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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  September 2, 2018 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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let's keep going. next to terry, mike, kat, tyrus and our studio audience. i'm greg gutfeld and i love you, arthel: thank you. ♪ jon: an emotional mourning inside the washington cathedral as the nation says a final good-bye to senator and american hero john mccain. good evening i'm jon scott. this is the fox report. mccain's funeral procession carrying the senator's flag-draped casket from the capitol where he was lying in state past the vietnam veteran's memorial and then to the funeral service. the speakers included two men who prevailed over mccain in his two bids for president, george w. bush and barack obama, as well as the senator's daughter
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megan mccain. her remarks highlighting her father's decades of service and the sacrifice for the country he loved. >> he was a sailor. he was an aviator. he was a husband. he was a warrior. he was a prisoner. he was a hero. he was a congressman. he was a senator. he was a nominee for president of the united states. he was a great man. we gather here to mourn the passing of american greatness, the real thing, not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly. jon: peter doocy has more for us from washington. peter? >> megan mccain's criticism of the current political climate got a little less subtle as she turned her attention during otherwise emotional tribute towards president trump. >> america does not boast because she has no need to. the america of john mccain has no need to be made great again
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because america was always great. >> a big part of the program meticulously laid out by the mccain family, seemed to be geared towards subtly comparing the late senator's brand of politics to the brand they believe is preferred by the party's leaders today. former senator lieberman spoke to that when he talked about the time that mccain asked him to join the g.o.p. ticket in 08, even though he was a registered democrat. >> john's response was direct and really nobling. that's the point, joe, he said with a certain impatience. you're a democrat. i'm a republican. we could give our country the bipartisan leadership it needs for a change. >> lieberman was a long time mccain ally but president george w. bush wasn't always. bush beat mccain in 2000 in the presidential primaries. it was a famously bitter contest, but bush says he and mccain later ironed things out. mccain personally invited bush
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to speak today. >> in recent years, we sometimes talk of that intense period like football players, remembering a big game. in the process, rivalry melted away. >> mccain also apparently worked things out with the democrat who beat him in a general election, former president barack obama, who revealed that he would huddle with mccain in the oval office after he was sworn in to talk about their families or about policies that were being kicked around. obama said he always tried to make sure mccain knew he respected him and like several others today obama spoke about the late senator's sense of humor. >> sense of humor, a little bit of a mischievous streak, after all what better way to get a last laugh than to make george and i say nice things about him to a national audience. [laughter] >> today's ceremony lasted more than 2 1/2 hours. mccain's senate colleagues came by the busload and for most in
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attendance, this was their last chance to say good-bye to the senator. his burial tomorrow in annapolis is closed to the press and is expected to be a much smaller service. jon? jon: peter doocy in washington. thank you. meantime, president trump spending the morning at his golf club in virginia, a day after talks between his administration and canada ended with no new nafta deal. the delegations will be back at the negotiating table next week, but the president tweeting today that if the two sides do not make a fair deal for the u.s., canada will be left out. president trump also venting his frustrations over the trade talks during yesterday's visit to north carolina. >> just made a great deal for both countries with mexico, big thing, big big thing. nafta was a disaster. i love canada. but they taken advantage of our country for many years. they have tremendous, tremendous trade barriers and they have tremendous tariffs. dairy products are, do you know
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this, mark, almost 300% tariff. jon: for more let's bring in ellison barber. what are the sticking points right now, ellison? >> they are reportedly quite a few, jon. you just heard one there, for the u.s., canada's dairy tariffs are a big issue. another sticking point or disagreement over a sunset clause, though mexico's trade rep says the u.s. did soften its stance on that. also pharmaceuticals, concerns about ten year requirement of data protection for biological drugs and how that might impact the cost of medicine. reporters asked canada's trade rep about that specifically. she said she would not negotiate in public. >> we're continuing to work very hard, and we are making progress. we're not there yet. this is a very complex agreement, and we are going to continue working at it. the government of canada will not sign an agreement unless it's good for canada and good for canadians. >> the u.s. trade rep says the
