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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 23, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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rob: thursday, august 23rd and the fox news alert, new information from the lead investigator in the murder of mollie tibbetts. jillian: the car that helps police tracked down the illegal immigrant accused of killing her. rob: a monster hurricane is closing in on hawaii. jillian: millions bracing for a category 4 storm with winds up to 150 mph as we are tracking hurricane lane. >> they didn't come out of the campaign. they came from me. rob: the president declaring his innocence in an exclusive fox news interview. jillian: the local sharks circling is talks of indictment or even impeachment flood washington. we are live as "fox and friends first" continues right now. rob: thursday morning. jillian: we have a fox news alert, breaking news out of paris. one person is dead and two hurt
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following a knife attack in a paris suburb. including to local reports the suspect shouted god is great in arabic. rob: the suspect was shot by police. it is unclear if he is still alive but that is a knife attack in or near paris. we will bring more information as it becomes available. jillian: donald trump calling our immigration laws pathetic as the illegal immigrant accused of killing mollie tibbetts makes his first court appearance. rob: jackie ibanez has details on how investigators hunted this man down. >> reporter: donald trump demanding action following the murder of mollie tibbetts. >> mollie tibbetts, an incredible young woman, is permanently separated from her family. we need the wall, we need our
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immigration laws changed, we need our border laws changed, we need republicans to do it because democrats aren't going to do it. we have the worst laws anywhere in the world, nobody has laws like the united states. they are strictly pathetic. jillian: christian rivera made his first appearance in court, the 24-year-old accused of chasing, kidnapping and murdering mollie tibbetts in iowa. he has been in the country illegally for twee 7 years, the farmer he works claims he is the fake name and social security number and they never ran a federal background check. the case is becoming too political, his attorney saying sad and sorry trump has weighed in on this matter in national media which will poison the entire possible pool jury members. they spotted him driving where mollie tibbetts disappeared, it was not registered to kim jong un to but was critical in hunting him down. >> we believed we saw mollie
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tibbetts on one of the local streets and from that we started, the vehicles that -- rather distinct features to the vehicle. allowed us to search the area for it and subsequently identify cristhian bahena rivera driving the vehicle. >> reporter: cristhian bahena rivera did not enter a plea, he is due back in court next friday. rob: republicans building their case for the border wall in the wake of mollie tibbetts's murder. jillian: president of citizens united says it is why donald trump was elected. >> crystallizes this issue once again. border security is our national security. the president of the united states made a promise to the american people to support, he is going to close the borders, build a wall and secure the american people.
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this is why he did that, why he won. the american people rejected more of this, more blood on politicians hand, the democrats want this issue politically more than they want a solution and that is a factor. if i was advising this president i would say tell mitch mcconnell to go nuclear. national security issue, simple majority of the senate for border security. rob: the president asking congress to provide $5 billion next year to start building that wall along the southern border. donald trump approving a disaster declaration of hawaii braces for hurricane lane. incredible video showing a weather plane flying directly into the eye of that category 4 storm with winds of 150 mph. also some stunning video of the hurricane, that is the plane flying into the storm and video
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of the hurricane from space. it could make landfall as early as tonight. we will have a live update on the hurricane in a few minutes. jillian: foxbusiness alert, a landmark for the markets, stocks on their longest bull whenever, the current rally started 3453 days ago on march 9, 2009. the major indexes have been soaring ever since, donald trump touting success in a tweet, longest bull run in the history of the stock market, congratulations america. rob: political sharks circling, the fallout of apparent former trump allies. jillian: the president insists he has done nothing wrong. rob: griff jenkins live in washington where there are different opinions on what this means, us two attorneys about this and get two completely different answers. >> reporter: you sure do.
