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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 19, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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catch me on facebook. watch for a fox news update. we will stream live from the facebook home screen. you can always watch it there on demand. i am jon scott in today for "shepard smith." "your world with neil" is next. >> okay, think quick. drug companies, and the federal reserve. what did they all have in common? as to say a comment critically donald trump. he is not a fan of opec and rising oil prices. i drug companies shacking up their prices so that the president gets him to stop. and of the federal reserve continue to hike interest rates. the president telling them it is better stuck. laws a fair or not, the republican president putting it all on notice. get ready for me. welcome everyone, i am neil cavuto and this is "your
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world." it is one thing for the presence of after business, it is another four the president to give. today, donald trump did just that. telling joe kiernan that when it came to the fed, he was fed up. specifically, the president said he was not happy bemoaning that every time the economy strengthens, powell and company want to raise rates. the hint at their disapproval when rates are going up, rarely do they actually say it. but as kevin reports, most presidents are not this president. i guess not democratic weapon? >> no doubt. when he said he was not thrilled, they should tell you two things. the president is unvarnished in his criticism of all things washington. i think this is probably the most unconventional. with respect to monetary policies. you cannot take shots at jerome powell, you should say clearly. understand this, the second
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thing it tells you is the pressure will be applied directly from the white house in a very subtle way. you heard the president suggest, listen, he feels that the feds are undercutting his efforts to grow the economy. he says, look, i don't like all of this work that we are putting into the economy, and then i see the rates going up. as you know, residents have long to pine to comment on the feds to avoid influence over the supply. let me share just a bit of what white house officials are telling us about this today. lindsey walters was kind enough to send us the statement. she said "of course, the president respects the independence of the feds. he considers jerome powell a very good man." he went on to add this, "he is is not interfering with fed policy decisions." it continues. "i am letting them do what they feel is best."
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his comments are a reiteration. those long-held positions and public comments." i'm going to make is really easy for the folks watching on beard winking and i came a tap of the side of the nose, you know exactly what the president is doing here. he is saying without saying, hey, jerome, back off. >> neil: if i dream of jeannie kim a -- i would not want to go there. kevin, thank you, very, very much. this is not unusual for a president to go after business. jfk went after the steel industry. president obama to go after wall street oil guys as well. the president has verbally put it out there, hey you, hiking rates in the middle of this, i would rather not and i am's upset when needed. not a president in the past when this has been happening has welcomed these developers.
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fox business network as well. melissa, on this, but rather yo you? stocks were ended up at the lows of the day on the idea that the president's job only the fed and may be forcing them into the corner. >> a lot of the times market could react or anything about the fed chairman or anything about the trap tweets we had a nice rally, the s&p, i think the reason that trump said this is because a couple of days ago on tuesday, jerome powell came out and said, he thinks when the beige book came out, are going to hurt the economy. anything that you say against trump, he went right after him and said something to him. it was gutsy, and it was risky. >> neil: interesting. of course the fed is not an independent being. as you know, during a campaign, he was quite critical that.
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it is what it is, he's taking us all on on paired where is it going? >> worried about trade wars. >> those are legitimate concerns. >> i know that those are legitimate concerns. investors though, that is where people are worried. we even heard from the imf two days ago saying, listen, if they become trade wars, there are going to be some delay $450 billion subtracted from the global economy by 2020. so, i do think that you are right, perhaps, because chairman powell did speak about global trade tensions that president trump answered in this way, may be, hey, if you're going to be in my backyard, may be ugly in. >> neil: now people are going to read into everything picked sometimes we overrate these things. i'm wondering if the federal reserve's only hikes rates one more time this year rather than the two of the consensus. people are gonna be, oh, my gosh, they are doing the president's bidding. in fact, that might have just
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changed it. >> nobody will know. they are scheduled to be slated to more times. if they don't, i don't think the markets are going to react negatively. in fact, if they do what trump said, -- look at all the things that have internet. he comes out and says, don't you dare raise drug prices, and outcome of these companies are not raising drug prices. he has helped money come back. >> neil: one of the things that has been set is that this is not a very -- president he will use the white house to change policies that rattled some. i think with a wink and a nod, they hope that he gets what he wants without this coming to a full-blown trade war. >> at the very least he will not filter his own opinion out in the way that other presidents have in the past. and i mean, even that reaction to the interview that he gave on another network, saying i would be saying this if i was a
