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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 3, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> thanks for coming, everybody. see you next week. >> bill: good morning. great show. fox news alert. potential clue has been discovered in the case of the missing university of iowa student. in 90 minutes we hope to learn more from police. the sheriffs office holding a news conference coming as new evidence may have been discovered in the case and her family continues to plead for her safe return. much more on all this inside "america's newsroom." first, however, more good news on the economy. the new jobs report is out showing more americans going back to work as the president touts the success on the economy, which will be hello, a big deal for the mid-terms. it's friday. i'm bill hemmer. how are you? >> sandra: i think we're all ready for a weekend. >> a friday in august.
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>> sandra: i'm sandra smith. the unemployment rate going lower with 157,000 jobs added in july. wages are on the rise on the heels of president trump's rally in pennsylvania last night where he credited a booming economy. >> president trump: our economy is soaring, our jobs are booming, factories are pouring back into our country. >> help me help president trump drain the swamp and make america great again. >> president trump: this guy is a dynamo. he is incredible. i have to say you are dealing on the other side with the exact opposite. manufacturing, consumer and business confidence has reached the highest level in the history of our country. i would say that's pretty good. this is the time to straighten out the worst trade deals ever made by any country on earth at
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any time. the politicians just watched as other countries stole our jobs, plundered our wealth and looted the crown jewels of the american economy. but i am not another politician. i keep my promises to the people. >> sandra: that he is not. let's go live to rick leventhal in new jersey where president trump is scheduled to spend the next few days. >> a quiet day for the president who begins a 10-day summer vacation at his trump national golf club. it was anything but quiet last night at the rally for lou barletta. the president spoke more than an hour last night criticizing fake news for underplaying the success of his summits. the press would have preferred
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a boxing match with the russian leader and talked how the polls were wrong in 2016 and called them suppression polls to keep people from voting and he celebrated the economy with the market booming and unemployment low. >> president trump: since the election we've added a number nobody would have believed. 3.7 million new jobs, including close to 400,000 jobs in the manufacturing world. >> he also talked last night about the importance of building that wall and keeping dangerous gang members out of the u.s. and supporting ice and he is pledging to do just that. >> sandra: things got pretty heated yesterday at that white house briefing. what happened? >> yeah, sarah huckabee sanders squaring off with jim acosta over a question he asked
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whether the media is an enemy of the people. >> they've attacked me personally. as far as i know i'm the first press secretary in the history of the united states that has required secret service protection. the media continues to ratchet up the verbal assault against the president and everyone in this administration and we have a role to play but the media has a role to play for the discourse in this country as well. >> a really uncomfortable white house press briefing yesterday afternoon. the president went on twitter about this after his daughter, ivanka was asked the same question whether or not the press was the enemy of the people. the president tweeted they asked my daughter whether or not the media is the enemy of the people. she correctly said no. it is the fake news which is a large percentage of the media that is the enemy of the people. one example that he used during his comments last night, sandra. we talked about the queen. he said the press reported he was late. he said he was 15 minutes early and that he didn't overstay his
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welcome. he spent on hour with the queen because they got along so well. >> sandra: rick leventhal. thank you. >> bill: let's get back to the economy and bring in charles payne. more on the jobs numbers. telling us about the economy. how are you doing? >> pretty good. >> bill: great-looking outfit. if people could see you head-to-toe. there is a lot of thought that went into this man today. >> this is from the paul manafort collection. the ostrich jacket is in the closet. the number was slightly less than expected but the components in the number are encouraging. the dirty fingernail job, manufacturing 37,000 jobs, most since december. that number has been a monster number. you saw president trump in pennsylvania. he works the heartland. construction up 19,000. the interesting thing. the last two months were revised higher.
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the average now for 2018, 215,000 a month higher than it was a couple years ago. on the down side, again the number was slightly less than anticipated. transportation and warehouse was interesting. the monthly was almost 19,000. last month we lost 1,000 jobs there. it was one of the things that stood out to me. >> bill: economists and financial people can find something negative in anything. unemployment is at 3.9 percent. we haven't seen a number like this in 18 years. >> the real unemployment number is more impressive called the u6. it takes into account people working part-time but don't want that. that number dropped from 7.5. that's a sharp decline in a long time. >> bill: 2.7% higher wages. you want wages to go a bit higher than that. it was the expectation.
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>> another great piece of news, people working part-time for economic reasons because they couldn't find a job, that's dropped by 176,000. 400,000 more people got a job. 100,000 people came into the workforce. overall it was a good number, a strong number. the only thing -- the wages, i want to see wages go higher. i'm really shocked they haven't taken off. >> bill: why is it so stubborn? >> theories the workers coming in are replacing older workers who make a lot of money and you don't have to give it to an -- entry level. >> kimberly strassel, what is clear is this white house is doing an able of whiffing -- what she is arguing is that
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this white house is moving at light speed from day one and they are crushing it on the economy but not selling it well enough. do you agree with that? >> i think president trump talks about it a lot. i don't know that the gop talks about it a lot. they talk about it with the same kind. >> bill: she says he talks about other stuff and it serves as a distraction. the mainstream media will not make the points for them. >> they aren't. on that point you're right. he brings up some stuff that's inconsequential other than he is at war with the mainstream media. he is losing when he lets them bait him. the biggest story for anybody in the country is we're growing at a rate that people had given up on. folks now working today that thought they would never work again maybe because they were a non-violent felon or didn't have the job skills. we have something remarkable going on in this country that we had given up on.
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>> bill: head-to-toe he is all put together. >> sandra: maybe you can learn something from that, hemmer. you are always looking good both of you. coming up ahead on "america's newsroom" this morning we're getting reaction from the white house. director of strategic communications mercedes schlapp will join us as our headliner this morning next hour. a news conference 90 minutes from now from the sheriff's department on their search for mollie tibbetts. investigators finding a shirt possibly connected to the case near a pig farm searched by federal agents one week ago. tibbetts' family saying they believe she is alive and they will not give up hope. >> we believe mollie is still alive. if someone has abducted with her we are pleading with you to release her. >> we wake up every day at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and
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fighting. we're all fighting and everybody in the community is fighting to get her back. >> sandra: matt finn is live for us from iowa where we'll get an update on what authorities are learning there, matt. there have been lots of leads in this case so far. what do we now know? >> lots of leads that unfortunately have led to dead ends. regarding that shirt, at the daycare where molly works, she and staff wear red t-shirts. well, yesterday a red t-shirt was reportedly found at a pig farm not far from here. investigators combed that area, a ditch on that pig farm that they had previously searched because of some suspicion they have for the pig farm. that search didn't lead to any major break in the case. this morning police will update us on the status of their investigation. exactly what they'll say isn't clear. so far the family has praised this investigation calling law enforcement strong and sophisticated. one of the major questions in
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this case is on july 18th when mollie tibbetts went missing she went for a jog, left from her boyfriend's house where she was staying. the question is did she ever return from that jog or was she abducted or did she disappear in the street? if she made it back to that house, did she encounter something horrifying? her laptop and i-phone might indicate he did make it back to the house on july 18th. one of the fliers all over this region even says in print that around 10:00 p.m. mollie's boyfriend opened a snapchat from her and it appeared she was inside the home. so you have flyers all over this area perhaps the country indicating that mollie may have made it back inside the house. perhaps at the press conference in a short while we'll get a little more information on that, sandra. >> sandra: mollie's boyfriend as we know some of the new details we're learning he has moved back into the house where she was last -- where she was last. those are some of the details we're learning this morning. anything new we should learn
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from that press conference just over an hour from now we'll keep our eye on it. matt finn on the ground in iowa. >> bill: we hope we get a clue. people looking for answers to so many questions and that family is torn apart. >> sandra: they're hanging on to hope. >> bill: north korea, mike pompeo saying chairman kim is far from holding up his pledge to denuke as we get a look at the items in the caskets handed over a week ago. >> sandra: anti-violence protestors shutting down traffic in chicago as they call on democratic mayor rahm emanuel to step down. garry mccarthy wants emmanuel's job. we'll ask him live this morning about the surge in violence in the city and what he thinks he can do to stop it. >> bill: president trump not backing down for tougher border security. how do the agents feel on the front line about the next
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swelling of your face, tongue or throat, dizziness or confusion. (man) i found my tresiba® reason. find yours. (vo) ask your health care provider about tresiba®. covered by most commercial health insurance and medicare part d plans. >> president trump: bob casey wants open borders, which means crime. if they pour in by the millions i guess that's okay. we're going to start to get nasty over the wall. the democrats, anything i want, they want to oppose. >> bill: he went after the democrat bob casey while stomping for congressman lou barletta. he isn't backing down on the
6:17 am
government shutdown. brandon judd from the national border security council. what do you think about the threat and the possibility of getting nasty, quote, unquote? >> he is being the leader that everybody expected him to be. those people that voted for president trump, they expected him to be out in front on these issues. that's exactly what he is doing which is going to make those people happy. what we have to look at is we're looking at the safety of the american public. even hard core liberals in chicago are now saying crime is way too much. we've got to suppress the crime and that normally starts at the border. we've got to secure our border in order to secure the safety of the american public. >> bill: do you think a shutdown is a good idea on this issue? >> i do. i would absolutely 100% support a shutdown. i'm a federal employee. it will affect me and my family. but i can tell you that without border security we just don't have the safety and security. when i was a little kid growing
6:18 am
up my parents had no problem letting me walk a mile away to go to the park. today parents just don't let that happen because they're too worried about crime in the united states. crime has to stop. we have to look at this issue. we have to take this issue seriously and a wall in strategic locations will help us secure the border. >> bill: he referred to the current construction ongoing, $1.6 billion in allotted funding. we've heard that number before. if that's the case, what is happening on the border with that money? what is happening with the construction? >> so the construction is starting in san diego, california. and what we're doing is we're extending the walls again in the strategic locations. but we're also reinforcing the old fences that have been torn through, criminal organizations will bring up welding torches and cut through the antiquated fences. we're reinforcing that and doing a lot of the
6:19 am
infrastructure that's necessary. but again, it all circles back to what is the purpose and the purpose is to control the illegal flow of all of the illicit narcotics, all of the illegal aliens and criminals like the ms-13s. we're working on keeping them out of our country. >> bill: you are saying this is happening right now? how much more would it take to get the job done in the way that you think is sufficient? >> well, if you look at what he is requesting when he is requesting the $25 billion, i don't know that we necessarily need $25 billion but we definitely need around $5 to $10 billion. we have to look at the specific locations where walls are going to help us control the traffic. dictate where illegal crossings take place. and if we can dictate that, we can then be successful and we can once and for all secure the border. i've been a border patrol agent
6:20 am
for 21 years. this debate rages year in and year out. >> bill: i don't know how much support he will ever get from democrats. >> he is not. >> bill: i'm not so sure how much support he is getting from republicans. last word on that. >> in fact, it is not just a democrat issue. it is a republican issue. you look at paul ryan. he has never supported the president in this particular issue. it seems like the democrats want voters and the republicans want cheap labor. the border patrol agents are caught in the middle and it's not a good place to be in. >> bill: we'll see what progress we make in time. have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> sandra: president trump's former campaign manager back in court at this hour. what we're learning as the star witness in this case and whether he will take the stand. plus dramatic new video coming into our newsroom showing good samaritans and police officers jumping into action to pull a man from a burning car.