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that will be tested but there is still blood in the water but the president saying he did nothing wrong and we hear his side of the story for the first time in an exclusive interview with ainsley. >> did you know about the payment? >> later on i knew. you have to understand, what he did and the one thing out of campaign-finance is a big thing, much bigger thing, didn't come out of the campaign? it didn't come on the campaign, it came from me. i tweeted about it, about the payments. they didn't come out of campaign. my first question when i heard about it was did they come out of the campaign? that could be a little dicey. they didn't come out of the campaign. it is not even a campaign violation. >> reporter: differing opinions, lanny davis says the law doesn't make a decision whether it comes
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from a campaign or personal funds and the president was the one who directed the payments. >> members of his campaign, members of the trump organization all document that the money was paid before the election and prosecutors brought charges that mister cohen was motivated for political reasons to pay hush money and mister trump is named as the person who directed and coordinated it. >> reporter: he mentioned sharks, democrats on the wasting no time blasting the president as a co-conspirator with talk of impeachment and calling for brett kavanaugh's supreme court nominee hearing to be postponed. >> this nomination is now tainted because the president who nominated him, brett cavanagh, implicated in a criminal conspiracy. >> he did not drain the swamp, he made it more rigid and more fetid. there is a cesspool around this president. >> reporter: chuck grassley says
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brett kavanaugh is scheduled to start hearings. you can see the interview with the president and that is in less than an hour. jillian: we will be watching. rob: democrats ramping up efforts to impeach the president after the michael cohen please deal. jillian: newt gingrich says they should be focusing on the american people. >> we are in the middle of the two universe fight over the nature of america. the left would like paul manafort and all these other legal things to be the deciding issues in september and october. we want lowest black unemployment in american history, lois latino unemployment american history, over 4% real growth, wages going up. americans having conservative judges approved in record numbers. bad regulations being thrown out in record numbers.
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we went to have a debate in which our universe is universe of real accomplishment and their universe is a universe of essentially trying to block everything and i think if we communicate that correctly we will win by a huge margin. rob: in order to impeach the president democrats would have to flip 24 republican seats in the house in november and then still have a much tougher process remaining in the senate after that. not easy to do. a bombshell revelation that jurors in the paul manafort trial talked about the case before they were supposed to. one of the jurors commented on the weakness of paul manafort's defense, his attorneys tried unsuccessfully for a mistrial. one of the jurors revealed to fox news that a single juror prevented manafort from being found guilty on all 18 counts. >> we all tried to convince her to look at the paper trail, laid
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it out in front of her again and again and she still said she had reasonable doubt. 11 of the 12 jurors including yourself would have convicted him on all 18? >> yes. rob: one holdout. they found him guilty on eight counts of fraud related charges. jillian: republican congressman duncan hunter and his wife indicted on fraud charges and set to face a judge today, the california representative slamming the prosecution is a witchhunt saying, quote, the fact is there is a culture operating in the justice department that is politically motivated. a couple is accused of using $250,000 in campaign funds to pay for personal expenses and covering it up. donald trump's supreme court nominee meeting with more senators from capitol hill. brett kavanaugh will speak with cory booker and lisa murkowski who is considered a swing vote
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for his nomination. several democrats including chuck schumer want to delay brett kavanaugh's confirmation hearing scheduled for next month saying the convictions of paul manafort and michael cohen should take priority over his hearings but republicans say that doesn't concern lawmakers. 11 minutes after the hour. slipping through the cracks, the illegal immigrants accused of murdering mollie tibbetts lived in the us for years. is a time for tougher border security? our next guest says donald trump is the only one to give the victims a voice. rob: the school is charged with students together confiscated cell phones back. stay tuned. ♪ insurance that won't replace
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legal immigrant charged with the murder of mollie tibbetts had a fake id and social security number and worked in iowa for 7 years. jillian: we need tougher vetting, the executive director of conservative hispanic society here to react, thanks for joining us. what do you make of the fact he had this stuff on him claiming to be someone else and able to work for years? >> no big surprise. we have a complete underground in the united states that has grown up in the last 40 or 50 years of individuals being able to scan the system once they are in. my belief is he should never have been allowed to get into the united states to begin with to present his phony papers. i know our businesses have some culpability here but the exclusive responsibly in my mind rests on the 535 individuals in that congress and any particular president at any given time and it seems for the first time in my memory we have a president committed to stopping illegal immigration. i just wish the rest of congress would get on board. rob: i want to harp on one
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thing. the social security card, he had a social security number. how is that possible? even if you have somebody who died, the name won't matchup. how does that work? >> reporter: my understanding, a press conference with the owner of the farm in question, it was alleged he was misrepresenting himself as whoever that social security card belonged to. i recall some years back the social security administration putting out a memo, over a decade ago, 9 million social security guards in this country that didn't match the individual they were supposed to be with. at the same time our federal government was saying we have no way of locating illegal aliens in the united states, it is complete rubbish. we have not had commitment to stop this. i like what the president said.
