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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  July 30, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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that long conversation with the former mayor? >> the president's team saw there were issues with what rudy said on tv this morning and had him call it in and we hashed it out. >> you think those issues were rectified? >> somewhat. here's harris. >> i'm going to ask her question but we're going to move on. the big news that news on "outnumbered." up trump ramped up his attacks on robert mueller and what appears to be his harshest criticism yet. we just heard from rudy guliani. fresh information to go through now, this is "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. the president ripped robert mueller claiming he has numerous conflicts of interest including what he describe as the very nasty business relationship.
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he also went after the investigation itself with a tweet. there's no collusion. the robert mueller rigged witch hunt headed now be 17 increased from 13 including an obama white house attorney, angry democrats, started by a fraudulent dossier, paid for by crooked hillary and the dnc. therefore, the witch hunt is an illegal scam. meanwhile, rudy guliani now says it's unlikely president trump will sit down for a voluntary interview. here i am with him he moments ago. >> two things. no on a sit-down until we get ironed out what they want to do. the process is we have five co-counsel, senior people. we'll advise the president. he decides. he was always leaned in favor of doing it. >> harris: what are you telling him? >> right now i'm telling him, no way. >> as a politician or a lawyer? >> as a lawyer.
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>> harris: john roberts now on the north lawn. great to see you and healthy, sir. let's start off with the last hour of television with rudy guliani and we can catch everybody up quickly. he said some things twice in interviews on this network today that seemed to show a shift. i want to get your terminology for what we first heard and now what we just heard. >> good to be back, by the way, harris. good to see you. we've been talking to guliani and his outside team for weeks. i developed some information that while there's discussions going on between the president's outside attorneys and robert mueller, that those talks don't seem to be going anywhere and the greater likelihood is that very soon, because a decision is about to be made, i'm told maybe within the next week or two weeks that the president and his legal team will tell robert mueller no, we're not going to
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sit down for an interview. there seems to be a growing consensus among the president's legal team on that ultimately as rudy guliani reported no, don't do it. the reasons are many fold. the president's attorneys don't believe that robert mueller has made a compelling case as to why he needs to interview the president and given all the news recently about how the mueller investigated was initiated, there's no desire on the part of the president's legal team to have him sit down in what could be a perjury trap. as you mentioned at the top, the president revving up his attacks on mueller and the investigation a flurry of tweet saying is robert mueller ever going to release his conflict of interest with respect to president trump, including fact that we had a nasty an contentious business relationship? i turned him down to head the fbi one day before his appointment to special counsel and comey is his personal
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friend? why is he appointing only angry dems? why isn't mueller looking at the criminal activity and real russian collusion on the democrat side, the podesta dossier? at the same time, the president is trying a tried and true tactic about his former personal attorney, michael cohen. we have the news that rudy guliani was talking about regarding the recording, possibly one other recording what they're doing is shredding cohen's credibility so anything he says or tells robert mueller, if he does an interview with him is suspect. guliani also suggesting that cohen's taping of the president and other people shows an absolute lack of ethics, going so far to call him on "fox and friends" this morning a scoundrel. listen here. >> there's numeral recordings of other people having to do with
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trump, the trump organization. to give you an idea what a scoundrel he was. i didn't know this about him. up until a month ago, two months ago, i said nice things about him. my opinion turned on a dime when i found out he's a lawyer recording his client. that's a disbarable offense. >> harris, on the mueller interview, when the president's attorneys tell mueller no, there will not be an interview with the president, mueller could issue a subpoena to try to compel the president to sit down and testify. the president's outside attorneys are confident that mueller won't pull that rabbit out of his hat. >> harris: and what rudy guliani described on "outnumbered" more than once, michael cohen is a scoundrel, what he said is there's 183 unique recordings. of them, there's about 12 that are on point with certain issues and topics and legalities. he pointed out there's a
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journalist on the recordings. we'll watch to see how this unfolds. we knew some of this but not in detail. chris cuomo, in a lengthy conversation, we understand, with michael cohen as well. it was described as rudy guliani by being -- i want to find my notes on that -- possibly as long as two hours. >> yeah. >> harris: two hours, the recording. what he says is once all of this comes out, because it can't now, but once it comes out and the public can hear those 12 or so recordings that are on top of substance, the president will be vindicated. one question i'd ask rudy guliani and his guests, what does rudy guliani consider the definition of collusion to be? my question is what is the white house saying after that extended interview with rudy guliani the last hour with us? >> i haven't had an opportunity to talk to anybody about it because i just came out here just as it was ending. i'm sure we'll get a chance to
