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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 22, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the body are okay and parts are not okay? >> tucker: we will invite you back to explain that. shannon bream has an exclusive interview with one of the jurors from the paul manafort trial which should be interesting. that's "fox news @ night" tonight at 11:00 eastern. sean hannity right now. >> sean: thank you, welcome to "hannity." 462 days into robert mueller's witch hunt, still no evidence of collusion but tonight we do have proof the destroy-trump forces are working overtime not only to smear the president but every single person around him. manafort, cohen, flynn, papadopoulos all targeted specifically because of crimes that had nothing to do with russia but because they are friends with the president. dozens more of the president's allies now forced to endure what is excruciating, long hours, interrogations, new or serious legal threats and fees, all while the destroy-trump liberal media is cheering in unison for team mueller every step of the way. with the midterm elections only
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76 days away, democrats are foaming at the mouth, as i have been warning, using mueller's witch hunt as the basis for what they want, which is impeachment so they regain power in congress. very scary political future and picture and it's the reason that these upcoming elections, i keep telling you, the most important midterms in our lifetime. meanwhile, president trump is now fighting back. in moments we will bring you an exclusive preview. ainsley earhardt's interview with the president from earlier today. we will also bring an important update on the horrific murder, that case in iowa, 20-year-old mollie tibbetts senselessly murdered. the illegal immigrant who admitted to the horrific crime appearing in court earlier today. and the president responding with a video on twitter. we will show you that tape. sit tight, buckle up. we have a lot to get to in tonight's breaking opening monologue. ♪ >> sean: since march of last year i have been warning you, the american people about five
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forces that are working to destroy president trump. you have partisan deep state bureaucrats. we learned a lot about them in the last year and a half. liberal democrats. you're corrupt, pathetic media. at week establishment republicans and this group called never-trumper or less. today what we have been telling you for more than a year is playing out as we predicted. the deep state has successfully now targeted several trump associates. they never would have been targeted if they weren't friends with the president. and yesterday paul manafort, he was convicted on 8 of 18 bank and tax fraud charges. nothing to do with russia collusion and during an exclusive interview that will air tomorrow morning on "fox & friends" ," president trp weighed in on that and so much more. it lets a sneak peak. >> are you considering pardoning paul manafort? >> i have great respect for what he's done in terms of what he's gone through. he worked for ronald reagan for years. he worked for bob dole.
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i guess his firm worked for mccain. he worked for many, many people. many, many years, and i would say what he did, some of the charges they threw against them, every consultant, lobbyist in washington probably does. if you look at hillary clinton's person, you take a look at the people that work for hillary clinton. look at the crimes that clinton did with the emails and she deletes 33,000 emails after she gets a subpoena from congress in this justice department does nothing about it? and all of the other crimes that they've done. >> sean: a lot more on the blatant legal double standard in the moment but first, also yesterday, prosecutors compelled michael cohen to plead guilty to bank and tax fraud charges and some phony campaign finance violations. again, none of these charges have anything to do with russia. russia collusion, president trump or the election of 2016. right here on this program last night, the great one mark levin
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completely debunked campaign at related charges. let's take a look. >> the general counsel for the clinton mob family lanny davis, he had his client pleaded to two counts of criminality that don't exist. these campaign finance violations all over tv saying implicate the president directly. first, let's back up. it is a guilty plea. it is a plea bargain between a prosecutor and a criminal. the criminal who doesn't want to spend the rest of his life in prison. that is not precedent. that applies only to that specific case. nobody cites plea bargains for precedent. that's number one. number two, just because a prosecutor says that somebody violated a campaign law, doesn't make it so. he's not the judge, he's not the jury. we didn't adjudicate anything. if it never went to court. that's number two.
