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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  July 18, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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you. >> thanks for having me. >> see you tomorrow at noon eastern. here's here harris. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert, the president saying no president has been tougher on russia than he. a day after clarifying his remarks in helsinki. many developments we are covering this hour, the president continuing to defend his summit with vladimir putin after clarifying remarks on russia meddling, saying he agrees with the findings of u.s. intelligence agencies, also saying this at the white house just minutes ago. >> there's been no president ever as tough as i have been on russia, all you have to do is look at the numbers, look at what we've done, look at sanctions, ambassadors, look unfortunately at what happened in syria recently. i think president putin knows that better than anybody, certainly a lot better than the
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media. he understands it and he's not happy about it. there's never been a president as tough on russia as i have been. >> harris: democrats are not satisfied, with some calling for congress to subpoena the interpreter that was with the president and vladimir putin for more than two hours. others have written a letter to the president, saying americans have a right to know what the leaders talked about when they met alone. peter doocy joins me live from the white house now where is sarah sanders is set to hold a press briefing within the hour. >> harris, let's start two days ago when the director of national intelligence said "he believes russian efforts to undermine american democracy are ongoing." how they might be ongoing or what they might be doing or unclear today. president trump just said this. >> is russia still targeting the u.s., mr. president ? >> lets go, we are finished her
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here. >> thank you very much, everybody. >> meanwhile, up the street on capitol hill there is a new push by a democratic senator to interview the translator who helped president trump in his meeting with vladimir putin. she does not by the administration's line that the meeting was productive aside from a comment at a press conference i had to be cleaned up. >> it's clear that there is no transcript, the russians seem to know what was said and what was agreed to and i think it's important for congress to know that as well. if the president will not share that with us, and the interpreter is the one in the room who may have some of that information. >> the president thinks lawmakers are really upset about something else and he vented about it on twitter. he wrote this. "some people hate the fact that i got along well with president putin of russia, they would rather go to war than see
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this. it's called trump derangement syndrome." administration officials are trying to make any talk about the u.s. and russia bigger than just the conversation about the 2016 election. >> why aren't you covering everything that actually matters? there is more than election meddling, one of your favorite presidents, president obama -- >> the white house believes that in helsinki with russia they made a lot of progress on denuclearizing the korean peninsula and that is a big part of the reason they are still talking about that summit. >> harris: thank you very much. my first guest was critical of the president's remarks in helsinki, republican congressman adam henze anger sits on the house foreign affairs committee. some clarification out at presidential level, what do you say now? >> i'm glad he's clarifying, it
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was an interesting way to clarify, i think it's important for him to do it. the president is absolutely light, he's been one of the toughest presidents on russia and i've said this repeatedly, look at all the sanctions, the killing of russian mercenaries in defense of our troops, a host of other things. they've been very aggressive. but the press conference was unfortunate because words from the president have meaning. it's one thing to have a relationship with vladimir putin, that's okay as leaders of big countries. but to have a friendship is different with a guy that literally every day is bombing schools and hospitals by his direction, it's a big deal. the press conference was very unfortunate but they are doing a good job of pointing out the fact that president trump is not some russian puppet like the my friends on the left try to imply. >> harris: i am curious to get your point of view,
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kellyanne conway said there is a whole lot to talk about with regards to russia even moving forward. she talks about policy points currently but also what's coming down the pipe. is there too much focus on what was said? this is just a question, and not enough focus on what needs to be done. >> one of the difficulties and not having anybody else in the meeting is the national security guys are not coming out and talking about what it was, we are having to take the president's word. i support his prerogative doing that but that's one of the difficulties now, it's his word against people on the left that don't believe a word he says. there are so many issues. you have north korea, syria, i hope we don't cut a bad deal on syria. we have all these massive issues. i equate the relationship to our prison guard for jeffrey dahmer. you can have a relationship with him as his prison guard but don't be his friend because he's a really bad guy and that's a situation i think we are in with
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vladimir putin. >> harris: let's slow down, i am taking notes on what you're saying. maybe there are some g.o.p. members that would join the push to be able to get the interpreter to come forth, i see you shaking your head, or notes from the white house on what may have happened in that meeting, your thoughts? >> notes are fine, transparency is good. subpoenaing as an interpreter, look, the president has a prerogative to do foreign polic policy. that is big in his constitutional duties. as a congressman i have a right to say if i disagree with that and we can pass resolutions but if we take away his ability to carry out foreign policy, even if you don't like it, from the meeting with vladimir putin nor you're going to say the interpreter is subject to being called in front of congress, i think that's wrong and i would've said the same thing if it was president obama in this situation. the president has a lot of authority and while you may not
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agree with what he chose to do, that doesn't mean that he was wrong in doing it and we have to subpoena everybody in the room. >> harris: the russian president has suggested that they talk about syria to the point where he thinks there may be some way for the military's to work together. what is going on with regard to what may have been agreed to, how much do you want to find out about that and what's the best way to do it? >> i certainly want to find out those details. what i worry about, vladimir putin and iran and syria are responsible for 500,000 dead syrians, 50,000 of which are children. a school was bound by russia. when we do anything like this we fire the people responsible. this is something they do intentionally. any deal with vladimir putin that takes him at his word,
