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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 28, 2018 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> we begin with a fox news alert. the present looks forward to campaigning for republican candidates next week. he wraps up this week with a visit to his golf course in bedminster new jersey. of course this comes after a mixed bag for the present including more criticism over russia and the strongest showing of economic growth, great news in nearly 4 years. hello everyone and welcome to "americas news headquarters", i'm eric shawn. >> i am alisha and for arthel neville. certain consumer spending up in the us economy grow by 4.1 percent in the second quarter. it marks the fastest pace since
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2014 and president trump is predicting the growth will keep going. >> we are on track to hit the highest annual growth rate in over 13 years. and i will say this right now and i will say strongly, as a trade deals come in one by one, we will go a lot higher than these numbers. >> ellison barber is live from berkeley heights in new jersey near the president's golf course. reporter: hello. the president, the ministration are pointing to the numbers, the gdp growth and economy, any chance to get they see it as a sign of successful governance. here is vice president mike pence in an interview set to air tomorrow on "sunday morning futures". >> we really believe the internals of these numbers, whether it be the dramatic increase in business investment, dramatic increase in american exports, all support the conclusion that the policies of president trump has been advancing that a republican congress has been supporting are actually working to revive this economy.
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reporter: of course, the ministration is dealing with more than one major new story right now. the helsinki summit the present came home to a lot of witticism for members of his own party with some accusing him of during the united states under the bus. last week the white house supports a number of people, even some of the top advisors made an announcement that president trump would invite the russian president, vladimir putin, to washington in the fall. this week the white house postponed it. the state will take place after the first of the year. president trump apparently has an invite to moscow but as of this morning the white house says they have not received a formal invitation. >> obviously, the president and his team, they keep in contact with the russian counterparts but there is no decision made. reporter: when it comes to the meeting in washington, they suggested moscow that there could be conditions for the
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meeting. he said he will be open and willing to meet here in washington but talked about conditions not going into specifics. i asked mercedes you heard from there about that this morning. listen to what she said. >> any idea what the conditions might be or what the u.s. would be willing to accept? >> we will not get ahead of any sort of discussions that are happening. right now. >> keeping mom on that for now. in a statement sarah sanders said president trump is open to meeting with vladimir putin in moscow but they would wait for a formal invitation. she says the present looks forward to hosting president putin in washington. alicia: thank you, ellison barber. eric: with us i want to welcome alicia acuna, good to see you. alicia: good to be here. eric: welcome. for more on all your talk telescope to a white house correspondent for the daily caller.
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the president said he will this next week go to tampa on tuesday. for the florida governor and touting the gdp number, how does this really help? quickly gdp number something the president and this white house will be on for the next week or 2p was here interesting is that that's all the house republican leadership has been begging the president to talk about from day one. they have said we are going to run on the tax-cut record, we will continue touting gdp annualized growth and the president has been a little bit reluctant to but when he draw in here was he saw the cut in the trade deficit. and so he is fully on board now with economic message as one of the main ones that ties into his more nationalist agenda. because he likes to also talk about trade and immigration when he is out there on the campaign trail. eric: does not mean, their tweets and subjects they drown
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out what you think or are republicans think, should be the essential message. >> have been concerned about that. they said the president is distracted from the economic record by talking about russia or by talking about immigration or talking about any of the partisan fights that he finds himself in. if you look at the polling one of the things that animates so many voters, especially in the midterm election, is the idea that the president could be impeached if the democrats were to take over the house. second on the list is actually immigration. the president may have his finger on the pulse a bit more there. this is just such good news for the white house it is something i'm sure he will be talking about over and over again. eric: speaking of that he talked about that yesterday. this is part of what he said in terms of taking credit for this. >> we have accomplished an economic turnaround of historic proportions. when i came into office, 1.5 million fewer prime age
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americans were working than eight years before. we have turned it all around. once again we have been the economic envy of the entire world. >> it really is a stroke because the gdp did hit four times during the obama administration. the highest was 5.1 percent. but as you say, it was something. mike: >> growth like this is something obsolete should be celebrated. with the white house and i think others have been saying is that the numbers during the obama administration may have been high but it was largely because there was a recovery phase. when the president began with the economy already, pretty decent shape and really revving it up with the agenda of deregulation and all of that. he's been criticizing the fed recently for trying to pump the brakes on the economy because he did not want them to raise interest rates. eric: meanwhile, this is been
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going on all cylinders in terms of the economy and the gdp. another blowback of the performance with vladimir putin then there was what was rescinded. now for the president to go to moscow. what happens next in this strange diplomatic dance? >> are two statements that we have two parts. the first is one from john bolton. a couple of days ago. he said the president has decided not to host vladimir putin in washington until the mueller investigation is over. the second was more recent statement from white house press secretary, sarah sanders after president putin said he was open to coming to washington publicly for the first time. where she said that he would be welcome after the first of the year. so, we might be able to go from there but they believe the robert mueller investigation will be over by the first of the year and that is when the president is coming. what that is when the russian
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president will be coming regardless of what the status of the probe is. eric: could be a reference to the election? >> there was quite a bit of concern within the house republican or among house republicans that you were going to be seeing vladimir putin a historic photo at the white house and the oval office in the fall right ahead of the midterm elections. it is not even necessarily that obviously would draw criticism but it is more than it would attract media attention away from the agenda that they have been pursuing on the economy, immigration and on trade. eric: finally, do you think americans will finally see tougher talk by the president against russian policies? against moscow's interference and against vladimir putin? >> i think the president doesn't like to criticize publicly. he has said this many times. in terms of the tough talk that they are looking for, none of us are on the inside. we do not know how he handles himself with vladimir putin. we do know the president is desperate to get a deal done on
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syria, nuclear weapons and others. and reduce the overall tension rate between our two countries. whether he will publicly criticize him, that is something he has been reluctant to do. not just with vladimir putin but with any authoritarian regime. that is something missing from a lot of the criticism here. he has handled himself much in the same way. >> a lot of criticism about that peter brings up the point, if he does go to moscow at some point, and one would presume he would, other presidents have, what does a president have to do to try, if you can at all to set aside some of the reservations and troubling accusations by the critics when it comes to vladimir putin, when it comes to russia, when it comes the russian interference? >> if he were to give i think a prepared statement of condemnation, of the russian seizure of the crimean peninsula, obviously on the issue of election meddling and even saying hey, don't do this again while he was in moscow, that will largely satisfy many of his critics. however, the president is not