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>> bill: dramatic video. people working to pull an unconscious man from a car in flames. the rescue is caught on camera. just watch here. amazing stuff here. all unfolding early wednesday morning on a highway in california east of l.a. two cars collided, lost control. hit two other cause causing one of them to overturn. we're hearing from san bernardino reporting that two people were taken to the hospital. the crash is under investigation. the passenger was able to get out. driver unconscious and not clear right now how that driver is doing at this hour. amazing stuff in california.
6:25 am
>> sandra: former trump campaign chairman paul manafort back in a courtroom. prosecutors are saying they have every intention of having manafort's former business partner, rick gates, testify after a judge warned them their case would fall apart if they did not call their star witness. peter doocy is live from u.s. district court in alexandria, virginia this morning. have prosecutors explain why they think manafort allegedly committed these financial crimes yet? >> the mueller team is trying to make the case that paul manafort was running out of money and having a hard time paying bills. they said certain documents were falsified to make it look like his net worth was $4 million higher and debt lower so he could get approved to loans to fund what prosecutors are trying to establish a very luxurious lifestyle that included a flower bed shaped like an m for manafort at his place in the hamptons.
6:26 am
his accountant testified he never told tax preparers he had any foreign accounts even though that would have affected his returns and he was warned of potential penalties and his bookkeeper testified she wasn't aware of any foreign accounts even though manafort, she says, watched over every single penny that came in and went out, sandra. >> sandra: is the trial still moving along quickly? we're several days into this now. >> it is moving quickly. the mueller team said last yesterday right before they recessed for the night they plan to rest their case next week and that the length of the trial overall will depend on what the manafort defense team plans to do after that to make their case and make their defense. we're hearing this morning that they don't know yet if they are going to call manafort to the stand. so far the manafort defense team's strategy has been just to insert his former business partner, rick gates, into as many allegations as possible.
6:27 am
gates is expected to be called to the stand soon and that's important because the judge even told the mueller team yesterday that he doesn't think they can make the case for conspiracy without rick gates. sandra. >> sandra: we'll continue following that throughout the day, peter. >> bill: we're awaiting this news conference expected live in one hour, the disappearance of mollie tibbetts continues to baffle the sheriff's department in iowa. >> sandra: please people fed up with crime in the city of chicago. as hundreds of protestors flood the streets calling for rahm emanuel, the mayor's, resignation. we'll speak to garyy mccarthy live in moments. >> he needs to step up and come to the people where the crime is. the crime is on the south side and the west side.
6:28 am
that's why we came over here to prove that we have to come over here to the north side to make a statement.
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>> bill: 9:30 in new york. an hour from now a news conference on the mollie tibbetts disappearance. a young student from the university of iowa. the sheriffs office getting ready for an update. new evidence may have been discovered in the case. her family continues to plead publicly for her safe return. we will cover that event and bring you there live as soon as it begins in iowa. >> sandra: an anti-violence march in chicago briefly shutting down some major streets. dozens of demonstrators making their way through the city to wrigley field yesterday trying to bring attention to deadly gun violence in the city of chicago and calling for the resignation of mayor rahm
6:32 am
emanuel accusing him of being out of touch with communities most affected by high crime. >> we have to do things to irritate in order for change to happen. who wants to do this? but we have to do it. >> we're tired of having a tale of two cities in chicago. and rahm emanuel has perpetuated and expanded the economic disparity. >> sandra: hour next guest is challenging rahm emanuel for mayor, the former superintendent of police in chicago, garry mccarthy. what is going on in our beloved city of chicago? i'm from there and was raised there, got married there and had both my kids there. all the news coming out of that city seems to be horrible these days. what exactly are you seeing and what is happening? >> i can tell you what the protestors said is exactly what's happening. the mayor is out of touch with the people of chicago.
6:33 am
he is more interested in raising taxes to get a war chest so that he can get pay for play from developers and city contracts. he doesn't listen to people. and therefore you see things like what happened yesterday where people feel they actually have to protest to get the attention of the mayor. i go to meetings across this city. small groups of people and sit down and talk to them for enormous amounts of time. everybody says the same thing to me. they said you know, rahm emanuel would not come here and have this conversation with us. and the real reason is because he can't. he is out of touch with it. what they just said is so true, that he is widening the socio-economic divide that exists across this country but particularly in this city and it comes to fruition in gun violence. the issues aren't being
6:34 am
addressed because the mayor is busy bullying people politically and political retribution and working his own war chest. >> sandra: we reached out to rahm emanuel's office and we got a response no thanks. that being said, it seems -- it seems like just nothing is changing. things continue to stay the same, if not get worse. do you see an appetite for change in the city? >> absolutely. people say all the time we want change. one of the things that i love to say is if you always do what you always did you'll always get what you always got. that's what's happening in chicago. things are changing. they are getting worse. we're reaching lawlessness. there are nuances happening that people need to recognize. during the nato summit you heard me say over and over again we're going to defend people's first amendment rights to protest but we're going to be intolerant of criminal
6:35 am
behavior. what you saw yesterday was facilitation of criminal behavior. the city actually closed down lakeshore drive for the protestors. we're crossing a line here. two weeks ago eddie johnson, the superintendent of police, marched onto the dan ryan express way with a priest. that was the jurisdiction of the illinois state police. when the superintendent of police is behaving like that it's a problem. it is being reflected on shootings on the magnificent mile and lakeshore drive. >> sandra: in chicago so far this year these are stats being kept by the chicago trib as we understand it. 304 people killed so far. this is referencing race and ethnicity as far as homicide victims and obviously you can see the numbers surge when it comes to black, non-hispanic numbers. the crimes have been
6:36 am
concentrated in predominantly black, low-income neighborhood. what can you tell us about that? the majority of victims of homicides in chicago are young black men, 416 so far this year. >> what i can tell you is when i was police superintendent in 2013 and 2014 we had the murder rates down to 50-year lows in the city. everything was going in the right direction against complaints against police, overall response and starting in 2016 all of that changed. from 2016 to 2018 there has been 394 more people murdered than there were in the previous three years alone. new york city last year had 290 murders. in a city three times the size of chicago, we had 770 in 2016. this is not okay. it is because of the politics of this city. it is because nothing is being managed. these are the results. >> sandra: we haven't even
6:37 am
mentioned, you brought up rahm emanuel accusing him of pay to play politics. he received money from a developer after a plan commission approved plans for the developer for the city. i want to move onto the sanctuary city. this is rahm emanuel on the sanctuary city policy. great news for all of us who care about protecting immigrant come -- chicago will be a welcoming place for anyone who comes seeking safety. i want to get your response to that. >> really simple. he should be caring more about the african-american community that's getting slaughtered in this city right now. at the end of the day what rahm emanuel does as he talks about global warming, climate change, the president, he weighs in on federal judges. at the end of the day he is not in charge of that. he is in charge of gun violence, cone me and education
6:38 am
system here in chicago and he is not paying attention to it. >> taxes go up, economy is struggling. a huge story for this country to keep watching what is happening in that city. i hope you come back on the program. >> absolutely. thank you. >> bill: 22 before the hour. mike pompeo not mincing words. he is speaking ahead of an asian security forum saying that north korea is far from living up to its pledge. greg palkot picks up story live in london. what else did he say, greg? >> pretty tough line from secretary of state pompeo at a meeting in singapore. on his way to that session of countries of the security and political organization saying that north korea is behaving in a manner this is a quote, inconsistent with its commitment on denuclearization saying the country another quote, has still a ways to go before it gets rid of nuclear
6:39 am
weapons. he thanked the organization for keeping the pressure on north korea and also noted the north korea is in violation of u.n. sanctions. all this just under two months since president trump and kim jong-un summit meeting at that same location. that's where the commitment to denuclearize came. it is sending a reply to a letter chairman kim sent to the white house. the north korea foreign minister is also attending these sessions. it is a mixed picture this week. we saw the dramatic and heartwarming scenes of the remains being repatriated of the u.s. service members lost in north korea. we also are hearing about missiles being made and fissile material for bombs being made. tough row to hoe. that's the behavior that secretary pompeo has been referring to. >> bill: thank you, greg. >> sandra: meanwhile fox news is getting an exclusive look at some of the items returned to
6:40 am
the u.s. from north korea as those metal cases containing several things including two helmets, several can teens and dozens of buttons. a dog tag will be given to the two sons of a dead soldier next week. it could take months or years to identify all the remains, scientists say they're finding some positive signs already. >> what we saw were remains that were consistent with what we have found from korean war recovery we've done over year and consistent with being americans. >> sandra: scientists will sample bones for dna to identify the bodies. >> bill: there might be more than 5,000 missing from that war. thousands were forced from their homes and could drown a city in minutes and more heavy
6:41 am
rain. >> sandra: the trump administration showing a unified front fighting election interference and how intel officials say they're handling the threat. >> russia has tried to use this propaganda and methods to sew discord in america. they stepped up their game big time in 2016. we haven't seen that kind of robust effort from them so far.
6:42 am
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>> bill: the white house making a show of force on election meddling with a top briefing from homeland security officials. the administration is serious about stopping future election interference. >> russia attempted to interfere with the last election and continues to engage in malign influence operations to this day. >> u.s. cyber command and national security agency are tracking a wide range of foreign cyber adversaries.
