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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 15, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> i look at this as people are starting to ask the fundamental question, who does government work for? and boy, has that become even clearer over the last year and a half. >> sean: 83 days, an important election. let not your heart be troubled. i went two seconds over. i'm like tucker. >> laura: hey, hannity. >> sean: i feel horrible. >> laura: i'm packed here. i would love to chitchat but i'm packed. we do have a great show. laura ingraham. i am laura ingraham from washington, d.c. welcome to "the ingraham angle." we have a riveting show. would you like anything else? president trump has revoked john brennan's security clearance and the media is in a complete freae out. congresswomanar rhonda joins us for a reaction. we also have an exclusive with lindsey graham about his controversial idea on how to clean up the fbi. raymond arroyo will be here with a hollywood example of false
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me too allegations and some all-too-credible ones out of pennsylvania. but first, the media versus trump. that is the focus of tonight's "angle." remember when it was bad for local media to convey coordinated messages over the airwaves?he you know, like when sinclair media asked local anchors at their stations to read the same promo scripts to describe their newscasts, they were derided by legacy media as orwellian,ne soviet-style propaganda, so it created local. -- local stepford wives. oh, the outrage. >> the idea there, all these anchors, all these markets, that were required to read these scripts, attacking state news. >> if you are centralizing a political message to however many, more than 200 stations i think it will be if they get the fcc approval for this, to 200
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stations, you have one of the great political messaging machines in the world. >>ma laura: so it was an abuse of the media for sinclair to air these homogenized promos on the local market. but when the legacy media coordinate messages across local markets, it is apparently no problem at all. tomorrow, over 350 papersos organized by "the boston globe" will print coordinated editorials to denounce the president for his fake news comments and media trash talk. sounds like one of the great political messaging machines and the entire world, if you ask me. marjorie prichard at "the boston globe" told cnn, "we have some big newspapers but the majority are smaller markets. all are enthusiastic of standing up to the trump's assault on journalism."o what we are witnessing is the full-on politicization of the media. as steve bannon once said, the media have become the opposition party and that is a pity.
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ii think it's ever since their disastrous misreading of the electorate in 2016, they've excessively worked to prove themselves right. in other words, on just about every issue, they paint the most insidious portrait possible of the president in order thatt later on they can say, see, we told you so, we were right. i think it is also utterlyr predictable. the better the economy gets, the more confident the american are -- american people are about their future, the more frantic the never-trump press becomes. it's a perverse, inverse relationship.. i've noticed something else.nv the more popular trump becomes among african-americans -- his numbers are as high as 36%, according to rasmussen -- the more desperate the scribblers are to draw him as a racist and of course they throw in xenophobic and misogynistic for good measure. rather than cover how american lives are being transformed due to a booming economy, record-breaking employment
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figures, the media focus on self-created controversies like fabricated dossier claims. >> what was in the dossier was a spelled out, detailed allegation that there was a mutual operation underway here. that there was collaboration and coordination between the trump campaign and the russians. >> the day it began with clips of james comey, former fbi director, all over television, to telling abc news that he cannot roll out infamous pee tape mentioned in the steele dossier. >> listen, that is exactly what mueller is looking at. one of the things. we'll find out. >> laura: false, and one of my personal faves that the media il obsessed on, the breathlessal melania is m.i.a. speculation. >> one thing of the president of the white house have been quite about is melania trump and her
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status. >> staying behind at the white house seems first lady melania trump. the public hasn't seen her in 23 days. many wondering where she might be. hititer >> if the first lady or the person who is standing in for the first lady disappears, you want to know where she is. >> laura: the first lady was recovering from a fairly serious surgery. by the way, a lot of these journalists take off two weeks for a colonoscopy. now we are caught up in the omarosa obsession. that is wall-to-wall coverage of a woman lacking credibility, pushing specious claims complete with surreptitiously reported -- recorded audio snippets. >> can you stand at the podium and guarantee to the american people they will never hear donald trump utter the n-word on a recording in any context? >> we already know that this president seems immune from even the broadest standards of decency we've had in the past. another tape wouldn't change anything. >> people are prepared to
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they all disputer claims. -- they all dispute her claims. the president says the producer of "the apprentice," mark burnett, denies there is any tapes. p but still, the media happily gives omarosa hours and hours and hours of airtime. i think in their warped thinking, the woman in america considers to be the ultimate mean girl helps advance the narrative for the media that trump is a racist. but once again, i think the media are misreading the american people. here's the latest data.a according to an npr-"pbs newshour" merit poll, 71% of americans have not very much or no confidence at all in the media, compared to just 25%,