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president notified congress of his intent to sign a trade agreement with mexico 90 days from yesterday. and canada too if it is willing, but on twitter this morning, of course, the president said, quote, there is no political necessity to keep canada in the new nafta deal. he added, congress should not interfere with these negotiations, or i will simply terminate nafta entirely, and we will be far better off. as you said, jon, these negotiations and talks between u.s. and canada are set to start back up this week on wednesday. jon? jon: i know the president made some remarks about canada and nafta negotiations that leaked on friday. those ended up moving the markets. and people say they up ended the talks. who was behind the leak, do we know? >> for now, we don't know. president trump has accused bloomberg of being behind it saying they blatantly violated an off the record agreement, but the reporter of that leaked story from the toronto star, their washington correspondent, daniel dale is pushing back on
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that. he tweeted this, quote, i said i wasn't going to say anything about my source for the quotes trump made off the record to bloomberg. however i don't want to be party to the president smearing of ethical journalists so i can say this none of the bloomberg interviewers was my source. president trump told bloomberg news he was not compromising with canada when it comes to nafta talks. canadian officials confronted u.s. officials about the remarks on a friday meeting. according to the star, negotiators saw mr. trump's comments as evidence that the u.s. was not making a legitimate effort to try and compromise. jon? jon: ellison barber at the white house this evening. thanks, ellison. >> you bet. jon: investigators now saying terrorism motivated yesterday's knife attack in the netherlands. the u.s. ambassador to that country says the two people injured yesterday at amsterdam's central railway station were both american citizens visiting the dutch capital. kitty logan reports from london with more on this still
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developing story. >> hi, jon. so police now believe there may have been a terrorist motive for this attack. that's based on an interview with the suspect who was detained at the scene. the stabbing happened at around noon local time on friday, at amsterdam's busy central station. dutch police shot and injured the suspect as he walked away, still armed with a knife. they say he's a 19-year-old afghan with german residency. he's still being questioned by police while in detention in hospital. despite the initial statement by the suspect, police say they are keeping an open mind as they investigate further. the suspect's home in germany has already been searched, and he's expected to appear in a dutch court on monday. it's not clear what he will be charged with, and there's been no wider claim of responsibility from any terrorist group so far. amsterdam's main rail station is a busy hub in the center of the city. on friday, it was packed with travelers, many of them foreign tourists. the two americans who were
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injured are also thought to be tourists visiting the city. they are still in hospital on saturday, but their injuries are said not to be life threatening. now, the u.s. embassy in the netherlands says it's been assisting the two victims and their families. but we don't know their identities or when they will be going home. jon? jon: kitty logan reporting from london. thanks. five former members of that remote new mexico compound in federal custody today on weapons and conspiracy charges. the arrests coming days after all charges were dropped against three of the defendants. jeff paul is live from los angeles with the latest on that. what happened here, jeff? >> tensions were already high within the community after the five suspects were given the option to bond out of jail, but that concern only got more intense when the original charges were dropped because prosecutors failed to meet a deadline. now, they had ten days to set up a hearing to prove that they had probable cause for the arrest but failed to do so. three of the suspects were then released and even the chief
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judge in this case was frustrated by what was happening. but legally his hands were tied, and he pointed the finger of blame directly at the state. >> there was no excuse and no reason why the district attorney's office could not have requested these preliminary hearings. it is disturbing to me that the district attorney would put this court in that kind of a situation. >> the feds waste nothing time stepping in yesterday arresting and charging all five on gun and conspiracy charges. legal experts say it is basically a holding charge and that the fbi had to get involved. jon? jon: so what does that mean going forward? >> well, the fbi federal prosecutors have much more resources than the state of new mexico, so that will help. they will be using everything in their tool box to make sure that the suspects have their day in court, are prosecuted fairly and face the crimes they are accused of. one former prosecutor we spoke with says the feds also aren't
