am
steve: i don't think they are making the noise right now. ainsley: we can hear the noise is that protesters outside or just the video? >> oh, no. they are outside. and, in fact, if we had sort of a drone and we could sort of weave through the city, can you see they are actually on the move. you will see large gatherings and demonstrations throughout the day. speakers, in fact, will also take to the microphone expressing their sentiments about the president's visit here to the u.k. it's beautiful here and so a lot of people probably just out getting some sun and a lot of others very happy to express themselves in opposition to the president. guys? brian: okay. good. i guess everyone is off today. ainsley: no one has a job. steve: casual friday. steve hilton is working. is he preparing for weekend show next revolution. steve, you look at all those people outside protesting president trump, i think theresa may got some bad
4:37 am
news from the sun newspaper yesterday and that was that he, the president, spoke to them and said the way she is getting out of brexit is all wrong. i don't like it. i told her how to do it right and she blew it. the president is 100 percent right about brexit. remember, theresa may campaigned against brexit. she voted against brexit. and now after two years, two wasted years of weakness and drift, she is finally caved in to the elitist establishment, those who wanted to stay in the eu. she has published a plan for brexit that still had the u.k. subject to eu law. to eu regulations, to eu migration. it is absolutely not what people voted for. >> ainsley: so interesting when you look at that video. when i was there for the royal wedding you took me to your stomping grounds and why you love america and why you moved over here. we interviewed nigel farage. 50% of the crowd loves him
4:38 am
50% not. he was for brexit and behind that movement. what's interesting to us as americans when we look at the video and all the protesters out there protesting our president, we might not like the policies of theresa may, but if she came to our country, i don't think -- no one would be out there protesting. why do they care so much about what our country is doing or our president? why do they have such a strong opinion against our president? >> you know, i think it's just part of this-out usual suspect. you know, the noisy left. this is much more about a sense of virtue signaling and saying i'm this kind of person. it's not about policies. if they really cared about the substance of what president trump is doing, they would be really happy. as i wrote today in the sun newspaper that the president has created an economy that has created jobs, raised people's incomes for working people. for the first time in 20, 30 years that he has really getting to grips with the bureaucracy and corruption in washington. he is helping working people.
4:39 am
is he improving people's lives. all of that reality, the substance, that is going on. they don't care about that. they are just trying to show we are good people. we hate president trump. it's as simple as that i don't think it's going to effect anything in the real world. it's just as kevin was saying, nice day out for people who want to show that they hate trump. brian: are you embarrassed a little for your country that does not protest when dictators from turkey show up who jail people in the press for writing bad stories and jail their political opponents in the guy had to run his campaign from jail. erdogan shows up. no one used any spray paint or put on any anti-erdogan shirts. >> yes. it is absolutely a disgrace. it's not just with erdogan in turkey you see it, too, with an even worse dictator. examine the xi jinping of china who is probably the biggest abuser of human rights and biggest threat to freedom and threat to democracy in the world.
4:40 am
they won't give donald trump a state visit. a couple of years ago they parade xi jinping through london in a golden coach while goons from his own embassy are beating up human rights protesters a few feet away. the hypocrisy of this is just unbelievable. steve: something to think about. steve hilton from great britain who today is deep in the heart of texas. steve, thank you very much. ainsley: show is on sunday nights. you have been doing great things on family, community, faith. i love it. brian: right. can i say, steve, i love whether you have ainsley on. i'm not saying that because you are here. i just think she is really nice and you are nice. ainsley: brian wants to come on. >> one day we will have him. ainsley: brian, we have been seeing you host so much and fill in for tucker. >> brian has got to pay me a lot of the money and then maybe we have lunch. brian: on behalf of america we're glad you defected. thank you, steve. steve: wait, he defected. brian: isn't he officially one of us. steve: yeah. but i think you just become a citizen.
4:41 am
brian: i think he wanted asylum. steve: maybe he does. jillian joins us 20 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian: good morning. get you caught up with some of your news. the city isn't collecting a dime. that's what houston's mayor is saying after being accused of trying to take money from the families of fallen and injured firefighters. according to local reports, the city hired a law firm to collect $100,000 from the families of four heroes killed or hurt in the line of duty. the money would have gone towards paying their medical and ambulance bills after a deadly fire in 2013. this is a nightmare for a lot of people. do not eat honey smack cereal. that stern warning for the centers for disease control the breakfast favorite is likely behind the salmonella outbreak. 100 people have gotten sick in 33 states. kellogg recalled honey smacks last month. the c.d.c. says if you have a box at home. sadly, throw it away or return it. brian: so good for you. jillian: so good. i can't help it.
4:42 am
get in shape and gain some cash if some lawmakers get their way. house panel advance ago bill give a tax break up to $1,000 on gym memberships exercise classes unclear if it's on track to become a law yet. have you heard a ban on plastic bags and straws. one california mayor is calling fashion cop. he wants to ban neckties for city workers. r.x. paris says he thought of the idea after reading a study claiming cut off blood flow to the brain. the mayor wears a necktie in his official note cause see. asking the city council to see if the proposal is even practical. what would you think about that. ainsley: how tight is his ty? cuts off blood flow. brian: might it be the top button. ainsley: get a bigger neck shirt. you buy like 17 and a half maybe you should go to 18. steve: it is like as into.
