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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 14, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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that's all the time we have for the night. ed henry is in for shannon in new york. mr. henry and the "fox news @ night" team take things from here. ed..... >> ed: wonderful show. always great to see you. we do have a great show. >> ed: we begin tonight with a fox news alert. ox news alert. >> new problems for him rosa about to be revealed this hour. an exclusive, the trump 20/20 campaign, about to break some news in the book, the donald trump used a racial slur. not only is that false but she is going to reveal new information that could poke more holes in the story, information you will only here on this show. another high profile firing in washington today. the fbi agent at the center of the trump text messages, is fire. 's firing just for show or hourly about to see some real
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accountability in the investigation of the investigators. welcome to fox news at night. i am it henry in for shannon bream. former colleagues like katrina pearson make wild claims about the president. pearson will reveal new information about amarosa in a moment. the charges and counter charges. >> three separate interviews including two tonight. amarosa has more tapes to release suggesting robert mueller's special counsel office has contacted her. >> i have plenty. >> reporter: anything mueller would like to see? >> if his office called again --
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>> the investigation by mueller -- >> anything they want. >> you think he should be impeached? >> at this point yes. >> reporter: she continues contradictions in her book, she writes someone told her during a taping of the apprentice years ago donald trump used a racial slur, then she claimed she personally heard it, now she says he used the and word multiple times. >> it rolled off his mouth like when you first heard the access hollywood tape, you never imagined he talked that way, just rolled off of his tongue. >> donald trump denies making racist statements answers apprentice creator mark burnett says there are no racist tapes but newman has failed to provide evidence of her claims and yet she also made new allegations about john kelly firing her. here is general kelly and amarosa in the situation room.
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>> important to understand if you make this a friendly departure we can all look at your time here in the white house as a year of service to the nation and go on without any difficulty in the future to your reputation. >> i asked if i can leave, he said no, he was going to intimidate me and didn't want anyone to know what they were doing to be in that room. >> her whistleblower status afforded special protection but tonight she wouldn't answer how she snuck a recording device into the situation room because of threats from trump lawyers. she went on to say she thinks donald trump is in mental decline and she never signed a nondisclosure agreement in the white house, the president responded on twitter saying the fake news media is working overtime to make wacky amarosa look as legitimate as possible. >> here to respond to the latest
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claims from amarosa is former spokeswoman for the trump campaign, senior advisor to the 2020 reelection campaign, she was misquoted in the new book. appreciate you being here. let me start with a quote from the book so we can get it from you directly whether this is true. in the book amarosa says katrina heard from her sources the tape was of trump using the and word, someone she knew told her months had heard it. lynn is in lynn patton, longtime trumpet, asked about it on the plane, whether it was possible such a tape might exist and he said no. then she, katrina asked what he wanted her to do, put it to bed. katrina crist and said he said it. did that happen?
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>> know. that did not happen. sound like she is writing the script for a movie. i have been out there talking about this. it is absolutely not true. i have no connections to anyone at celebrity apprentice other than amarosa and she was the only one that brought this tape up. people i've checked with who she mentioned have no idea what she is talking about but i am not going to be angry about this. clearly amarosa is in a desperate situation. i feel sorry for her. this is obviously trash for cash. i was concerned with amarosa when she got married, when she had to buy fake wedding ring so i feel sorry for her but i will not stand by and allow her to continue to tarnish everyone's reputation and hurt the one person that helped her become who she is in the celebrity world. >> you have been around the president during the campaign
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since the campaign since he was elected president. have you ever heard him use the and word or any racial slur? >> absolutely not, the answer is no. the president and his family have been nothing but kind, generous and respectful to myself and everything else i know. >> i mentioned lynn patton, longtime trump aid going back to his business dealings, working at the housing and urban development, longtime trump advisor inside and outside the government. she is putting on a statement this hour that is refuting these claims. tell us about that. >> she was the source of this tape, since the latter part of the campaign. in my opinion as a tool of manipulation of those around her and she has been mentioning lynn patton's name the last couple days on her melodramatic interviews as someone who could corroborate what she was saying and lynn patton has released a statement and given an exclusive that is now running in the
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huffington post saying that is simply not true but more importantly it is the timeline. the reason amarosa is facing a rash of contradictions is because she can't keep her lies straight. she has gone out and said she has not heard this tape until after her book was finalized and what everyone didn't know and what lynn is announcing tonight. >> on december 12, '11:30 p.m. 2017, 11:30 p.m. in a phone call she said, amarosa told her she had heard the tape with the president allegedly said the and words. significantly because in recent days amarosa said she had not heard it until after writing her book. and she is still in the white house. a big contradiction. is that what you are understanding?
