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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  July 15, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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and that's why they hate him so much. thank you for joining us. we'll see you next sunday when "the next revolution" will be televised. [♪] president trump: i have very low expectations. i think getting along with russia is a good thing. but it's possible we won't. i think we are greatly hampered by this whole witch hunt that's going on in the united states. ed: president trump may be trying to lower expectations back at the center of the world stage. he's preparing for a high stakes meeting with vladimir putin. just hours from now the president and his counterpart in russia will come face to face in helsinki, finland. political observers are asking,
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what if anything will come from this one-day summit in finland. we have 20-21 hours of light. five hours from now the president and first played lady will arrive at the presidential palace behind me that will be the scene of a much in anticipated and power talk. it will include everything from nuclear arms control to russian presence in crimea and syria. county require's a good thing to meet. i believe in meetings. i believe having a meeting with chairman kim was a good thing. i think having meetings with the president of china was a very good thing. so having meetings with russia, china, and north korea, i believe in it. nothing bad is going to come out of it, and maybe some good will
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come out. ed: hanging over today's meeting is the shah dove election meddling following special counsel mueller's indictment of 12eu7b tell jones officers last -- indictment of 12 intelligence officers last week. the president's trip to helsinki follows a contentious summit in brussels with our nato allies. in a television interview the president labeled the european union a foe with respect to trade. joining us now from here in helsinki, kevin corke. good day to you, kevin. you heard lawmakers like chuck superesume -- chuck schumer saye
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summit should be canceled. reporter: it's important from the president's perspective to establish a dialogue and cooperation and collaboration where possible and at the very minimum, deconfliction, especially when you consider the hotpots around the globe. the president spent the weekend playing golf in scotland. he took to his favorite social media platform. he said unfortunately no matter how well, i do at the summit, if i was given the great city of moscow as retribution, i would be told it wasn't good enough. much, much our news media is the enemy of the people. all the dems know how to do is resist and on struck. that's why there is such hatred and dissention in our country,
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but at some point it will heal. there is a message for you. you can imagine the president's arrival here coming after that contentious nato summit and that bilateral meeting in england with british prime minister theresa may. it was interesting watching the president tell nato members you have to pay your fair share for security and you should be bet tour is and open your markets to u.s. goods and services. mentioning the $150 billion trade deficit. meanwhile his counterpart, russian president vladimir putin leaving this country after the big world cup finale yesterday that saw france topple crowe asia to win the world cup. it's his third interaction with the president according to president trump. i want to add this. you may have seen this, ed as
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part of your dudeys in checking twitter from time to time. hillary clinton said something interesting. she said great world cup. mentioning the president's tweet by the. the question for president trump as he meets putin. do you know which team you play for? more trolling. we are looking forward to the press conference. ed, i know you are. i would like to see it go long like we saw in england with the president and the prime minister, but no guarantee of that. ed: i suspect the president and his aides would like to see hillary clinton leave the stage once and for all as he takes center stage. four weeks ago he was in singapore leading that summit with kim jong-un. you may not be able to see it from the your vantage point. but you saw the big headlines, the president and first lady arriving here.
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it has the the two of them arriving last night. vladimir putin half hosting the world cup last night. he'll not be here for another couple hours. walk us through how you expect it to play out for the president and the first lady. they will meet with the president of finland before president putin arrives. reporter: this is an important meeting as well. it's a very interesting relationship, ed. finland and russia traditionally have been flair close. they have had their differences. this is the tightrope the leadership in this country has to walk. so for president trump and the first lady, this is an important opportunity for them as well. but the larger, broader issue is to get mike pompeo, the secretary of state, to get the leadership involved in the bilateral. saying we can acknowledge some of the problems we had in the past. there are many between our two
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countries. ed, you and i talked to the president about this. he said repeatedly there is no reason why we can't get along with russia. he tended to tamp count expectations as you pointed out in your lead-in for this summit saying i don't expect much. we can all hope as citizens of the globe that that happens. here in helsinki we'll get back to you as this coverage rolls on. ed: lots of things to watch in the highly anticipated summit including election interference as well as the crisis in syria. let's bring in the white house correspondent for the "daily caller." what would be the two, three top lines would you expect from the summit. >> we are going to see a readout of what the president confronts vladimir putin about in terms of