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who have, a great deal of confidence or quite a lot. but the amazing thing is, the media don't seem to care about what the consumers of news are shouting at them. the ratings and readership are down, whatever, we have a mission, that is to get trump. most of completely abandoned the idea of objectivity and are now essentially operating as full-time members of the resistance. so now that we've established all that, what lessons can the white house take from all this? i realize it's tempting to swing at every pitch. but let's be real here. as trump proved in the election, the media just aren't that influential anymore. so the president needn't feel like he has to respond to their every utterance regardless of how vicious that is. combine the media's irrelevance and the democrats' invisible agenda, and the president, i i think, has a pretty sweet opportunity to actually expand his base before november. a lot of people are shaking their head, how can that be. he will be on the stump in
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critical races before novemberre but i think he should also take the time to visit places that republicans have often ignored. mr. president, your agenda is working, so sell it everywhere. and listen to the people who are being fed a load of malarkey about what is in your heart and mind and show them what is really in your heart and mind. and yes, that means doing events exclusively for african-americans and latinos, including and distressed -- including in distressed communities, places like chicago, where democratic leaders have failed abysmally. show them a better alternative and celebrate the gains you have already won for them and all americans. too many republicans never understand that you often win respect for just showing up. but of course, i don't expect the editorial writers to give you any credit for any outreach like that. in a way, who cares. no one is reading them anyway.ha
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and that's "the angle." joining me now for reaction as dave bossie, a fox news contributor who served as deputy manager of trump's campaign and richard goodstein, former advisor to bill and hillary clinton. richard. >> where do we want to start first? the media or omarosa? let me talk about omarosa for a second. you would like to think, trump said, i'm going to hire the best people, these are people with great experience, have great ideas w, really work hard, and work for the american people, instead, what he revealed was, the people that he keeps on are people who say good things about him who he later refers to as "dogs and lowlifes," and the problem withe that, what does that say to foreign leaders? he doesn't just talk in a vacuum. people actually are kind of watching what he is saying and it just kind of -- and michael cohen, omarosa, god knows who else, or taping conversations with trump. what does that say about the kind of relationships, even his closest advisors have towards him and what trust they have towards him?
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that's a problem. it's not what is on the tape, it is what his reaction to the tapes say about him. >> laura: what do you think susan rice's performance and ala day sunday shows after benghazi? what did that say?'s she would go out and lie -- you want to talk about qualified people? spying on americans and unmasking people. you want to talk about qualified? she should never have been promoted to the u.n. after she went out and lied to the american public! she was not qualified or she waa lying! >> let me answer your question -- >> laura: roam rosa should have never been hire! -- omarosa should have never been hired! i agree. >> you would have had her head. >> laura: please! a goofy video causes a benghazi attack? it's ridiculous. terrorism, everyone knew it was terrorism. >> obama had his share of bad folks working in his white house. omarosa's big question for me, the big question about omarosa's, not just what she has on tape that she's released, but what she has that she hasn't released.
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i think i would call for a congressional investigation into how she did this. did she use her personal phone? did she use a white house phone? was it secured, not secured? were their enemies of thisho country who had access or could gain access to those recordings? this is a very dangerous precedent to be recording insida the situation room in the white house and congress' oversight, in my opinion, this is a must do investigation. >> it's rare -- of course, i agree with david 100%. >> laura: it's an embarrassment. she's embarrassing. you're right!ht she never should have been hired. >> those are presidential records.s. she responds to a subpoena? was a presidential records. >> laura: from a politico, they reviewed the teaches and they said, the tapes she provided are kind of juicy. nothing about the president or his family. he she was out there, like, i'm omarosa, i'm going to tape you.
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never trust people who taped conversations or who write memos. jim comey, omarosa, end of story. memos -- let's talk about john brennan. everyone is hot and bothered about him.m. richard, this is what john brennan said today about what trump could be trying to do with the russians at the russians' behest. let's watch. >> i'm very concerned about the principle here. i'm very concerned about what this might portend in terms of the implications of other clearances, and this is something that i believe that the press needs to shine a very bright spotlight on, make sure that this abuse -- that's what i consider it -- an abuse of power by mr. trump, does not go without very close review and challenge. >> laura: you mentioned about the russians. that wasn't the bite, but he spoke of the clearance there.