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a campaign expenditure under our federal campaign laws is an expenditure solely for campaign activity. a candidate who spends his own money or even corporate money for an event that occurred not as a result of the campaign, it is not a campaign expenditure. >> sean: in other words, most of the liberal lawyers who see on tv are dopes. if they don't know the law. look at harvard law professor alan dershowitz, also debunking these. watch, listen, learn. it will help you. >> the law is clear that a president may contribute to his own campaign. if the president had paid $280,000 to these two women, even if he had done so in order to help his campaign, that would be no problem. that's legal. and if cohen himself made the contribution, that would be unlawful because he has a limit of $5200. so the complicated issue is what if trump told him to do it, as
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cohen says. then a cohen it would be acting for trump, as trump's representative and the campaign contribution would be lawful as long as the president ultimately paid for it. >> sean: that's 100% right. that's the law. and during an interview with ainsley earhardt again, she will join us in a few minutes, the president reiterated these payments were in no way a campaign finance violation. look at the law. take a listen, learn. >> did you know about the payments? >> later on i knew. later on. but you have to understand, what he did, and they weren't taken out of campaign finance. that's a big thing. that's a much bigger thing. did they come out of the campaign? they didn't come out of the campaign. they came for me and i tweeted about it. i don't know if you know, but i tweeted about the payments. but they didn't come out of campaign. my first question when i heard about it was did they come out of the campaign? because that could be a little
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dicey, and they didn't come out of the campaign and that's big. if but it's not even a campaign violation. if you look at president obama, he had a massive campaign violation, but he had a different attorney general and they viewed it a lot differently. >> sean: while the media want you to believe that michael cohen, a central player in all things trump, the president at a much different take. let's listen to him. >> michael cohen. tell me about your relationship with him. >> he was a lawyer for me for one of many -- the lawyer and then they like to add the fixer. i don't know where that term came from. didn't do big deals, did small deals. not somebody that was with me -- they make it sound like i didn't live without him. i understood him very well. it turned out he wasn't a very good lawyer, frankly. but he was somebody that was probably with me for about ten
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years. and i would see him sometimes. >> sean: michael cohen's attorney lanny davis says that his client would not even accept a pardon from the president. he actually said that today. lanny, i've known you a lot of years, who are you representing her? that michael cohen wouldn't accept a parking? he's facing as many as five years in jail. i know you are so embedded into the clintons, you love all things clinton, but you are supposed to represent michael here and if he was ever offered a pardon, it would be pretty stupid not to take it. what a disservice. no person would be better off spending years in prison with a felony conviction on their track record or getting a pardon. basic simple common sense. regardless of what you think about michael cohen, paul manafort. it is clear they have been targeted. they have been singled out for that one time connection to president trump and now both men, you can add michael flynn and george papadopoulos, they
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all face time in jail. a horrible example of what we have been exposing on this program. a two-tiered justice system. equal justice under the law, equal application of our laws. the great system of our constitutional republic. in 2008 you may recall the obama campaign, $1.3 million in illegal contributions. guess what? nobody got charged. nobody got indicted. nobody went to prison, no one was slapped with a felony. just a campaign fine. 375 grand. 2017, the clinton campaign, the dnc, they were reported for failing to properly disclose their financial contributions to the dirty dossier. those funneled through perkins, the law firm that then hired fusion gps, the opposition research group that then hired christopher steele, the foreign nationals not supposed to impact our election, that then paid for russian life that he doesn't even stand by. then became the basis to lie ton
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people before the campaign, then became the basis of four fisa warrants to spy on the trump campaign associate. that's the whole thing. they didn't report that money. that's a legal expense. it wasn't. robert mueller, nowhere to be found. and on the tax front in 2015 according to a report from the then-congressman jason chaffetz, he's in for laura ingraham tonight. federal workers owed a billion dollars in unpaid taxes. they work for your government including many in obama's white house. no special counsel, no investigation, no indictment, nothing against these tax cheat cheats. they are working our federal government a lot. a billion dollars is kind of a lot of money. i read that somewhere. it's not really clear that there is one system of justice for hillary clinton, the democrats, deep state bureaucrats. the obama white house, they have one system of justice. anyone else, you and me, anyone tied to donald trump, a different system of justice. this republic can't survive with
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a dual justice system, which brings us to our next critical point. i have been shouting this from the rooftops since may. it we are about to face what i'm calling the most important midterm elections in our lifetime. 76 days from today while the deep state is working around the clock to dig up dirt on anybody anything associated with this president that you elected, the american people, democrats are now planning to use this information to bring articles of impeachment against the president. it doesn't matter that there's no collusion. mark levin was right last night. robert mueller will write an impeachment document. it doesn't matter that the president did nothing wrong and broke no law. mark my words, if democrats, if you stay home on election day, and democrats take back the house of representatives, i promise you, mark my words, they will bring articles of impeachment against the president. i have been warning about this for a long time.
