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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 7, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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it -- >> tammy: we got to wrap it up but, people can get your book, springtime for snowflakes. my name is tammy bruce. stay for election results throughout the night. goodbye from new york, hannity is next. ♪ welcome to a "hannity." we have huge breaking news on thousands of fronts including five states. first, a shocking breaking news report from john solomon. it's even worse than we originally thought. tonight we have clear evidence that former associate deputy attorney general bruce ohr was at the very center of the clinton campaign's effort to influence and rig the 2016 election and actually by your federal government as a tool to do this against donald trump. this is worse than we ever
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thought. now, newly declassified text, personal memos and handwritten notes from bruce ohr and christopher steele tonight are showing what is a coordinated effort between the clinton campaign, the obama administration, to use the infamous clinton bought and paid for a dirty dossier drag down donald trump both before and after the election. we will have all the new details coming up, plus reaction, john solomon and freedom caucus chairman mark meadows. this is a huge breaking story. also tonight it must be a slow week for the destroyed trump press as they continue to push the same old fake, phony, recycled scandal. we will call them out once again and if he thought they couldn't get any more abusively biased, the fake news media, they rolled out long time trump pater rosie o'donnell to bash the president. now the left's hypocrisy, and
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the hollywood walk of fame citing his disturbing treatment of women. meanwhile bill cosby's star as they there, kevin spacey's star as they are totally intact. we will show you all the updates from day six in the trial of the century, the 2005 tax case of paul manafort. by the way an incredible exchange between team mueller and judge ellis. apparently, mueller's a guy was in tears. sit tight, it's time for tonight's important breaking news, opening monologue. for over a year we have been reporting accurately, and now we know more about bruce ohr's suspicious ties to fusion gps. remember his wife nellie actually worked with christopher steele for fusion gps, and the ones that put together the
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clinton bought and paid for russian dirty dossier. as you know the dossier was a campaign up research document put together by steele himself, although he doesn't stand by it, a former russian spy full of misinformation and propaganda. hillary paid for it, the dnc paid for it, all by funneling money through a law firm to fusion gps. according to john solomon's reporting, we have clear evidence that bruce ohr come the fourth most powerful person in the obama justice department was working hand-in-hand with christopher steele and hillary clinton's up research team both before and after the election. clearly, to stop president trump from winning the election. then after he won the election, literally destroy him with the clinton fund and russian lies that nobody ever verified and has now been totally debunked. let's take a look at some of the
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most evidence. take a look at this, july 21st, 2016. he reaches out and says there was something separate that i wanted to discuss with you informally and separately. now that clear reference was to then candidate brett president trump and that was followed up by july 30th, 2016. steele met bruce and nellie or for breakfast. he said quote great to see you and nellie this morning, let's keep in touch on substantive issues. glenn simpson founder of gps is happy to speak with you on this if it would help. now just one day later, and i trump fbi investigator peter strzok opened up the investigation into the phony claims of trump russia collusion. did you see how this is all coming together? and after the election ended,
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and, just want to check. they are locally discussing along with your bureau colleagues. feeding the fbi, lies, misinformation and propaganda. and be 14 have been barred from working with the fbi in november of 2016 because of his leaking to the news media. let's also keep in mind of the major role that this steele clinton paid for dirty dossier played in the fisa applications against carter page.
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we now have proof. bruce ohr likely funneled the dossier to the fbi, a document, he knew was op research bought and paid for by the political party in an election year. remember just yesterday on this program, house intel committee chairman devin nunes revealed exculpatory evidence was completely omitted from the fbi fisa application against carter page. watch this. >> there is exculpatory evidence that we have seen of classified documents that need to be declassified. these were not -- >> tucker: >>: exculpatory in what way? >> that the judge should have been presented with evidence that the doj had? >> this is obama's justice department, part of obama's branch, literally using your
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federal government, your tax dollars, in this case as a weapon. and then later the president of the united states, president trump himself. they use clinton campaign material, never verified, never corroborated, to regulate fisa court application lying to judges to spy on team trump. then they use the very same op research that she paid for to open up a phone not a microphone he russia collusion application to then candidate trump, then they licked the contents of the dossier to the press because they wanted to influence the election in favor of hillary clinton against donald trump and lie to you, the american people. and on top of it all, the fbi, on top of hillary paying steel through fusion gps and at the dnc paying him, the fbi paid him. the fbi made 11 payments to christopher steele.