4:43 am
may i suggest, what about a clip on that would solve the problem. ainsley: jillian, you are with me on that you can't do the clip on. when you are 5. brian: that's a turnoff? ainsley: yeah. i would not like -- yeah. brian: if you ghork a bar at the tell you to wear a clip on because people grab you by the neck. ainsley: they do? what kind of bar do you hang out. brian: john knows. ainsley: where do you hang out? 43 minutes after the top of the hour. steve: we are learning a lot today. new york's governor andrew cuomo vows to sue the supreme court, which i'm being told can't even happen even f. they overturn roe v. wade. the only problem, yeah, as this says, the justices can't be sued, governor. steve: the tease answers your question. brian: trust your prompter. b ps quickly and can be fatal,
4:44 am
sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine.
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4:47 am
supreme court acts and i want the new york state law elm in place. brian: new york governor andrew cuomo pledging to sue the supreme court if they overturn the roe v. wade. the high court can't be sued. is he grandstanding during election year. michael star hop kidnaps and formal federal attorney herself emily compagno. can he do this? >> no, he can't. if one disagrees with a supreme court ruling there are limited judicial options he has. suing the court is not one of them. i want to point out that the unfortunate aspect about his grandstanding comments is that it detracted attention from his ancillary comments which deserve merits. we should codify roe v. wade in our state before there are gaps in protection. outside of nine states, that codified and brought in roe v. wade states like new york have antiquated laws that aren't in line with their constituency. so in 1970, that law that carved out an exception for the 24-week rule that still stands in new york. it's a criminal code
4:48 am
infraction rather than regulatory and welfare. for governor cuomo to grand stand now after the third time that an act has been introduced blaming the state senate republicans for its failures, it just smacks of that grandstanding and it's also disingenuous with his constituency. >> michael you say yeah you can't sue the supreme court but can you sue the trump administration? >> yeah, i mean, look, we can sue to stop implementation of any new laws that republicans may attempt to bring. in we can suit administration and the agencies that attempt to block women from being able to receive health i can't understand affordable abortions. look, we are not requesting to go backwards in time where women are going to go abortions in back alleys and things like that. this is 2018. we have got to be moving forward there are a lot of issues we have got to be dealing with you about abortion isn't one we should be still fighting. brian: one thing pretty sure, emily, new york is never going to overturn roe v. wade. it will be a state's thing if that scenario ever goes to the supreme court and it's overturned. new york is not going to change. they will always be for
4:49 am
proabortion. >> right, exactly. and the center for reproductive health 22 states would in fact abortion should roe v. wade be overturned. the eating is we will not see that overhaul. likely see chipping away or a hobbling of it which is why it's incumbent upon these state legislators to bring in line their laws with what their constituencies want. so if new york is in that boat. then have them codify. is he absolutely right. it's lazy for these legislators and for the voters to protest the kavanaugh nomination, for example, but not spend time codifying within their states what they want. brian: 10 seconds, michael, final thought? >> as a democrat, i think democrats should do everything they could to stop the kavanaugh nomination. we're not going backwards. people aren't proabortion. they are pro-choice. brian: here is what cuomo should be talking about. four of his buddies indicted for essentially corruption. report money into buffalo and they took a lot of it that's something he has got to explain.
4:50 am
thanks, guys. 11 minutes before the top of the hour, a big lineup ahead. have you judge jeanine going to be here live. geraldo rivera, different outfit, different person. martha maccallum from incorporatengland, yes, she is l up. philip phillips getting ready to rock your world in our american summer concert series on stage now. ♪ ♪ let your perfect drive come together at the lincoln summer invitation sales event. get 0% apr on select 2018 lincoln models plus $1,000 bonus cash.
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billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse instantly fights all types of bad breath and works for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy. there's therabreath at walmart.
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are you ready to take your then you need xfinity xfi.? a more powerful way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. brian: at 21 he won "american idol" then went platinum releasing the show's best selling hit song it's called home. you might have heard of it. ainsley: now his long time love and his wife hanna inspiring newest song on new album. steve: isn't that sweet. here is his inspiration behind third album called
4:54 am
collateral. entertainer tore today for all-american concert series brought to you by keurig philip phillips. >> what's up? hello. >> congratulations on your career. >> thank you. ainsley: everyone is asking you, we know this question. we want to ask you right out of the gate your name philip phillips. we love it he has to win because we will remember him. >> pretty weird. easy to write when i was in second grade bauer because cursive same thing a bunch of circles. it's my dad's name. he used to tell me said i didn't like the name growing up but i wanted to give it to you. that's what i get from him. but my middle name is -- we don't speak of it usually but it's ladon capital d. steve: if someone wanted an appraisal on, for instance, a nice watch you might be able to do it because you worked at the family pawnshop. >> i did. but most of the time when i
4:55 am
was at the pawnshop i was in the back playing guitar. someone would come in what can you give this to me for? let me ask my dad real quick. steve: the guitar pawned? >> my first guitar was through the pawnshop i still have it to this day. yeah. that's where i got a lot of practice in and sang for people they said it was good. i don't know if it really was. steve: huey lewis visited us on the set a while ago his kid was going to nyu and he wanted to meet steve. he said the pressure after releasing first al gum was so great he was almost scared to release his second. >> >> oh you, sure. brian: you had the same thing happen. >> it's scary releasing music any time you don't know how people are going to take it i'm going to love it and everybody else is this is not good. the second album that pressure of topping the next one the last one. and but you can't really have that pressure. have you got to write good music. ainsley: you got married three years ago to your wife hanna. >> yeah, almost three years ago. ainsley: have you written a lot of songs for her.