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someone who likes to give into his critics on this measure. because he really firmly believes he would rather save tough talk from behind closed doors while he pursues another strategic arms reduction treaty or perhaps pursues a grand bargain in syria in order to end the civil war. in terms of what is politically palatable versus what he is going to do, as he liked to say, we will see what happens. eric: the public optics though, many are calling for this you know exactly that, publicly, not just behind closed doors. we don't know how is behind closed doors. the president met one-on-one with many past practices. >> many would like to see public condemnation from the president. i really just do not believe that is something he would like to do whenever he is standing next to a world leader, based on how i observed him on the world stage. i think people are desperate
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for that, it does not seem to be likely based on his behavior in the past. eric: saagar enjeti, we will see what monday brings. thank you for your analysis as always. >> thank you. alicia: the president firing back in allegations from his onetime lawyer, michael cohen. who claims that then candidate trump you in advance by 2016 meeting between members of his campaign and a russian attorney promising dirt on hillary clinton. this coming just days after michael cohen leaked a recording of he and the president discussing a payment to a former playboy model who claims to have had an affair with mr. trump. gillian turner has more from the d.c. bureau. reporter: michael cohen claim his boss approved the infamous trump tower meeting that has become a feature in the mueller probe. on june 9 of 2016, they included donald trump jr., paul manafort, jared kushner and ackerman lawyer
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-- a kremlin lawyer. the president said i did not know of the meeting with my son, donald junior. sounds to me someone is trying to make up stories in order to get himself out of an unrelated dram. the presidents son has also long assisted his father had no knowledge of the meeting. >> it was such a nothing, there was nothing to tell. i would not have even remembered it until you start scouring through the stuff. it was literally a wasted 20 minutes which is a shame. reporter: the claim from michael cohen comes just days after someone leaked a recording of a conversation between him and the president about hush money paid to a playboy model. now the inner-circle is speaking out on the matter. they're painting an unflattering portrait of michael cohen. >> number one, elected people about taping the president and others proved not only that, he went to self diffusion to do it. a whole little game which shows how pathological he is. reporter: looking ahead, in a few days time trial of paul manafort will kick off in arlington, virginia. insiders anticipate witnesses there will also be asked about
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the meeting. alicia: thank you. and for more on this, let's bring in our legal panel, fox news legal analyst mercedes and trial attorney rachel self. thank you so much for joining us. rachel, i will start with you. how worried should the president be? >> the president should absolutely be worried but denial -- two different animals on a daily basis. if a sitting u.s. president is finding himself defending how he paid off a porn star, isn't he already very behind the eight ball? >> mercedes, what is your answer? >> are two sides to the story. we are talking about the tape, and a lot of people are asking, -- he could legally take the present. the other side, when they are looking at what was disclosed,
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wasn't michael cohen and agent, wasn't he doing something to benefit the campaign when talking about this hush money to this playboy model? and then, the campaign finance obviously violates the laws. but the flipside is, what really is disclosed on the tapes? frankly the discussion about whether it should be cash or check, whether this, maybe this was just a personal, nothing to do with the campaign but rather just personal interaction between an individual and a about something that could be very damaging. just reputation only, not anything to do with the campaign. therefore, it is above the law. there are really two sides of it. and they're looking at this, they say lacks credibility. some say this might be the aha moment they need because of someone willing to flip on the
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president. >> the issue here is that we are not talking about just an individual with his lawyer. we talked about the president of the united states. and basically he has been lying and lying and he is lying so much about so many things. ultimately then tapes come out about it. everyone is just finding it acceptable. i hold my seven-year-old niece to a higher standard with regards to telling the truth versus telling a lie. i think it's very interesting. >> here's the difference, the interaction that the president had, this is before he was president. >> we are talking about a conversation between a client and attorney. that is -- >> and a client and attorney privilege does not apply to crime fraud exception. there is a crime fraud exception. bottom line is, a special master was appointed when these were seized from the office on april 9, a special master was appointed to review the
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documents. they released this recording. they determined it was not subject to attorney-client privilege. most likely because it was in furtherance of a potential criminal -- that is why it was released. i think they were also a million other documents released that president trump should be concerned but what else is in there? it is very possible his son could be indicted for perjury. the interesting twist to that is that the president, he could pardon his son if a son is indicted for it will really be interested no matter how it flushes out. >> the investigation is still ongoing. we really don't know anything that was released this week. all we know is that maybe it looks bad. we don't know at this point if it is actually illegal. i do want to talk about credibility. president trump and his lawyer, rudy giuliani say michael cohen could blow his credibility. in short order you have the release of this recording where
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they are discussing a payoff of a former playmate. then leaking the assertion that the president knew about the meeting in june 2016. mercedes, is michael cohen someone to believe? >> is a great question because frankly, as an attorney practicing a long time i've never been, and i talk to my partner. no one is ever in their actually taping a client. no one conceives of taping a client surreptitiously even though we practice in the state of new york and we can lawfully do so. that is one mark against his credibility. >> he is not playing in the same clean water. michael cohen was not playing in the same clean water is that you and i play in. >> i get that and i understand that i think there will be credibility issues but i think it goes to your point, this is one step in the process. when you look at the june 9 meeting, you have to determine what phone calls were made before the june 9, apparently there were phone calls. so there is a phone log. who was the individual? apparently there was a call made from donald junior to an unknown number. who is the unknown number? what was said by the candidate
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at the time, prior to this meeting?was there any statement he made publicly that said i have great information that i'm going to disclose regarding the clintons. that was a the whole thrust to this meeting. that they would be information about senator clinton in terms of the presidency.anyone representing a president and a federal probe will tell you is an exhaustive process. the federal role prosecutors are incredibly aggressive. they're squeezing and squeezing witnesses, who is in the cross harris down. it is exhaustive and it is endless and some circumstances. >> and i you want to answer this but i want to bring up the other side. some might be confused about statements made by giuliani and the president. it was just two months ago giuliani was praising michael
2:19 pm
cohen. on thursday he told cnn he would expect something like this from michael cohen. he is been lying out all week but for years. rachel? >> this is exactly my point with this. you are the company you keep. this was not just donald trump one time lawyer. this was his right hand, personal attorney, for over a decade. these two were not playing in clean waters and with ultimately going to come out, it will be very interesting. i think that donald trump should be concerned. ultimately speaking, he has had to be concerned about a lot of things and nothing has really affected him. people really do you know, let things slide when it comes to him. it was very interesting to see how it flushes out. i think they are actually concerned with other material that might be out there for him and he should be thinking about that. alicia: we have to get going. mercedes colwin and rachel self, thank you for the discussion. eric: a desperate search continues for missing college student. she vanished in iowa. we have the very latest on the