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private citizen, now i am president, but i still have the same opinion. i do think that where investors need to be focused are on the rate hikes. to your point, we are never going to know for sure if the fed changes its trajectory. i have a hard time believing that fed chairman powell would change the directory based on some kind of off-the-cuff comment. >> but he would be aware of the pressure, right? he still thinks highly of that, you know. but that does continue a pattern great does that pattern -- getting all the right resorts. >> humane trumps pattern of saying things. i think he is very hands on beard he more hands-on than any -- he want do you like that? >> i like that. i am not a political person. >> neil: you don't like government interference. >> i don't want rates to go up
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to it as a regular person, it is a balance. >> neil: even if they are justify going up? for ghosts justified, slowly, slowly going up. >> bank stocks? >> i don't want to buy a house with her credit card. paying out individual and what you do with business coming up to marry the two. >> neil: again, we finish this under 34 points. you could tie this really second by second, it indicates changes. in the market themselves, i think they have to be up by 4% this year. the dow has been relatively flat, but oil prior to this. we will see what happens. right now, small business administers. thank you for coming. i know the president has been pushing today. i led an effort to try to improve job training on big fortune 500 companies that can help in epic what i didn't understand, linda, maybe you could help me come it is there a sense that the government is going to kick in some dough for
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this watch to mark or companies like fedex and gm and microsoft and walmart, are they ponying up the money? >> this is not a government contribution program at this point but this is really public private partnership. a lot between our educational institutions and our companies. and the companies may be training a lot themselves, but hopefully they are also going to be working with our vocational schools, our community colleges to be saying, what is it that we need? we have a wonderful economy going. 6.7 million jobs that are vacant that we do not have the people to fill those jobs. i hear it from small businesses as well as large businesses. we are looking to change the educational paradigm and emphasis in the country so that industry will go into those vocational and community colleges and say, look, this is what i need beard i'm going to bring the crib and adhere your classes. you can train the students for
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what i need. i will provide the agreement. part of the time the students will be in here, part of the time the students will be on my factory in my floor and i will pay them while they're there. or companies that are doing it now. i was at a community college this week in charleston virgini virginia. that is exactly what big manufacturing town has done. those entered chips and apprenticeships, they can earn as much as $40,000 -- >> neil: at trade were potentially could shatter that. do some of your members that you talk to go out there, do they worry about that? the president that might tries to do the right thing, but something might blow up in their face. >> i am not hearing that. the number one concern that i hear from small businesses as i am traveling around the country, and have been to 40 states now and visited with 51 district offices. those businesses that i talked
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to, their number one concern right now is a skilled workforce. and i was asked recently, well, what is a skilled workers mean as training workers for whatever skills are necessary, whether it is artificial intelligence, robotics, carpenters, plumbers, welders, electricians, never skills are needed, that is what we need to focus on in training get the jobs are, they are great from a small business perspective to get the training can be you can your business. >> neil: a lot of businesses wary about interest rate. if you that the president with what he said to worry about the federal reserve, which are members welcome that? >> you know, i came out today to talk about this wonderful pledge at 23 countries, not countries, businesses have signed to have opportunities for almost 4 million workers. and add 23 businesses here in the east room of the white house -- >> neil: don't think any of them are concerned about interest rates?
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>> i think interest rates would affect everyone. >> neil: so with a welcome what the president -- between what you're doing with this initiative and telling the federal reserve temecula, with a welcome that? >> i think our businesses right now are growing, the economy is growing very strong, and they are going to continue doing what they are doing to grow the economy. >> neil: thank you very much. >> thank you. >> neil: the tariff situation is real. i doubt that they have done a number of stored needs to show that could add the price of a car. that could be just for starters. republican senator ron johnson. >> but what? where's that coming from? i don't know. vasco
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your insurance rates a scratch so smallr you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> neil: we got this word from the white house here that wants is apparently not enough. the security advisor to invite
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vladimir putin to washington for a ball meeting, presumably at the white house white house. discussions are underway. before the midterm elections can with those two will sit down together again. internation's capital. some of the issues to get into here. publican senator ron johnson. we make of that? >> this is a president that really does value personal relationships. i would much rather be talking to adversaries that not talking to them. make sure that you don't have any miscalculations, russia has 7,000 nuclear weapons. i would rather improve relations with them then see them further deteriorate. the way that you do that is through discussion. >> neil: a lot of your colleagues want to make sure that the russians never do that sort of thing and have a legislation that would call for stiff sanctions on that. what is not clear is that if they were to misbehave again is whether the president agrees with you on that.