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trump has the unilateral authority to revoke his security clearance. >> right, he does. john brennan will be compromised and whatever he does, and his life from this point on, by not having a security clearance? no.ure he worked for presidents of both parties for decades, he was a resource that he would not be able to give the united states. the problem with pulling a security clearance is he's basically saying, you talk against me, and you will get -- our first amendment rights to free speech and free press, that is what all this -- that is what we are talking about in the segment -- >> there are plenty of folks ouy in this country who are critical of this president, that the president doesn't have a problem with about whatever they say. but you can't be the leader of the resistance movement, the group of americans that hate this country and this president, and still hold a security clearance. >> you can, if you know what he knows about with the threats are from abroad, he should be scarew to death. >> he's a political hack. nothing more or less, a political hack who should be chairman of the dnc, not -- >> laura:e how are you tell the difference between like john brennan and any host on msnbc? nicole wallace had him on today and she asked him, do you think that trump could be beholden to a third-party other than the
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american people? and he's like, well, it could be the russians but i don't know, and i don't know -- he was likeb saying, "i don't know, i don't d know, i don't know." it was the most rank speculation from a former cia chief! it's just wrong. it is wrong. >> i think he knows a lot more than -- >> laura: no. no. he doesn't. listen to what nicole wallace try to get him to say. he was like, "it could be but i don't know anything but mueller is looking into that." he had a big nothing. i'm telling you. it was hilarious. i was watching it with a producer, i was like, what thete heck did he just say? it didn't make any sense. it's like -- he's a pundit. it's fine. w he can do that. i think the -- they suffer deeply. >> you don't need a security clearance to be a pundit. >>th laura: you know what i think, aside from brennan, all these security clearances should be temporary. they should be -- >> peter strzok still has his security clearance. >> laura: speeder strzok still has his whole security
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clearance? >> that's what i understand. >>ha laura: that's what i heard as well tonight. >> the president needs to go down that long list of folks who are out there across this country leading the resistance movement as enemy, in my opinion, what they have done is damaged this country's national security. >> my answer to that is, you have people like omarosa telling the federal government, people like john brennan who have worked for decades, for multiple presidents come he worked for bush, reagan -- come on -- >> laura: during 9/11. >> my point is, he's a resource, if you want to say you are cut loose, that is the price the country pays. it's not a price he's paying. >> we are grateful for his service and i'm glad he's gone. >> laura: i think people should have to reapply for a security clearance.'s why should it be never ending? it's a total scam. >> i'm glad the president stood up for the process of our national security today and took it. f >> laura: he should go down the whole list. it's not an enemy list, it -- you've moved on to something else. >> the problem is, it looks like an enemy list. michael flynn, i think, still has security clearance, right?t? he has confessed to a felony!
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>> when you are the leader of the resistance movement in the country, people in the streets being violent and burning down buildings -- >> laura: got to believe the antifa people. they don't like brennan but for now he's an enemy of my enemy is a friend. antifa -- >> that is his --s exactly. the fact that he can't do that shows that it is -- >> he did one today. >> laura: all right. don't tease us. we have to get more. we still have a few more days in the week. guys, thank you so much. the intelligence community's generally apolitical but brennan has been one of the president's harshest critics, regularly making appearances, sounding more like a far left pundit than a former spy chief. joining me now, someone who has been very critical of brennan, congressman ron desantis, the republican nominee in florida's gubernatorial contest. -- gubernatorial election congressman. is it fair to revoke a security clearance? john brennan, the list of jobs he's had for the government, and he is just trying to protect the united states, don't you see,
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from perpetual russian interference, from the puppet known as our current president.. i meant, that is basically what he said today. >> of course, he is just the great public servant. please, first of all, he shouldn't have a security clearance, even if he did do a good job and even if he had been apolitical, but his conduct has been a joke. it's damaged the intelligence community. his tenure as national security -- national terrorism chief but also at cia was verye unproductive and disastrous, he did not do a good job identifying isis as a rising threat and of course wasn't somebody helping to facilitate the disastrous deal with iran, so his performance wasn't good.y i don't think he would be a guy you would even want to get advice from, even if he wasn't such a partisan hack, but the fact that he launches those wile accusations on twitter, it's just not conduct becoming of somebody who has been in those high positions. >> laura: i have to say, a short while ago on -- this was
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on cnn, anderson cooper -- interviewed michael hayden about all of this, and he had this to say about brennan's effectiveness. >> it was personal and it was vindictive and frankly, i think it was an overall judgment that john was being somewhat effective. the white house just messagedgm the entire american intelligence community. if you stand up and say things that upset the president or with which he disagrees, he will punish you. >> laura: i first thought he was in a prison there. they actually sent a camera crew to dulles airport, he is on the way to vacation. that is how important it was to cnn. but he said it is a sign that he was being somewhat effective. at what? undermining the president? what the heck is he effective s at? he lied -- they had dianne feinstein, the cia spied on a senate committee, the computers of a senate committee, he lied about it. he should not have a security clearance just for that fact! where's dianne feinstein whenhef you need her help?