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college student. investigators say they found no trace. they start to pick from sap they been using searches of her media accounts and fitness tracker. the student was last seen on july 18. jogging in her hometown of brooklyn, iowa. her boyfriend has been ruled out as a suspect. eric: a fox news alert per the president issuing an emergency declaration for california. it has been a really tough going as firefighters have been battling over a dozen wildfires throughout the state. the biggest has been burning up north where five people tragically have been killed. including a 70-year-old woman and her two great grandchildren. meanwhile in southern california a suspect has now been charged with setting at least nine fires there including the cranston fire that is raging in riverside
2:25 pm
county. massive flames have forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes. >> i miss home. and i am hoping nobody else loses their house or their life. eric: jeff paul is live in idyllwild, california. you can see it has been raging. what is going on right now? reporter: authorities just updated us on the most devastating wildfire that is burning here in california. the tell us the car fire is showing no son of showing dell. they said conditions are only getting worse and the wind remains very strong. 80,000 acres burned so far with only five percent containment. the fire has destroyed 500 structures and 5000 are being threatened. they cinema how many fires they fought in the past, federal firefighters even saying they've never seen anything quite like this fire. >> are spoken to folks that have much more experience and
2:26 pm
have been going through this from year-to-year. every single person i've talked to so far has made mention that i don't know why it's doing what it's doing. uphill, downhill. even if it doesn't have a strong wind, it is burning as if it has a wind or a strong 60 mile an hour 70 mile an hour wind. reporter: authorities also tell us they received dozens of missing persons reports when asked specifically about the case involving that grandmother and her two grandkids. they would not give us much information. only saying that they are investigating. eric: it is just so horrible. not only do you have the terrifying prospect of this devastating destruction from mother nature, but other reports that some people are taking advantage of this by looting? reporter: yeah, the law enforcement personnel updated us said that they received about a dozen or so reports of looting as a result they will be beefing up security in and around the area devastated by the car fire. they're urging anyone who is
2:27 pm
evacuating if they have time, to take things they find valuable, to do so or lock them up. in a fireproof safe. chris unfortunately there always predators out there willing to prey on victims. that is why we are beefing up patrols in this particular neighborhood.reporter: authorities and spoke with residents they said to leave the evacuation areas if they are ordered. they say the only put firefighters and police officers lives in danger when they stay behind. eric: thank you, jeff. alicia: the top administration racing to meet a court order to reunite families separated at the border. where the process stands, days after the deadline. plus, north korea fulfills a promise from the singapore summit by returning the reins of dozens of servicemembers killed in the korean war. does this prove pyongyang is serious about working with the u.s.? and eventually denuclearize in.
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that everyone has for my dad. - [narrator] check out our huge selection of custom t-shirts and more, for teams, businesses, and every occasion. you'll even get free shipping. get started today at eric: a fox news alert of efforts to reunite the families we are told are continuing this weekend. the parents and children who were separated at the border. the trump administration claims it has met the court order deadline on unification. activists are saying hundreds of children still remain in the governments care and are continuing to be separated from their families. garrett tenney is live in the washington bureau with more. can you explain how the administration can say met the deadline while apparently hundreds of kids are still remaining separated from parents? reporter: the key here is that dhs says they reunified every eligible parent with their children. 711 kids are still separated
2:33 pm
because the parent or guardian is not eligible. dhs explained in a statement friday morning saying in part quote - some illegal alien adults are not eligible or available for unification today. including some adults that are not in i.c.e. custody and are in the anterior u.s. or home country. or who have chosen not to be reunited. the ministration will continue to make every effort to reunify eligible adults with their children. so according to dhs, some of the remaining adults are ineligible because they have criminal records and 120 are ineligible because they chose not to be reunited with their children and more than 400 are ineligible because they have already been deported out of the country. in a court filing this week lawyers with the aclu argued some of the parents either misunderstood or written misled by the government and never meant to leave their children in the us. this morning the group tweeted
2:34 pm
some 463 parents were deported without their children. and the government is not even trying to reunite them. dhs denies that and says it will continue to make every effort to reunify the remaining adults and children that are eligible or will try to find family members that can act as guardians for the kids while the court process plays out. eric: in terms of the court process, playing out, what is the timeline for those who are not yet reunified? reporter: it will be a while. one of the big reasons activists and democratic lawmakers are frustrated because did ministration is not given the clear timeline of when and how it plans to do that. some democratic lawmakers are suggesting that some parents and children and never be reunited. in a statement, cortez masto said the lack of accountability in this admission is stunning. there's no plan to reunify those i have been deported without consent and no deadline
2:35 pm
and -- they say will be challenged to track down a lot of the parents who have already been deported and reunite them with their children but they maintain they will do everything they can to make this happen. eric: it would be shocking and outrageous for those if they cannot be reunited.we hope they can do that. alicia: north korea this week releasing what are believed to be the remains of 55 american service members killed in the korean war. vice president mike pence saying in an exclusive interview with maria bartiromo, he will travel to hawaii to attend a repatriation ceremony next week. >> the fact that this president sitting down with kim jong-un to negotiate the complete nuclear station of the korean peninsula also had fallen heroes on his heart. it should tell you everything you need to know about president donald trump. and my wife and i are deeply moved and deeply honored to be able to be there when we bring our boys home.
2:36 pm
alicia: bryan llenas is live in the new york city newsroom with more. reporter: secretary of defense, james mattis suggested the return of 55 cases filled with the possible remains of u.s. soldiers is obviously a gesture of carrying forward the president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un agreed to during the one on one summit on june 12. he also said that while we have no indication that there is anything amiss here, the u.s. government is sending the cases to the laboratory in hawaii where they will be tested to make sure they are in fact humid and are in fact the remains of u.s. service members. yesterday, a c-17 picked up the cases in north korea before landing at the airbase in south korea. where the cases were received with military honors. more than 36,000 americans died in the korean war from 1950 to 1953. of those, 7699 are still
2:37 pm
considered missing in action and of those, 5300 are believed to be somewhere on north korean soil. yesterday marked the 65th anniversary of the end of the korean war and this was an especially poignant day for veterans. >> the importance of this dramatic return today is the sense that we served in the military world war ii and the korean war, will never see one- never leave one of our people behind. >> he said that this is a sign that the presidents summit with the north korean leader, kim jong-un was a success. >> what we are seeing is the fact that former presidents have tried to bring these remains back and failed. it is because of the leadership of president trump. in terms of being able to take a very difficult, complicated
2:38 pm
situation as it is in the case of north korea, work with them in order to ensure we bring back the remains of these men and women. reporter: when asked if he could foresee sending u.s. military personnel into north korea for the first time in years to conduct search missions for remains, james mattis says it is under consideration. absolutely. alicia: thank you. eric: from on the struggle to lieutenant general reese. lieutenant colonel, good to see you. thank you of course for your service. the images of those boxes, the remains draped in the un flag. as you can see there, look at is so poignant and powerful and compelling.and such a vivid reminder of the sacrifice of so many americans who made the ultimate sacrifice. your thoughts as someone who served that they are being returned?
