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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 23, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> thursday, august 23rd, this is "fox and friends first," happening right now fox news alert, stunning details about the illegal immigrant charged with murdering mollie tibbetts. >> why his attorney is already blaming the president for what he says will be an unfair trial and trouble in paradise, hawaii bracing for a category 4 hurricane packing 150 mile-per-hour winds into rental rain. >> we are tracking the monster storm as it bears down on the big island. >> did you know him? >> later on. they were is taken out of campaign-finance.
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>> political socks out for blood, donald trump refuses to fall prey. >> what he had to say about michael cohen's accusations in a fox news exclusive, "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> my turn to read. good morning to you. it is for:01 on the east coast. i was losing the scripts here. >> i'm looking at you like are you going to do that? good morning. we are in for heather, thanks for starting your day with us. donald trump calling our
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immigration laws pathetic as the illegal immigrant accused of killing mollie tibbetts makes his first court appearance. >> exclusive details about how investigators hunted this man down. >> reporter: donald trump demanding action following the murder of mollie tibbetts. >> mollie tibbetts, an incredibly a woman, is now permanently separated from her family. we need the wall, we need our immigration laws changed, we need our border laws changed, we need republicans to do it because the democrats aren't going to do it. we have the worst laws anywhere in the world, nobody have laws like the united states. they are strictly pathetic.
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>> christian rivera made his first appearance in court, the 24-year-old from mexico accused of kidnapping, chasing and murdering mollie tibbetts and i will. investigators say he was in the country illegally for twee 7 years was the farmer he works claims he used a fake name and social security number and they never ran a federal background check. 's attorney argues the case is becoming too political saying sad and sorry trump has weighed in on this matter and national media, poisoned the entire pool of jerry members. police linked rivera to the murder after spotting him driving near where mollie tibbetts disappeared. the car was not registered to rivera but was critical in hunting him down. >> we were able to first of all see molly running on one of the local streets. we started to take a look at the vehicles that were captured on video, some rather distinct features to the vehicle that allowed us to search the area and subsequently identify mister rivera driving the vehicle. >> reporter: rivera did not enter a plea, he is due back in court next friday. >> in the wake of the tragedy
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democrats, some are pivoting back to family separation on this issue as donald trump amplifies his calls for tougher border walls. >> michelle melton says it is disgraceful the democrats failed to recognize the pain of the mollie tibbetts family. >> the case we are talking about underscores a message i have been sending. these examples are arguments for more and vigorous and better enforcement and not less and as a campaign issue you have democrats who are all lockstep that ice should be abolished, they are openly, brazenly like you to listen is saying, that we should have no borders at all. it is a disgrace, you have elizabeth warren lecturing people about which family separations they should be caring about. mollie tibbetts was probably
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finally separated from her family. and you have members attacking this channel and people on it for caring about cases like this that happen every day in america. >> whether they still condemn the president's border policy saying they refused to get involved in a partisan fight. let's get some whether now. >> donald from declaring a disaster declaration as hawaii braces for hurricane lane. incredible video shows a with a plane flying directly into the eye of the category for storm with winds up to 150 mph. people across the big island rushing to stock up on gas, food and emergency supplies, that is incredible. it could make landfall as early as tonight. navy ships, submarines and aircraft in hawaii out of the storms. we will have a live update on the hurricane in a few minutes.
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>> foxbusiness alert, stocks begin their longest bull run ever in the midst of it, the turnaround i started 3453 days ago on march 9, 2009. the major indexes have been soaring ever since, donald trump touting success saying longest bull run in the history of the stock market, congratulations to america. >> political sharks circling in the fallout from a former trump ally. >> "fox and friends" exclusive, the president insists he has done nothing wrong. >> griffin can live in washington where there are different opinions on what this means. >> reporter: there is blood in the water on capitol hill, the president is fighting back saying he has done nothing wrong and we are hearing his side of the story for the first time in an exclusive. >> did you know about the payment? >> later on i knew but you have
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to understand what he did, they were not taken out of campaign-finance. that is a much bigger thing, do they come out of the campaign, they didn't come out of the campaign, they came from me. i tweeted about the payments, but they didn't come out of campaign. my first question when i heard about it was did they come out of the campaign because that could be a little dicey. they didn't come out of the campaign. but it is not even a campaign violation. >> michael cohen's lawyer makes a different case saying the law doesn't make a distinction between money that comes from a campaign and personal funds. the president directed payments. >> members of his campaign, members of the trump organization all document the
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money was paid before the election and prosecutors brought charges that mister cohen was motivated for political reasons to pay hush money and mister trump is named as the person who directed and coordinated that. >> democrats on the hill wasted no time blasting the president as a co-conspirator with talk of impeachment and calling for the supreme court nomination hearing to be postponed. >> this nomination is now tainted. the president was nominated brett kavanaugh, implicated in a criminal conspiracy. >> he has not cleaned the swamp but made more rigid and fetid. there is a cesspool around this president. >> as for brett kavanaugh's hearing, the committee chairman says that is still a go. :has more legal woes being subpoena to testify in a trump foundation investigation.