4:56 am
song dance for me in january. on the album collateral. >> out now. ainsley: collateral. steve: out now. >> ainsley: one of the friends played it for first dance. >> my buddy helped me write the song tim awesome guy he sang it while we were dancing and she cried like a baby because i cried like a baby during the ceremony. she didn't cry at all. she looked gorgeous. she cried. i was like. ainsley: no baby but a dog. steve: storied history of "american idol," how cool it though that you got the biggest selling single of all time? >> i don't know. i just play guitar. i try to play it good and i try to sing okay. there there are some better singers than me. steve: we like this guy, don't we, folks? [applause] steve: is he going to start singing here in five minutes here on "fox & friends." brian: meanwhile, playing 8:30. not 8:5067898:30 playing
4:57 am
main song. >> yeah. ainsley: president is having a press conference. 8:30 we're playing your song. steve: quick time-out geraldo rivera on the other side of the break. brian: is he endlessly sexy. of nowhere. . . will experience hallucinations or delusions during the course of their disease. if your loved one is experiencing these symptoms,
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5:00 am
ainsley: president trump wrapping up the bilateral meeting with british prime minister theresa may. >> a lot of issues to work on including trade. >> i told teresa she had to do it but she didn't do it. >> i think he feels that the u.s. administration has been badly let down. brian: show north of fireworks with peter strzok testimony. >> i talked to fbi around the country. you have embarrassed them. you embarrassed themself. >> you texted northern virginia, still ignorant hillbillies. >> that was a quick choice of words. >> reality if that was a widespread attitude at the fbi we would be abolishing the fbi.
5:01 am
>> i can't believe he still has security clearance. i don't know why he is employed. ainsley: social media going crazy over first lady melania trump. wearing off the shoulder. many thought the first lady reminded them of the disney princess bell. ♪ and although this wave is stringing us along ♪ ♪ just know you're not alone, come on, cause i'm going to make this place your home ♪ ♪ settle down, it all will be clear, don't pay no mind to the demons, they fill you with
5:02 am
fear ♪ ♪ the trouble might drag you down. ♪ if you get loss you can always be found. ♪ just know you're not alone. ♪ cause i'm folk to make this place your home. steve: there he is his singing number one song in the history of "american idol," phillip phillips singing about home. if you want to watch it, it is streaming at part of the "all american concert series." brought to your friend at keurig. brian: onefy can't be streaming. we need to speak with him. ainsley: geraldo rivera it is friday. he joins us every friday. there he is is from his new home in cleveland. i know you moved back there. eric is from cleveland. we met your mother-in-law. she cooked for us. just like eric went home.
5:03 am
phillip phillips is back in georgia where his roots began. brian: ainsley wants you out of new york. how do you feel about that. ainsley: you visit a lot. >> i will be there next week. it is delightful here. i'm sorry i am missing the great music playing there on the plaza. just fabulous. i came back from a week-long trip on the great lakes. i took my boat from here in cleveland all the way to mackinaw island on the canadian border. it is a wonderful, wonderful, just to see america that way, from the water, the great lakes are magnificent. largest body of fresh water on earth. very comforting to see. can lean over to drink it. great to invite you back to your home. how are you, everybody? steve: we're doing great. somebody not home is president trump on his world disruption tour. he first brushed back nato, come
5:04 am
on nice you got to pay more. they apparently agreed to pay more faster. now sitting down with theresa may, the prime minister. in an interview with the "sun" newspaper, she is blowing. that boris johnson guy would be a god prime minister too. what is he doing over there? >> my friend, i love the guy. he is filled with bluster. he disrupts everything. very little of the tact, secretary of states visiting presidents overseas, be gentle, keep to the norm, don't blow things up. the president is different. i urge everyone almost not listen to what he says. watch what he does. steve: what do you mean don't listen to what he says? you have to listen to what he says. he is the president. >> you listen but take it with a grain of salt the way i take what brian has to say to me. the goal is great, get the nato
5:05 am
allies to pay 2%. they should pay their own fair fair share for their own defense but the question is whether or not you do that with a sledgehammer or you finesse. he is a great negotiator the president. he has been dealing with landlord tenant issues forever. "the art of the deal," so forth. ultimately he gets what he wants for nato. nato to pay its fair share for its own defense. we pay a tremendous amount of money for military bases. we deserve is them to pay the fair share. that is freight. on the "brexit" thing, theresa may, the prime minister, the president is kind of endorsing her rival because he doesn't like that theresa may is dragging her feet on "brexit," the president is almost the architect of "brexit." it was a populist movement. it was rejection by majority of britons who voted of the open border immigration policies, so forth. the president encouraged the
5:06 am
