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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 22, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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rob: wednesday, august 22nd, "fox and friends first," happening right now at 4:00 at 4:00 am, a murder suspect charged, and illegal immigrant facing a judge after confessing to kidnapping kim jong un one. jillian: how donald trump responded as republicans demand justice. rob: still no collusion but major development from the bob mueller investigation, paul manafort guilty on eight counts. michael cohen cut a deal. jillian: to this leave the president in legal limbo? his attorneys say no. rob: deporting a, quote, despicable nazi immigrant.
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rob: sarah sanders defending the epic move donald trump just made. "fox and friends first" starts right now. good wednesday morning to you. rob: a lot going on. we begin with a fox news alert, illegal immigrant charged with murder after confessing to kidnapping kim jong un one. the mexican man detailing the final and terrifying moments to police. rob: the suspects prepared to face a judge. >> reporter: a tragic end to a story we have been closely following for five weeks, 20-year-old mollie tibbetts found dead in a cornfield not far from her hometown of brooklyn, iowa. and illegal immigrant admits to kidnapping, killing and dumping her lifeless body after following her on a run on july 18th. here he is, kim jong un to claims he blacked out and came to when he found molly's body in the trunk of his car,
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surveillance video helped crack the case. >> we were able to track his pattern and the roots he took and found mollie tibbetts running on this video and we were able to determine she was found in a cornfield and there were cornstalks placed over the top of her. jillian: a local dairy farmer says he passed a background check even though he was in the us illegally for twee 7 years. the small iowa community is shaken up about it. >> it is a gloomy feeling, not knowing her personally, it is upsetting because it is such a small town and small community that you don't think that will happen. you feel less safe than normal. >> reporter: molly's family and friends were devastated, they were holding out hope she would return home alive. >> every parent's nightmare, so
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sad and so wrong. she had so much to give. molly was a sweet, wonderful young girl, we loved her here. she is part of our family and she was very kind to everybody. >> reporter: cristhian bahena rivera will face a judge for the first time today. if convicted of murder he could spend the rest of his life behind bars. jillian: donald trump sounding off on the murder of mollie tibbetts just before a rally in west virginia. rob: saying her tragic death should have never happened. >> you heard about today with the illegal alien coming in, very sadly, from mexico and you saw what happened to that incredible beautiful young woman. should have never happened.
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illegally in our country. the immigration laws are such a disgrace, we are getting them changed, we have to get more republican. >> reporter: lawmakers nationwide demanding justice for mollie tibbetts. mike pence tweeting we commend this swift action by local state and federal investigators working in iowa in apprehending an illegal immigrant who is charged with first-degree murder. justice will be served. we will never forget mollie tibbetts. offered prayers from molly's family and friends. as california gubernatorial candidate john cox slams democrats for their open border policy saying, quote, those who want to abolish ice need to consider the consequences of their rash proposal. the mollie tibbetts case is one more tragic example of a senseless loss that should never have happened similar to kate steinle's heartbreaking death in san francisco, she was caught
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and killed by illegal immigrants on it san francisco. in 2015. the gunman was acquitted of murder and manslaughter. rob: we want to check a timeline of eventss to show you how this has developed in the past five weeks talking about this 20-year-old girl, mollie tibbetts, in brooklyn, iowa, last seen at 7:30 p.m. jogging around brooklyn near her boyfriend's home. she was staying here when he was out of town. what may have confused investigators was at 10:00 at night her boyfriend said he received a snap chat from mollie tibbetts which would be after she got home which she never did. that threw things off for a little while and there was conjecture whether he might be a suspect but he is not of course at this point. july 24th, the fbi and state investigators take over the investigation, she has been missing six days, august 2nd, a redshirt is found near a pig