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>> democrats pouncing as cohen promises to reveal what he is calling the truth about donald trump. >> fox news contributor alan dershowitz says the problem with the plan to take down the president as he points out he hasn't done anything illegal. >> he is more correct than his critics are. it is a close question, it is complicated. the president may contribute to his own campaign. if he had written a letter to these women saying you are going to hurt me in my campaign, i'm going to pay you 150, $130,000 to help me get elected president and you have to keep quiet, it is hush money, i challenge any of those saying it is a crime to find me anything in the common-law that would make a crime, if cohen himself made the contribution that would be unlawful because she has a limit of $5200 so the complicated issue is what if trump said to do it in the campaign contribution would be lawful as
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long as the president ultimately paid for it. >> michael cohen at sentencing is scheduled for december 12th. >> bombshell revelation ensures talked about the case before they were supposed to. and sealed documents showed one of the jurors commented on the weakness of paul manafort's defense. 's attorneys tried unsuccessfully for a mistrial. this as one of the jurors in field on fox news that a single juror prevented manafort from being found guilty on all 18 charges. >> we tried to convince her to look at the paper trail again and again. she said she had reasonable doubt. >> 11 of 12 jurors including yourself would have convicted him on all 18. >> yes. >> the door instead found him guilty on eight counts of fraud related charges. >> reporter: donald trump awarded the medal of honor to an
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airman killed in a firefight with al qaeda. >> as john fired he was shot and fell to the ground and lost consciousness. even though he was mortally wounded he regained consciousness and continued to fight on and he really thought. jillian: he died in afghanistan in 2002 leaving behind two young girls. he is the first airman to receive the medal of honor since the vietnam war. rob: and illegal immigrant charged with murdering mollie tibbetts, one whose son was killed, has asked how many more will it take for america to wake up. she joins us live. jillian: the happiest place on it got happier for people who work there. ♪ ♪ you ain't seen nothing yet
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rob: how many more? that is the question from an angel mom after mollie tibbetts was killed by an illegal immigrant. jillian: she has fought to save other families in the tragedy she went through. rob: a message for those fighting the president's border policy. i want to start with your reaction in the press conference earlier this week when they announced, and how the killer works. >> it was my already broken heart broke all over again, the numbness in disbelief that another family, i know their pain. my heart and prayers go out to
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them and condolences. i wish -- jillian: a lot of people have said stop politicizing this issue, let the family healed but if we can't talk about it now after another tragedy, will we be able to talk about it and what needs to be done in this country? >> we have to keep talking about it. it is not politicizing it. it is about mollie tibbetts and dominique and other victims, and the last victim, we will talk about it and help our american citizens and legal immigrants like myself, how much longer will we allow these elected officials, fight harder for illegal aliens than for american
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citizens and we have to stop whispering about this issue out of fear we might be called racist because illegal is a status, not a race. we have to get behind ice and law enforcement and stand in support of them and with them and clean up our country. there will be not another mollie tibbetts or dominic. we have to be end it now. >> clicks of the president's policies say illegal immigrants commit less crime and rape in american citizens do. they call this blatant racism and citizens killing citizens every day in this country. what do you say to that? >> i say to them that is a false statement.
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we should have 0 crime by illegal aliens. we have american criminals we are taking care of, they have a right to be here. illegal aliens don't have a right to be here and one death by an illegal or two or 10,000, and any crime by illegals for american citizens. >> we are sorry to speak to you under these circumstances but thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. jillian: 18 after the hour. will ballots be safe from foreign hackers? the new warning from homeland security. >> they tell me about this nazi who lived in queens who walks the streets like he owns the place, he is 95 years old.
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>> the president opening up about deportation of a nazi guard living in the united states. his action was personal.