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if you don't believe it now, i don't know what will make you believe it. 76 days, you will decide if the president and his agenda goes forward, because they will stop that. if this november, the future of this continued successful economic boom continued peace through strength, all of this, a lot of stuff at stake, and sadly, that's not all. we know what the democratic agenda is. it's pretty scary actually. what they called crumbs, your tax cuts, they want their crimes back and as we said, they want to impeach the president. as we told you, they want to preserve obamacare. lose your doctor, lose your plan, pay more. that seems to work for them. they want to block judge kavanaugh and constitutionalists to the supreme court, originalists. if they want open borders, eliminate ice, they are saying as much. they want to kill off all of these investigations, just drop it right there for their deep state friends and this massive abuse of power and that we have
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been able to expose and as always the mainstream media, the destroy-trump media, they are just doing the bidding of the left, the democratic party. they are an extension of the press office and like a broken record, from what seems like the millionth time the crisis paddlers in the news media in the country, the echo chamber, they are all predicting the same thing because it's what they are hoping for, impeachment. this is what they wanted for a long time. this is their shot. take a look. >> given the events of today, the likelihood of impeachment, i'm not saying it's high but it certainly went up. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. >> the president is clearly guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. he should resign his office or be impeached. >> today the term presidency took a giant step toward impeachment. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. >> the impeachment. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. >> impeachment implications are
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now in the air. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. >> if it is a crime it certainly is an impeachable or french. >> impeachment. >> impeachment, impeachment. >> sean: remember stormy, stormy, stormy. russia, russia, russia. they hyperventilate over whatever the issue is of the day. if for over 24 hours your apocalyptic press has been working overtime in overdrive pushing anti-trump conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory. we have the evidence, take a look. you decide. >> the man who once said he would take a bullet for donald trump today in federal court was essentially calling his old boss and client now the president of the united states, a crook. >> so there are a lot of players now who start to potentially construct an enterprise, a criminal enterprise that is around, or may even involve, the president. >> as of now and is not going to change that donald trump is
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indeed a scumbag. voters know that. >> just -- i think there is something worse than useful idiots and that would be a useful under legal siege and that is what president donald trump is this morning. >> sean: really want to stay home and 76 days? to vote for the president, happy with the economy? want to stay the course, you like the judges appointed, you want borders secured. do you want health care transformed? do you want peace through strength? but it's this kind of reckless abuse of bias, if the very reason the president has rightly criticized the media, including this moment in his interview on "fox & friends" that will air tomorrow morning with ainsley. take a look. >> the press. it is the press the enemy of the people? >> not at all, but the fake news is and the fake news is comprised of -- it's a big chunk. some he said what's the trunk? i said 80%. it's a lot. it's a lot. if i do something while it's not
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reported. other than in the 20%. "the new york times" cannot write a good story about me. they are crazed. they are like lunatics. >> sean: as you can see from tonight's monologue i told you a long time ago, the very beginning, it actually started the day he and melania came down the escalator. five forces that have been working against the president are now more active. they sense there's blood in the water. they are literally harmoniously working together and most of them would love the impeachment of the president you voted for and stop the progress, ruin his agenda. now, this is real and never has it been more important if you care about your vote in 2016, you might want to register and vote knowing that this hate, this destruction, this havoc that will occur if the democrats take back the house. it's a clear and present danger. don't tell me, by the way, the morning after the election, that you didn't have sufficient knowledge of what they would do.