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likely to make the same mistakes or overlook deadlines like local prosecutors did >> now that the defendants are in federal custody, state prosecutors can take a step back and have the time that they need to really build their case. i don't think we're going to be seeing any of these five defendants getting out of custody any time soon. >> now, legal experts say nothing that the state did will impact the federal case. we also know that the d.a. will have to seek grand jury indictments. it will give them more time to gather evidence and organize the case. jon? jon: jeff paul in los angeles, thanks. the justice department coming under fire from president trump over the employment of bruce ohr who testified in front of a house committee this week. plus the death toll in puerto rico after hurricane maria rises significantly after a recent study. as the president continues to say his administration's response to the storm went well. >> i think we did a fantastic job in puerto rico. we're still helping puerto rico. the governor is an excellent
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microwave weapons apparently are the main suspect for the cause of sonic delusions and brain damage among embassy staff and family members in cuba as well as in china. the new york times reporting experts say microwave strikes explain the ills and traumas suffered by the victims including false sensations that produced the perception of loud noises. the state department says an investigation is ongoing, while the fbi declines comment on the case. the death toll in puerto rico from last year's hurricane maria has jumped dramatically. the number of people who died due to the massive storm raised now from 64 to nearly 3,000, after a study by george washington university. joining us now is bryan llenas. that is a huge jump, a very
2:17 am
dramatic rise in the death toll. why? >> it is a central question in a host of questions, jon. the government was trying to get answers to all of these questions when they commissioned george washington university to do this study, and what they found is startling. let's break it down. the government now recognizes that 2,975 people died in this storm. 46 times higher than the initial death toll of 64. and this report analyzed deaths in puerto rico from when hurricane maria hit, in september of 2017, through february 2018. that's five months after the storm. researchers cite two major reasons for the discrepancy. one is incomplete death certificates, a lack of training and guidelines led to many death certificates not identifying the official cause of death as hurricane related. secondly, poor communication. researchers found the government's emergency plan was designed for a category 1, woefully inadequate for a cat 4 maria. this week, the governor
2:18 am
established the 9-20 commission, to implement major improvements and he apologized. >> i agree i made mistakes. i agree on this. i agree in hindsight again is 20/20 this could have been done differently. i recognize all of that. however, i reject the notion that this was somehow connected to any political consideration. my only consideration is the well being of the people of puerto rico. >> hindsight, well, hurricane maria is now the deadliest hurricane, jon, to hit the u.s. in more than a century. jon: the white house has been pretty proud of its response to hurricane maria. what is it saying about the new report? >> yeah, it has been pretty proud. the president is standing by the federal government's response. in fact, he suggested this week that the island's bankrupt power company was really to blame for the majority of deaths in the aftermath of the storm. >> don't forget their electric plant was dead before the hurricane. if you look back on your records, you will see that plant
2:19 am
was dead, it was shut, it was bankrupt, it was out of business. they owed tremendous amounts of money. >> the island suffered the longest blackout in u.s. history, jon, in which elderly, those with chronic illnesses and the poor were at greatest risk of death. jon: bryan llenas, thanks. >> thank you. jon: the u.s. has stopped all funding to a u.n. agency that helps palestinian refugees. the decision fuelling more tension between the palestinian leadership and the trump administration. the state department says business practices of the u.n. agency are, quote, ir redeemably flawed. the trump administration says it will redirect the money to programs in west bank and gaza. the palestinian president denouncing the decision calling a flagrant assault against the palestinian people and a defiance of u.n. resolutions. thousands of far right protesters marching today through an eastern german city where migrants last week allegedly killed a german citizen. police tried to keep the far right crowd away from an earlier
2:20 am
