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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 16, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> jillian: once everything is said and done, president trump expected to head back to the united states around 9:00 but for now you have a special for our edition of "fox &friends first" coming your way, 5 am to 9 am and they will have you covered . >> rob: we will see you tomorrow. [inaudible] >> i think nato has never been more together. it's probably never been stronger than it is today. the world is watching closely to see how handles several agenda items. he tries toestablish a dialogue but also where possible establish cooperation . >> i go in with low expectations. i think getting along with russia is a good thing
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resident trump taking to distance himself from the indictment of 12russian agents for meddling in the 2016 elections . >> they were doing whatever they were doing during the obama administration. >> i would say it strengthens his hand. >> peter strzok testified before a commission. >> he lied about it. >> this is a fox news alert, a live look in helsinki finland for the united states summit, president trump preparing for a sitdown with russian president vladimir putin . >> jillian: meeting with the president after arriving in the country sunday. putin expected to arrive at any moment. >> rob: all eyes will be on the two leaders as they tackle several crucial issues, one of which election
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meddling expected to be at the top ofthe list , maybe not for the president, some say the top of the list could be the ukraine and the conflict in syria. with bring in lisa ehrhardt, we were hoping you would show up. there's a lot of beautiful places in that area. >> reporter: you can't lie when you're on national television ryan, stephen, abby. one of the presidential palace is behind me, the yellow beautiful house behind me. it's here on the baltic the. we are here on the baltic sea, it's pretty impressive. you can see the street, nobody's watching in front of us cause they closed it off. this is one of the busiest streets in helsinki not the most popular because they had a big marketplace in front of the palace along the water where people shop for their groceries and lots of little
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knickknacks that people sell and knickknacks that tourists can take home. a little bit upset that the president and putin were meeting here because they were going to have to close down shop for the day but most people have been so excited this is happening because it is a neutral site for both countries. it's a littledifferent than the past meetings that putin and trump have had a lot in the past. they've met on the sidelines of some of the international meetings we had but this is the first time they will be in a closed door, one on one , justan interpreter, meeting in the palace and both traveled long distances to come here. the president and wife will leave around5:40 and 6:20, the meeting will take place and they will be meeting or an hour and a half .
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then two hours to meet as a bilateral meeting with a lot of their aides and advisers . and top for from russia and the united states speak for one of russia's goals going in is they would like to nato to stop their exercises near the border and trump said maybe that would be something they would look into. we've already heard from the president regarding nato and he said this is a little differentthan last week . >> nato has never been more together.people are now agreeing to pay and we were having problems with a lot of people not paying . and they're paying and they're paying more rapidly and i think nato hasprobably never been stronger than it is today so we had a fantastic meeting and now we are capping it being in finland . >> stephen: everyone forgetting about the whole two day meeting in brussels is how positive the last
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press conference was and the president closing remarks were and then he did that interview which was somewhat controversial and then theresa may. you think the russians are interpreting nato and back together? other networks are portraying it as coming apart . >> reporter: it depends on who you talk to. it's a neutral country and everyone's eating is wonderful the both of them are sitting down and talking. how can you communicate if you don't sit down and talk to mark it's no secret that we don't get along with russia and this guy has a shady past and the president wants to talk about the way we can come together on issues that are important to both of us. ambassador huntsman was saying you can't focus on the negatives, youcan't focus on what we disagree on, we need to find common ground and to come together and negotiate .
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>> abby: he's one optimistic guy, he's always saying look forward and not behind. what we are hearing will be discussed, the us election meddling on top of the level people's minds. sanctions in syria and arms control, you think about syria and the important role that iran plays and the expectation for the president, he said been pretty low. he said nothing may come out of this. from what i'm hearing there may be bigger things that come out in the end and that's probably asmart strategy because we know president trump, he doesn't want to walk away with nothing. he wants to shake hands at the end and say we've agreed on these these things and hope for something better . >> stephen: they really lowered the bar. he tweeted out this morning that our relationship with russia has never been worse
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asked you many years of us stupidity and now the rain witchhunt. that is insulting to past administrations. he can't be saying that going into the russian meeting . >> ryan: so far all the things we'veheard from administration officials is that they are trying to lower the bar . we heard that sound like the beginningof the program, the president doesn't know what's going to happen. however there are a lot of geniuses on capitol hill and the media.they already know this thing is going to be a disaster . >> there's no reason to expect this will be frankly a disastrous approach . >> helsinki will be campaign moment of sorts for donald trump and his favorite absentee voter. >> if you've ever had a summit with a kgb's fine after, someone who has totally examined president from and a president who spent the weekend golfing. >> there are many things to be concerned about. it's difficult to predict what president trump will or won't do with presidentputin.
