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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 26, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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getting shattered right now. 19%. >> sandra: it is getting hit hard, one day does not make a trend. >> bill: 9:00-12:00. 12:00. a >> sandra: thank you for joining us, "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: a fox news alert, president trump arriving moments ago in iowa. this is a head of an event at a community college, we cannot control the line on the screen, but he will travel 14 minutes or so away from there to the northeast iowa college mp austell, where he will hold a roundtable, we will bring you this live as it happens, on the heels of this executive order this week establishing a president's national council for the american work force. we will bring you the story as it pops. meanwhile fox news alert on this, top republican public on capitol hill after a group of g.o.p. lawmakers introduced a
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resolution to impeach rod rosenstein. they say that they will continue pressuring the justice department to comply with document request. instead of forcing a vote that they warned the move of impeachment is still on the table. you are watching "outnumbered," i am harris faulkner, fox business networks dagen mcdowell, republican strategist and senior fellow for the independent women's voice lisa boothe. radio host and fox news contributor leslie marshall. and in the center seat, judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. we say that he is "outnumbered," we also call him judge nap. >> judge napolitano: happily outnumbered. >> harris: we need your critiques. >> judge napolitano: impeachment. >> harris: questions over 11 house republicans forcing a vote to impeach rod rosenstein. once they return from their august recess, which starts tomorrow. they introduced a resolution to
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do just that yesterday's yesteg that they have failed to provide documents, and accusing rod rosenstein of having a conflict of interest overseeing the mueller russian investigation. jim jordan, one of the lawmakers leading the efforts as this. >> i might have been 120 years since md has been impeach, but when was the last time you saw the fbi take a disproven document with no credibility, cooperation, take it to a secret court and not tell who had been leaking information to the press, when have you ever, and not just once, and the last one rod rosenstein signed. >> harris: everybody in the board not on for impeachment. critical of rod rosenstein went after the move as tear code dramatic. and democrats say that this is all just a big attempt to distract from the russian investigation. catherine herridge life for us with more in washington.
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>> thank you, harris, good afternoon. paul ryan said that he does not support the article of impeachment that was tabled by members of the freedom caucus. he says that he believes that the issue could derail the larger agenda for the party. but he says that he still wants the justice department to provide withheld records. >> it is appropriate that we conduct oversight of the executive branch and then we get full compliance with the executive branch on what our very legitimate document requests. do i support impeachment of rod rosenstein? no, i do not. we should not be cavalier with this process or the term. number one, number two, i do not think that this rises to the high level of crimes and misdemeanors. >> nancy pelosi weighed in this morning. >> they would want to hurt rosenstein so that they could hurt the mueller investigation. but hopefully saner minds will prevail on the republican side. and they will not bring this up.
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if they did, welcome their voting on undermining our democracy. >> these articles of impeachment filed last night calling out the deputy attorney general and alleged rosenstein. this is the important developments, alleged rosenstein is a conflict of interest in the russia probe because he signed off for carter page in june of 2017. it reads in part "deputy attorney general's rosenstein taylor to recuse himself, fail or to recommend the appointment of a second special counsel constitutes dereliction of duty." jordan from last night on the fbi departments use of the unverified trump dossier to secure the warrant and the withheld documents. >> we have sent numerous letters to rod rosenstein, has not complied with two's subpoenas, and they have been hiding information, redacting information that they should not
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have. we know that he signed threatened house until staffers, when they were trying to do their job, our job of getting the oversight that we are supposed to do. >> as you mentioned in the last few minutes, most noble -- multiple sources said that there will be no impeachment of the dy general. but there is agreement that they continue to need to apply the pressure and keep contempt and impeachment on the table. >> harris: catherine, thank you very much. we will bring it up on the couch to get some legal expertise. so impeachment is off the table for the session, maybe it will pop up after. you roll your eyes, why? >> judge napolitano: i do roll my eyes, because impeachment is a draconian measure. it is not authorized. of the constitution lays out the grounds for impeachment. two very specific, treason or bribery, and then a more for strays, defined by the courts in congress as high crimes and
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misdemeanors. and that means a criminal offense committed by the person that they want to impeach that strikes the security of the republic. failing to recuse yourself on a law enforcement issue that you are supervising where you might be a witness. it is at best an ethical violation between the lawyer and the ethics monitors of the district of columbia bar or wherever he is licensed, it is not an impeachable offense. so they are really going way overboard. there is a back story here. the back story is when eric holder was the attorney general and they wanted documents from him on fast and furious, remember that? he did not produce them, the house of representatives held him in contempt. and nothing happened. nothing. they should have taken that contempt citation across the street to a federal judge and had him prosecuted. but nothing happened. so they have a history of doing nothing when they can't get what they are trying to get.