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76 days from today you have a massive opportunity to protect your vote in 2016, preserve that vote, repair the system of justice, make this country a better place for every american. there's a lot riding on this midterm. they want to undo the agenda you voted for. they want to stop the progress we have obviously made that they will never talk about in the media. before we wrap up our monologue tonight, let's turn to this horrific sad story out of iowa. 20-year-old college student mollie tibbetts senselessly murdered. her body recovered in a cornfield and now a mexican national in this country illegally has now confessed to stalking and murdering mollie tibbetts while she was out jogging. the monster likely responsible for this crime is now being held on $5 million bail. earlier today, the president, he reacted on twitter, take a look. >> mollie tibbetts, an incredible young woman, is now permanently separated from her
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family. a person came in from mexico illegally and killed her. we need the wall, we need our immigration laws changed, we need our border laws changed. we need republicans to do it because the democrats aren't going to do it. to the family of mollie tibbetts, all i can say is god bless you. >> sean: has been covering the tragic story for weeks. we will have more coverage on this later in the show. joining us now with reaction our top story of the night back from her exclusive interview with the president today, she is fox and friends cohost, ainsley earhardt. what's going on? congratulations. big interview. there's a lot there. let's first start to the news from yesterday. he talked a lot about michael cohen. we just heard part of it, paul manafort. tell us what you see. >> when we sat down with him my
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questions were michael cohen story changed. originally he said that i paid off women, the president didn't know about it and then all of a sudden his story changes and then he's also pleading guilty to eight different counts, so do we believe him? that was the question this morning. this is a guy that has lied, tax returns, fraud, and now he's changing his story about the president so when i sat down with the president i set my number one question i wanted to ask him is what happened? did you know, did he pay off these women, did you know about it? he said i didn't at first and now i know about it and i said if it wasn't illegal, because we've had several attorneys that have been on our morning show saying it's not illegal to do this, so if it's not illegal, then how did he get a plea bargain? he was facing 65 years behind bars in prison. how did he go from 65 years possibly max to 3-5 years? if it wasn't illegal, why are they using that? he said because if there something negative that they can
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say about me they will use that and they will lessen their sentence. that extreme number just because they hate me. keep in mind this is the mueller investigation. the mueller investigation was looking into manafort's past, looking into cohen's past and that led them to all of these tax fraud. it has nothing to do with russia. >> sean: is he more mad at michael because of the tape then paul manafort? i noticed in his comments yesterday he mentioned manafort but not michael. >> he mentioned pardoning manafort and you have michael cohen's attorneys. he said he considered that. he feels i think -- i think he feels bad for manafort. they were friends, he didn't work for him for very long. worked for him for basically 100 days. the president didn't know about all of the tax stuff. he wouldn't know about that. and he did say, he said keep in mind who worked for reagan for a long time. >> sean: he worked for a lot of people. >> just because he is associated with me and they hate me so much.
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>> sean: what i'm pointing out and i believe and i talked about this for a long time is that there are these forces against the president. i talk about five of them. i also believe with the democrats agenda, they are telegraphing it. 76 days from now there's going to be an election. i believe, and i've been saying on the air that they would want to impeach him. with all the hysteria in the media commented that, but all? >> i asked him that question. i said at the democrats win them in terms their agenda is going to be to impeach because there's no rush or collusion at least so far. so what's the next step if they hate you so much? what are they going to do? and he agreed that they are going to try to impeach and he says he basically expects that. >> sean: there so many key players here and there is such a double standard. we know a lot. we know hillary paid for russian propaganda to influence the american people which is kind of cheating because it was never verified or corroborated. these were lies that she paid for, funneled money, which is another issue we just pointed out. but then you've got the fisa
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warrant abuse. nobody's getting indicted in those cases. a lot of this goes back to jeff sessions. and did he talk about either jeff or rod or mueller? >> he did. i can't tell you about what he said about that but i did ask him. i've got to save it for the morning show. i did ask them, i said are you going to fire jeff sessions? there are rumors he will fire him, rumors he will fire rosenstein and what are you thinking? i'm not going to tell you. if got to watch the morning show because i can't give it all the way here but he did say -- he did say that it's such a double standard beyond a double standard what happened with hillary clinton and how she got off. that's going to break news. >> sean: what he said about sessions and rosenstein and mueller? >> absolutely. >> sean: wow. what else can you tell us? >> there was so much more. we asked him about mollie tibbetts and ice and how he has doubled down. so many people are saying abolish ice, abolish ice but he doubled down. he brings ice to the white house and honors them.