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>> we'll never know because really, can we trust either man? no we can't . >> abby: a lot of people assuming this thing is going to fail. what i found frustrating is how often you are watching tv and not listening to foreign-policy experts. these are not people that know what is going on behind the scenes. they don't know what has gone into preparing for this scene so a lot of people are scratching their head saying how do they have a say here? if you have a leader that is backing bashar al-assad backing his people, if you have a leader who is in bed with iran and we're trying to work out a better deal, why is it a bad thing when our president wants to negotiate and try to at least some sort of relationship with him to tell him to stop? what is wrong with that? they just resist everything
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the president does. he said heading to helsinki finland, looking forward to meeting with president putin. unfortunately no matter how well i was doing, if i was given the great city of moscow for the sins committed by russia i would return to criticism that it wasn't good enough. much of our news media is indeed the enemy of the people. they know how to do is resist. this is why there is such hatred and dissension in our country but at one point it will heal.i love that last line. can we please heal? can we come together as a country even if we have different views? >> stephen: you're dealing with a leader in russia only understands strength and retribution. if there's a sense there is going to be blowback about their actions, they will adjust their behavior. they have not received any
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blowback except for sanctions whichever would agree, except for expulsion from the g-7 which was once the g8. from a russian perspective, there upset with afghanistan. they said that coffee was never supposed to be ousted. they look at georgia and ukraine trying to become members of nato, nato trying to surround them and the pressure and take overrussia whether we meant that or not .that is how it was interpreted from them so maybe if there's a deal to be done, they pull their troops out of ukraine and we pledge not to make ukraine a member of nato, therefore their borders are secure. they taken over a third of georgia and have not left yet . >> abby: i be surprised if there's any movement on ukraine. i think what we will see is real movement in syria. there's also a push to
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increase oil production in russia to the iranian economy so that could be the focus, to push back the iranians from the border in syria. they are directed at israel. >> ryan: israel had three rounds of talks and israel is under the impression that russia has agreed to push around back already, if that's possible. >> stephen: to your point regarding the ukraine, the white house has revealed their hand. they put out talking points and they say regarding crimea, this is a direct quote, we agreed to disagree on crimea and then they go on to say the sanctions will stay in place until the russia return so by virtue of them saying we agreed to disagree, i have a pretty good feeling nothing is going to get off the ground on that. >> ryan: the good news is that means the president is not going to go ahead and say you keep crimea. that was a fear among his
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detractors, he's not doing that. >> abby: i heard you talking about this yesterday, 90 percent of the world's between russia and the us. there's a big chunk of this meeting about the escalation. there's no reason why we need to .5 thousand new at each other. if we can come together and find pieces where we can agree on and live in a more peaceful world, i don't see how everyone get on board with that. >> ryan: it seems the president does have the ability to understand the new treaty another fiveyears and maybe that's one of the things they will be talking about . >> reporter: maybe brian, maybe you need to sit in the meeting because that was can say crimea, we are not allowing you to be part of nato but
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we're not going to recognize the annexation of crimea. the unfortunate part is crimea can't joinnato and they already been through so much and lost so many individuals in that war . >> stephen: they lost 35,000 casualties, 10,000 dead and when the russians were asked what are your casualties, they say we don't feel compelled to tellyou. the russian people have been getting . can we keep this year? we need it, we don't have the infrastructure, we could use the social program. you're putting money in syria so even vladimir is feeling domestic pressure. >> abby: we are hearing vladimir putin will arrive in helsinki at 5:45eastern . within an hour or a little over an hour for this meeting to happen. >> stephen: ainslie will be live in helsinki. critics have called on president trump to cancel the summit isn't there a chance
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president trump and vladimir putin will meet in helsinki one-on-one for 45 minutes. critics have called on the president to cancel that meeting over concerns about the outcome but what would summit success look like? here is a man who talks to the worst people in the world through his career and has been asked to put a happy face on it and make sure america's messages sent, governor bill richardson. what would that 45 minutes look like if you were president trump? how would you go into that? >> i think it's important the summit take place. i got worried with the indictments. the president should make clear we want those individuals extradited what he should go on the offensive . talk about not interfering in syria, find ways with crimea not torecognize what russia did and then be very strong on the election meddling . not say this is unacceptable but get an assurance that
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this will never happen again and at the same time perhaps an answer might be that there be an extradition, a process of extradition which is unlikely to happen. on the positive side, syria. maybe an agreement, a deafening side over a transition. possibly arms control agreements resuming the start talks. we've got i think as abby said 5000 new pointed at each other. that's unacceptable. i think find ways to seek common ground, that is also very important. russia is a very important country but our relationship is in bad shape and i want the president to be public with him, not think of putin as his body. the talk, be strong, protect american interests . >> what kind of pressure if any is a vladimir putin on domestically? he dropped 15 points.