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farm. this is the pig farmer. he was considered something of a suspect or person of interest for the time being, that shirt was never confirmed to have been mollie tibbetts's and we still don't know if it was but he is no longer a suspect. you see the pig farm here where mollie tibbetts was last seen going for that run. we advance further, august 14th, maybe a week ago, we home on five locations, you can see them over here, some farmland, a truckstop, a carwash, this is everything started to narrow down and they thought they hold it to a certain location and as we move forward august 21st yesterday the body which has been confirmed to be mollie
quote quote
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tibbetts was found in the cornfield the number of miles from where she was seen so you see why it was so hard to find this young girl's body because the surgery was so big being so far away. even with the search for it is hard to search that much area and we have more on this coming up. shannon: donald trump slamming robert mueller investigation is two former members of his inner circle take a big legal hit. the president's lawyer says the paul manafort and michael cohen news does not threaten the white house. jenkins live in washington with the latest fallout. >> reporter: it is not good news for the white house, two major development, first in the trial of the president's former campaign chairman paul manafort guilty him eight counterattacks and bank fraud, almost certainly significant prison time. the jury deadlocking on ten other counts, none of the counts related to the president or his campaign. then came this, the president's personal lawyer, eight charges
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of tax and bank fraud and campaign finance charges from has many payments to two alleging affairs with the president that he denied, cohen agreeing to jail time in the plea deal and his lawyer making serious threats but this is just the beginning. >> mister cohen has knowledge of certain suspects that should be of interest to the special counsel and is more than happy to tell the special counsel all that he knows. >> the president's attorney we should the statement there is no allegation of any wrongdoing against the president in the government's charges against mister cohen. the president addressed the news before and during the rally in west virginia. >> doesn't involve me but i still feel it is a sad thing that happened. has nothing to do with russian collusion. fake news of the russian witchhunt, we have a whole big combination. where is the collusion. >> democrats were quick to react.
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nancy pelosi saying guilty verdict against the president's campaign chairman and the guilty plea on michael cohen are further evidence of the rampant corruption and criminality at the heart of trump's inner circle so here's what comes next. manafort at sentencing is august 29th. all eyes will be on cohen's lawyer lanny davis, manafort facing a nutritional trial in washington dc, not sure when that starts but this is certainly far from over. >> critics honing in on michael cohen's confession predicting it will cause big problems come november. >> shannon bream says this is a legal win for the president. >> in this we have a decision by michael cohen that he will layout everything he confesses to and they negotiated this range of sentencing but it is
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interesting he said he won't cooperate. that was not part of the deal, that he would cooperate with prosecutors, many say he is protecting the president by not having a public trial over this even though it may have only gotten him and criminal trouble. they say even though the president is stunned and burned by this, cohen even is private and agree not tell prosecutors is a win for the president. >> the charges were brought by federal prosecutors in new york but were based on information that came from mueller's team. >> republican congressman duncan hunter and his wife are set to be arraigned on campaign corruption charges tomorrow. the california congressman and his wife, margaret are accused of using $250,000 in campaign funds to pay for personal expenses and then covering it up. they allegedly spent the money on vacations, school tuition, dental work and family travel. hunter's lawyer says the indictment is politically motivated.
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>> foster freeze falsehood inhibit for wyoming governor, the republican donor got a late endorsement from donald trump but was beaten by state treasurer mark gordon in the gop primary. incumbent republican senator john barrasso hold of his challengers in the primary earning more than 65% of the vote. rob: the first airman since the vietnam war will receive a letter of honor, donald trump will award john chapman who was killed trying to rescue a navy seal in afghanistan in 2002. jillian: his final mission, he kept on fighting despite being critically injured. he did not stop until he paid the ultimate sacrifice. chapman's would it will accept the metal on his behalf. and illegal immigrant charged with murdering missing iowa student mollie tibbetts as her hometown's grief turns into rage.