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>> sean: a lot of news here that people want to see in the morning. >> there was so much breaking news yesterday and there was so much negative news, hats off to him for sitting down with me today. i think that was very brave because we learned in journalism school if someone sets a narrative you've got to defend yourself. >> sean: thank you for sharing your interview. tomorrow morning. we have a lot more coming up straight ahead. ♪ (woman) learned to play an instrument.
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learned a second language. applied to college. applied for a loan. started a business. started a blog. shared a picture. shared a moment. turn your wish list into a checklist. learn more. do more. share more. at home, with internet essentials. ♪ >> sean: just minutes ago the president tweeted out the only thing that i have done wrong is to win an election that was expected to be won by cricket hillary, clinton and the democrats. the problem is they forgot to campaign in numerous states. here with reaction author of no three weeks and running it number one "new york times" best seller, the russian hoax.
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fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett and fox news investigative reporter contributor sara carter. i was a little intrigued by what ainsley said about in the interview -- she didn't give us -- about rod rosenstein and sessions. it seems at this point we are never going to get -- they are to find subpoenas, they are not listening. jeff sessions created this mess. >> i talked to a former career guy, a lawyer at the department of justice. he said it is outrageous that jeff sessions and rod rosenstein would authorize a guilty plea to a noncrime and this is a guy who spent much of his career doing election law and he laughed and he said this is not a crime. it's not a violation of federal election laws for several reasons. first of all, it's not a crime to contribute to your own campaign and that's what the president did.
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even if he ran it through an llc temporarily, that's nothing more than a loan or advance, that is not a crime. and second of all he said it doesn't even count as a campaign expense, why? because there is another dual purpose of personal or commercial reason for it. so this is outrageous that there was a guilty plea for a noncrime. >> sean: two of the eight counts we are talking about, not one, two. >> professor dershowitz is right. they didn't care about michael cohen. they wanted to give him a sweetheart deal so that he would say something to implicate the president and he implicate of the president in a noncrime. >> sean: whether or not the media is aware of the issues we pointed out in many of the stories that you've been able to break, sarah, there are still legal issues out there. we still have comey and mccabe and peter strzok and paige and sally yates in this deep state.
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we do have fisa court judges lies two. we did have a fix in the with hillary clinton and the evidence was overwhelming and incontrovertible. the biggest obstruction case we've ever seen. so all of this is still percolating as the media is getting all giddy here and i know for a fact there's a lot more information coming out probably sooner than later. >> absolutely. let me just go to one point about mueller. this is the most important point. as he's targeting everyone in prompt campaign, previous officials, its attorney general jeff sessions that was with him for some point in time. it rod rosenstein wrote the letter that asked president trump to basically fire comey delisted out a number of reasons. let's think about this. jeff sessions could be a potential witness. if that leads me to suspect that he may himself resign from the