2:20 am
could you feel pressure with the oligarch sanctions and the russian people they hey, where's our benefits from this increased price in oil? where's the promise of a better future? >> sanctions are hurting and his economy is not in good shape but he is a little bit on a roll. they got close to the world cup. i think russia did a good job. the fact that the president did bash the european union, nato a little bit, the rivals of russia. i think that makes putin happy so he's coming in on the foreign-policy side in a little bit of a positive role on the negative side, you're right.his economy is not in good shape . he wants actions off, internationally he's being bashed as a non-democratic leader so it's pretty mixed.
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>> i love the fact that the administration reach out with your experience at various times and in difficult circumstances. thank you so much >> coming up straight ahead, look who's with ainsley in helsinki, sean hannity. i saw his headshot in the hall, he looks exactly the same . we will see if he's as insightful in the morning as he is at night . >> you made the decision to get rid of your grade. so you buy the old box of diopter pharmacy. it's time-consuming, incredibly meddlesome and its harsh chemicals leave your hair with a foul odor. don't do that box hair dye which is apparently only for males . now there's a better way to rid of your gray with great man. brave man doesn't dye your hair but combined with your scouts natural proteins to
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it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. . >> abby: back with more on the helsinki summit in a moment but first, some of the other stories making headlines starting with a fox news alert. a man accused of murdering a massachusetts police officer with his own gun is set to face a judge today. michael chesnut wasn't responding to a call when an
2:25 am
annual lopez threw a rock at him, grabbed the gun and shot the officer in the head. he's also accused of killing and bystander. he was an iraq veteran who lives leaves behind a wife and two kids. former fbi leader lisa paige had back to capitol hill today to exchange anti-trump text messages with disgraced agent peter strzok during the 2016 election set to testify in a second closed-door meeting before the house judiciary committee. bolivar he was cooperative during the five hour session. strzok testified for 10 hours in a public session lastweek . erin and returns to the campaign trail today. first stop: a gop luncheon. errington was injured in a head-on collision with a drunk driver last month . >>stephen: president trump meeting with finland's president after arriving at the country yesterday . president putin expected to arrive at any moment in
2:26 am
finland. we will bring you that live as it happens. >> abby: look how beautiful it is there. one of the sticking point is where do you hold it? there are few places in the world that are neutral that you can have two leaders come together and they held up couple in the past between russia in helsinki. >> brian: here's the good news, ainsley and sean hannity had a lot of miles to fly but president trump was once the world cup and go to a country that borders on him so you guys are up against it. iwonder if you're going to do well in your interview about that . >> ainsley: sean's getting the first interview with the president after the press conference, thank you for being on our show . >> sean: why isn't brian and steve here? >> ainsley: abbyshould have come as well. what's the purpose of this meeting? he's got a lot of criticism ?
2:27 am
>> sean: i don't know why the criticism. is it such a bad thing if you get along with little rocket man? we haven't had a rocket iron over japan in nine months. we have the remains of those killed during the crimean war. we have one side at least being dismantled. with putin and a lot of his issues on the table, why is he supporting bashar al-assad and propping up that regime ? we have a israelis, the united states, jordanians, egyptians, they are uniting against you ran which is an opportunity for peace we will never see in our lifetime and i would not be surprised after this if the president goes head on into the possibility of creating alliances like we've never seen before the idea that he can talk to putin about arms, the start treaty which ends in 2021, all that is on the
2:28 am
table . >> ainsley: crimea, syria. what about the meddling? >> sean: devon nunez of the house intelligence committee warned us in the washington times in 2014 that this was going to happen and barack obama paid no attention to 2016 in october, just before the election. obama no serious person would ever think there could be any outside force that could ever impact an american election and told trump to stop whining. this all happened on obama's watch and it didn't happen on trump's watch but with that said, we all know the president this point. is the president going to confront putin on this? absolutely. will you bring up syria?