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jillian: and illegal immigrant charged with murder confessing to kidnapping mollie tibbetts. rob: shockwave still to the community as friends and neighbors in the small town trying to come to terms with this young girl's tragic death. ted williams has been on law enforcement for weeks now and joins us more, such a sad way to see this story end, so much hope from her father that this young girl might still be alive even five weeks later. >> reporter: this is a very sad turn of eventss. you cannot see it over my shoulder but over my shoulder is the cornfield in which her
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remains were found by law enforcement after having been led here by an illegal immigrant who had been in this country for at least four to twee 7 years, working as a migrant worker. jillian: you were at the scene, you went to the vigil, got an opportunity to talk to a lot of people. help us understand approximately how far that cornfield is where her body was found from the pig farm a lot of the focus was on and the boyfriend's house where she left to go to that jog. >> reporter: the actual farm is five miles from where her remains were found. the home in brooklyn is 12 miles
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from where she went jogging. what we know and this is very important, about 7:30 on january 18th she started jogging, this guy was following her in a black chevy malibu and at some stage or another he got out and started running alongside her and she said this, i'm going to call the police and at that time this illegal immigrants that he blacked out and the next thing you knew there was blood in the car and she was in the back of the trunk of the car and drove her to this location and this is where he took her over his shoulder and dumped her like a piece of meat in a cornfield. rob: tell us how long police had this young man insight, how long have they know this was a potential suspect? they spoke a couple days ago.
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>> reporter: absolutely. this was excellent police work. what they did was get surveillance tape of various homes in the area and the surveillance tape showed mollie tibbetts running and this black car stalking her and as a result they were able to come upon this guy, kim jong un to. it was at the same stage that cristhian bahena rivera confessed he had something to do with this and took them to the area over my shoulder where her remains were found. jillian: do we know she had any interaction with this suspect? if he followed her on a jog before? >> that is part of the investigation by law enforcement and they are trying to determine what was the relationship, if he
1:19 am
knew mollie tibbetts. it has been alleged that his daughter or mother may have had some contact on facebook with mollie tibbetts. this investigation is just beginning. we are trying to determine if this guy has been involved in other murders, and -- >> wouldn't surprise me at all. rob: thank you so much, live from the cornfield where the body was found yesterday. >> violence surging in chicago, 350 murders this year with no signs of slowing down. how can police keep the city safe. it starts with gangs.
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>> no old white man can stop you. >> some brand-new proof that politics and entertainment don't really mix, the all-time lows. while i was in the navy,
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i decided that i wanted to go for electrical engineering and you need to go to college for that. if i didn't have internet in the home i would have to give up more time with my kids. which is the main reason i left the military. everybody wants more for their kids, but i feel like with my kids, they measurably get more than i ever got. and i get to do that. i get to provide that for them. jillian: heartbroken father breaking down in tears as a judge reads charges against his son-in-law accused of murdering his pregnant wife and, those charges indicate christopher watts may have killed his kids before his wife came home from a trip, her body found buried in a colorado oil
1:24 am
field, watts claims his wife strangled the girls after asking for divorce and he killed her out of rage. he is not entered a plea and could face the death penalty if convicted. rob: the final two fugitives wanted for ambushing undercover detectives, alexander the jesus and omar hall behind bars, the third suspect was arrested over the weekend. hiring 25 rounds, two detective stopped at red lights having two weeks to go in new jersey. they escaped with minor injuries, all three blue blue charged with attempted murder. police do not have a motive for this random shooting. >> violence ramping up with 350 murders so far this year. >> please working to crack down on the deadly street gangs turning the windy city into a war zone. what do we know about these gangs and what else needs to be
1:25 am
done? jillian: judge anthony napolitano, the only republican in the city council, and thank you for joining us. you worry about police burnout -- >> thank you for having me. numbers a little off, 375 homicides in chicago. the scarier number would be 1090 people shot in the city of chicago. take the number and continue how many have been shot at so those numbers could be dramatic. that is the fact that people don't know about they don't know what is going on right now. it is scary. rob: it really is. most of this is centered on the south side of the city. you are the loan republican in chicago it sounds like. you are in a very blue place. what is the issue with the
1:26 am
leadership in the city. what are they not doing right? i am sure there are a lot of criticisms. >> i have some union strength in me but the biggest problem in chicago is a state attorney's office celebrating catch and release system, touting how many people are in the system every day, these are career criminals. the next biggest issue we are fighting with is issues putting time and energy into looking for more oversight on the chicago police officers. we have approximately tween 9 different oversight committees that overlook everything police officers doing looking to add more. the thing we are not doing is putting oversight and accountability on communities. everyone knows what is done for pandering purposes. unless we start holding communities accountable for what is going on for the 1090 people
1:27 am
shot, 375 homicides, you can't go after the police like they are not doing their jobs. these officers in chicago are dying to be the best they can, for end -- jillian: how do you put a end to crime in chicago? seems we have this conversation almost weekly now. >> the biggest thing is officers right now are so afraid to be the police. criminal elements in chicago know what is going on with police officers. they know all these officers are so fearful of doing their job, not being protected by the city of chicago coming out, lawsuits of an illegal stop. officers are what i touted from day one, have -- they don't want that. they want to be proactive. if you don't feel you have the backing of your city, not just downtown but chicago, you can't do your job. committal know that.