6:45 am
we're prepared to conduct operations against those actors. >> relative to what we have seen for the mid-term elections, it is not the kind of robust campaign that we assessed in 2016 election. >> the nation's elections are more resilient today because of the work we're all doing but we must continue to ensure that our democracy is protected. >> the president has made it abundantly clear to everybody who has responsibility in this area that he cares deeply about it and he expects them to do their jobs to their fullest ability. >> bill: theresa payton former chief ininformation offices and a ceo and good to have you on the program here. what did you think of the message, theresa? >> i was very pleased to see that strong, united front signaling not just to russia but other countries who might meddle. if you meddle we'll figure it
6:46 am
out and there will be repercussions. yesterday was a great step in the right direction. >> bill: what do you think it says to critics who say you aren't taking it seriously enough? >> there is still a lot of work to be done and we have to be relentless in making sure that we don't come up short for the mid-term elections in the next election cycle. so i understand everyone's frustration we need to do more. some of the signals that come out seem confusing. the helsinki meeting. election security dollars. it seems confusing but yesterday it shows this administration is taking it very seriously. >> bill: the election is november 6. when do we know what happens? is it november 7, january 7? how do we gauge this, theresa? >> this is a tough one because we have different attack vectors that could happen. there are the websites themselves at the state level. there is the election databases, the voter registration, the polling booth
6:47 am
and then the whole disinformation campaign that's been going on on social media companies and saying in the cybersecurity community. it could be a long time before we know if there is an issue. the one good thing i do know is that a lot of really smart, dedicated people in the cybersecurity intelligence community are on watch. we've been forewarned. my concern is when we say we aren't seeing things at the same level, it could be they've changed their tactics and using cryptocurrency to set up things in the cloud where they can vaporize it in a moment's notice if they think we're onto them. what are the new tactics allowing them to hide in plain sight? >> bill: those tactics change, i'm sure. the report suggest many states aren't taking it seriously enough. i don't know if you have evidence of that or not. address that and tell us what do you think russia is really
6:48 am
up to? how would everyday americans be influenced by something they see online? >> well, i think what russia has done -- there is a great report, bill, called freedom of the net report that has been put out for every year for 12 years. they've been sounding the alarm from some countries maintain power and using social media to do that. if you think about the premise behind social mead ya. it was set up to connect each of us to each other and to give us more of our common interests and the things we like to follow, the things that we like and to basically have us spend a lot of time there. and because of that, russians who are so great at the ground game with political espionage and these deception techniques, they basically move those techniques over to social media and used it against us. so that to me is one of those
6:49 am
things where as americans now that we're on to them and other countries who may use these tactics, this is why if you see something on social media from the news perspective, step away from social media and go right to the source. go to trusted, vetted news source programs like yours, bill, and actually get your news there and make your decisions for yourself. don't allow what is targeting you on social media to make you think kind of double down on one point of view, be open minded. >> bill: i think the mentality of it, if we're talking about russia all the time, putin is winning that argument. you see it on all the networks all the time. that's precisely what a former kgb agent would want. last comment quick. you are a great guest. >> thanks for having me on. and the last thing i would say the russia would like nothing more than to make americans distrust our democracy through our election security and it's up to us as americans to not
6:50 am
fall for that. >> bill: theresa payton, great insight. thank you. >> sandra: evacuations underway in virginia as the threat of dam failure has one city on high alert. if this dam breaks, the town could flood under 17 feet of water in just seven minutes. we're live with this story next. plus things get tense in the white house briefing room as sarah sanders and cnn's jim acosta go head-to-head over the media's coverage of the trump administration. our headliner, mercedes schlapp, is standing by. >> the president has made his position known. i also think it's ironic -- i'm trying to answer your question. i politely waited and even called on you despite the fact that you interrupted me. feel for any road at the lexus golden opportunity sales event.
6:51 am
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6:54 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. evacuations ordered to lynchburg, virginia, where officials are bracing for a potential catastrophic flooding situation. the dam is pushed to the brink of failure because of rain and more rain in the forecast, the city is preparing for the worst. griff jenkins is live in washington with the latest. >> it is raining right now in lynchburg. if that dam breaks the city could be facing a catastrophic breach which the national weather service could bring as much as 17 feet of water in just seven minutes. the dam was already flooding yesterday. they've been dealing with flooding from days of rain. officials told me this morning they received nearly seven inches in a matter of a couple of hours to caused the dam to overflow. they're taking residents out by boat and closing roads all over the area and they've been evacuating residents around
6:55 am
that college dam area preparing for the worst. there was a break in the rain yesterday. water began to recede a little bit. but the noaa folks said they could see 1 to 3 more inches with storms in the forecast in the surrounding area. i spoke minutes ago with lynchburg's deputy police chief who told me their main focus is keeping a close watch on the integrity of the dam. the break in the rain relieved some pressure. more water means more pressure and they need to dry out before they can release the water. he has a message for residents. if you're in the surrounding area of the dam and you do not have a reason to be there, you need to get out of the area for your safety and to allow the emergency crews to work and get their resources in place should the unthinkable happen. now, the premise here is fewer people in the area the better. respect detours and do not try
6:56 am
to come down to see this as a spectacle. this is a very dangerous situation. he said he has never seen anything of this magnitude in 22 years on the force. the virginia national guard tells me they haven't had any requests for assistance but stand ready to provide assistance any time if necessary. this is a developing situation and we're keeping a close eye on it. >> bill: president trump saying things are about to get very nasty talking about the border wall. how far he is willing to go if congress does not overhaul immigration laws in america. white house director of strategic communications mercedes schlapp is our guest at the top of the hour and much more.
6:57 am
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you'll see what a fair price is and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. >> sandra: fox news alert. we're now just 30 minutes away from a news conference on mollie tibbetts' disappearance. we'll bring it to you live when it begins. any new details, federal, state and local authorities are searching for the missing college student in iowa. we're awaiting more information on a possible new clue. a red shirt was found near a pig farm. mollie tibbetts worked at a daycare where the employees wore red shirts. the reward was for information to her whereabouts is up to $172,000. another fox news alert for you. a booming economy putting more americans back to work as unemployment ticks toward the lowest level in years. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" friday
7:01 am
morning. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. white house reaction to a positive jobs report. the president made it clear at a rally last night in pennsylvania the economy and the american worker are back. 3.9%. that's our unemployment number now falling again in july near an 18-year low. that's remarkable. senior political correspondent mike emanuel watching this in d.c. initial reaction now. >> experts are calling the 157,000 jobs added in july disappointing below analyst expectations. others suggest it reflects the shortage of qualified job applicants with unemployment so low these days. the top economic advisor in the white house had this reaction moments ago on fox business. >> i actually thought it was a pretty strong report because the headline number was a little below estimate but look, the back revisions were gigantic. you have to add it in.
7:02 am
it gives you 215 for the month of july. >> unemployment over the past 18 months of president trump's term dipped from 4.7% in february 2017 to a 3.9% in july of this year. during the final 18 months of president obama's term, unemployment improved from 5.1% to 4.8%. ahead of the numbers president trump sounded very upbeat about our economic trends. >> president trump: our economy is soaring, jobs are booming. factories are coming back into our country. >> they're pointing to revisions for may and june which increased employment by 59,000 monthly jobs. it would boost the average to 224,000 jobs gained over the past three months. others express concern the cooling this month could be a warning sign about the developing trade war with china. back to you, bill.
7:03 am
>> bill: mike emanuel in washington you worked business for years, right? the headliner today, mercedes schlapp live from the white house. you can go ahead and sell this economic report in a moment here. i do think as an economist you can find negative news in anything you want, right? chart after chart after chart and number after number. anyway, frame it for us, best number in 18 years, go ahead. >> here at pebble beach i'm seeing larry kudlow with a smile an his face and dancing down the driveway here because as we know the economy remains in credibly strong. in 2018 we're at a pace of making more gains in terms of jobs per month than in the last two years. when you are talking about the fact that the unemployment number this month is at 3.9%, that alone, bill, you could just see, we've hit that eight times in history. the eighth time we hit it in
7:04 am
history since 1970. they're significant numbers. our economic fundamentals are strong. there is no question that because of president trump's leadership, his vision in terms of pushing forward economic policies like tax cuts and tax reform and deregulation, it's working. >> sandra: the question, is the president communicating that message and doing it well enough? kimberly strassel has a piece in the "wall street journal" this morning where she is saying you have a lot to tout but a lot of distraction at the same time. her piece failure to communicate. he has a solid record but too busy making noise to tout it. the white house doing a great job in whipping one of the political -- it's demoralizing candidates alike. >> kimberly should probably watch the rallies and watch what the president has done in the past few weeks.
7:05 am
he was in granite city talking about -- a company that came back and is having jobs here in granite city for steelworkers and where he has gone to iowa and tampa talking about workforce development and also talking about the great economic success story in america. the president talks about the economy every day. and we know that many times it is going straight into the local communities where it matters most where we're seeing the revitalization of communities because of the economic -- because of the president's economic record and that's a message we'll keep talking about through the end of the year and beyond because -- >> bill: i think you can hang your hat on a lot of good news on the economy in the past year and a half. then we get moments like last night in pennsylvania. roll sound bite number two. the potential for a government shutdown. i know he wants this wall. i just don't know about the tactic. you explain this in a moment.