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ask the president during the press conference. one of the questions will be, can you say here and now can you say you will not sit down with robert mueller. stay tuned. >> harris: absolutely. if you get anything, come back. we'll make room for you always. glad to see you. >> thank you. good to be here. >> harris: my first guest, hans is a senior legal fellow at the heritage foundation and former doj official. a handy guy to have along on a day like this. were you able to watch rudy guliani in the last hour with the team of "outnumbered"? >> yeah, i had you on. i always watch you in my lunch hour. >> harris: thank you. let's start with you can of an idea of a definition for collusion. rudy guliani wanted to clear the record, he wanted to get correction on live with us on "outnumbered." he absolutely believes there's no evidence that the president had any collusion with russia or his campaign team. if there were any collusion
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anywhere, it would not be illegal. your thoughts. >> if you want to go to the definition of collusion, you go to the letmer may when rod rosenstein appointed robert mueller and gave him his mandate. the letter is not very long. he is supposed to investigate whether the trump campaign or any of its officials worked with the russian government or agents of the russian government to somehow manipulate the election. look, it's been more than a year of mueller investigating and guliani is right. so far he hasn't turned up any evidence of collusion. all of the indictments that he's released have had nothing to do with his original mandate, which is russia collusion between the trump campaign and the russian government. >> harris: the department of justice, your former employer, as you think about where we are
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in this, what are you looking for legally to move forward? there's been some talk on "outnumbered" whether the investigation is ramping up, heating up, cooling down. rudy guliani says it has a natural feeling of an ending. >> look, after 1 1/2 years and the tens of millions of dollars they've spent, they pretty much talked right to everybody they could have talked to and interviewed that might have known something about this. like i said, so far no evidence of any kind of collusion. so unless there's some kind of surprise witness that we don't know about with solid evidence, it would seem like they're coming to the end of their investigation. >> harris: hans, it was a moment of levity when rudy guliani said we hear on your air that it would be a bad idea for the
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president to sit down with robert mueller. what do you say about the president sitting down with robert mueller and what would the conditions for you for that to happen? >> well, look, if i was his private attorney, i would tell him not to sit down with mueller. mueller has no evidence of any kind to support the original mandate that he was given. what is the point of the president speaking to him? there isn't one, particularly because, remember, mueller is operating under the rules of the justice department and the long-held opinion of the justice department is that no sitting president can be indicted or criminally charged. so even if mueller mad evidence, he would not be able to do anything with it while donald trump is president. again, today, he's got no such evidence. so why talk to him? >> harris: it's great to get a former member of the doj to tell us about that rule and remind us. my big question is, what is this really about? what would censorship look like?
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i'll talk about that coming up. thanks, hans. always a pleasure. >> thanks for having me. >> harris: okay. chief political anchor bret baier is on deck with us today. bret, fascinating interview with rudy guliani calling in to our program last hour. really taking every question. there was some meat left on the bone that i want to cover with you, if you will. guliani said look, the political climate has changed for this president. rewind three months, a raid on michael cohen's office, the i.g. report by horowitz maybe beating up on the hillary clinton campaign and a natural ending that he feels. what is your take on the political climate changing for the president with regard to the russia investigation? >> well, harris, first of all, good job on the interview. all of you asked some pressing questions. i think that that call was in part to be a cleanup on aisle
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five on previous interviews which it seems like rudy guliani was moving the goal posts as far as what the president believed or what collusion was or was it a crime. he wanted to clean that up to make it clear. >> harris: you think he cleaned it up? >> listen, he said if there was collusion, it wouldn't be a crime. but there's not collusion, so he wanted to make sure that got out there. you know, technically he's right. the crime in statute -- i talked to james comey on special report about this -- is not collusion. it's conspiracy to work with a foreign power to steal an election. there's a number of technical ways to get to a crime there. the second thing that i thought was fascinating is the second trump tower meeting that comes out of the blue from rudy guliani, preempting what i guess he thinks that cohen is going to