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>> welcome back, democrats kickoff their summer meeting as the divide over the party's direction grows, several democrats calling for nancy pelosi to walk away from a speaker been should they take up the house. the party faces the rise of socialism. scrolling back the role of superdelegates in the primaries after the hillary clinton over bernie sanders in 2016. rob: democratic national can be foiled a massive hack attack, party spokesman claim cyber crooks tried to access voter
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database two years after russian hackers unlawfully accessed dnc computers. >> reporter: those foreign adversaries who seek to meddling or impact our election our message from the federal government is simple. just don't bother. any attack on a political party or campaign is important to take seriously. rob: she called on election officials to assure all ballots are verifiable by 2020. >> $15 billion of chinese goods. rob: farmers on the tent about their economic future during what could be a record year. shannon: spoke to those farmers and have their story. >> one of the biggest farm auctions in the country. we are here in hamilton,
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illinois. it sounds like $27 it appears. they have been battered by tariffs that have been imposed, retaliatory tariffs, as a result, trump administration terrace on aluminum and steel and hit with tariffs and the hit they are taking, experiencing tremendous yields this year probably 158 bushels an acre of corn making 52 bushels or so an acre of soybeans, the all-time record. most of these farmers we talked to over time. >> started the trade
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negotiations, let's do it. >> it is going to get better, a political game that needed done years ago and it is "happening now". >> am i optimistic? yes. i think they will get fixed. >> reporter: donald trump promised farmers by this terrace, taking matters into their own hands, something they are supposed to do. at the auction in hamilton, illinois, jeff flock. rob: it is amazing. jillian: i don't know how they do it. rob: a good story but close to the megaphone. 425 after the hour. a monster storm barreling
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towards hawaii and we need a monster. hurricane lane could make landfall in just hours. tracking the latest path next. >> one of the things we have to remember is we need an immigration system that focuses on real problems. rob: what does elizabeth warren think of the murder of mollie tibbetts, she cares more about illegal immigrants and sounding off on this one, here live. ♪ beat it ♪ beat it ♪
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rob: hawaii braces for directed from hurricane lane and donald trump issued a disaster declaration. jillian: a plane flies directly into the eye of a category 4 storm, winds up to 150 mph. rob: live with the latest on
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when lane is expected to make landfall. >> reporter: the storm beginning to the outer bands of rain hitting the island. that is what you're seeing a leading edges, some of this heavy rain, heavy stuff still a ways away. looking at the forecast track, wind still at 145 miles an hour. pay attention to the track. it could turn at any moment. it makes a big difference on how close it gets to the islands but here's your track and if you're looking at this area by honolulu that is friday at 2:00 pm. the ands are backing down as it moves that direction. making the closest pastoral major population center, otherwise towards the big island of hawaii, the largest island but not the most populated. here are several forecast tracks, this is why there's a lot of uncertainty. some of these take it into making landfall, others stay farther to the south.
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this means eventually we could see something close or farther off. you have a good 18 hours or so until they can nail down where it will go but it will be a major story either way. rob: potentially a direct hit. we will see. >> the head of ice is resurfacing in nearly a year, urging followers to continue fighting, celebrating the recent attacks in canada and europe and a 54 minute speech released by the terror group, he called on dynasties bombs, and knives in more attacks. it is unclear when it was recorded. there are conflicting reports whether he is dead or hiding in the desert near the syrian iraqi border. rob: violence near a tourist destination for americans in mexico. eight bodies found all over
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cancun, mexico, some dismembered and left in plastic bags. sounds like cartel violence. another found dead in a hammock. the state department previously issued a travel warning about cancun, be careful driving at night. be vigilant, they are seeing robberies and carjackings. a "fox and friends" exclusive, donald trump says he is pleased the nazi prison guard living in the united states was deported on his watch. >> a nazi prison guard living in queens, officials deported him. why was that important for you? >> a lot of jewish friends. he said to me about this man in queens, i grew up in queens and he was a man who was not just a prison guard but supervise the killing of many jews. he has lived here for decades.