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go ahead. >> i know. the thing is, the idea that the intelligence community, you are sending a role to them, it's not the role of the intelligencece community to be launchingth political attacks, many of them are professional but the idea that you are an activist as an intelligence official, it is not the type of intelligence that we want.. we want people who are apolitical, ande obviously, we have seen in the fallout of this russia thing, when you have people like brennan, when you have people like peter strzok,us would you have people like -- when you have people like andrew mccabe, who are behaving politically, that really distorts some of the powers that -- the use of some of the powers of the government >> laura: congressman, on a separate issue, today governor andrew cuomo from new york made a comment that made me stop in my tracks. as part of the democrats, i think, desire to turn out the vote, get people registered, oh, my god, -- they are freaking out because they see the economy rising so high and they still have to create a sense of panic. but this is what he said. let's >> we are not going to make
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america great again. it was never that great. [ laughter ] we have not reached greatness. we will reach greatness when every american is fully engaged. >> laura: the president just tweeted out, "can you believe that this is the governor of the highest taxed state of the united states, andrew cuomo having a total meltdown." he just literally tweeted that. your reaction to that? he kind of tried to clarify, he apologized,ed but, congressman, your reaction, really quick. >> it's just absurd. some of the great things of the united states have done, we've done things that no other country has done. i think the country is a great country, i think we are in the right track now more there we were the last eight years.un new york is on the wrong track and people are fleeing his state because of his bad policy. >> laura: congressman, thanks so much. the fbi investigated hillary clinton and
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president trump's campaign but who is going to investigate the fbi? republican senator lindsey graham has a bold idea and he joined his next with e fbi? republican senator lindsey graham has a bold idea and he graham has a bold idea and he joined his next with i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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this is moving day with the best in-home wifi experience and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected. and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two-hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. ♪ >> laura: the white house isn't alone in its campaign to bring accountability to bad actors within the fbi and the
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intel community. now keep members of the senate are rampinfforts kristin fisher is here on that but she begins with more detail on the brennan affair today. kristin? >> hey, laura. president trump has been threatening to do this for weeks but few thought he would actually do it, even house speaker paul ryan initially dismissed it as him trolling people.esew today, he did it. president trump revoked the m security clearance of former cia director john brennan. now democrats, they have been using words like nixonian, illegal, a gross abuse of powere but the white house press secretary says the president is well within his constitutional authority to do it. >> mr. brennan has leveraged his status as a former high-ranking official with access to high -- highly sensitive information to make a series of outrageous and unfounded allegations and outbursts on television and the
11:25 pm
internet about this administration. >> it may be only the beginning. the white house says it is considering taking similarnd action against people like james comey and susan rice. here you have the white house potentially going after the security clearances of several former top national security and law enforcement officials. at the same time, you have republican senator lindseyey graham urging action against the entire justice department. he wants a special counsel to investigate why a doj official, bruce ohr, was allowed to investigate then-candidate trump while his wife worked for theig opposition research firm that produced that now infamous dossier. >> these investigations against trump were corrupt to the core, they gave clinton a pass. bruce ohr was at least unethical. we need a special counsel to look at all things department of justice and fbi when it came to the trump investigation,pe particularly the counterintelligence investigation. >> i should mention that bruce ohr was one of the people that the white house press secretary said was on the list of people that they are considering to potentially revoke a security clearance.
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laura? >> laura: thank you so much. lo and behold, here -- do you see him? you see him on the tape and you see him here! lindsey graham! >> i agree with every word. >> laura: i don't know about that. t [laughter] tell us about brennan. you are on board with this idea? i think you are one of the people who thought it was a good idea. >> here's what i think. you can be the former cia director and a critic of the president, you just can't lead the resistance movement of the same time. you look at cia policy about how a former director should act, he is well over the line. they have a policy about that. >> laura: he had a history of lying, the senate investigates -- on that, what he did with his senate staff, they were spying on the computers, they lied about it, dianne feinstein found out about it. >> this administration didn't share anything with him, he really thinks trump is worse than any enemy we have, so i think the way that he's carried himself hurts the intelligence committee.
11:27 pm
-- community. >> laura: let's talk about your idea i for a special counsl to investigate the justice department. how would that work? what's your grounds? >> number one, i'm tired of getting on tv and tell everybody the bad things. i want somebody who's not a politician. let's put the shoe on the other foot. what do you think the democrats. would be saying if a republican -- if the rnc hired a former british agent to go to russia to get dirt on clinton? do you think they would be wanting to look at whether or not there was a crime, if a fisa it warrant was issued based on document that is a bunch of political garbage? i'm tired of telling everybody in the country how bad this is. have somebody to do for the fbi and the fisa warrant process what mueller is doing for trump. >>ng laura: what would it entail? and who is subject to this review -- you can't investigate the whole fbi. there is a core within the fbi, bruce ohr, the fact -- does he still have a security clearance? i guess he does. >> the email investigation was a joke. >> laura: from the beginning.