protest against antiforeigner sentiment after the opposing camps confronted each other violently earlier in the week. the protests revealing deep divisions in germany since the country's 2015 refugee crisis when more than 2 million migrants mostly from syria poured into germany. growing fallout for the u.s. justice department after an employee gives closed-door testimony on his relationship to so called steele dossier. plus, the nation bidding farewell to the last lion of the senate. how friends, family, and former presidents remember john mccain at his funeral. ♪ come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away. ♪
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jon: president trump continues to slam his own justice department as it faces increasing scrutiny over the employment of bruce ohr. the doj official spoke to house lawmakers this week about his ties to the anti-trump dossier and its author, christopher steele. the closed-door testimony sparking new questions over his future at the department. >> i can tell you the leadership of this department of justice is going to follow the same process that they did when they fired andy mccabe and peter strzok. they will let the inspector general continue his investigation, submit a report. if that report shows that bruce ohr broke the law or broke department policy, i suspect he will suffer the same fate as peter strzok and andy mccabe. jon: garrett tenney has more on all of this. >> president trump continues to go after the fbi and his own justice department for what he sees as political bias. today the president criticized the foreign intelligence
2:26 am
surveillance courts which approved the bure reece warrants to surveil -- bureau's warrants to surveil his campaign. the tweet ended you have got corruption at the doj and fbi, the leadership of the doj and fbi are completely out to lunch in terms of exposing and holding those accountable responsible for the corruption. after several weeks of blasting his attorney general and raising speculation he may be fired on thursday the president said sessions won't be fired before the midterm elections but a few hours later at a campaign rally the president once again took aim at the agencies that sessions oversees. >> our justice department and our fbi have to start doing their job and doing it right and doing it now. but at some point, if it doesn't straighten out properly, i want them to do their job, i will get involved, and i will get in there, if i have to. >> the president has also grown increasingly frustrated over continued employment of justice
2:27 am
department official bruce ohr. during a closed-door deposition this week on capitol hill, two sources with direct knowledge tell fox news or told investigators at least half a dozen fbi and doj officials knew about his back channel contacts with christopher steele, who compiled the controversial dossier on candidate trump and about the origins of the dossier as a piece of democrat funded opposition research. the house republicans have criticized fbi officials for not disclosing those details in their applications for the warrants and are once again asking the president to declassify the bureau's records about ohr and the warrant applications. jon? jon: thanks. let's bring in white house correspondent for the daily caller for more on this. we have known for some time fox news reported you have reported i believe that there were contacts, these e-mails between bruce ohr and christopher steele. we knew that. what appears to be new about this new york times piece is the depth of the contacts that bruce
2:28 am
ohr had with a russian oligarch and that the fbi was trying to get on its side. >> yeah, it is a very interesting report out from the new york times, but it demonstrates the depth of the contact between christopher steele and bruce ohr dating back to 2007, when bruce ohr was working on russian organized crime efforts for the department of justice. and it also demonstrates how steele used his, you know, years long connection with ohr in order to push his dossier to the highest levels of the doj and the fbi during the 2016 investigation of president trump. jon: and bruce ohr's wife nellie worked for fusion gps, the company that paid christopher steele to compile this dossier. >> yes, it is an interconnected web here. that's what makes the president and many house republicans so concerned. you have nellie ohr, bruce ohr's wife who is working for fusion gps, specifically to dig into information between the russian government and the trump
2:29 am
campaign. then you have christopher steele, who is working with both of them, and you have bruce ohr who is taking all of that information, presenting it to the fbi, who is then using it to get a fisa warrant on an american citizen who is a member or former member of the trump campaign. and so that interconnected web shows that the dossier really was the genesis for much of the investigation into president trump and actually even into michael cohen and paul manafort and all of the other associates that are currently under review by the special counsel. jon: yeah, and steele in the summer just ahead of the election that put the president in the oval office, just ahead of the election, said that -- well, steele said that he believed according to some russian intelligence agent or former agent that the russians had the goods on president trump, that they were going to be able to put him over a barrel, so to speak. >> right. christopher steele really was an anti-trump fanatic. what's most really interesting