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election meddling. that's something he knows will have to be deliverable. it will probably be the first question we see at what is sure to be an extraordinary joint press conference. but beyond that they will get deep into the policy. especially during that expanded bilateral meeting with secretary pompeo and ambassador john bolton. one of the things that has not registered in washington is the ongoing crisis in syria. it seems to be moving to some sort of conclusion with syrian president bashar al-assad. obviously the united states is concerned there, and we want to make sure we talk with putin about what the end state there looks like. ed: let's start with election meddling. you heard from the president himself, he was saying the media basically wants some sort of perry mason moment where vladimir putin will come out to that news conference after 9:30,
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9:45 this morning. and they want putin to say i did it. i was involved in election meddling and i will take punishment. he's not going to do that as you and i know. but his point is no matter what comes out of the summit the democrats back home won't be satisfied. >> absolutely. there is a symbolic value to have the american president standing by a man who meddled in our elections. but as we have been talking about here, we have a lot of areas of mutual concern. so for president trump this is just one in a major portfolio of issues in which he has to go after, despite the fact it is the favorite thing everybody in washington and the news media will be talking about. ed: there has been talk of a grand bargain pushed by
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netanyahu. and others in the white house talking about the possibility of from this summit you can begin the conversation getting help from putin. get iran out of syria and get iran pushed further back from israel. protect our allies and bring some resolution to the crisis in syria. >> you got into much of the nuance there. it's an extremely complicated battlefield. we have rebel groups we backed in the past and nato groups that will have to be extracted. but the president and vladimir putin need to get together and decide on a deliverable or future plan much as he did with kim jong-un. they agreed upon some form of denuclearization. in this particular case you may see the president say we need to
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wind this thing up and i don't want to see any iranians near the syrian border. then secretary pompeo and ambassador john bolton will come in and hammer out the terms. ed: an important goal to try to reduce iranian influence around the world. but it could come at a heavy price. the key part of that grand bargain mentioned is the idea maybe there will be some u.s. recognition of russia's annexation of crimea. that was an illegal move by vladimir putin. our allies do not want to see that codified. >> this is a man who has broken protocol. but he said in the past it was wrong for them to do. it would break allies apart in terms of nato and european
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union. what could be discussed is a future lessening of sanctions rather than a recognition of russian annexation of crimea. but the state department and russia have said that's not on the table here. ed: senator chuck schumer had a phone call on the eve of this summit and said do not take the pedal off the metal in terms of u.s. sanctions against russia. that's controversial as well. we appreciate you breaking it down for us. thanks for your time today. what will this meeting mean in terms of the president and his counterpart vladimir putin in terms of u.s.-russia relations. can the two leaders bridge the gap between these two powers. a former station chief from moscow weighs in with the inside information coming up.
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[♪] ed: president trump prepare for this big summit with russian president vladimir putin in a few hours.
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the question on everyone's mind is how will this impact u.s.-russia relations, but the entire world. daniel hoffman is a fox news contributor. he's a former cia station chief in many capitals around the world. but particularly moscow. i want to start with something simple. we hear a lot of pundits saying this is the lowest point in u.s.-russia relations. there have been a lot of low point. give me your perspective having been in moscow during tense times. give us some perspective. >> it's a low point, but it's not a binary choice of friend or foes. it's usually a combination of the two. the second world war and during the 1990s we were fighting the nazis together during the second world war and the soviets were
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stealing our nuclear secrets. in the 90s when we were work together effectively the russians were running penetrations of the cia. so there is always a combination of the two. even in my world which is a microcosm of that. we are spying against each other with the russians, but we are also working together on counter proliferation and organized crime. ed: front and center at this summit is what did vladimir putin do and what did he know and when did he know it in terms of elect interference. you have the pegs counsel investigation hanging a bit over the summit. as i mentioned earlier, i'm not sure there is anything vladimir putin or president trump could say that would satisfy democrats back in the states. but we have a mid-term election
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coming up, if nothing is done to stop russian interference, they are already trying to do it again. >> our goals are to hold russia accountable for their aggressive actions against us. then at the same time look for common ground. there are plenty of issues on which we need to work together. ed: people talk about takeaways. there is a whole range of other important issues like syria. my colleague bret baier did a wonderful book "three days in moscow." beyond what they accomplished in meeting and opening a dialogue actually was important. can we say the same about today? whether there are quote-unquote deliverables or not. or major agreement, a piece of paper. just sitting down and opening
