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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 8, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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washington. i'm shannon bream and i hope you'll join me again at 11:00 p.m. eastern on "the story" posted by harris faulkner is coming up next. >> breaking news. rudy giuliani says it may be "the last best chance." robert mueller has two secure president trump's testimony. the president's legal team now laying down a deadline for its negotiation. >> we have now given him an answer, obviously he should take a few days to consider it. but we should get this resolved. you do not want to run into the november elections so, back up from that. they should be over with by september 1st. >> harris: good evening. it's prime time and i'm harris faulkner and for martha maccallum. september 1st is a little more than three weeks away and a short time for the two sides to come to an agreement, set considering these negotiations have been in the works for months. the president has said publicly
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that he would like to answer robert mueller's questions and the lawyers have said the same. playing hardball, as it negotiates the terms of a potential interview. some reports indicate the offer includes the condition the president won't be asked about obstruction of justice. so this is where the attorney stands tonight. what about president trump's state of mind? senator lindsey graham booked directly with the president about all of it and he joins me exclusively in a moment. but first chief national correspondent ed henry live in washington with the fox top story. >> president's legal team is also saying tonight this is a good faith attempt to try to make the special counsel part of the way and wrap up this investigation as you say bye to september 1st. that's important because that would be hit ahead of the midterms and while that may seem like a stretch at this point in the game, the fact is earlier this year robert mueller signaled he would have most of his work done by the summer and that deadline is clearly blown
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away. back in april "the washington post" reported that robert mueller was planning to release at least two big reports on the russia probe and various stages. the first coming in june or july and a second report later on the broader question of russian interference. the cavity out back then according to the post was that in a meeting with the president's legal team months ago, robert mueller reiterated the need to interview trump both to understand whether he had any corrupt intent to thwart the russian investigation and to complete this obstruction of justice portion of his probe. now, mueller originally proposed a wide-ranging interview with the president and rudy giuliani and jay sekulow believe that could set up a series of perjury traps. so after the special counsel last week offered to tighten a focus on what they try to narrow it even. shying away from questions about the resident and obstruction in part, you're making the case that the president has vast executive power to hire and fire
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officials like fbi director james comey. on his radio show they admitted they will be second-guessed if the president goes forward with the interview and it all blows out. but he sank it's his call even if they advise against him doing it. watch. >> if the president goes up for an interview they will say, why would these lawyers let him do it? the same lawyers that if we don't allow him to do an interview they would say, what are they hiding? there is no win for the lawyers here but we have to do what's best for our client. >> our client is the president of the united states and we can make sure that he's protected but he has to ultimately make the decision himself. >> bottom line these two sides are so pretty far apart because mueller wants to press questions like obstruction and if they do not agree to a voluntary interview, mueller will have to subpoena that president. he threatened that in a battle that could go to the
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supreme court. >> harris: i bring in my first guess this talk to the president during a golf game. south carolina senator lindsey graham is with us now, member of the senate judiciary committee. great to see you tonight. >> thank you. >> and so the president brings us up on the golf course. how does that happen and what did you tell him? >> he thinks this is a witch hunt and he didn't do anything wrong. mr. president i've seen new evidence in collusion. why do you think we didn't collude with the russians. we got to be patient and run its course, and we want to make sure he's treated fairly. i don't blame him for being frustrated. this has been going on for a very long time. >> harris: i know i've heard you say that it was about 20 or so time that he said that.
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>> i was joking. >> you don't want to hand losses to republicans, how would that go? >> if we shut down the mueller investigation publicly it would be the only thing that anyone talked about. that would just let this thing go. if he doesn't issue a report soon, i've looked at this thing pretty close, zero evidence of collusion between the trump campaign, president trump and the russians. collusion and meddling are two different things and we will see what happens.