united kingdom to exit the european union. they voted to do that. but theresa may has been dragging her feet how to do it over the last two years. so what us did the president do? instead of secret, calm, back-room negotiation, come on theresa may, you can do better, you can speed this up, you can get britain out of the european union, he says in public, i really like the guy who quit your cabinet. maybe he will be the next prime minister. maybe i like his way better than your way. brian: talk about peter strzok, what you saw. let's roll a little clip to give people a sense of it if they had to work yesterday. peter strzok caught texting anti-trump messages in the most growth desk way possible. tried to defend himself. tell me how he did. >> i talked to fbi agents around the country. you have embarrassed them. you have embarrassed yourself. >> i'm sure there are 13,000 fbi agents out there beaming with pride how clearly you have drawn
5:07 am
that line. >> it is not possible to take under oath and at the the american people and this committee there is not bias. >> let me be clear. unequivocally, and under oath, not once in my 26 years of defending our nation did my personal opinions impact any official action i took. this is true for the clinton email investigation. for the investigation into russian interference, and for every other investigation i've worked on. brian: geraldo, do you take his word for it? >> well, strzok got mugged yesterday, there is no doubt about it. it was almost uncomfortable to watch, how he was beaten mercilessly. it was almost like a fight. strzok was the architect of his own demise. he wrote the flirty anti-trump text messages to his love by luke watching a fight where you want your guy to win, but at some point your guy beats up other guy so badly for him.
5:08 am
i kind of felt sorry for peter strzok. he is revealed to cheated on his wife. he is now revealed to have at least hateful feeling about trump expressed in his personal text messages. whether or not the bias affected what he did officially, i don't know, i don't know how you determine that. the guy says i wasn't influenced, never been influenced by my personal bias. steve: do you believe that? >> he said believe me and not your lying ice. he is in a tough spot. i'm shocked he is still on the job at all in any capacity. effectively by those text messages so undermined robert mueller's investigation that it is collusion illusion. there is strong bias against the president. i don't think it is very plausibly deniable whatever the democrats protest. i think they protest too much. ainsley: you mentioned that you felt sorry for him almost. a lot of democrats did too. they were defending him. there is a congressman from tennessee, a democrat, his name
5:09 am
is congressman steve cohen, and he said he told strzok that he deserves, keep in mind, this is a guy -- >> if i could give you a purple heart i would. you deserve one. this has been an attack on you in a way to attack mr. mueller and the investigation, that is to get at russia collusion involved in our election. ainsley: thinks he deserves a purple heart, one of the highest honors for a military individual who lost his life or severely wounded in war. >> ainsley, i have two parts to my answer. the first is the easier one. i do believe the republicans have attacked peter strzok as a way of discrediting robber mueller. i think congressman cohen is
5:10 am
right about that. having covered the war in afghanistan as extensively i had, covering the war in iraq, attended many, many memorials for wounded or killed servicemembers, gis, to see their empty boots as "taps" are played, to have a congressman in that flamboyant way use the purple heart, almost as an obscenity to give to a political operator within the fbi and the justice department i think is really obscene. i think congressman cohen owes all of the servicemembers who have been killed or wounded in action a heart-felt apology. he never should have gone there. there are some places where even, you know, the most outrage justly partisan, rhetorical debate, there are some places you can not go and you can not use the purple heart to cloak a political operator in immunity. i think it is really, really
5:11 am
unfortunate and congressman cohen owes those families apology. that is the way i feel. brian: don't hold your breath. i doubt it. i watched the way he approached. thank you, geraldo, i'm glad you were able to navigate the great lakes. >> thank you. >> bye, geraldo. he will be here live. we'll see him. steve: she is here right now, jillian has got the news. jillian: sad news to pass along. second time in a week an american service member is killed in afghanistan. the special operations soldier was fighting a joint operation with afghan force best lost his life. we don't know his name yet. on saturday, joseph mucil was culled in apparently a insider attack. sarah palin fighting back against actor sacha bear hen cohen. he tricked her on his new fv show by posing as disabled veteran. >> mocking, belittling our vets
5:12 am
with has portrayal. in my book, it is not funny. whatever this show is, whatever this interview really is, is all about humiliation and devaluing middle-class americans. >> cohen responding to palin with this letter, quote, i did not say i was a war vet. i was in the service, not military, united parcel. president is meeting with the british prime minister, first lady melania trump is voting veterans and children in london. she is visiting a retirement home along theresa may's husband phillip. the group of kids showed the pair how to play lawn bowling. taking america to new heights. president trump reportedly requesting a more patriotic paint job to air force one. asking boeing to add red to the blue and white color scheme. it would be made to pair of 747s to replace the planes used now.