2:29 am
i have no doubt whatsoever. will you bring uptheir land and other issues creating economic incentives, the g-7 where he was outspoken about russia being a part of it ? >> ainsley: why did he say that you think? >> sean: the biggest thing out of nato that was underreported is that the president was telling angela merkel, why are you creating energy dependence on the country that you are so worried about and nato inpart was formed over and that is the hostile regime of russia ? what was really saying is you ought to be partnering with the united states. we have more energy resources than the rest of the world and we can have a good partnership and if i'm vladimir putin, i'm watching the president talking about taking that energy potentially and those billions of dollars away from them and bring it to the united states. that would destroy the russian economy so there's a
2:30 am
lot of pressure that can be brought to bear if the european union and the angela merkel would be smart and not make these kind of deals with putin. >> ainsley: he understands business and at the nato summit where he was so mad at angela merkel for investing in the pipeline or giving thousands torussia, people all that to the table .all that was, i don't think she ever heard that before. i don't think americans knew we were paying so much. other past presidents have said this is a problem but not like this president. >> sean: the president of nato credited the president because he was focused on the fact that we are paying double monies to defend nato which we don't mind being a part of what we're paying $.70 of every dollar. we've got to protect europe. they are our friends, they are our allies but if you're not paying a fair share and propping up the hostile regime of russia without
2:31 am
demanding changes, nato wants to be strategically smart and tactically brilliant, may need to economic pressure on game. the economy is propped up by one, d, its energy and there are alternative sources for germany, all of western europe if only we put the pressure on them. >> ainsley: there's so much media outrage, the president was tweeting no matter what i do they're not happy. >> sean: the greatest to ever. even if they paidfor all the people and retribution, i got moscow . the liberal media wouldstill hate me . >> ainsley: vladimir putin went to the united states with bush 41 and 43, where is the outrage? >> sean: i'm convinced that if the president gave $10 million to every man woman and child in america, the liberal would still hate him. ifhe adopted every liberal
2:32 am
policy word for word they would still hate him . an extravaganza, an extra hour in helsinki. >> abby: he got the exclusive, first interview with the president.what is the agenda at the palace? we will talk about it coming up, more "fox & friends". who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at i've been making blades here at gillette for 20 years. there's a lot of innovation that goes into making america's #1 shave. precision machinery and high-quality materials from around the world. nobody else even comes close. now starting at $7.99. gillette. the best a man can get.
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they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. we're the baker's and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today. >> stephen: president and his russian counterpart vladimir putin meeting shortly in helsinki but what topics will be on the agenda? only they know what we can take a guess. we got stephen yates, a former deputy national security adviser to dick cheney. in the center square we got doctorrebecca brandt, national security and military analysts with iris independent research .
