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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 27, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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clearance from doctors to go hom home. ciarra said god so good. we're dancing for you too. i'm dana. here's shep. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast. michael cohen is claiming he was in the room when donald trump jr. told his father about the plan for the infamous trump-russian meeting. who to believe? president trump today holding a meeting at security. vladimir putin just invited trump to moscow. the white house has responded. let's get to it. mercifully, it's friday. the president's former fixer reportingly spilling more
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secrets. the latest accusation, president trump knew his son was going to meet with a kremlin-linked lawyer offering dirt on hillary clinton. cnn broke the story, nbc news and our corporate cousins at the "wall street journal" say they report the same thing. the president's form attorney and fixer michael cohen claims he was in the room when president trump found out about the trump tower meeting. cohen is willing to give that information to the special counsel, robert mueller. that's the report. the meeting happened in june of 2016. donald trump jr., president trump's son-in-law, jared kushner and former trump campaign chairman, paul manafort, all met with a russian lawyer. trump jr.'s own e-mails show that he knew the lawyer was offering damaging intelligence on hillary clinton and responded "i love it." mueller's team is looking to the sit down as part of the investigation into russian election interference and
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whether members of the trump team colluded with moscow. president trump said there was no collusion. he denied knowing about the trump tower meeting ahead of time. today he tweeted i didn't know of the meeting with any son, don jr. sounds like someone is trying to make up stories to get himself out of an unrelated jam. taxi cab money, maybe i should say. he said he retailed crooked hillary's lawyer. gee, i wonder if they helped him make the choice. taxi cabs is a reference to one of cohen's business that the feds are apparently investigating. cohen's attorney released a secret recording of cohen and president trump discussing a possible payment involving a playmate's claim of an affair with the president. the president denies there was an affair and the lawyer said the payment never happened. again. the headline today, the former
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fixing could be selling out his former boss to the feds. rick leventhal has more. >> the message from the white house is michael cohen can't be trusted. he taped people without their knowledge. he's a liar and he's incredible. the "new york post" is that candidate trump was aware of the trump tower meeting before it happened claiming he was in the room when donald trump jr. told his father about it and says the future president approved it. trump jr. has repeatedly denied this on television and congressional hearings and his lawyer backed him up in a state writing trump jr. has been professional throughout the investigations. we're confident of the accuracy and reliability of the information that has been provided by mr. trump jr. and on his behalf. on cnn last night, rudy guliani said cohen is the kind of witness who could destroy mueller's whole case. >> i expected something like this from cohen. he's been lying all week, for
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years. the tapes that we have demonstrate any number of very serious lies by him back 1 1/2 years ago, including his fooling people, hiding tape recordings, telling them they weren't recorded. breaking face with them. taping his client, which is a disbarable offense. i don't see how he has any credibility. if you had a trail and there won't be a trial, you'd say which lie do you want to pick? >> of course, the president trusted cohen for years. now shep, he says he was dooped. >> shepard: rick, we're learning more about the russian operative that met with donald trump jr. >> yes, she's denied working closely with moscow telling congress she operated independently of any government bodies. the associated press said they reviewed scores of e-mails and documents and discovered that she worked as a ghost writer for the government and admitted to nbc that she worked as an
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informant for the kremlin. the a.p. found almost no documents about that trump tower meeting to lead up or aftermath. she told congress the meeting didn't amount to much and she wanted it to go away as soon as possible. >> shepard: rick leventhal live in new york. thank you. the lawyer representing the porn stare that says she has president with president trump says he has three other clients who claim they had affairs with the president as well. so far you'll have to take his word for it. stormy daniels attorney michael avenatti tweeted last night three additional women, all paid hush money through various means. time for michael cohen and donald trump to come 100% clean with the american people. all the documents, all the tapes now. no more lies or lip service. enough. michael avenatti has not given the names of his new clients. he says he has evidence to back up the claims but not at liberty to share it.