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anything that takes him at his word i am very wary about, especially if that means they are going to promise to move or ran away from or something like that. iran has tried to blend in as other people and i do not want to trust vladimir putin with the future of that region. >> harris: what do you want to see the president due next? is this still a talking point and issue among democrats and some republicans as well, you are not completely satisfied, you want to know what was said and that private meeting, i think you want to hear that directly from the president, what does he need to do next? >> i would like to hear that. >> harris: you don't want to hear it from the interpreter. >> i think that ruins a prerogative of a president to go in and carry out foreign policy. i think the president has a right to negotiate without everybody knowing the details all the time, i think he is starting the process of walking back that press conference.
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i think he was right in pointing out, which people don't point out enough, he has been extremely hawkish against russia. this idea that he was colluding with russia flies in the face of what we've done counter to russia for the last two years he's been president. >> harris: you said you think he's started the process of walking back that news conference. he is fully engaged in that. >> it's going to take a while, though. the president's words have a massive impact, think about ronald reagan, reagan didn't jump down and tear down the wall but he inspired the generation behind the wall with his words to tear down the wall and that's what the president i think can do some damage control, hopefully good stuff came out of the summit but some of the words, i think the president reiterating how hawkish he is on russia and some other things are definitely to his nfa.
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>> harris: congressman adam kinzinger today. thank you very much. congressman john garamendi, california democrat on the house armed services committee, you guys know each other, i would imagine. >> we do. >> harris: the president now as you've heard starting this process of walking back the news conference. this is a journey and we've seen prior presidents on the democrat side, kennedy, make some tough mistakes and go forward. how do we move forward? >> i think you use the word walking back, the statements made at that press conference, it will be a long journey and a very difficult one. it's not just about the word it would or wouldn't, it's much more than that. the president had ample opportunity to stand up for america, stand up for our constitution and frankly carry
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out his constitutional responsibility, the oath he took, as did i, that we would protect and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. the president didn't do that when he had an opportunity. he knew full good and well that russia was meddling in the campaign in 2016, there was more than enough evidence. and also continuing to do so, dan coats said so just three days before that press conference, that russia continues to meddle. not just in the elections but in our critical infrastructure. the president missed the opportunity not once but several times. it's a long journey to walk back. >> harris: we've heard that over and over, we just heard that it might take some time for the residual effects but let's choose some actions over words right now. under the watch of president obama, the russian
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meddling actually happened. as a democrat, as un-american, as you watch this from the armed services committee, what do you say to the american people about the fact that this went on under a president of a different political party and that it is bigger than our party? >> it is much bigger than the democratic or the republican party. president obama did know it was going on but it was in the midst of an election and of any major decision was frankly -- >> harris: why didn't they let people know? >> i would love to answer your question. he made a decision to not interfere with the election process. he did raise this issue directly at one of the summits, i believe it was in asia but it didn't work, russia continued on, president obama made a mistake and the interference has continued beyond the election process to this very moment. what can we do, what can the members of the house of
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representatives and the senate do? at this moment the conference committee on the national defense authorization act, which gives direction to the department of defense in all matters, the resources they need to do it, it's in conference. we need to have specific information from the president, did anything change in the conversations with nato that should be taken into account in that national defense authorization act? and similarly in our meetings with putin. we know putin said something did happen in the russian military is engaged in repositioning itself in syria as a result of those conversations. >> harris: i brought that up and he is pushing because he wants to know exactly what might've been said in terms of an agreement. i think the american people would want to know that, too. >> another issue before us here
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in congress, in the appropriation bill on the floor at this moment, the republicans are stripping out $300 million that was supposed to be for the local elections around the nation to protect themselves from cyber hacking. what in the world are you guys thinking? we know, dan coats hasn't said very clearly, the russians are still trying to penetrate our election process and now you're taking the money out, makes no sense at all. >> harris: we are running out of time, i would want to circle back and find out, do you think of president obama knew, and you say he did, and made a decision not to deal with this other than a quick conversation, do you think he made a mistake? >> absolutely, he did. how he could have done that without being seen putting his thumb on the scale for hillary clinton was the issue he could not and did not address. the result of all of that i think was a mistake, there must've been some way and i can envision several in which he
10:15 am
could have been made public but it didn't happen. >> harris: appreciate your candor on that point, we will talk with you in the future, thank you. president trump's endorsement helping the primary runoff in alabama. the president's influence in the state did not help his pig and the senate race last year, what does it tell us about the midterm election? a push on the left to abolish ice, reaction from one of the republican cosponsors of that resolution to support ice against democrats wanting to abolish it. coming up next, stay close.