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say to some reporter saying that that didn't happen and trump wasn't there. so i thought it was fascinating the way it involved in that interview. >> harris: i asked him point blank, why are you answering questions that haven't been asked. he told me that as you have said, there's something coming down the pike and before it all hits because the public can't be privy to the 12 out of 183 pertinent recordings yet to what was on them. since he knows what's coming down the pike, he begins to tell us things that cohen is wrong, there wasn't a second meeting. the contemporaneous leadership with the campaign, the top tier that he talked about, certainly wasn't holding the meeting. if there were a meeting, the president wasn't there. >> you need a white board. >> i have one. >> the bottom line is this. the original thing that was said is that the president didn't
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know about the meeting in trump tower. that's what don jr. testified to. now there's some debate whether he did or didn't know. rudy guliani said he didn't attend the meeting. now there's talk of a second meeting. now we have to sift through that and see where that is. the next thing is this manafort trial starts tomorrow. i think you're going to start to see some of -- at least that piece of the mueller probe unfolding before our eyes about what they're trying to do or pinch paul manafort as far as getting him to testify. >> harris: it is interesting. you know, rudy guliani said that he was talking about that second meeting when he said that the president was not there. again, telegraphing information that is coming down the pike that we're not privy to. and we followed up on that
10:15 am
point. it was information that we didn't have yet about a meeting that apparently did not happen. but i want to move on to this aspect of what guliani said. five co-counsel but it's the president's decision. back to that political landscape now that seems to be shifting. what is the reporting on that? >> i think john roberts has some really good sources telling him there's a strong lean that the president is not going to sit down with robert mueller. >> harris: guliani says it won't happen. >> that tells you everything you need to know. then it becomes this loggerhead, whether mueller is going to push forward and test the constitutional bounds of whether the president cannot answer and if mueller files a subpoena, where that heads. likely to the supreme court. >> harris: it's so interesting what robert mueller has right now is no path to indictment
10:16 am
according to the doj expert that i just had on, hans, saying there's no direct line based on the evidence he's seen thus far. if you put it in the category of the president pushing into the subpoena, now you're into legal ground and gets tricky. >> and tricky for the mid-terms. it comes as important 99 days out that this president holds on to both chambers of congress. >> harris: want to get back on the record with this, too. i don't know if you caught it, but in that conversation with rudy guliani, apparently there's a recording of michael cohen making the decision to stop recording on another device and stick that in his desk. where are we going with this one might wonder. bret baier, the last word from you. >> let me say there's a lot to the michael cohen story that is yet to play out. you'll see trumps lawyers push for disbarment or whatever they're going to do to question his credibility.
10:17 am
a quick pitch. i'm going to interview the italian prime minister today after his meeting with president trump. so there could be some interesting tidbits from that. >> harris: ciao to jessipi. president trump is expected to get questions about some of the material that we just covered with his personal attorney, rudy guliani. we'll take you there live. and red state senator joe manchin is the first democratic senator to meet with brett kavanaugh. it happens today. what will that look like? will manchin and other vulnerable democrats get behind the president's choice? stay close. (man) managing my type 2 diabetes wasn't my top priority.
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10:22 am
most other members of the democrat party are refusing to meet with the judge as they ramp up demand to see all of his documents from past jobs including when he worked with the george w. bush white house. mike emanuel has more details. mike? >> harris, good afternoon to you. certainly brett kavanaugh would like democratic support. manchin is a possibility. manchin has head meetings to get his colleagues take. meanwhile, democratic leadership is pushing for more documentation from when kavanaugh worked in the george w. bush white house. >> this is one of the most important positions in the world. we need to know everything. not just some of the stuff and some of the stuff the white house wants us to know but everything. >> some republicans see that as
10:23 am
a stall tactic. >> i think when he was associate counsel to the president, his 200 opinions are very important. but chuck, to go on a fishing expedition to millions of documents that he had nothing substantive to say about is a mistake. >> now kentucky senator rand paul says he's a yes after meeting judge kavanaugh and reviewing his record. i decided to support his nomination. i believe he will carefully adhere to the constitution and will take his job to protect individual liberties seriously. fellow republican senators now sound quite confident. >> when it comes to brett kavanaugh, i have zero doubt he will be on the supreme court before the end of october. he's highly qualified, well-deserving. we're going to break the back of every democratic effort to stop
10:24 am
this good man from being on the supreme court. >> many republicans believe it's not a question of if judge kavanaugh will be confirmed but when, maybe just a few weeks before the mid-term elections. harris? >> harris: quickly before i let you go. are there any republicans that would put this in jeopardy that we know of? >> not everybody is on the record saying they're a yes but a lot of people are sounding like they're getting there, waiting for his hearing here on capitol hill before the judiciary committee. so far, no red flags going up in terms of republicans leaning no on kavanaugh. >> harris: red flags for the democrats who may have to fall on a plastic fork for their party. mike emanuel, thank you. >> thank you. >> harris: roman martinez was a former clerk to brett kavanaugh. thank you for your time today. >> thanks for having him. >> harris: are there any surprises that you think democrats would find in terms of your former boss that might get