2:39 pm
>> eric, for all veterans from all wars, this is a big day for everyone as we see these mia's coming home. hats off to your father that dealt with these and thanks for service but is to be there for the ministration to be in this phase of negotiations with north korea. eric: thank you, my father flew c 47 's. but you think about negotiations. ledges that stand and do think this is an actual sign of progress or is it merely symbolic on the part of kim jong-un? >> i do. i think one of the things that we as a nation have to do is to be more optimistic. there's so much negativity going on. we have to look at this as a positive step by the north koreans. i know the president is, the secretary of state is. and again, these are small steps that will move us towards hopefully, denuclearization. i believe we just have to be
2:40 pm
optimistic on this but we have to just watch and like i said before, it is crawl, walk, step process. it will not be overnight but at the end of this could be a great thing. eric: on a couple of things you are seeing the air force flight landed south korea with some of the remains. they dismantled one of the ballistic missile sites that may not have been used. and of course another one by the mountain that was a testing site is unusable. what else would you like to see besides the returning of the remains? declaring all the sites, coming clean completely, maybe full accounting the international atomic energy agency. what also they need to do now to show that they are indeed, potentially moving toward the ultimate goal of denuclearization? which many do not believe they will ever do. >> behind the scenes, what's
2:41 pm
going on right now is both the state department, we have to member the south koreans are a big part of this also. and the north koreans, there are staffers in the middle of this every single day working day and night to work these negotiations of what they will do. i would like to see the next step is actually targeted areas, what are those places? we want to see north korea start to dismantle. i would like to see us get inspectors on the ground that we can be there with the north koreans and i think the north koreans that we would share some of our scientific aspects. which we have done in the past with other nations and a quid pro quo that at the same time having the inspectors on the ground so that we can see, report back the intelligence and give our administration and the south koreans an idea of what's going on in north korea with denuclearization. eric: what if they say no? what if they bar american and un inspectors? it is like iran, they barred
2:42 pm
military sets of inspections and you know, guess where you have nuclear search at a nuclear site. what do we do if we run up against that? >> well, we continue to push north korea into the stone age. we continue to keep economic sanctions on them. that we know right now are hurtingthem . their economy is in the tanks. and those sanctions, i've got to believe that after all of these years, leaders in north korea have got to be looking at their people and having concern saying, we have a way to move our country along and get back into the international favor of the world and so, that is something we have to prepare for. the second and third order will come about. it is a process, it will not happen overnight. eric: but finally, you cannot
2:43 pm
have a war. you have millions potentially killed, you cannot have a war, obviously because of the dmz is so close. quickly 10 seconds. >> i do not think, we will never go back to war but it will become a dark spot again. the south koreans and north koreans will continue to go tit-for-tat. it will be a shame. and so i do not think will go to war but the worst case is you put the sanctions on harder and harder, maybe the north koreans will come back to the plate again if we cannot do it. eric: lieutenant colonel, james reese thank you. we thank you for your service. alicia: federal investigators releasing their initial report on last week's deadly duck boat accident in missouri. the tragic final minutes of the boat tour, next. plus, heavy rain and flash flooding hitting parts of the east coast this week. is the worst over now? a live report from the fox weather center just ahead. and it's only on a few categories.
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humid week here on the east coast with flooding affected most of the mid atlantic while dry weather and intense heat continues to make things difficult out west. how long will these patterns stick around? for that we turn to adam in the weather center. adam: will only left a little bit longer. you mentioned the heat out west. we'll talk about that more in a moment. still temperatures right now we're looking at triple digits , still that will be more warm later today. on the east coast we had seen some rain with during the last day or so. you're still looking at temperatures along the southern portion of the country up into the 90s. it is cooling off a little along the east coast exactly where we saw the rain now pushing offshore. continuing to watch the rain push offshore in that particular region. showers moving across the plains states. off to the east in area that could see a lot of rain in the last couple of days, getting at least a brief break. here's what it looks like. the round of very heavy showers that caused some of the flooding now offshore. pay attention to the backside
2:49 pm
of this. unfortunately, there is going to be more rain in some of these areas already got heavy rainfall in the last 24 hours. these are rainfall totals. estimated in the last little bit. what are we looking at? spots up to in the last week as much as 12 inches of rain. some heavier hit spots there in maryland, portions of pennsylvania, other spots as many as eight inches. it will wind down a little bit but we start to pay attention to it. this is the future radar, the initial rain moves offshore than more spotty showers. the good news is i'm not thinking it will hit the same area we saw some of the extreme flooding in pennsylvania. but a decent amount of rain moving up the coast again. here the model forecast as far as that goes, a lot of real heavy rain then bring it to portions of north carolina up into virginia. as you wanted to pennsylvania there will be spots up to 2 to 3 potentially four more inches of rain. the ground is already saturated. it can cause a problem for some of those particular areas. the other story i talked about going into this, the heat in
2:50 pm
the west. it is just going to continue. the forecasted high temperature today spots getting up to 110 degrees, 108 in phoenix. unfortunately, this is going to be lingering. if you're looking for a break and sunday, there is sunday's temperature, monday not much cooler either. folks out west will be dealing with temperatures up to 110 here for the next three days. alicia: thank you, adam. the absolute worst thing for firefighters in california. thank you. eric: there has been a historic move by pope francis. stripping the former archbishop of washington d.c. of his title. amid sexual abuse allegations. we have details on the latest developments coming up. (avo) come with us...
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2:54 pm
>> 33 people are feared dead after a bus fell into a gorge in india. it was carrying employees from an agricultural university when it plunged off the road. as it turns out, india has the world's deadliest roads. more than 110,000 people are killed on indian roads every year. >> breaking news, pope francis
2:55 pm
is making what is seen as an unprecedented move, effectively stripping the former archbishop of washington d.c. theodore - - of his cardinal titles. kitty logan in london has more. >>reporter: the pope formally accepted the resignation and the cardinal is one of the most prominent in the american catholic church. the vatican says the resignation was received on friday. historical allegations of sexual abuse dating back more than 50 years first surfaced in june. one minute claims he was abused as a teenager and another man alleges he forced him into an abusive relationship when he was just 11. the catholic church has been tainted by sex abuse scandals in the past and is now determined to clean up its image. the vatican says the pope wants
2:56 pm
to send a strong message that sexual abuse will not be tolerated. >> what this means is that no matter how important your position or prestigious, when it comes to sex abuse, you will be held accountable. >>reporter: pope francis has ordered him to go into seclusion for a life of prayer while the allegations are looked into. he will initially remain as a priest. the cardinal denies the allegation saying he has no recollection but there will be a full investigation and ultimately a trial held by the catholic church. >> coming up, california officials will give an update on the developing buyers raging out of control. you have the latest right here on the fox news channel. how do you win at business? stay at laquinta. where we're changing with contemporary make-overs.