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that's handing off now, the response if you will and they are handing off their list. we talked about that and the president again is frustrated with the investigation going to long. he thinks he did nothing wrong. he makes a good point. look at what they did with the clinton email investigation. the fbi agent in charge of the clinton email investigation heated trump white clinton, nothing happened. the fisa warrant came from a document prepared by somebody on the democratic party's payroll and he feels like there is a double standard here. one of the things that we didn't talk about, apparently about five years ago the fbi told dianne feinstein that one of her employees may be an agent of the chinese government and that was the right thing to do. and she fired him. we are going to send a letter to director ray next week and ask him, what is the policy?
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why didn't you tell president trump that you had concerns about carter page? is there a double standard here? if this is a counterintelligence investigation or criminal investigation, the fbi should have told president trump that they had concerns about papadopoulos and paige. why didn't they do for trump what they did for feinstein? >> harris: let me step back for a second to dianne feinstein, the senator was made aware and she went on ahead and then fired the spy. now you're sending a letter to christopher wray. are you feeling like that needs more investigation right now? what do you want him to do exactly and do we need to step back even further and take a look at anybody else? >> i'm saying, what's going on with the fbi? why do you tell a democrat when they hire somebody connected to china, it could happen to anyone's office. when the fbi finds out that somebody is working for us and may have connections to a foreign government, they should
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tell us and dianne feinstein acted responsibly. when it comes to the trump campaign, why didn't they tell us about papadopoulos or carter page? and at the end of the day, what has carter page done wrong? >> when i said stop back, paul manafort is on trial right now. that's what i mean, how far back do we need to go. >> here's the point, a counterintelligence investigation is designed to protect american institutions from infiltration. the right thing for the fbi to do is if they find somebody working for a political campaign or bank or any part of the government is to inform the people in charge that this person in charge that you hired has unsavory connections. that's what they did for feinstein. why did they not do that when it came to manafort, gates and papadopoulos? if they did have a confidential informant, what did the
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informant learn about the trump campaign in russia, apparently nothing. >> that seems like a couple of names that needed to be added. as you just said, i want to talk about iran. i read a statement from you today and it's one of those things where, would it have made a difference a few years ago if the iranian citizens had somebody to advocate where you did in the statement. you feel very strongly that this is the time again to support any kind of revolution that might pop. what's happening and why? >> president trump, if you are listening, this is a murderous regime that will not allow iran to be a peaceful of the member of the family of nations. the ayatollah is the religious. he wants to purify islam and
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destroy israel and come after us. world peace and the ayatollah cannot fit into the same sentence. this is disgraceful that you are picking this regime over the people. that you want to do business with this man who dismembered the mideast and has destroyed the state of israel and is the largest state-sponsored. european businesses are going to pick our economy over iran and it's not if the regime falls but a matter of why and if we keep the pressure on. i think it's working. >> the president of iran said he wanted to see if we could be sincere, if we were interested in getting another deal. before i let you go, when you play golf with the president do you let him win? >> i try my best to beat him, i just can't. for me to beat him he has to beat 80 and i have to shoot 80 which is hard. but he's a gracious host and he has lots of fun and he's doing a
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good job. any deal with iran that they would honor it is probably not worth having. i just want to thank president trump for resetting our foreign policy leading from the front, taking on dictators and thugs like the ayatollah. we will bring about regime change without firing a shot. >> senator lindsey graham, thank you very much. great to have you from the great state of south carolina tonight. take care. and that there is breaking news tonight. at any moment we expect to hear from republican chris collins. we are told he will hold a news conference following that indictment of insider trading charges that broke earlier today. and as we roll along in prime time several big tuesday races still too close to call. but there is one clear winner in michigan. being called a future of the republican party, john james