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i have been saying, and now it has all come together. the biggest political corruption abuse of power and scandal in our lifetime. this should outrage every single american. i don't care what your political affiliation is, let me say this slowly. they try to steal in the united states of america a presidential election, and this wow they have the evidence. in other words they abuse their power to steal an election. a presidential election. our justice department has been weaponized for pure partisan political gain. we will talk to john solomon and mark meadows in just a minute. in other news the latest example of how so many americans can't trust the media, they've been missing in action on that scandal. last night we called them out
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again for hyping up yet another fake news story about the 2016 trump our meeting between john, don jr. and the pope russian lawyer. they met before with fusion gps and after. they claimed the president finally admitted to collusion and that's what you have now been hearing. there was a stunning new evidence that the trump tower meeting was political. it ended up being about adoption, none of this is new. zero. none of this is stunning, none of this is collusion. we've known for more than a year that donald trump jr. took the meeting because like everyone else, like adam schiff and hillary clinton, everybody wants op research on their political opponents. that didn't stop the media even though we have known them for well over a year and the president has said, two days in a row or, frankly all weekend. >> president trump has made and about face and that much
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discussed meeting between don don jr.. the president now admitting that he was all about getting information on hillary clinton. >> is now bluntly acknowledging that the trump tower meeting central investigation was in fact about getting dirt on hillary clinton from the russians. >> suddenly now the president is confirming bluntly what it was all about. he said there was no violation to the law but he admitted finally what it was all about. >> we have entered now a very different realm because we are no longer speculating. now we have people essentially admitting, the people in this case on word and twitter admitting what happened. >> sean: all of this phony fake feigned of moral outrage over a nonstory that the president had talked about. we had reported and they had reported over a year ago. that's why we called them the
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destroy trump people. and by the way that's why we call them fake news. if we thought the media bias couldn't get any worse, think again. we have conspiracy tv and msnbc rolling out the longest known sufferer of trump derangement syndrome ever. there she is, rosie o'donnell, last night literally standing in front of the white house leading a sing-along, protests against her arch nemesis. naturally the media was more than happy to give her a platform so she could spew all of her hatred on national tv. shocking, take a look. >> if it wasn't for russia, he never would have one. they actually gave him the election. i believe he should be impeached and i'm sickened by congress that doesn't call for articles of impeachment when we have so much evidence of his horrible
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high crimes and misdemeanors. did they come in there and make trump when, when every single person knew for sure that hillary clinton was going to win? do you think that was anything to do with russia or just a real big swirl for donald trump and the specific areas with the same exact amount of votes that were needed? we will stand up at the polls and let him know and unless he goes and it has the russians kind of fix it like you did last time in 2016, we will see him gone and that's what i'm waiting and hoping for. >> her hatred for the president is widespread among all of her friends in hollywood and all the elites. last night the west hollywood city council voted unanimously, they were removing donald trump's star, how devastating, from the hollywood walk of fame. in part because of trump's "disturbing treatment of women." the movie is nonbinding, but the city council has no authority over the walk. let's take a look at the star is
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not targeted last night by the west hollywood city council. there we have bill cosby recently found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman. then you have dozens of other similar allegations levied against bill cosby. there he is, kevin spacey. he's facing tons of accusations of sexual misconduct for more than ten people including multiple victims who were allegedly abused in their early teens. then you have brett ratner, he's been accused of multiple women of serious sexual misconduct and assault. jeffrey tambor and oliver stone, and many others, but west hollywood city council is saying, the vote has nothing to do with politics. finally tonight, the of the biggest trial of the century, the 2005 tax case of paul manafort. it has come to a close but not without a very tense moment between judge ellis and mueller.