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>> harris: this is happening right now, the house but set to begin debating a resolution to support immigrations and customs apartment, ice. they are going to vote, it is expected in the next hour. the abolish ice movement is gaining movement in the democratic party. democrats call it a political
10:20 am
stunt, watch. >> what the republicans are doing is trying to do a gotcha vote, we are not going to let them, there are far too many pressing issues we need to get on the floor of congress that this unfortunate majority has not been able to get to the floor and we want to use any time we have to talk about the most precious pressing issues. >> harris: we knew this was coming, republicans are supporting ice, daring the democrats not to do the same. >> no question about that, this is a response to some on the left calling for abolishing ice, nancy pelosi is not amused. >> what is on the floor today is a political stunt on the part of the republicans, i told my members, they are acting politically, don't take them seriously. certainly we know we have to protect our borders, we have been at the forefront of that over time and currently. >> alive a look at the house
10:21 am
floor, where a debate on this nonbinding resolution is getting started. it requires a two-thirds majority in order to pass, so we will be looking to see if they can get in the ballpark of 286 yes votes. it could be fewer if the entire house does not vote. the chairman of the committee says that men and women of ice play a critical role and abolishing it would put americans in danger. >> it would be lawless. it we would have no capability to protect our borders, to protect the united states from bad people and bad things coming into the country. and quite frankly it would be i guess what the democrats want, open borders and a lawless society. i think it would be absolute insanity. >> with it being less than four months from the midterm elections, there is a political component to all of this if it fails expect republicans to hammer democrats, accusing them
10:22 am
of lawlessness and wanting open borders. >> harris: seems like there's a political component to what people had for breakfast this morning. let's bring in republican congresswoman martha mcsally of arizona. a cosponsor of this resolution to support ice. democrats say it's a gotcha vote, a political, what do you say? >> that's infuriating, to think about the men and women of ice right now putting their lives on the line in the communities they protect and we represent, stopping terrorists from coming into our country, rescuing children that have been victims of child exploitation, 904 were rescued last year, protecting people from human trafficking, stopping over a million pounds of drugs coming into our country, including almost 700 pounds of heroin, today 116 americans on average will lose their lives to the opioid
10:23 am
overdose. their party has now gotten so extreme and radical to the left on this issue that they need to make a choice today. are they going to be for the people they represent, for the country and for safety or for the radical left agenda? >> harris: chairman maccoll said to me yesterday, some ten terrorists are stopped by ice on a daily basis, what is life like if ice goes away and is it immediately replaced by something that does something? >> i.c.e. came into being after 9/11, when we looked at what was missing in our federal agencies, they were overseas, intelligence gathering, working with other countries, they've stopped as part of the joint terrorism task force, responsible for 40% of the disruption of terrorist activity in america. if that goes away, people are going to die.