2:30 am
there is that bruce ohr warned the fbi whenever he turned over that dossier for their investigation that christopher steele was a politically motivated actor. you know, they have even disclosed that the dossier was funded by the democratic party and hilary clinton campaign. and despite much of that, the fbi decided to discount those warnings from bruce ohr and really went full bore in terms of using the dossier as the basis for much of its investigation into the trump campaign. jon: here's part of what the new york times reports today they say the revelation that mr. ohr engaged with mr. steele has provided the president's allies fresh fodder to attack the investigation led by robert mueller the special counsel casting it as part of vast long-running conspiracy by a deep state bent on undermining mr. trump. we still don't know the end result of robert mueller's investigation, the thinking is that he has about a week left to issue some kind of a conclusion,
2:31 am
otherwise he gets into the 60 day window ahead of the midterm elections and the justice department typically doesn't like to do that. but that's not written in stone, is it? >> nothing is written in stone. and nothing really has come to play that way in terms of this investigation. the special counsel has indicated he's going to take this as far as he would like to go. every indication currently seems to be that the investigation will not end by september 7th. we have not yet seen any subpoena or interview by the president. as i understand it, the president has not heard -- the president's legal team has not heard from mr. mueller in quite some time. and so there really does need to be a lot more finality to much of the special counsel's activities before that probe can wrap up. most recently we only saw two lawyers depart from the investigation. but all signs currently point to entering that 60-day window which the president and many of his supporters say is an interference in the 2018 midterm elections. jon: yeah, because james comey tried so hard as he said himself
2:32 am
to wrap up the hilary clinton e-mail investigation well ahead of the presidential election. >> yes, it's been longstanding doj -- i won't say protocol, but it has been an understanding that you would like to wrap up politically sensitive investigations with enough time for it to be absorbed by the general populus so it can enter into the minds of voters for the next election. many of the president's detractors, though, say that because the president himself is not on the ballot, that that same protocol should not apply. jon: covering the white house for the daily caller, thank you. >> thanks for having me. jon: strap in for the headlines sure to come tomorrow when lanny davis the attorney for the president's former lawyer michael cohen joins howard kurtz on media buzz. he will break his silence about his behind the scenes role of a cnn story that's been denounced by the president. you can watch that at 11:00 a.m. eastern time tomorrow morning.
2:33 am
>> the funeral for senator john mccain featured emotional speeches from across the political spectrum. here's another look from some of the sights and sounds inside washington's national cathedral. ♪ >> it is an honor to host this service for senator mccain. while we mourn his death, our faith tells us that beyond this life, there is indeed more life. and god never lets us go. >> i'm here before you today saying the words i have never wanted to say, giving this speech i have never wanted to give, feeling the loss i have never wanted to feel. my father is gone.
2:34 am
he was a great fire who burned bright. my father was a great man. he was a great warrior. he was a great american. i admired him for all of these things, but i love him because he was a great father. >> our friendship taught me many things, including i must add, some jokes that i otherwise never would have known. [laughter] >> john loved to laugh and make others laugh. when he found a joke that people liked, he told it over and over and over again. god speed, dear friend. ♪ >> back in the day, he could
2:35 am
frustrate me. and i know he'd say the same thing about me. but he also made me better. in recent years, we sometimes talk of that intense period like football players, remembering a big game. in the process, rivalry melted away. in tend, i got to enjoy -- in the end, i got to enjoy one of life's great gifts, the friendship of john mccain, and i will miss him. >> what better way to get a last laugh than to make george and i say nice things about him to a -- to a national audience. [laughter] >> for all our difference, i never tried to hide and i think john came to understand the longstanding admiration that i had for him. ♪
2:36 am
>> jesus said this is my commandment, that you love one another as i have loved you. no greater love than that to lay down one's life for one's friends. ♪ jon: a man who inspired so many and whose legacy will live on in his beloved united states of america, arizona senator john mccain. mccain. we will be right back.