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he accused him of tearing up. judge ellis repeatedly clashing from day one, often questioning the relevance of so-called evidence presented in court. meanwhile the star witness rick gates continued his testimony from the stand. mentor for its defense attorney raised serious question about the character of the star witness, including all the instances. he actually embezzled a ton of money from paul manafort. the defense team accused gates of using the money to fund a secret life and an affair in london. despite all of that, the odds are definitely stacked against paul manafort who currently faces a potential life sentence. this is a 2005 case. remember what the judge said, to put the screws to me in make him sing or compose so they can get information and they can get trump. they started with his lifestyle, they talked about oligarchs, and
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then the modern team guy tearing up in court. the judge would bring him sayin saying, look at me. but because of rod rosenstein's mandate was so broad and it has nothing to do with russia, it has nothing to do with collusion, nothing to do with trump, nothing to do with trump at all. our top stories surrounding bruce ohr's connection to glenn simpson. and from the hill, john solomon. john, it's your story. let's get to how the senior doj official had democratic researchers on the russia case. before and after the election. break it down. >> i think you hit it in your monologue just right. we now know that bruce ohr was not just some ancillary figure, he was a central figure, the glue that connected the democratic opposition research effort to destroy donald trump
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during the election by accusing him of having ties to russia with the justice department and the fbi. he's not just anybody companies the deputy to the deputy attorney general which means the same deputy attorney general sally yates who signed the phis out warrant or carter page. her man is meaning outside of the fbi with the primary sources that hillary clinton dug up and he is coordinating. then when christopher steele is fired by the fbi, the fbi told him you are no longer suitable as an asset to be a source and you may not gather any more information under the color of the fbi. and what happens, 21 days later? giving it to fbi and, it's extraordinary. the fbi is violating its own rules and probably misleading the fisa court. the justice department has kept us in the dark for 18 months. we will see tomorrow how sure he
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is. >> the manafort trial of the century. other freedom caucus members have been number one demanding transparency, demanding subpoenas that are complied with. there's been obstruction, delays, phony reductions, phony claims and national security. as we have now learned tonight from this reporting of john solomon, this is deeper, this is more corrupt. there's a bigger abuse of power and obviously they wanted -- the government tried their best. the highest levels of the fbi and doj to defeat and undermine the president of the united states. >> it's not wrong and obviously sean you have been on this from day one. what we are seeing tonight,
6:18 pm
bruce ohr with the department of justice actually was working as a go-between between him and the fbi. there was over 60 different contacts between bruce ohr and christopher steele and actually sell dirt on the president. we also have text messages that confirm that peter strzok actually worked with bruce ohr. so it is amazing that it has taken so long for him to come out. >> sean: so we have comey, then the number two guy at the fbi, then bruce ohr, then we have peter strzok and lisa page, then everything else. and, is that conspiracy, is that
6:19 pm
collusion? then we have hillary paying for russian lies. manipulating the american peopl people, and using that to spy on americans. how deep does this go. and when do these people ever get held accountable. >> we know that there are two standards, one that are well-connected and we are seeing that as john is reporting tonight, it goes very deep. we are just now starting to uncover really how awful this was. let's put it in context, it was july 30th, the day before the investigation started when there was a meeting at the mayflower that started between bruce ohr and christopher steele. >> last word we are giving to john solomon tonight, where is this coming from? >> the conspiracy will be the one inside the justice department to defraud the fisa
6:20 pm
court and i believe that's where this goes. >> sean: explained that in a little more detail. >> i think for sure the fbi was intentionally keeping this information, the contact betwee between -- they were on winning exculpatory information at hiding their back channel to the clinton campaign on that will be a real problem for the fbi when this is done. >> without a doubt, i agree. our next, jay sekulow, the president's attorney. should the president ever talked to mueller? i say no but we will ask him. heartburn relief plus melatonin so you can fall asleep quickly. ♪ oh, what a relief it is!
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i met henry in washington.