2:36 am
formerpolicy advisor to president obama's campaign. thank you for getting up so early. rebecca, let's start with you. the president has lowered expectations . we're going to have a conversation, see where it goes . >> is going to try to take the measure of putin and see if there's any possibility for cooperation on issues no matter how small. you have to talk about syria and they willalso touch on north korea because from those need russia's continued cooperation on the sanctions with the security council beyond that, who knows what they will talk about ? >> we had an indictment last week . >> how did i know you would be the first one to bring that up? >> our intelligence agencies believe putin ordered the hacking that the indictment was about. that should come up, i hope that comes up but we don't know because this meeting will happen in private. that's highly unusual in
2:37 am
terms of protocol. they did a meeting like this a year ago where they met privately for an hour on the sidelines of the dinner and we don't know what happened in that meeting either i tend to be optimistic. i hope the president will get something out of this. certainly area and the ukraine will be topics they need to discuss but they are far apart interms of their views on not sure anything positive will come out of it . >> stephen: they said i'm going to have a little more flexibility after the election going forward, i think that's right. we won't know what is said but i would think that donald trump being the negotiator would say look, this meddling thing has messed things up in my country, you'vegot to lay off but at the same time don't meddle in everybody's elections around the world to . >> that's a polite way of saying it this president has no real record so far going into these meetings and putting these concessions up front so we've had kind of a meeting with the leader of china, the summit in
2:38 am
singapore with kim jong un. voters voted for a break. russia is an important country, we clearly have interests at stake.we got to have better to get this rolling we talked last week about whether or not you thought that the president might actually somehow triangulate didn't with the president of china, because right now with trump it's all about trade and that's what weheard so much about last week regarding nato nations and the eu as well. they're going to be a wildcard in there somewhere . >> the back story on the triangle triangulation is china and russia have held exercises and are getting closer so trump can go in and maybe get closer to putin to throw him off his game. the cyber piece, that hacking they did is peanuts compared to what putin is really after
2:39 am
which is infrastructure. much bigger issue. >> david finally, one of the things right now onthe front of the new york times it talks about howputin is waiting by the fact virtue of the fact that trump is sitting down with him and that means the whole crimea ukraine , they disagree nothing! after their . they say we normalizedrussia . >> there's a good argument there. that's the risk that trump is taking by doing this meeting, especially a freewheeling meeting like this that doesn't have an agenda. there were the same criticisms about his meeting with kim jong un. the president met with kim jong un and we were on the verge of a nuclear crisis so it's important that they need. i wish there was a set agenda and thattrump made clear what he's asking for so they take a top line and insist that you get those things and
2:40 am
putin makes some concessions . >> brian: stephen and rebecca and david, thank youvery much. it is 20 minutes before 6 am, alien has the news right now . >> new ray released body camera footage shows a man shot dead by chicago police was armed with a semi automatic weapon. you see the suspect harry augustus appearing to have a weapon in a holster. he then seems to reach for a gun just before officers opened fire. the video release hours after police protests in chicago. the department said they wanted to give the community answers about what happened. more protests are planned for tonight. bernie sanders slams president trump in front of thousands of teachers. >> we have a president who in an unprecedented way is motivated by greed and power. he is also a pathological liar.
2:41 am
>> the vermont senator adding the president is setting a bad example for our kids and is not protecting working families. the teachers conference in pittsburgh also featured speeches by hillary clinton and elizabethwarren. talk about not getting your money's worth ? a driver totals a brand-new $300,000 mclaren one day after buying it. fairfax virginia police sharing this photo of the wrecked car after the driver slammed into a tree. the cause of the track crash, speeding. the driver not seriously hurt . but frankly, that vehicle looks pretty destroyed. prince george giving the camera a big smile as princess charlotte old baby louise hand. the princess tracking opposing another picture holding onto her brother's robes. kensington palace showing this picture showing kate middleton smiling from ear to ear, they are adorable. that's your headlines.
2:42 am
>> brian: thank you very much. still ahead on this monday morning, what does trump need to know to read putin's mind during the summit with mark daniel hoffman knows all about putin after serving as station chief in moscow. he joined ainsley in helsinki coming up next. battery in your smart lock? maybe not. maybe you could trust you won't have to actually talk to your neighbor. are you watching the game tonight? or... could just trust duracell. ♪ >> abby: we are waiting on
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vladimir putin to arrive in helsinki. later this morning president trump headed to that one on one meeting with president putin, marking the first presidential summit between russia and the united states
2:46 am
since 2010. what should president trump know when he's talking to putin who began his career as an intelligence officer? a man who knows vladimir putin, knows who he is and what his personality is is and hoffman. former cia asian chief, served in moscow, iraq and finland. you're very educated. i talk to you at dinner last night andtonight. you laid out what we can expect today. what can we expect after this meeting ? >> just to frame the challenge, this is a multifaceted relationship with russia. it's not a binary friend or foe. there are areas in which our interests diverge and others in which we agree. where we collaborated best fighting nazi germany, the soviets were simultaneously dealing our nuclear secrets and penetrating our government. during the 90s when our