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>> dagen: that is what is behind here, talking to andy bigs about this, and the decision-making process is the frustration with the doj, the fbi, slow rolling the process, you look at text messages that popped up and to the reports that were never given to congress, you look at the doj claiming that things are of national interest, and finding out that they aren't. so congress is incredibly frustrated. and what other options are on the table for republicans in the house or in congress to try to obtain? >> harris: just they are with the one thing, because this is what some critics inside the republican party are saying. if you were really serious about this, you would have actually pulled the trigger earlier this week or even last week, not on the eve of the summer recess, but the politics of this are difficult i would say for the freedom caucus, because they squawked a lot, hang on, lisa, they squawked a lot about rule of order. this was not per the protocol. did he go back and get that right which is what leadership
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is saying today, not a bad idea, it can still be a pop up if they do not get what they want to post side of summer recess. >> judge napolitano: so if harris is right and they want all of us to talk about this, they have absolutely succeeded. because we are not the only one that it is talking about it. >> lisa: can i make one more point? you had moderate republicans try to move forward with the discharge petition, they were appraised in the media, nobody was talking about the fact that they were trying to usurp regular order or trying to go move something forward without committee or leadership. >> harris: i want to hear what democrats have to say, leslie. >> leslie: you know, i agree with you on this. we are on the same side. because the constitution to our nation is like the bible is to religion, christianity. when he reread section four, article two to your point when you're talking about high crimes and misdemeanors, you're putting it in a sentence even though you not specifying with treason,
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with bribery. this does not fit the high crimes of misdemeanors, one, they have 11 people, the majority of the house, two-thirds of the senate that is going nowhere. >> harris: what i am reading, leslie, if they can get back to the rule of order, if they can do the things that today need to do, they will get more than those 11 people. in fact with the leadership -- >> leslie: nobody has been removed from their job based on impeachment. and i look at it very simplistically, why have republicans muttering the word, uttering the word impeachment, impeachment, when that is a democratic talking point when it comes to president trump? >> harris: lisa, i think that i can make your head pop with the breaking news. because we have been talking about house leadership. here it is. representative jim jordan, per the reporting, our producer on
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the hill. jim jordan, republican of ohio is running for speaker of the house with congress. now we are waiting for him to make an appearance, but i believe that we have a statement. so let me give that. so again, and you see him there on the screen, this is the file video, should the american people and trust us with the majority again in 116th congress, i plan to run for speaker of the house to bring real change to the representative, president trump taking bold action on behalf of the american people. reading directly from the statement of congressman jim jordan of ohio who wants now to run for speaker of the house but he goes on to say "congress has not held up its end of the deal. but we can change that. it is time to do what we said." lisa boothe. >> lisa: [laughs] head pop, i do not think -- i think it will be kevin
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mccarthy. >> harris: well, you do not think it will be him? >> lisa: i don't, i don't, but it proves that republicans are divided. >> judge napolitano: this is not a popularity contest, this is the small republican gaggle, the same people trying to impeach deputy attorney general rosenstein. the republican leadership, this is an ideological battle. >> harris: it is the freedom caucus. >> lisa: i do not think that. >> judge napolitano: the establishment as kevin mccarthy, jim jordan and his freedom caucus, you have the small government libertarians battling the establishment that has led the republicans in the house of representatives. >> harris: but you have socialist on one side and that end, that is a little bit different then the freedom caucus. >> judge napolitano: the battle for the heart and soul. it is not a popularity contest. >> leslie: jim jordan would likely have the backing of 40 plus votes of the conservative house freedom caucus, the
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question is, can he get the 218 votes necessary to win the speakership on the floor? who does he pull away, from scalise and mccarthy, do you have to have them bow to the freedom caucus is wants and wishes? >> harris: what do you think? >> dagen: i have zero idea. >> harris: no more head popping. >> judge napolitano: whoever has the least of those three votes, scalise, mccarthy, jordan will provide who the speaker is. >> leslie: i agree with dagen because i am into reality. and i agree with you, lisa, the one time in two years. we agree on shoes all the time. i know we are not talking about the elephant in the room, but
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there are nasty allegations out of ohio. i do not think that some republicans will go near him. >> lisa: but being speaker of the house, this is the worst job ever. trying to wrangle the party and keep everyone together, paul ryan basically had to be bagged it to take job. >> harris: answer back from leslie. >> leslie: 30 years ago when he was an assistant wrestling coach about what he did or did not know about sexual abuse, by running for this, you are asking for the press to basically dig through your garbage. rightly or wrongly. >> judge napolitano: here's another elephant in the room, donald trump. the current leadership of the plug-ins does what the president wants. if he would be the speaker, he would push back. and that is on the high spending proposal. even though he does not have a vote, he has a major say.