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position of attorney general eventually. if he is called by mueller. he can't serve as the attorney general and then be a witness and then you have rod rosenstein. isn't he a potential witness? of course. he's been conflicted. so these are two very real possibilities. if something that can happen. and mark my words, this is something that could drag jeff sessions right into the mueller investigation, so the irony here is that it may work in the favor of getting rid of jeff sessions and rod rosenstein. >> think about this. mueller is already interviewed his own boss rod rosenstein. talk about a conflict of interest. >> sean: 's there's a new book out. it's not as good as yours but peter strzok. at the guy that brought us uranium one, clinton cash. do you know that jim comey worked for martin? we will break a lot of this tomorrow. just getting a little teaser
6:32 pm
here. in one year, 2009, alone, they say in the book that james comey was paid $6.1 million just for working for them and this was on new importance by information. i'm not suggesting anything necessarily is nefarious but it's never been disclosed and that robert mueller was at the fbi and signed off on that 6.1 -- in that one year, there's five other years i don't know how much he got paid. also got $6 million of a hedge fund. that's an awful lot of money it seems to me. >> these guys were leveraging their government positions according to the book to enrich themselves and the company and the private sector they were working for. it's very much the same arguments i make in my book of how they were leveraging their relationship with each other for a long period of time, which is
6:33 pm
why this is a conflict of interest. for mueller to be investigating the president on a case in which his longtime friend, ally and partner, james comey, is a key witness against the president. >> sean: i think when people see this and give us a little hint of what you are working on in the next couple of weeks. >> we have a lot more stories coming forward. especially on the clinton foundation and members of the fbi and a little bit more on the fisa application. i say stay tuned. >> sean: i can't wait to talk to those judges were fraud was perpetrated. i wonder how they feel. i was brought up old-fashioned that if you are subpoenaed you don't delete your emails and acid wash the hard drive and bust up devices and i was also taught to a judge you say yes your honor, no your honor and you don't purposefully lie to judges to get a warrant to spy on it opposition party candidate but i might just be old-fashioned. i am maybe a little bit out of touch and they know that's not the same as let's see, taxes going back ten years. >> you wouldn't fit in in the current doj, fbi. >> sean: good work, both of you.
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michelle nelkin, pam bondi reacting to an illegal immigrant charged in mollie tibbetts murder. and later newt gingrich joins us as well. a lot to get to tonight. stay with us. ♪ so you have, your headphones, chair, new laptop, 24/7 tech support.
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♪ >> sean: the president released a video on twitter talking about the murder of mollie tibbetts, about the need for border security. we showed you that earlier and joining us now with reaction, the host of crtv's michelle nelkin investigates, michelle nelkin. florida attorney general pam bondi. they are a great group of people, everyone is great on the show. let me start with you. you have a lot of statistics. this election, we hear all these people. sanctuary cities which basically to me is aiding and abetting lawbreaking because we do have laws, we are a nation of laws. the same thing with abolishing ice and demonizing them for doing their job.
6:39 pm
>> our i.c.e. agents do so much in this country for us and in florida alone as attorney general they are amazing. first of all, there are so many gangs from out of this country in my state. listen to this. in 2014 with no border security, 1200 criminal gangs were identified. 1200 separate gangs. 53,000 documented gang members, documented by law enforcement -- >> sean: in florida. >> in florida. and over 11,000 gangs in prison or on doc supervision in my state. that's why we have to build a wall. >> sean: why would you send them back if they are in the justice system gimmicks because they are not only doing burglaries, robberies, supporting drug habits, -- >> sean: we will not be able to bring mollie tibbetts back. michelle, pam is talking about one state. i mentioned it a lot on the air. we've shown it a lot on the air.