2:57 pm
then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at who would have guessed? an energy company helping cars emit less. making cars lighter, it's a good place to start, advanced oils for those hard-working parts. fuels that go further so drivers pump less. improving efficiency is what we do best. energy lives here. >> we began with a fox news
2:58 pm
2:59 pm
3:00 pm
alert. raging wildfires in california claiming three more lives as president trump issues and emergency declaration. thousands forced to evacuate as flames destroyed hundreds of buildings and threaten countless more. hello and welcome to a brand-new hour inside "america's news hq". i am alicia acuna.>> good to have you with us this evening here on the fox news channel. i am fox news alert. the fires have been burning up north. that's where the family of a missing 70-year-old woman and her two great-grandchildren,
3:01 pm
that family are confirming they were killed and that wildfire bringing the total to - -. a bulldozer operator was killed earlier this week. the raging fires have sent homeowners understandably scrambling for safety. >> i miss her home. i'm hoping nobody else loses their house or their life. >>eric: jeff paul is on the scene in california. what's the latest on the fire there? >>reporter: authorities just updated us on the car fire in northern california telling us it's split into three different branches as it continues to burn near the city of redding. is showing right now no signs of slowing down. conditions might be getting worse and that the wind gusts are remaining strong. 8000 acres burned with no containment. and has destroyed 5000 structures and 5000 right now
3:02 pm
are being threatened. matter how many times they have fought fires in the past, even veterans say they have never seen anything quite like the car fire.>> i've spoken to folks that have much more experience. every single person i've talked to so far have made the mention i don't know why it's doing what it's doing. uphill, downhill. even if it doesn't have a strong wind, is burning as if it's got a santa ana wind or a strong 70 mph wind. >>reporter: one of the law enforcement officials that spoke during that recent press conference said he's received a dozen or so reports of looting. as a result, they will be beefing up security where that furrier is currently burning. >>eric: it's astounding that people take a vantage by looting. meanwhile, what's going on where you are? >>reporter: we are in the southern area of california. you can probably hear it
3:03 pm
overhead, helicopters right now flying above us as they dump water on those active fires. the cranston fire, 17 percent contained. within the last few hours or so, we definitely started to feel the wind gusts pick up. the firefighters are very concerned about that because of these dry hot conditions. anytime those embers go airborne, it can cause more we come back out here alive, the folks that live in this area are very appreciative of the efforts of both firefighters and law enforcement out here. we passed by one restaurant giving out free meals. making sure those officials, those authorities have at least a few minutes of peace when they take a break. which as you can imagine, they haven't been taking many out here. >>eric: it's a tough, arduous and cooling duty in those temperatures beone . >>alicia: for more on how the
3:04 pm
fires are affecting firefighters efforts we turn to - - in the extreme weather center. just very dry out there. we are talking about california, but take a look at this. each one of these individual fire icons, this is greater than 100 acres. 76 burning currently. dangerous fire weather conditions in the next couple days. anywhere you're looking in the highlighted red area means the humidity is really low. the conditions are hot and on top of that there's enough wind to add concern for some of these fires spreading. we are seeing these larger fires stretching to the north within areas of southern oregon and washington as well. further to the east, a large area there, through portions of nevada into colorado. all spots where there are fibers currently burning and will continue to spread due to these weather conditions.
3:05 pm
besides just being dry, it is incredibly hot. he advises will continue within the next couple days. southern california, stretching to nevada and running all the way up the west coast. these are advisories, watches and warnings. some of these places getting up to feel like temperatures to triple digits, around 105. dry conditions only add to the possibility of these fires spreading over the next couple days. what kind of temperatures are we talking about? phoenix will get up to 108. southern california, death valley, getting up to 122 degrees. other areas in northern california, 109 degrees in redding. staying dry and that continues into sunday with temperatures again running close to 109-110 degrees. that lingers into monday and that will continue into the next several days.
3:06 pm
it's not just that area dealing with hot conditions, also dealing with dry conditions. we have seen showers pop up in these mountainous areas but they are up-and-down californi . some of the areas where the fibers are the biggest, unfortunately, it is staying dry and will sell for a little while longer. >>alicia: the northwest has not gotten a break and we are just in july. >>eric: the possible remains of 55 american servicemembers have been released by north korea and will soon be on their way home to american soil. vice president mike pence sang in an exclusive interview that he will travel to hawaii next week to attend that very special and important repatriation ceremony. >> the fact that this president sitting down with kim jong-un to negotiate the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula also had our fallen
3:07 pm
heroes on his heart. should tell you everything you need to know about president trump. my wife and i are deeply moved and deeply honored to be able to be there when we bring our boys home. >>eric: - - is more in our newsroom with more on this. so deeply meaningful, especially for the families for those who have been mia all these many decades. >>reporter: last month, by sending 55 cases of remains with u.s. troops that died in the korean war. president trump yesterday said this is a sign that their summit was a success. yesterday a c-17 landed in north korea to pick up these remains that landed at boson airbase in south korea. they were met with military honors. more than 36,000 americans died on the korean peninsula from
3:08 pm
1950-1953. of those, 7699 are still listed as mia. - - are still believed to be on north korean soil. the handover of remains came on the - - anniversary of the korean war. a poignant day for veterans. >> military personnel dies or parishes in another land, fighting for a cause. he should be brought home. no matter what it cost and what consequences, he should be brought home. >>reporter: defense secretary jim mattis says is under consideration for military personnel to go into north korea to conduct search missions for remains. >>eric: that would be amazing if that indeed does happen. what's the next step for these remains? >>reporter: they will be flown to hawaii to be tested
3:09 pm
forensically. vice president mike pence will be there for the ceremony august 1. jim mattis said this about the testing quote, we have no indication that anything is amiss, but we don't know. that's why we go through all of the forensics. last year, i visited dover air force base where much of the dna is tested. now during dna testing that will take the dna of remains and compared to a databank. for a lot of these 7699 soldiers missing in action, there is no dna to compare. so officials are using family members, brothers, sisters, even second and third cousins to help compare to identify these other missing soldiers. thanks to advancements made in dna testing since 2010, they are identifying more and more remains thanks to samples coming from these extended
3:10 pm
family members. >>eric: that is wonderful that the pentagon continues that effort. >>alicia: for more on this, lieutenant don kramer joins us now. he's a former navy intelligence officer and iraq war veteran. thank you for joining us and thank you very much for your service. before we get into the nitty-gritty, i want to ask you one question. i notice that there weren't american flags draped over these cases, can you explain why that is?>> what you saw were nato flags and the reason for that is not only did they not forces fight in north and south korea, but also our allies. until we go through the arduous task of testing, we don't know. these could be u.s. forces, they could be korean or our allies. >>alicia: makes sense. this move hits at the heart of americans. to see something many of these
3:11 pm
families of the fallen soldiers never thought they'd see. what does it do in terms of relations with the united states when what this country is asking for is denuclearization? how does this help? >> it's a good first step. in any relationship, you have to build a rapport.have to test the water if you will be so it's a lot about trust which is give and take. the first thing we did is we start our exercises. then the next step was that there was no more testing by the north koreans. third step, were getting remains back. so so let's see if it continues to build and see if we can finally get to that point. >>alicia: president trump thanked kim jong-un for quote, fulfilling a promise and that he is sure he will continue to fulfill his promises. is the president putting himself out there with leadership has shown to be one not to be trusted? >> as i said previously, it takes a lot of steps to build
3:12 pm
trust. i think the best part is for everyone to remain positive. it's a good thing. let's take this for what it is. 55 cases came back to u.s. soil. i think that's something we should celebrate and be happy about that, especially for the family members of the fallen. >>alicia: the president's rhetoric on north korea has made members of both parties very nervous, internationally before the meeting in singapor , and wonder what to think. take a listen to what the president has to say about that. >> i think a lot of good things will happen. without that rhetoric, and without the sanctions and all of the other things we've been doing, nothing could have happened. now you read where their dismantling nuclear areas. they've already blown up nuclear areas. they took down the propaganda that was all over north korea. >>alicia: your thoughts on that.