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>> obviously what russia has been doing, not during our election system, but other cyber attacks and other cyber intrusions into our infrastructure, there are so many things that we need to be concerned about. we have to draw the line and approached russia through strength and resolve, and we have to make sure that what sanctions we impose actually work. to try to change their behavior for the better. there are some sections that work better than the other, targeted sanctions, i think that gets under their skin more than anything. that is what i would be doing, exposing their ill-gotten gains, make sure that they cannot move money around. make sure that they restrict their travel. >> neil: i get a sense that a lot of your republican colleagues, baby yourself, i know your concerns on trade. the president, maybe, is getting a little bit too bumpy here. that is the problem. there is an effort to rein him
1:18 pm
in on tariffs, it is not something that he could decide, it is something the senate has to decide on vladimir putin. this measure that you just talk about where you punish russia for interfering in another election. he does not endorse either view on trade or that. where you guys with him? >> we truly appreciate the fact that we stopped adding to the relay giving tori in this press american induces more competitive. both of those acts brought certainty to the economy which is why the economy has taken up. >> neil: what are you afraid of the president standing in the way that? >> absolutely that is my concern. we are contacted by hundreds of businesses with 15 in broad-spectrum's. small medium large, there is no body supporting the trade war. they are highly concerned.
1:19 pm
they are canceling or delaying capital expenditures. they are seeing overseas markets that they spent decades developing, drawing appeared they are seeing steel prices 30% higher. their global competitors are not paying those higher prices. they can ship product into the country very competitively. >> neil: he is not dialing back, right? i am looking back at u.s. imports, auto import. $176 billion worth, $36, auto components and parts can with that is close to $360 billion worth of auto related parts, supplies, actual autos. this could be humongous. >> this could be totally counter productive in terms of the good things that we have done. >> neil: when you tell him and you have written this letter into the one letter can with does he say to you customer
1:20 pm
while, bottom line, he is going to listen to all of our council. he has been pushing back hard for a month. both privately and publicly. i am just going more and more public. it is my responsibility, and hopefully these anecdotes from small businesses, people that support him, that want to see him succeed, it is important that this administration understand that is not a short-term game for short-term pain for long-term gain. there is permanent damage being done right now. >> i hear you. it sounds like you are just ignoring you. i don't want to pick a fight here, but maybe the hope is the market, not withstanding, hope it will work out. it will never come to blows. you're generally concerned that it could and he could do damage in your state and elsewhere. but he is not listening. >> neil: >> i do believe that ts president understands that the clock is ticking. he realizes that he will have to conclude the deal.
1:21 pm
conclude the leverage, concluded negotiations -- >> neil: it is still going on months from now. >> a lot of damage will be gone. farmers will go bankrupt. most markets close, domestic supply increases. we do not have the demand for it. prices plans. one small dairy farmer, 200 cows has already lost close to -- >> neil: we must know that, we must know that senator . >> that is the reason why i delivered the one-page synopsis. if he delivers these pages, they are being delivered to him in the next couple of delays, personally delivered to him. hopefully he will take the time to read that one-page synopsis. he will be as concerned as i am. >> neil: thank you for taking the time to talk to me. >> thank you. >> neil: time to take iq from those that know how to balance that. afterhe this. nt baker, how are ? they took care of everything a to z.
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>> neil: when a problem comes along you must admit it. but i am telling you, some of our most noted presidents have been through it and survived it. dear member that? >> there is an old saying that defeat isn't often. not to conceal responsibility, because i am a responsible officer of the government. >> first i must say that i take full responsibility for my own actions and for those of my administration. as angry as i might be with the activities taken without my knowledge, i am still accountable for those activitie activities. the biggest regret has to be the intelligence failure interact. a lot of people but the reputations on the line. >> i regret very much what we
1:26 pm
intended to do which was to make sure that everybody is moving into better plans because they want them as a post that they forced into it. that we were not as clear as we needed to be. >> neil: all right, we all make mistakes. it happens. and this. >> i think i did great at the news conference. i think it was a strong news conference. >> neil: the president may be to just fine, but admitting and acknowledging some of the problems that the appearance created, that did not come out and those remarks favorite is there something wrong with that or is he just more donald trump just doing that and it served him well. he is president after all. and is doing okay. or is that okay? drop 2020 advisory committee member. aaron, what you think? >> you know that president trump is not particularly introspective.
