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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  July 27, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> harris: thank you for watching "outnumbered overtime." it's my pleasure to serve you this way. i'm harris, here's dana. >> president trump celebrating strong economic news this morning. the gross domestic product grew 4.1%. i'm dana perino this is "outnumbere"thedaily briefing." the president making his announcement amid new reports his former personal attorney michael cohen is ready to tell robert mueller that trump knew of the july 2016 trump tower meeting with the russians before it happened. something the president has denied. we have fox team coverage peter doocy is at the white house. i'm joined here by rick. >> reporter: the president said he didn't know anything about
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the trump tower meeting with russian operatives in june of 2016. new york post reports that michael cohen is ready to testify that trump was aware. cohen claimed he was in the room when donald trump jr. made the offer and says then candidacy trump approved it. cohelp has zero physical evidence like audio tapes to prove his claim and don jr. has denied on television and in congressional hearings that his father knew anything about it. here he is on hannity one year ago. >> do you tell your father anything about this? >> it was such a nothing. there was nothing to tell. i wouldn't each remembered it until you start scouring through the stuff. it's a waste of 20 minutes. >> reporter: during that 2016 meeting trump jr., jared kushner and paul manafort joined four russians including a lawyer with ties to the kremlin. there was no dirt revealed and
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no there there. >> the white house has been trying to do to attack michael cohen now. >> reporter: they're attacking with a vengeance. saying cohen is a lier. last night on cnn, rudy guiliani attacked his credibility. >> there's no doubt he's not credible. i would not accept him as a witness as a prosecutor. if mueller have any other case, this is the kind of witness that can really destroy your whole case. you will have such stripping of lies you can't trust him. you put him under this pressure, what's his history been? >> if it's true, there's no physical evidence it's going to be his word against the president and the president son. >> then where do they go from here?
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what i'm trying to figure out, what the strategy is they trying to pursue here from the lanny davis and michael cohen. >> lot of people surprised lanny davis has been so public about this and sharing potential evidence. the strategy, you have to ask lanny davis about that. >> maybe we will one day. that would be great. thank you. for reaction from the white house, we go to peter doocy. how is the white house ponding to all of this today? >> reporter: everything cohen related gets forwarded to the president's outside legal team which does include reject reasonable. they'r-- rudy guiliani.reports h new cohen revelations are not. however, the president did want to get on the board about this today. he went on twitter and wrote this, arrived back in washington last night from a very emotional reopening of a major u.s. steel plant in granite city, illinois
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only to be greeted with the ridiculous news that robert mueller and gang 13 angry democrats obviously kept find collusion. only collusion with russia was with the democrats now they're looking at my tweets along with 53 million other people. the rigged witch hunt continue. fake news doesn't waste my time with dumb questions. i did not know of the meeting with my son don jr. someone trying to make up stories in order to get himself how of a unrelated jam. taxi cab maybe. he retained bill and crooked hillary clinton lawyer. this morning on the south lawn, the president was -- there were many questions from reporters directed at the president about michael cohen. he did not engage this morning. >> peter, what are we learn about the next trump-putin sit down? >> reporter: it might be in
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russia. white house press secretary sarah sanders said this today. president trump looking forward to have a summit with president putin in russia. the president has delayed the putin sit down here in d.c. until the conclusion of the mueller probe. which they believe is the beginning of next year. putin invited him to moscow. we wait and see if a formal invitation comes if the president could rsvp to. >> we'll see what happens. thank you. for more on that the former d.o.j. prosecutor. let's get back to this issue where michael cohen is possibly doing. you're a former prosecutor, you have lots of experience. what do you think the strategy is here? >> i don't know what the strategy is for cohen and his releasing of this information. it doesn't make him look better. just kind of stepping back for a second. the daily barrages from cohen
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makes you behalf all lawyers of america, thanks mr. cohen. he says he's going to take a bullet. he's got obvious loyalty problems. he's complicating wiretap law. just an amazing scenario of unprofessional behavior and a very public setting. i don't know what the last part is. why it's serving him to get these tapes out publicly is a mystery. >> rudy guiliani was on tv last night. i want to show what one more about what he had to say about cohen. >> i don't see how he has credibility. you'd say which side up to pick. you want to pick the first lie, second lie or some new lie. he'll lie like crazy.