7:06 am
first from last night. >> president trump: the democrats -- anything i want -- it's not even the republicans. i don't know if they care -- they care about me. they're very concerned. anything i want, they want to oppose. i just figured out how to do the wall. i'll say, i don't want to build the wall and they'll insist on building it. i just figured that out right now. >> bill: it was a pretty funny moment. i don't want the wall and you'll give it to me then. why the threat of a shutdown. how does it advance his cause for border security? how does that contribute to a roaring economy right now, mercedes? >> because we do have a crisis on the border and because of the fact that for democrats now their message has become that of abolishing ice and that of open borders, which means more crime. it's because the democrats have obstructed all along the way while the president came in with a compromise in terms of ensuring we would be able to
7:07 am
secure our border, that we would be able to close the legal loopholes. in addition to providing a pathway to citizenship for the daca recipients. it was a plan that the vast majority americans agreed on. the democrats have made this decision of just pushing forward open borders, of allowing this crisis on the border where illegal aliens are crossing the border and then just ending up in our country, there is a legal way to do it. >> bill: you also have to admit that you have the majority in the house and you have the majority in the senate. >> you know in the senate you need 60 votes and the fact that we don't reach those numbers. you'll need the democrats to come on board. it's very clear. as we know when it comes to safety in our communities, when it comes to pushing forward legal immigration as opposed to allowing illegal aliens to just come over, cross the border illegally and end up in the united states, there has to be a way that we're able to stop
7:08 am
this. it starts with funding the wall which as we know the wall is shown to work. this is something the president will work and see if he can get the democrats on board. thus far what we've seen from the democrats is pure obstruction. >> sandra: the president is campaigning for lou barletta, he needs a boost. whether or not trump will give him that we'll see. here he is doing so. >> president trump: most importantly, get your friends, get your neighbors, and get out and vote for an incredible champion, an incredible winner, lou barletta. with your help, your voice, your vote, we are going to keep on fighting and we are going to keep on winning. we are going to win so much perhaps some of you, but not all, will get tired of winning. >> sandra: will he give barletta the much-needed boost he needs? >> i can't talk elections but i
7:09 am
can talk about the president's economic policies are working. the mere fact we're seeing -- there was one article that came out not long ago of really seeing hope and change happening in these communities, much-needed communities in terms of manufacturing jobs coming back, construction jobs coming back. even those who don't have a high school diploma. their unemployment is down at a record level. unemployment rates for hispanics, african-americans, women across the board are benefiting because of president trump, his economic policies, and obviously the strength that he brings through what we've seen in terms of pushing forward for denuclearization in north korea and continuing to work with our allies in making sure we have strong national security. >> bill: he has a really good story to tell and a really good story to sell and we'll find out on tuesday to some measure of how the american people are feeling. you have a special election in
7:10 am
ohio, congressional district 12. the republicans balderson and democrat o'connor. the latest poll shows a one point district. the president won this district in 2016. the tweet last night. he will campaign hard for a future congressman troy balderson. see you all then. we'll see what happens on tuesday. the polling is tight. i don't know what explains that. is this the flight of suburbanites on the administration? how would you characterize that? >> there is no question anyone who aligns themselves with the president, he brings a winning message. he is the one who is able to help so many of these individuals, as we know at the end of the day it's because of president trump's policies that we're seeing such success. and i have to tell you, just seeing him in action he is results oriented and why he isn't just going to give up in terms of working on trade deals.
7:11 am
as we know we're getting close on the nafta deal with mexico as well as continuing to put pressure on china to stop these abuses of the trading practices, which no other president had ever really forcefully done. we're seeing movement in that area as well. so i think what you're seeing, you saw vice president pence coming back with the remains of those fallen soldiers from north korea. again, pushing north korea in a direction to basically live up to their promise. this is a president who is a non-stop working machine and -- >> sandra: what this morning is the talk inside the white house after that moment in the white house press briefing yesterday, contentious moment between sarah sanders and jim acosta of cnn. he pressed her to say the press is not the enemy of the people and walked out of the briefing. >> you know, fake news is dangerous. we know for a fact that many of
7:12 am
these so-called news reporters, okay, that go out there have a complete disdain for president trump. it is no wonder we've seen that 90% of the media coverage for president trump has been negative. what american people want to see is fair, objective coverage. quite frankly you've had reporters who cried the day that president trump won and they show their bias. i think it's very troubling. for that being said the president has to defend himself. the president and those of us in the administration who have been blamed and have been called names by journalists. we really want to be able to be able to talk about the president's winning message. it is very hard when you have reporters who prefer to see themselves on camera all the time and many of the liberal media who have complete disdain for this president and refuse to acknowledge any of the positive work he is doing. >> bill: i don't think he should be defensive on this. you need to go on offense and a
7:13 am
big part of why you came on today. we're going to take this up with our media panel in a moment. it was quite a thing watching that and seeing sarah sanders' reaction. she felt it. i hope you come back. are you tired of winning? >> no, not at all. not at all. i'm more tired dealing with my kids these days than winning over here. >> sandra: five daughters, right? fox news alert. moments away from the brief news conference on mollie tibbetts' disappearance. there was a shirt found near a pig farm. mollie's family is still hopeful she is a live, plus this. >> president trump: but they can make anything bad because they are the fake, fake, disgusting news. >> bill: that was the message for the mainstream media and
7:14 am
sarah sanders said she is sick of the personal attacks her and why no one would defend her from the white house press corps. has the hostility gone too far? the a-team is next. so you have, your headphones, chair,
7:15 am
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7:16 am
7:17 am
>> the president of the united
7:18 am
states should not call us the enemy of the people. i want you to acknowledge that right now and right here. >> i appreciate your passion, i share it. i've addressed this question. i've addressed my personal feelings and here to speak on behalf of the president. he has made his comments clear. >> sandra: sarah sanders taking on the press corps at the white house briefing. jim a costa asking sanders to say the press is not the enemy of the people. instead she cited all the personal attacks against her. america's a-team joining us now. david asman, after the bell on the fox business network, shelby holliday reporter for the "wall street journal" and judith miller author. what were your thoughts as you watched the exchange yesterday? >> at first sad and then outraged. look, i think jim acosta has to be reminded this is not about
7:19 am
him. this is about the united states and his coverage of the president of the united states. and to use the white house press to -- as a back drop for a right, a self-righteous rant is inappropriate. sarah sanders is not going to denounce the president she works for. he shouldn't expect her to do that. and even his colleagues were rolling their eyes saying, you know, please. i think that donald trump has created the kind of mood that lets people like jim acosta think this is appropriate. >> i think that both sarah sanders and jim acosta should watch mr. smith goes to washington remember that old movie about an outsider who becomes senator in washington the press tells all kinds of lies about him. he goes around and finds all of the press people and punches them out. not to say that sarah sanders
7:20 am
should punch out the media around washington this is not new. jim acosta is approaching the issue, i agree with everything you said, judy, about this. jim acosta is outrage like this is something brand-new. this has been going back 100 years where this antagonistic relationship exists there are people in the media that tell lies about what is going on inside the beltway and those who try to stick to the truth. it has always been so and always will be so and there is and probably should, i think, be an antagonistic relationship between the media and the folks that serve us. >> sandra: it was important that we show the exchange that we're talking about here. watch. >> i also think it's ironic -- i'm trying to answer your question. i called on you despite the fact that you interrupted me. i said it is ironic. i'm trying. >> if you would not mind letting me have a follow-up
7:21 am
that would be fine. >> it's eye raonic jim that you and the media not only attack the president when they lower the level of conservation in this country. >> sandra: shelby. >> it is awkward watching that. you hope for a joke or some moment of levity because it's so contentious. not the first time it's happened and won't be the last. it is becoming very personal. in the white house briefing room you are supposed to be talking about the president. sarah huckabee sanders is there to speak on behalf of the question. it is not about the press and the press secretary but about the president of the united states. he devolved in a very personal. >> bill: you have the white house press corps. you brought up a comedian who -- i'm the first press secretary of the history of the united states that required secret service protection. i felt a lot of emotion in her response there yesterday. she was affected by this.
7:22 am
>> it's a stretch to say that jim acosta is responsible for michelle wolf's joke at the white house correspondents dinner. she took the moment very personally and not over it, fair enough. everyone has the right to feel that way. >> that's why most americans i think are justifiably fed up with the media because they have this self-righteousness that acosta was beaming with yesterday about how we are above everything and you have to treat us -- forget about it. the press corps sometimes gets down and dirty and sometimes they get it dead wrong. you accept that. you go way back and find out it was even tougher. >> that conversation seems like it should be happening down the hall. >> bill: ivanka trump did an interview. she was asked is the media the
7:23 am
enemy of the people? here is her response. >> i have certainly received my fair share of reporting on me personally that i know not to be fully accurate. so i've had some -- i have some sensitivity around why people have concerns and gripe especially when they are sort of feeling targeted but no, i do not feel that the media is the enemy of the people. >> bill: we have the tweet from the president. she correctly said no, it is the fake news, which is a large percentage of the media, that is the enemy of the people. >> she didn't say that. she said that the press is not the enemy of the people, which is what jim acosta wanted sarah sanders to say she is not going to say it. i was pleased ivanka said it but ivanka is not the president.
7:24 am
part of the problem is the president -- he just goads us into doing things like what jim acosta did. we shouldn't rise to the bait. our job is to keep our heads down and cover him fairly and accurately. if he makes errors to fact we should point out but not be personal. >> we should point out when the media makes mistakes as well because sometimes they don't. >> you guys played a clip before the break of trump looking at the media riser and pointing saying fake, fake, disgusting news. i hope it changes but i don't know how it changes. >> bill: we have a press conference coming up. judith and shelby and david. we're moments away from a news conference. mollie tibbetts, new clues, we'll see what police add to this in a moment as we take you
7:25 am
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(vo) ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. >> bill: brand-new information in the search for mollie tibbetts. a new conference about to get underway. police will conduct that from the sheriff's department there. the college student disappearing more than two weeks ago from her boyfriends home. investigators returning to a pig farm that investigators combed through a week ago. her family holding onto the belief she is still alive and crimestoppers working with the family. a large reward on the table as a result. >> somebody might know that she is being held by somebody but would never say anything because if they said something they may think their life might be in danger. we can guarantee that whoever gives us information, their identity will be protected. >> bill: ted williams is on the ground following the story. what do you expect to hear from police in a matter of minutes
7:30 am
from there? >> hi, guys, we're here live on the ground here in iowa at the sheriff's department where momentarily there will be a news conference. there are so many questions that have gone unanswered and we're hoping the sheriff and some law enforcement officers here will provide answers. we know that on july 18th around 7:30 mollie tibbetts went jogging. we don't know if she ever returned home. law enforcement has kept that very close to their vest. we don't know if she returned home after jogging. but we do know that the investigation has been centered around a hog farm right outside of brooklyn, iowa. some of the questions that are going to be answered are concerning a red shirt that has been recently found to try to
7:31 am
show if there is -- hopefully the sheriff will be able to tell us if there is a clue between the shirt and mollie and any suspects at this immediate time. a lot of rumors are going on. i'm hoping the sheriff will give us some information concerning some of these rumors. >> sandra: i think that's the point, though, ted, right, why we're so highly anticipating these news conferences because authorities have been so tight lipped on this case. we're struggling to get anything new about possible witnesses, about who they might be even considering played out in this crime. we know this pig farmer has been interviewed for multiple hours. we haven't heard much from police. >> you know, you're absolutely right.