10:25 am
them to vote yes for him? >> you know, i think, harris, one of the interesting things we've seen the last few weeks is efforts but a few senators to try to demonize judge kavanaugh. senator schumer has said before the pick was made that he would oppose anyone that president trump picked. senator booker compared voting for kavanaugh to being complicit with evil. there's going to be a lot of wonderful surprises in the record because the record is outstanding. judge kavanaugh has been a judge for 12 years on the d.c. circuit. written 300 opinions, been vindicated by the supreme court 13 times. when people take a close look, he stands for individual liberty and faithfully applying the constitution and doesn't impose his own views on what the law is. >> harris: roman, you join a distinguished group of people that have clerked for kavanaugh
10:26 am
and have had fabulous careers. were you aware always of how he would vote or what his politics were? >> you know, one of the nice things about clerking for judge kavanaugh is the extent to which he brought his clerks in to the discussion process to decision making process. he would want to look at every brief, read every law review article and check the precedent and encourage his clerks to debate the issues in front of him and with him. what i was impressed by, his open-mindedness, fairness and attention and care that he gave to every litigant in every case, whether a big case or small case. that's the kind of thing that will make him a great supreme court justice. >> harris: one of the things the democrats have criticized him about, they want to get their hands on every document. we can talk about that in moments. they question whether or not he would be legally separate enough from the president as you have investigations going on right
10:27 am
now. what is your take on it? >> that criticism or critique is totally overblown and without foundation, frankly. judge cavanaugh has a very distinguished record. he investigated president clinton, been on the record saying no one is above the law and he's committed to independent and apolitical law enforcement. i don't think anyone should have any concerns. >> harris: what is interesting what you just said, it was at the time that he investigated former president bill clinton that he came up with the wording that has been troubling to some conservatives about how protected a president should be. i'm paraphrasing that. i lean on you for legality. what can you explain to us? >> whether he was in that investigation or later in his service as a judge, he's just taking the law and tried to apply the law fairly to whoever is before him. whether he's been -- as an investigator or as a judge. that is exactly the kind of
10:28 am
approach he's going to take on the supreme court. one of the things that's been interesting the last few weeks is to see a couple of prominent democratic lawyers, including don verilli, president obama's chief lawyer in the supreme court talk about judge kavanaugh. he said that kavanaugh was a brilliant jurist, exemplary and that he's gracious on and off the bench. that's the kind of endorsement that won't come lightly and will reflect a legitimate view that judge kavanaugh is fair-minded and will be -- do the right thing. >> harris: interesting. it would behoove democrats to sit down with him and get their own take on him action we would expect any lawmaker to do with any candidate. ramon martinez, thank you. >> thank you. >> harris: we're awaiting the president's news conference. we hear he will take questions after going after robert
10:29 am
muellers investigation. we'll talk more about the hour rolls on. president trump threatening to shut down the government if he doesn't get enough money for his border wall system. how could that effect the mid-terms? we'll bring on john garamundi of california. stay close. to be their best, kids need good nutrition. and practice... lots of practice. get them started right with carnation breakfast essentials. it has protein plus vitamins and minerals to help kids be their best. carnation breakfast essentials.
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10:34 am
bracing for when they return to find. their house has been destroyed. take a look here. this house pretty much reduced to just ash. look deep. you can see what looks like a washer and dryer and in front of that, a filing cabinet and over here, this looks like what was once a garage. we take a walk over to this area. look at what all of these flames and the smoke did to this truck destroying the entire vehicle leaving just the metal. the fire is 20% contained. a day ago, it was 5%. the threat is still very real. only takes a few embers to pick up into the air and create another fire in an area that has already been extinguished. >> last night we had embers coming on just from a spot fire across the street. >> firefighters tell us what made this fire so difficult is that it is very unpredictable and very large. over the weekend, it was at
10:35 am
40,000 acres. it's now more than double. nearly 100,000 acres. back to you. >> harris: jeff paul, thanks very much. president trump threatening to shut down the government if he does not get enough money for his border wall system. that raises the stakes ahead of the september 30th government funding deadline. here we go again. top democratic congressman adam schiff said this president has no meaningful legislation to show for his presidency. john garamundi sits on the armed services committee. can we take a pause for a second? i know the wild fires are happening in your state. the largest, the carr fire, is just outside your district. the river fire is in your district. >> exactly. it's not a new situation. lake county area has had major fires every year.