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he's lied all his life. >> back in may of 2018, rudy guiliani was defending michael cohen. saying that the fbi was heavy handed. they shouldn't gone in and taken all these documents. he's had a change of heart. i can understand why the white house would want him to have no credibility now, meaning cohen. two months ago they were defending him. >> it is kind of a comical hypocrisy there. cohen will have so much baggage. to have an attorney to defend to the death his client. who deprayed with not only recordings and leak of the
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recordings. he's following facing disbarment. that stacks up. >> if he was thinking -- if their idea is maybe this would make the prosecutors southern district of new york go easy on michael cohen for these other matters this taxi cab issue, doesn't this behavior to get really mad about these things? i don't see how it's helping his case. >> he is putting himself in an increasingly unattractive position to southern district of new york or the mueller team. >> what could happen, though, for don jr. who testified in front of congress couple of times. you saw on hannity, my father
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did know about these meetings. could he be called back to the congress or the fbi? >> i don't know that the change in public information from cohen would create anything with congress. dignifying to the point of calling him back. it's a fact that the mueller investigation wants to explore. it's been clear they've been very focused on this meeting. they want to know who was there and say what. if cohen dip have that baggage, if he's in a meeting it's not privileged. there's the theoretical potential he would have information that would help shed light and could harm donald trump jr. or donald trump senior. if there's no kind of smoking gun of testimony it will be tough to rely on cohen. >> i'm sure his lawyers would say, i'm not going back there for this. do you feel like robert mueller is trig to wrap things -- trying to wrap things up? it does feel like he's -- he's
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starting to speed up? >> i don't know. lot of the country would love to see it wrap up. i'm not sure about that. there's some open questions in terms of collusion between the southern district of new york and team mueller when it comes to flipping mr. cohen. i'm concerned if i was representing somebody from the white house that there may be some argument that are back on the table about the scope limitations that are supposed to be in place for the mueller team. if they are ignoring them by proxy this thing could go for a while. >> rudy guiliani will be on fox news sunday with chris wallace. thank you. could the michael cohen controversy have an impact on president's approval rating and the midterm election? plus fresh evidence of a booming economy but are the new gdp numbers enough to convince investors. what thus mean for your money.
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>> you turned it all around. once again, we are the economic envy of the entire world. when i meet the leaders first thing they say, is mr. president, so nice to meet you. congratulations on your economy.
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>> we're now on track to hit average gdp annual growth of over 3% and it could be substantially over 3%. each point, by the way, means approximately $3 trillion and 10 million jobs.
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>> dana: president trump take a bow after latest numbers with a booming economy. gdp 4.1%. investors still have concerns the dow is so far today falling about 90 points it's still up more than a thousand points. douglas is former direct of the congressional budget office congressional budget office you were former president george w. bush. tell us about the good news today. >> i think everybody expected strong gdp number and inflation remains contained. that big picture is in great shape. best part is how the economy grew. there was some concern that bunch one time fargos. that didn't happen. we saw core spending by business, growing strongly. >> dana: doug, listen to larry lenzy who is answering a question whether this is sustainable.
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can it last? >> i don't think this is the end of the numbers. i was watching tv this morning and people were saying, well, got one but it's not sustainable. it is sustainable. my hunch is it's going to go on for quite a while. >> dana: that's larry kudlow. he's talking about sustain the. when you say that the reasons the number was so good makes you also think that it's sustainable? >> yes, that's where you want to see the growth. i think there's even more promise in the business sector than we saw in this report. it's only been seven months since the tax reform got passed. it has great incentives since investing in the united states. those are going to kick in later this year. i don't see any reason to be pessimistic about the outlook. it's pretty interesting, if you compare how fast the economy is growing now, every quarter it
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has gotten stronger under president trump. >> dana: let me ask you something. this is the best number since 2014. what happened or did not happen in 2014 that made that number unsustainable and that helped president trump get the victory in 2016? >> one of the things the obama administration was regulate like mad. they rushed things out the door in 2015 and 2016. they imposed regulations that cost about the economy about $230 billion. that's something like a pace of trillion dollars over ten years. that's an enormous downward pressure on the economy. what president trump did beginning when he took office was get out of the way. regulatory rollback has been enormous part of the story. it's one of the reason the pick up started in 2017. >> dana: tell me about the personal savings rate. it kind of a sub-headline. really good news if there -- in
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there for families across the area. >> fantastic news. every three years the government revises the data. they found out there was more income than they previously thought. that income haven't been spent. the savings rate doubled. the personal saving rate was up 6.8%. you hear stories about lack of preparedness and retirement. this is a strong indicator that's not true. >> dana: that's interesting. when we have more time with you. thank you. it's a somber day in asia as remains of missing american service members in north korea began their journey home. major swing in polling for the florida governor's race. high protein
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>> dana: north korea apparently making good on one of the promises it made during historic trump and summit. the remains will be kept in asiator testing and brought to hawaii. here's president trump speaking about this earlier today. >> into thank chairman kim for fulfilling a promise that he made to me. i'm sure he will con to fulfill -- continue to fulfill that promise as they search and search. >> dana: the remains will undergo dna testing for identification. which could take months. president trump ending week with positive economic news.