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we have a young lady separated from her family. i see no protests from democrats or republicans. that shameful statement from elizabeth warren yesterday as she pivoted from the loss of this family to say the real tragedy of illegal aliens being separated from their children as they go through the legal system and forget in america we don't punish children when their parents break the law. jillian: what needs to be done about all this? >> i wish the republicans would actually live up to their hype for a change. it was suggested mitch mcconnell actually get serious and bypass the obstructionist democrats and get something done for the american people for a change but right now it seems most of washington dc, the entirety of the democrat party and alarming number of republicans are arrayed toward rights to come to
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the united states. i really think there ought to be a concentration on finally stopping illegal immigration and reforming legal immigration. it can be done with a proper commitment. rob: interesting when you look at it, talking amnesty for illegal immigrants in this country you are watching so many areas near this country, this crisis in venezuela, the country exploding and a real cartel and violence problem in mexico and other central american countries coming up through mexico, if you open the borders it could be a land rush. with all -- >> it already is a land rush. the excuse used around the world saying there is oppression, coming to america a huge draw,
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that doesn't necessitate that you have the right to do so. we need a set of legislators on both sides of the political aisle put american citizens of all races, colors and creeds first before the needs of individuals, once they establish that we have secure borders and start to legally put people into the united states that we can that things like what happened in iowa don't happen again. jillian: appreciate it. 19 after the hour, raging flames more dangerous thanks to verizon. the cell phone company coming under fire for putting firefighters lives in jeopardy. rob: the sky is the limit for this 90-year-old. how former president george hw bush inspired an epic birthday celebration.
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and watch whatever you buy. wherever you are. head to to start watching. simple to rent, easy to buy, awesome to go. rob: a firestorm over this one, education secretary betsydevos using federal funds to buy guns for teachers according to the new york times. fox news reached out to the department of education for response, quote, the department is constantly considering and evaluating policy issues particularly related to school safety. neither the secretary nor the department issues opinions on hypothetical scenarios. jillian: instead of paying with detentions and will pay with cold hard cash together cell phones back. >> i don't want to hear -- i
2:24 am
went to hear the amount. jillian: students at a central texas will district have to pay $10 to get their phones back if they are taken during class. the district voted it was not harsh enough for students, the money collected will go to charity. we think. it is crazy. rob: the thing about kids with phones. jillian: verizon slow down firefighters internet speeds as they battle huge flames in california. rob: tracy carrasco is here with the shocking admission from verizon. >> reporter: verizon said it was a mistake slowing down the wireless data speeds of california firefighters as they were battling the largest fire in california state history. verizon said it happens because the department plan only allowed a limited amount of high-speed
2:25 am
wireless data. the santa clara fire department chief said this had a significant impact on how they fight this fire or handle this emergency, the crisis they are in, they asked verizon to lift the data caps but verizon said it was a customer service error that has nothing to do with net neutrality. the rollback people were wondering about, verizon saying it didn't have to do with that. jillian: big bang theory no longer. >> reporter: is coming to a end in may, the most-watched comedy on television. after 12 seasons, 279 shows, it will stop at the end of may. the new season to start back up septa the 24th. this has been on cbs for many years and once it leaves it will leave a big hole in the lineup. cbs is unveiling three new comedies this fall, one being
2:26 am
the revival of murphy brown which will take the place of big bang theory, one of their biggest shows. rob: when it came out i don't want to watch a show about a bunch of nerds and i turned it on and it is hilarious. 25 after the hour, paul manafort and michael cohen facing a hard time as a democratic it aid facing the same charges got a slap on the wrist. jillian: is it about getting to the president? a political strategist wants to know. john podesta, hillary clinton herself, live next, the unequal application of the law. ♪ with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia.