1:27 pm
i think he said it best when he said the walking back on the statements and the walking back of the walking back is basically the best that we are going to get out of this white house and donald trump. but look at the guys actions. he said through a spokeswoman that he was going to invite president putin to washington this fall. and timing is everything. i think in the last segment that she has had with senator johnson, he really put some lipstick on a pig there. nothing sure. having an open dialogue is good, but again, timing is everything. that is a gift to democrats who can run ads throughout the fall with this. imagine if president putin comes to united states in october before the midterm elections. those ads will be everywhere. it reminds me of 2006. republicans did want to see don rumsfeld go as defense secretary and president bush did not announce it until the day after the midterm spirit
1:28 pm
republicans were furious. why did he not do this before, and maybe they would've had to keep a few more seats. spirit i have people with different views and i think we could hyperventilate over his performance there, oh what would have been wrong with him saying i could have done a better job or be a little clear. he could have stipulated the wording or something. by just acknowledge, if you could done better. >> we can give him credit. he did clarify his statement. he acknowledged that he may have misspoken or that his words were misinterpreted from the comments. but what i find very interesting about where aaron is coming from, there is a new phenomenal on the left where diplomacy is no longer the first course of action. >> neil: it is not just from the left. you are right. but i showed you all of the other presidents, republican and democrat alike, acknowledging
1:29 pm
mistakes. americans are very forgiving, you could have done a better job, let's move on, end of stor story. >> . knowledge is one shortcoming. but he also sent cash to iran on cargo planes. we never got an apology on that. i think you did a great job. i watched it live and then i did not have the visceral relax and the people on the left it. i did not have the treasonous reaction that people like anderson cooper had. i do not know where that came from. >> neil: my own view on this, this is my show. it looked really bad. i was even disgusted at the time because he gave the appearance that the president that he didn't intend. a lot of republicans, i think he could easily dial back by saying my first emily you think about it, i could have done a little bit better. end of story, don. >> president trump does not
1:30 pm
apologize. he has had that before. he thinks that apologizing makes him look weak. i think that a lot more people would say that but he had done over the past four days has made him look a lot weaker than an apology. but i would say the difference in some of the clips that he played are presidents who have thought about these things over time. >> neil: ronald reagan's case our year after the thing was rolling, obviously, obama's, most of a year later when the controversies were over. they took their sweet time acknowledging that. but do you worry that this is something the president will be focused on more than usual when he does meet with putin next in the fall. >> no, if you look at the performance that he has had over the first 18 months. he has been orders of magnitude harder onrush of that president obama was in a year. spirit that was not the issue. the way he is carrying himself. >> what are we talking about question mike semantics in his performance? i don't think he did.
1:31 pm
>> he is equating them with the intelligence community. that is not something you should do as a leader of the united states. >> he tried to clarify that right away and moved on. spirit the segment, if it didn't side with a lot of people, it is certainly not my fault, it is my produces. we will have a lot more. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream.
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>> neil: all right, we are getting a few more details on this to get vladimir putin to
1:34 pm
come to washington sometime in the fall. we don't know if it will be right before the midterm elections, right afterward. it is going to be big. more after this. call one today. are you in good hands?
1:35 pm
>> neil: all right, we are going to see it again. vladimir putin maybe this fall, as we are going back and forth about what the president could have done, maybe what he could have not have done with the one powwow he had in helsinki, finland. the change this fall, i would guess, kevin, may be at the white house. what are you hearing? >> if you know, sometimes you get a sense, especially when you read between the lines. i mentioned to you earlier that we saw the president talking about how he was looking forward to his next meeting with trump-putin. it was a throwaway line in the earlier tweet this morning, in fact we were always saying i wonder if there is more to that that meets the eye. suffice to say, apparently there is a lot more than meets the eye. we just learned from the
1:36 pm
white house secretary that the president has an instructed john bolton to reach out to vladimir putin and in fact, invite him here to washington, d.c. it has been a long time since we have seen a russian president come here to washington. let me sarah sarah sanders to eat. she said in helsinki, the president agreed to ongoing working levels, dialogue between the two security council staff, to invite president putin to washington, get this, in the fall. and those discussions are already underway. huge stuff when you think about not just where we were just a week ago, but in particular, giving the fallout from what happened in helsinki. this is a do over opportunity, instead, quite fondly, they have suggested to me on many occasions it is a continuation of an important conversation. >> neil: all right, but a thank you very much. if we get any more details unlike this, kevin is a guy.