1:28 am
when i was a street officer you had tween 9 of every ten guns laid up and hidden somewhere on the street, 9 of every 10 guns driving around because the criminal element those police officers are too afraid to put a stop because they will end up in the next lawsuit. rob: so much scrutiny on the police for everything they do but where's the accountability on communities rampant in crime and gang violence. thanks for your time this morning, appreciate it. jillian: fox news alert, lawmakers demanding answers after an illegal immigrant is charged with killing mollie tibbetts. how can democrats keep supporting calls to abolish ice after this? rob: legal immigrants in this country, a blue wave in november could lead to a crime wave and he joins us next.
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>> illegal immigrant confesses to killing mollie tibbetts. lawmakers demanding justice. >> kim reynolds tweeting we are heartbroken and angry that a broken immigration system a lot of predator like this to live in our community and we will do all we can to bring justice to mollie tibbetts's,. shannon: greg abbott tweeting in part this is why so many are angry about sanctuary cities in texas band sanctuary cities, it is about safety. rob: here to weigh in his peter lamarche. thank you for coming back this morning. when you see people screaming
1:33 am
about sanctuary cities and are so offended by the idea of deporting illegal immigrants out of this country that they go to the extent of protecting criminals from immigration and customs enforcement. it is wanting to protect somebody who has never broken the law but they are protecting people who broke the law from customs enforcement and then see a story like this, it boggles the mind. >> what is happening is people came to the united states illegally, yet we are not holding them responsible for what they conduct here. we are promoting chaos. they commit suicide, as a civilization we are on the verge of committing suicide following elected representatives instead of representing you and i, representing illegals. they are demonizing ice instead of protecting the citizenry, or supposed to do that.
1:34 am
giving illegals more rights than you and i. shouldn't even be here discussing this to the kate steinle case. when was the last time the democrats, the media took a position on this and demand our elected representatives change these laws that are hurting you and i and our towns. jillian: the mayor of philadelphia dancing and excitement over the fact philadelphia became a sanctuary city. in the commercial break, in this country it pays to be illegal. >> i live in connecticut. they give you a drivers license, all the benefits, greater benefits than my family and i get and have no responsibility whatsoever. we are enticing people to come to the united states for the benefit to them.
1:35 am
on the other hand we are afraid to allow law enforcement agencies to get the job done. you name it. federal agency being paid -- the legal guy who comes to the united states, lives in our community for almost eight years and killed this beautiful woman, this beautiful girl, they will never see that girl again. >> wonder what happened and -- >> the separation of the miners a few weeks ago. we had liberals accusing the president of being a racist, enough so. congress should allow the president to enforce the law.
1:36 am
>> the ultimate case of irony, called the president a nazi and called to abolish ice, ice just yesterday deported a nazi from queens, new york back to germany or to germany, he was a polish citizen when he committed his crimes, lives in the united states for 70 years, known about this guy, the president comes in, goes fast with the new ambassador. >> involved in 1993, the other administration -- 2003. donald trump came to office and made it a priority that an unstable human being should be removed from the united states. we have the proper screening allowing the ones who come to the united states to become americans, tell us the truth, embrace the values they have embraced instead of coming here
1:37 am
illegally after committing horrible crimes and come over here on the fake pretense of becoming an american citizen, it is wrong. rob: millions of people are waiting in line to come the right way. thank you so much. appreciate your time. breaking overnight, wanting to bomb an army base, admit to supporting isis, documents reveal he would watch videos of the headings and suicide bombings for hours every day. the fbi says he met with undercover agency believed were isis members pledging his allegiance while kissing and isis flag. the attorney said he will plead guilty but may be suffering from mental illness. jillian: we could be closer to ending the 17 year war in afghanistan.