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2:30 am
suspect shouted allah akbar. the suspect was killed by police. we bring you more information as it becomes available. rob: violence erupting your tourist destination, eight bodies found all over cancun, two found dead in a taxi, others dismembered in plastic bags. another found dead in a hammock. the state department has previously issued a travel warning about cancun and telling travelers to be careful driving at night and be vigilant when using an atm, robberies and carjackings. be careful in cancun. jillian: hawaii bracing for a direct hit from hurricane lane as donald trump issues a disaster declaration. the category 4 storm so big it can be seen from space. rob: easy to see from space, huge storm. millions bracing for winds of
2:31 am
150 mph. adam cox says it is just below category 5 status. >> we are running up to it but it should be weakening. we are seeing outer bands of rain running into the islands, that is going to be intensifying. there are those initial band several hundred miles offshore. where will the storm run and tablet timeout? a category 4 storm begins to run into upper-level winds that will weaken it a bit. and when your mind up with honolulu, down to a category one storm. a powerful storm but weakening and that is good news. where will it track? several forecast models here, this is tough because it is making a big sharp turn. these are our spaghetti plots giving all possible paths, some turning out to see before landfall, some taking you all the way to landfall. that is something we are paying attention to in 18 hours. whether it makes landfall or not
2:32 am
it is a big system. we have hurricane warnings and watches across the island, the big island of hawaii could be seeing areas of 15 to 20 inches of rain. this is a major system. whether or not it makes landfall this will be one we will be talking about impacting the islands in the next couple days. jillian: we will see whether reports. counterproductive and senseless, russian president vladimir putin slamming un sanctions against his country, the words after the trump administration put more penalties on russia following a wave of cyberattacks, vladimir putin blaming the administration for sanctions after saying last month's meeting with the president was positive. the former nsa worker with classified information to the media faces the longest sentence ever for the crime. the reality winner pleaded guilty to emailing documents about russian election meddling to a news outlet, the plea deal calls for five years in prison,
2:33 am
prosecutors want the maximum 10 year punishment. the man who sold ammo to the los angeles massacre faces new charges, accused of manufacturing ammo without a license. earlier this year he was charged with manufacturing armor piercing bullets. investigators say they found bullets with his figure prints on them in the las vegas government's room. he will be in court next month. vice president mike pence help the congressman ex-wife who tripped getting on air force to. the vp was walking away from the plane when belinda culberson fell to the ground. she wasn't hurt and got back up. rob: three criminals, two different outcomes, paul manafort and michael cohen facing years of imprisonment for financial crimes. former house it aid who worked for debbie wasserman schultz
2:34 am
pleading guilty to bank fraud and was let go with a slap on the wrist. are they just going after the president at this point? it seems clear they are. joining 3 to 5 years for what he is facing at this point. that is part of a plea deal. and and then you are have on the right, the democratic it aid. and manafort, who gets 80 years,
2:35 am
you get 15 years in this country. >> even more troubling, and and illegally accessing members of congress, some sat on house until. as you put up a graphic, and unequal application in the law in the united states. and we have a try for catered legal system. and the right political connections with a series of suggestions for you can put an email server in, classified information and no consequences for that. if you are a powerful federal bureaucrat you can perjure yourself, you can spy on congress, you can abuse your office and your untouchable. you might get bad contracts for student news outlets and a third
2:36 am
set of laws for people like us, if we mishandled one piece of classified information, if we have the wrong political connections. and get our doors knocked down. it doesn't look like there is a rule of law, we have arbitrary law. we need to get past this illusion that this has anything to do with anything. the left is still furious it lost the 2016 election and the only thing donald trump is guilty of is he won an election he wasn't supposed to win. rob: he said the same thing. attorneys have completely different views on this. alan dershowitz last night said there is no crime for the president because he paid this money, this $280,000 in hush money to these girls to protect
2:37 am
even if it was protecting the election and helping him when it is his money and his campaign, he can spend as much as he wants, nobody think michael cohen is going to cough up 300 grand for a client. so where's the crime? >> more important we have gone through this with the john edwards case from the 2008 election in which $1 million of actual campaign funds were used as hush money for his mistress and 0 convictions. the ftc said no charges were to be brought against the campaign. we have gone through this and the john edwards case was more serious because it was campaign funds and alan dershowitz but more importantly the former head of the ftc bradley smith also said there is no crime, no felony, no campaign violation. rob: they hope to get more out of cohen and manafort and someone will sing on something because right now it doesn't sound like they got it. thank you for your help.