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>> dagen: to bring it back home, people say that they are doing is, the democrats argue that they are doing it to prove sabre what the president has said and to keep the focus off them a molar investigation. >> harris: last word, lee said. >> lisa: the judge is right in a sense of mccarthy or scalise trying to win and in order to be speaker the house. so perhaps they are angling for something else to give their votes to kevin mccarthy. >> harris: i know that you loved what lisa said, because she started with "the judge is right." president trump has arrived in iowa, looking at the roundtable of the workforce development. we will cover this. it comes a day after he secured an agreement to cool down the escalating trade dispute with the european union. if that matters to a whole lot of people in iowa and throughout
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the midwest. we will go there alive as the president speaks in iowa. secretary of state mike pompeo fiercely depending on the president's foreign policy during a fiery hearing. where some lawmakers slam the recent trump-putin summits. we will show you that an expert to speak of this is a simple question. i cannot even get it out, secretary. did he tell you whether or not, what happened in those two hour hours. high protein
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xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. >> dagen: this fox news alert, new reaction to the secretary of state on capitol hill, announcing that another summons with vladimir putin will be delayed until next year. white house national security advisor john bolton saying "to the president believes that the next bilateral meeting with president putin should take place after the russia witch hunt is over, we have agreed that it will be after the first of the year." this during a tense senate foreign commissions hearing yesterday, secretary of state mike pompeo squaring off with lawmakers over the president's recent summits with putin and the nato summit. watch this. >> what is it that causes the president to purposely create
9:20 am
distrust in these institutions and what we are doing? >> i disagree with most of what you just said. you somehow disconnect the administration's activities from the president's actions. they are one in the same. this is president trump's administration. make no mistake of who is fully in charge of this and was directing each of these activities that has caused vladimir putin to be in a very difficult place today. >> i noticed that you are not responding to what i am saying. >> i think i responded to everything that you have said, senator . >> it is the president's public statement that creates concern amongst senators on both sides of the aisle. >> dagen: the ranking democrat on the committee bob menendez also clashing with pompeo. >> when he had a chance, did he confront putin and say, we do not recognize year annexation of crimea? >> he was very clear about u.s. position. >> and he told you that?
9:21 am
>> senator, i'm telling you what he had a conversation about vladimir putin about and what u.s. policy is today. i understand the game that you are playing. i get it. >> secretary, with all due respect, i do not appreciate you characterizing my questions. >> senator, presidents are permitted to have conversations with her cabinet members that are not repeated in public. >> dagen: pompeo also defending the president summits with kim jong un. admin new signs of progress as the regime is going to room -- returned the remains of u.s. servicemen killed in the korean war monday. i thought to myself, lord, have mercy, doesn't this man have more to do with his time then sit in front of these lawmakers? it is a waste of our time as well. >> lisa: it has to be painful to sit in front of that committee, and i thought he did
9:22 am
a double job. reiterating the fact that this president has been very tough on russia, much tougher than the previous administration. as marco rubio who it's been a critic of president trump on foreign policy issues as much, he said the president trump has been tougher than any other president since the cold war, that was important for pompeo to point that out. i also thought there was an interesting exchange with jeanne shaheen, because she was basically very complement three of what they are doing in syria right now. and mike pompeo's response was you like what this administration is doing, those are the policies of this administration. so i thought that he was great for reiterating and making it more clear what this administration has been doing. >> judge napolitano: the harshest critic was a republican chair of the committee, you just played the tape of senator bob corker asking very profound questions that go on both sides of the aisle. the president says things that causes chaos and he does not tell the people around him what is going on.