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>> harris: to the breaking news now, that news conference from new york congressman chris collins that we are waiting room on right now, earlier today just a few hours ago we were on live on "outnumbered" and the news broke of insider trading charges against this congressman. his attorney at the time said he will be vindicated, he laid out a case for how this was not insider trading. but however federal prosecutors in new york also laid out their case today. this will be our first chance to hear directly from the congressman. i should mention the speaker of the house paul ryan today pulled him off and energy committee saying the courts will figure this out. in the meantime he will not be serving on that committee within the house. chris collins, congressman from new york will step up to the lectern and take you there live. >> also developing at this hour nearly 24 hours after the polls closed in five states, several races are still too close to
4:17 pm
call. ohio, the special election there. republican troy balderson is claiming victory before it has become official. he holds a slim margin with just about 1750 votes between democrat denny o'connor. in the race to be the next governor of kansas, chris kovach has a slim lead over sitting governor jeff collier. but one race is definitive, michigan's g.o.p. senate primary where iraq war veteran john james beat fellow challengers sandy pencil or by nine points. president trump tweeted this "congratulations to the future star of the republican party, future senator john james. a big and bold victory tonight and the great state of michigan, the first of many. november can't come fast enough" here now, john james, the republican nominee for senate in michigan. great to have you on the program. tell people a little bit about
4:18 pm
what last night felt. i want to hear directly from you and now it stay down as you head down the road. >> last night felt absolutely incredible and it was awesome to give the glory of god and also point out the folks who got me to this point, the grassroots support that we felt from the very beginning. folks who believe that michigan is is truly a state that is the home of the american dream, the birthplace of the middle class and we are finally going to send somebody to washington who understands what it takes to grow a business. i grew my family business, but i also understand what it takes to keep america safe. your last segment with senator senator graham, it's the iranian exporting of terror and hate. i understand that personally fighting with iranian trained fighters, that actually took american lives and killed american soldiers, and that's my experience to bear in washingto
4:19 pm
washington. we are fighting them on the ground in syria. they are going after our men and women on the ground there. let's move on and talk about you, because you have just gotten off the stage with vice president pentz. >> vice president pence is 100% behind me, and as 43 years as an elected official, she's got nothing done for the state of michigan. so we will continue to make sure that we tout our gains and stay on the defense. if we go on the offense of and tell everybody that we are the party of emancipation, we are the party of suffrage and we are the party of economic opportunity, separation of powers and making sure everyone
4:20 pm
can achieve the american dream. it's been are some things to bring up particularly from an african-american candidate. we have so many problems, i understand if we want to flip back. i want to kind of leave on that line, because that's what people are thinking, politics are local. and by the way, did i get enough attention in 2016 from the other side of the political aisle? >> i came back from iraq because while i was over fighting, i saw pictures in our armed forces networks of areas in the places you just mentioned. they look worse in the combat zone i was flying in so i came back and helped create jobs. what we need to do is make sure that we continue to push forward the opportunity zones that just got signed, and our president moved forward. our president is at 29% approval
4:21 pm
rating but right now african-americans are in a situation where the democratic party is ignoring them and we have a republican party that is now paying attention. i will be listening and learning before i lead and i'm happy to not have a black or white message about a red, white, and blue message and make sure that i bring forward and get results that deveney debbie stabenow has not gotten. >> harris: red, white, and blue all the way. thank you john james. >> thank you. go to john james for thank you for your support. >> harris: chairman of the harris poll and former presidential pollster to bill and hillary clinton, great to see you as well. thank you for being on the program tonight. the harris poll was not my own. let's talk about if we can the democratic party right now. opportunities that may be there because of a message that is
4:22 pm
going so far west, you could see. >> i think right now for democrats heading into the midterms, and it's concerning the fact that democrats keep outperforming. however i will caution that with the fact that special elections are special for a reason. take for instance the arizona special election. arizona eat is not a competitive race, and, one thing that we know because we have asked seen it, its intensity on your side of the aisle. but it's confusing. who is really wearing i guess the messaging pants of the party right now, is at the far, far left and the socialist democrats or someone else? >> i think you have to
4:23 pm
differentiate between the voters and kind of what you see on table, cable tv. there's no question that donald trump is in charge of the republican party, but he's not winning over swing voters. on the democratic party what we learned is socialists are not in charge of the democratic party. none of the sanders backed candidates emerge from their primaries. some of them lost quite badly. the whole socialist movement has been overplayed and ten or 20% of americans are socialists. the economy is not taking a turn and it's like that hit song, it's meeting people in the middle and i think that's what you saw him last night's primar primary. >> harris: you know lisa as you go forward, we are 90 days away. i you can't even count this day. is there something within the party for republicans outside of the president's mojo as he touches down and helps candidates that they can really