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jon: the trump administration plans to withhold more than 100,000 pages of supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh's records from his time working in the george w. bush white house, a move that has angered senate minority leader schumer. he tweeted, we're witnessing a friday night document massacre. president trump's decision to step in at the last moment and hide 100,000 pages of judge kavanaugh's records from the american public is not only unprecedented in the history of nominees. it has all the makings of a ever coup -- of a cover up. stay with fox news channel, our special coverage begins tuesday morning of the hearings. new york governor cuomo facing off with actress activist cynthia nixon this week in their one and only debate ahead of new york's democratic primary for
2:42 am
governor on september 13th. the tense encounter bringing back memories of the hillary versus bernie dynamic for the democratic party. david lee miller has more. >> the debate was fraught with disagreement, even before it got underway. one controversy was room temperature. governor cue owe -- governor cuomo wanted it colder than his opponent nixon. when it began, things heated up and fast. >> can you stop interrupting? >> can you stop lying? >> as soon as you do. >> nixon trailing in the polls, come from behind winners such as new york congressional candidate and self-declared socialist alexandria ocasio cortez and florida gubernatorial candidate have fuelled uncertainty around the race. cuomo spent much of his time attacking president trump, a strategy to win support from the left. >> today you have to fight donald trump who is the main risk to the state of new york. he is trying to change the rights and values of new yorkers
2:43 am
and the first line of defense is new york and the governor leads that fight. >> nixon accused cuomo of leading a corrupt and ineffective administration. she also tried to position herself as more anti-trump. >> we need to oppose donald trump not just with rhetoric, but with policy. so why, for example, have you not expanded access to driver's licenses to undocumented new yorkers? >> a democratic strategist, who has worked for and against cuomo says a primary upset is possible, but not likely. >> andrew cuomo by running as the antitrump, by moving to the left on issues that the left cares about is frankly trying to occupy the very turf that cynthia nixon would need to win. >> governor cuomo said if re-elected he would serve a full four year term and not run for president. the only caveat, he added, is if god strikes me dead. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. jon: millions of americans are hitting the road for labor day weekend. but will the weather allow you
2:44 am
to celebrate the holiday outside or maybe force you indoors? your forecast coming up. and the desert as a major source of water? a california water supply company has a plan to move ground water from the mojave desert to cities in southern california. we will have details next. (video-game dance music) (burke) abstract accident. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ ♪ ♪ if it feels like you live in the bathroom with recurring constipation and belly pain, talk to your doctor and say yesss! to linzess. yesss! linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. linzess can help relieve your belly pain,
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jon: the los angeles water supply company wants to pump ground water out of the mojave desert for the second year in a row, those plans shrivelled up in the state's legislature. it would have required a new state environmental review before the project could proceed with ultimately selling the ground water to southern california cities. opponents of the plan believe it will threaten desert springs and wildlife. with more, here's douglas kennedy. >> i don't see any water out here. >> well, you won't. it's couple hundred feet beneath ground surface >> they say you can't get water from a stone. but this man says he can solve california's water crisis with water from the desert. this is the mojave desert one of
2:49 am
the driest places on earth. how are you going to get water from here? >> an enormous watershed, 1300 square miles approximately the size of rhode island. >> he heads a california company that owns 45,000 acres in the mojave. he's proposing taking hundreds of trillions of gallons of desert ground water a year, and piping it over 100 miles to the populated suburbs around los angeles. the key to the project is this old railroad line which runs right through the property. the problem has been it's regulated by the federal government. he wants to build his pipe near the line, to connect to the southern california aqueduct system. the obama administration denied him the right-of-way access. recently, the trump administration reversed that decision. >> we're very disappointed about the trump administration's decision. >> david lanfrom says it will
2:50 am
raise water rates and damage the delicate desert ecosystem. >> we are looking at harm to our economies. we're looking at harm to our wildlife. we are looking at harm to our communities that have built businesses around people visiting these places. >> your opponents say you are going to hurt animals. you are going to hurt the economy and you won't actually lower any water rates. what do you say? >> that's completely untrue. we've been through 12 court opinions, four judges, all of them concluding that this project is environmentally benign and will cause no harm to the environment. >> still he has yet to convince the powers that be inside the state of california. many of whom are vowing to fight the proposal. in the mojave, douglas kennedy, fox news. jon: like it or not, summer is almost over. with labor day ushering in the unusual end of the season, adam klotz is here with the forecast for your holiday weekend. adam?