7:32 am
law enforcement has been very tight lipped and on one hand saying they want the public's help and quite naturally the media is out here and clearly wants to help, but you have to give them some information. and this we've been given at this stage limited information. i'm hoping that they will own up here today and give us more information so we can get it out to the public and the public can help to try to bring mollie home. >> bill: two things. how far is the farm from the house that -- the pig farm? it's one thought i have at the moment, and the other thought is, numerous interviews with family members and the boyfriend, they've all said that investigators have given them very little information themselves as sandra was referring to publicly. privately they're getting very little information. in an investigation like this, what would be the logic behind why police would do it that way. >> well, two things.
7:33 am
the hog farm is approximately 17 i would say miles away from brooklyn. law enforcement have a great deal of information that they know that the perpetrator or the person who may have entered the home, if they entered the home, who may have abducted mollie, if she was abducted, have a great deal of information as some physical evidence. they don't want to share that with the public because quite naturally they can use it later certainly if they can bring the perpetrator himself or herself to justice. so law enforcement do in investigations hold a lot to their vests but i have to tell you this investigation i've seen them hold more to the vest than if most investigations. again, if they want the public's help, they'll have to give the public and the news media more information so we can disseminate that to the
7:34 am
public and try again to bring mollie home. >> sandra: the latest that we heard out of this investigation talking about how little we have heard come from this is this red shirt. the reason why that is important, it was found on this pig farm. the reason it would be for she worked at a daycare facility and wear the red shirt to work. the timeline is called into question. perhaps she went to bed that night and on her way the work the following morning that something could have happened. >> you see, again that is information that law enforcement needs to share with the public. when and if she was after jogging did she return to her boyfriend's home, to jack's home. we don't really know that. that's one of the pieces of the puzzle. as pertains to the red shirt what they'll have to do is show a nexus between the red shirt
7:35 am
and mollie. we don't know that as of this time. we do know that they are looking at many numerous suspects. they've got at least 200 leads recently and they're following up on those leads. but one of the individuals who i understand that they are suspect, they brought him in and talked to him for two hours. >> sandra: there is a technical something happened with the microphone. we're hoping it will fix itself and give you a second as we set up what we're waiting on here. we've gotten the two-minute warning the press conference is about to begin. mollie tibbetts was last seen july 18th. over two weeks out. she went for a run is what we know. new information coming in is the shirt was found on a hog farm how far away from the house? >> bill: 17 miles. i don't know in which direction. the boyfriend and boyfriend's brother were working at a
7:36 am
construction site 100 miles away. was it a different part of the state? small town, brooklyn, iowa, population 1400. dog sitting that night at her boyfriend's home. her brother lives there as well. she just finished her second year of college. >> sandra: the boyfriend who was on this program with you earlier this week said we left our doors unlocked, you know. it is something that everybody in the town does. ted, i wonder as we wait for the news conference to begin now -- is it underway now? okay. we'll get to that when it begins. if you could just tell us what you're hearing and seeing on the ground there considering this is such a small, tight knit community in rural iowa, people must be kind of scared. >> well, they are somewhat apprehensive and afraid at this time because this is middle
7:37 am
america. this is a very tight knit community, brooklyn, iowa. i can tell you that individuals here have galvanized in the community, the men, the women, the children, they've all dedicated to one mission, bringing mollie home. the thing about it is, it has been reported that individuals within this community do, in fact, leave their door open. this is middle america. yes, they do leave their doors open. they feel very comfortable. i can tell you as a result of mollie going missing, this has left a lot of individuals within this community terribly apprehensive. >> bill: thank you, ted. stand by out there, okay? we're waiting on police. we were given a two-minute morning and some sort of delay. may not mean anything at all. mother's father, rob, praising the investigators yesterday saying it has been large and sophisticated, aggressive as
7:38 am
well and very sensitive to family. now we're told the police are about to approach the microphone. let's hang with the signal here. if we get the signal stronger from ted we'll go back to him. this captured the attention of a country in a way we haven't seen in some time. the mystery is obvious with very few answers. >> sandra: a big part of this investigation has been social media, electronic devices. she was working on a laptop the night she disappeared doing homework late into the night which her father has told us on the program that is not uncommon for mollie. she was an avid runner. she went for a jog that night. the family is gathering. they're beginning. let's listen in. >> i appreciate your patience. we're here for another update. with me i'll do some introductions here. the sheriff is with us. special agent in charge from the f.b.i. is here.
7:39 am
mollie's mother is here. rob and casey tibbetts are here, dalton is here and well as our missing person information clearinghouse manager. we want to start with the sheriff to come forward and read a brief statement. >> this might be a little redundant. we appreciate your help in getting the information about mollie out to the people all across the country. on july 19th, 2018, 20-year-old mollie tibbetts of brooklyn, iowa was reported missing by her family. she was last seen on july 18th at approximately 7:30 p.m. while running the city streets of brooklyn. last known article of clothing is believed to be dark colored running shorts, pink sports top and running shoes color unknown. although mollie has not been located, the investigation into her disappearance has not slowed down at all.
7:40 am
the public is encouraged to contact the following tip lines if they believe they have information related to mollie's disappearance. first tip line is 800-452-1111 or 515-223-1400. there is also a dedicated email to accept tips and that's -- i want to just tell the people if we have a tip from outside the area, if it's outside of brooklyn, iowa, please call your local authorities. reporting a tip that you see outside the area would take time for us to respond to that. so if you are from out of state or out of the general area of this county please call your local authorities. they've been great about following up on these tips. to speed things up if you could do that, that would be very helpful to us. and there are a couple of
7:41 am
people i want to thank. i want to thank central iowa crimestoppers for staffing the tip lines. they've been getting hundreds of tips every day and they're working very hard at it and also working, i would like to thank them for working with the family on the reward for mollie. there is one other group of people i want to thank from my office. i want to thank all my co-workers for working hard on this. especially our dispatchers. they are being inundated with telephone calls and all kinds of things and two of them live in brooklyn so it's very dear and close to their hearts what's happening here. they've been getting beat up over this and i want to make sure they know how much we appreciate what they're doing. thank you very much. >> thank you, sheriff. i guess i should have started by introducing myself. i'm the director of investigative operations for the iowa department of public safety. since i last met with you on
7:42 am
tuesday, the investigative response has not slowed down. investigators from the dci and f.b.i. and sheriffs office continue to complete leads that come in and evaluate and prioritize new leads being received every day. unfortunately we have not yet found mollie but it has not been due to a lack of effort or resources. we appreciate the continued support of mollie's family, the entire community and the media organizations keeping this story in the news. although we appreciate everyone showing up today for this press conference our position hasn't changed on the release of case facts, results and conclusions. i understand it is frustrating for many in the public and media but feel it's necessary for our investigation. our position has also not changed in that if we evaluate a piece of information and feel its release could lead us to mollie we'll do so immediately. as mentioned previously, there are media reports regarding details of this investigation
7:43 am
that dci has not confirmed. the fact that we do not confirm or deny these details is not an indicator of their truth or falsity. we've been asked about social media postings and the investigation and whether they're beneficial or not. these postings are beneficial in that they keep the investigation in the public eye. however, i would keep in mind these posts are often rumor and unconfirmed by law enforcement. as a result of this investigation, many questions have arisen from the public and media regarding missing children in iowa. with me today is the missing person information clearinghouse manager for the division of criminal investigation. at this time i would ask her to come forward to provide some information related to missing persons in iowa. >> good morning, everyone. as kevin has mentioned i'm the iowa missing persons information clearinghouse manager. today we would like to address some frequently asked questions we've been receiving not only from the media but the general
7:44 am
public as well. we would like to start with general statistic. yesterday, august 2 there were a total of 3 -- 225 were listed as juveniles. majority of those are runaway situations. 26 of those individuals listed on the clearinghouse website are categorized as involuntary. those 26 cases date back as far as 1976 which confirms that abductions and involuntary disappearances are not common in our state. numbers have stayed steady over the years when it comes to missing persons, runaway youth and amber alerts. the clear house website was established in 1985 as a result of iowa legislation passed in iowa code 694. designed to disseminate information to keep the public informed on missing people from iowa. iowa is one of the few states that publishes all missing
7:45 am
persons information. local law enforcement agencies from primary authority to address missing persons cases in the state of iowa. all entries into the national crime information center as well as investigations are handled by local police departments and sheriffs offices. they can seek assistance from state and federal law enforcement partners if needed. the clearinghouse keeps track of significant likely criminal cases occurring in our jurisdiction regardless of the time frame. people go missing for various reasons whether that be by choice, wandering away because of a disability, running away from home, stranger abduction or by someone that they know. we really hope that this clarifies some questions that the media and the public has had regarding missing persons and at this point i'll take any questions that you may have regarding missing persons in iowa.