5:13 am
"axios" says the president would like bigger and more comfortable beds aboard. hard to complain about that. don't we all? steve: apparently like the same bed he has in his 757 that is parked out at laguardia. brian: don't you hate when the bed is lumpy when you're on a plane? drives me nuts. steve: only queen-size. brian: exactly, how am i supposed to get rest with the roar of the engine. protests growing by the hour in london as president trump meets with theresa may. we're live on the ground. there are a bunch of people with free time. steve: kate at at this arringtos returning to the campaign after that horrific car crash. she joins ainsley on her recovery coming up. ainsley: plus judge janine is there on the curvy couch. ♪
5:14 am
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5:18 am
interesting. there are some people here who say listen, this is just about the president. there are others say, listen, almost anti-american to have this many people out in the streets, a great many of them obviously there because they simply don't like the leader of the free world. some of them probably don't like america's policies abroad. that said, while the president himself is not here in london, he will no doubt hear all about protests which by the way includes mayor approved balloon baby. it will not be very high up. it is tethered. i haven't seen it from my vantage point here. that generating conversation as well as president's remarks to the "sun" newspaper in exclusive. he was fairly critical of prime minister theresa may, in particular her handling of "brexit." listen here. >> i did give theresa, who i like, i did give her my views on what she should do, how she
5:19 am
should negotiate. and she didn't follow those views. i would actually say she probably went the opposite way, if you really look. she probably went the opposite way. that is fine. she should negotiate the best way she knows how but it's too bad. what's going on. reporter: as you can obviously tell when the president is talking about it's too bad what's been going on, there has been great turmoil within the government here. in fact a number of members resigned their positions in opposition to what the president heard, you heard there term as a soft "brexit." take you back to the protests pictures before. we talked earlier about the fact later are today president will have tea with her majesty, the queen of england, queen elizabeth but protests continue to be story throughout the day. we expect there will be several around the city.
5:20 am
largest one there, you see the famed balloon baby is there. a lot of people are talking about it here. back to you. steve: kevin, thank you very much. live from london. ainsley: it is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. katie arrington is about return to the campaign trail, this time in wheelchair after surviving a horrific car crash. she joins us live with her recovery next. steve: here is phillip phillips performing, "don't tell me." ♪ ♪ don't tell me you're going out
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♪ steve: it is 8:24 here in new york city and here are some quick friday morning headlines. top white house officials are heading to mexico later today. secretary of state mike pompeo will lead a delegation to discuss key issues with president-elect andres manuel lopez obrador. in mexico city a newly-opened shopping mall partially collapses as shoppers scramble to escape. look at this. [sirens]
5:25 am
steve: man, that mall was partially under construction. thankfully nobody was hurt. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, steve. south carolina congressional candidate katie arrington will return to the campaign trail next week but this time in a wheelchair. remember last month katy was seriously injured in a car crash a few days after upset primary win over gop incumbent mark sanford. katie suffered two broken ribs and fractures on both feet and abdominal bleeding. talking about her on going recovery, katie arrington, gop congressional candidate. great to see you. glad you pulled through. you were on our show after you upset mark sanford. you were on the show. few days later we heard about the accident. everyone is glad to see you back, god bless you. tell us what happened on that day? >> one of my best friend, jackie goff, served 41 years working
5:26 am
for the government. went to her retirement party. she and i were driving to hilton head. i sent a text to my husband a little after 9:00 p.m. saying, he had food in the room. we hadn't really eaten all day. said i love you to him. then the next thing i knew, we saw a pair of headlights. i yelled to jackie to swerve, jackie goff still remains in muse, deserves the bulk share of thankfulness aside from god, number one saved my life but jackie, she swerved in the nick of time. our cars hit, it was a head-on collision, but we just managed to governor off of center. so we both lived through the event. it was horrific. unbelievable accident. ainsley: the other person who caused this, we read that she was under the influence of alcohol and she died? >> yes, ma'am. she died on impact, mrs. white. i asked that everyone please
5:27 am
send your prayers and good thoughts to her children and to her family. they're dealing with a tremendous loss as well but i think this is something we need to be cognizant and aware of drunk driving kills one in three in traffic accidents in south carolina. we had a beautiful young girl from denmark visiting charles ton just days died ago on a corner because of a drunk driver. i ask anybody in the listening audience, ainsley you're one of my favorites not that steve and brian are not. ainsley: i'm from south carolina. >> i know you are. uber, lyft, don't let anyone drinking get behind the wheel of a car. ainsley: there was never ever an excuse, this day and age with uber, my gosh. you said, you mentioned your faith. you are catholic. your faith is extremely important to you. you have not been shy talking about that. when you're in that moment, when you were hit, i can't imagine,
5:28 am
a, what that is like, how did you get through it? were you talking to god, praying all the time? >> ainsley, i didn't stop talking to god to moment of impact, very loudly. i was not quiet. bless, thank you to all first-responders and people on site, a beautiful woman who goes to a church that i visited, miss diane, seconds after impact, it seemed was handing me her phone. i couldn't breathe because the, my lung had been punctured by my ribs, i couldn't catch my breath. i gave her my husband's cell phone number. she called him from the site. from that point on, i knew i severed my stomach, basically the seatbelt saved our life. if you don't believe in god, look at this face. jackie and i have no neurological trauma, if you
5:29 am
don't understand that was god's good embrace holding me and jackie you need to believe. all the way the ems drivers and paramedics, i was talking to god the entire way. i never loss consciousness through the entire event which is insane. when the sheriff came to do my statement and interview, i remembered every detail. it is indelible in my mind. just something that i thank god for because i'm thankful to every faith that helped me and every sole that worked, such an amazing team to save my life. i'm so in debt and gratitude. ainsley: god always has a plan. he has big plans for you. three children and three grandchildren. >> another one on the way. ainsley: big race in november against joe cunningham. thanks for coming on. god bless you. >> thanks, ainsley. >> president trump about to hold a news conference with prime minister of britain theresa may.