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>> they were in the tank. they had a bias against trump and for clinton and if you had done what she had done, we would not be talking. >> laura: would you still be a member? >> i would be court-martialed. people sitting in jail, i want somebody to look at how the content email investigation was conducted, why it was dismissed, and the fisa warrant. every american should be concerned about the rule of law and i think the fisa warrant process was horribly abused and may be in a criminal fashion. >> laura: could the judges who were sitting and reviewing that application for the search warrant, for the wiretap of carter page, is there any process within the fisa courts to review that again? if i were the judge, and theyt didn't tell me that the opposition candidate -- not just an opposition -- but the candidate paid for that dossier, which was a critical part, if not the most critical part. >> there's a footnote in therel that is a reference that this guy may have political motives. they never told the court --
11:29 pm
>> laura: of course not. >> he was on the payroll of the dnc.he >> laura: what about the judge? judges? >> i would be really upset. >> o laura: there's no way to go back and unwiretap somebodyon but there should be some sanctions, they should be an ability to issue sanctions against of the justice department officials, who signed up on this. i'm sorry. >> somebody have to watch those who watch us. mr. horwitz is a good guy but he doesn't have the power of a prosecutor. the corruption of the department of justice and the fbi regarding the clinton email investigation, the early stages of the trump-russia investigation werei corrupt to the core and i think somebody needs to look at it outside of politics, if mr. rosenstein is watching, what more has to happen for you to be convinced that somebody outside your organization needs to look to make sure that we clean up the mess? >> laura: james clapper tonight said our discussion of this, the constant criticism of fbi and intel is undermining: those hallowed institutions. let's watch.
11:30 pm
>> i spent a good part of my life, 50 plus years, 34 of it in the military defending this country and its values and standards and institutions. which i feel, as do the others involved here, are under serious this is going to get worse before it gets better. i predict. >> laura: so it's trump's fault or republicans' fault for questioning how this whole investigation, how the special counsel was appointed, comey sew up with the whole thing -- i mean, you can't -- if you question it, you are undermining the authority or what about the integrity undermined by them? >> not one democrat seems to be concerned that the people in charge of the clinton emailoc investigation clearly were in the tank for clinton and hated trump. nobody seems to be concerned that a political document prepared by political party using a foreign agent to go to a foreign country to get information on a political candidate was used to get a warrant, nobody seems to be concerned about it.
11:31 pm
i have been in the military for 33 years. i love the fbi, i'm very concerned about what i have >> laura: um, senator, birth tourism, the president hasn't talked all that much about it, birth citizenship. he did in the campaign. it's become a huge problem in this country, ads in russia, china, "we'll get you a u.s. passport, come here, have a baby, we'll find you a doctor, we'll get you a passport, bingo, it's done." how does this get turned around? >> i think you need to change a the d if you go to france and have a child, you are not a french citizen. people abuse our laws. they actually get tourist visas close to the delivery date, they come to a resort with a maternity ward just to have the child in america. >> laura: well, we want to have you back to get into that further, because i f think it'sa massive, massive scandal! thank you so much,h, senator graham. the pc mob is tearing apart a new tv show title while the catholic church under fire after a damning, horrific report on abuse in pennsylvania. that in our "seen and unseen"
11:32 pm
segment with raymond arroyo next. pennsylvania. that in our "seen and unseen" segment with raymond arroyo
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>> laura: time now for our "seen and unseen" segment, where we expose what's behind the big cultural stories of the day. s first, this new show on bravo has the pc crowd have so worked up, they are about to smash their screens and rage, i'll tell you. for more, we are joined by fox news contributor,o "new york times" best-selling author of the will wilder series, raymond arroyo. tell us about this new jerry o'connell talk show. why's it had also offensive? >> jerry o'connell, the film star, is a fan of bravo programming. >> laura: does he have a show on bravo? >> he will. it's called "real men watch bravo," except there was a huge reaction to that. they said the title isdo misogynistic, homophobic, i don't quite understand how it's homophobic but nonetheless, jerry o'connell and the
11:35 pm