7:46 am
>> we plan to conduct another press conference now next tuesday. information about that press conference will be posted on the dps website and hope to have more information to provide to you next tuesday. at this time if you have any questions i'll be happy to address them. >> ted williams, fox news. it has been reported that a red shirt has been found and i was wondering can you shed any light on whether a red shirt has been found and whether there is any kind of a nexus between the red shirt that may have been found and mollie? and do you at this stage have any suspect? >> i don't have any information with me today on a red shirt being found. that's not to say there was one found or not found. i just don't have that information. as far as suspects go, we're still -- we continue to look at all possibilities. i'm not in a position right now to say we have suspects or we don't have suspects, persons of
7:47 am
interest or anything else. >> initially it was reported by your agency and others that she was wearing a black sports top, now this newer descriptions that you just referred that she was in a pink sports top. that may be confusing to the people or public. can you explain the discrepancy there? >> no, i don't. i can get back to you. >> even on the poster it says black sports top. >> i'll look into that and get back to you. >> as i mentioned previously we're not in a position to say who is a suspect, who isn't a suspect or that there are suspects. >> have you employed any divers to search ponds. >> we've been doing searches in many different manners. i don't know if we're using divers. my assumption would be if
7:48 am
you're searching ponds, we're using divers. >> people were out yesterday and going back. would it do any good for ask for the volunteers again and search new areas further away? >> i leave that up to the investigative team to determine what the priorities are for the investigation on any given day. they have the latitude. they have all of the information at their availability to make those decisions and we leave those decisions up to the investigative team. >> since you raised the reward amount have more tips been coming in? >> tips have been coming in regularly. the pace to which they're coming in i can't speak to since the reward amount has been upped. >> have you found any articles or clothing or physical evidence? >> that will be another area that i'm not going to devil into -- delve into at this time. >> you have no suspects and no persons of interest, is that
7:49 am
correct? >> no, what i -- regardless of what i just said or you interpreted i won't speak to the fact whether we have suspects, persons of interests or anything else. >> follow up. are you saying that you have no solid leads at this point? >> no, because i think all leads are valuable. how you define solid would be up for interpretation. at this point we view all leads as valuable. as they come in they're evaluated and prioritized and we're looking into everything at this point. >> do you think you're closer to solving this now than you were two weeks ago on the 19th. >> that would be a conclusion based on the investigation and i won't speak to that at this point. >> recovery or rescue? >> the day she was abducted or disappeared -- >> can you clarify -- [inaudible question] >> i'm confident we have a solid timeline that they're working off of. at this point we aren't ready to disclose what the timeline
7:50 am
is which is what your question is. >> since the reward fund was increased can you characterize the kind of tips that have come in? different kinds of tips? doing that as a reward or recovery fund produced anything significantly different than you were getting before? >> i really don't have the information with me right now to say that if any of the leads that were developed provided anything significant or not. leads are a good thing. as tips come in they generate leads. all leads are important and they're all being looked at. >> any kind of disturbance inside the home? anything unusual in the home? >> that's another area that would cause me to comment on the result of an investigative lead and i'm not going to do that at this time. >> [inaudible question] >> no. as i've mentioned previously as leads come in and information
7:51 am
is evaluated, the investigative team responds to those and prioritizes those. i would expect those searches to continue whether they're from the air, on bodies of water or in fields, wherever those leads may take them. >> are you treating this as a stranger abduction? >> we're treating this as a missing persons investigation and trying to find mollie. that continues to be our focus is to find mollie. >> clarify the importance of every passing hour? >> it's frustrating for everybody. it is frustrating for the investigative team and us and particularly frustrating for the family and friends of mollie. obviously nobody wants to find mollie more than these folks right here and we're included in that group. it is very frustrating, but it hasn't slowed our efforts. we have not slowed down at all
7:52 am
the investigative process and so we come to work every day with an attitude that we are going to find mollie today and we hope to be able to do that and report that to you soon. >> can you confirm there was foul play? >> i'm not going to confirm anything at this point related to the results of a lead or try and draw conclusions about what the investigation shows at this time. >> [inaudible question]. >> i don't have that number. it would be in the hundreds. >> can you say how many police officers are working the case? >> i believe we reported previously. not just state police but investigators from the f.b.i. and division of criminal investigation there are on average 30 to 40 working this case a day. >> briefly explain how this information might compromise -- a lot of people think if you gave us more we could help you. >> it's part of our evaluation process, we consider that and so there are parts of any
7:53 am
investigation that we hold very closely for good reason. so we are constantly evaluating that process as well as to what information we should release and what information we shouldn't. at this point we don't believe it's the appropriate time to do so. you know, it's a delicate balance with this information but we believe this is the right approach and we'll stay this approach. we recognize it is frustrating for everyone involved but we believe it gives us the best opportunity to resolve this investigation >> [inaudible question]. >> i couldn't hear your question. >> [inaudible question]. >> it's important because it continues to let us get to know mollie. particularly people who know mollie or have seen mollie or
7:54 am
talked to mollie in the days leading up to her disappearance. if people have that type of information that we haven't talked to yet we would encourage them to call us. you know, as the sheriff said, if somebody thinks they've seen mollie right away they need to call 911 or call local law enforcement to generate an immediate response to wherever that location is that the sighting occurred. information like you are talking about. people that may have known mollie to come forward and provide a piece of information can use the tip line to do that. if they believe they know the immediate whereabouts of mollie they need to call 911 or local law enforcement no matter where they may be in the country. >> can you confirm law enforcement searched a pig farm around the vicinity of brooklyn, iowa? and if you did, have you had to return to that pig farm? my final question is, have you
7:55 am
had any of the suspect take a polygraph >> i can't speak to the specifics of that. i won't speak to what we have or have not asked any people to do in regards to this investigation. >> bill: interesting. the iowa department of public safety. a lot of probing questions, not a lot of answers at the moments. unfortunately we have not yet found molly, quote. >> sandra: they show up to work every day in hopes of finding her. they are frustrated. we're all frustrated. leads are a good thing. all leads are important. the investigation has not slowed down at all. tips from outside should be reported to local authorities. they are desperately continuing this search for mollie tibbetts. >> bill: as we look for clues and hints how they answer the questions sometimes it leads you in a certain direction or watching it where you are today. the questions repeatedly about
7:56 am
suspects and side stepping the questions. it is a careful dodge. you really wonder what's going on inside the investigation. very little information gone public about the specifics of the case shared with family members. the next press conference tuesday of next week. >> sandra: there was absolutely -- >> bill: four days from now. >> sandra: no comment as far as suspects or persons of interest. her father is now speaking. he is desperately asking for all the leads. anybody who has possibly seen her to call in. >> bill: if the story changes we'll get you back there. in a minute, a booming economy across the country. unemployment 3.9%. we saw that number 18 years ago.
7:57 am
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>> sandra: top of the hour, fox news alert. the jobs report is out and it appears to be mostly good news for the u.s. economy and the trump administration. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. it is friday, bill. >> bill: how are you doing, all right? >> sandra: i'm all right. >> a friday in august. extra special. i'm bill hemmer. how are you doing? the economy adding 157,000 jobs the month of july. unemployment rate drops 3.9%. we're back under 4. haven't seen that number in 18 years. wages also increasing last month just a little bit ahead of inflation. white house director of strategic communications mercedes schlapp giving the credit to the president just
8:01 am
last hour. >> these are significant numbers. our economic fundamentals are strong. there is no question that because of president trump's leadership, his vision in terms of pushing forward economic policies like tax cuts and tax reform, in addition to his deregulatory agenda is working. >> bill: that from last hour. john roberts this hour from the north lawn. good morning. >> good morning. no question the economy is doing well. the jobs report not quite what was expected. the white house putting its best spin on it. economists expected that the economy would create in the month of july between 190 and 195,000 jobs. the actual number was 157,000. the numbers for may and june were revised upwards. the three-month average was 224,000 jobs. the chief economic advisor larry kudlow saying things are much better than the raw number
8:02 am
for july would suggest and the forecast for economic growth is good. listen here. >> we're really at a high plateau. the day-to-day manufacturing was strong, professional services, unemployment went down. a very nice report. the gdp preliminary is predicting 5% with q3. i would be happy with 3. we're off to a good start. >> if the gdp hit 5% for a quarter it would be something. the unemployment number dropping to 3.9, two tenths off a historic 50-year low set back in 1969. good news and bad news on wage growth. the bad news is wage growth was 2.7% year-over-year. there wasn't any movement there. the good news is it's below the 3% threshold that might trigger aggressive action in raising interest rates by the fed. there is something for a lot of people in this.
8:03 am
>> bill: president continues to go after the russia investigation and the media as well. saw him on stage last night in pennsylvania, john. >> of course, all this stems to earlier this week where the president created a lot of headlines by going further than he has before in saying the attorney general, jeff sessions should shut down the russia investigation. the president went off on the russia investigation last night saying it's a hindrance to bettering relations with russia. also taking off on the media again for its reporting of the helsinki summit between the president and vladimir putin. listen here? >> president trump: we're being hindered by the russian hoax. it is a hoax. i got along great with putin. and everybody said wow, that was great. a couple hours later i started hearing these reports that they wanted me to walk up to the podium. they wanted me to walk up and
8:04 am
go like this -- they wanted me to go up and have a boxing match. >> the president slamming coverage of his meeting with the queen from that same trip. it had been reported he was late for the visit and they only talked for a few minutes. he said he was 15 minutes early and they had a lovely chat for about an hour, bill. >> bill: john roberts from the north lawn. >> president trump: i would personally prefer before but whether it's before or after, we're either getting it or we're closing down government. we need border security. we need border security. [applause] >> sandra: president trump repeating his commitment to build that wall even if he needs to shut down the government to get the money for it. joining me now chris wallace. good morning to you. is this a good idea? what do you think about this? doubling down on this call.
8:05 am
>> well, yes, but he didn't make it clear whether he is talking about a shutdown before or after the election. that's the key. the president -- it's been interesting to watch his stream of consciousness. he has been very open in the various arguments for and against this. he thinks one, it's a good issue and bring out the base. he also things -- that means doing it before the election around september 30th when the government would run out of money. and he also thinks that it will put more pressure on democrats because it will be a big issue and they will be asked about it. on the other hand there are an awful lot of the republicans -- he is not on the ballot in november. it's congressional republicans in senates and house on the ballot. they think it's a terrible idea. given the threats that he will be blamed and seen as the person who led to the shutdown of the government and generally speaking, in the polls you see that the american public does not like the idea of a shutdown
8:06 am
and tends to blame the person they hold responsible for the shutdown. so there is a great nervousness on the part of republicans. not so upset about the idea of a shutdown after the mid-terms. maybe in a lame duck session but they don't want to see it before the mid-terms where they think it will create a backlash against them. >> sandra: he said a lot of great republicans are pointing to the strength of the economy and tout that and go off that for the mid-terms. he said he didn't want to complicate what voters are seeing ahead of the mid-terms. he said i understand it. i'm a little torn myself. but clearly he still sees this, chris, as the winning strategy and last hour -- earlier in the show we had on the president of the national border patrol council brandon judd and he, too, supports a shutdown. listen. >> i would 100% support a shutdown. i'm a federal employee.