9:23 am
dan coats had to ask in colorado in front of a bunch of lefties that he is trying to persuade that vladimir putin is coming to the white house prayed he did not tell mike pompeo, presumably did not and president putin even spoke about it. >> leslie: let me stop you there, channeling my best melissa francis and say that it is the walk, not to talk. mike pompeo said that the u.s. does not recognize crimea, sanctions will not be relieved until russia leaves crimea, the approach has been the same to steadily raise the cost of aggression until putin chooses a less confrontational thing, and there could be additional targeted sanctions that would prove -- >> leslie: the problem is, i hear you on the walk in the talk, but prior to the secretary of state saying that, i think that the american people regardless of their party were very confused, the president said, "crimea crimea is a
9:24 am
russian." he did not see any reason why russia was responsible for hacking the elections in 2016, on another day he says something else which is very confusing to the american people and confusing as to where does his loyalty lie if you are attacking our intelligence agencies, but you are applauding a guy who gives them a soccer ball with a transmitter in it. >> dagen: harris, where i grew up we say money talks and blankm walks. >> harris: russia was placed in world is what is key, and you talked about sheheen. they were talking about what they would be asking in that foreign relations committee
9:25 am
hearing. and i heard a lot of sameness. i heard a lot around the issue of not just want went on in the last summits, but how will the next be different, i pressed should there be more people in the room? it does not matter when it happens. weather was going to be in the fall or the first of next year, whatever it is, is there going to be a real look at who sits in the room and how they do it? second pompeo, one second, judge. a secretary pompeo was the right person to take those questions, i think that both sides of the political aisle were tough, bob menendez, you saw him. a lot of tough questions that need to be asked at this point. i would say this, pompeo is the man who made north korea happen in terms of getting everybody to the table. he met with their top spy chief just ahead of being nominated as a secretary of state. >> judge napolitano: defensive secretary pompeo, no secretary of state enjoy sitting there and being badgered about what did the president tell you when what did you tell the president, so his nonanswers are what he is
9:26 am
there to do to preserve the confidentiality with the president. >> dagen: so they will not be a summit between president trump and putin until the beginning of the year, that has to be released come november, that is a very important. let's focus on the economy, and look at the security forum that you were talking about, we know that at least three congressional candidates have been attempted hacks by russia. so you wait to see what happened. because of microsoft coming wait to see what happens. >> harris: it is not just politics, to see if we have gotten it right and can protect the elections. >> lisa: but another thing that pompeo made clear, because people were complement three of some of the actions, that is president trump. who do you think is president of the united states right now? president trump. the decision-making on russia and the actions of the administration reflect him because he is the president of
9:27 am
the united states. i thought that that was good that it was reflected as well. >> dagen: and mike pompeo, people saying that president trump is lucky to have him. deadline day as it is -- reuniting children to their families, as tempers flared during a closed-door meeting between kirstjen nielsen and democrats. the details are ahead. ♪
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♪ >> harris: we understand that the president in the next short little while will be at the community college in iowa. this northeast college there. we are waiting him to take the lectern and he will be touring the campus first and then the roundtable discussion on workforce development that you see in the center of the stage. he will tour the campus, there is not a lectern. one day after agreeing with the
9:32 am
president of the european union for both sides to pull back from a trade war. here's the president yesterday. >> we agree today first of all to work towards zero nontariff barriers and zero subsidies on nonauto industrial goods. thank you. and the european union is going to start almost immediately to buy a lot of soybeans, a tremendous market by a lodge of soybeans from our farmers. >> harris: secretary wilbur ross is defending the trade tactic saying that the white house is working to reverse some very old policies that are no longer relevant. >> it took us since world war ii to get to the current unfortunate trade deficit, bright after world war ii, the american public policy was rebuild europe, rebuild asia,
9:33 am
those were good versions, but should have been time-limited. so it is a lot of history that we have to deal with. what we now need is to lower the barriers that they were permitted to erect relative to us. >> harris: you know, i want to start off, and not get too deep into the numbers, but a baseline. and then talk politics, we can always come back to the numbers. >> dagen: i like how you are pointing to me. >> judge napolitano: she is the queen of numbers. >> harris: should we have been surprised at all of the e.u. situation, and considering when the president and the european union president came out first, junker said that he found some ground where they could agree. >> the fact that john called went to the white house in the first place was a sign of positive.