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the polls have closed in ohio and the scene must special in the closely watched election. it pitted two i a balderson against daniel connor, neck and neck race for the u.s. house set. the lowest, latest poll numbers show balderston leading by one percentage point with about 67%, 70% of the votes in. balderston was backed by the president and he traveled to ohio last weekend. this could be a test of voter sentiment between the midterms and we are following live all night. the prosecution's star witness taking the stand again in paul manafort's trial. rick gates testified that he lied on tax documents and committed fraud and then manafort's defense team attacked him. we will have news all night. >> sean: now with more reaction to our opening monologue, the author of the
6:26 pm
number one "new york times" best seller called "the russian hoax, illnesses the scheme to frame hillary clinton and donald trump." also with us, number one "new york times" best-selling author, "liars, leakers and liberals, the case against the antitrust conspiracy." both friends of the show, judge jeanine pirro. it's amazing. you are number one company he's number one, congratulations to both of you. i love you both. this new development about bruce ohr. christopher steele is all over this. he's a liar and a liquor, and i'm thinking they not only tried to steal an election, they have tried to destroy this man with somebody they paid.
6:27 pm
>> what's amazing about all of this is, if it is -- if it fits right into the plan. if you were going to write a story about what was going on in the fbi and the department of justice, he would be part of it. the fact that this is out now and it took so long to come out, think about how the fbi and the doj has been hiding everything they can. >> sean: i want the 20 pages. >> we all want the 20 pages. >> why does the present say, give me the 20 pages? >> because right now the president is allowing this investigation to take its own course. some of them are the best they can and some are not. >> what is the point of checks and balances? they ignore the subpoena and you can't hold them in contempt. i know the caucuses talked about it, and obviously the
6:28 pm
leadership. this is steeper than we ever thought. i have to ask, where is robert mueller on this, where is he, gregg jarrett? >> he is looking in all the wrong places, and the latest document show the fbi and the department of justice new the dossier was phony. they knew that christopher steele was a liar, he was on the fbi payroll and on hillary clinton's payroll. they said he was desperate to stop trump. his bias was so pervasive, they distance himself from him. they continue to use christopher steele in violation of the regulation, they were very devious about it. they used up bruce ohr at the department of justice, and, they
6:29 pm
are all meeting and she is working for fusion gps. not only are they meeting before the election, and it not only are these lies disseminated to the american people to steal an election, they are meeting to give the information to robert mueller. >> this is definition of corruption. the department of justice and the fbi. this was really a shameful episode in james comey's legacy. it's amazing to me that they continued to obtain information and after he was inaugurated well into last year. why, because they were still trying to date verify the dossier which steal himself said was unverifiable because they had used it as a fraud on the fisa court. >> the amazing part was -- we
6:30 pm
now know he was paid by hillary. >> her money funneled through fusion gps, and one of the things in the article, they talk about engaging steele as a confidential human source assisting in the probe. and he may have been a spy in the trump campaign. >> but even after he's fired, he still in conduit for information. >> but he's also the bulk of every fisa application. that application was a re-upped every 90 days, and that tells me that the judge who re-upped the fisa warrant, with multiple judges, hats should have had additional evidence in addition to the unverified dossier.
6:31 pm
every person that signed that document should have been up in arms. >> if there was any probable cause to launch the investigation of donald trump. there were no crimes to justify additional information and no intelligence that justify the counterintelligence probe. facts were invented or exaggerated, and it all appears to be a hoax. last question, quick answer, both of you. mueller doesn't have the authority to identify the crime. >> sean: gregg jarrett should he identify the crime or anything? >> no.
6:32 pm
muller has proven he cannot be trusted and has run the integrity of his own investigation. >> sean: 3 out of 3, and we will ask the president's attorney jay sekulow this very question. later jessica tarlov, whose world will it be, as hannity continues. oh!
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6:37 pm
do is start with this proposition, the depth of corruption that led to this investigation and frankly continues to permeate this investigation is unprecedented. so you have to start with that. the clarity, you have to start with the question whether the president would sit for an interview. and, the legal team has been pretty clear on this in the last couple weeks, other than that our position is not a constitutional basis to move that forward. the article to power of the presidency is very clear, and the idea that you have a series of questions involving the president's motives for particular actions as it relates to article two power frankly be inappropriate in our view, unconstitutional. then you ask yourself, does that answer your question? the president stated that he wants to do an interview. the position of the legal team
6:38 pm
is that we do not advise that. it continues to be ongoing discussions and dialogue with the office of special counsel to see if there is something that can be worked out, that we would be comfortable with. ultimately the one that makes that determination though, or the lawyers can advise are the president of the united states. so he would make that decision obviously in consultation with his legal team. >> >> sean: if you told me absolutely not, i don't think you would appreciate me or accept me saying come i want to do it anyway. >> there's a different calculus. >> no kidding. clearly our inclination, look. clearly the inclination is no and i could put a hundred lawyers in the room and a 100 of them are going to say that.