1:37 pm
in the meantime a bidding war in a certain media industry, it appears on the undecided, somewhat, i am talking about are welcome at this company and some crucial aspects in other companies now being chunked around with other assets. so many assets, so little time. look at it after this. ahoy-hoy. alexander graham bell here... no, no, my number is one, you must want two! two, i say!! like my father before... [telephone ring] like my father before... ahoy-hoy! as long as people talk too loudly on the phone, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. wlet's do it. ? ♪
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1:41 pm
portion of the assets and today he confirms the report from jul. what they are doing is this simply. they are giving up on the fox assets that are going to disney. they're not going to try to one up disney which made the last bid after comcast made the first bid on the initial deal between disney and fox and 21st century fox, and what they are going to do is focus their bidding war on sky. the u.k. media conglomerate hi which we own a piece of, which we want to buy of all of, when we buy all of it, who want to give it to disney. this is where it gets interesting. comcast came in and put the last bid in on sky. the question is, those disney come back with a higher bid? does fox do something to helps disney get in? do they have a secret handshake behind-the-scenes work comcast has the last bid on sky. it takes that, disney takes our
1:42 pm
astronautics assets, and the story moves to europe on sky. where there is a bidding war for sky. the other stuff, the other reporting is simply this. bankers knew the regulatory climate, and here are the things that these bankers told me and why they thought comcast was going to back away from the full enchilada and may be focused on a portion like sky. the justice department hates the comcast business model. that is why it is going after att time warner. they are not going to let comcast get dramatically bigger by by that. if you want to play a game of chicken with the government, he is going to have to bid so high, maybe $50 a share. remember that disney is $39, do i have that right? he will bid up to 50 just to
1:43 pm
compensate for century for the regulatory risk involved. they don't have that type of money. $50 a share. like most telecom companies, they are highly leveraged. that would really hurt them from -- >> neil: disney would allow itself to see comcast to get sk sky. but sky's big drive that it would be an award to a company like disney that wanted international exposure. >> disney said that. that is where this thing goes now. as disney walk away and say, we got the piece that we really want. or do they get a comcast bid. that is probably $64 billion unanswered question right now. i do not know. everybody goes away happily, who knows. >> neil: you best buddy. you broke it and you face to. >> people see things through the prism of their own point of
1:44 pm
view. if you are one of those who love, love, love the president. some of the things i mentioned over the last few days as really rattled you. i found that out today when you sounded off on me. i am vulnerable. after this. (woman) so beautiful. (man) beautiful just like you. (woman) oh, why thank you. [both scream] (burke) coupe soup. and we covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ and it's also a story mail aabout people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you ♪
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>> neil: a lot of you are still mad at me. i have to tell you that i feel vulnerable. especially coming in today after being out yesterday. she writes, so you finally fired your fat. the shabby chomp has been chopped. yippee, no negative tromp bashing with the fake hair and the fat neck and the time off to atone for your sins and maybe
1:48 pm
eat a salad. hurtful, alexis, as i told you before. the camera adds 50 pounds. i know another number of people who met me in person it will tell you otherwise. calling out our president, mr. never dropper is nevermore. karma as something. tubby is still here. i can imagine that some of you are a bit disappointed. but really, because of this? i know you say that you have to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but that doesn't mean criticize your friends and keep your enemies closer. on foreign soil at least? you might consider praising our enemies less. may i suggest you stop throwing the mud. or at least, save it for leaders who are dirty. and not those who simply deserve better for having the merit of pointing up. so even after the president
1:49 pm
explains his error, you are still not buying it? no i am not, tony, because he was very, very clear. >> my people came to me, dan coats came to me and others, and they said that it is russia. i have president putin. he just said that it is not russia. i will say this, i do not see any reason why it would be. i have great confidence in my intelligence people, but i will tell you that president putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. >> neil: that is what struck me. not one word, all of those words, all of the funding, it was my immediate reaction which we don't get, you should demand that prompted the real break. >> this is the time in a place for the president to look putin in the eye that you will be punished and don't ever do that again. they want but he did not. that is what made his performance discuss it. i'm sorry, that is the way that i feel.