10:24 am
>> harris: i would only interrupt you if it were for the president of the united states. you and i are now sharing time with president trump and the first lady, he's just arrived at joint base andrews and he's getting ready to get on marine one. he has just arrived in now and he is paying respect to a u.s. secret service agent we are getting some information on in scotland passed away, he end of the lady are meeting their to pay respects to that loss. we wanted to show everybody the live video of the president and the first lady arriving. as we come back to a topic we know is so important to president trump. talk to me about this push on capitol hill among democrats and how you think they think this will play out when the numbers are not on their side for what
10:25 am
is happening coming across our borders. >> an element of their party has goal on so far radical extreme and dangerous and reckless, it's becoming mainstream democrat. the constituents i represent are very concerned, wondering what is going on over there. americans should all agree, we should keep our country safe, community safe, stop human traffickers, these are the important things that ice does. they are going to have to demonstrate whether they are going to play to their political base that's going crazy right now to the left or whether they are going to govern and show that they care about the country and their constituents. it should be an easy choice and they should stop playing politics with it. >> harris: this is a nonbinding resolution in the hopes of what you're doing saying, have you talked with democrats against this issue, who would go against i.c.e. at this point while this vote is going on in the house?
10:26 am
>> that's a very good question, democrats will have to decide whether they are going to put on their nancy pelosi jersey and vote the party line that is extremely radical right now or if they will look at the resolution, and it simply says, be it resolved that we support the men and women keeping us safe, we are against anything that is going to abolish it and that we support all federal state and military personnel protecting our borders. who would be against that? i hope anybody who votes no is held accountable by their constituents if they choose to make a partisan, extreme, dangerous play. >> harris: a lot of this conversation started with alexandria cortez here in new york when she beat a ten term senator, she is a socialist and this was something she talked about and it has now gotten bigger within the democratic party. arizona, a state that knows these issues are so very well.
10:27 am
we appreciate your time, thank you. we will bring it to you as it happens. okay, charged with working as a covert russian spy, a woman appearing in u.s. district court this hour. a live report on the details as that gets underway. and new ways that the white house is responding to criticism of the president's summit with vladimir putin. it is enough being done to silence the critics? will talk about it. into making america's #1 shave. precision machinery and high-quality materials from around the world. nobody else even comes close. now starting at $7.99. gillette. the best a man can get.
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no mathere are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. call one today. are you in good hands? >> harris: right now the russian woman charged as acting an unregistered agent of the kremlin is appearing in court. gathering intelligence on american officials and a political organization working to establish bad channel lines of communication with russia. you are taking a live look
10:32 am
outside the u.s. district court house in washington. jennifer griffin the story from the pentagon. >> of the alleged russian spy is expected in court any moment now. the 29-year-old was arrested sunday and indicted by a grand jury yesterday. the justice department filed a motion saying "she should not be granted bail." her history of deceptive conduct, the potential sentence she faces, the strong evidence of guilt and her lack of any meaningful ties to the united states. the fbi reportedly began tailing butina not long after she moved to the united states, three months before the presidential election. her efforts to infiltrate top levels of the republican establishment, including the nra, see pack, and the national prayer breakfast have been underway for the last four years. she entered the u.s. on a
10:33 am
student visa to study at an american university in washington, d.c., not far from the russian embassy, she cozied up to powerful republican circles. she began attending nra events after establishing a gun rights group in moscow, hosted american gun enthusiasts in russia. one delegation included milwaukee sheriff dave clark. she began to romantic relationship with paul erickson, a south dakota g.o.p. operative who was 27 years her senior. she complained to her moscow handle her about having to cohabit with them this as part of her cover. >> for example we had paul erickson on our list to be brought in, he was somebody who engaged in correspondence about using the nra is a back channel to the russians. we were not permitted by the
10:34 am
g.o.p. end intel committee to do that work. >> her lawyer said she is not a russian agent and was simply a graduate student trying to establish a friendship society. he said she voluntarily appeared for eight hours before the senate intelligence committee. >> harris: thank you very much for that. meanwhile on the heels of the trump-putin summit, the white house is sending around a fact sheet detailing ways in which the administration has protected our elections and stood up to russia. that list includes president trump signing an executive order to strengthen and review our nation's cyber security and critical infrastructure, imposing sanctions against russian individuals, expelling russian intelligence officers from the united states, and ordering the closure of the russian consulate in seattle and confronting the threat of russian aggression in europe. joining me now, former white house press secretary and fox news contributor ari
10:35 am