10:36 am
this is the second major fire in lake county. small county, rural, very poor county. devastated by these series of fires. obviously redding and across the state, we're in a very difficult situation. i was thinking about it as you said, the threat of shutting down the government. all of us depend on the government. firefighting is the most obvious. they say with the exception of emergency services usually. but all of the support behind the emergency services get shut down. so the kind of foundational support that is necessary to really protect americans, whether it's a fire in california or floods or hurricanes or tornadoes or whatever and by the way, it is hurricane season also, we really need a functioning government in every single way to provide the necessary support for our safety. >> harris: i want to be delicate in pushing back here. i would say this.
10:37 am
we do not live in a country that would let the city burn without us helping. i don't want people to understand the politics you're saying to mean that that would happen. let's move on. i want to talk about the idea -- i do want to talk about government shutting down over the idea of a border wall system. congressman, this could be easy. you know that money was allocated in 2006 for a border wall system under a different president. this is something that democrats could work with the president on and work with republicans on. >> well, we've been more than willing to do that. the problem is that many other things have been added to the border wall including a big beautiful border wall that is $25 billion. i don't think anybody really believes that we should spend $25 billion on a border wall -- >> harris: what portion do you believe? >> there's certainly places where the border walls need to be repaired and rebuilt and also extended. we see that -- some of that in
10:38 am
the south texas area. along california, the border wall in san diego, which is now 30 years old, actually older than that, is in need of repair that is good. we also need to use modern technology, drones, other devices to monitor the border, which are very effective. all of that including personnel. these are all things that are important. i would add to that list the biggest border of all are the oceans. that's the role that the coast guard plays. we need to make sure they're funded. keep in mind that the appropriation bill that is in the house of representatives, the homeland security bill, removes nearly -- over a billion dollars from the coast guard. so we need to be thoughtful about the totality of this system. once again with regard to a shut down, threats are always going on back and forth in washington. if it becomes real, yes, we always provide for emergency services, continuing --
10:39 am
>> harris: absolutely. i want people to be clear on that. >> there's no question. it's the foundational issues, it's the other kinds of services that provide the foundational information. >> harris: i also hear some points where you might have negotiating to go on. when you talk about rebuilding and extending certain areas, shoring up with more people that sounds like a lot what the president has been calling for. it's a border wall system. some areas you can't put more structure on. there's water there. the coast guard and the money for that. sounds like there's an area. i don't want to be pollyanish about it but there's some time before september 30th. >> there is. there's two months that we're back in session. we have the month of august. i know that staff, the house and the senate staff are working diligently throughout this month to put together at least a frame work and clarity about what the differences are between the two houses and the bodies within the
10:40 am
houses. so yes, we do have time. and you know, bluffing and, you know, laying down -- >> harris: don't lean too hard. chuck schumer did more than bluff. you have it on your side, too. i have to let you go. >> thank you. >> harris: president up plans to campaign six or seven days a week for vulnerable republicans. that's a lot of energy. can he help the party maintain their majority in congress? stay close. itin and relief from symptoms caused by over 200 allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear. no mathere are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. call one today. are you in good hands?