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from the beginning of the campaign they tell me about this nazi who lived in queens and walks the street like he owns it. he is 95 years old and the obama administration was unable to pull it off and the bush administration was unable to pull it off and i was able to pull it off. rob: he was a guard at a concentration camp in german occupied poland before spending decades in the united states. you can see ainsley's exclusive interview at 6:00 this morning with the president at the white house on "fox and friends". jillian: the death of mollie tibbetts sending shockwaves throughout the country. rob: elizabeth warren raised some eyebrows with this reaction to her murder. >> this is hard not only for the family but the people in her
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community and people throughout iowa. one of the things we have to remember is we need immigration system that is effective, that focuses on where real problems are. separating a mother from a baby does not make the country safer. jillian: joining us with his reaction is lawrence jones, thank you for joining us. what do you make of that? >> this is what the american people are so frustrated with. seems like people on the left are so focused on illegals but not american citizens that are often harmed by people that shouldn't be in this country that came into the country illegally. this is why i see them not being able to do well in the midterms. every time they have the opportunity to say i and american, i'm upset too, they say no, this president is against illegals, we don't want to enrage people against comprehensive immigration reform.
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rob: they keep sliding back to the family separation which was a low point for the president which they wish they could take back but is there tone keep sounding more like they just want open borders, if you want to come here just come here. when you put to that people in polling that is not a popular idea. >> not that they sound like they want open borders, they don't respect the law, they want ice eliminated, they want us to cry about kids at the border but there are a lot of crimes where kids are stripped away from their parents all day every day and have to pay the consequences like the war on drugs which democrats supported back in the day. because of the war on drugs, if you want the drug laws to change then you have to go through the criminal justice reform process. the same for immigration, not a special privilege forgetting immigration done, they have to go through the legal process and if congress doesn't like the law if they want a better system,
1:36 am
take it to the president's desk. >> let's talk about the next topic. it has been a week since the dnc said they would review domestic abuse allegations. >> many of us called for due process. people have a presumption of innocence before we start asking them to resign but that is not what democrats said during the me too movement, your guilty first and have to prove yourself innocent but now because they like this guy, he is the vice chairman of the democratic party and they feel he is an aggregate then he gets a pass and that is hypocritical and one standard, they should stick with it. >> is he at risk? running for attorney general.
1:37 am
but his ties to radical islam. he has to deal with it but they will provide cover. jillian: alexandria ocasio-cortez posted a photo lamenting this coffee shop closure she frequented. >> reporter: your coffee shop, americans across the country. when you raise the minimum wage people lose their jobs, machines now, i don't feel sorry for her. this is a woman who benefited from capitalism and now she is changing her tune. campus reform for a little bit, these young people believe in her, they believe in socialism and it scares the hell out of me
1:38 am
and the public, a junior senator, people who are laughing about his hope and change message became the president of the united states. we need to be a little cautious laughing at her. rob: the coffee shop in manhattan stay open because the wage hikes hurt their business, these are wage hikes alexandria ocasio-cortez is a big fan of and when they close the coffee shop she is not crazy about the idea. >> that is what happens, it is her coffee shop. all across america experiencing the same thing and her policies, socialist policies, she supports raising the minimum wage. welcome to the real world when you do it. your coffee shop is gone now. rob: the "fox and friends" all-american road trip goes from the road to the sky.
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jillian: todd pyro flying with the thunderbirds in atlantic city. >> reporter: good morning. we took this winnebago through my home state and what an unbelievable experience it was because we went over the boardwalk in atlantic city where the thunderbird not only put on a show but they gave me the experience of a lifetime in one of these. and unbelievable bucket list item for you when "fox and friends first" returns on thursday morning. ♪
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rob: police hunting for whoever called in a bomb threat to arlington national cemetery, families, workers and visitors evacuate for hours as investigators check the site outside washington dc. military funerals were not
1:43 am
affected. the threat was not specific to one area but details remain unclear. jillian: an officer struggling to arrest a robbery suspect, put down their phones and help. >> why did you do that? >> stop it! [shouting] jillian: now of a job after the viral video card her recording the whole thing and not helping. the suspect is charged with this arming a police officer. ♪ jillian: from dollywood to atlantic city, todd pyro hitting the roads. rob: getting a firsthand look at all the fun you can have traveling in an rv and we might have a tough time getting him to
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come back. jillian: an incredible show in atlantic city. >> reporter: incredible is an understatement, a tale of two rides for me. first the winnebago really is one of these vehicles that packs a punch even though it look small in size, it has everything you want from the bed to the kitchen and it handles extremely easily, perfect for tailgating and going to see airshows like the ones the thunderbirds fly but this week wasn't just any air show. i had the opportunity to fly with some amazing men and women who do an unbelievable job for our country, an experience that leaves me speechless. take a look. time to take this road trip from the ground to the sky.