6:39 pm
i make the joke when i'm talking to reporters that, you know if we put the president up for an interview you will have 12 lawyers saying, i can't believe we did it. those same 12 lawyers will say what are they hiding. but when you look at the constitutional issues that are implicated by an interview, it's very serious. it raises very serious constitutional issues that go to the heart of what you mentioned earlier, separation of powers, article two authority, i've been saying that for a year and nothing has changed in that regard. ultimately the decision is up to the president, but there aren't ongoing discussions to see if there could be something worked out here. >> i looked at the team that muller has put together. putting innocent people in jail, overturned 90 and the supreme court, overturned 54 and the fourth circuit. i'm not going to drag you into that battle but i have to ask
6:40 pm
you, is it -- it's about obstruction and collusion. there is no evidence of collusion. can we compare what they are accusing the president of with adam schiff's tape, where he is excited because to a russian that has dirt on donald trump? and it was used to get by. >> there's two things here. first of all i think we have to be clear on this. there is no evidence on any type of collusion between the president and russia. no one has put evidence forward on that. number two, when people say the word obstruction, i want everybody to understand the context in which this is arising. this is under authority number two. what policy positions do they take, or policy positions they do not. the idea that that would constitute some kind of
6:41 pm
violation of the law seems to me not only a bizarre legal theory and untested but also out of order under our constitution. and let's go to this investigation in the first plac place. you had an unverified dossier put together by christopher steele who ends up getting fired by the fbi for linking. james comey wants a special counsel so he reeks a memo that he created based on a conversation that he had with the president. now if an fbi agent did that can you imagine the repercussions of leaking that memo? but it gets even better. you have the number four department of justice, bruce ohr, whose wife is working for a fusion gps. her job is to work with christopher steele, and the president -- it's hard to
6:42 pm
believe that those are really the facts. you know what the problem is? no one has disputed any of those facts. the problem here is a foundational problem, and that's why i say the irregularities in the corruption involved in the process from the beginning is a really unprecedented. so all of that factors into the decision that is ultimately made, whether it will be written questions were not. we are close to making that decision, and i don't ever give dates. >> sean: when is this going to end? >> i think it ends soon, i can't give you the date. let me give you the process. bob mueller under his authority will issue a report. that report though does not go to the congress. that goes to the deputy attorney general who is the acting attorney general and he will determine what goes forward. at the same time quite frankly, we are developing a report that is going to lay out all of these
6:43 pm
issues that we talked about. so this is not a trial. i think people understand that, this is not a trial in the traditional sense of anything, this is a political process that is going forward, and i want to be clear here. the constitutional issues which is the reason i was involved in this case in the first place in fact are the major issues that this investigation turns on. there are serious constitutional implications of this, not just for this president but for the presidency. that's what history will remember. that's why we have to be very careful and very direct on how we move forward. >> sean: let me ask you one last question if i may. the president has the power to declassify all the subpoenaed documents that congress has been withholding. they have not been living up to the subpoenas. i don't think i could -- the president has a power to demand they literally be unredacted and
6:44 pm
released, why doesn't he do that? >> he's respecting a process that's in place that his white house team -- if that's not a decision that we make as his private lawyers. as a council of the president we are not the white house counsel so that's a decision made within the context of the white house and of their purview. that decision i'm sure is being discussed and the issues are being discussed, so i'm not going to defend what has or has not happened there because that's outside of our jurisdiction. needless to say, and i think this is fair to say, it's important here. i think one of the aspects of transparency is, what are all the options? if it doesn't put our national security at risk that is something that i think should be released and it declassified. but i said, i'm not the president and you are not the president either, i don't get to make those decisions. >> sean: what about bruce ohr and his relationship with christopher steele and come up the fbi was paying christopher
6:45 pm
steele? >> they fired a christopher steele because he was leaking information. and yet, bruce ohr is still having conversations with him. you've seen the most recent pieces posted by john solomon and others. the fact of the matter is when you look at this in its totality of circumstances, it boggles the mind. at this is not a regular investigation, this is irregular. i said the corruption at the outset of this has been unprecedented. and i think the american people are saying that for what it is. >> sean: when we come back, jesse and jessica, rosie o'donnell's unhinged comments when we continue. has this unique combination of probiotics. it helps replenish good bacteria. get four-in-one symptom defense. whenshe was pregnant,ter failed, in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world.