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is it enough to help him and republicans on the political stage. i read where "new york times" he's done this review of all the ads in ohio. most republicans are not actually talking about the economy but it seems kind of counterintuitive. why not? >> it depends on what you trying to do. the conventional wisdom is that midterm elections are based versus base elections. you got to get true believers out. what republicans found that culture wars wedge issues work better than other things when it comes to frightening or enraging the people who they want to get to the polls. saying, everything is great. the economy is cooking. it's not a message that meets that conventional wisdom test. it might sound right.
11:24 am
it's not the same affecting the voters that responds to strong stimuli like hatred and fear. >> dana: there's lot of political polling done this week. the cook political report, she wrote about the the gender gap saying republican house candidates have no control over over the biggest factor in the the election. the president and his behavior. they can control is their messaging and that message should focus on what they are doing to make things work better instead of trying to ignore the dysfunction. the democratic candidates 57% to republicans 32%. that's similar in the marries poll, trump approval among women approve 30% and disapprove 62%. is this problem for republicans in the midterms? >> the problem for republicans in the midterms are democrats are getting ready to make their
11:25 am
case. they will be making their case not much about trump. it's a variable for democrats too. they don't know if he's going to be having a good day or bad day. republicans are soft with female voters when it comes to health insurance which is real bad one for republicans. they know they can push them on issues that relate to fairness and concepts that play with suburban wimp -- if they hone no on the issue of health insurance, the republicans are going to need something other than wedge issues and cultural issues to get those voters back on board. they got to do something and that's where the tax cuts and that's where economy comes in. >> dana: one of the most interesting states in the midterm will be florida. there's a big senate race there. and gubernatorial race. tell me what you learned about the republicans in the race down there? >> we did have a debate down
11:26 am
there if you would recall between adam putnam and ron desantis. i will tell you no, some of putnam's lead in the early going there stems just from the fact he has been a statewide elected official there couple of times. he has been in politics around the state since he was knee high to a sugar cane. he was part of the wallpaper in florida republican politics. desantis represents one district in the northeastern corner of the state. ad campaign and debates gone on, his name identification has gone up. now he's ahead. >> dana: i hope you have a great weekend. appreciate you being here. secretary of defense james mattis is addressing threats from iran and talks of possible policy changes in involving russia. california wildfire claims a second life as crews tells residents to get out now.
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fire in northern california. flames erupted monday and burned 44,000 acres. 94ly 100,000 people have been forced out of their homes. right now the fire is only 3% contained. trump administration saying it has met yesterday's deadline to reunite families separated at the border. now eligible parents now have their children back. >> reporter: i notice you emphasized eligible. we'll talk about on that in a second. the federal government says that more than 1800 kids have now been discharged from their care out of that number, more than 1400 of them have been reunited with either a parent or a family member. nearly 380 released under other circumstances. for example, to an appropriate
11:32 am
sponsor already in the united states. >> just happy to have that moment together. just bonding and they are scared. with good reason. they're just happy they're going to be able to see their family and go home. >> reporter: there are more than 2500 children total and 711 did not get that chance because they were deemed ineligible for reunification. that means more than 430 cases where the parents already deported from the united states and another 120 instances where the parent waived reunification. those cases are all under review. the big question now what happens next? the same federal judge out in california overseeing the reunification case now has something else to decide how quickly the government should be allowed to start deportation
11:33 am
proceedings once these reunions have happened. the aclu wants seven days until they're able to do so so the immigrant is able to receive legal help and get things in order. however lawyers with the department of justice have argued in court that four days is plenty. that is what they are hoping for. it's unclear when the judge will make a decision on that. >> dana: thank you for that. appreciate it. secretary of defense james mattis is speaking about russia especifically president trump's relationship with vladimir putin. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon. what did mat sis -- mattis say about the helsinki summit? >> reporter: he had no problem with heads of state meeting recalling how everyone laughed when reagan and gorbachev met. he knew what came oof -- came
11:34 am
out of the helsinki summit within hours. what is your understanding what came out of the helsinki summit? >> i have talked immediately after the helsinki summit both the chief of staff and national security advisor called me as soon as they got free. there have been no policy changes. >> reporter: he told me he has not been told by the president to work with the russians on the ground in syria. he is considering meeting his russian counterpart. i asked him about russian interference. here's what he said. what is the government doing to halt russian interference in the next election? >> i'm not at liberty to explain what we're doing in that regard. just rest assured there are actions under way to protect our elections or to expose any
11:35 am
external efforts to influence the american public to show false news and that sort of thing. >> reporter: he went to the white house for national security meetings on that subject today. >> dana: jennifer, what else did he have to say about the latest threats from iran? >> reporter: i asked mattis about a report unnamed australian official suggesting the u.s. might strike iran next month. here's what he said. can you assure the american people that the u.s. is not preparing military strikes against iran? >> i have no idea where the australian news people got that information. i'm confident it is not something that's being considered right now. i think it's a complete -- it's fiction. >> reporter: the national security counsel did meet at the white house yesterday to discuss iran strategy.