2:51 am
>> hey, there, jon, plenty of folks still trying to squeeze out a little bit of summer. there are spots where temperatures are warmer. a gorgeous day in mid-atlantic, 73 degrees in new york city currently. you do see spots in the center of the country where it is still very warm, 91 degrees currently in kansas city. mid 80s in the midwest, chicago region. this warm air is going to hover throughout the course of the weekend, but notice this cool line. colder air behind it. that's a cold front. when you get a cold front like that, that's where you start to see some thunderstorms. the biggest storms we will be paying attention to throughout the weekend. we have the thunderstorms that will repeatedly be popping up along the cold front. also have a little bit of low pressure system moving across the gulf. rain will be going off and on there. the big rain, you will want to pay attention to that, it will be lingering the next few days. rainfall rate taking you here four or five days, madison wisconsin, iowa, nebraska, farther to the south, widespread anywhere from 4 to 6 inches of total precipitation. it is going to be a soggy end of summer for some of those
2:52 am
locations. here is our hour by hour forecast. you do see just kind of rounds and rounds of rain falling right along the frontal boundary, not a lot of movement with it, which means if you are out in front of it, all that warm air that i was just showing you, it is going to stay warm in those locations. your saturday highs, we were just looking at the current temperatures, but in a lot of spots, up close to where the highs will be, sunday, it stays mostly warm and actually warms up here in new york city, warms up even more for folks on monday. even though we are talking about our last unofficial weekend of summer, it is still feeling like summer throughout it, taking you into monday, eventually taking you into tuesday and wednesday, it stays hot on the eastern side of the country. we do have our sixth named tropical storm. tropical storm florence. this one is way out in the ocean. it's going to take you all the way until thursday until you move in the middle of the ocean. no concern here for this to be a system that we see making landfall in the united states, but it's been such a calm year, we're getting right into that time of year where these might start to fire up more
2:53 am
frequently. jon: that's what the calendar says. adam, thanks. couple of south carolina schoolchildren raising money to help people on the other side of the globe. they are doing it one lemonade at a time. their story, next. ♪ hi there. this is a commercial about insurance. now i know you're thinking, "i don't want to hear about insurance." cause let's be honest, nobody likes dealing with insurance, right? which is why esurance hired me, dennis quaid, as their spokesperson because apparently, i'm highly likable. i like dennis quaid. awww. and they want me to let you know that, cue overdramatic music, they're on a mission to make insurance painless. excuse me, you dropped this. they know it's confusing. i literally have no idea what i'm getting, dennis quaid. that's why they're making it simple, man in cafe. and they know it's expensive. yeah. so they're making it affordable.
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jon: a giant blimp of london's mayor floating over the city. they are rebuking the mayor's decision to let a blimp depicting president trump as a baby to fly over london during the president's visit. not all labor is a burden. take this tale out of south carolina. love and lemons and to help
2:56 am
people more than 7,000 miles away. ann murphy, her brother nate and their mother are on a fundraising mission to provide water purification for those in need. they spoke to the children about the struggles his students face in the south sudan. >> we thought wow, they need most of isn't food, it's water. they have to walk five miles before they can get to school bring water that isn't even worthy for them to drink because it's dirty. i felt sad because i take water for granted. >> they have a well in process. how can you take the water out
2:57 am
of their existing well and make it drinkable. for murphy and nate, let's figure out something we can do to raise money and figure out a solution to the problem. >> i was sipping lemonade at the time. and i thought let's sell lemonade. i thought it would be a small cart that didn't do much. but it ended up being as big as it is. jon: working with the life straw company they determined five water filters were needed. >> it tastes just like regular water. doesn't it. reporter: they recruited the help of a local restaurant. it's now a staple on the menu with 100% of the profits going to murphy's pucker ups, helping
2:58 am
them reach their big goal. >> i just this morning they have not only met, but they exceeded their goal of $2,500. jon: as the millers reached their goal, it was important for ann murphy and nate to say thank you very much. what better way than to say it in one of the south sudanese languages. that's how fox reports this satu
2:59 am
3:00 am
all of america knows the doj continues to be influenced by politics. that's why they elected the outsider president. >> we've got to get to the bottom of the corruption, the conspiracy, the collusion, and the coverup that's going on in the justice department. the justice department confirms to judicial watch that no hearings were conducted regarding the fisa surveillance of carter page. it raises questions about we've got the initial corruption of the warrants themselves, but the courts we're relying on to provide oversight. the huge blow this last public event to remember john mccain before hisun


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