6:40 pm
down to the border, rio grande to san diego at least a dozen times. horseback, all terrain vehicle horseback was embarrassing. helicopters, boats, i've been there. i sat through a security briefing in texas. during a seven year period 742,000 crimes committed against texas alone. some of them are heinous violent crimes. to me, the fact that we haven't secure the border and democrats don't want to secure the border, it probably could be campaign issue number one and 76 days, michelle. >> well, it should be. and it will be if americans finally rise up and push back against the politicization of this issue. not by president trump and republicans and conservatives were talking about mollie tibbetts' death today and to talk about criminal activity of illegal aliens pretty much every day as i have for the last 25 years, i have devoted much of my
6:41 pm
career to exposing the bawdy consequences of open borders. i wrote two books about it. i too have been to the border many times and have many sources i have developed at all levels of government that deal with these problems. here's the point. the case that we are talking about today underscores a message i have been sending. these examples are arguments for more and vigorous and better enforcement and not less and as a campaign issue you have democrats who are all lockstep that ice should be abolished. they are finally openly brazenly, like keith ellison is saying that we should have no borders at all. it is a disgrace. if you got elizabeth warren now lecturing people about which family separations they should be caring about. mollie tibbetts has been permanently, violently separated from her family. of course we should care and i have members of the media who are attacking this channel and people on it for caring about
6:42 pm
cases like this that happen every single day. >> sean: get to the next segment. it is sad -- and it's preventable. that's the thing. you look at the sanctuary city laws and, pam, they won't hand over to ice people that are in the criminal justice system. they literally refused to obey the law. hillary and her emails, delete, destroy, break up devices. i think i would go to jail if i committed a fraud to fisa judges, i think i would go to jail. these are dumb things to do. i also think that if i was able to release a criminal and hide them and not hand them over to law enforcement, why do i think i would go to jail on that too? and how do they all get away with it? because they are complicit, they are aiding and abetting crimes. >> they certainly are and then you have people like elizabeth warren enabling them by her ridiculous statements about this is one girl who died, how sorry
6:43 pm
she is. but we have to look at what's best for all of these illegal immigrants. one death is too much. >> sean: but it's okay if you don't pay her taxes and your friends with donald trump or rely on the loan application and your friends with donald trump. there is our two-tier justice system. michelle. >> i want to say this too. there's no such thing as a free lunch and there's no such thing as treatment, illegal alien labor. every person in this country has a responsibility to help uphold our immigration laws and that includes employers. e-verify is only used by 10% of employers in america. that is astonishing. they need to be both real civil and criminal penalties for employers who knowingly and intentionally and deliberately employ illegal aliens in this country. if they have blood on their hands too. >> sean: michelle, thank you. congrats on "the five" all week. you don't want to miss it. when we come back, former speaker of the house newt gingrich will talk about
6:44 pm
the election in 76 days. mollie tibbetts' murder, wait until you hear what was set on conspiracy tv msnbc. in reaction to manafort and cohen and will be ever get to the truth about lying to fisa judges and fixing and bringing an investigation for hillary? straight ahead. ♪ if you have psoriasis, ... little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats moderate to severe plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla . it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with... increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have  a history of depression or suicidal thoughts,...
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>> you heard about today with the illegal alien coming in very sadly from mexico and you saw what happened to that incredible beautiful young woman. it should have never happened. illegally in our country. we had a huge impact but the
6:49 pm
laws are so bad. the immigration laws are such a disgrace. we are getting them changed, but we have to get more republicans. >> sean: the president last night reacting to the arrest of an illegal immigrant for the murder of iowa college student mollie tibbetts. yesterday just hours after the arrest a guest on conspiracy tv msnbc while bashing president trump and fox news refer to this young woman mollie tibbetts as "a girl in iowa." really? take a look. >> they have been so willing to move the goal post every single time with this president, no matter what he says, no matter what he does. the fact that he was even sworn in as president after the access hollywood tape let me know for a fact that the republican party is actually not working on behalf of the american people, they're working on behalf of donald trump and he's been able to bully them into their silence and i don't think that today changes much unfortunately. i'm sure we'll hear about what he has to say about this at his
6:50 pm