11:36 am
>> dana: thank you so much. for more on this retired four star general jack kaine chairman for study of war. can you tell me more about iran's threats? the australians thinks -- who knows what they were talking about. iran has been more aggressive lately. >> iran has been aggressive for 38 years. they've been very successful. they own lebanon. they have the strategic anchor in syria. they were the ones that motivated the russians to intervene because things were not going well for the assad regime. they have more political influence in iraq than we have. this is what they have been up to for 38 years. they have always threatened the united states. this administration is the first administration in 38 years that's willing to confront the iranians. the trump team made up their
11:37 am
mind. these guys are done. they are not going to permit this behavior to continue. first of all, they're going to form kind of an arab nato. they are stitching it together now with the arabs stand up against iran. that has never been done before. it's absolutely essential and president trump talked about something like that when he visited riyadh. the second thing is, iran's economy is in the tank. their currency is almost totally devalued. their banking system is crippled by bad loans. people are upset, foreign companies that do business in iran are leaving. they are shutting up. we start next month sanctions, primary sanctions on iran as a result of pulling out of the nuke deal. three months in november, we'll go after companies that do
11:38 am
business with iran. european companies. they have to make a choice. do business with $400 billion economy or do business with the quites -- united states $20 million. >> dana: they had a drone over the uae airport earlier today? that shows why you might need an arab nato. >> you do. the arabs are starting to build nuclear power plants. uae got two that come into completion. do all you believe they will fire a missile or rocket at a power plant. of course they would. they fired a missile at the riyadh airport in saudi arabia. we have got to get our act together stand up against the iranians. this administration wanted to lead that effort. >> dana: tell me about russia and syria. u.s. deputy saying that russia is not uphold its commitment.
11:39 am
it should work the syrian regime to stop the violence. what is russia doing there? >> we cannot trust russia. evidence is really clear because of syria. they have broken every cease-fire agreement that they have charted in syria. last year, secretary tillerson and foreign minister lavrov made a deal that they will deescalation zone in southern syria. there will be no combat operations conducted there as a result of it. that would reduce the amount humanitarian crisis. for the last two and a half months, proregime force iranian proxies and russian arab powers have been conducting a marriage campaign in that zone.
11:40 am
if we think we'll make a deal with russia and honor it, we are sadly mistaken. >> dana: do you think the president should be doing anything else on that front? >> we should talk to the russians about humanitarian relief if that's possible. we got to go in there with a healthy dose of skepticism. these guys always lie to us and they want something from us. >> dana: it's always a pleasure to have you here to inform us. keep us informed and make sure we're paying attention. general jack keane thank you. we heard the stereotypes when it comes to millennials. are there some real economic factors behind many of the choices they make. we'll take a deeper look. plus check out the daily spice for the latest service dog in training. how former los angeles dodgers manager is making big difference for canine companions for
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>> more ahead on president trump's former fixer. michael cohen is ready now to tell the special counsel that the president knew in advance of his son's meeting with russians claiming to have dirt on hillary clinton. the president says former lawyer is making it up. we'll get too that and much more with the headlines top of the hour with chris wallace joining us. see you then. >> dana: russian hacker targeted democratic senator claire mccaskill in 2017. the daily beast reporting russian's intelligence agency tried to hack the senator staff by using a password stealing technique. there's no evidence the hackers
11:45 am
was successful. despite encouraging economic news today, not all working americans are feeling positive impact. many millennials are still struggling financially when compared to past generations. let's bring in my good friend and professional wrestler and one of the stars of the gg show on saturdays. good to have you here. i need you to talk me through this. i think generation x which we are part, sometimes it gets frustrated with millennials. we just have a different outlook on life. >> we grew up in fear of our parents and couldn't wait to get out away from our parents. >> you think that's what it is? >> you look at millennials, their parents were their friends. which is crazy.