5:30 am
here is phillip phillips performing "gone, gone". ♪ ♪
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steve: we are back with a fox news alert and a live look at the united kingdom right now. ainsley: that's right. we're waiting for president trump's news conference to start. he will have a news conference with british prime minister theresa may. brian: when they open up the phones, when they open it up to the press you never know what will happen. we'll bring you there live as soon as they walk out live. steve: that's right. we think that will be in ten minutes. why we're actually doing this right now. at 21 he won "american idol," went platinum releasing the show's best-selling hit song, home, which you heard about 10,
5:34 am
15 minutes ago. now he is here with a brand new song off his new album, collateral. ainsley: here is phillip, phillips with magnetic . >> sing with me. ♪ nah, nah. baby what goes up, must come back down, you're the sky and i'm the ground ♪ ♪ no matter what i do i keep falling into you ♪ it was hard to but i figured it out ♪ ♪ it might have taken me a
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steve: it is 1:40 in the afternoon in england and you're looking live. president trump and british prime minister theresa may are about to hold a press conference we're told in front of those flags. they're currently meeting in the building behind them, which is called checkers, the estate in england. we'll be talking or listening to the president and the prime minister. brian: also the president is
5:41 am
hoping they don't deliver "the sun." they don't deliver the headlines. janinejeanine pirro is here. martha maccallum, is live from windsor castle in london. this will be as we say unscripted fun, right, martha? >> oh, boy, if they thought the nato show was interesting, the united kingdom show has become quite fascinating as well. it was really clear, brian, officials in this government, i spoke with several of them yesterday, really wanted the president to come here to say he supported theresa may's version of the "brexit" agreement with the eu. he did an interview, you guys all have seen and heard playing on the show this morning flew in the face of that. diplomacy in the word of morning.
5:42 am
president arrived, spoke with theresa may, we get along great. i think their goal now is to have good discussions, wrap up the trip later with an agreement that will allow them to say they're on the same page. they have aways to go to get there though. ainsley: judge, what are your thoughts about this? the president is just being honest. i don't like how she is exiting softly from "brexit." he is being transparent. that is what he does. doesn't mean he doesn't like her as a person. >> i don't think it matters if he likes her as person. ainsley: meeting with her, sitting down with her. >> the truth he is going to be donald trump. he has very strong feelings about "brexit" and the uk and what has gone on and he is very clear in his belief that, you know, they said that they were going to leave the eu they have got to leave it. he likes the other guy, boris. i think it is really clear, that in the end, i think theresa may will have a lot of problems. i'm not sure she will be able to keep it together.
5:43 am
steve: judge this is turning out to be his global disruption tour. he went to nato, i told you last year you have to pay more. ultimately they agreed to pay more faster. we detailed how he kind of blew her up. next stop after this, putin. >> the guy is going through it. next stop after putin is mexico. then it was north korea. look, this is a president, who says what he means and means what he says. and the difference between him and other presidents, so many people are unfamiliar or not comfortable with it, he says what he thinks and what benefits the american people. brian: martha, the president is honest. i don't feel welcome in london. i will not stay there. i will go to my golf club after. that is what happens if you own one in scotland. the word was he really supported her, excuse me, she really supported him at nato. >> absolutely, brian and i think
5:44 am
that's why the comments that came out from this "sun" interview were so surprising to so many people. it is not dissimilar what he saw at nato. he sat down at the breakfast table, you will pay more money, you increase troops. i don't like the way this is going. if i don't get a good deal i will pull out. used same strategy in the u.k. saying to theresa may, either you stiffen the "brexit" agreement so 17 million people in the united kingdom voted for it feel like they what they voted for it. they want more sovereignty. want their boarders intact. want the united kingdom its own country and overseeing its own judicial system and trade system. if you don't do that you will probably lose your primmship. boris johnson who was secretary of state 48 hours ago and bolted, he may take your spot. steve: judge, aside from what it looks like on the outside, the
5:45 am
subtle under game the president is playing. he need trade with the eu, largely european countries, needs a deal with the uk, trying to separate from the eu as well. need to deal with russia, china, mexico. as you said. >> he has a very clear mission. the mission is to level the playing field for americans at this point. and he is going to do whatever he has to do. he doesn't really care what they think, whether nato or the uk or anyone else. he is, what you see is what you get with him. you want trade with the united states. you have to be fair to us now. for the first time in decades. so it is not going to be a surprise the way he is going to treat other countries because he is benefiting us. ainsley: martha, as brian was mentioning he is going to scott land, he doesn't feel welcome in london. he probably doesn't care about it. there are some protesters in
5:46 am
london, have you seen those and been in the middle of it? what is it like? >> i didn't think the protests looked all that big from our vantage point. the balloon we heard about looks like a tune any version of a macy's day balloon. i think protests have been a little overhyped. even people we saw in shots this morning, they're kind of scattered around. i think they're thinking more about world cup in a lot of ways which they're still licking their wound over. i think janine is absolutely right. this is america first policy that america is putting out there. he is saying to the united kingdom, we don't like the hamstrings you have on you from the eu it doesn't allow for a trade deal we appreciate. if you're closely aligned to the eu, we'll go back look for bilateral agreement with them advantageous to america. that is the deal he is putting on the table, either split with them, we'll come up with a good trade deal, or we'll have to look at a different arrangement.