4:24 pm
lean on? i'm not hearing as much about the economy. >> it is and i think for republicans the biggest challenge they have is the fact that they have so many competitive open seats and it's these members that haven't had to run a tough race in a while, but i will also say that republicans have in fact 18 out of the nine special elections. so i think republicans have to work much harder to get their voters to turn out to vote. we've already seen that enthusiasm is high, and they want to retake the house. so republicans have to work harder but i think if they do i it, and the candidates run good races, we may lose some seats but we may not lose the house specifically. >> and those particular democrats, who may leave a little bit toward a center line
4:25 pm
or even to the right, what do you predict will happen with them? >> i think they will have tough races but i think most of them are beloved in their states. this is where -- is it always a national election or is it a local? donald trump is certainly nationalizing the election and making it about him, and he's at 45% approval but not over 50. that means the republicans, if that's their message, because after all republicans don't really have the leadership. ryan has quit, they don't have a message, there is no real republican card. and they may do better in these races localizing it. it's about people who care. >> harris: we look out ohio, we are waiting for this provisional and absentee ballot to come in, but those suburbs, actually the president was right
4:26 pm
around 55% in terms of his ability to win in those areas. we will see if those translate in that race as well. too close to call as they are calling it now. and it's great to see you. up next, the socialist movement not making many waves last night and we were just talking about despite media darling alexandria ocasio-cortez flooding the airways with ideas like this. >> they say how will you pay for it, as though they haven't use the same ways to pay for unlimited war, to pay for a trillion dollar tax cuts and tax cut extension. >> harris: so i ask, and you see ben shapiro, where does socialism actually work? we will talk about it, he has a whole lot to say about that. also we are waiting on that news conference, a senator charged with an indictment that was full faceted.
4:27 pm
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>> harris: breaking news, this
4:31 pm
is what we are waiting for to start right here. republican representative chris collins of new york, the southern district. this will be interesting that we have heard from him after insider trading charges were pressed by prosecutors in the state of new new york. his client will be vindicated, and there will be a case mounted with vigorous defense to clear his good name. they are running about 60 minutes behind, and as soon as it happens you will see it here. meanwhile, this has developed. the future of the democratic party as we head into the midterms, starting tomorrow, 89 days. new york congressional candidate and described socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez. her way forward is the right
4:32 pm
way, she says. she has some big issues with the current outlook of her party. take a listen. >> we have not had a party that has been investing in its own future. so we have people who are constantly fund-raising for their own reelection. the average age of house democrat right now is 65 years old. their heyday was in the 90s when kids had further use and parents -- soccer moms had a furby and like to vans. >> harris: here's how to respond in one way, ben shapiro is editor in chief. i just had on mark penn and used to work for the clintons, this
4:33 pm
is not the democratic party of of old. >> it's the new democratic socialist party and this is a wave of the future. what's really incredible about all of this is if republicans could simply make this a referendum of democratic extremism on the fact that this is not even nancy pelosi's party anymore, i think the republicans would have a much better shot in 2018 and going into the future. the fact is that she makes statements that are factually untrue, they are wild and crazy and she wants to spend $218 trillion which would require a quadrupling of the percentage of gdp. that is anything remotely resembling an interview with somebody else on the other side of the aisle. >> and that might be the only reason why the tough questions have not come. they have come and they have been difficult for her. the middle east foreign policy
4:34 pm
is not my thing so on and so forth, and she struggled in some areas but i quite frankly i thought her district was here in new york. the democrats are putting her out on the main national stage and that gets complicated no matter whom month they surround her with. like bernie sanders or whoever it is. you have a direct clap back to the soccer mom line. >> the fact is the soccer moms aren't driving vans anymore, they are driving suvs. you don't have to have two of them, and, it's also factually untrue. the fact is that the number of mothers in american society is actually increasing over the past ten years. erasing an increasing number of women who are staying at home and i don't know why the democrats are appealing to a crowd that does not include soccer moms. and what is it, the passion versus the policy.