11:46 am
why leave the nest? >> dana: in 1975 most younger people were already living with a spouse or own home. 57%. in 2016, 31% of them were actually living with their parents and of course also you have the issue about whether they were single in 1975, 33% were single and today 57% are are. we work with young people. lot of them are single. there's also this. this is what worries me about them. they have a ton of college debt. this debt -- among millennials in 1975 he walked out of college with $2500. in 1989, 41% of families in debt for college. i feel like we have weights our
11:47 am
ankle and ask they had to run the marathon of life. >> we put crush pillows on their behind and allow them to sit. when i was in school, i had a football scholarship. >> dana: really? me too. >> we kind of have -- we knew what we wanted to do. we want to be broke. we worked hard and we got a degree. in some cases in your freshman year, i'm going to be a doctor. we realized that's lot of class. i'm going to be a p.e. teacher. we get through college. nowadays, when i talk to kids, i say what will be. i don't know. they continue to change their
11:48 am
majors. >> dana: get this. new york post reported today, the traditional concept of employment is the latest thing that the ever millennial generations reinventing. apparently they are quitting their jobs at an alarming rate without any idea what they're gong to do next. i feel like are we jealous of them because of that? we have done things all in order and we wish we had that spirit. >> we had the adventurous spirit. we live lived in fear. our parents called it tough love. you can't have tough love with safe spaces. they can quit a job because they don't think about their ramifications what will happen. >> dana: this one lead, she's quit, she moved to hawaii and travel the world. she met another guy, he quit his
11:49 am
job, now they're traveling over to asia together. >> who's financing this little trip? what you want to bet? i bet you it's mom and dad. or credit card. or they gotten student loan and they're not paying their responsibility. it's easy to go around the country with no cares. it goes back to the parents. it's not about millennials. it's about mom and dad the time that the world and united states stop being parent and being friends. up to be tear buddy. >> dana: we will watch this. you are my friend. i will watch you tomorrow night. thank you. a rare double feature unlike anything seen in decade and part of it is breaking records. plus democratic senator joe donnelly is looking to fight off republican challenger to keep his indiana senate seat.
11:50 am
this look like could be anyone's game. mike tobin breaks down the most watched races of the midterms. ♪
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>> dana: history in the making as the longest total lunar eclipse occurs today. the amooning to be blood red as it passes through the earth. nasa says the total phase will last an hour and 43 minutes. unfortunately, it will not be vizly in do -- visible in the united states.
11:54 am
you will see this shot here from australia to africa. the next one see there, june 21, 2023. one most watches of the midterm elections republican mike braun is looking to unseat joe donnelly in indiana where president trump won by nearly 20 points in 2016. mike tobin is valparaiso, indiana. >> reporter: the senator joe donnelly is one of those red state democrats tasked with a voting to either approve or reject the president's pick for supreme court judge brett kavanaugh. the republican challenger, mike braun is in the very comfortable position of having a challenger having an opponent who is caught between the will of his --
11:55 am
>> it's tough when you belong to a party like joe does, where he like to vote otherwise but he's got to check with chuck schumer on every vote. i really think that's the case. he knows if he bucks leadership too often, he's going to be marginalized within his own caucus. >> reporter: senator donnelly won't surprise anyone if he votes in favor of kavanaugh. he's a moderate pro-life democrat. he voted in favorite of neil gorsuch. i will take the same approach as i have previously for a supreme court vacancy. i will carefully refer and consider the record and qualifications of judge brett kavanaugh. there's only been little bit of polling. polls we've seen show the race
11:56 am
is neck and neck. if donnelly votes against judge kavanaugh, he risks upset the trump voters. if he votes in favor, he risks upsetting the liberal base and bucking his party leadership. indiana voters want to see judge kavanaugh get a fair shake absent of politics. >> dana: thank you so much for that report out of indiana. next answering the level of challenge why this dad had an extra reason to celebrate.
11:57 am
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11:59 am
>> a dad in new jersey busting out his best moves to entertain his young son. millions have seen this video. kenneth thomas performing for his 15-month-old son, christian. the little boy was recently diagnosed with leukemia and spent a month in the hospital. the good news is, that dance was to celebrate christian getting
12:00 pm
clearance from doctors to go hom home. ciarra said god so good. we're dancing for you too. i'm dana. here's shep. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast. michael cohen is claiming he was in the room when donald trump jr. told his father about the plan for the infamous trump-russian meeting. who to believe? president trump today holding a meeting at security. vladimir putin just invited trump to moscow. the white house has responded. let's get to it. mercifully, it's friday. the president's former fixer reportingly spilling more


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