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>> a major contradiction in the bombshell because two days after that december 14th she went on an abc news interview defending the president saying, quote, he is not a racist. how could that be possible if she heard the tape already that she is using as her excuse to change her tone with the president. >> mark burnett, the president said mark burnett called him and said no such tape exists, she was out there saying, another producer on the apprentice is corroborating her story. i understand you have a different story. >> bill pruitt was producer of seasons one and 2 where she's claiming this took place, she also told lynn patton that bill pruitt was her original source of this tape and lynn patton spoke with bill this evening and is announcing that is simply not true and as i suspected all along this tape does not exist.
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amarosa is desperate for money. >> you were at her wedding. there are photos of you online having fun with amarosa and the president fired her, $100,000 year and taxpayer money inside the white house. the president and campaign city was going to the best and the brightest. he has had problems with michael cohen as well. big picture here. you are going after amarosa hard and attacking her. >> i'm just saying facts. >> you talked -- >> i did feel sorry for her. >> that was crash for cash. you have been friends with her in the president hired her to a sensitive white house posts being paid $200,000 a year and cast taxpayer money. that was a mistake. >> the president has no control over the decisions other people make.
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he simply gave individuals an opportunity to achieve greatness, she could have been out there championing her community, prison reform and everything the president is doing, she chose to go different route. the president is not responsible for others reactions. >> the fbi agent who sent out anti-trump text messages even though he was one of the continual probe, robert mueller's russia investigation was fired today. kristin fisher has the latest of elements on peter stzrok. >> a moment donald trump has been pushing for for months. he accused former fbi agent peter amarosa -- stzrok, blaming his firing on the same thing. >> i don't think you can rationally reach any conclusion other than that it was political. difficult to believe given the
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steady drumbeat of texts demonizing pete from the president and all the calls on capitol hill by republicans for pete to be fired that that didn't play a role. >> after the report came out in june criticizing stzrok for sending anti-trump text messages the office of professional responsibility recommended that he be suspended for 60 days and demoted but not fired. 's attorneys accusing the deputy director of the fbi of overruling the recommendation and breaking with 0 conditions. >> of course his lawyer says it is a railroad job. is only other option is to say my client prejudged two major investigations, made up his mind hillary clinton was innocent before intervene her and donald trump should be impeached before he bothered to interview him and did a lot of this on the government phone and violated other fbi policy. >> donald trump celebrated the news, peter stzrok was fired from the fbi based on the fact
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he was in charge of the witchhunt will it be dropped? 's it is a hoax? no collusion, no obstruction, i just fight back. stzrok was removed when you're goes to ms. mueller learn to the other trump text messages. he is at least the sixth fbi official to be fired, demoted or to leave since the story broke. is what stzrok will do next, will he speak out publicly like james comey? his attorney says he is mulling things over but ago fund me page to help with his legal fees has raised $80,000 in 29 hours. >> for more on both of these high profile firings dominating the news, democratic strategists isaac right, former deputy assistant attorney general and bush administration tom dupree
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and kurtz lichter. i want to start with you on news we had from katrina peterson. a lot of people in the left have been pumping up this book from amarosa. growing contradictions and what she says. >> we sent essentially talk tv, reality tv melodrama into the white house and so talk tv, reality tv, melodrama. some of this stuff turned out to be true because she has tapes to back it up. some of it seems farcical. a lot of it seems like melodrama. >> what you make of the fact that she was on msnbc saying, suggesting if we don't know what we can believe in not believe, special counsel robert mueller's office contacted her at some point recently and she said i'm ready to talk? >> reporter: she sure knows her msnbc audience, they believe that up like they a light michael cohen, stormy daniels and every other loser, weirdo and mutation who came along