9:34 am
it was a de-escalation of trade tensions with europe. it was a tariff truce if you will, one of the most important things, it looks like right now we have pulled away from the idea that we will slap tariffs on automobile imports in the united states. from europe, even bigger picture, if china is the real enemy, the country that steals our intellectual property and forces the surrender of intellectual property and they cheat around the globe, we can now potentially lock arms with europe, and our allies and take on china one by one. the steel and aluminum tariffs are still doing great damage to factories, gm, ford, coca-cola. >> harris: the farmers et cetera. >> dagen: the farmers because of the retaliation from china, and are trying to buy more soybeans and to liquefied natural gas. so i do not want to act like this is bad news. >> judge napolitano: you just
9:35 am
described the president's base in the rust belt and the corn belt, he cannot afford to antagonize them by making their businesses less profitable in their household expenses more costly. >> harris: but there are a whole lot of dairy farmers in wisconsin said to me on the air, you cannot alienate the trump supporters, because a hinged on the very issue of jobs. so if you kill what their livelihood is, they will hand it right back and become more independent, potentially end up in leslie marshall's camp if they can get out of socialism. we have to see if that can work. >> judge napolitano: [laughs] do the democrats want to tariffs because it will bring them votes? >> leslie: know, the democrats have wanted tariffs for years. if you listen to the union messages, and they are very pro union that they have been screaming for over a decade, we have been in a trade war for over a decade. we have had a deficit, a trade
9:36 am
deficit which does not benefit the united states, i agree with you regarding china. they are the number one enemy with trade. and we need the power with the e.u., and both sides benefited yesterday, because the united states -- >> harris: i was going to say that i thought the democrats were interesting, because they were letting the republicans battle it out. really quickly, let's get to some breaking news. i told you that the president is on the ground and northeast iowa community college in peosta. and now is getting the tour. today is the day about the american worker. this follows the executive order in recent days establishing a president national council on the american workforce and the american worker. the positive advisory board that he set up, he will tour this advanced manufacturing laboratory at the community college paid what we see the robotics on camera? i don't know how fast it goes, and we do not have a lot
9:37 am
of audio, can we dip in? but when they get to the robots, that is always the exciting par part. and then after that, is the part that we all want to watch for, this president will talk about the economy and his division for american workers. we will not to miss a beat. we will take a quick commercial and come back. you stay with "outnumbered" ." i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine -but i'm gonna get a new one. -oh yeah when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck, there's truck month. get 18% of msrp cash back on all silverado 1500 crew cab lt pickups when you finance with gm financial. that's $9,000 on this silverado. plus, during truck month make no monthly payments for 90 days. it's willingham, edge of the box, willingham shoots... goooooooaaaaaaaallllllll! that...was...magic.
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>> harris: breaking news now, and this reporting happened by "the new york times." robert mueller and his russia investigation now widening the scope yet again to include now the president's tweets. he is looking at obstruction in his inquiry and what he is looking at are the tweets that the president has put out against former fbi director james comey and attorney general jeff sessions. those now are coming into play for the robert mueller investigation according to
9:42 am
"the new york times" ." judge andrew napolitano is right on time as always with breaking news. and i have heard you say, well, they are not really looked at by anyone. they are kind of a thing that the president puts out. that has changed on the record as far as we know in recent weeks. these will be older than that. >> judge napolitano: the supreme court, we talked about this during the break, when upheld the president the president's travel ban, decided not to look at his statements as a candidate. that we know, not going to look at what they say before they were president. while the court look at if there is litigation over this what the man says as president? yes. bob mueller knows that those tweets are a treasure trove and a window into donald trump's thinking. so here's the allegation, and apparently the story is true, because rudy giuliani, the president's chief lawyer has verified, because he is quoted by "the new york times" speaking to them about it. the allegation is this, did the president send messages to
9:43 am
people of threats or rewards via his tweets? people whom he knew or expected will be interviewed by bob mueller? if he did, was he engaging in witness tampering? that is an independent crime. it is a species -- >> harris: we know all about that with paul manafort. >> judge napolitano: yes, that is what "the new york times" is breaking and what we are talking about here. >> dagen: let me just get the rudy giuliani quote in here, he did speak to "the new york times" "if you are going to obstruct justice, you do it quietly and secretly, not in public." he was referring to typical obstruction cases for prosecutors focusing on measures taken in private like bribery, destroying evidence, , and thins like that, but that is the initial quote from rudy giulian giuliani. >> lisa: is still thing, i