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president trump has denied the affair with stormy daniels. the president said he was unaware of the $130,000 in hush money that his former fixer michael cohen said he paid stormy daniels. cohen's current later lanny davis replied to the claims of three more affairs saying mr. avenatti is an aggressive attorney doing his job in the middle of litigation. take that heat. take from that what you will. we could see two more summits between president trump and vladimir putin. the russian president has extended an invitation. mr. president, president trump come to moscow. the white house says the president is open to going if he gets a formal invitation. president trump has -- i should say president putin says he's ready to visit washington under appropriate conditions. the white house said a meeting in the fall and then it should happen when the investigation is done, the russian investigation or as president trump called it
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the witch hunts sometime next year. chris wallace interviewed president putin in helsinl sisi has a lot coming up with president trump's lawyer, rudy guliani this month. off to moscow. what do you say? >> [speaking russian]. i'm up for another trip. i'd love to go back. maybe sit down with president putin. i will tell you, one of the things i've learned is that originally president trump wanted the first meeting with president putin to be in washington. putin pushed back and said look, you guyed have sanctioned my country and me up to my eyeballs. we can't have the first summit in your background. that's why they head it in helsinki. after that, it was anticipated there would be reciprocal summits, one in washington, one next spring and a follow-one in
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moscow. that isn't so unusual. that's the way reagan and gorbachev did it in the 80s. >> shepard: what sort of reaction is this getting around town there? >> look, you know, there's a conflict about this. nobody is upset with the idea that president trump and president putin are meeting. a lot of issues to discussion. a lot of differences to resolve. so in that sense, there's no distress about it at all. obviously there was a lot of distress about the way president trump handled the news conference after his summit with president putin. so that adds to a little concern about what would happen in future summits. >> shepard: there was a lot of concern after that summit. we heard people saying there would be resignations. people will care about the country, stand up to him. i didn't see a thing happen. >> no. look, you can argue a lot of aspects of this. on the other hand, i have talked
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to one official that was very deeply involved in the summit and was getting a lot of calls to resign. he said look, i'm doing good work for the country. i think i'm helping to protect the country. why would i resign? how would that help? either in terms of the conduct of foreign policy or our relations with russia. i will tell you, there is a sense among some american officials that the meeting between president trump and president putin went off very much as planned and was a productive meeting, the one-on-one meeting and the bilateral meeting. it was the news conference that this particular official said went off the tracks when president trump in effect equated the claims of the u.s. intelligence community that putin had meddled in the 2016 election. he said up till that point and obviously that was a public relations disaster. he said the actual substance of
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the summit was very productive. >> shepard: guliani this weekend. what is the plan there? >> well -- >> shepard: it's been a roller coaster. >> shepard: we'll have a exclusive interview that we just locked down with steven mnuchin, the treasury secretary. a lot to talk to him about. first of all, these very strong gdp numbers. 4.1%. the big question there, is it sustainable? is it a one-off, a blip or a sign of better things to come? obviously the trade war and the deal, how big a deal with it with the european union. as far as guliani is concerned, you put your finger on it at the top of the show. you have this extraordinary face off with donald trump and the man that used to be his personal lawyer, his personal fixer that appears as the federal government squeezed him over a separate investigation to have decided to flip to try to save his own skin by providing
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whatever information he can about donald trump. one assumes that as his personal lawyer and fixer potentially he could have damaging information. on the other hand, this disclosure that he says that president trump knew about the russia trump tower meeting in 2016 when it took place, one, we're told that he doesn't have any proof of it. it's his word against the president. you can say that is worth what it's worth. in addition, i'm not sure if the president did know about it that it's damaging to him politically. could be damaging to donald jr. he testified under oath before the senate judiciary committee. i'm not sure it's damaging to donald trump. did he potentially lie to "the new york times"? yeah. but the last time i checked, that's not something to be praised or admired. it's not illegal. >> shepard: no, not a crime to lie to the times. hope you have a great weekend.
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we'll be watching. >> thank you, shep. >> shepard: up next, the trump organizationist finance sheets. heard about this one? a man the feds called to testify before the grand jury. details on his decades with the trumps and what he could have to share with the special counsel. that's coming up from the fox news deck on this friday afternoon. great to have you in. come here, babe. ok. nasty nighttime heartburn? try new alka-seltzer pm gummies. the only fast, powerful heartburn relief plus melatonin so you can fall asleep quickly. ♪ oh, what a relief it is! wlet's do it. ?