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trying to undo donald trump. amarosa is a clown show, a train wreck and i don't understand why anyone is giving her the time of day. i can't imagine anybody buying her book but good luck, you don't seem to have much of a future doing anything else at this rate. >> you call her a clown show. as a clown show hired by the president of the united states? >> statistically sometimes you hire people who don't work out and she didn't work out. donald trump is appointing thousands of people, you are going to get some losers and he did. >> i don't want to necessarily bring you into the political clown show. you talk about judiciary issues. there is a serious matter about some of the tapes she -- i'm getting a lot of emails from our viewers saying taping the president, is there anything illegal about that? it might be unethical but is it illegal but more importantly with general kelly being in the
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situation room, secure place, her bringing in a phone and recording the chief of staff, is there a problem, a law that may have broken, national security guideline? >> national security policy, guidelines, she violated a bunch of them. for one thing, in the situation with a have signed you are not allowed to bring in personal electronic devices to prevent this sort of thing. she also breached general ethical rules, in the white house you don't surreptitiously record the chief of staff. whether she faces legal jeopardy is an open question. i can't say i am aware of a federal statute that prohibits exactly what she did but no question she has total disregard for policy, total disregard for ethics and i can't imagine many people are going to view her as a particularly credible witness at this point.
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>> you were champion -- champing at the bit, i will give you moment. >> this whole white house is a clown show. that is the irony of this. amarosa complained she was shocked donald trump would ally and attacker on twitter. if donald trump has shown anything it is that he has a propensity to lie and resort to that. how was she shocked? ed: let me get to peter stzrok. he had all these text messages, trump supporters in walmart, got to prevent him being elected. there has been trail text messages, what took so long for him to be fired? >> who knows? the department of justice don't understand who they work for which is the american people. you cannot have a senior fbi official out there unilaterally deciding he wants to undo the
12:17 am
effect of an election. he is texting all the time. my 14-year-old daughter couldn't text that much. he is incompetent, prejudging and ruining investigation, the hillary investigation and the trump advance litigation. i can do anything but fire the sky, they should have done it months ago. ed: you saw rudy giuliani on "fox and friends" saying it is not just about the investigation of the president but the investigation of the investigators, calling first second special counsel. >> i don't think it will have a dramatic impact on the way people perceive stzrok or the mueller investigation. he was in testifying, americans made up their minds based on he was on screen and what he did. this will provide additional fuel for people who want to say there is a lot of corruption behind the scenes and a lot of unusual things going on behind the scenes in 2016.
12:18 am
peter stzrok will be out of the picture for the time being. >> he was removed a year ago from the mueller investigation. that speaks to the integrity of the investigation is why 35 indictments, 5 guilty pleas and one prison sentence already, this guy was kicked off a year ago to make sure this was beyond reproach. ed: appreciate you coming in. breaking news straightahead on pastor brunson still in prison, the white house national security adviser john bolton launching a new push for his release. we are hearing from jay secular as republicans -- >> we won't have a normal relationship. ed: the president gives the troops a pay raise and has fun doing it.
12:19 am
>> does anybody not want it? please raise your hand. what is going on here. are these yours? ed: the bill he signed, $717 billion to build up the military the president says like never before. general jack keane.