10:20 pm
this dialogue, how important is that? >> that's an important historical point. reagan met gorbachev multiple times before we had an agreement. and reagan talked about being the evil empire going back to 1983. i would argue when the relationship is particularly contentious like it is right now, that's when you would need arms control. if you look at a takeaway from this summit, i would like to see working groups work on extending the stark treaty. ed: for our viewers what does that mean substantively. even if they don't sign a new stark treaty but they move on to their staff and go into working groups, what would that mean substantively for the u.s.? >> it's important that president trump meets with president
10:21 pm
putin. their after will meet and build some muscle memory for negotiation. if we get started now, then i think our pros can get it done. edrequire' controversial the president is thinking about a grand bargain. everyone around the world wants to do something to stop the civil war, stop this crisis in syria. we have isis there, we can't forget the u.s. is having success during the trump administration. but there is a concern among the president's critics and allies in congress that he might give up too much in terms recognizing russia's annexation of crimea in the ukraine. what's your take on that? >> i would tell him to be extremely careful about
10:22 pm
negotiating anything with russia. the russians are allied with iran. they propped up assad who is guilty of crimes against humanity. i would argue they knew the opposition would create the migration crisis which so throttled the european union, and that helped vladimir putin. we don't share a lot in common. he lied about syria and the ceasefire last year which he agreed to with the trump administration. ed: we'll be hearing from you throughout today. we appreciate you coming in. >> thank you. ed: the president taking aim at the european union. why he's calling out that organization which includes some of our nation's oldest allies over a key issue, trade. with my,
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ed: welcome back to our special coverage of the trump-putin summit all through the night. a lot happening. the highly anticipated one-on-one meeting just hours away. they are scheduled to meet the the presidential palace amid recent tensions between moscow and washington. these talks coming after the indictment of 12 russian nationals as part of special counsel robert mueller's investigation. the president said he'll not shy away from pressing putin about meddling. president trump: i know you will ask will we be talking about meddling. i will absolutely bring that up. i don't think you will have any
10:28 pm
gee, i did it, i did the, you got me. there won't be a perry mason here. but i will absolutely firmly ask the question. ed: that's the perry mason moment i mentioned a moment ago. let's go to our white house correspondent lauren blanchard. she was in london with the president and she is now here in helsinki. reporter: we know the president is already awake. he's tweeting about nato. the president and first lady will be headed over to meet with finland's president at the presidential residence for a working breakfast it's the first official event of the day for the couple here in helsinki in what is expected to be a busy one. sunday on cbs the president said he had low expectations ahead of the meeting.
10:29 pm
president trump: i think that getting along with russia is a good thing. but it's possible we won't. reporter: the two leaders met twice before. but this marks the first time they will speak at an official summit. it's this fact that has a group of congressional democrats calling for the meeting to be called off. he's not meeting with a competitor or potential friend. he's meeting with bean adversary. reporter: here are the issues that could couple. sanctions, the conflict in ukraine and syria. >> you can't rule out the possibility he might recognize russia's annexation of crimea? >> highly unlikely. reporter: arms treaties, including the possible extension
10:30 pm
of the new stark treaty set to expire on 2021. mike pompeo is also here in helsinki. democratic senator chuck schumer says he was able to talk with pompeo to express concerns over the meeting. the characteristics a, fbi and nsa have concluded that russia did meddle in the 2016 election. supporters of the president are calling on him to press putin on the recent indictment of 12 russian military intelligence officers for election interference and to have them extradited. >> now president trump with the indictments that were recently announced has the ability to demonstrate to the russians that the interference in our elections was real. confirmed by a series of
10:31 pm
indictments. reporter: near the capital of finland the two leaders haven't received the warmest welcome. a couple how protesters took to the streets ahead of the meeting. it's a mixed bag on whether the people here think the meeting should be happening. people i spoke to said the meeting could be good. but worry they won't have the world's best interest in mind when they speak. >> they have pour to change things. i wish everybody welcome to can do that. but i'm afraid these guys are not doing it. reporter: president trump and president putin are expected to made at 1:00 p.m. in helsinki, 4 and a half hours from now. that one-on-one session is expected to go for an hour and a half. then they will have a working lunch with some of their staff,
10:32 pm
followed by a joint press conference where you can expect a lot of questions from the press. ed: next hour we expect the president and the first lady to emerge having breakfast. this caps a week in europe that put some strain on the u.s. and its european allies. many are questioning the u.s. support for the alliance. in terms of trade, for example, he's also upset with the e.u. but he believes that he and nato allies have come together. take a listen. president trump: i think we have a lot of foes. i think the european union is a foe because of what they do to us in trade. russia is a foe in certain respects, and china is a foe economically. but that doesn't mean anything.