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you might be missing something.y healthy. your eyes. that's why there's ocuvite. ocuvite helps replenish nutrients your eyes can lose as you age. it has lutein, zeaxanthin and omega-3. ocuvite. be good to your eyes. >> shepard: we're learning more about the trump organization's
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top money man after the feds called him to testify before a grand jury. his name, alan wieselberg. our corporate cousins broke the story. they quote a source that describes him, i'm quoting here "the most senior person in the organization that is not a trump." his connection to the trumps the date back decades. he worked for the real estate firm trump's father owned. he over saw many of the personal dealings, household expenses, boats, planes, mostly everything. now he's linked to the hush money payment for a porn star and talk about a possible payment to a play made. what is clear is how close he is to the trump family. there's no disputing that. president trump wrote way back in 2004, alan has been with me
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for 30 years. he knows how to get things done. now it's more than 40 years. let's turn to nicholas johnson from axios. he's live from d.c. good to see you. >> how are you? >> shepard: what is the thinking on mr. weisselberg and what he might contribute? >> i thought the way chris wallace led us is great with michael cohen. he was subpoenaed and became entrapped in this investigation, that was a big deal because he knew so much, this is the next level of that. the president -- this is the president's personal financier. this is a momentous change to the investigation as far as what kind of access -- what kind of information the federal investigators will have access to. the one thing we have never seen
12:17 pm
from president trump, his tax returns. this is a guy that may filled them out. he knows a lot about what is unknown. >> shepard: and there's no attorney-accountant privilege. whatever he knows i presume they'll get from him. >> i mean, if he wants to tell them. he's been subpoenaed. he's compelled to testify. there's no fifth amendment protections if you're talking about other people's wrong doings. only protects yourself. so if the federal prosecutors are following the money, this is the guy they'll have to talk to to keep track of it. >> shepard: 12 or 13 people alleging some sort of something with the man that would be president. now we have a porn start a playmate and three more who we're told are claiming that they got some sort of hush money. >> yeah. this is the way that investigators go. you star on the outside and peel back the layers. you get the people very far away from the far get and you flip them. they may have been accused of purge any and they'll start
12:18 pm
telling you things. this happened with cohen. remember, he used to say he would take a bullet for the president. now he says he's only looking out for himself, his family and his country. as these rings get closer, they're at the person that is the most senior in the trump organization that doesn't have the last name trump. >> shepard: has the concern level based on your organization changed at pennsylvania avenue? >> we haven't gotten any in the last 24 hours. they were starting to get worried about cohen. we're on the lookout to see if brings up a red alert level in the white house. >> shepard: good to talk to you. thank you. >> a pleasure. >> shepard: nicholas johnson from axios. ahead as president trump and vladimir putin talk about getting to in moscow, democrats and republicans in the house are joining together to push back against russia. i've just gotten notice from our friends at the "new york post," which is owned by the parent company of this network, which is our corporate cousin, there has been an enormous development
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12:23 pm
credibility of our nuclear deterrent, which russian has openly threatened to use in a conventional war. we also strengthen the global engagement center at the state department, which is in charge of pushing back against the propaganda that is coming from russia. >> some of the provisions may tie the hands of the president in the wake of the helsinki summit. the top democrat adam schiff praised the bill for pushing back against president putin's alliance. the bill prohibits military to military cooperation with russia to include syria, prohibits u.s. government recognition of the absorption of crimea and increases the number of u.s. troops in europe to deter russian aggression, shepard. >> shepard: there's a china component to, right? >> that's right. there's long in the bill
12:24 pm
prohibiting the government from doing bit with china's state telecom, dte. perhaps most important, however, the increased focus on crucial readiness issues, a $716 billion authorizes upgrades to the nuclear triad, buys a new aircraft carrier, $65 million for low yield submarine launch ballistic missiles and 77 new fifth generation stealth 35 aircraft, all needed to counter russia and china and serve as a deterrent. >> shepard: thanks, jennifer. president trump says the united states's economy is the envy of the world. after the government released impressive numbers. some economists say it's not that simple and the kind of success that we're having now will likely not last. we'll explain that.
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>> i'm lea gabrielle with a fox report. more of today's headlines. investigator say they hope a fit bit will help finds molly tibbits. investigators say they're reviewing her last known location. a wild fire that killed more than 80 people in greece could be arson. that's the word from investigators as they sift through the ashes and try to identify victims. analysts say the seaside resort was like a fire trap because of surrounding cliffs and homes. and take a look at this in canada. chunks the ice the size of golf
12:28 pm
balls pounding toronto. the hail storm brought highway traffic to a standstill. the news with shepard smith continues after this.