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ed: a strategic shift from the defense department when it comes to tackling threats from russia and china. brian is where donald trump signed the new defense spending bill and is big. >> after years of devastating cuts, we are now rebuilding our military like we never have before. >> reporter: the 10th mountain division, the most deployed army division since 9/11 welcomed the president and vice president of fort drum army base in new york with a military demonstration. a celebration of sorts signed into law the john s mccain national defense authorization act, $760 billion defense spending budget for 2019 that promises to boost the military. under this bill the us military
12:24 am
will add 15,000 troops and will get a 6% raise, the largest pay bump in a decade, billions invested in new weapons including 77 joint strike fighter aircraft, 13 new battleships, $1 billion to update our nuclear capabilities, research artificial intelligence and create space defenses. >> everyday the army is fighting for us and now we are fighting for you. >> reporter: the investments are being made to counter china which ramped up military activity in the south china sea. under the act the us will send more weapons to taiwan, conduct new joint military exercises with japan, australia and india, to keep chinese companies from stealing military and trade secrets. the bill was tougher on russia,
12:25 am
sanctioning russia's arms industry while sending weapons to the ukraine. the president chose not to mention john mccain's name today. this act was named in his honor by congressional colleagues as a thank you for his service. mccain is one of the most vocal critics of the president. ed: a new push from the national security adviser john bolton to try to force relief for detained american pastor andrew brunson. our correspondent garrett tenney live in washington following the developing story. >> reporter: the white house is ramping up pressure on turkey especially politically and economically to release andrew brunson and those efforts appear to be having some effect. as turkey's financial markets plummeted to record lows, the country's ambassador to the us, national security adviser john
12:26 am
bolton, in relation between the two countries. the white house has been tightlipped about any conversation, not clear what progress was made in the top steps. j secular oh, one of the president's personal attorney says we are working with the president, vice president and secretary of state and members of congress, and we remain hopeful that will occur soon. the first we know of between the two countries since donald trump announced plans for turkish steel and aluminum. erdogan is not backing down and accused the us of economic warfare. >> translator: your sacrificing a relationship with anyone for a pastor with a terror organization.
12:27 am
we will do it as law dictates. you cannot get turkey tobacco by ordering it around. >> reporter: the american pastor is said to be a spy working with terrorist groups in a coup to overthrow the government in 2016. white house officials call those allegations absurd and say the us is prepared to slap turkey with additional tariffs if pastor brunson is not relieved. >> turkey which is supposed to be a key ally under the pressure, strategic analyst jack queen is here, i covered barack obama, an interview he did in 2016 were he said turkey is taking some worrisome steps but there is still a key nato ally. what is the state of the relationship tonight? >> the relationship has been strained for some time. it began in 2016 when the coup
12:28 am
started against erdogan is not a single country from nato including the united states came out to support it. we have moving toward the authoritarian regime, democratic values, becoming a strongman in a sense. aligning with russia and iran and syria. rob: this idea of terrorist ties seems absurd, but this pressure especially the tariffs at a time when the turkish economy is in a precarious position, is it going to have an impact? >> the reason pastor brunson is in prison is he is a us citizen in turkey, we have a turkish citizen in the united states who erdogan believes was the catalyst for the coup and we have no evidence to support that so we are not extraditing him to turkey and that is why we are in this.
12:29 am
erdogan started this financial crisis himself inside turkey creating a lot of debt and refused to deal with low interest rates. we have exacerbated to be sure but we are not the cause of it. where we are heading is a diplomatic solution because erdogan has to avoid default, has huge pressure on himself, is there into a fault, and asked pastor brunson if he is released. >> he will get tougher with foes and allies. and a fellow -- the pressure from this president if you look at his defense bill. $700 billion. in terms of what will have the most impact. >> we are growing the military in size. we got to a 70 year low which is
12:30 am
stunning. the second thing is you heard before congress, serious readiness problem. what that means is a lack of repair parts for our equipment and borrowing from other vehicles. a lack of training time, ships banging into other ships in preparation for our sailors at the. and we show them the introduction, we capitalize our investment accounts in a significant way to buy more ships, airplanes and helicopters, missiles, etc.. all this has to be done and we are going to give the troops a significant pay raise for the first time in almost a decade. ed: we appreciate you breaking it down for us. we have breaking news in the
12:31 am