10:33 pm
it means they are competitors. ed: joining me live is a foreign policy fellow at the brookings institution joining us from washington. thanks for joining us. >> a pleasure. ed: let's dispense with this question about nato. the president's critics have been saying that some of his verbal barbs that germans and others was an attempt to split nato because that's something vladimir putin wants, to see a weak nato. the president tweeted no, we have never been stronger. i'm not trying to split the alliance. but he has tough words for the e.u. where do you come down on what he's really doing here? >> there are both sides to this issue. on the one hand all of the media coverage focused on the president's hard line on the european allies defense
10:34 pm
spending. most european allies are not hitting the 2% park but they plan top hit it by 2024. but nato accomplished a lot of things. they recommitted to article 5. they committed to opening two new structures that will have an eye toward russia and try to deter russian aggression. on the e.u., i think the president sees the e.u. in transactional terms. he sees them as a trade partner and he doesn't think the united states is getting a great deal from the trade relationship. when he says they are a foe, he's talking about the trade sense of the word. ed: the president delights in being a disrupter. he did this with the u.s. election 2016, the entire campaign. all these critics saying what is he doing?
10:35 pm
he's blowing up nato. then you just listed a series of things that were successes coming out of the nato summit. we are hearing critics saying he shouldn't sit down with putin. putin has already won because he wants to be on a world stage with a higher profile. now with the president setting expectations pretty low. could we see positive things come out of this summit despite the criticism? >> in many ways the president's pressing on nato and the 2% mark which all nato members agreed to a long time ago has been good for nato. all u.s. presidents have been frustrated by this underspending bit s. allies in europe. this president is turning up the heat. that's making europeans realize they need to take this seriously. ed: i have got 30 seconds.
10:36 pm
bring that point next what you expect to come from this summit. >> look at helsinki. i think the president meeting with president putin is good. it's good to have dialogue between two super powers. we won't see huge policy changes here. i don't think we'll see the u.s. reneging on its commitments in europe. we might see a small deal on syria. my advice to the president is beware of russians bearing gifts. russia has tried to do the same thing with obama and other presidents in the past. this is putin's fifth u.s. president he'll be meeting. ed: we appreciate your insight this morning. it's valuable to us. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. ed: the president wake up in
10:37 pm
helsinki and already tweeting where he's going to have breakfast with the president of finland and the first lady, melania trump. and ahead, we'll hear from jon huntsman, the u.s. ambassador to russia. he talks about the important issues at stake at this summit. i woke up in memphis and told... (harmonica interrupts) ...and told people about geico... (harmonica interrupts) how they could save 15% or more by... (harmonica interrupts) just calling or going online to (harmonica interrupts) (sighs and chuckles) sorry, are you gonna... (harmonica interrupts) everytime.
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earlier fo "fox news sunday's" chris wallace who will interview vladimir putin after the summit sat down with america's ambassador to russia, jon huntsman. chris: i want to begin the president, comments coming into the summit. president trump: i have nato and the u.k. which is in somewhat turmoil and putin. frankly putin may be the easiest of them hawl all. who would -- of them all. who would think. chris: do you believe putin will be the easiest he has seen this week? >> putin is an intelligence operative. that's how he approaches all his subjects. they are both experienced and wise to the world. for the president the challenges
10:43 pm
are certainly there. but i think he's genuinely looking forward to sitting across the table and trying to reduce the tension in a relationship where our collective blood pressure is off the charts high. it's not good for the united states and it's not good for the world. chris: you briefed the media before the president left for europe. here is some of what you had to say. the ball really is in russia's court and the president will continue to hold russia accountable for its malign activities. i looked up malign in a dictionary and it means evil. what russian activities do you consider evil? >> trying to influence our elections, tampering wit tampere brexit vote. the list goes on and on and on. when the president looks at the totality of the russia
10:44 pm
relationship, this is one piece of it. addressing their malign activity and election meddling. but there is a whole lot more that has to be discussed. we can't turn our back to what has happened. we have to learn from it and be smart going forward. but pass the president approaches, he's look at arms control. probably the most of important issue is proliferation. you have syria, north korea, ukraine, and you have a lot of the bilateral issues. chris: i'll get into a few of those issues in a moment. but generally speaking, what does president trump want from putin at this summit in terms of changes in specific policies and what is he prepared to give him in return? >> it's premature to say what anybody is going to get in return. the president is coming into the summit with 460 sanctions against individuals and end
10:45 pm
advertise. they will stay until there is concrete movement on some of the issues that matter most of. mainly ukraine. what the president will be looking for. he has been totally consistent on this since my first conversation with him. he says i want to reduce the risk and take the element of danger such that i can out of the u.s.-russia relationship. we have 90% of the nuclear weapons. we have overlapping interests in syria. so i think the key here is this is the first time president trump has met across the table with president putin. they met on the sidelines and at the apec summit in vietnam. but they haven't had the opportunity to sit across the table and get to know each other. key will be where do we have overlapping and shared interests. i can tell where you we don't have interests.