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but for you, one pill a day may provide symptom relief. ask your doctor about xeljanz xr. an "unjection™". >> shepard: the u.s. economy is growing faster than in four years. the new numbers might not tell the whole story. according to the commerce department, the economy grew by 4.1%. that's the blue bar here, all the way over to the right. except it isn't. that's not it. anyway, president trump this morning called the growth amazing. >> if economic growth continues at this pace, the united states economy will double in ten years than it would have under president bush or president obama. i think the most important thing and larry kudlow just confirmed to me along with kevin hassert
12:31 pm
is that these numbers are sustainable. >> shepard: the president quoting two top economic advisers there. the report is very good news. some economists are questioning how sustainable the numbers will be. susan lee with more. >> yeah, good news. the economy is booming. that's 4.1%. yes, this morning we did hear from the u.s. president, president trump, who says the next quarter is also looking good and we're on track for the strongest full year economy in 13 years. consumer is a big part of it. up 4%. private investment fell a little bit. the housing market is cooling. we also had companies stockpiling and exporting to front run the new tariffs that will go into effect with soy beans and orders throughout 50% because china imported more trying to get ahead of the tariffs.
12:32 pm
most economists say they don't expect the u.s. grow 4% but still strong, 3% expansion, which is the best since 2005. shep? >> shepard: there's a report concerning cbs and it's dragging down the market today. what are you learn something. >> we have cbs shares tumbling. this is after reports surfaced that cbs' ceo less moonves is accused of sexual misconduct. the hollywood reporter says that he is accused of inappropriate kissing and touching. cbs has come out with a statement saying they're investigating the allegations and all allegations of misconduct are to be taken seriously. and we have cbs right now, their shares down sharply. back to you. >> shepard: thank you, susan lee, from the biz. let's bring in ken brown from heard on the street at the "wall street journal."
12:33 pm
the journal and the parent company and this network's parent company share common ownership. sugar high or better than that? >> the economy is doing well. things are good. you'd expect it. we had a big tax cut a stimulus. the economy was good already and now it's doing better. it will be a good year. it will be uneven partially because of the tariffs and people were pushing to get exports out of the country. there was demand, inventories are down a lot, which is a good sign. that means people are buying stuff. we don't know where the inventories went. and consumer spending was very good. consumers are 2/3s of the u.s. economy. >> shepard: the tax cut is deficit financed and for regular people, not businesses, it will go away. if that is the case, how big of a concern is that? >> so it is a concern. the issue is if the economy is growing, the whole bet when you
12:34 pm
build a big deficit like that, the economy will grow out of it. it's going to generate more tax revenue and the deficit has gone down. so it's happened. it's impossible to say right now. you're right. it's a big deficit. >> shepard: trump communications -- sorry, twitter is having a miserable day. off 20%. 9.28%. >> not a good day. >> shepard: what happened? earnings? >> yeah. it was up 70% for the year. >> shepard: user numbers. yeah. users are down. you know, people had expected them to be up, this is the same story as facebook, which got crushed yesterday. they're facing all of this pressure about what -- their rules and fake news today, roles in consumer privacy and all of those things. investors were ignoring that. sending the shares up and up. this was a sobering time when both companies were hit by that.
12:35 pm
>> shepard: facebook is down another 1% today. so compared to yesterday, pretty level. is this about -- is there a consensus on whether this is a blip or this is about their business model that needs to be revamped or what are you saying in the main? >> so in facebook, they're trying to get ahead of all of this regulatory stuff. they're trying to put in controls. that will cost money. mark zuckerberg has been clear for a while, this will cost money, we're going to spend money. so investors have ignored that. the question is, if users of facebook are pulling back, you know, that's a problem. facebook doesn't make money from users. they make money from the advertisers chasing the users. advertising is good. if user goes down and advertising follows, facebook has been an unbelievably profitable company. if advertising follows, that's a big risk to the company. >> shepard: what are you supposed to do? a lot of people have money now,
12:36 pm
i guess. they're not saving as much before. what do you do with it? come on, help. >> it's tough right now. the stock market is highly valued. doesn't mean you should invest in it. the history is when markets are highly values, the returns are low. the bond market is getting hit because the fed is raising rates. it's safer. you won't lose 20 or 30%. you probably won't make much money in the bond market. cash is getting more interesting. not that interesting, but you don't get zero on cash anymore. you can get more on your cash. during rough times, that can be a way to go. >> shepard: one of the stories in your paper was about foreigns investing in united states homes and the home sector. taking a dive like has never been seen. >> yeah, we've never seen the run up, either. >> shepard: true. >> there's a bunch of reasons for the dollar is stronger so things are more expensive.