trial of the muslim extremist running in new mexico compounds. at the julie they train kids for acts of violence in schools. stick around, we are live on the ground with mike emanuel. the primary rocked by allegations of domestic violence and keith ellison, new developments tonight. donald trump weighing in on wisconsin's primary by mentioning a boycott of harley-davidson. peter doocy next on a beautiful night. o big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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rob: voters head to the polls in wisconsin, connecticut and vermont. keith ellison, cochair of the democratic national committee is denying allegations he abused the next girlfriend, some claim these are politically motivated. mike emanuel is live in
12:36 am
minnesota. >> reporter: the stunning allegations of abuse threatening a rising star facing a primary election to be the status attorney general, keith ellison, vice chair of the national committee has been a member of congress since 2007 it ellison is considered the likely front runner of 5 democrats running, and it is video evidence. his ex-girlfriend backstop his son's claims calling it narcissist abuse saying pathological lying, cheating, smearing my name and seeking validation and sympathy from the various females got more and more frequent. ellison put out a statement saying, quote, we were in a long-term relationship and i care deeply for her well-being,
12:37 am
this video does not exist because i never behaved in this way and any characterization otherwise is false. one of the other candidates in this race is calling for a criminal investigation and says ellison should step aside. >> serious domestic charges, democratic national committee, i think he should resign from that position. until these allegations are resolved. >> reporter: the timing is troubling for ellison coming out the weekend before the minnesota primary and some suggest ellison is not likely to get the benefit of the doubt. ed: whether these allegations are true and timing of the allegations but anything involving sexual assault will have a big impact in the democratic primary. >> reporter: not much time for this to be vetted or to play out before voters go to the polls tomorrow.
12:38 am
ed: maybe we can call you main st. mike. democrats, a chance of winning the senate this fall. peter doocy live with more details. >> the big fight here tomorrow, which republican will face in november the incumbent democrat tammy baldwin who is seen as vulnerable because in 2016 this state was won by donald trump. a few hours ago in wisconsin the congressman retiring from wisconsin's first district which has a primary tomorrow campaigned for his pick, paul ryan lauded her as having the highest -- part of the last minute voters to look at the primary to the general election seeking to define the democratic party which lacks a clear national leader by linking
12:39 am
democratic incumbent to democratic socialist. >> she stands with of all people bernie sanders in calling for single-payer government run healthcare. >> but trails kevin nicholson in florida for fundraising fight, nicholson a favorite of ted cruz and mike lee. outside money is pouring in, the most expensive senate primary ever and nicholson is raking in cash even though back in college he was president of the college democrats of america. >> policies and values empower people into an opportunity of success. i didn't get that when i was 21. >> donald trump has not endorsed anyone in the primary but he has weighed in on a touchy subject in wisconsin, a possible boycott of harley-davidson, if they set
12:40 am
up shop elsewhere. many harley-davidson's plan to boycott the company if the manufacturing moves overseas, most of the companies are coming in our direction including harley competitors, really bad move. us will have a level playing field or better. harley's orders are here in milwaukee. she doesn't think they will wind up leaving wisconsin. kevin nicholson says he doesn't think a boycott would be necessary and incumbent governor scott walker is expected to sail to victory in his primary yesterday, he does not once a boycott no matter what the president says. ed: appreciate you being here, see you tomorrow. new tonight, a muslim compound in new mexico where authorities alleged ringleaders were training kids for violent acts against the government including
12:41 am
school shootings. the judge says the 5 defendants can be released on $20,000 bond each. the state did not prove they would be a danger to the community or the 11 children found in the compound. defense attorneys focusing on what they call the double standard at play alleging suspects were white and christian rather than black and muslim. they might not be in court at all. the president is not the only one with the problem with the press. >> in bc has been on the jazz, to undermine my prospect as speaker. ed: fresh new attack from the media from democrats like nancy pelosi of soul arrival. a democrat poll showing party voters are supporting socialism. we discuss it all with governor mike huckabee next.
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now after booking your flight, you unlock discounts on select hotels right until the day you leave. ♪ add-on advantage. discounted hotel rates when you add on to your trip. only when you book with expedia. ♪ >> ed: democrats sounding a little upset with the media. ed: democrats sounding upset with the media topping our real news roundup. hours after saying he believes in a free press bill diblasio had his bodyguards physically remove new york post reporter trying to ask a press question about his many meetings with lobbyists and continuing to take shots at fox news. >> you would rather not have the new york post or fox news exist? >> it is a free country.