10:46 pm
but where can we join forces to make the world somewhat more stable? that's not happening right now. and it won't happen until heads of state deem these to be important. chris: a number of foreign policy experience are concerned we'll see in helsinki what we saw in singapore where the president seemed to make unilateral concession nos chairman kim in terms of the u.s. suspending participation in war games with south korea and not getting anything specific in return. can you assure the american people the president will not recognize russia's annexation of crimea, he'll not pull u.s. troops out of syria and he'll do nothing in this summit to weaken the nato defense alliance. >> the president is the chief negotiator, not me. he has a good sense of the issues and where he want to go. he wants to improve the
10:47 pm
relationship and find ourselves on the same page in common interest areas. there is no guarantee this will work out. but you never know until you take the first step. ed: he also talked abouty ma, a -- talked about crimea, a lot issue around the world. we sat down the man who directed russia's military to seize crimea. that's coming up. your all you can eat riblets. okay. enjoy. thanks. ♪ ♪ when i touch you like this ♪ and i hold you like that. ♪ it's so hard to believe ♪ but it's all coming back me.
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ed: we have about 20 hours of sunlight this time of year in helsinki. it's 22 hours of sunlight. barely a couple hours of dusk. the newspapering in the that. anding in the what melania trump, the first lady was
10:52 pm
wearing. 28 degrees celsius, melania wearing a long jacket and pants. saying snipers were guarding. it's warm to people in finland. about 82.4 degrees fahrenheit. i think coming from new york and washington, that's pretty mild. but they were trying to say perhaps she is wearing a long jacket even thought it's warm to them in finland. they will find a headline about almost anything the first lady does. but we have more important issues than fashion. in 2014 russian troops invaded crimea. they seized that region of the ukraine. it has continued to out -- outrage many around the world. joining us, fox news contributor
10:53 pm
retired lieutenant colonel james reese. we heard from the u.s. ambassador to return, jon huntsman. he says it's highly unlikely the president will reference the annexation of crimea. but this president is an unpredictable negotiator. how important is crimea in these talks? >> it's not as important as i think people think it should be. i believe what the ambassador said. president trump believes this happened the last administration. he complains by the a lot. i would like to see him let that go. but i don't think, to be candid with you, i don't think there is anything we are going to do about the crimea issue. we need to find other things we can talk about because i don't think crimea is on the table.
10:54 pm
ed: i think people have been anticipating ahead of this summit that that is something putin has been craving. that nato and the other alliances were upset about the annexation. and he was hoping to get recognition of the russian annexation crimea. what other chips might the u.s. have that putin craves? >> what goes on in syria. i spent the last two years going in and out of syria. i have seen the russian forces over there in some locations we are near. and they have been there. they know the area. one thing that drives us crazy with the israelis is the iranian effect. that could be an easy win for him with putin. they could negotiate and come out of this summit together and
10:55 pm
having an agreement on. ed: this president a lot different than his predecessor. but when you mentioned syria, that was one of the big problems with the obama foreign policy which is that red line that was crossed by assad in syria, bashar al-assad, in terms of using chemical weapons and barack obama did not follow wonderful s. military intervention as he -- follow up with u.s. military intervention. we have seen him not hesitate to act and take military action in syria. how does that change the nature of these talks knowing you will have a u.s. president that will foul and back up his word. >> whether you are for it or against it, it did not hold a strong line inside syria. the president has done this. the israelis have done this. he knows president trump and the
10:56 pm
united states is not going allow these things to happen. at the same time, one of my concerns is some of the rhetoric that has come out of the president discussing pulling out of syria which i don't think is a great move. we control the east of syria all the way to the iraqi border. we need to hold that land. ed: jack keane the retired general talked with that. saying we can't pull out because we are dealing with isis. coming up in the next hour. president trump and the first lady, they will be emerging for breakfast. we'll have live pictures. stick with us. ♪ motorcycle revving ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪ no matter who rides point, ♪ there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep.
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>> donald trump back at the center of the world stage, the singapore summit with a north korean leader, back in helsinki, finland, for a summit with russian pres. vladimir putin. and a lot of controversy and speculation ahead of this, we will


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