4:35 pm
a guest on outnumbered overtime earlier today put it that way. that is fine and what is the policy that goes along? what socialist country that we know of where these policies have actually worked. >> they keep shifting the answer. they say cuba was not socialist and venezuela was not socialist, and they are ignoring of course the fact that all wealth generated in nordic countries was generated by capitalism and their social redistribution programs which have actually created massive costs. in an attempt to label them with social systems on top of those, with socialist countries as a whole. then iraq prime minister came to the country a couple years ago when he was saying the country was a socialist country, we are not a socialist country, we are a capitalist country. >> why do people want to hear
4:36 pm
about democratic socialists? and most of them say that's not my party. dianne feinstein couldn't even get an endorsement. the democrats don't actually have a lot of new idea, and their hatred for the president and the fact that they need a separate agenda. that does create the need for ocasio-cortez. >> harris: ben shapiro looks into it and writes about it. thank you, great to see you. up next -- >> i would have never dreamed that all those coffins that were coming back had anything related to my father. >> harris: a dog tag identified in the remains returned to united states by north korea. hear from the family of a korean war veteran.
4:37 pm
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>> we were contacted by the department of the army and, we found one dog tag and they said, it's your fathers. we are just overwhelmed, or i am, that all of these boxes that came back and out of all of these thousands of people that we are the only one that has certitude on at least, is it possible obviously my father is alive someplace and lost his dog tag? that's improbable. but we have some certitude now. >> harris: an emotional moment on the road to closure today. the military handed over the dog tag identified in the boxes of remains returned from north korea last week. to the family of master sergeant charles h mcdaniel. he is believed to have been killed in combat in 1950.
4:42 pm
his sons, charles jr. and larry that you just saw were so young that they had little memory of their dad. joining me now, bill bennett, host of the bill bennett podcast, former secretary of education and now fox news contributor. great to have you on the program tonight, and eileen in your direction because you hold so much about the history you have served under many presidents and councils. what do you have to add about this moment that really teaches us the meaning of those dog tag tags? >> isn't it interesting, with all the things in life and all the things that matter to people that this dog tag with matter so much? and it's a touch and a substantiation of the memory of this man and you can see how overwhelmed this young man, the reporter called them young man, to have that in their hands. and then the remains coming as well.