1:38 am
taliban terrorists will head to russia for peace talks. other countries including china, pakistan and iran will be there, face-to-face talks with the terror group is not expected at the september 4th meeting. we now know the name of the american soldier killed in a helicopter crash interact. chief warrant officer taylor calvinus was on his life, at the.when the chopper went down after an isis raid, the crash is under investigation. enemy fire was ruled out as the cause. the 34-year-old leaves behind a wife and two children. rob: donald trump takes aim at andrew cuomo's america was never that great gas at his west virginia rally, saying it could be the democrats new slogan. >> new york's democrat governor andrew cuomo even declared that america was never great.
1:39 am
tell that to our great soldiers. his comments insult generations of brave americans whose blood, sweat and tears build our magnificent country. america was never great. that is the democrats new theme. rob: the president of the democratic new york governor have been in a sparring match for days now. it appears kevin hart's decision slammed the president during mtv music awards, did not please many americans. >> i look at this like it is game day, do not worry, at this game you guys are allowed to kneel, you never know what will happen at the vma, bad language, people running to the bathroom to send out crazy tweets, basically like a day at the white house. rob: for the second straight year the vmas have the smallest audience ever drawing just 2.2 million viewers and a 1.1 rating with adults ranging from
1:40 am
18 to 49. that is a 23% drop from last year's 5.36 million viewers, that is more than that. the previous record low we might have some numbers but the point is it was an abysmal showing, some sad ratings for something with that much-hyped. jillian: 20 minutes until the top of the hour, sarah sanders sounding off about deporting the former nazi guard. that is not all she is praising, she shut down democrats with one tweet. rob: just in time for back-to-school, nationwide epipen shortage leaving parents scrambling. a pregnant woman getting high to treat morning sickness. doctor nicole safire coming up with what you need to know next. ♪
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rob: welcome back. sarah sanders saluting her boss and customs enforcement for a job well done. the white house press secretary tweeting for many years a nazi labor camp guard had been living in new york, a terrible injustice. past administrations failed to deport him. today donald trump got the job done. ice has removed this despicable nazi from our great country. ice does deported pauli to germany, the last known nazi collaborator in the united states. 130 illegal immigrants including children as young as 4 years old were busted in arizona, they were abandoned by smugglers several miles from the mexican border. the caravan includes people from guatemala and honduras, el salvador and mexico. they are in ice custody facing
1:45 am
deportation. jillian: a dangerous epipen shortage, parents scrambling to get there hands on the life-saving medication as their children head back to school. joining us to tell us about it is doctor nicole safire. what to parents need to know about this? >> reporter: everyone scrambling to make sure they have new epipens. there are severe allergic reactions. they expire every years of people have to renew them every year but we are seeing a shortage. they discussed the fda approved generic that is not available yet, still dealing with a shortage. they haven't given a firm date but possibly in october. what you can do is contact mylan, you can contact them and they can help you get one in the fda just extended the expiration
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date on some of the current epipens. not everyone about the epi junior. go to the website and you may be able to use that epipen after it expired. jillian: low carb diet, people think this is an easy way to lose pounds, eating more vegetables and grains, not so much. you will love this one being a vegetarian. low carb diets are a great way to lose weight but a huge study out of the national institute of health showed u-shaped result, low carb and high carb, higher mortality, earlier death. they broke down the low-carb diet because everyone likes to be healthy. they show people who substitute protein with only animal meats had higher mortality, a lot of plant-based derivatives meant tofu and everything else, lower mortality. if you go low-carb do it with land-based proteins as well. >> that is what i do.