2:38 am
jillian: 37 after the hour, student vandals intensifying war on confederate statutes. our next guest, a student in the university of north carolina says this anarchy has no place in a civil society, how she is calling out the irony behind the unlawful antics. rob: patriotic attacks working outrage where dozens of american flags honoring loved ones were mowed down. ♪ woman 3: this is my body of proof. man 2: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... woman 4: ...with humira. woman 5: humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the #1 prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. avo: humira can lower your ability to fight infections,
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>> reporter: face scanning activity. >> them are using it for security but are we sacrificing our privacy for our safety? jillian: claudia cowan checked out one of those airports and has the story. >> reporter: whether it is going through customs or boarding
2:42 am
international flights, your face is your boarding pass and id. in a pilot program at lax cameras use facial recognition to match passengers unique features to government pictures on file from passports. >> the algorithms are so sophisticated, over 99% of the time are testing. jillian: most passengers were impressed. >> it wouldn't recognize me but it did. >> so far it seems these do make it easier for people to board. some critics people may be sacrificing privacy or convenience. >> the technology would be used beyond the current scope, facial recognition will migrate across federal law enforcement putting privacy of law-abiding americans
2:43 am
at risk. >> reporter: customs and border protection maintains the software safe and secure in the long with facial scans of those, generating a biometric record of exit. passengers who feel those might be more like big brother cannot doubt in a traditional way but customs and border protection says biometric is the future and hope to have the technology installed at airports around the country within four years. in san jose, claudia cowan, fox news. rob: when asked about the murder of mollie tibbetts elizabeth one quick to flip the switch. jillian: complaining about the treatment of illegal immigrants instead. >> this is hard not only for the family but people in the community and throughout iowa. one of the things we have to remember is we need immigration system that is effective, that focuses on the real problems. separating the mother from a
2:44 am
baby does not make the country safer. rob: lawrence jones has a reaction to what warren had to say. >> people on the left are so focused on illegals but not american citizens. this is why i see them not able to do well in the midterms. the opportunity to say i am upset too. they say no, this president is against illegals, we don't want to enrage people. jillian: we asked what you said and most of you seem to agree. rob: this woman has taken stupid to a whole new level. she and nancy pelosi are the best thing that ever happened to the republican party. jillian: andrew says backlash shouldn't be building, she said what the left believes, illegal immigrants to be above american citizens. they don't like america or
2:45 am
americans. rob: what a stupid thing to say at a time like this. remember when hillary clinton took a shot at call minors? >> we are going to put a lot of call minors and call companies out of business. rob: didn't work so well for hillary clinton as she didn't get the election. jillian: nancy pelosi didn't seem to learn from that. >> senator bird's coal powered plant, that is going to go. with all due respect to west virginia we are not going to have a coal powered plant. jillian: this after the trump administration rolled back obama era rules for call fire power plants as a job saver. ainsley ehrhardt getting an exclusive sitdown with donald trump.