producers of the show decided we are changing the title and jerry came out to explain why. >> we change the title of the show, it's no longer the after mentioned titles, it is now called "bravo's play-by-play" and it's basically a panel of three of us and we sort of breae down everything that happened that week on bravo. it is sort of like a "sportscenter" for bravo highlights. bravo, it saved my marriage with my wife. it's our passion. it's what we talked about. >> i have news for jerry. men, real or otherwise, are not going to watch the "shahs of sunset" but if there is a ball being thrown -- >> laura: that's misogynistic. >> men like some programming, women like other. >>is laura: i anytime --met
11:36 pm
jerry o'connell. he's a nice guy. >> it is like trying to get men to watch hallmark. >> laura: on lifetime tv, there is always a woman pushing a man down the stairs or vice versa. someone is always getting pushed down the stairs. >> and men aren't watching that either. >> laura: real men don't watch bravo. >> remember earlier this summer, we talked about chris hardwick, the host of amc's "talking dead." he was removed from that show and his other talk show pulled from the schedule because of abuse allegations made against him by a former girlfriend. amc did a thorough review, this week, they returned him from metaphorical dead to host "talking dead," and was an emotional watch this. >> i want to thank you, the "walking dead" community, for all the support to these last couple months for the show was not just a job to me, this is a vital part of my life, you know, and this has been a sanctuary these last seven years we've been here, this has been with me through good times and bad times and i have so much gratitude to you, the fans, and i have said b the following words a million times, countless times, and i have never been more thankful
11:37 pm
than i am in this very moment to say to you that i am chris hardwicke and this is "talking dead." [cheers and applause] >> so what you're seeing here is a man who saw his career flash before his eyes. this was handled the right way. they did dismiss him from the show, they pulled the show from the schedule but after a quick investigation, they returned him back.. >> laura: not everyone who is -- >> the allegations were not true. >> laura: not everyone who is accused are guilty. that's a problem with some of these 20-year-old allegations. some of them are, some of them aren't. >> the me too movement rush to judgment, i worry about it. >> laura: i confess, i have never heard of him in my life. >> now you have. >> laura: by the way, from false allegations of abuse come up to all to real ones. raymond, you've covered the vatican for decades. tell us about this grand jury report. you and i are both catholics.ol> >> be a part of this graphic, we are talking about 300 -- what the grand jury calls predator priests exposed in this report. over 1,000 child victims.
11:38 pm
these cases spanned 70 years, - from 1947 to the present. >> laura: how is it all coming out now? >> the grand jury was charged with looking at all the denominations in pennsylvania and doing a report and investigation. they decided to focus only on the catholic church but i don't quite understand, when you look across denominations, there'so kind of an equal -- >> laura: and public schools! public schools have a lot of abuse. >> the protestant church -- >> laura: locker rooms. >> let's put this aside for a moment. this shows heinous disregard for victims, a callousness toward what these victims were going through, they covered up these offenses, they hid them, they reassigned, putting more kids in danger, this is unconscionable. cardinal wuerl was mentored and he was a bishop of pittsburgh, and he was interviewed this past week about his predecessor or successor -- predecessor, rather, of carnal mccarrick, and they asked him, is this a
11:39 pm
crisis in the church? let's listen to what he said. >> i don't think this is a massive, massive crisis. it was a terrible disappointment, for all of us, for you, for me. he was a friend to us. so we are saying now, well, what do we do in the future? if somebody wants to say something about a bishop, they have a place to go. >> let me ask another question. i think something that is emerging from all of this is the care of bishops for bishops. i think that is something that has to be addressed, how bishops care for their brother bishops, cardinals for their brother cardinals. >> laura: that's father tom, a vatican consultant on communications worrying about bishops to bishops. what about the victims? here is what needs to happen. we need an independent, lay-run forensic audit, a financial auditve of every diocese in the united states and maybe the world and then you need a lay panel, and power by the vatican
11:40 pm
of prosecutors, independent prosecutors, with canonical officials, cardinals, to investigate every diocese. they should make canonical referrals as well as criminal referrals. clean house. >> laura: they clean out every single last bishop and cardinal who knew about this, transferred people -- >> who were a part of this. >> laura: i don't understand how the cardinal mahoney is still rolling about the west coast. there's a lot of people out there. because there's a lot of questions -- >> laura: and the wuerl saying this is not a crisis -- what? what are you talking about? what do you mean -- we got to explain this to our children, and this got to be get cleaned up. i'm livid about this! >> because this is as bad as i have seen it in 20 years. >> laura: raymond, thank you. one of america's most celebrated black athletes is now comparing the national anthem -- get this -- to songs of slavery? details after this.