1:47 am
the next thing is we talked about this yesterday. a lot of people have a hard time understanding this story that a new study finds pregnant women use marijuana to treat morning sickness, one in 10 in california. is this safe? >> it is not so hard to wrap your head around people wanting to take it for severe nausea. we are giving medicinal marijuana to cancer patients so we know it has anti-nausea but additional marijuana is different from street marijuana. we are seeing synthetic marijuana killing people. the american medical association thing do not smoke marijuana because many studies show detrimental effects. jillian: medical marijuana when pregnant is a no-no. don't do it.
1:48 am
thank you very much. lot of stuff. it is 13 after the top of the hour, russian hackers caught red-handed targeting the upcoming midterms. how the trump administration for the kremlin unnoticed. no secret prince harry once kids but won't have custody, the reason why coming up. ♪ (woman) learned to play an instrument.
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>> foxbusiness alert, russia caught red-handed trying to hack the upcoming midterms. >> the new sanctions.
1:52 am
>> let's talk about what facebook has uncovered, they removed 650 pages and accounts linked to russia and iran. they are coordinated in authentic behavior that included sharing of misleading political information, this is something facebook has come under fire for following the 2016 presidential election and they have taken steps to read the platform of this type of activity especially ahead of the midterm elections. in addition to facebook finding this information, twitter may have removed 284 accounts with this kind of misleading political information. a lot of is happening before the midterm elections. jillian: we need a new mode of transportation because flying is ridiculously expensive. let us know because united is
1:53 am
finding another way to charge passengers, this time for preferred seats. you won't get any special perks with this preferred seat, no extra legroom, you will just be sitting near the front of the plane. you won't have to walk down the aisle as far, you will be one of the first off the plane after business class, economy class and preferred seats but you will be paying more for this little perk, this is something american airline 10 delta do this, charging you more to sit near the front of the plane. not sure how much united will charge customers. they haven't said that but this will be implement it later this year. jillian: is that 3 minutes going to matter? >> i agree with you. rob: they just a few in an overhead bin. did you know that? >> did you fit? >> i got a bit claustrophobic.
1:54 am
thank you very much. aretha franklin reportedly left no will for her $80 million estate. press reports her four sons listed themselves if interested parties and could split the money and property legally. the queen of soul died after battling pancreatic cancer, she was 76 years old. jillian: a bizarre twist of royalty, megan markel and prince harry won't have custody of their own kids, a royal expert ruling the queen illegal custody due to an ancient law. of the queen passes away custody will be passed to the new sovereign prince charles. the same rule applies to william and kate middleton's children. rob: weird royal -- so many of them. time for the good, the bad and the ugly.
1:55 am
after spending nearly 30 hours, i can already hear this, trapped underneath the house. [cheers] rob: colorado firefighters pooling the to safety. she got stuck when chasing a rabbit around the yard. jillian: a mom put a sticky note on her baby's head, saying she should dress more like a girl. this photo of baby clementine going viral on line. her parents say her clothes are her older brother's hand-me-downs. rob: this is a bizarre one. the ugly. ten sports car drivers ticketed for driving too slow clogging both lanes, angry drivers called state troopers after they were unable to pass by.
1:56 am
jillian: if you drive slow you want everybody to see it. rob: got the windows down. jillian: a fox news alert, illegal immigrant charged in the brutal murder of mollie tibbetts. liberal laws under fire for the iowa student's tragic death. rob: former nypd commissioner ted williams joining us in the next hour of "fox and friends first". - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged with
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who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome. ordering custom ink t-shirts has been a really smart decision for our business. - [narrator] custom ink has hundreds of products and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today at
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ainge and illegal alien and we believe he has been in this area for four to twee 7 years. jillian: august 22nd, fox news alert, murder suspects caught, and illegal immigrant charged after kidnapping missing iowa student mollie tibbetts. rob: how the president has responded as republicans demand justice. jillian: paul manafort found guilty on fraud charges and michael cohen cuts a deal. rob: what impact if any will this have on the president if you live in washington. jillian: andrew cuomo claimed america was never great. the millennial's agree? rob: their surprise or not so surprising answer as "fox and friends first" continues right now. jillian: a lot to get to. rob: straight to a fox news alert, and illegal


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