9:44 am
firmly believe what judge ellison said. >> judge napolitano: the trial judge in the paul manafort case. >> lisa: that either gunning for persecution here. he laid out the case for firing james comey, and then appointed a special counsel to look at things like obstruction of justice. you look at james comey's -- >> harris: but in the paul manafort case, wasn't there a ton of evidence? >> lisa: but not in relation to russia in their appearance. but having nothing to do with russian interference, james comey's own memos demonstrate that president trump old him to investigate and get to the bottom, and its people did not do anything wrong. the inspector general's report -- >> judge napolitano: that's not what "the new york times" piece is about. it is about examining a new the tweets and whether what appeared to be the president tweets actually messages to human beings that he knows are going to testify and do those
9:45 am
messages contain a threat or a reward? if they do, that could be witness tampering. that is what "the new york times" is saying. >> dagen: i wanted to ask you, judge, in addition to attacks by the president on twitter, does it pose a problem for the president that there have been tweeted his offers of pardons and also ideas of pardon surrounding individuals -- >> judge napolitano: the president can pardon whoever he wants for any federal crime, even a federal crime not yet committed as in the richard nixon case, the issue is is there a pattern to send a message to people who are going to testify against the president before bob mueller's grand jury. >> harris: i would like to step in here with a couple of those tweets. attorney general jeff sessions has taken a very weak position on hillary clinton's crime, where are the emails and dnc server and intel leakers, that was back on july 25th.
9:46 am
almost exactly a year ago in 2017. a day later, the president doubled down, criticizing mr. jeff sessions again, and andrew mccabe, the acting fbi director at the time, why didn't ag sessions replace acting fbi director mccabe, in charge of clinton investigation, but got... and that was exactly a year ago today, july 26th, 2017. to lisa's point, some of this has been out there and some we have seen. >> judge napolitano: these things are innocuous. there is no suggesting of a crime in these. >> harris: you have to explain it, how does this work into mueller's thing about obstruction, i see the question when you drill down on the tweets, what is there? >> dagen: usually prosecutors look for one slam-dunk piece of evidence, i can remember many single emails that like frank
9:47 am
watch her own, cleaning up those files. >> judge napolitano: that is looking for a pattern. >> dagen: but they are trying to stitch together episodes, tweets on top of other things, encounters, other pieces of evidence to build a case. >> judge napolitano: the most dramatic news is to contradict what to rudy rudy giuliani said in this building, not only have they not given up the ghost, they have a new rabbit hole down to go, and in that rabbit hole are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of tweets that came out of the president's mouth. >> harris: let's move on, breaking news this hour, we have the president and i was talking about the american workforce, that is breaking news this hour, the tour has wrapped up and that means next up we will see the president of the united states in a round table talking about jobs. president trump taking aim at twitter for alleged bias against prominent republicans on the platform. the reported evidence and how
9:48 am
twitter is responding. a lot of tweeting and some talk on "outnumbered," stay close. ♪
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9:52 am
worker after a form that counsel via executive order on the very topics. ivanka trump adviser and daughter to the president, secretary ross, the governor of iowa, a full round table will talk about these issues. so let's watch and listen together as a president is talking. >> president trump: pulling off something that you have been looking forward to for many years, and that is the 12 month e- 15 waiver. we are getting very close to doing that. it is a very complex process. and i stuck with that, and most of the other candidates were not there. to put it mildly, but cameron, terry who is right now you're a great to china. [applause] we could not have put him in a more auspicious location or a more important location from the standpoint that terry is out
9:53 am
there doing really, not an easy job. but i think in the end it is going to work out very well. it is going to be something special. i want to thank secretary wilbur ross for being here. secretary alex acosta. governor kim reynolds, i guess one of the reasons why i like terry, the longest-serving governor in the history of the united states. 24 years, and he was sort of seminewly elected again. and i said, how about this? let's see, first i need to figure out who is the lieutenant governor. and i knew that it was kim, and i said, she will be a great governor. she has turned out to be more than a great governor. [applause] and rada told me that, i said how is she doing? and he said, she is phenomenal. and she really has been. you are number one in almost every category. in the top three in jobs, the
9:54 am
top three in employment, you are number one state. those are very bad sound bites for whoever you are running against. i don't know who you are running against, but i can tell you that is not easy, when they read to you number one state for a lot of things, especially on an economic basis, the job that you are doing, kim, it has been fantastic. and i spoke to terry recently, we speak a lot and he thinks that you are doing a great job. >> i appreciate that. [applause] >> president trump: and also sitting up here with rod blom, without him we would not have -- [applause] without him we would not have the tax cuts, and we have massive tax cuts and reform, i don't mention reform, because it is too complicated to talk about. people talk about tax cuts. we did not want to use the word reform, but it is a very