8:07 am
it will affect me and my family. but without border security we just don't have the safety and security. when i was a little kid growing up my parents had no problem letting me walk a mile away to go to the park. today parents just don't let that happen because they're too worried about crime in the united states. >> sandra: support there for sure. chris. >> well, i think to a certain degree and you are exactly right. the president has been kind of in a stream of consciousness way arguing both sides of it. the arguments that he feels that maybe before the election the arguments of a lot of his colleagues who would be on the ballot maybe after the election and perhaps he is trying to have a best of both worlds. raising the issue, getting his base excited and upset about the issue of border security and he is for closed borders and tough border security and claims the democrats are not. if he can have the argument without actually shutting down the government that would be
8:08 am
the best of both worlds for him and for republicans. >> sandra: the president saying we're about to get really nasty over the wall. so we'll see where all this goes. chris wallace, we'll see you this weekend? >> let's make a date, yeah. >> sandra: "fox news sunday" chris wallace. he will have an exclusive interview with marco rubio and cody wilson, the director of the 3d gun blueprint company defense distributed. check this out. it has been in the news all week and everybody is watching this story. "fox news sunday" chris wallace. check your local listings for times. >> bill: north korea sending the possible remains of american soldiers to the u.s. this week and now we're learning more about what else could be in some of those cases and what they contain. dan springer is on the story. >> the long process of identifying the remains handed over by north korea last week
8:09 am
has begun and there are some items that were mixed in with the bones of the fallen soldiers that can help in the investigation. the most obvious is one dog tag. it will be given to the two sons of that soldier next week. there has to be more testing done to determine if the remains of that soldier are also home. the boxes from north korea also contain two helmets, several canteens, dozens of buttons, boots, socks and a pair of fingerless gloves. all these items are solid evidence that they will be the remains of some of the 7600 u.s. servicemen killed during the korean war still listed as missing. it is just the beginning. the defense accounting agency will have a team of experts including historians and forensic anthropologists working an making positive identifications. it took 65 years to get the remains the north koreans did help during the handover. >> giving us ideas of where the
8:10 am
remains are from. a basic village level location which does help us because we then tie that to our analysis of battlefield losses. that does help in our identification process. >> and dna is used to determine identity in 60% of the cases solved by the dpaa which last year solved 201 cases. >> bill: how long does the identification process take? >> the answers don't come quickly unless they can take that dog tag and make a match between that soldier's family dna sample on file and a piece of dna taken from the bones in the transfer cases. it could take around a month. for most of the remains it will take much longer even years in some cases. the science is amazing. they can determine a lot just from the examination of the bones such as height, which region of the world they're from and if they have a
8:11 am
shoulder bone. they used to check for tuberculosis in the screening process so the service has a lot of that on file. >> sandra: torrential rain leaving a dam on the brink of collapse threatening to drown a u.s. city in minutes. more rain is on the way. we'll have the latest. >> bill: president trump hitting on a wide range of topics last night. our next guest says for the mid-terms republicans should focus on only one topic. >> more than 4 million americans will receive job training under our new workforce initiative. manufacturing, consumer and business confidence has reached the highest level in the history of our country. i would say that's pretty good. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor recommended gaviscon. it quickly neutralizes stomach acid
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>> bill: fox news alert. evacuations taking place in virginia. the national weather service has up to six inches of rain fell within hours on thursday filling college lake near lynchburg beyond capacity. 100 homes downstream from the dam have been evacuated. a complete failure of the dam could get loose floodwaters in the city 17 feet deep in a matter of seven minutes. there was rain in the area. we'll keep a watch on that now. lynchburg, virginia. >> president trump: you see what's happening.
8:16 am
we're respected again. we're respected again. our economy is soaring, our jobs are booming, factories are pouring back into our country. they're coming from all over the world. >> sandra: president trump last night at a rally in pennsylvania touting the economy. the labor department say employees added 157,000 jobs in july with the jobless rate dipping to 3.9%. our next guest has advice for republicans. run on the president's biggest accomplishment, the economy. this is daniel hoffman from the "wall street journal." we noticed the drop in the unemployment rate, the fact it's the lowest it's been in nearly two decades. why don't republicans just stick to this message? >> because a lot of strategists exhort them to run on the
8:17 am
entire trump agenda. let's set the scene. president trump is out at the campaign rallies for one reason. he wants to hold the house of representatives. if the house turns democratic the trump presidency turns into a pumpkin. the democrats need to pick up a net 23 seats to gain control of the house. there are between 20 and 25 republican seats that are on the bubble where they will win or lose by 2 or 3 points. if you're in a strong conservative seat and 20 points ahead you can run on anything. but these republicans who are in tight, tight races have to focus on simplicity and clarity. the idea of running on all these things the president talks about, shutting down the government, not shutting down the government. inviting vladimir putin come, not inviting vladimir putin. only donald trump can run on all that. >> sandra: that's what you write about your piece. the gop hall of mirrors, a
8:18 am
message, run on his biggest victory. you write this, the reality during the obama years was people were losing hope. mr. obama's constant speeches about a job that pays the bills and a chance to get ahead were just speeches. >> we had less than 2% growth for eight years. people were losing hope. there was only one candidate who was able to translate this, i think, into words that people could relate to and that was the guy who said make america great again. look, you can say the phrase economic growth all you want, unemployment statistics but candidates have to relate a real economy to real people and what they have done in the last 18 months going from that lack of hope in the obama years to every article, every other article in the "wall street journal" tight labor market. teenagers being hired for good jobs is an extraordinary achievement. if i'm a republican in a tough race i'll talk to people about that. and the alternative.
8:19 am
>> sandra: he is threatening to shut down the government over the border wall and some great republicans are doing don't distract from the economic message as you are writing about it. something else you point out fascinating to think about as we sit in august 2018, dan. you look back to january 2013, 5 1/2 years ago, the unemployment rate was at 8%. for black americans nearly 14%. we have come a far way. >> black and hispanic unemployment now is at the lowest record recorded in the last 30 years. as the head of the federal reserve said pretty much everyone who wants to work now can find a job. that i think is what republicans have to hammer over and over again. you have got an economy that works for everybody. your children have jobs, the people you know have jobs, let's keep it that way. >> sandra: a lot of vacant jobs that can't find people and hearing a lot about closing the
8:20 am
skills gap. dan henninger from the "wall street journal." thanks. >> bill: president trump targeting bernie sanders last night in pennsylvania. >> president trump: you have to hand it to bernie, i saw him up there the other day, that hair is getting whiter and whiter and he is getting crazier and crazier. you have to hand it to that guy. he doesn't quit. >> bill: the president calling out liberal democrats and socialists as he promises to keep up the pressure on congress for the border wall. anthony scaramucci is live today. we'll talk to him coming up in moments. tion right now
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
to say we have suspects, we don't have suspects. persons of interest or anything else. >> bill: matt finn on the story today. montezuma, iowa, matt.
8:25 am
>> that press conference just wrapped up. no new information. these press conferences have become highly anticipated because outside of them police aren't answering any questions, questions from the media or people of the public. people gather around and get ready for the press conferences, maybe a break or a lead or arrest and then nothing. there is a growing sense of frustration and concern. people in the community saying perhaps you can give us a description of a suspect. perhaps you can point us in the right direction and we can help you. today police acknowledged the frustration say they feel that right now they're taking the right approach. constantly assessing whether they can release any new information to be public. that hasn't happened so far. one of the lead investigators explaining the latest on this investigation. >> it's frustrating for everybody. it's frustrating for the investigative team and us and particularly frustrating for the family and friends of mollie. so nobody wants to find mollie more than these folks right
8:26 am
here. >> police say are taking in hundreds of tips a day. encouraging the sharing of information on social media but are warning people there are rumors out there. they say the investigation has not slowed down. as of this morning no arrests and no named suspects in the missing case of mollie tibbetts, bill. >> bill: thank you, matt. matt finn back on the case in iowa today. >> sandra: another big day in court as prosecutors in the paul manafort trial get ready to call their star witness. >> bill: a full-court press from the white house on russian election meddling. how u.s. intel officials are fighting the threat just about 95 days before the mid-terms. >> our focus here today is simply to tell the american people we acknowledge the threat, it is real, it is continuing, and we're doing everything we can to have a legitimate election that the
8:27 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert. president trump's former campaign manager paul manafort back in court at this hour for day four of his trial as we await and see whether today is d-day that prosecutors call their star witness rick gates to testify against his former business partner. peter doocy is live for us this morning. >> right now paul manafort's accountant is on the stand. this accountant is testifying that he once had to email man fort because he didn't know where a million dollars of income came. they say it was a loan disguised as income which would affect the return and make it illegal. the accountant also says he
8:31 am
emailed paul manafort multiple times asking if he and his wife had any foreign accounts or income and he said they said no. they are saying he was hiding money from the irs and use as a fund to wire to luxury retailers. tax returns have been presented as evidence. on every one manafort checked he didn't have any foreign income and signed his name under penalty of perjury he was telling the truth. some of those returns from a few years ago do show manafort business taking losses which is consistent with what his bookkeeper testified yesterday. there was a time paul manafort started to have a difficulty paying bills. this is the fourth day of the manafort trial and the focus the whole time continues to be exclusively on allegations of financial crime. there is no talk about russian collusion or president trump even though the evidence against manafort was found by
8:32 am
investigators charged with rooting out russian interference in the election. it is a very slow and deliberate process using a slide show of multiple years, dozens of lines of these tax returns and when the judge t.s. ellis thinks it's going too slowly, he does tell the mueller team to hurry it up. >> sandra: peter doocy, what a week it has been, thank you. >> russia attempted to interfere with the last election and continues to engage in malign influence operations to this day. >> our democracy itself is in the cross hairs. free and fair elections are the cornerstone of our democracy. >> bill: detailing efforts to stop the meddling. the threat is ongoing. not as intense in 2016 but they're watching it. fox news contributor daniel hoffman with me now.
8:33 am
good to see you again and good morning to you. what did you think of the message from the podium yesterday? >> i thought it was excellent. it was a very stark delivery of indications and warning to the american people. it is really important we understand what the threat is emanating from russia. we're under the kremlin siege. it is important that the government take steps and inform us about those steps to deter and defend us and then counter russia's aggression. >> bill: to counter you break it down in three components, right? deterrence, defend, and counter. what's that all about? >> on the deterrent side, that's about in my view the president delivering that stark warning to vladimir putin that if russia continues to meddle and interfere -- i prefer to use the word interfere in our elections we'll take action. this president is known for drawing a red line and following through as he did in syria. we're the aggrieved party and we need to demonstrate to the russians we're serious about taking action.
8:34 am
>> bill: here is dan coats. he was in the room. play a clip. >> relative to what we have seen for the mid-term elections, it is not the kind of robust campaign that we assessed in 2016 election. we know that through decades russia has tried to use this propaganda and methods to sew discord in america. however, they stepped up their game big time in 2016. we have not seen that kind of robust effort from them so far. >> bill: why would that be? do you have an answer? >> first, that's really important information for us. i can tell you from my experience the intelligence community plays an important role in providing critical information about indications and warning of this threat to the consumers in our government starting with the department of homeland security who can then work with those at greatest
8:35 am
risk, first the voting installations and then the party committees as well as social networking and media sites. the thing that i would say is the russians are mounting serious operations against us, maybe a little less than we saw in 2016 because it was a presidential election but it is still at a high level and great concern to us. >> bill: okay. putin loves this stuff, doesn't he? we're talking about russia all day long. turn on every tv channel, it's all about russia. to that extent, daniel, he has won. >> yeah, he has won. it is a little counterintuitive. when ambassador bolton says this attack on us was an act of war, vladimir putin likes that. it helps his regime security. as if he is at war with the west and everything we stand for, our liberty, freedom and democracy. i would say if we are at war we're supposed to bring down destruction on enemy combatants.