1:50 pm
u.s. president on foreign soil talking to our biggest enemy, or adversary, or competitor, or i don't know how we defined him these days. it is essentially letting the guy get away with this. and not even offering a mild, mild criticism. that sets us back a lot. do you know what is disgusting? you. look up discussing in the dictionary. there is a picture of you. i did look it up in the dictionary. there is no such picture. that is fake news. kevin emails, disgusting is watching you talk. discussing is watching you live. by the way commit discussing is watching a guy who is so fat, here we go again, the only reason some of his viewers stick around is to see him croak on live tv. really? ps, this was the socket. i am disgusted with you. oh, really, kevin, i cannot tel
1:51 pm
tell. twitter, how quickly your friends turn on you. it is what i deal with, amy it is what i do with it thank god there are a few honorable and honest people on espn. but you are not among the paired your disgusting. i thought that was shaping up to be a compliment, a positive email, apparently not. are you on a suicide mission fatso? here we go again. how do you think butters all of that bread that you have stacked on your box plate? let me look at it, i have no idea. it is trump, shop. now pack up your ring dings and leave. i see what you guys are doing here. unless you are going for the rhyming thing, it is neil, and i case, it is very snide, client but you did hurt my feelings especially with the chomp thing. but i have gotten used to that. omar says you are a mess to look at and a bigger mess to hear. you remind is a character in
1:52 pm
austin powers when he funny but you are just gross. okay, omar, get in my belly. i love that movie. john and miami, settle down, slim. no, you settle down, but thank you for calling me slim. carolyn facebook, i used to like him but with the liberal hysteria, the jawbone and the other in, i see what you are doing. she writes, you are a never trumper, in other words, shut up already. you, shut up already. terry writes, thank you neil kabuto showing bravery by telling the truth about trump. it was amazing, says. i try. you cavuto, you are disgusting, sarcastic, smug. sarcasm is an absolute or not. my wife tried to tell me that you are a slimy little weasel and now i agree with her. whatever i could do to help your
1:53 pm
marriage. do appreciate the little comment, so that was very big of you. neil, i am finished with you. no, jim, i am finished with. you are an idiot, no wonder i quit watching you. a really? how would you know what i just said? [laughter] i don't know, it is chalice. why should anybody believe our intelligence agencies over vladimir putin? because donald trump did, and now, he says he does. what do you know about dignity? the fact that you have a network tv show is a testament to the fact that america is run by well, inferior compromised individuals looking forward to hearing the skeletons in your closet rod. i'm not going to say that. i'm not going to give you that just for that. you are a big headed, and you,
1:54 pm
my friend are a small minded with. trump should have been more upfront, i could see being polite on his first official meeting, but he gave where the farm. john and williamsburg virginia, the president telling putin that he meddled in the election, no. that is all i am saying here, guys. i understand the need to be family. but as ronald reagan has shown, how does not mean that you cannot still be forceful. anthony in philadelphia. here is how you love to rant but you don't love to balance out that rant with guests who might disagree. finally anthony, he must have missed this particular guest on the same cell. >> to think the president through america through under the bus. >> i think we need to take a step back and ask ourselves, is it good to have conversations with your adversaries? is it good to have open lines of communication with russia? >> neil: 9999 that >> thank you for bringing in
1:55 pm
rand paul, he is the voice of reason. i used to give your break because of your health issues, cancer, and that heart thing or whatever else god is punishing you with for the moment. [laughter] but not now. now, i just want you gone and if that means that, so be it. never trumpers should ever be allowed to affect our will. unless of course, you want me dead, i understand. three words, get over yourself. you are not there, you are not balanced, you're not handsome, in fact, you are not even passing the human. so, save the trump judgments for those qualified to make them. the only reason that i am not saying more is because you have had a lot of health issues. a really come health issues? and, i don't want to be the one responsible for a drug overdose, but that does not mean that i cannot help, right? keep hoping. i want you to listen to what you just said. it was a lot more than three
1:56 pm
words. speaking of our water connecticut rise, keep thinking about that trump interview, it is so sad to watch a grown man play out his petty differences with the president of the united states and all because nothing to do with you, the president wants nothing to do with you. well, i have said it before pete i will say it again. people do not believe this, but i have zero, zilch, nada interest in interviewing the president. many have and they have done a great job. he always makes news with each and everyone pit i have zero interest at adding many to the list. i'm sure that no one at the white house is losing sleep over this, but it is just how i feel and i just thought again, i would just let you know. besides, it leaves more time for, apparently eating, which i do. i'm not trying to favor or disfavor with anyone. i'm just reporting the news for everyone which is my way of saying, you are welcome america,
1:57 pm
even though some of you are blocking me. ♪ liberty mutual accident forgiveness means they won't hike your rates over one mistake. see, liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪
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♪ >> jesse: i'm jesse watters with kennedy, juan williams, abby huntsman, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five" ." president trump taking off the gloves to deliver a major blow against potential 2020 rival joe biden. >> i dream about biden, that's a dream. joe joe biden ran three times. president obama took him out of the garbage heap and everyone was shocked that he did. i would love it to be fighting. i think i would like any one of th


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