12:37 pm
there's trade fears, a lot of nasty rhetoric about china. china has more restrictions about getting money out. chinese want safe money so they bought u.s. real estate as a safe haven. it's harder to get the money out. >> shepard: we're waiting for this article to drop, which we're led to believe includes reports on less moonves. sounds like cbs session they will independent -- investigate. moonves will keep running the company and his team. the amazing thing, the company is in this crazy fight with its controlling shareholder, national amusements, which is the redstones and they control viacom, too. they want to merge the two companies. moonves doesn't want to. they're suing each other. all kinds of drama. this is new drama. >> shepard: not a good day at
12:38 pm
black ron. thanks, ken. >> thank you. >> shepard: hundreds of immigrant children are still separated from their parents right this minute. yesterday was the deadline for families to be together again. a federal judge ordered the administration to reunite about 2,500 children with their parents after they were forced to separate. the president's zero tolerance policy on illegal immigration. the policy caused chaos, confuse and anger across america. the president last month signed an executive order to stop the separations. the feds say more than 1,800 of the 2,500 children are back with their parents or sponsors. that leaves more than 700 kids without their mothers or fathers and still in the custody of the united states government. included in that number, more than 400 children whose parents the government has already deported. the government has declared they have met the court-ordered
12:39 pm
deadline. it's one or the other. casey stegall has more. he's live in the southwest newsroom. how can they have met the deadline if they're all separated? >> shepard, a lot of people are asking that very same question. the judge praised the federal government for their work in attempting to reunite them. but the judge initially ordered all kids to be reunited. as you said, more than 700 were deemed ineligible. so it's a bit of a sliding scale here. we can tell you in about an hour from now, that same judge that's been overseeing this case out in san diego, a federal judge, is going to meet with both sides where they're going to parse all of these financial numbers and no doubt much of the emphasis will be placed on the 711 children deemed ineligible in detention centers. what happens to them? meantime, reunions like these in
12:40 pm
phoenix continue playing out across the country. more than 1,400 have so far taken place, according to the federal government. humanitarian and immigration rights groups are assisting and lawyers with the aclu say that they will continue holding the u.s. government accountable until all families are back together. >> shepard: what is the process? what is next for these families? >> that's largely where the humanitarian and religious groups come in to play. they're helping secure everything from food, shelter to clothing, helping arrange legal advice and transportation, this is the bus terminal in mccallan, texas where large groups of my grants board buses and travel all over to link up with family already in america or with sponsors as they await their court dates. listen. >> they've got ten a packet of
12:41 pm
immigration forms. they half understand them. they're confused about the process. we try to help them what the ice check in, what the immigration court date is, and what the significance is and how important that they go with an attorney, et cetera. >> there's still an ongoing court battle as we reported here yesterday over how long the government must wait until they start deportation proceedings once the reunions have happened. no word yet on when the federal judge will decide on that. >> shepard: casey stegall live in big d. thank you. well, we got a blood moon now. total eclipse of the moon. live picture there. look at that black screen. the blue and white, the red part there. isn't that nice? what the heck is that? can you see the moon in there? can you see it? i see the moon, the moon sees me.
12:42 pm
i don't know. it's something dealing with astro physics and the moon is red and redder than it's going to be. like that. in any case, it's a once in a century kind of thing. it's happening now. this is the camera from india. no, it's from cairo. pretty weak, isn't it? i don't know if that's -- a whole lot of nothing there. hello, red moon. what have you been doing? you're turning onto the street
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you're smart,eat you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. >> shepard: there it is. out of cairo, egypt. what will be interesting, if a second moon shows up one day. that will be interesting. folks around the world are
12:46 pm
getting a glimpse of the longest total lunar eclipse of the century. it's a total eclipse of the moon. a few pictures coming in from israel. that's interesting. the part of the moon has been chopped off here, as you can see. the full moon is in perfect alignment with the earth and the sun in between the two. earth is casting its shadow on the moon and at the sam time, that's what gives the moon the reddish glow or the blood moon. the total lunar eclipse will last 1:43. if you're watching us in the united states, you won't be able to see it. it's still daylight, obviously. still cool to see the pictures here it says in the telepromp r teleprompter. more than a dozen fires burning in california. one jumped the sacramento river nearly doubling in size
12:47 pm
overnight and forcing thousands to evacuate. officials are calling this the carr fire after a road in the area. it's in redding, california, knot of sacramento. a fire official says the flames are taking down everything in their path. hospital workers say they transferred a few babies and may move high risk patients as well. this is an eerie scene in the sky there. people talking about chaos and mile-long traffic jams. high temperatures, strong winds and low humidity fans the flames. never a good combination. they engulfed a historic school house here in shasta, california. about 120 buildings damaged or destroyed. 1,700 firefighters are working on this. two people have died on the front line including a firefighter this morning. take a look at the scorched