3:13 pm
>> we've certainly come a long way from the tweets of little rocket man so let's be proud of that. it's steps. i think the rhetoric works but most important, the sanctions work. kim's economy, his country are hurting. the sanctions are working. he needs to reach out not only to the u.s. but to our allies to see how he can improve the lives of his fellow citizens. >>alicia: pyongyang has an established history of what appears to be going down a diplomatic road only to vanish and return to its threatening ways. mike pompeo recently said americans need to be patient but that you the united states won't let it drag on forever. what is the message to pyongyang and the nuclear station and how will the u.s. backup if things drag on? >> i think you'll see an increase in the sanctions if things drag on but i also think we need to be patient. if you think just yesterday, the 65th anniversary of the
3:14 pm
armistice. that took 188 meetings to get to the armistice, two and half years just to get to that. inf treaties with the soviet union, that took over a decade. things do not happen overnight and i think we should allow the process to take its steps. trust the people at the state department and pentagon and the workers working continuously behind this is to get us to that next step. >>alicia: are you expecting the north koreans to ask anything in return for these 55 servicemembersshould we be cautious and see this as may be a negotiating tool ? >> absolutely. who knows what they've already asked for. during that private meeting, there could have been already discussions made. there's been many meetings since then so maybe this has already been done. let's look at the steps and let it happen. i'm sure it's negotiating, i'm
3:15 pm
sure we would do the exact same thing if we were in his spot. >>alicia: this is just a portion of what is still there. you have hope that we will be able to retrieve those other servicemembers? >> i think we should always have hope. when i was enlisted, i had the privilege of being an honor guard. part of the summer is that lay our fallen to rest whether there from active duty injury or family members. i think that closure is so important as we bring our family members home that you have to have hope. i think that final piece of putting their loved ones to rest. you are right, we had more than 5000 remains still missing just in north korea. maybe we can send some of our folks from pearl harbor to do more investigations. for the families that lost those loved ones, let's give them hope and hope we can do this. >>alicia: very good point. thank you for joining us today.
3:16 pm
>>eric: flames ripped through a motel overnight living when family gripped in unimaginable grief. what we are now learning about that deadly fire. plus, president trump planning to hit the road to help republicans in the upcoming midterms. we will take a look at the political prognostication straight ahead when we return. i'm ray and i quit smoking with chantix. i tried cold turkey, i tried the patch.
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xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. children were killed when a massive fire erupted at a motel in michigan early this morning. the children ranged in age from 2-10 years old. the woman's husband and another child survived. eight other people including for first responders were treated for smoke inhalation and released from the hospital. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> i am going to work very hard. i will go 6-7 days a week when were 60 days out and i will be campaigning for all of these great people that do have a difficult race. we think we bring them over the line. >>eric: that is president trump as he prepares to hit the
3:21 pm
campaign trail later this week. many of the most competitive races it turns out our districts where the president remains unpopular, according to the polls. will this hurt or help the chances of those republicans? - - joins us. john, the president heading out on the stump. tuesday will be in tampa campaigning for - - was running for governor of florida. when he shows up in those districts that are mixed, that certainly will help republicans but will that also energized democrats and cause a boomerang? >> that is certainly the risk on sending the president out on an aggressive plan. he is the leader of the party. other folks will weigh in. the rnc chairwoman, john kelly, mitch mcconnell and paul ryan will have a say. i would assume kevin mccarthy
3:22 pm
looks like possibly the - -. there are more cooks in this kitchen and deciding what this plan may be. he can say this for months out that he wants to be on the trail 6-7 days a week but, you did allude to what the risk is. the president will fire up that conservative base that he plays to every day. he wants to keep them engaged. wants to keep them active. he wants them to turn out because this will be a turnout midterm election. but the risk is that the president's presence in these districts and states, again hillary clinton won a lot of these places. it will fire up the democratic base. it is not popular in a lot of these places. a lot of his policies like on immigration, the tax cuts , they are not popular there.
3:23 pm
his hard-core immigration line especially. when you watch the presidents rallies, he hits the immigration message hard. that could fire up democrats. if the turnout goes the other way, then the president and republicans could be in big trouble. >>eric: historically, midterms goes against the party in power and the white house. so the democrats are ahead. so what does he do? the report say he told john kelly take 25 of the most vulnerable republican candidates. i will campaign for them. what exactly would they be looking at? >> i think they will study the polls very hard. they will also look at other races in and around those districts. if there are other republican candidates, governor races, senate races. so there will be other republican candidates who may be attractive to some of the swing voters. that's really what we are
3:24 pm
talking about. what we're talking about our white women, suburban white women. the president won white women last time over hillary clinton by 19 points nationally. if you look now at polling, that has flipped and flipped dramatically. it's a big problem for the president and republican candidates. white women now prefer democratic candidates by 20 points.that's a 40 point swing and 18-19 months. >>eric: what do you think that could mean? you've got 42 open republican seats. >> it could manger looking at speaker nancy pelosi to be be very blunt. it's a math problem. it is a problem for the president and the white house and republicans. his message doesn't really - - there's a disconnect here.