rally. but fox news is talking about a girl in iowa and not this, righ right? >> sean: the msnbc guest later apologized for the comment and tweeted out "yesterday i said something flippant that was unintended. mollie tibbetts was a promising young woman who lost her life. my hope is that her family will find peace and justice and that her murder is not used to justify a discriminatory immigration policy." wow. joining us with more, the author of the best seller, the truth about our nation's great comeback, former speaker of the house, fox news contributor newt gingrich. it's actually the opposite of what this person, this girl over it msnbc is saying and this woman is saying and that is it's really clear that the trump economy, which you point out in the first half of your book, is what is driving so many people to support him. we have a record low unemployment, 14 states. african-americans, hispanic americans, asian-americans. youth on employment is at it and all-time low. women in the workplace. that is a big part of the story
6:51 pm
and yes he wants to protect our nation from what is happening with illegal immigration. >> i think it's very telling that mollie tibbetts was an american, a young lady with a great future. she was killed. the person who killed her was illegally in the united states. when people say well, we would like to protect americans but let's not discriminate, look, if discriminating means you are to discriminate against criminals, let's have a debate. i'm pro-discrimination against ms-13. i am pro-discrimination against violent criminals. i am pro-discrimination in favor of americans having their lives saved. so let's talk about what the left means by discrimination, because in their use of the word in the end it means open borders. it means abolishing ice, it means anybody who wants to can come in and it means a total lack of judgment. and i think that mollie tibbetts
6:52 pm
could be a more important person in september and october than paul manafort ever dreamed of, because while he was convicted of things he did as a private citizen, none of them involving donald trump, she was killed by a person who is exactly what trump has been warning about and i think the left has to bear the burden of being the party that is tolerating americans being killed by people who are here illegally. >> sean: 76 days away from this election. you are one of the great political strategist in our time. you took back control of congress for the first time for republicans in 40 years. i was there the night you became speaker. 1994. but i want to look at these. for example, general flynn lying to the fbi. papadopoulos lying to the fbi or lying to investigators. then you've got tax, bank fraud, cohen, manafort and then campaign finance issues, which, again, every smart lawyer knows
6:53 pm
doesn't impact donald trump at all. and my question to you is what does this have to do with russia? because i'm beginning to sense and feel that everybody is so overreached and people are asking this is it? this is what the russia thing is? that i think it's going to create a backlash in 76 days that may be people aren't seeing. >> we are in the middle of a 2-universe fight over the nature of america. the left would like paul manafort and all these other legal things to be the deciding issue in december and october. we want lowest black unemployment in american history. lowest latino on employment in american history. over 4% growth. wages growing up. americans having judges approved in record numbers. bad numbers being thrown out in record numbers. we want to have a debate in which our universe is a universe
6:54 pm
of real accomplishments and their universe is a universe of essentially trying to block everything, and i think if we communicate that correctly, we will win by a huge margin. i did this the other night with you and you were shocked -- on your radio show -- because i was so optimistic. are you really this optimistic and my answer is simple. if the president and his team and the republicans in congress and their consultants can wage a campaign that insists that the selection is about the issues that matter to the american people, we can shock people on election night with one of the most astounding off year elections in history. >> sean: thank you for joining us. when we come back, rush limbaugh mocking robert mueller earlier today. we've got the video. that's next. ♪
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>> sean: the special counsel and the witch hunt, robert mueller. >> add this to the reasons this is a fraud. robert mueller knows that this lawbreaking went on and he's ignoring it. so does everybody else in this investigation know that everything about this is bogus and fraudulent and it didn't happen. yet they pursue it while at the same time ignoring the real crimes they participated in themselves. that's why i say all of this is an ongoing continued cover-up. >> sean: all true. that's all the time we have. we will always be fair and balanced. quick programming note. don't forget. wake up early. watch the entire interview with president trump tomorrow morning on "fox & friends" starting at 6:00 a.m. we hope you will tune in. also tonight shannon bream has
7:00 pm
an exclusive interview with one of the paul manafort jurors. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news never stops. it continues. filling in for laura ingraham, former congressman jason chaffetz. >> jason: thank you, sean. good evening and welcome to "the ingraham angle" live from new york city. i am jason chaffetz filling in for laura ingraham. major development on multiple big stories tonight. you'll want to stay with us for the entire hour. mollie tibbetts' alleged killer, an illegal immigrant arraigned in court today. fox news is the only network fully covering the case, and our new developments tonight. raymond arroyo is here from our "seen and unseen" segment where we will dissect some of the wild stories from the far left. a bizarre sex scandal and cage free animal crackers. in texas, a senate candidate says he has no problem with the nfl players kneeling during the