12:48 pm
ground above this lake here. dock workers untied boats to same them. the flames torched dozens before they could get them out of the way. we'll see if the weather will give firefighters a hand. rick reichmuth is live with more. how does it look? >> not that good to be honest with you. it's really dry and also hot. it's hotter than normal this time of the year. take a look at this. we have 76 fires right now that are burning across the west over 100 acres. it's considered a large fire. there's 76 of them. every state out here across the west, we've got some sort of a large fire going on. elevated fire danger, red flag warnings around redford and redding where the car fire is going on. the heat in arizona has moved up to the west. so now it's all of california, stretching up across oregon, portland. take a look at how the weekend
12:49 pm
plays out here. 122 in death valley. 110 in redding. sunday, another 110 in redding where the big fire is going on. you get the idea there, the heat doesn't want to break. much of the next ten days will remain above average temperatures in the west. >> shepard: and big storms heading east. >> yeah, we've had this flooding in pennsylvania, areas of maryland this week because of over 15 inches of rain. now a front is moving through and severe weather coming from parts of maryland throughout maine. get ready. this line of storm will come through and probably a tornado or two and probably some localized additional flooding. throughout the weekend, notice the rainfall isn't as bad. certainly not as much totalling up here. that's good news. better chance for the rain coming in next week, shep. >> shepard: thanks, rick. have a good weekend. thank you. up next a homecoming more than
12:50 pm
half a century in the making and president trump is thanking kim jong-un for it. to be their best, kids need good nutrition. and practice... lots of practice. get them started right with carnation breakfast essentials. it has protein plus vitamins and minerals to help kids be their best. carnation breakfast essentials.
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>> shepard: north korea is returning what it claims is the remains of fallen american soldiers decades after the korean war ended. president trump personally thanking the north korean dictator kim jong-un.
12:54 pm
peter doocy with more live at the white house. >> the president thanked kim jong-un earlier today for doing something that he said he was going to do at their singapore summit, which is return these service members remains. >> mike pence, our wonderful vice president, will be there to greet the families and the remains and i want to thank chairman kim for keeping his word. >> a c-17 cargo plane with 55 cases of service members remains left north korea last night bound for south korea. they're being prepared for a repatriation ceremony that will happen next wednesday. that is what the president plans to attend, shep. >> shepard: there's more remains over there with plans for those as well? >> yes, the defense secretary james mattis says he hopes u.s. personnel to get to north korea
12:55 pm
soon to start looking for more service members remains. he stressed he doesn't know right now, has no confirmation what is in these 55 cases. >> we don't know who is in those boxes. as we discover it, they'll be returned and they could go to australia, they have missing -- france has americans. a lot of us. so this is an international effort to bring closure for those families. >> mattis says right now in south korea, teams are examining the remains for anomalies. right now there's no reports of any issues and there won't be a forensic exam on the 55 cases until they get to a lab in hawaii later on. shep? >> shepard: thanks, peter. right after this news hour, you can catch us on facebook watch for a fox news update. it will stream live on facebook watch. home screen and just a few minutes. top of the hour at 4:00 eastern time, 1:00 pacific. you can watch it on demand
12:56 pm
there. the fox news update on facebook watch. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. we've been watching the dow. a crazy mixed day or a split day, i guess we should say down on wall street. the dow had some early gains, modest. early gains. got kind of dragged down later in the afternoon. the nasdaq is off 113 points and the s&p 500 down just shy of 20. neil cavuto is up at the top of the hour with the details on the markets and that story that we mentioned on les moonves has not dropped yet but there's multiple reports that he could be facing an investigation there. certainly it's dragged down cbs stock over there. and of course, there's the red moon. as red moons go, this is going to be a lengthy one. that is from cairo. you can probably watch it in
12:57 pm
your phone or something. outside you can see the sun, which i'm told today for some reason it's orange. there's that. have a great weekend. cavuto in three minutes. hi, i'm joan lunden with a place for mom,
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and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. call today. a place for mom -- you know your family, we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. >> i'm thrilled to announce that in the second quarter of this year, the united states economy grew at the amazing rate of 4.1%. as the trade deals come in one by one, we're going to go a lot higher than these numbers. these are great numbers. >> neil: indeed they were and are great numbers. so good, the market wondering how do you top that? welcome. i'm neil cavuto. you're watching "your world." this is a case of can't you show me even something bigger? that's how used to market has gotten with the economic numbers. a little bit disappointed it was only 4.1%