11:41 pm
11:42 pm
>> laura: when the opportunity strikes, the left and their celebrity brother and are happy -- celebrity brethren are happy
11:43 pm
to tarnish american symbols and american history anyway they can. case in point, nba champion star kareem abdul-jabbar, who is now comparing the u.s. national anthem to songs of slavery. a new column for the hollywood reporter, he writes, "to the slave owners, singing slaves were drowned out their own cruelty and oppression, clothe them in a coerced choir of decency. but it wasn't enough that the slaves had to sing. they had to sing their oppressors' feel-good songs. currently, the song being demanded is the national anthem during football games." joining me now with reaction, project 21 cochair horace cooper along with criminal defense attorney anthony tall. great to see both of you. lets start with you, help me with a connection here. i am having trouble making the connection from the national anthem to the songs of slavery. >> what he is saying is that generally, african-americans slavery had to sing songs, you know, to kind of show that they,
11:44 pm
are happy during their -- although they were oppressed and doing horrible labor jobs, and forced labor, they were doing forced labor -- what he is saying is, he is comparing the national anthem with -- >> laura: i get that. no. no. no, anthony, i get what he's doing,u you're just restating what he says. my point is, nfl players are playing my favorite game, i love football, and they are getting paid fairly well, some cases millions of dollars, and they love the game. so they are not being oppresseda and i know there is social justice causes, i get that. but slavery and football -- that -- it's just -- i mean -- even if you love the celebrities, and you -- i get that. but sometimes the left goes overboard. the right does it, too. but you lose people by going there. i think it is sad because kareem abdul-jabbar is an incredible athlete, incredible person, but i don't -- i just think you lose people with making those jumps.
11:45 pm
go ahead. >> i don't think he is going too far. i don't think is going too far. i think all he is saying is, he's comparing, you have a league, 99% white owners, thenin you have the president demanding that they stand up, regardless of how much money you make, if you feel as if you are being forced to do something that is reminding you of an oppressive pass to -- >> laura: no. no. no. no. no. no. you don't have to play football. no one -- leave the game if you don't like what you're owners under coaches are asking! the coaches make them run suicides every day. they don't want to do that. i used to be in college sports. >> they don't mind doing that. >> laura: well, you know, you have to do -- there are rules, they signed a contract. horace, go ahead. >> the one-percenters are sitting out there on the fieldne want us to believe that that their experience is the same as people who were held captive, kidnapped, brought to work, and
11:46 pm
forced, and not allowed to have any freedom. that that is the same, that when we honor our country with the national anthem it is the same as when one percenters who are paid by the.001% ask them not to offend the audience. that that is somehow in any way akin to slavery. what you do, you lose people. you make sure that the public doesn't watch football and that people don't join this particular crusade. >> horace, horace, horace, horace, what are you talking about? did you just hear lebron james the other day saying it doesn't matter how much money you havedi or who you are? when you are black in america, there is a feeling of being reminded that you are black. there is a feeling of being reminded -- >> that is ridiculous! that is absolutely ridiculous! >> don't give me this about the 1%. >> they are the 1%!
11:47 pm
they are the 1%! >> it doesn't matter if they are the 1%! if they can't walk on the straight and feel -- -- street and feel -- >> it absolutely matters! there are americans, black, white, and brown, who suffer and who are deprived, and to dote without, and those people aren't getting any of the attention. because of their race -- >> laura: guys, you guys, hold on, neither can hear either of you. you bothh are making interesting points, but i can't hear you. the piece, which is well written as a column, i might not agree with it but it is well-crafted, kareem abdul-jabbar mentions frederick douglass, of course, who is one of my absolute favorite historical figures, and he mentions him but then frederick douglass is the same person who frequently playedla "the star-spangled banner" on his violin for his family. so he frequently played it on his violin for his grandchildren
11:48 pm
in the years after the war, 1871 speech at arlington cemetery, "if "the star-spangled banner" floats only over free american citizens in every corner of the land, and our country has before it a long and glorious career of justice, liberty, and civilization, we are indebted to the unselfish devotion of the noble army." i think using frederick douglass in the column is kind of misleading. but go ahead. >> laura, laura, this isn't a zero-sum game. you can be of any race in america, that is the beauty of america, and you can feel ashamed to sing the song. there are some times when black people are getting shot down on the street that you don't feel as if -- i'm talking about getting shot down by police -- they do don't feel as if like that national anthem has risen to its standard. now honestly tell obviously
11:49 pm
during the civil rights movement -- when martin luther king jr. marched with the flag, we lived up to the constitution. >> laura: martin luther king jr. c marched to it. alveda king, we talked to today, she couldn't join us tonight but she said, her uncle was extremely patriotic, and all the marches you see with the american flag is always there. he always insisted that it be there. that was her point today. horace?ic >> laura, kareem abdul-jabbar and these multimillionaire coddled individuals that rather than using -- >> why is it about the money? >> let me finish. rather than using their time constructively to pursue whatever social justice causes they want, have decided that they hate this country so much that they will offend it with the national anthem is played. >> that's not what i'm saying. laura. laura. laura. >> laura: i don't think they hate -- i really don't think
11:50 pm
they hate the country. i think they're really, really got it in their minds that police are unfair to african-americans. >> if you slap your spouse -- if you slap your spouse and you say "i love them," laura, if when the national anthem is being played and you act this way -- >> laura: guys, i have to go. i think it'd be nice if everyone stood for thehe anthem and had e debate off the field. i think that's always better. great segment.t. a christian baker, by the way, is a target of a political vendetta. how the legal profession is being weaponized against americans. next. welcome to the xfinity store.