3:25 pm
they're talking about creating jobs. the president goes out and he says we've created a lot of jobs already. these republican candidates aren't really talking about the economy as something that's booming. we just on the president yesterday come out and take what amounted to a victory lap. and he deserved to take a victory lap. the economy is in good shape. gdp by 4.1 percent in the last quarter. so the president is feeling great about the economy but republican candidates, and these close districts, they don't want to overpromise. they don't want to say the economy is booming in case growth slows next quarter. in case job creation numbers which have been strong, if that flows between now and election day, and republican candidates are saying, taking ownership of
3:26 pm
the economy where the president did yesterday.then they can be in big trouble. even though the economy has been growing faster under president trump, there's still a lot of worry out there in america. >>eric: what if it continues? that's something they can certainly claim as a tremendous victory. >> that is certainly something to watch. if the economy continues to grow and job numbers continue to continue on a positive trajectory. i think it's safe to say republicans are going to talk about the economy and take ownership of it. >>eric: reince priebus, he knows something about polls. he looks at it the other way but he says the president's approval numbers are terrific and he's putting up that wall against the blue wave. here's what he had to say. >> without this good news, the president's approval number was anywhere from 8-13 points higher today than it was on election day when he won. so when he won, the president was at 37 percent. today he's anywhere from 45-50,
3:27 pm
the approval numbers alone are problematic for them. >>eric: he sang the president's approval numbers are terrific but he's not running for congress. >> i think what he's getting at is what folks will tell a pollster on the phone and what they actually do when they go vote. we definitely saw that last time. the polls were not correct. they had hillary clinton winning and winning fairly comfortably. that of course did not happen. so the republican officials are banking on the same thing happening here. that he has longer coattails than the polls show. democrats are worried about that. >>eric: i will ask you to make a prediction, what do you think will happen when it comes to the house?
3:28 pm
>> i don't get into the prediction business but this is an uphill fight for the president and republicans. i am somewhat skeptical that this will be a blue tidal wave. i don't think it is going to be maybe the washout others think. to be sure, the president and vice president mike pence and other republicans do have a lot of work to do to minimize the damage. >>eric: the democrats have gotten some women, veterans and more moderate conservative candidates and some of these swing districts. so they've got a secret sauce going on. >> that's right, in these competitive races, you won't be surprised to learn that the candidates don't sound that differently. they have to kind of tilt to the center and what they're talking about. again, there's a lot of talk about jobs, a lot of talk about
3:29 pm
how to preserve the health care system. obamacare, more americans support keeping it and fixing it then repealing and replacing. it's like 48-40 in most polls. that's what these candidates and these close districts are talking about. there aren't big ideological differences. they are very close. when the president lands on air force one and he gets behind the podium, it's a very different message than what republican candidates are delivering. it's too early to say how that disconnect will resonate. but if the economy continues to be strong, i look for some of these republican candidates to inch closer to the president. >>eric: we will see if that turns out. thank you for joining us tonight. >>alicia: president trump blasting his former personal attorney's claim that he knew about a meeting at tower in
3:30 pm
2016 with a russian lawyer. how this has turned into a battle of credibility. plus supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh prepared to meet with joe mansion. what can we expect as other democrats and voice their opposition? with less of the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors. and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. it's league night!? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico! goin' up the country. bowl without me. frank.' i'm going to get nachos. snack bar's closed. gah! ah, ah ah. ♪
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♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. >> a fox news alert, president
3:32 pm
3:33 pm
3:34 pm
trump firing back at allegations from michael cohen who claims he knew in advance about a 2016 trump tower meeting between members of his campaign and a russian attorney promising dirt on hillary clinton. this comes days after michael cohen leaked a recording of a conversation between him and president trump discussing attainment to a playboy model that alleged an affair with donald trump. >>reporter: michael cohen is now claiming his boss approved the infamous trump tower meeting that's become a feature
3:35 pm
in the robert mueller probe. the meeting included donald trump jr., paul manafort, jared kushner and kremlin lawyer natalia - -. the president took to twitter saying, i did not know of the meeting with my son don junior. sounds to me like someone's trying to make up stories to get himself out of an unrelated jam. his son has long insisted that his father had no knowledge of this meeting. >> it was such a nothing. there was nothing to tell. i wouldn't have even remembered it before we began scouring through the stuff. >>reporter: this claim comes days after someone leaked a recording of a conversation between him and president trump about hush money paid to a playboy model. now the president's inner circle is speaking out painting and unflattering portrait of cohen. >> number one, he's lied to people about taking them. not only that, he went through
3:36 pm
- - to do if you like a little game which shows how pathological he is. >>reporter: the trial of paul manafort will kick off in arlington, virginia. insiders anticipate insiders also will be asked about this meeting. >>alicia: gillian turner, thank you. >>eric: republicans believe there in prime position to pick up a seat in indiana. joe donnelly is facing a tough reelection against his opponent, mike braun. they say it could come down to who supports the supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh. - - with more. >>reporter: and dnsindiana's in - - [indiscernible]. and the will of hoosier voters
3:37 pm
who voted overwhelmingly by 19 points in favor of president trump. >> i think it's tough when you belong to a party like joe does what he'd like to vote otherwise but he's got to check with chuck schumer on every vote. >>reporter: donnelly voting for cavanaugh would not come as a complete surprise. he is a pro-life democrat. now he's under pressure. to do the same for brett kavanaugh. >> senator joe donnelly,will he caved to the extreme left or confirm a supreme justice and protect our rights . >>reporter: conservative radio host as his listeners want donnelly to give cavanaugh an unbiased look. >> people are tired of the vitriol. when you hear the democrats come out and say, we are against this guy without knowing he is. >>reporter: with the race in neck in that, voters think
3:38 pm
donnelly will need to cast the friendly vote. >> i think you have to disappoint his party and vote in favor of the nominee and then we will see where the chips fall. >>reporter: donnelly thus far has not been to middlesaying we will he will take the same approach adding that he quote, will carefully review and consider the record and qualifications of judge brett kavanaugh. most senate democrats have been refusing a meeting demanding republicans produce paperwork about his past before hand. senator donnelly scheduled one anyhow. in indiana, fox news. >>alicia: another red state democrat feeling pressure to vote forsupreme president trump supreme court pick. joe manchin will meet with brett kavanaugh on monday, so what can we expect?let's bring in our lyrical panel.