fleischer. we've had discussions about how you put messages out. the white house, what do you think about them putting out this information? >> it's helpful to have the facts about the problem is the toughest facts and policies the president has implemented are not consistent with the president's weak rhetoric towards russia and that's the heart of the problem. facts and policies are much more complicated than the simple emotions of what did the president say, so he is getting judged on what he says which is not on par with what he's done. >> harris: do you agree with those on both sides of the political aisle that this will take a while to go away? the president has spoken, his policies are what they are and we are moving forward, russia is already talking, we know we've got to get out and get ahead of that as well. >> here is why this will linger to some degree. when the president of the
10:36 am
united states stood side-by-side in a major news conference and doesn't challenge president putin over russia's interference stealing from americans in an election, it stands out, it's resonant. it's not just a tweet or a piece of paper, it's an emotional thing people witnessed and you can't unhear it. i'm glad the president did what he did yesterday, it was wise to recognize and it's unusual of him. i'm glad he's setting it straight but it doesn't diminish what happened on monday in helsinki. >> harris: senator lindsey graham got on the record disagreeing with the president that the russian meddling is still ongoing and from what he can see it looks like we could get hit again with something in 2018 midterm election. >> i think you have to be precise about what that something can be. in the age of technology, the russians and everybody will always put facebook posts and things like that up, you can't stop technology. that is different from stealing emails from an american
10:37 am
political party, that is actual interference and it's a crime and its espionage and that's more serious. >> harris: the white house with these details, i said it helps everybody because we don't seem to be talking about the policies and the actions of the president, which many on the both sides of the aisle have conceded far exceed what other presidents have done with regard to russia. >> that was my point about the president's actions are very different from the president's rhetoric. the president's right, he provided defensive weapons to ukraine, he sanctioned russia, he's thrown out 60 russian diplomats and closed two russian consulates. in his actions have been tough but you would never know it if you listen to him talk. >> harris: i can't imagine the democrats wouldn't be with them on more sanctions on russia in regards to meddling.
10:38 am
you are talking about a marriage of words and actions. president obama was not given much credit for being strong at all against russia and then you had his words, we are going to watch -- 2012, let's watch this. >> after my election i have more flexibility. >> harris: did you catch that? i will transmit this informatio information, he was his second hand man, as it is. you are about to see that power structure in play today with vladimir putin once again at the top of the food chain. >> talk about weakness, you just witnessed it in policy ended rhetoric. the difference is the press gave obama a pass. many prominent reporters defended obama.
10:39 am
when he didn't enforce his own redline, he sent a signal that america is weak, come pick our locks. barack obama had the press on his side, they never went into a feeding frenzy the way they do against trump. >> harris: does this president had to be more careful? >> yes, because the press is in feeding frenzy mode against him always, but he also feeds the feeding frenzy. all he had to do is say we can cooperate on some issues but knock it off, don't mess with our elections. he'd be a hero, why didn't he say that? he easily could have said it. >> harris: does heat eventually have to do anything like that to move forward? >> i would like to see him be tougher on his rhetoric, the defense against russia has to be deterrence, he can't undermine his credibility.
10:40 am
policy wise he is sending the right signals. >> harris: thank you very much, great to have you here. a one-time trump critic survives a g.o.p. primary fight after getting an 11th hour endorsement from president trump. what this says about the president among his base as we look towards the midterm. the power panel holding in, nex next. high protein
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liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> harris: a big win for president trump as republican congresswoman martha roby won her primary runoff. the president tweeted and took credit for her landslide victor victory, she received backlash after pulling her support from the president in 2016. kayleigh mcenany, back from #oneluckyguy, jake mcabee. former speechwriter for eric
10:45 am
holder and loretta lynch. the president tweets, roby gets a boost, he says he tweeted appropriately late because she pulled her endorsement. it took her endorsement to get her over the line. there were two names in this, trump and pelosi. all of her tv ads tied her opponent to nancy pelosi, nancy pelosi is toxic, trump wins the day. >> harris: what is she to your party? >> it doesn't mean a ton in this district, this is a republican
10:46 am
district by 16 points. it doesn't mean an awful lot that attacking someone who voted for a democrat in the past was going to gain traction in this crowd but that's not where the midterms will be fought. they will be fought in places like pennsylvania, even after donald trump endorsed the republican candidate. >> harris: that causes your candidate to lean right. >> i'm so happy you brought up connor lamb, that's the model for the democratic party, he said "i'm running against nancy pelosi." he ran as a term proposer, democrats are electing socialists, electing people who love socialized medicine in a district that trump won by six points. you are electing socialists, not the trump lovers. >> we are electing democrats across the country. we have more democratic
10:47 am
candidates than any time in recent history, more women than any time in recent history. special election after election after the country, democrats are performing and republicans are -- >> harris: i want to bring this back to the power of the president, it doesn't seem like the democrats have somebody that's a shoo-in for it let me an endorsement. >> they've got nancy pelosi, hillary clinton, not very good choices for the face of the party. we have president trump, we think trump can play in every district, we remember, when she touted trump's name we over one in that district four points more than trump won five. people are recognizing his successes. >> by all means use president trump everywhere and see how that goes. >> harris: we are going to head into the commercial and keep you where you are.