4:43 pm
this is an important fact about human nature, and we treasure whatever we can put in our hand and hold onto. we are spiritual people, and a touch of mortality is something we can hold in our hand when they examine these boxes and see if they are the remains of the soldiers, can mean the world to their families. even ancient times, what will happen with the body? what will you do with my remains. hector and achilles are talking about that at troy, and hector says, let's return the body, whoever wins, return the body to the others family. achilles refuses and humiliates him by humiliating the body. what's interesting here is a family of hector greaves not only for his death but the
4:44 pm
accumulation of his body. >> harris: want a deep reminder by those principles that are so much ingrained in war. it bears reminding that this is such a hinge point now in history. we have an armistice in place, and this is just the end of fighting the korean war. there's so much more ground to work over to get to the point where we actually call it peace and in part of that process, it is what you say, and this is just the beginning of this journey. >> our other journey as a marine is to leave no man behind it. in some cases it's necessary to leave a man behind but something of that man is returned. and i have to say what that means, that gift back, that
4:45 pm
recovery back mean so much. people are then able to have something tangible, by means with which they can remember. it's a very solemn thing and it reminds us in our celebration of something, what a serious and spiritual people we are. we hold these things to be of great value. i hope everyone can appreciate what this means. it is -- as a wonderful line of poetry, virgil says, hereto, things mortal touch the mind and there are tears for passing things. hereto, the honorable finds its due. and something like that is going to the minds of people as they gather and wait to receive this. our thoughts are with them. >> harris: and all the families that are waiting for some sort of answers in this journey toward closers as well. there were 55 boxes of remains
4:46 pm
and i had the head forensic scientists of the pentagon explained to me, we don't even know if those are separate remains or if someone goes together, but there is a long road of thousands of additional possibilities for remains to come back and answer those questions about closures for family. but for now you have given us a lot to think about in terms of history and that informs us of how to be in the future. war is part of life unfortunately and you make it -- it has extra meeting tonight for those remains coming back from the korean war. so thank you, bill bennett, for your time. >> shakespeare says the valiant die only once in the coward dies many times. we celebrate the valiant. thank you. >> the great dr. bill bennett was so much deep into the ocean knowledge there. now we turn to breaking news. we are waiting and we have just gotten word that we are closer now to representative chris
4:47 pm
collins coming to the lectern. i key is today an indictment of insider trading, what did you know and who did you tell about nonpublic information on a medical product? did you benefit or did anyone you know benefit? and they are talking to republican reporters for the very first time sisto started to tip. we will take you there live as it happens. plus he was the calming presence among the unrest in ferguson, missouri. captain ron johnson is now saying a whole lot about those 13 violent days, next. >> i grew up there and this is currently my community in my home. therefore this means a lot to me personally and we will break the cycle of violence
4:48 pm
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>> harris: tomorrow marks four years since ferguson, missouri, descended into chaos after black teenager michael brown was shot and killed by a white police officer, they are. in the days that followed, violent protests erupted in race riots ripped the city apart. five days later captain ron
4:52 pm
johnson of the missouri highway patrol was put in charge of keeping the peace and was hailed as a hero by all sides by taking off his bulletproof vest and join the protesters at one point. captain johnson just wrote a book "13 days in ferguson" detailing what he calls the most trying days and nights of his life, and he joins me now for an exclusive interview. captain johnson, thanks for being on the program. i first want to just make the point that they that darren wilson was vindicated, he was found not to have done anything legally incorrect in shooting michael brown and he has now been in seclusion with his wife and child for some time. we will get to him in a moment. you became the face that stood between the black live matters protesters and the police officers who had to do their jobs. why did you put yourself in that position? >> you know for me i was able to see both sides of it and i believe the middle-of-the-road was the road to travel to bring both sides together.
4:53 pm
whatever it took to do, i was willing to do that. >> your family didn't want to do that, they feared for your safety. what did you tell them? >> i told them the day that i put on that badge there was a responsibility. i think when we get that badge would get a responsibility and that was my responsibility, to the community come up to country, to make sure that i'm here for the safety of all, and that was my charge. >> harris: what impressed me at the time and i know you have written about this in your book, you wanted people to understand about those white police officers and that particular police force, that there were so many good people on that force. and it not to judge everyone the same way. >> captain johnson: that is true. i think we can't judge everyone the same way. i wanted those policemen, and we couldn't judge all those protesters the same way and that once again goes back to the middle-of-the-road. >> harris: you've written this book, what do you want people to
4:54 pm
know about the book? >> captain johnson: i want people to know that there were a lot of stories that were on the streets of ferguson, on both sides. lots to hear and a lot of courage that was shown. we have to make sure that we understand each other, can relate to each other, but also about faith. i think faith played a big role for me and a big role for a lot of the protesters and a law enforcement that was out there. >> harris: all right, i have to let you go, we have some breaking news. thank you captain ron johnson. this is congressman chris collins of new york, we were watching a news conference following an indictment of insider trading charges from earlier today. the congressman now, let's watch together. >> it started for me when i borrowed and started scraping together every dollar i could to buy the westinghouse gear division here in buffalo and move it to niagara falls under a new name.