9:55 am
important thing what we did. and even included in that bill is the individual mandate that we got rid of the individual mandate, the most unpopular thing that obamacare, and obamacare is on its way out. you look at the cost of obamacare, it is horrible. in fact, it was done, but we had one man that decided late in the evening that he would change his vote. he changed his vote and surprise all of us, but it is virtually on its last legs right now. alex acosta has come up with incredible health care plan through the department of labor. the association plans, where you associate, you have groups and you go out and you get tremendous health care at a very small cost. and it is across state lines, you can compete all over the country. they compete and they want to get it. i hear it is like record business that they are doing. we just open about two months ago and i am hearing that the numbers are incredible. the numbers of people getting
9:56 am
really, really good health care instead of obamacare which is a disaster. so you're getting great health care for really a fraction of the cost. highly competitive. across the united states government, nothing. and yet you are getting much better health care and it is at very small prices. so i want to thank you, the job they did on that is incredible. that was phase two. and it will be announced very shortly. that will be a very big group of people that nobody knows about and secretary is doing a different form of health care that is turning out to be incredible. working very hard on medicine prices, you probably saw where fisa actually announced a price increase, and then we were not happy, and they took it away. they took it away. it has never happened before, and i thank them for that. okay. and likewise, and novartis, and a number of increases, i must
9:57 am
have a very powerful position, because i was extremely angry about it, and then they all called, we will retract the price increases. i said that has to be a good business, and number two, i appreciate that they did it, but we are working hard on getting prescription drugs down. and prices down and said that's what upset me. here we are talking about bringing down the prices of prescription drugs, and then a couple of company is announced and in increase. we had something that we did, right to try. and you would really, you are so instrumental on that and i appreciate it. do you and greg and everybody, but i have been after it for a long time, i never understood, they have been trying to get it passed for 42 years. you know what's right to try is? it is a lot of the names that i do not like, but i love this name. right to try, and this is where
9:58 am
people are terminally ill and they cannot get a drug that shows great promise because the company or because the country says, we do not want to let anybody have a drug that will maybe hurt them, well, they are terminally ill. so they want the right to try it. and they will travel if they have the money, most don't. if they do not have the money, so they have no hope, but this way you have these incredible drugs that are coming out, it is too early in the stage to let them go out to the mass public, many of them will work, but even if it was some of them are going to work, you now have the right to try. you have the right to get these drugs, and i think it is going to be a fantastic thing. and rod bloom and some of the other folks have been instrumental. that was an important one, but it was an important one for a lot of people. and incredible how difficult, you would think that that would be an easy one, what is easier than that? but the drug companies did not like it, they did not want them in their statistics, the
9:59 am
insurance companies did not want it to because they did not want to get sued, the states did not want it because of liability, i said, everybody will sign a document saying that we are going to take this and take away all liability, no suits, but we will have the right to try and they said, i was there, i guess you could say that i laid it, and they said very nicely, oh, well, that works. everybody said, that works in terms of the statistics, but the drug companies, i understand, they do not want it as a bad stat, because they were down the line and medications, i said, we will not count it to. or we will have a different set of statistics where it is terminally ill people. but one of the things you get out of it is you will find out whether it works. but the thing that we wanted to get was we wanted to give people hope. and that is what they got, so that was something that was really good. i'm mentioning it because rod was so good without and so many other things. so i want to thank him.
10:00 am
[applause] so i also want to think of the northeast community college president for hosting us. very good! and really fantastic what we saw, some of the students and they are really enthusiastic, and they will have a great life. we have so many company is moving back to the united states now and what we need is talented people. people that have knowledge and know how to use those incredible machines that you do not learn overnight. and what you're doing here is a great example, a lot of people studying, what you're doing doing in iowa with kim and everybody else, and you are very complimentary of your governor, i understand that. what you're doing is really incredible. people all over the country and beyond the country are studying what you are doing right here in


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