10:48 am
they are so friendly together. president obama is taking some not so thinly veiled shots at president trump during his biggest public speech since we're leaving office. the power panel on that, next.
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10:51 am
>> hi, everyone, i'm dana perino, we are awaiting the white house briefing. president trump nominated rick
10:52 am
cavanaugh as a supreme court pick. the president traveled to the united kingdom and met with theresa may and then wrapped up his trip with the memorable conference with vladimir putin. >> harris: president obama held a town hall in africa today, one day after appearing to take aim at president trump in his most high-profile speech since leaving office. mr. obama marking nelson mandela's 100th birthday in south africa, blasted the rise of populism. >> strongman politics are ascendant suddenly, by elections and some pretense of democracy are maintained, but those in power seek to undermine every institution or norm that gives
10:53 am
democracy meaning. >> harris: mr. obama also warned against politicians who rejected the truth. kellyanne conway fired back. >> he might as well have just called everybody irredeemable deplorable's. i thought that was very unfortunate, i do agree with him lots of leaders like, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. >> harris: we will come to north america right here, jake, why pick pick on the presidente didn't name him but he's done this over and over, he will talk about things and that two people think it is. >> i think it says something about the moment we are in now, when president obama talks about the need for truth and honesty, we understand that he is knocking back against president trump. i do think it is clear around the world, right wing autocratic
10:54 am
leaders are ascending and that's true, it's true in hungary and poland. >> harris: i want to talk to you about this. >> our enemies grew stronger under the obama leadership, north korea, russia, i find it fascinating to hear president obama talk about undermined institutions because i can name a few that come to mind under his leadership. >> if you want to talk about undermining the fbi -- >> the last thing i would just say is he is out of sync with the american people, here's why. i look at the right direction, wrong direction. no president breaks 50% by comparing obama and trump, right direction, president trump the day he was elected, 7% higher on the country thought we were
10:55 am
going in the right direction then president obama. last week it was 9% higher. >> harris: what's interesting about that, quickly, some of what they were responding to is kind of an immovable object for democrats right now, that's the economy. >> first of all, on the tax cuts, republicans after starting to run on the tax cuts have started to run away from them. you are seeing about immigrants, and social issues, i will say, let's talk about polls and the polls that show that president obama is viewed as honest and trustworthy by more than 55% of americans while donald trump is viewed as dishonest and untrustworthy. >> the president's poll numbers are on the rise, people think the country is going in the right direction. we had tax cuts two-point oh
10:56 am
meeting just yesterday. >> harris: we are awaiting the white house press briefing. thanks to both of you, by the way. as we get ready to cover that on fox news channel, you stay clos close. we'll be right back. problems? ask a business advisor how to get virus and spyware removal, and 24/7 tech support. office depot now offers on demand tech support for as little as $15 a month. ♪ right now, buy one hp ink and get a second at 30% off at office depot officemax but i am a simple farmer.bas! my life is here... [telephone ring] ahoy-hoy. alexander graham bell here... no, no, my number is one, you must want two! two, i say!!
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>> theres a deep debate going on on the house floor and has to do with immigrations and customs enforcement and whether or not democrats will support that agency with this resolution by republicans. they're putting them on the
11:00 am
spot. will you support the organization, the agency that protects us at the border? it requires a 2/3s vote to pass. we had martha mcsally from arizona earlier. thanks for watching. here's dana. >> dana: a fox news alert. the white house briefing ask due to begin any moment there. questions about president trump clarifying his comments on the summit expected to be front and center when sarah sanders steps behind the lectern. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." the president will asked earlier if russia was still interfering in the united states. here's what he said. >> is russia still targeting the u.s., mr. president? >> there's no president as tough ever on russia. look at the nu


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