2:46 am
a sneak peek of that. down to dc, sat down with the president's talk about the big news of the day, michael cohen. what the president know about the payments. paul manafort, asked if he was going to pardon him, jeff sessions, rumors he could be firing jeff sessions after the midterms. we asked about the media. many editorial pages across the country writing that the president is the enemy of the people or the press is the enemy of the people, that is what they thought the president felt about the media. this is a clip of a response. >> is the press the enemy of the people? >> not at all but the fake news is in the fake news is comprised of a big chunk. what is the chunk? 80%. it is a lot. if i do something well it is not
2:47 am
reported. other -- the new york times cannot write a good story about me. they are crazed, they are like lunatics. >> we asked about mollie tibbetts, what he thinks about ice and how the abolish ice movement is spreading across the country and the midterms, democrats impeachment push, it was a fairly long interview, from 6:00 to 9:00. jillian: a 3-hour show, plenty of time, thanks so much. we will be right back. your insurance rates skyrocket after
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rob: interesting story the church is opening its own
2:51 am
brewery donating sales to planned parenthood. the great purpose church in santa cruz, california says they are feminists and believe jesus was too. 30% to 60% to charity like planned parenthood. sometime next year. an attack on patriotism. a lawn crew accused of mowing down american flags in a pennsylvania cemetery. each flag honoring fallen heroes buried on the ground. the cemetery cutting ties with the landscaping company after the incident. the company says it will replace the flags while making sure they don't do this again. >> monument madness. taking 3 consecutive confederate statues after the silence a memorial stop at the university of north carolina. here to weigh in his campus correspondent, thank you for joining us, maggie, we appreciate it.
2:52 am
what do you think? should the statues remain? should we be erasing history? >> thank you for having me. one thing we cannot condone is mob rule that took pl. monday night, students, staff and community members allowed anarchy rule on our campus was in this country we have a democratic process and the statute should have been removed. jillian: at least 30 cities removed confederate monuments so far. the case you are talking about, the statue as i understand has been under constant police surveillance after being vandalized in recent months. it is one of those things you look at and don't police have more important things they need to be doing other than guarding the statues because people are being so violence against them? >> i was walking across the other day and thought two police
2:53 am
officers standing, this is not an issue that affects the university of north carolina but an issue going on across the country and the leadership institute campus reform has covered stories like that. jillian: a lot of people make arguments for reasons they don't want these statues to exist, why they don't want them displayed in public but don't you think there is something to be said about learning from our history and not repeating certain things we have done in history? >> of course, definitely. i believe the protesters the other night felt removing the statue could he race that history like we were talking about. one thing that cannot be ignored is unc have history regarding the confederacy and racism but one thing we can do is learn from that history, encourage a dialogue on campus, free speech and learn from each other. jillian: what is your message for the protesters? >> my message for the protesters would be you should feel lucky no one was injured.
2:54 am
there was a threat to student safety that night. if they wanted the statue removed it should have been done lawfully. jillian: you were walking on campus the other day when you saw police officers guarding one of the statues, what have you heard around campus? >> around campus i have heard a vocal minority that people are happy the statue was taken down but i have heard from just as many people that the protesters that were there the other day were students that, this community members should not feel they have to walk past the statue every day. jillian: thank you for your time and insights, appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. rob: 54 after the hour, taking a leap of faith, the epic birthday celebration for a 90-year-old grandmother inspired by a former president. jillian: seeing red about playing his songs. the demands the front runner is
2:55 am
making to the president. ♪ ns with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new
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jillian: good morning, we're back with a fox news alert. update on breaking news out of france. isis just claiming responsibility for that terror attack in the paris suburb of traps. two people hurt. the suspect shouted allah akbar which means god is greatest in arabic. suspect shot and killed by
2:59 am
police. jillian: good, bad and the ugly. start with the good. a sky diving grandma. check it out. that's dotty ringing in 90th birthday by jumping out of a plane in michigan. she took the leap after seeing former president george h.w. bush do it. that's awesome. rob: he can do. i can do. that's crazy. steven tyler wants president trump to stop playing aerosmith songs at rallies. ♪ ♪ living on the edge. >> send ago cease and desist order to the president after playing living on the edge. he doesn't let anybody use his songs without his permission especially politicians. jillian: no shirt, no
3:00 am
problem. mom spotted this guy driving in california with his feet. he could be ticketed for several violations. i am sure he could and will be. rob: no helmet. jillian: have a good day. >> got a fox news alert. it's 6:00 here in new york city. it's 12 noon in paris and isis now claiming responsibility for a deadly knife attack in the paris suburb of trappes. tilling two people and seriously injuring a third before being shot neutralized by police. jillian: he threatened police officers and shouted allah akbar which means god is greatest in arabic. brian: a lot of them are tracked and very few picked up until they do attack. keep in mind too, al baghdadi emerged the leader of isis. we thought he could have been dead. we also heard he c b


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