5:47 am
brian: there is a lot of pro-martha maccallum demonstrations. we don't have video on them now. i'm sure you have them for your show. at least what i heard according to my people on the ground. but martha -- >> wait until you see my balloon. brian: you talked to piers morgan yesterday. he said something pretty thought insightful. he says president obama, if you actually look at him pragmatically, what did he actually achieve? i thought obama was massively overheight. he achieved very little and did very little to improve standing of lives of most americans but i was better received there, much more popular in europe than this president. where this president early on seems to be getting more done. >> i think that's very true. i mean i think that president obama presented sort of perfect globalist package that europeans embraced in a big way. they loved everything about what he represented and the kind of relationship that they were able to have with him, because what did he say when he traveled
5:48 am
around the world? we had made mistakes. that he didn't really want to be the global superpower. he wanted to be powers among other powers. this president has such a different message, it is such sort of a brazenly america first message which obviously rankles people in europe. when you peel back, yeah, when you peel back the onion, you look at the policies, look at the economy, it will be about what he ends up with in the end. brian: sure. >> does he agree on better trade deals for the united states with these countries? will they be able to enjoy increasingly healthy economy we see in the united states because of those policies. >> the proof is in the pudding, guys. look at the economy right now. we have more jobs than we have people to fill them. when you look how he is received in other countries, obama went out and apologized for being america, he apologized for being exceptional. we aren't exceptional.
5:49 am
everybody took him in the fold. donald trump is in your face new yorker, i want this to be fair to the united states and workers. i don't care if you like us or not. here is the bottom line. steve: martha, you're outside of windsor castle which is to the north and to the west of downtown london. these protests are in london. we're looking at country home known as checkers right there. why is it scattered all over the place? >> well, you know, i spoke with the ambassador about the plan and i don't think, the plan is, what it was always intended to be, that he would come to london. he spent the night in london at u.s. embassy. they wanted there to be a winston churchill connection to his visit here and why the dinner was at blenheim palace. this is where the queen is this time of year. she spends little time at buckingham palace.
5:50 am
she can stay where ever she wants. they wanted to avoid london, that is pretty clear. these are parts of the plan in place for some time. going to scotland in between, going to helsinki which he tacked on later in the plan. everything in terms of the agenda is going according to plan. ainsley: judge, we're getting two-minute warning. i want to ask you about this week. think about everything gone on newswise, out of washington, london, nato. we have the nominee from the supreme court on monday. president goes to nato. other countries paying their fair share. so many presidents in the past wanted that to happen. it hasn't happened until now. now the president is meeting with theresa may, and trying to work on "brexit." it's a big week. meeting vladimir this weekend. >> a meeting in helsinki. it's a big week. it's a week about america. it is a week about the president succeeding. we've had a supreme court nominee, two in the first year-and-a-half. this is unheard of.