11:51 pm
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♪ >> laura: remember jack phillips, the christian baker face legal action for refusing to bake that same-sex wedding cake? he won a major case of the supreme court two months ago but get this, colorado civil rights commission has once again ruled that he violated the law when he refused to bake a cake for a transgender woman celebrating the seventh anniversary of her gender transition. in response, phillips is suing top colorado officials including governor john hickenlooper.p joining me now in colorado is jack phillips himself, as well as his lawyer, kristen waggoner from phoenix. jack, let's start with you.
11:54 pm
do you feel this is now a vendetta against your bakeshop? apparently you are the only bakeshop in all of colorado because all the focus is on you. but do you feel like this is now, you're being targeted? >> it feels like being targeted. the colorado civil rightsls commission is coming after me again after the united states supreme court has told them that they were hostile to my faith, and that they can do that, and yet, here we are again, the same situation. >> a laura: so did the transgender individual, she came to your bakeshop, and said, will you bake a cake? for a specific -- how did the transaction or potential transaction go down? >> this is actually on the dayan that last year, that the united states supreme court announced that they were granting our case, and they weru going to hear it, and so this colorado attorney called my shop and asked us to make pink and blue cake signifying their gender transition.
11:55 pm
>> laura: wait a second. wait a second. the colorado attorney? we didn't even get a visit to the cake shop, with bakeshop -- >> cake shop. >> laura: a transgender person did a walk in and say, "hi, jack, how are you doing -- it was a lawyer who called you? >> it was a lawyer who called us. >> laura: that's ridiculous! >> they explained that we couldn't sell anything else in our shop, or create customer, they asked us to repeat it, -- s create custom work. they askeded us to repeat it. >> laura: so they're creating a predicate for the action. it's amazing. the court granted it last year, he won a victory in the supreme court, and now this. so you guys are suing the civil rights commission, correct, and are you suing individual members as well? >> we are suing the executive director. the supreme court made it abundantly clear that the commission was wrong to target jack's beliefs, and that they treated other cake artists different than jack by allowingt them to combine messages but
11:56 pm
-- them to decline messages but refusing jack that same freedom. >> laura: my breath is taken away by this. so now, how long will it take for you to get relief or not really fair and is is going to go back to the supreme court? it seems like -- the goal here is to put jack out of business. right? >> oh, absolutely it is! >> laura: so it's so unbearable to do his job, this is what he does, creative arts. you serve gay and other couples freely. it's just particular, you know, weddings or in this case, gender transition, which you don't believe in, i'm sure millions of americans agree with you. but you'll do other services, right? >> we'll do -- we'll serveou anybody who comes into the shop gladly. but there are many cakes that we don't create. cakes that are anti-american or that would disparage orhe denigrate other people, including people who identify as lgbt. those are cakes that we want to
11:57 pm
create because the message that those cakes portray. not because of the person. not because of the person ordering. >> laura: kristen, the supreme court rule didn't give you a clear ruling, however. it wasn't right on the nose. really quickly, your thought on that. >> it was right in the nose when it comes to the commission's hostility and its denigration of jack's faith and its double standard and how was trading cake designers that it likes and in addition to that, colorado took the position that if he wouldn't express that message to anyone, he didn't need to be compiled here. -- compelled here. they're going to lose! >> laura: we're going to follow this case. thank you bothh for coming on tonight. we really appreciate it we'll be right back.k. is superbeets and i swear by it. it gives me more healthy energy to keep up with my hectic schedule and you're gonna love what it does for you too. [ tiffany ] i could definitely use a little more energy, especially if it's from a natural source like beets. [ cliff ] if i had something natural and healthy that gave me energy, i'd be all in. [ randy ] energy equals happiness.
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12:00 am
you can get macaroni straws to save the whales. there's a blackout at reagan airports. this happened last year in atlanta. nice infrastructure the united states has. glad we spent $7 trillion in the middle east and the iraqi war. we love hearing from you. and henry is filling in for shannon bream and the fox news at 19. hope you're not flying to dc. >> i'm work in dc now. have a great show. welcome to fox news at night. we begin tonight with this fox news alert. two major breaking stories we are following about some sharp critics of donald trump who are under fire themselves tonight. the president tweeting that andrew cuomo appears to be having a meltdown.


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