3:39 pm
- - has worked on campaigns for newt gingrich, mitt romney and ben carson. and then kissel is a radio talkshow host and commentator. thank you gentlemen for joining us. ben, i want to start with you. why is senator joe manchin taking this meeting? >> i think he's probably going to do the exact same thing regarding neil gorsuch. i think he will support brett kavanaugh the way he did neil gorsuch and i wouldn't be supplies to if donnelly and the - - can't out of north dakota does the same thing. right now, the democrats are like a football team taking the field with eight players going against a team with a full squad and i don't see how they will stop this. i would like to point out, i believe the confirmation of brett kavanaugh should wait until after the mueller investigation because it's a total conflict of interest if they do decide to indict donald trump to have brett kavanaugh decide that case i think is something the american people don't want to see.
3:40 pm
>>alicia: i want to get your thoughts on senator joe manchin but in regards to the mueller investigation, we don't know how long this will last. >> to talk about joe manchin first, as previously stated, you have three senators that did vote for neil gorsuch and i'm certain they will vote for brett kavanaugh pretty soon. i think democrats are running a fools errand by trying to convince every senator to vote against this guy without sitting down with him as a conservative, i hope they do play this game because they are guaranteed that republicans will increase our majority in the senate. as it pertains to the mueller investigation, i do not think we should wait to vote, that investigation will come to an end whenever it does. the president needs to do his job and the senators need to do their job by confirming someone that is obviously qualified. >>alicia: go ahead. >> when it comes to the mueller
3:41 pm
investigation, it's interesting to have a supreme court nominee chosen by president trump was publicly said a sitting president cannot be indicted. this is not an accident.this is a character trait and quality that donald trump likes and i think it's a conflict of interest. >> that's not accurate. you're talking about a statement brett kavanaugh made in the 90s and he several years later said, during that time, my legal thinking and understanding was slightly different but i have since changed. that's not a logical or fair argument to make. >> i think it is fair to make in regards to why did donald trump choose him. >> because of his qualifications. >> there are many other judges that are highly qualified. >>. [indiscernible] >> i think he's more conservative than justice kennedy. at this point, there are a lot of things that are at risk,
3:42 pm
specifically a lot of rights when it comes to choice. it's a very big supreme court nomination and unfortunate, because it's a simple majority, i don't think the democrats have a lot of ground. >>alicia: i did want to mention, vice president mike pence was talking to - - about this. the interview will be airing's what he had to say. >> judge brett kavanaugh has met judicial philosophy. he is a proven record. that's what the president made this nomination about. that's the message we will carry to republicans and democrats in the senate.we remain confident that before the fall is out, that judge brett kavanaugh will be justice brett kavanaugh.>>alicia: i will let you comment on that. >> as a conservative, we want someone to uphold the constitution, the law. the law is blind on race and
3:43 pm
socioeconomics. i have no reason to believe brett kavanaugh will do just that. >>alicia: thank you for the conversation. >>eric: the trump administration says immigrant families are being reunited but reports say some may never be. this as there is no pushback on the zero tolerance policy. we will have new reaction on this saturday from lawmakers and on the progress, next. i've got to tell you something important. it's not going to be easy. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. actually, that's super easy. my bad.
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3:48 pm
children may never be reunited with their parents. - - with the very latest on how that progress is going. >>reporter: the - - says every eligible child to be reunited. some children are in eligible for a variety of reasons but some have a criminal record but a majority of parents were deemed ineligible because they have already been deported. the aclu is slamming the administration for allowing that to happen tweeting this morning, some 463 parents were deported without their children and the government isn't even trying to reunite them. according to dhs, 120 parents chose not to be reunited with their children before returning home. in a court filing, lawyers with the aclu argued some of those parents either misunderstood or were misled and never meant to leave their children in the
3:49 pm
u.s. and aquatic lawmakers are suggesting some parents and children may never be reunited. in a statement - - said in part, there appears to be no plan to reunite children with parents where already been deported and no guidelines as to how this administration is deciding who is eligible and who is not.dhs says it will continue to make every effort to reunify the remaining adults and children who are eligible or find family members who can act as guardians while the court process plays out. so this initial court battle may be over but this issue is far from being settled. >>eric: absolutely not. >>alicia: a historic move by pope francis stripping the former archbishop of washington d.c. of his title under sex abuse allegations against him. details next.
3:50 pm
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are you ready to take your then you need xfinity xfi.? a more powerful way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. memorial service was held this morning for the texas doctor who once treated former president george h.w. bush. the doctor was shot last week while he was riding his bicycle to the texas medical center. investigators say he was likely targeted and police are asking people to look through their security camera footage for any images of the gunman. as of now, there apparently is no suspect.
3:54 pm
pope francis accepting retired american cardinal theodore mccaric's offer to resign from the college of cardinals, as the former washington, d.c. archbishop faces sex abuse allegations. kitty logan is in london with the details. kitty. >> reporter: the pope formally accepted the resignation on saturday. the cardinal is one of the the most prominent in the church. the resignation letter was received on friday. historical allegations of sexual abuse date back more than 50 years, first surfaced in june. one man claims mccaric abused him when he was a teenager. another man alleges mccaric forced him into an abusive relationship when he was 11. dithe catholic church was taintd by sex abuse scandals in the past. they're now determined to clean up their image. the vet can says the pope wants to send a strong message that sexual abuse will not be tolerated. >> what this means is no matter
3:55 pm
how important your position, when it comes to sex abuse, you're going to be held accountable. >> reporter: the pope has for now ordered mccaric to go into seclusion for a life of prayer while the allegations are looked into. he will initially remain as a priest. the cardinal denies the initial allegations, saying he has no recollection of it. there will be a full investigation and ultimately a trial held by the catholic church. alyssa. >> thank you. from strong economic numbers to starred link new allegations from michael cohen, it's been quite a roller coaster for the president. we'll take a look at this week, we'll have that coming up on the fox report. belly fat: the chili pepper sweat-out. not cool.
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4:00 pm
and go in the canoe in the lake. you lived in bakersfield. >> i lived there for 10 months. that's where i started my television. >--television career. jon: president trump ending an up and down newsweek on a celebratory note, touting the best economic growth in nearly four years. good evening, i'm jon scott. this is the fox report. president trump and his cabinet taking a victory lap friday, appearing on the south lawn one hour after the commerce department announced the economy grew by 4.1% in the second quarter. the president is insisting this is just the beginning. ahead of the midterms, vulnerable republicans hope he is right. this despite some economists arguing the growth was sparked by short-term factors including a rush to buy american crops before the president's tariffs take evidence ebbing. the white house -- take effect. the white house maintains


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