12:46 am
i am saying because we exist we have been changed for the worse. ed: nancy pelosi is blaming the media for the divide over her. >> in bc has been on the jag, priorities to undermine my prospect as speaker. ed: more evidence of the democratic party's shift to the left. according to a new gallup poll democrats view socialism more positively than capitalism. 57% hold a positive view of socialism, 47% viewed capitalism positively which is lower than any of gallup's previous measures of the same pole. let's discuss it with mike huckabee. good evening, sir. >> great to be with you. ed: what does that poll tell
12:47 am
you? >> the whole idea about socialism and people who supported only one group of people support socialism over capitalism, the people who don't get up until noon, don't wake to an alarm clock, people who don't work for a living, they love socialism. people who work and have ambition, want to make something of themselves they realize what a desperately horrible situation it is. take a look at venezuela. they went from a wealthy country fourth-grade resources, got socialism and the people can't even get toilet paper. democrat slogan this year vote for us, we will wipe you out. they are being direct about it. ed: a left-leaning publication this week said some people want socialism but may not want to pay the tab. they added up free tuition, medicare for all. they say it would cost $218 trillion over the next 30 years.
12:48 am
>> it is unaffordable. margaret thatcher said it best, you run out of other people's money. there is not one place it has been effective and able to be sustained. it is a system based on a godless idea that people will just want to sit around and work hard and give it away to someone who didn't work hard and that is not the way the human body and human mind is hardwired. ed: we see nancy pelosi who he believed was far left having troubles with the far left, 50 democrats, incumbents for office who won't supporter of democrats when the majority, so much so
12:49 am
she is so discombobulated she was going after nbc over the weekend saying you guys are trying to stir up trouble. >> when you are democrat and lost in bc you have lost the left wing of your party. that is an astonishing thing when she is upset that nbc has taken her on. that shows how far not only most of the democrats have gone but how far in bc has gone and they are on the edge and nancy pelosi is wondering what happened. they left her. ed: i noticed -- what you see, your daughter's birthday. what did you tell her? at >> i wished her happy birthday, she was born on friday the 13th and it was one of the luckiest and most wonderful days of my life and she has been a delay and i hope she had a good birthday and didn't get thrown out of any restaurants. ed: that is one proud papa.
12:50 am
thanks. you heard of storm chasers, what about fire chasers who fly into the smoke to help you. that is next.
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♪ ed: fox news alert, firefighter in northern california has died.
12:54 am
fact-finding on the incident is ongoing. while their fight continues new fires are popping up and there is one plane firing into the wildfires not to contain the but find out how they affect you. >> reporter: this video is from a c-130 plane headed in search of a wildfire plume. instruments in the air generate information on the composition of the smoke. >> this is science that will help air quality forecasts, science that will help daily weather forecasts. >> reporter: emily fisher is part of a team of scientists and researchers from five universities and a handful of federally funded agencies leading the largest and most cumbrian to the effort to analyze the chemistry of wildfire smoke.
12:55 am
>> because it is invariable places in the atmosphere you need an aircraft to sample it. >> reporter: the study from 20 such flights could lead to more specific health warnings in wildfire season that is offshore record-breaking and dangerous start. >> it is like secondhand smoke everywhere. >> my eyes are irritated, it is hard to breathe. >> reporter: this national weather service map shows the level of smoke in the us, bright red and orange, and the blue reaching to the east coast. researchers want to know how it changes as it dissipates and interact with other pollutants. >> we might predict more if one fire is worse for some folks than another fire. >> reporter: places like the holy fire in california where public health officials are telling folks the ash could be toxic. results will not be out for another year but in the next three months scientists say they will have unique insight into what we are breathing in, wildfire smoke makes it to where we live. ed: most-watched, most trusted,
12:56 am
most grateful you spent the evening with us. i will see you again tomorrow from washington with roger stone reporting that robert mueller, the special counsel is zeroing in on him tonight. good night.
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the people and women training children to be terrorists could walk free. anti-trump agent peter stzrok had a pink slip. 's firing could be worse news for hillary clinton. jillian: "fox and friends first" starts right now.


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