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live from america's news headquarters, we have a major
6:50 pm
story breaking in ohio, and we can and you to keep a very close eye on the special election. it pits republican troy bought us against danny o'connor, a neck and neck race. we knew it was going to be closed by this u.s. house seat long held by republicans but it's even closer than we thought. the latest numbers show two candidates tied basically at 49.7% each. with 85% of the votes in. but the democrat had a slight edge by about 155 votes and right now it's 89% in. troy balderston the republican is up by .6 percentage points or is essentially, about a thousand votes. clearly some of the latest boats coming in are from a county that favors republicans. some analysts say, this weekend it was back to shawn. >> we are so thrilled to finally be here at the kremlin annex and
6:51 pm
we will keep coming back to where he is out. let the president know, in no uncertain terms that we are alive, and wake, and we are welcome. we are not going away. good silent people are the wind behind evil. >> sean: rosie o'donnell protesting outside of the white house last night. the president wasn't there. joining us now, it's his world and we live in it and he has two shows, it's ridiculous. brian kilmeade. cohost of the hit show "the five," and i'm going to surprise you. i'm going to have rosie, maxine waters, all the people screaming for impeachment. what was the name of the nut roots thing that we had?
6:52 pm
not roots nation. if you do, we are not supporting you and i'm all in favor. nancy pelosi, too. >> it's a very diverse list of characters they are, i would separate out the sitting congresswoman from rosie o'donnell, first of all. >> i think some people i will keep. >> nancy pelosi. >> you keep hollywood, you guys would love it if hollywood had any interest in you. you had scott bayeux, ted nugent and roseanne barr. >> the only celebrity and trump his trump. he has more talent than any of these people, a huge stadium an and, if he is the only celebrity that's actually moving the needle is kanye, and he is moving it for trump. black support for the president doubled.
6:53 pm
and it's the lowest disparity on in terms of huge news in terms of breaking it down demographically with african-americans and others. go ahead and look into the camera and say, thank you, donald. >> thank you donald but thank you barack, more. >> so he can crash the economy and when the economy does well -- >> if there were great circumstances that he had inherited and had done a good job working with what he got to begin with, so we will see what happens. >> team or a million americans on food stamps, 13 million insured, and it's the number one issue in the country and democrats are winning on it everywhere. >> where have the democrats won? >> new jersey, virginia.
6:54 pm
>> you guys have had less power since the 1930s >> inaccurate. >> guess who's world it is today. >> what do you mean, whatever at this point? who do you think one? >> it was total hyperbole. you mentioned "duck dynasty" and -- >> you had jim carrey. >> he draws a beautiful picture. >> she lost hard. >> sean: it's his world, you are living in it. go ahead and say goodbye. when we come back, they are really touching video of an american hero, that's next. chicken?! chicken. chicken! that's right, candace-- new chicken creations from starkist. buffalo style chicken in a pouch-- bold choice, charlie! just tear, eat...
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6:58 pm
after over 30 years on the call. he got a familiar voice on the other end of the radio. watch. >> everyone i've served with and to my boys.
6:59 pm
time to go home. just it's time to go home. thank you. >> on this day, after 32 and a half years of service, my father, police officer duane is retiring. it is my honor to acknowledge this code 5, to set free a man who has sacrificed so much of his time for all of us, so that he made spend the rest of his life discovering new craft beer, exploring his country. dad, you are officially code 5. love you. >> his son calls after 30 years. thank you for your service. all the cops every day put their lives on the line for us. that's all for us.
7:00 pm
thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, take it away. ♪ >>welcome to washington. i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle". we have a jam-packed show for you tonight. busy primary tonight across the country. and we'll give you hints about what november might look like. this includes an extremely razor thin margin in ohio. huckabee is also here to react to a loony left wing. rosy --