5:51 am
he is leveling the playing field. brian: real quick, martha. under two minutes left, i have two timeouts so i might use them. martha, real quick, the president will get questions. he left the paris accord of the britain wasn't happy. he left the iranian deal, britain wasn't happy. do you think that will be addressed from the mass media? >> i think very well could be. i think most of the questions you will hear out of the gate are trying to clarify exactly how he feels about this "brexit" deal. remember, i think for folks at home, they may not care all that much whether or not the uk and its relationship with the e uconn continues but this is a very similar message to what we're talking about at home in terms of draining the swamp, right? the swamp for this particular picture is the eu. they put tons of regulations and tons of bureaucratic layers on every deal we're involved with in the uk. people voted to get out of it. obviously out of the gate, those questions, they will want to clarify. we'll watch closely the relationship between theresa may and donald trump. is he supporting her or not
5:52 am
supporting her? this will be one of most fascinating moments of this whole trip when these two walk out. steve: that will be in less than a minute we believe. martha, he left nato after they had to have emergency meeting where he ultimately announced they had come to an agreement to have more money. so it will be interesting to hear what the president of the united states is about to say right now because the message yesterday was, they were not together on "brexit." but, now, what are they going to say? it's going to be really interesting. brian: president loves to talk his time on these walks. >> yeah he does. brian: we have a lot to say. steve: does look if they color coordinated. >> the tie and jacket. brian: try to get a reporter on that if there was coordination. >> martha, we'll watch your program live from wind so castle, when the president goes up to have tea with the queen. take you now live to checkers where the president gave her a hand up, and here is the
5:53 am
president and the prime minister. >> good afternoon and i'm pleased to welcome the president of the united states to checkers today on his first official visit to the united kingdom. no two countries do more together than ours to keep their people safe and prosperous. we want to deepen that cooperation even further to meet shared challenges we face now and in the years ahead. this morning president trump and i visited sandhurst where we saw a demonstration of joint working with between british and american special forces. just one example of what is today the broadest, deepest and most advanced security cooperation of any two countries in the world. whether it is our pilots deterring the use of chemical weapons in syria or defeating daesh our soldiers are at the forefront of nato's presence in eastern europe, our navies enforcing sanctions on north korea or unparalleled intelligence sharing
5:54 am
partnership, thwarting attacks. our security cooperation is saving lives here in britain, in america, and right across the world. that partnership is set to grow with our armies integrating to a level unmatched anywhere and for the uk set to spend 24 billion-pound on u.s. equipment and support over the next decade. today we also discuss how we can deepen our work together to respond to maligned state activity, terrorism and serious crime. in particular on russia i thanked president trump for his support in responding to the appalling use of nerve agent in salisbury, after he expelled 60 russian intelligence officers. and i welcomed his meeting with president putin in helsinki on monday. we agreed that it is important to engage russia from the position of strength and unity. we should continue to deter and counter all efforts to undermine our democracies. turning to our economic
5:55 am
cooperation with mutual investment over one trillion dollars we want to go further. we agreed today, as the uk leaves european union, we will pursue ambitious, u.s.-uk free trade agreement. the checkers agreement reached last week provides the platform for donald and me to agree with an ambitious deal works with both countries right across our economies, a deal that builds on the uk independent trade policy, reducing tariffs, delivering a gold standard in financial services cooperation and as two of the world's most advanced economies seizing the opportunity of new technology. all of this will further enhance our economic cooperation creating new jobs and prosperity for our peoples for generations to come. the uk-u.s. relationship is also defined by the role we play on the world stage. doing this means making tough calls and sometimes being prepared to say things that others might rather not hear. from the outset president trump has been clear about how he sees the challenges we face and on
5:56 am
many we agree. for example, the need to deal with the long-standing nuclear threat of dprk where the agreement in singapore set in train the prospect of denuclearization which the uk is proud to be contributing expertise. or the need to address destablizing influence of iran in the middle east. where today we have discussed what more we can do to push back on iran in yemen and reduce humanitarian suffering. or the need for nato allies to increase their defense spending an capability on which we saw significant increases at yesterday's summit. this includes afghanistan, where this week i announced a further uplift of 440 uk troops and ongoing commitment to a mission that the began as nato's only use of article v acting in support of the u.s. finally let me say this about the wider transatlantic relationship. it is all of our responsibility to insure that transatlantic unity endures. for it has been fundamental to
5:57 am
the protection and projection of our interests and values for generations. with u.s. leadership at its foundation, its beating heart remains democratic values, commitment to justice. those values are something we in the uk will always cherish as i know the u.s. will too. it is a strength of these values, and common interests they create that we see across the breadth of our societies in north america and europe. that is why i'm confident that this transatlantic alliance will continue to be the bedrock of our shared security and prosperity for years to come. mr. president. >> thank you very much. thank you. prime minister, thank you very much. and it is my true honor to join you at this remarkable setting, truly magnificent as we celebrate the special relationship between our two countries. on behalf of the american people i want to thank you for your very gracious hospitality, thank you very much, theresa.
5:58 am
last newt melania and i were delighted to join you and phillip for dinner at the magnificent blenheim palace. it was a wonderful, memorable evening we will not soon forget. it is really something very special. today it is a true privilege to visit historic checkers that i have heard so much about and read so much about growing up in history class and to continue our conversation which has really proceeded along rapidly and well over the last few days. for generations our predecessors is have gathered at this stunning retreat to strengthen a bond that is luke no other. the relationship between our two nations is indispensable to the cause of liberty, justice, an peace. the united kingdom and united states are bound together by a common historic heritage, language and heroes. the traditions of freedom, sovereignty and true rule of law were our shared gift to the
5:59 am
world. they're now our priceless inheritance to a civilization. we must never cease to be united in their defense and in their renewal. before our dinner last night melania and i joined prime minister may, mr. may, and the duke and duchess of marlboro for a tour of the winston churchill exhibit at blenheim palace, it was something very special. it was from right here at checkers that prime minister churchhill phoned president roosevelt after pearl harbor. in that horrific war american and british servicemembers bravely shed their blood alongside one another in defense of home, and in defense of freedom. and together we achieveed a really, special, magnificent victory. it was total victory. . .
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