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10:45 am
>> two things. first, i'm no on a sit-down until we get ironed out exactly what they want to do. and then the process is, we have five co-counsel, senior people, who will advise the president. he decides. he's always leaned in favor of doing that. >> harris: what are you telling him about that? >> right now i'm telling him no way. >> as a politician or as a lawyer? >> as a lawyer. >> harris: the mayor went on to say that he takes off his politician hat because he thinks the political landscape now is in the favor of the president on the issue of the russia investigation. he says there's a natural ending that he senses and even some democrats including one sitting next to me says that. guy benson from and a fox news contributor on during that conversation with guliani. adrienne elrod, a former hillary clinton for america senior
10:46 am
adviser and democrat strategist also on during that hour. adrienne, i told the mayor that you were there on the couch. you chose a question not to ask a question. i curious about your thoughts. >> a lot to unpack. i have a couple thoughts. first the fact -- i'm looking at my notes here. first of all, the fact that there are now more tapes that we didn't talk about. more tapes could be troubling nor trump. in the second meeting that guliani referenced june 7, here's what we have to keep in mind. rick gates is a cooperating witness. he was cooperating with mueller. he was also in the june 7 meeting that has been disclosed. >> harris: two years ago. >> correct. if there was a send meeting, which it sounds like there was according to what mr. guliani just said -- >> harris: let's start with this. we'll get to the recordings in just a moment. i want to start with the meeting
10:47 am
and your take-away, guy. >> so it seemed like what happened was, we were discussing rudy guliani's interviews this morning on a couple networks including our own where it looked like he was shifting the goal post. saying if there was collusion, it wouldn't be a crime and also the president or then candidate trump did not attend that trump tower meeting with the russians. i said nobody is saying he attended it. we would his lawyer be denying that? so rudy guliani rings on "outnumbered." what he said was, there was another meeting or a -- >> harris: that michael cohen said happened. >> by michael cohen prior to the trump tower meeting which rudy wept on to say never took place. he was referring to apparently in the interviews this morning the thing that trump never atenneded was this second meeting that cohen says took place which rudy says never
10:48 am
happened, which again to me continues to raise the question of if the meeting didn't happen, why would you deny -- >> harris: i got the answer to that. we drilled down on that more than once with him. i really wanted to get clear on this point. here's what he said. he said look, none of this is out yet. none of this is out there per se. so he's giving us information and now putting it in the blood stream of america real time. he said the president didn't attend the meeting that jared kushner and don jr. -- >> he said the meeting didn't happen. >> harris: then he says it didn't happen. he's telegraphing what happened down the pike. we're awaiting the president's news conference where he is expected to take questions. maybe this will come up. some of the stuff we covered with rudy guliani. stay close. you're turning onto the street when you barely clip a passing car. minor accident - no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got
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>> hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. we're waiting for president trump to hold a news conference from the italian prime minister. could get asked about immigration and the latest attacks on robert mueller. and brett kavanaugh will meet with joe manchin the next hour. it's his first meeting with a democrat. all of that and more on "the daily briefing".
10:53 am
>> harris: in my interview with rudy guliani, he gave us more information about the tapes with michael cohen. >> there's 12 recordings of any substance. >> of the 183? >> yeah, call me back, the president did this, the president did that. some have some substance but nothing harmful. put them aside. there's 12 conversation. one as long as two hours. the only one i can mention, by the way. it has come out publicly. >> harris: guy benson and adrienne elrod back with us. >> there were a few wow moments while we were sitting there. he went on to describe how at times michael cohen apparently or allegedly would go to great
10:54 am
lengths to pretend that he was not recording something. he would take one device and turn it off and somebody else would be reporting. rudy called this subterfuge. if that happened, it would make sense by the trump team is going nuclear on michael cohen and why president would feel so betrayed. >> harris: it brings up the issue of attorney client privilege. if you tell somebody, no, i turned off the device and you do it again, that is a little different of legal stakes. >> yeah, of course. michael cohen is not a good guy here. this is -- these are two bad guys going at it in a public manner. ultimately i think what you're saying here to the point that you just made is the trump administration, trump legal team knows that they're going nuclear
10:55 am
for a thousand different reasons. they're trying to preemptively get in front of some information that will come forward. >> harris: it's interesting. i'm going to give you a chance to get back on the record. two bad guys. the president has no evidence against him of anything in terms of a crime. you called him a bad guy. >> i just importantly don't like the president of the united states. again, you're seeing the two -- >> harris: wow. >> two men play out their grievances against each other on social media. the president's legal team knows they have to get in front of something -- >> some of this debate will come out to he said he said probably. michael cohen doing what he did with faking the recordings and that stuff undermines his credibility. even if he's telling the truth of trump, i'm dubious of that because he seems sketchy and the an ticks that he engaged in were
10:56 am
super sketchy, especially considering his role to have his client's best interest at heart. if you want to represent your client and have their interests at heart, you don't secretly record them and lie to them. >> harris: not to mentioned the fact that so much has leaked out now as rudy guliani said. we'll start to get a clearer picture of what went on and it looks to vindicate the president of anything. adrienne and guy, thanks very much. we're keeping an yeah on the news conference there where is president will take questions from the media. stay close. allergies with sinus congestion and pressure?
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>> harris: the president will have a guest from europe, the italian prime minister. he's also going to have reporters in the room. what will they ask? keep watching. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: president trump holding a news conference. the president considering an interview with robert mueller. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." president trump's legal team is strongly advising against an interview for robert mueller's russia investigation as the president continues to slam the special counsel. after attacking mueller for possible conflicts of interest, trump tweeting also why is mueller only appointing angry dems, some of whom have worked for hillary clinton, others including myself have worked for obama and why isn't mueller looking at all of


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