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that was pretty cool. >> the thunderbirds represent 660,000 total active-duty national guard airmen deployed around the world. what do you do these airshows? >> our mission is to recruit, retain and inspire. we travel across america representing amazing things the air force is doing. >> not many people get a chance to do this, to strap into a fighting falcon. >> a little lightheaded. my entire life, last week, the dollywood roller coaster. >> i keep hearing this will be an athletic event. i haven't done a workout since soccer practice. >> you are going to crush it. >> say you can't pick your calls, that is not how it is done. and pyromaniac, this process
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works. >> ready to go? >> as ready as i will ever be. >> got your name up there? you see that? it is actually up there. show time. let's go. all right. >> how are you doing back there? >> that was so smooth. >> roll to the left. here we go. nice and easy. you ready to fly? >> what do i do? >> further. there you go. pullback on the stick. pullback further. there you go. all right.
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you go upside down. you ready? upside down again. and all the way around now. >> this is amazing. this is just amazing. unbelievable. >> pulling over 6g, no small feat. [applause] >> welcome back. bring it in. >> thanks for the experience and i am speechless. it is rare. the folks gave this to me.
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a true honor to receive something like this even though i did nothing. the gentleman on the bottom was the pilot who took me up, he was so kind and generous and gentle with what is a massive piece of machinery but it is not just major falcon. 130 individuals are team that make these things fly. they all deserve an amazing amount of credit. when you think of team, what they do on a day-to-day basis is unreal. we are in good hands here as a nation. jillian: did you get sick? >> reporter: let's put it this way. i will put it delicately. so far on the all-american summer road trip i'm over two on intestinal fortitude. in saint augustine next week does me a little better. rob: thank you so much, appreciate it. for more information visit
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jillian: michael cohen's lawyer paying for his client's legal journey. >> we set up a website called michael cohen that we are hoping he will get some help from the american people. jillian: the epic mistake he made without even knowing it. rob: it got happier for people who work there, thousands of disney employees nationwide. ♪ taking care of business ♪
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rob: foxbusiness alert verizon admitted to slowing data of california firefighters as they battle raging wildfires.
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jillian: tracy carrasco here with more. >> reporter: it made a mistake in slowing down the wireless data of these firefighters as they were battling california's largest firing state history. verizon says it happens because the plan only allowed for use of a limited amount of high-speed wireless data. the center clarify department chief said this significantly impacted how these firefighters were able to handle this crisis, they were in the middle of this emergency situation and they asked verizon to help them with this slowdown, verizon said it was a customer service mistake, an error that caused this slowdown. they lift these caps, this all had to do with net neutrality. >> disney offering to pay
1:54 am
college tuition for all its >> no strings attached program. for nearly 80,000 of these hourly employees they will be eligible to take classes online, the high school diploma, to take college classes, vocational class but they will do this as part of disney's program, they announced it in january, $50 million educational program. employees will soon be able to take in person classes, a biggest and if -- big initiative. jillian: the good,
1:55 am
>> the violin rendition of natural women, beautiful. rob: michael cohen's attorney fishing for money from his client on national tv and makes a big mistake. lanny davis's go fund me page sent them to an internet page, somebody quickly buying that up, redirecting users to the president's site. dacorrected himself and gave a proper address. jillian: no shirt, no pants, no problem. a guy driving a motorcycle in florida with his feet. calm, cool and collected, he could be ticketed for several violations. not smart.
1:56 am
rob: student vandals whitewashing history and intensifying their war on confederate statues. [chanting] jillian: a student at the university of north carolina says anarchy has no place in civil society, calling out the irony behind their antics when she joins us live in the next hour of "fox and friends first". sleep disturbances keep 1 in 3 adults up at night.
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rob: thursday, august 23rd and the fox news alert, new information from the lead investigator in the murder of mollie tibbetts. jillian: the car that helps police tracked down the illegal immigrant accused of killing her. rob: a monster hurricane is closing in on hawaii. jillian: millions bracing for a category 4 storm with winds up to 150 mph as we are tracking hurricane lane. >> they didn't come out of the campaign. they came from me. rob: the president declaring his innocence in an exclusive fox news interview. jillian: the local sharks circling is talks of indictment or even impeachment flood washington. we are live as "fox and friends first" continues right now. rob: thursday morning. jillian: we have a fox news


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