2:47 am
relationship was good with president boris yeltsin, they were recruiting by bia and cia. we have to defend ourselves from russia's behavior while finding areas we can work with them. as far as working together, certainly we need to talk about syria. a strategic partnership is out of the question and how russia violated the vienna accords.but we do need to talk about collaborating against isis, the conflicting . just a month ago in helsinki, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff met with his russian counterpart from russia, to talk about the confliction in syria. that's really important. so is making sure syria doesn't turn into a battleground between iran and israel . >> abby: when it comes to crimea crimea, it's highly unlikely the president will recognize the annexation of crimea. >> i sincerely hope he
2:48 am
doesn't. russia violated their territorial integrity. the most recent communiquc callsout russia for doing . that would not in my view the good thing for ukraine but also by vociferously protesting russia's violation of ukraine territorial integrity we are supporting the other states on thefront line and risk for russia aggression. as well as poland . >> you think russia should be back in the g7 and make it the g8 again? >> i don't think they earned their right to get back into the g8. we are right to hold them to sanctions and keep them out for now . >> abby: what can we expect? what can we give them, what do they give us? >> vladimir putin is a tgv officer so he's going to lie a lot to president trump and one of the most important things in the intelligence communitystandpoint is to
2:49 am
parse out what he says . this lengthy meeting which we've heard may go as long as 90 minutes and look for reflection once putin is back in russia. that's where the community doesn't work, where we collect on what the russians are saying meeting about what they said no for example if president putin says he's going to ratchet down actions on north korea when president trump presses him and in moscow says he hasno intention of doing so, that would be important . it's all about mistrust and verify. >> what about president trump's personality? what will you bring to the table and what will our president bring to the table? >> president putin is an intelligence officer. the understand how to deal with people. he will walk into a room and established good rapport and try to understand whatmakes them tick, assess them and try to influence their behavior . >> do you think they're
2:50 am
nervous >> both sides already but i was surprised that there were those inour own country who didn't believe this meeting should take place, i think it absolutely should .all right. back to you in the studio . oh wait, we are waiting for putin's arrival in helsinki but firstand henry joins us live next . advisor how to get on demand tech support for as little as $15 a month. right now, buy one hp ink and get a second at 30% off at office depot officemax you always get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed? let's say it in a really low voice. carl? lowest price, guaranteed. just stick with badda book. badda boom. book now at
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airstrip, actually it's helsinki's airport wire we are awaiting the arrival of president putin, arriving
2:54 am
shortly. we expect within the next 20, 25 minutes he should arrive. we should see the president and firstlady and then they should sign in to the big deskbook . >> abby: he finished the finals of the world cup a few months ago and heading over for the big summit. >> brian: right after that, let'shope he doesn't feel that good about the world cup . now that vladimir putin is arriving a few minutes late, even though he's got an hour and 45 minute journey and the president had a much longer ride, you are live in helsinki. it's going to be an exciting moment for us and then afternoon for you. >> ainsley: is this intentional, is that what you're suggesting? >> we are hearing about 20, 30 minutes.
2:55 am
>> it's a power move. everyone has to wait for me because now president trump and the first lady will cool their heels a little bit at the hotel but putin is not above that kind of a move. he loves tweaking people, trying to be in control and don't forget president trump when it was as well. >> ainsley: it does make you wonder though. >> abby: he was congrats congratulating france and putin for pulling that off successfully and i look forward to meeting with you today. >> ainsley: nato just finished, but you're talking about these power players and power moves, it does make you wonder with these two guys, can they come out of this meeting nothing or have a set these low expectations knowing they will be talking about more in detail as it relates to syria and iran and
2:56 am
other things and come out and announce to the world that we've come together on big things that could make this world a better place? >> brian: i was skeptical about the idea that president trump told cbs news that i got low expectations. have you ever heard this man with low expectations? ever president trump saying i don't think we're going to be doing anything big. >> abby: he sending a message saying don't expect a lot, we're dealing with a dictator who have not been friendly to our allies. he was sending a message saying look, a meeting isthe best i can give you right now but that's a lot . >> brian: i think he's saying under promise, overdeliver. >> stephen: be nice to ainsley for at least the rest of the show. >> ainsley: abby, how do you put up with him? >> abby: i'll give you my kids when you get home. >> brian: coming up, vladimir
2:57 am
putin arrives in helsinkiat any moment or the summit with president trump . plus, as soon as summit and we will bring it to you. "fox & friends"continues right after the break . . .
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♪ abby: good morning. straight to a fox news alert. here is a live look in helsinki at the airport where putin has just landed. the high stakes summit is less than an hour away. steve: president trump will arrive at the presidential palace for a sitdown one-on-one with president putin within the hour. brian: all right, eventually they is going to get a chance to leave that plane. all eyes on the two leaders as they tackle several crucial issues. election medaling on top of the list. talking about ukraine and what's going on in syria


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