4:55 pm
i'm proud that we put hundreds of people to work that are still working there today. after selling it, i ran for congress in 1998 in the niagara falls area knowing that my business experience would benefit the citizens of new york and offer a new perspective in congress. after being humbled in that race, i spent the next ten years as an entrepreneur, investing and helping to stabilize dozens of bankrupt and financially distressed companies, saving and creating hundreds of jobs here in western new york. in 2007, i was recruited to run for erie county executive, to turn around of the effective bankrupt county. i was elected, and by applying the principles of lean six sigma, turned around the county finances in 18 short months.
4:56 pm
all the while honoring my campaign pledge to work for $1 a month. one of the many companies i invested in was a small drug development company, innate immuno therapeutics, which was working on a unique cure for hiv patients suffering with aids. ultimately come up that focus shifted to a treatment for secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, which is one of the deadliest autoimmune diseases known to mankind. my affiliation with this company is why we are here today. i have been an avid and unwavering supporter of innate immuno therapeutics for more than 15 years, long before i came to congress or was elected county executives here in erie county. over this time, my affiliation has prompted a tax on me, my integrity and by investments by
4:57 pm
political opponents. i believed in the company and i still do, and in the potential of a drug that had a real possibility of improving the treatment option for secondary progressive multiple sclerosis patients. and that's about the most debilitating disease known to mankind and something that i saw firsthand effect a close family member. over the years i invested heavily in innate, became the company's largest shareholder and an uncompensated member of its board of directors. without my investments instead biased financial support, the company would have gone under, bringing with it a premature end into a drug that i truly thought would revolutionize treatment options for secondary progressive ms. of all the things i wanted to accomplish in my life, finding a cure for secondary progressive ms was at the top of the list. after years of blood, sweat and tears, we firmly believed we
4:58 pm
were on the verge of a medical breakthrough. sadly, despite showing great initial promise, the drug was ultimately shown to be unsuccessful, which is a setback for all those suffering from this deadly disease. many have speculated about my relationship with innate. here are the simple facts. my connections with the company are well-known. i believe i acted properly and within the law at all times with regard to my affiliation with innate. throughout my tenure in congress, i have followed all rules and all ethical guidelines when it comes to my personal investments, including those with innate. when it became clear that the drug that i and others believed and fell short of our hopes and expectations, i held onto my shares rather than sell them. as a result, the significant investment i made in the company worth millions of dollars were wiped out. that's okay.
4:59 pm
that's the risk i took. my real concerns lie with the millions of people suffering with secondary progressive ms who to this day struggle without life-saving >> i've said it before, and i'll say it again. i am proud of my affiliation with innate. i may have lost most of my money, but i have been blessed with a chance to bring relief to those who have had the disease of secondary progressive ms every day. the charges that have been levied against me are meritless, and i will mount a vigorous defense in court to clear my name. i look forward to being fully vindicated and exonerated, ending any and all questions relating to my affiliation with innate. i have spent the last ten years in public service as a member of congress. i have also spent many years
5:00 pm
volunteering to give back to my community. whether it was a member of the federal reserve bank, small business advisory council, member of the board of trustees at kenmore mercy hospital, or as a long-time mentor -- ♪ >> good evening, welcome to tucker carlson tonight, i am in for tucker this evening. right now, congressman chris collins is speaking after being arrested for insider trading. let's go there live. >> outside of the courtroom. as i fight to clear my name cannot rest assured i will continue to work hard for the peeper and constituents of the 27th can snow make congressional district of new york and i will remain on the ballot, running for reelection this november. thank you very much, and have a great night.


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