8:36 am
i listened to the potential for countering russia's attacks on us at the point of attack inside russia. that's something we need to be thinking about it. might be reprovided a warning to the russians privately in our intelligence channels we plan on doing that. i hope we have the ability and intention to use it. >> bill: to be continued. thank you for your comments today. >> sandra: fox news alert there are protests along the israel/gaza border happening right now amid reports the two sides could be close to a cease-fire. that is where david lee miller is at this hour. >> sandra, it's about 6:35 in the evening. for the last two hours a massive demonstration has been taking place behind me along the israeli/gaza border. take a look at this hour and you can see the thick billowy black smoke that has been used to obscure the activities of some of the demonstrators. the israeli military is on the
8:37 am
scene. on occasion they have fired in the last few hours live ammunition at some of the demonstrators. as many as 25 of the protestors have been wounded. some we're told by some of the live ammunition. we saw at least one kite that was flying overhead. these flights are insendary devices to try to set fire to israeli agricultural land and forest. they have caused millions of dollars in damage. in total since these demonstrations got underway at the end of march, at least 155 palestinians have been killed. in the last couple of weeks at least one israeli soldier was killed by sniper fire. all this unfolding while simultaneously in gaza now high-ranking leaders of hamas are meeting to try and come to some agreement being brokered with the help of the egyptians to try to end these weekly demonstrations that have been happening now since march
8:38 am
following friday prayers for the last several months. so far no word on the progress of those talks. but if they do succeed, these regular demonstrations will come to a halt and in exchange israel might agree to open up the gaza strip allowing more products to come in and increase the flow of electricity. this is a negotiation that is still in progress and once again, on another friday, we see more violence along the israeli/gaza border. back to you. >> bill: president trump blasting a potential opponent in the 2020 election. >> so i don't know who i'll run against. bernie tells how wonderful things are. he wants to raise your taxes, he wants to create massive amounts of crime and wants to open your borders. >> bill: he is touting a possible stand off on government funding for the
8:39 am
border wall. we'll talk to anthony scaramucci on the message. >> sandra: a massive dust store caused damage, black-outs and travel delays. we'll bring you there. ♪ dust in the wind, all they are is dust in the wind ♪ to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you with my bladder leakage, the products i've tried just didn't fit right. they were very saggy. it's getting in the way of our camping trips. but with new sizes, depend fit-flex is made for me. introducing more sizes for better comfort. new depend fit-flex underwear is guaranteed to be your best fit.
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8:43 am
i looked at my wife and i said you have to hand it to that guy, he doesn't quit. that's okay. crazy bernie. he is one crazy dude. >> sandra: president trump very directly calling out bernie sanders and other democrats during his rally in pennsylvania last night. the president calling the democrats obstructionists. anthony scaramucci is former white house communications director. he joins us now. what were you thinking, anthony, as you were watching the president there? >> my dad's hometown. and he had the entire town turn out. that's him. that's what makes him him and why he will win reelection. he is off the cuff. very present in the conversations and doesn't want to let you know this, he is analyzing everybody on that field and looking for their weaknesses and he is going to surgically strike when necessary once he figures out who the competition is. >> sandra: he went further
8:44 am
calling out bernie sanders and other potential opponents coming up. watch this. >> president trump: let's say i'm running against pocahontas or crazy bernie. he wants to raise your taxes and create massive amounts of crime. he wants to open your borders. when he goes out and i say one thing african-american, hispanic, asian, you have the lowest level of unemployment in the history of our country. how does somebody fight that? >> sandra: he actually went as far as to be so funny to say maybe i should be against the wall. then democrats will be for it. >> i've heard him say that privately. let me pick two or three things senator schumer likes and i'll say i'm for them and they'll get stopped. he is cataloging who he thinks his adversaries are. because of his policies, because of the strengthening at the border, the minority
8:45 am
unemployment situation has improved dramatically. you see wage growth and printing gdp numbers in the 4s. if you stay in the 3 1/2, 4 zone. it's not a forecast. i think it will be bumpy but the president's policies can sustain north of 3. a 3% gdp growth doubles the size of the economy in 18 years and resolves so many of our entitlement problems, social security and medicare issue. the president is focused on growth and evening out the employment situation as it relates to wages, pressing wages up in the lower and middle class families is going to lead him to -- >> sandra: the report this morning, some economists are using it as a reason to say missed expectations, jobs growth number wasn't as big as anticipated. >> that's why i'm saying it is going ton -- everybody is trained as an economist knows
8:46 am
it isn't a 45* upward. we have to be very careful on the trade stuff. i understand where the president wants to go and right on the macro. but let's figure out a way to work with our allies, get the tariffs to where he wants them. reduced tariffs on both sides and work alongside our chinese competitors, if you will, to see if we can growing all our economies together and make the numbers better. >> sandra: dan henninger wrote this big piece about republicans focus on the economy. president trump focus on the economy. your biggest victory, focus on that. we see the president focusing on his border wall. he is threatening to shut down the government ahead of mid-terms on that. do you agree with the president's strategy there? he says we're about to get really nasty over the wall. >> i think what he is frustrated? it works for him. he is super frustrated that he is calling for the wall.
8:47 am
he has been calling for the wall as number one campaign promise. people want to strengthen the border. people flood across the border and participate in the welfare state in a way that it misall indicates the system. you will have a welfare state, which we do, you need a strong border otherwise free market forceers dictate that people will come across the border. i do believe, you have to give the president credit. tightening at the border has taken the slack out of the economic situation on the employment side for the african-american and hispanic american families. the guy has been resoundingly successful. he could probably dial back and be more strategic tweeting. dial back on -- i think he is now in a position where he has a tremendous amount of allies out there and media surrogates pushing his agenda. guys like bill shine will help him get the agenda out there more aggressively. let's play nicer with the press
8:48 am
and we'll be in much better shape. the approval ratings should be north of 50. let's get a peace pipe out there and smoke it a little bit. tobacco smoke. we haven't made cannabis legal. i'm not allowed to be on before greg gutfeld. he is writing down jokes now. i'm calling my agent. >> sandra: good to have you. i hope you don't cross paths in the highway. get ready, bill. >> bill: harris and lisa a quick preview of "outnumbered." >> one of my friends who stays ready so he doesn't have to get ready. that's what i know about bill hemmer. july jobs report is out today as you may know showing unemployment hovering around a 50-year low with upward revisions for jobs added in may and june, this as china is threatening more retaliation if the white house goes through with new proposed tariffs. whether the president can bend
8:49 am
beijing to his will when it comes to trade. we'll talk about it. >> see about that and the president is not letting up on the media. he says fake news is the enemy and asks whatever happened to honest reporting? who is winning, who is losing? >> in the center seat a lucky guy for now, bill hemmer. >> bill: say hello to him. have a great weekend. she had a shocker of a primary. alexandria ocasio-cortez hitting the road spreading her socialist message in california. will it pay off? greg gutfeld has a few thoughts about his home state.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> bill: self-proclaimed socialist alexandria
8:53 am
ocasio-cortez riding the wave of a stunning victory over a long time democrat is in california this week. my next guest is greg gutfeld. how are you, sir? >> i'm doing great. >> bill: we're hawking books for you, brother. you deserve it. you went to school in berkeley. you're from california. she is out there pitching for votes and trying to raise money. >> exactly. it's less about her and more about this disturbing message that how many people under 30 and 40 know so little about the legacy of socialism and the suffering it's caused. it is an interesting contrast. when you look at her, she is charming, young and has a future. what she is selling is the opposite. socialism is grim, it's old, and it offers you no tomorrow. even bernie is likable but the message he offers is not likable. what infuriates me more about california and new york city.
8:54 am
they flourish because of liberals that got rich an capitalism. it got them to the point where they can put these horrible ideas on us. the inequality in california is insane. pelosi estate versus the tent cities. that's socialism. >> bill: i see what you did there. bernie is 70 something? >> he doesn't look a day over -- they are -- they seem fresh and innovative but their ideas are destructive and old. i guess you need a really good salesman to sell bad stuff. i don't -- i wouldn't mock her too much. she is going to get better. the more you mock somebody, the better they get. you learned with trump. >> bill: i don't think people realize you write all of your own stuff. every word. >> yes. >> bill: and i'm told when you
8:55 am
work out in the gym you carry a clipboard with you, because if you get an idea you write it down. >> i stand on the stair climber at the gym with this thing and i write all the ideas i have for the five for all the blocks and i write the monologue there and then i just keep writing because i hate exercising. >> bill: you are afraid of losing the idea once it leaves your mind and it is gone. >> nothing worse than having an idea, i have to remember that and it's gone and floating somewhere and you sit there. >> bill: you are aggravated because you can't bring it back. >> it driver's license -- drives me nuts. >> please stop you walking plank of repurposed wood. john kerry. it was the walking plank of wood that gave it away. >> bill: re purposed would.
8:56 am
perino, she is so small she could float on a cheese it. >> i reverse them. like a gum drop is dana's medicine ball where as with -- >> the book is out. gutfeld monologues. i added new information. more new than old. a pleasure. scaramucci's hair, you could ride on that wave. >> bill: he saw you coming a mile away. >> he has a new poof going. >> bill: we'll see you this weekend. >> sandra: good to have greg. good news for the economy. the white house claiming an economic victory over the strong monthly jobs report. what do these numbers mean for the economy moving forward? we'll be right back. to have new jumbo snow crab
8:57 am
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>> that was a show. >> in arizona, it's called a haboob. >> have a great weekend, bill hemmer. if needed. that was a week for you. thank you for joining us, everybody. we will see you back here on monday morning. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: fox news alert, let's talk money. and you read on economy heading into the midterm election. jobs growth remaining solid in july was 157,000 new jobs added to spy the number of missing analysts expecting stomach expectations. you're watching "outnumbered" on a fun friday. here, revoke and strategist and senior fellow for the independent women's voice to my right of, lisa boothe. a host of the intelligence report on the fox business network, trish regan is here. democrat strategist and fox news contributor jessica tarlov. in joining us in a center seat, fox news digital politics editor chris stirewalt as i like to say, is on fire.


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